*suck a dick*

[06/05/2013 17:53:20] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright you little shits, here the skype group! Here's how it's gonna go down! You can communicate with each other in your own little chats and whatever the fuck you want, but you MUST come back to this chat if you little shits decide to hold your own meeting or if I call you back here myself, be it for a meeting or because someone was murdered! At some point during these days, I'll give everyone a good reason to kill someone else, everyone of you shits will get someone else, but its up to your own despair to do it! The murder must happen in private, and the murderer MUST tell the mastermind acount what happened. A list of evidence will be put in the facebook to give you all a chance to survive the trial. The trials will be mainly discussion and will begin directly after a murder, and the trial will end when mostly everyone is in agreement. It is possible for the murderer to win, so you better be fucking careful! the wake up time will be 1 pm and the sleep time will be 10pm! Trials will only happen during these times, when mostly everyone is online! Good luck fuckers!

[06/05/2013 19:12:04] Yuna Ueda: It'll get worse

[06/05/2013 19:12:10] Lola Schonis: It'll be battle royale in seconds

[06/05/2013 19:12:14] Olivia: Don't say that! @n@

[06/05/2013 19:12:31] Olivia: You're all making me nervous...

[06/05/2013 19:12:35] Frey: i'd rather it didn't turn out that way...

[06/05/2013 19:12:56] Lola Schonis: Don't worry, there's no strategically placed weapons

[06/05/2013 19:13:10] Lola Schonis: So I'm sure he doesn't want it that way

[06/05/2013 19:13:15] Monoleo Mastermind: Do you shits want me to give out incentives already?! Get to taking!

[06/05/2013 19:13:24] Yuna Ueda: Ah yes!

[06/05/2013 19:13:49] Lola Schonis: I'd rather not be given more reasons to kill anyone,  thanks.

[06/05/2013 19:14:03] Olivia: MORE REASONS?

[06/05/2013 19:14:15] Olivia: You mean you have reasons already?!?

[06/05/2013 19:14:26] Lola Schonis: Yes, dear. Surely you do too?

[06/05/2013 19:14:36] Olivia: N-no?!

[06/05/2013 19:14:42] Lola Schonis: Think of all the concerts I'm missing!

[06/05/2013 19:14:56] Ash: wow... how crude

[06/05/2013 19:14:58] Olivia: You'd kill someone over that?! That's terrifying

[06/05/2013 19:15:11] Lola Schonis: All the chances to meet stars, to play in new places.

[06/05/2013 19:15:26] Olivia: I was supposed to be Olympia this weekend, but I'm not pulling a knife on anyone, am I?

[06/05/2013 19:15:36] Ash: surely a music room could do you for now, with a cello and all..?

[06/05/2013 19:15:59] Sam Kimber: It's a bit scary that'd you think thats a reason to kill someone..

[06/05/2013 19:16:01] Lola Schonis: Neither am I,  I'm merely saying I've thought about it.

[06/05/2013 19:16:33] Olivia: That's still frightening

[06/05/2013 19:16:39] Ash: so... should we discuss our own rules..?

[06/05/2013 19:16:47] Yuna Ueda: Geez, you're all getting so worked up already...

[06/05/2013 19:16:50] Lola Schonis: I don't know any of you.

[06/05/2013 19:17:01] Lola Schonis: It's not a big loss for me, is it?

[06/05/2013 19:17:05] Olivia: OF COURSE I'M WORKED UP

[06/05/2013 19:17:12] Olivia: Sorry...

[06/05/2013 19:17:30] Lola Schonis: Calm down sweetheart,  it's not like I have a knife to your throat.

[06/05/2013 19:17:37] Lola Schonis: ... yet.

[06/05/2013 19:17:42] Frey: now, now. let's not dwell on this more than needed.

[06/05/2013 19:17:44] Yuna Ueda: It's fine, i'm just saying that you guys should stop getting your proverbial panties in a bunch.

