[08/05/2013 15:01:28] Monoleo Mastermind: The trial will now commence! All you bastards better make your way to the elevator and get your shit together!

 [08/05/2013 15:02:30] Olivia: AH! Here I am!! *She runs into the room pulling rollers out of her hair*

 [08/05/2013 15:11:53] Tioel-Animatus: *walks into the room, hood still down, in her hand are her pencil and her pen*

 [08/05/2013 15:13:56] Olivia: *She finishes pulling the rollers from her hair* he brought us in at a rather inconvenient for me....

[08/05/2013 15:14:12] Ash: ......*sighs*

[08/05/2013 15:14:22] Jason Marwick: *walks in rubbing at his eyes and yawning, placing his glasses back on afterwards* I'm here...~

 [08/05/2013 15:16:04] Nero: *walks in yawning* Ugh... hi everyone

 [08/05/2013 15:16:24] Tioel-Animatus: *she flicks her pen and pencils into their resting place, behind her ears, she trips up on her words a bit before speaking* W-well... some of you seem to be taking this more casually than others...

 [08/05/2013 15:16:51] Ash: well some of us arent...murderers....

[08/05/2013 15:17:10] Nero: Some of us just want this over and done with..

[08/05/2013 15:17:34] Jason Marwick : Mmm... sorry... give me a minute to wake up..~ *yawns again and gives his face a few light slaps of his hands to try and wake himself up more*

[08/05/2013 15:17:49] Tioel-Animatus: *she frowns and pulls her hood down a little more and grumbles to herself*

[08/05/2013 15:18:14] Ash: maybe you're less casuall because... you were the murderer..?

[08/05/2013 15:18:16] Olivia: Doesn't mean you be casual, someone's died...

However, some of us didn't have time for their stage makeup *She pulls out a small hand mirror and a large blusher brush which she starts bating her cheeks with*

[08/05/2013 15:19:05] Sam Kimber: *He walks into the room and sniffles, rubbing at his eyes.* Hello..

[08/05/2013 15:19:18] Tioel-Animatus: *Turning her head towards Ash, Yuna pushes herself off the wall* Well aren't you awfully quick to push the blame onto me...

 [08/05/2013 15:19:50] Ash: who said I was blaming you...? I have my own.....ideas...

 [08/05/2013 15:21:24] Tioel-Animatus: What you just said made it pretty clear that you think I'm the culprit *She turns her head away and rests back against the wall* I don't care though, think whatever you darn well please... I ain't gonna stop you...

[08/05/2013 15:22:05] Ash: hmm...

[08/05/2013 15:22:09] Jason Marwick : *fixes his bow tie a little and nibbles on his bottom lip* L-Let's try not get into arguments just now...

[08/05/2013 15:22:47] Opal : Yes, lets be calm about this...

[08/05/2013 15:23:09] Nero : Yeah.. its not the best time to be arguing with each other.

[08/05/2013 15:23:10] Yuna Ueda: Oh i'm perfectly calm.

[08/05/2013 15:23:20] Yuna Ueda: Don't you worry about that.

[08/05/2013 15:23:43] Ash : theres only one person I believe the murderer is... but could it really be..?

[08/05/2013 15:24:49] Opal : Lets save that for the trail

[08/05/2013 15:24:56] Opal : Trial*

[08/05/2013 15:25:12] Ash : hmmm.... I suppose

[08/05/2013 15:25:37] Jason Marwick : *glances around slightly as he begins to think* Yes.. let's save our accusations for the trial~

[08/05/2013 15:26:02] Ash : hey Jason... we should head straight to the library after this... for /that/ book...

[08/05/2013 15:26:33] Opal : I never got any cake

[08/05/2013 15:26:38] Jason Marwick : Ah! Yes I think we should, Ash... that book was rather peculiar... one I've never came across before

[08/05/2013 15:27:09] Yuna Ueda: What is this about a cake anyway?

[08/05/2013 15:27:25] Ash : ah... sam brought cake to the cafeteria last night...

[08/05/2013 15:27:35] Ash : he brought it with a plastic knife too..

[08/05/2013 15:28:16] Yuna Ueda: *Her eyes, unbeknownst to everyone else, glance over at Sam* Really...

[08/05/2013 15:28:43] Jason Marwick : O-Oh is that so... *looks over to Sam a little surprised*

[08/05/2013 15:28:57] Yuna Ueda: Well, when this is over, I think I could do with some cake

[08/05/2013 15:28:58] Nero : Hmm...

[08/05/2013 15:29:03] Yuna Ueda: Copious amounts of it...

[08/05/2013 15:29:10] Nero : Agreed..

