Daisy Joy
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Some attributes
Title SHSL Biologist
Birth Date 13th May
Gender Female
Height 160cm
Weight 40kg
Status Alive
Family Ethan Joy (Father)

Maria Joy (Mother)

Noah Joy (Younger brother)

Debut Super Mega Dangan Ronpa 5 (USMDR 5)

61324 470554606389974 2099796544 n.jpg Daisy Joy (デイジー喜び) is one of the characters featured in Super Mega Dangan Ronpa 5. She holds the title ofSuper High School Level Biologist (超高校レベルの生物学者 Chō kōkō reberu no ikimonogaku-sha ), gaining it from studying Biology since the age of four years old. She has been viewed as one of the most successful in her field of study.

Daisy managed to escape with her classmates after the final trial in which Wendy McDonald revealed herself as the mastermind. Although her relationship with her childhood best friend and love interest, Amelia Comte (SHSL Sociologist), has not yet been confirmed, It has been confirmed she is currently searching for her family, who she still thinks only consists of her mother, Marie, and her father, Ethan (They had another child, Noah, due to them been upset by her disappearance and tried to move on)

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