[06/05/2013 19:17:52] Ash: could we uh.... stop with the passive agressiveness?

[06/05/2013 19:18:06] Frey: so, what rules would you suggest?

[06/05/2013 19:18:31] Yuna Ueda: Very few.

[06/05/2013 19:18:38] Ash: well.. it certainly wouldnt be wise to go out after night time starts..

[06/05/2013 19:19:18] Olivia: I agree, if that's okay with everyone. If it isn't then I don't agree

[06/05/2013 19:19:58] Lola Schonis: I agree on that.

[06/05/2013 19:20:06] Yuna Ueda: That's ok i guess... i'd rather go out but i'm not going to kick up a fuss.

[06/05/2013 19:20:14] Lola Schonis: Aggravating that evil guy wouldn't be wise either.

[06/05/2013 19:20:23] Frey: well is there a set 'bed time'? or a curfew at least?

[06/05/2013 19:20:55 | Edited 19:21:15] Yuna Ueda: The stuffed catastrophy said that it was 1 to 10

[06/05/2013 19:21:45] Monoleo Mastermind: Hey, who you calling stuffed?!

[06/05/2013 19:21:52] Lola Schonis: So no one goes out between tho- DHTO

[06/05/2013 19:21:58] Lola Schonis: *SHIT

[06/05/2013 19:22:18] Frey: you're still here?

[06/05/2013 19:22:23] Olivia: Please stop being active, you're making me nervous

[06/05/2013 19:22:55] Yuna Ueda: It's not like he's gonna hurt us, that's not his game.

[06/05/2013 19:23:01] Monoleo Mastermind: I'll be as active as I want to be! You shits don't control me!

[06/05/2013 19:23:45] Yuna Ueda: Let the unnervingly adorable little bastard have his fun.

[06/05/2013 19:23:53] Frey:'re kinda like a stalker when you pop up like that

[06/05/2013 19:24:08] Lola Schonis: Adorable isn't the great adjective.

[06/05/2013 19:24:16] Lola Schonis: More dastardly.

[06/05/2013 19:24:16] Olivia: Nor a fitting one

[06/05/2013 19:24:25] Ash: certainly..

[06/05/2013 19:24:40] Yuna Ueda: Have it your way...

[06/05/2013 19:24:57] Lola Schonis: Don't I always.

[06/05/2013 19:25:03] Olivia: Tch

[06/05/2013 19:25:19] Ash: so.. should we explore..?

[06/05/2013 19:25:24] Lola Schonis: Don't tch me, kid.

[06/05/2013 19:25:30] Yuna Ueda: Well I can tell we're all going to get a long like a house on fire.

[06/05/2013 19:25:32] Yuna Ueda: Geez...

[06/05/2013 19:25:34] Olivia: AH, I didn't do anything!

[06/05/2013 19:26:16] Yuna Ueda: I guess we should get to exploring, i'm going to go on ahead...

[06/05/2013 19:26:29] Ash: yeah, see you guys later..

[06/05/2013 19:26:36] Olivia: Don't leave me!

[06/05/2013 19:26:51] Frey: quick question about that; where the hell are we?

[06/05/2013 19:26:53] Lola Schonis: I wanna go with you.

[06/05/2013 19:27:01] Olivia: What?!?

[06/05/2013 19:27:03] Lola Schonis: You're interesting.

[06/05/2013 19:27:09] Yuna Ueda: It's a school right?

[06/05/2013 19:27:10] Lola Schonis: Also kinda cute.

[06/05/2013 19:27:17] Lola Schonis: Looks like one.

[06/05/2013 19:27:32] Olivia: AH, well, you're kind of frightening if I'm honest...

[06/05/2013 19:27:37] Sam Kimber: Um..would it not be better to stick into small groups? I mean none of us really know where we are, do we?..

[06/05/2013 19:28:17] Lola Schonis: Two's or three's.