[08/05/2013 15:29:14] Opal : I need cake really bad

[08/05/2013 15:29:20] Opal : I was promised cake and yet....

[08/05/2013 15:30:48] Sam Kimber : *His eye widen.* Um..There was a few plastic knifes in the kitchen, and I didn't actually want to bring a proper one because, well, i didn't want to walk around with a knife! it is dangerous afterall..oh! there's still a cake on the table in the cafeteria.

[08/05/2013 15:31:05] Ash : ah well.. its probably gone off then...

[08/05/2013 15:31:39] Lola Schonis: Okay I'm here.

[08/05/2013 15:31:53] Lola Schonis: Sorry, I needed some time to gather , y thoughts.

[08/05/2013 15:31:58] Sam Kimber : *He frowns* true...

[08/05/2013 15:32:13] Yuna Ueda: Are we all here?

[08/05/2013 15:32:18] Ash : so.... are we about to begin...?

[08/05/2013 15:32:18] Opal : Oh, hey Lola

[08/05/2013 15:32:30] Nero : Are we beginning then...?

[08/05/2013 15:33:04] Lola Schonis: Hey Olivia.

[08/05/2013 15:33:05] Yuna Ueda: Guess we just have to wait for Mono to get here...

[08/05/2013 15:33:12] Monoleo Mastermind: Let the trial........commence!

[08/05/2013 15:33:42] Lola Schonis: Oh god...

[08/05/2013 15:33:48] Yuna Ueda: *Promptly walks into the elevator, giving her hood a slight tug as she does*

[08/05/2013 15:34:09] Ash : *walks into the elivator, looking very sullen*

[08/05/2013 15:34:15] Jason Marwick : *fixes ahis bow tie and glasses yet again before slowly stepping into the elevator after Yuna and Ash*

[08/05/2013 15:34:21] Opal : Oh, I'm nervous... *She makes her way into the elevator fiddling with her hands*

[08/05/2013 15:34:41] Nero : *walks into the elevator nervously*

[08/05/2013 15:34:50] Nero : Here we go, I guess. .

[08/05/2013 15:35:02] Sam Kimber : *Follows after, * Goodness...

[08/05/2013 15:35:54] Lola Schonis: *Slowly walks into ht elevator, taking Olivias hand*

[08/05/2013 15:36:34] Opal : Ah!...Well lets get this show on the road..

[08/05/2013 15:37:06] Yuna Ueda: *As the elevator begins to move, Yuna takes her pen from her ear and begins to click it*

[08/05/2013 15:37:42] Opal : *She uses her free hand to nervously fiddle with her skirt*

[08/05/2013 15:38:41] Nero : *Stands in the elevator nervously playing with her long hair*

[08/05/2013 15:38:52] Ash : *watches everyone closely*

[08/05/2013 15:38:53] Lola Schonis: I hope we get the right guy.

[08/05/2013 15:39:04] Nero : Same.

[08/05/2013 15:39:14] Yuna Ueda: *The elevator stops on the desired floor and the doors open to the courtroom*

[08/05/2013 15:39:17] Ash : yeah...

[08/05/2013 15:39:32] Nero : Here we go then...

[08/05/2013 15:39:42] Jason Marwick : *gulps a little as the elevator stops, hesitantly steps out and looks around the courtroom*

[08/05/2013 15:40:17] Ash : so... ddo we stand in certain places...?

[08/05/2013 15:40:33] Lola Schonis: *She looks to Olivia before stepping out the elevator*

 [08/05/2013 15:40:56 | Edited 15:41:01] Yuna Ueda: *Takes up a place next to the space where Frey would have stood, her portrait displayed with a large red X*

[08/05/2013 15:41:08] Monoleo Mastermind: There should be a stand for every one of you bastards!

[08/05/2013 15:41:41] Ash : *stands next to where yuna is, on the opposite side of where frey would be*

[08/05/2013 15:41:49] Opal : *She looks back at Lola before walking to her stand*

[08/05/2013 15:42:19] Jason Marwick : *takes up his place on one side to Olivia and stands there fiddling with his glasses*

[08/05/2013 15:42:49] Yuna Ueda: Well then, now what?

[08/05/2013 15:43:07] Lola Schonis: *Stands at her place*

[08/05/2013 15:43:11] Sam Kimber : *He stands at his stand, next to Jason.*

[08/05/2013 15:43:16] Lola Schonis: We... find the culprit?

[08/05/2013 15:43:26] Nero : *stands at her stand*

[08/05/2013 15:43:35] Nero : do we do this..

[08/05/2013 15:43:37] Yuna Ueda: You make it sound so simple.

