CURTAIN CALL! The Circus Galop! Edit

(A small note, the "Jaunty tune" mentioned within this execution is the tune "Circus Galop")

As the button is pressed, a deep rumble emerges from beneath the pedestals, as suddenly from around the island a giant tent coloured red and black ascends and engulfs the island. A cage falls down around the students, as the trees all around the students start to fade away, being replaced with what appears to be the inside of a circus tent, lit only by spotlights that are idly moving around the interior of the tent, searching for the stars of the act. The sound of a revving motorcycle attracts the light to it, revealing Harley sitting ready on his bike, Merlando standing behind him on the back of it while holding what appears to be juggling clubs. A single Monoleo dressed as a ring leader, accompanied by multiple Monoleo’s dressed up as clowns roll out on large balls, the ring leader takes out a microphone, as one of the spotlights fall upon him. “Ahem… ALRIGHT YOU SHITHEADS, LET THE SHOW COMMENCE!

The moment this is said, a jaunty tune begins to play and Harley s already off at full speed, with Merlando still somehow standing on the bike behind him while juggling the clubs from earlier. Harley lines himself up with a ramp, letting the bike climb up it with ease and screeching to a halt at the top, as they appear to have reached the start of a tightrope. In the middle of the rope stands a burning hoop, and the roar of what appears to be rabid Monoleo’s can be heard from beneath the tightrope, just waiting for them to fall to their doom from the rope. Harley revs his bike again, as he and Merlando go speeding across the rope. They clear the hoop with ease, the end of the rope within reach but suddenly Harley’s engine cuts out, leaving them stranded and just barley balancing on the top of the rope. As Harley attempts to restart the engine, The Ring leader appears at the end of the rope with a gleaming giant red pair of scissors. The Monoleo screeches in an accomplished tone, “GAME OVER!” as he cuts the rope.

But the act isn't over yet.

As they fall, Harley pulls out a device with a single big red button on it, throwing it into the air. With a nod to Merlando, the magician grabs one of his clubs and throws it into the air, as it comes into contact with the button and-

The screen goes black, and all that can be seen is a single message.


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