[06/05/2013 19:28:19] Yuna Ueda: *is already walking out of the room grumbling, so doesn't hear*

[06/05/2013 19:28:34] Lola Schonis: Unless you're that dude there.

[06/05/2013 19:28:34] Ash: hey, come back here!

[06/05/2013 19:28:41] Olivia: Wait, shouldn't we give names?!?!

[06/05/2013 19:28:46] Ash: I uh.. mean please

[06/05/2013 19:28:47] Olivia: I don't know who to trust!

[06/05/2013 19:29:05] Lola Schonis: I'm Lola.

[06/05/2013 19:29:57] Lola Schonis: So am I the only one giving out her name? Tch

[06/05/2013 19:30:16] Olivia: Ah! I'm Olivia, sorry

[06/05/2013 19:30:26] Ash: I'm... Ash

[06/05/2013 19:30:34] Lola Schonis: Olivia, hm? Cute.

[06/05/2013 19:30:35] Frey: mmm...should i go after that one?

[06/05/2013 19:30:40] Lola Schonis: Ash, got it.

[06/05/2013 19:30:45] Olivia: Stop that...

[06/05/2013 19:30:51] Lola Schonis: Make me.

[06/05/2013 19:31:28] Ash: so... what is everyones talent?

[06/05/2013 19:32:01] Lola Schonis: I'm a cellist.

[06/05/2013 19:32:13] Sam Kimber: My name is Sam and I bake!

[06/05/2013 19:32:28] Ash: I'm a musician..

[06/05/2013 19:32:42] Lola Schonis: A musician huh?

[06/05/2013 19:32:57] Lola Schonis: I suspect I'll be seeing you around the music room then?

[06/05/2013 19:33:15] Ash: of course... assuming there is one

[06/05/2013 19:33:29] Lola Schonis: There better  be.

[06/05/2013 19:33:31] Olivia: I've been the leading soprano in my opera house for five seasons now

[06/05/2013 19:34:22] Olivia: In otherwords, a diva?

[06/05/2013 19:34:34] Lola Schonis: Why am I not surprised.

[06/05/2013 19:34:57] Olivia: What's that supposed to mean?

[06/05/2013 19:35:19] Lola Schonis: Look at you, you look like you h

[06/05/2013 19:35:41] Lola Schonis: *came from a dolls house.

[06/05/2013 19:35:55] Olivia: And is there something wrong with that?

[06/05/2013 19:36:00] Lola Schonis: It isn't surprising you're a diva, that's what I'm saying.

[06/05/2013 19:36:06] Lola Schonis: Not at all.

[06/05/2013 19:36:21] Lola Schonis: In fact, I think you're pretty adorable.

[06/05/2013 19:36:34] Lola Schonis: Pretty small for a soprano,  however.

[06/05/2013 19:36:42] Lola Schonis: Guess I have to hear you sing.

[06/05/2013 19:36:59] Olivia: Stop that, please

[06/05/2013 19:37:23] Lola Schonis: Stop what?

[06/05/2013 19:37:34] Olivia: I think we're going to take this elsewhere

[06/05/2013 19:37:55] Olivia: If you'll excuse us *she gives Lola a narrow eyed look*

[06/05/2013 19:38:07] Lola Schonis:  Lead the way.  *smirks*

[06/05/2013 19:38:57] Olivia: *She falters, turns on her heel with an apologetic nod to the rest of the room and struts out*

[06/05/2013 19:39:43] Lola Schonis: *Lola follows behind,  curtseying to the rest of the room on her way*

[06/05/2013 19:43:58] Frey: -bounced out the room after that one who ran off earlier, nobody noticed-

[06/05/2013 19:44:49] Ash: so uh.. I guess its just you and me sam..

[06/05/2013 19:45:56] Sam Kimber:, your name is Ash, correct?

[06/05/2013 19:46:28] Ash: ah, yes... should we go find a kitchen..? cooking is quite.. fun

[06/05/2013 19:46:59] Sam Kimber: Oh, yeah! That'd be nice.