[08/05/2013 15:43:42] Monoleo Mastermind: COURT IS IN SESSION

Let's start with an explanation

[08/05/2013 15:43:43] Ash : I guess... we evaluate the evidence...?

[08/05/2013 15:44:18] Nero : I guess. .

[08/05/2013 15:44:20] Monoleo Mastermind: Your votes will determine the trial's outcome

[08/05/2013 15:45:05] Monoleo Mastermind: Find the true villain, and only the villain gets punished.

[08/05/2013 15:45:46] Monoleo Mastermind: But...make the wrong decision...

[08/05/2013 15:46:26] Monoleo Mastermind: Everyone else gets punished, leaving the culprit to graduate!

[08/05/2013 15:46:47] Ash : ..... *looks troubled*

[08/05/2013 15:46:51] Opal : What?!

[08/05/2013 15:46:59] Jason Marwick : *bites on his bottom lip with a small whimper*

[08/05/2013 15:47:03] Lola Schonis: ...

[08/05/2013 15:47:30] Sam Kimber : Oh my gosh..

[08/05/2013 15:47:33] Ash : so.....shall we begin....?

[08/05/2013 15:47:43] Yuna Ueda: Harsh stakes... but it won't come to the latter.

[08/05/2013 15:48:12] Monoleo Mastermind: Enough with the introductory hoo-hah! Let's get crackin'

[08/05/2013 15:48:49] Yuna Ueda: First of all I'd like to state that whoever did this, there's no way you're getting away with this on my watch.

[08/05/2013 15:49:08] Ash : before we discuss who did it... why dont we discuss how..?

[08/05/2013 15:49:53] Yuna Ueda: The cause of death was a cut to the throat, according to the file.

[08/05/2013 15:49:58] Lola Schonis: Her throat was slit, that's right?

[08/05/2013 15:50:13] Nero : ...yeah

[08/05/2013 15:50:17] Ash : yeah... so that must have been done with a knife right...?

[08/05/2013 15:50:36] Nero : I guess since there was a bloodied knife

[08/05/2013 15:50:36] Jason Marwick : Yes, and speaking of knives, there was a bloodied plastic knife hidden in the kitchen...

[08/05/2013 15:50:40] Lola Schonis: Sam was using a plastic one last night...

[08/05/2013 15:50:51] Yuna Ueda: The knife has to be the murder weapon right? It has blood on it

[08/05/2013 15:51:21] Ash : hmmm... since it was found in the kitchen... its safe to assume the murder weapon was a knife from there...

 [08/05/2013 15:52:01] Lola Schonis: Or...

[08/05/2013 15:52:18] Yuna Ueda: Shouldn't we establish when she died too?

[08/05/2013 15:52:19] Lola Schonis: The knife was taken from the kitchen.. then put back there...

[08/05/2013 15:52:21] Jason Marwick : Wasn't there also a bloodied piece of paper left behind...?

[08/05/2013 15:52:28] Ash : frame sam...?

[08/05/2013 15:52:31] Lola Schonis: And she was killed somewhere else...

[08/05/2013 15:52:34] Lola Schonis: Yes.

[08/05/2013 15:52:35] Jason Marwick : Possibly..

[08/05/2013 15:52:44] Ash : ah... perhaps

[08/05/2013 15:53:02] Nero : There was blood in the hallway, right?

[08/05/2013 15:53:06] Sam Kimber : um, I was on my way to you guys with the cake when I think I heard footsteps..

[08/05/2013 15:53:18] Lola Schonis: Yuna, could you explain the note a.

[08/05/2013 15:53:20] Lola Schonis: *?

[08/05/2013 15:53:20] Yuna Ueda: You think?

[08/05/2013 15:53:33] Yuna Ueda: Say what you mean, this could be important.

[08/05/2013 15:54:00] Yuna Ueda: The note?

[08/05/2013 15:54:24] Yuna Ueda: The one we found on Frey when we searched her...

[08/05/2013 15:54:51] Yuna Ueda: It's just a note asking for her to meet someone.

[08/05/2013 15:54:58] Opal : But who?

[08/05/2013 15:55:06] Yuna Ueda: ...

[08/05/2013 15:55:19] Lola Schonis: Was it you?

[08/05/2013 15:55:24] Ash :

[08/05/2013 15:55:41] Yuna Ueda: No, it wasn't me.

[08/05/2013 15:55:53] Opal : Then why are you holding it back?

[08/05/2013 15:55:54] Jason Marwick : Did it say who's name was to meet her on the note..?

[08/05/2013 15:56:03] Yuna Ueda: But we can't really find out who it was can we, the note doesn't have a name on it.