[06/05/2013 19:47:23] Ash: lets go then... *starts to walk off*

[06/05/2013 19:47:59] Sam Kimber: *Nods and follows after*


[06/05/2013 21:02:36] Monoleo Mastermind: Time to gather you shits!

[06/05/2013 21:02:46] Olivia: Noooo...

[06/05/2013 21:02:51] Frey: speak of the devil

[06/05/2013 21:03:04] Lola Schonis: Great.

[06/05/2013 21:03:37] Nero: Aw

[06/05/2013 21:03:48] Yuna Ueda: Well that happened.

[06/05/2013 21:03:50] Olivia: Aw?!?

[06/05/2013 21:05:23] Ash: wait...who's she..?

[06/05/2013 21:05:52] Lola Schonis: Yeah, who's that?

[06/05/2013 21:06:10] Nero: uwu, Yo!

[06/05/2013 21:06:23] Nero: *waves*

I was a bit.. late

[06/05/2013 21:06:41] Yuna Ueda: Just a tad...

[06/05/2013 21:07:29] Lola Schonis: What's your name.

[06/05/2013 21:08:39] Nero: I'm Nero ^_^..

[06/05/2013 21:08:52] Yuna Ueda: So... why have we been gathered here?

[06/05/2013 21:09:16] Ash: why indeed..?

[06/05/2013 21:09:30] Yuna Ueda: I was just about to get some shut eye...

[06/05/2013 21:10:01] Lola Schonis: Or you were about to commit murder.

[06/05/2013 21:10:11] Monoleo Mastermind: It's time for incentive number 1! Just to help you fucks sleep better!

[06/05/2013 21:10:16] Olivia: Don't say that!

[06/05/2013 21:10:41] Lola Schonis: Great.

[06/05/2013 21:10:57] Yuna Ueda: Hey it's cool, it's not like you guys have any reason to trust me yet.

[06/05/2013 21:11:14] Yuna Ueda: And oh great.

[06/05/2013 21:11:44] Frey: 'sleep better' he says...

[06/05/2013 21:11:53] Monoleo Mastermind: You will each be given a tape, and then you'll have a reason to kill! Upupupu~

[06/05/2013 21:12:07] Ash: how..cruel..

[06/05/2013 21:12:26] Yuna Ueda: What?

[06/05/2013 21:12:28] Yuna Ueda: That's it?

[06/05/2013 21:12:37] Nero: A tape?

[06/05/2013 21:12:39] Nero: oh

[06/05/2013 21:12:51] Frey: why a tape?

[06/05/2013 21:12:54] Lola Schonis: You think one tape will send us on murder sprees?

[06/05/2013 21:12:55] Olivia: Lola and I were just exploaring, there's a video room on this floor

[06/05/2013 21:13:10] Monoleo Mastermind: Who wants theirs first? Hmmmmmmmm?

[06/05/2013 21:13:19] Olivia: There could be anything on there, it could be some kind of hypnosis video!

[06/05/2013 21:13:20] Nero: Surely we won't kill because of ...a tape..

[06/05/2013 21:13:44] Yuna Ueda: I mean, give me a break, i've seen some awful movies in my time but none that have got me wanting to kill.

[06/05/2013 21:13:57] Frey: what if we dont watch the tapes?

[06/05/2013 21:14:58] Yuna Ueda: Might as well be me first.

[06/05/2013 21:15:14] Monoleo Mastermind: If you don't watch it then you'll never know what's happening outside, will you?

[06/05/2013 21:15:16] Lola Schonis: I'll watch mine

[06/05/2013 21:15:26] Lola Schonis: Nothing is going to make me want to kill

[06/05/2013 21:15:27] Yuna Ueda: *pushes my glasses up my nose*

[06/05/2013 21:15:28] Ash: sure I wanna see mine..

[06/05/2013 21:16:15] Nero: hm...sure.. i guess.. It's not like I would kill anyone over something like a tape..

[06/05/2013 21:16:33] Olivia: Oh no, I'm so torn. I just know it's something bad but I'm so curious

[06/05/2013 21:16:52] Frey: a test of human curiosity...huh

[06/05/2013 21:17:10] Monoleo Mastermind: Take your tapes and go to the video room!

[06/05/2013 21:17:12] Olivia: Ah?!

[06/05/2013 21:17:25] Olivia: I guess I'll have to in the end

[06/05/2013 21:17:50] Frey: will nothing happen if we dont watch them?

[06/05/2013 21:18:08] Lola Schonis: What can they possibly show that's so terrible?

[06/05/2013 21:18:27] Ash: well then.. lets do it..

[06/05/2013 21:18:34] Yuna Ueda: *scoops up her tape and pops it on her hoodie pocket* Don't know about you guys but i'm gonna mosey on down to the video room.

[06/05/2013 21:18:40] Yuna Ueda: *stops in front of the door*

[06/05/2013 21:18:42] Yuna Ueda: Uh

[06/05/2013 21:18:46] Yuna Ueda: How do you get there?

[06/05/2013 21:19:03] Lola Schonis: Olivia and I will lead.

[06/05/2013 21:19:07] Nero: I guess I'll head over too.

[06/05/2013 21:19:09] Lola Schonis: We were there not long ago.

[06/05/2013 21:19:17] Ash: *grabs his tape as well* yes.. show us the way er... Lola..

[06/05/2013 21:19:36] Nero: *Picks up tape and looks over at everyone else to follow*

[06/05/2013 21:19:40] Olivia: H-hey! I know the way too, It's not just Lola...

[06/05/2013 21:19:48] Lola Schonis: *Takes her tape and waits for Olivia*

[06/05/2013 21:20:05] Yuna Ueda: *taps foot*

[06/05/2013 21:20:13] Olivia: *She reluctantly takes the tape*

[06/05/2013 21:20:20] Olivia: Okay, okay here we go!

[06/05/2013 21:20:21] Lola Schonis: She's right,  I can't take all the credit for it.

[06/05/2013 21:20:26] Frey: -takes tape and follows whoever is leading- lets get this over with

[06/05/2013 21:20:39] Olivia: *She leads the way*

[06/05/2013 21:20:40] Lola Schonis: *She begins walking, expecting everyone to follow*

[06/05/2013 21:20:46] Sam Kimber: *Picks up his tape* I don't see why I shouldn't go so um, might as well!

[06/05/2013 21:20:52] Yuna Ueda: *begins to follow*

[06/05/2013 21:20:53] Ash: *follows close behind*

[06/05/2013 21:20:53] Nero: *follows behind*

[06/05/2013 21:21:34] Olivia: *They arrive in the room* well.. who's first?

[06/05/2013 21:22:20] Yuna Ueda: I'll go first otherwise we'll just sit here twiddling our thumbs. *slides up to a computer*

[06/05/2013 21:22:23] Nero: Do I really want to see this tape...#

[06/05/2013 21:22:24] Frey: does this mean we all have to watch them together?

[06/05/2013 21:22:53] Lola Schonis: Well, there's enough computers.

[06/05/2013 21:23:02] Lola Schonis: Everyone sit at one, I guess.

[06/05/2013 21:23:05] Yuna Ueda: Just go to one and watch it on your own.

[06/05/2013 21:23:06] Nero: Hm I guess

[06/05/2013 21:23:07] Yuna Ueda: Simple as.

[06/05/2013 21:23:26] Lola Schonis: *She sits down at a computer,  placing in the tape*

[06/05/2013 21:23:30] Nero: *sits down at a computer and puts the tape in*

[06/05/2013 21:23:50] Olivia: *She sits down at a computer and hesitantly slid the tape in*

[06/05/2013 21:23:51] Yuna Ueda: *pops her own tape in*

[06/05/2013 21:25:11] Olivia: *As she watches the video she starts visibley shaking*'s a lie right

[06/05/2013 21:25:34] Nero: It... It can't be true...