[08/05/2013 15:56:10] Opal : Oh...

[08/05/2013 15:56:16] Nero : What was on the note..?

 [08/05/2013 15:56:56] Yuna Ueda: The note invited Frey to meet someone, we know that much.

 [08/05/2013 15:57:12] Opal : Did it have a time and place specified?

[08/05/2013 15:57:13] Yuna Ueda: But we can't tell who wrote it.

[08/05/2013 15:58:07] Yuna Ueda: The time wasn't specified, just to meet the person right away.

[08/05/2013 15:58:30 | Removed 15:59:13] Yuna Ueda: This message has been removed.

[08/05/2013 15:58:46] Ash : perhaps they were murdered in the kitchen...?

 [08/05/2013 15:58:49] Opal : *She looks at it* hmm, this seems to be note book paper

 [08/05/2013 15:59:04] Ash : if their note was slit in the doorway, its possible some of it got into the corridor...

[08/05/2013 15:59:10] Ash : throat*

[08/05/2013 15:59:33] Yuna Ueda: Lola, you have the note right?

[08/05/2013 15:59:39] Lola Schonis: *She takes out the note*

[08/05/2013 15:59:42] Lola Schonis: Right here.

[08/05/2013 15:59:55] Yuna Ueda: Pass it round so everyone can see.

 [08/05/2013 16:00:35] Lola Schonis: *passes the note around*

[08/05/2013 16:01:04] Lola Schonis: Yuna... something you said bothers me.

[08/05/2013 16:01:09] Opal : This seems to be notebook paper..I don't know if that helps?

[08/05/2013 16:01:25] Yuna Ueda: Huh? What do you mean?

[08/05/2013 16:01:41] Lola Schonis: You said it looks the same... as what?

[08/05/2013 16:01:53] Monoleo Mastermind: The note says "come to the kitchen! There's something happening and I need help!"

[08/05/2013 16:02:31] Yuna Ueda: *She flinches* N-nothing... I was just speaking rubbish

[08/05/2013 16:02:32] Nero : Hmm so she was led there

[08/05/2013 16:02:40] Opal : Don't hide anything!

[08/05/2013 16:02:52] Opal : What did you mean back there!

[08/05/2013 16:02:54] Yuna Ueda: ...

[08/05/2013 16:03:05] Yuna Ueda: Guess I can't lie to you guys

[08/05/2013 16:04:37] Yuna Ueda: *She takes her notepad out of her breast pocket flips it open and tears out an empty page. The paper is exactly the same as the paper the note was written on, with a little mascot character in the corner* T-the paper is the same as the stuff in the notepad I use for inspiration...

[08/05/2013 16:05:03] Ash : but.... you didn't write it did you...?

[08/05/2013 16:05:26] Opal : Unless if someone just so happens to have the same paper, or stole it...

[08/05/2013 16:05:38] Lola Schonis: Have you written in that notebook? So we can clear your name.

[08/05/2013 16:05:41] Nero : Possibly trying to frame her with the paper..

[08/05/2013 16:06:11] Yuna Ueda: No! I didn't the last time I even spoke to Frey was last night at 10:32!

And I've written in this notepad... a lot...

[08/05/2013 16:06:36] Ash : someone compare the writing....

[08/05/2013 16:06:54] Lola Schonis: Who's got the paper?

 [08/05/2013 16:07:39] Yuna Ueda: *She reluctantly tears out a piece of her notepad and passes it round*

 [08/05/2013 16:08:24] Jason Marwick : *takes a careful look at the handwriting on the note and the piece from her notepad* ..... No.. they don't match

[08/05/2013 16:08:39] Yuna Ueda: I never wrote it, that's for sure. I pretty much went straight to sleep last night.

[08/05/2013 16:08:48] Lola Schonis: Okay... so someone's framing Yuna.

[08/05/2013 16:09:02] Lola Schonis: Has anyone had access to your notepad?

[08/05/2013 16:09:14] Opal : Hey, perhaps we should start from when we split of into groups and see what happened from there?

[08/05/2013 16:09:30] Lola Schonis: That sounds like a good idea.

[08/05/2013 16:09:36] Yuna Ueda: I keep it in my breast pocket the whole time, I never let anyone else even near it.

I'm... sensitive about showing my stuff to others.

[08/05/2013 16:09:43] Ash : well me and jason will start then...

[08/05/2013 16:09:49] Jason Marwick : Alright

[08/05/2013 16:09:58] Nero : Yeah

[08/05/2013 16:09:59] Ash : me, jason and sam went to the kitchen firstly, to make a cake

[08/05/2013 16:10:35] Jason Marwick : We were in the kitchen with Sam for a while as he began to bake his cake, and then Ash decided to give me a tour of the Library

[08/05/2013 16:11:06] Nero : So... Sam was in the kitchen himself?

[08/05/2013 16:11:23] Sam Kimber : I had stayed in the kitchen the whole time after Ash and Jason left..only leaving when I was going to bring the cake to the cafeteria..

[08/05/2013 16:12:02] Ash : yeah.. Jason fell asleep so I took him to his room..

[08/05/2013 16:12:19] Ash : and then I joined Olivia and Lola....

[08/05/2013 16:12:39] Opal : Ah, yes we were in the music room...

[08/05/2013 16:12:41] Ash : after that we went to the cafeteria, and sam came in soon after Olivia went to bed...

[08/05/2013 16:13:04] Yuna Ueda: And that's when you guys found out...

[08/05/2013 16:13:11] Lola Schonis: He had the finished cake and a plastic knife.

[08/05/2013 16:13:33] Yuna Ueda: The same kind of plastic knife that was found as evidence...

[08/05/2013 16:13:41] Nero : Hm..

[08/05/2013 16:13:58] Sam Kimber : I had found a bundle of plastic knife in one of the kitchen drawers.

[08/05/2013 16:14:17] Yuna Ueda: Are they different sizes?

[08/05/2013 16:14:28] Opal : Well, it's a little strange to use a platic knife to cut a cake isn't it?

[08/05/2013 16:14:34] Ash : I thought that too....

[08/05/2013 16:14:42] Nero : Yeah... why didnt you use a normal knife?

[08/05/2013 16:15:11] Sam Kimber : I didn't actually want to walk about the hallways on my own with a proper knife..the thought is a bit scary..

[08/05/2013 16:15:30] Opal : Wouldn't the thought be more comforting

[08/05/2013 16:15:46] Opal : Considering you're walking in a hall of a school where pretty much anyone could kill you

[08/05/2013 16:15:50] Nero : True.

[08/05/2013 16:15:51] Opal : I'm sure I'd want a kitchen knife

[08/05/2013 16:15:56] Ash : ah! I think I've got a theory

[08/05/2013 16:16:04] Yuna Ueda: Let's hear it.

[08/05/2013 16:16:10] Ash : I believe this is what happened

[08/05/2013 16:16:10] Nero : Do tell

 [08/05/2013 16:17:56] Ash : it would appear that Sam left a note for someone to find, not necesarrily frey, once they came to the kitchen he acted like nothing was wrong and once frey went to leave he surprised frey and slit the throat. after that he hid the now bloodied knife and took the cake to the kitchen to avoid suspicion, and a plastic knife was to make it seem less like he had a sharp knife at the time.

[08/05/2013 16:18:18] Ash : thats my theory.

 [08/05/2013 16:19:09] Yuna Ueda: YOU GOT THAT WRONG.

[08/05/2013 16:19:19] Yuna Ueda: What about the bloodstains in the corridor?

[08/05/2013 16:19:21] Nero : I somewhat agree with that theory...

[08/05/2013 16:19:25] Ash : ah yes, those

[08/05/2013 16:19:28] Nero : Ah true

[08/05/2013 16:19:44] Yuna Ueda: Wouldn't that imply the murder took place outside the kitchen?

[08/05/2013 16:19:48] Ash : like I said... once frey went to leave he atacked... therefore frey was in the doorway..

[08/05/2013 16:20:03] Sam Kimber : W-What?!?

[08/05/2013 16:20:08] Ash : if we assume frey was facing the doorway, then the blood would go into the corridor...

[08/05/2013 16:21:08] Yuna Ueda: But when we searched her earlier, Frey wasn't even near the doorway was she?

Lola and Olivia can back me up on that.

[08/05/2013 16:21:23] Ash : but she could have easily been moved...

[08/05/2013 16:21:33] Lola Schonis: She was in the middle of the room...

[08/05/2013 16:22:05] Nero : Sam could've also killed her on her way to tje kitchen,  then returned the knife..

[08/05/2013 16:22:06] Yuna Ueda: Hmmm... something doesn't seem right here.

 [08/05/2013 16:22:17] Yuna Ueda: It stinks, like a fish.

[08/05/2013 16:22:28] Lola Schonis: But if she was dragged...

[08/05/2013 16:22:36] Lola Schonis: There would be a trail of blood.

[08/05/2013 16:22:42] Ash : the stains left behind...may have been cleaned

[08/05/2013 16:23:21] Opal : Sad to say it, but I'm sure it was Sam!

[08/05/2013 16:23:42] Lola Schonis: Either that or someone is laughing very hard right now.