[06/05/2013 21:25:39] Yuna Ueda: Well...

[06/05/2013 21:25:39] Ash: *puts in his tape reluctantly*

[06/05/2013 21:25:53] Olivia: There's no way someone could pull that off

[06/05/2013 21:26:03] Yuna Ueda: That's disturbing. *is biting her thumbnail*

[06/05/2013 21:26:04] Lola Schonis: *Lola says nothing, she just stares blankly at her screen*

[06/05/2013 21:26:05] Ash: a-ah...

[06/05/2013 21:26:30] Nero: Yeah..! It's fake, right?....right?

[06/05/2013 21:27:56] Olivia: *Olivia gets up from her chair tears prickling in her eyes*

[06/05/2013 21:28:02] Olivia: Ahem, if you'll excuse me...

[06/05/2013 21:28:03] Yuna Ueda: Ok, so, no. All I know is that tape doesn't make a difference to my plans.

[06/05/2013 21:28:21] Ash: plans...?

[06/05/2013 21:28:28] Olivia: *She runs out of the room*

[06/05/2013 21:29:07] Yuna Ueda: Plans to not kill anyone of course!

And Geez, why am I getting so worked up over this!

[06/05/2013 21:29:30] Lola Schonis: I think I'm going to be sick...

[06/05/2013 21:29:34] Frey: what was on the tape?

[06/05/2013 21:29:44] Ash: ah.. so am I..

[06/05/2013 21:29:53] Yuna Ueda: Ok, no, that video is not going to mean a thing in the long run.

[06/05/2013 21:30:06] Lola Schonis: My orchestra,  my wonderful orchestra. ?.

[06/05/2013 21:30:09] Lola Schonis: *...

[06/05/2013 21:30:30] Yuna Ueda: It better not mean anything to you guys either.

[06/05/2013 21:30:40] Frey: was it different for everyone?

[06/05/2013 21:30:43] Sam Kimber: Oh my gosh...

[06/05/2013 21:30:48] Ash: I uh... need to go.. *looks sickly green, and walks out the room silently*

[06/05/2013 21:31:00] Yuna Ueda: Some shifty plush gives you a tape and you believe it, it's probably just as absurd as he is!

[06/05/2013 21:31:39] Lola Schonis: *She stands up as if she's about to leave the room, then faints*

[06/05/2013 21:31:42] Monoleo Mastermind: Absurd?! I'm right here you fucker!

[06/05/2013 21:32:30] Yuna Ueda: Whatever, I don't care right now.

[06/05/2013 21:32:45] Nero: .....I... Still can't believe if that's true..

[06/05/2013 21:32:47] Yuna Ueda: *storms out of the room, grumbling and mumbling to herself*

[06/05/2013 21:33:09] Lola Schonis: *casually lying on the floor*

[06/05/2013 21:33:15] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu~ looks like this went according to plan!

[06/05/2013 21:33:25] Nero: *shakes at the thought of the videos*... I think i'm gonna... go back to my room.

[06/05/2013 21:33:38] Frey: plan?

[06/05/2013 21:34:08] Monoleo Mastermind: Monoleo Mastermind It is now nighting you little shits! the cafeteria is now closed!

[06/05/2013 21:34:10] Lola Schonis: *begins to wake up* Uh...

[06/05/2013 21:34:42] Frey: you alright? watch your head

[06/05/2013 21:36:00] Lola Schonis: Yeah... I'm just gonna go...

[06/05/2013 21:36:07] Lola Schonis: And sleel this off...

[06/05/2013 21:36:15] Lola Schonis: Thanks.

[06/05/2013 21:36:36] Lola Schonis: *she slowly gets up and leaves the room*

[06/05/2013 21:37:49] Nero: Same... *walks back to her room, shaking*....can't be real...

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