[08/05/2013 16:23:43] Ash : what do you think....Yuna...?

[08/05/2013 16:24:23] Yuna Ueda: I think...

[08/05/2013 16:24:46] Yuna Ueda: No, I'm positive Frey was killed one place and wasn't moved.

[08/05/2013 16:24:58] Ash : what makes you think that...?

[08/05/2013 16:25:02] Lola Schonis: But how?

[08/05/2013 16:25:04] Ash : do you have any evidence...?

[08/05/2013 16:25:18] Nero : Who do you have your suspicions on ?

[08/05/2013 16:26:06] Yuna Ueda: But no... wait... the bloodstains in the corridor don't add up...

[08/05/2013 16:26:14] Ash : how so...?

[08/05/2013 16:26:46] Lola Schonis: Yuna, what if Frey stole some of your paper?

[08/05/2013 16:27:14] Lola Schonis: This is completely spitballing, but I have a theory

[08/05/2013 16:27:28] Yuna Ueda: No, she can't have. As i said I keep a very close eye on my notepad. I never let it out of my sight.

[08/05/2013 16:27:51] Nero : Someone must've.... it was the same paper

[08/05/2013 16:27:55] Lola Schonis: But then how in the hell did someone get a hold of paper?

[08/05/2013 16:28:11] Yuna Ueda: Maybe someone has the same notepad? *shrugs*

I don't even know.

[08/05/2013 16:28:15] Ash : hmm...

[08/05/2013 16:28:21] Ash : sam... do you have a notepad...?

[08/05/2013 16:28:44] Lola Schonis: Yuna where did you acquire the notepad?

[08/05/2013 16:29:21] Sam Kimber : *He gulps.* have a small book I write recipes in?..

[08/05/2013 16:29:38] Ash : do you have it with you...?

[08/05/2013 16:29:45 | Edited 16:30:09] Yuna Ueda: It was on me when I woke up. It was blank, no notes in it at all so I guess whoever kept us here gave it to me. Kinda nice of them I guess.

[08/05/2013 16:30:59] Sam Kimber : *His eyes widen, sweat going down his forehead.*..uh...*he reaches into his apron pocket and brings out a small purple book.*

[08/05/2013 16:31:32] Ash : did you have this on you as well when you.... woke up...?

[08/05/2013 16:31:49] Sam Kimber : *He nods.*

[08/05/2013 16:32:07] Ash : ... then they are likely the same kind..

[08/05/2013 16:32:10] Yuna Ueda: Check the paper!

[08/05/2013 16:33:20] Monoleo Mastermind: They're the same!

[08/05/2013 16:33:34] Monoleo Mastermind: Both are school note books

[08/05/2013 16:33:36] Ash : ... I rest my case..

[08/05/2013 16:33:55] Opal : I can't believe it

[08/05/2013 16:34:15] Lola Schonis: Sam explain yourself.

[08/05/2013 16:34:33] Nero : Sam... do you have anything else to say against this ?

[08/05/2013 16:35:46] Yuna Ueda: Now let's wait a second, we don't have enough evidence yet.

[08/05/2013 16:35:52] Yuna Ueda: ...Do we?

[08/05/2013 16:36:05] Ash : no, I think... it makes complete sense...

[08/05/2013 16:36:19] Opal : Let's go over what we think happened one more time, and see if it makes sense

[08/05/2013 16:36:22] Lola Schonis: Sam show us some recipes you've written.

[08/05/2013 16:36:49] Sam Kimber : *He hands the book over with shaky hands.*

[08/05/2013 16:36:55] Yuna Ueda: We still haven't established the bloodstains in the corridor though.

[08/05/2013 16:37:09] Lola Schonis: Jason, can you identify nthe handwriting.

[08/05/2013 16:38:05] Jason Marwick : Hmmm let me see the note again and Sam's book, and I'll try my best to identify the handwriting... see if it matches to the note...

[08/05/2013 16:38:33] Lola Schonis: *She hands Jason the note*

[08/05/2013 16:39:49] Jason Marwick : *takes the notepad and the note, furrowing his eyebrows as he studies the handwriting*

 [08/05/2013 16:41:22] Jason Marwick : *glances up and stares over to Sam with a small frown, nodding slightly* Th.. They match...

[08/05/2013 16:41:30] Ash : sam.... the evidence points to you... so before we vote this is your chance to explain...?

[08/05/2013 16:41:31] Lola Schonis: ...

[08/05/2013 16:41:35] Yuna Ueda: T-then...

[08/05/2013 16:41:39] Sam Kimber : *He goes to say something but stops, he looks down and starts to sob.*.... I'm so sorry...

[08/05/2013 16:41:51] Jason Marwick : I'm positive of it. I've studied handwriting in log in books at the library. It's a positive match...

[08/05/2013 16:42:07] Lola Schonis: Sam... how could you?

[08/05/2013 16:42:12] Yuna Ueda: *She takes off her hood, her glasses are slightly broken and there are red marks around her eyes* Y-you did it?

[08/05/2013 16:42:25] Opal : Oh sam...

[08/05/2013 16:43:10] Nero : could you do that..

 [08/05/2013 16:43:23] Yuna Ueda: You did it?! *She begins to grit her teeth*

[08/05/2013 16:43:38] Lola Schonis: Yuna... calm down.

[08/05/2013 16:44:08] Monoleo Mastermind: That's enough sappy nonsense!

[08/05/2013 16:44:08] Yuna Ueda: *She stands her ground, taking deep breaths, fuming*

[08/05/2013 16:44:11] Sam Kimber : ...i had to...she had tried to stab me first..i didn't want to die..

[08/05/2013 16:44:17] Monoleo Mastermind: It's time to vote!

[08/05/2013 16:44:38] Ash : .....

[08/05/2013 16:44:43] Opal : Oh no, I don't want to!

 [08/05/2013 16:44:51] Opal : I don't want ot condem him

[08/05/2013 16:44:53] Lola Schonis: Frey tried to kill you?

[08/05/2013 16:44:58] Yuna Ueda: LIAR!

[08/05/2013 16:45:13] Lola Schonis: Olivia we have to... it's him or all of us.

[08/05/2013 16:45:31] Sam Kimber : she had hidden a scapel in her pocket..*He rolls up his sleeve* she had only manadged to cut my arm..

[08/05/2013 16:45:42] Monoleo Mastermind: Just say who you vote for!

[08/05/2013 16:45:52] Lola Schonis: I vote for Sam...

[08/05/2013 16:45:55] Yuna Ueda: Sam!

[08/05/2013 16:45:59] Nero : ...Sam

[08/05/2013 16:46:00] Ash : sam...

 [08/05/2013 16:46:06] Opal : I v-vote for sam

[08/05/2013 16:46:09] Jason Marwick : I vote Sam too...

[08/05/2013 16:46:25] Sam Kimber : I'm so sorry..

 [08/05/2013 16:47:23] Lola Schonis: Sam...

[08/05/2013 16:48:26] Monoleo Mastermind: Sorrys won't do naughty children any good! Bad luck for you bastard! It's punishment time!

[08/05/2013 16:48:40] Ash : I...trusted you... *looks away* why...

[08/05/2013 16:48:48] Yuna Ueda: *Is leaning over, Head in her hands, trying not to cry*

[08/05/2013 16:49:15] Yuna Ueda: Punishment?

[08/05/2013 16:49:30] Lola Schonis: Execution.

[08/05/2013 16:49:38] Sam Kimber : *His eyes widen*

[08/05/2013 16:50:01] Ash : goodbye....sam...

[08/05/2013 16:50:06] Jason Marwick : *bites his lip and sighs as he glances down to not watch*

[08/05/2013 16:50:25] Nero : *covers her eyes*...I ...I don't want to watch

[08/05/2013 16:50:26] Lola Schonis: Goodbye sam...

[08/05/2013 16:50:39] Sam Kimber : ....goodbye...

[08/05/2013 16:51:09] Yuna Ueda: *Yuna tilts her head up slightly, to see what's going on*

[08/05/2013 16:51:47] Lola Schonis: *Lola stood, not covering her eyes or turning away. It's as if she's frozen*

[08/05/2013 16:51:53] Monoleo Mastermind: *he whacks the red button with the mallet and Sam is dragged away by a chain. A gigantic bowl drops from the ceiling and into it, flower, eggs and other ingredients and finally Sam. It's mixed with a large wisk, poured onto a tray as two large flame thrower's blast at it and cook a lovely little scone. The scone is cut in half and a skeleton falls out*

[08/05/2013 16:52:21] Ash : oh....god...I think I'm gonna throw up....

[08/05/2013 16:52:33] Lola Schonis: Oh my god...

[08/05/2013 16:52:35] Opal : .......

[08/05/2013 16:52:45] Nero : *moves a finger away from her eye so she can see*....I-is It ov-....oh god.....

 [08/05/2013 16:53:17] Yuna Ueda: *Yuna just stares at the spectacle, sweat on her forehead, her mouth open*

[08/05/2013 16:53:53] Lola Schonis: *She looks around to Yuna and Ash before looking to Olivia, then away from the scene*

[08/05/2013 16:54:07] Yuna Ueda: *under her breath*God dammit...

[08/05/2013 16:54:15] Opal : *She covers her face* this is horrifying!

[08/05/2013 16:54:29] Lola Schonis: This is totally barbaric

[08/05/2013 16:54:35] Monoleo Mastermind: Time to go kiddies! Show's over

 [08/05/2013 16:54:53] Nero : I-I can't handle it... I just wish we could leave without any of this!

[08/05/2013 16:55:05] Yuna Ueda: *She takes her pens and pencils and throws them at the elevator door and yells* God fucking dammit!

[08/05/2013 16:55:13] Nero : *a tear trickles down her cheek*...its just... inhumane

[08/05/2013 16:55:18] Lola Schonis: Yuna!

[08/05/2013 16:55:22] Ash : *face is completely hidden under hair, as if he does not want to be seen and walks into the elivator* .....

[08/05/2013 16:55:43] Opal : *Shaking she quietly enters the elevator*

[08/05/2013 16:55:44] Yuna Ueda: *She storms over to the elevator and picks up her pen and pencil and enters the elevator*

[08/05/2013 16:55:45] Jason Marwick : *hesitates a little, before biting his lip and following Ash into the elevator*

[08/05/2013 16:55:55] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu~

[08/05/2013 16:56:15] Lola Schonis: *She sighs before stepping naway from the podium*

[08/05/2013 16:56:16] Nero : *hesitantly walks into the elevator

 [08/05/2013 16:57:30] Yuna Ueda: *As soon as the elevator reaches the it's destination, Yuna bolts from it, back to her room*

[08/05/2013 16:58:10] Opal : *She steps out the elevator looking around at everyone who is present*

[08/05/2013 16:58:15] Opal : I..

[08/05/2013 16:58:24] Ash : Jason... I suggest we... go read the book... it will help to understand our...situation *said very lightly*

[08/05/2013 16:58:51] Jason Marwick : Y-Yes.. very well then Ash... *ruffles his hair a little before approaching Ash*

 [08/05/2013 17:05:07] Ash : *walks to the library with Jason* ((sadcsfvdc cries))

 [08/05/2013 17:05:17] Jason Marwick : *follows after Ash to the library*

[08/05/2013 17:07:07] Opal : I think I'm just going to... *She leaves the room and heads for her dorm*


 [08/05/2013 21:34:29] Monoleo Mastermind: Hey you bastards! I got an anouncement to make!

[08/05/2013 21:34:49] Lola Schonis: What?

[08/05/2013 21:35:01] Yuna Ueda: What is it?

[08/05/2013 21:35:44] Monoleo Mastermind: Since that trial is over and done with, how about I dish out the next set of incentives? Doesn't that sound great! Upupupu~

[08/05/2013 21:36:09] Yuna Ueda: Well there are only two of us here fuzz face so i'm not sure what good that'll do..

[08/05/2013 21:36:57] Monoleo Mastermind: I can leave the rest of them theirs later punk! Not that anyone will know about them!

[08/05/2013 21:37:08] Nero : An announcement ? *walks in tiredly*...I was gonna go sleep soon

[08/05/2013 21:37:34] Monoleo Mastermind: There's a new rule from here on out! You can't discuss the incentives with others!

[08/05/2013 21:37:56] Lola Schonis: What? Ugh.

[08/05/2013 21:38:14] Yuna Ueda: Well, that sucks.

[08/05/2013 21:38:59] Nero : Ah..

[08/05/2013 21:38:59] Monoleo Mastermind: And these ones will be privately given out! Isn't that great?!

[08/05/2013 21:39:45] Nero : ...Just fantastic *smiles sarcastically*

[08/05/2013 21:40:06] Yuna Ueda: Faaantastic, just what I wanted to hear.

[08/05/2013 21:40:09] Monoleo Mastermind: So which one of you fucks want to go first?!

[08/05/2013 21:41:07] Lola Schonis: Me.

[08/05/2013 21:51:50] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright, who's next?!

[08/05/2013 21:52:01] Nero : ....I guess, me

[08/05/2013 21:56:41] Monoleo Mastermind: And I guess you're last!

[08/05/2013 21:56:55] Yuna Ueda: Yep...

[08/05/2013 21:58:33] Lola Schonis: Well... the was certainly interesting...

[08/05/2013 21:58:47] Lola Schonis: *She turns  nd walks out the room*

[08/05/2013 22:04:08] Nero : Mmhmm...

[08/05/2013 22:10:24] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright, that will be all!

[08/05/2013 22:32:02] Monoleo Mastermind: It is now night time! The cafeteria will be locked!

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