[13/05/2013 18:14:07] Olivia: *She stares at the spectial before her*

[13/05/2013 18:15:50] Olivia: I...What?

[13/05/2013 18:16:21] Yuna: *Screen begins to flicker into life*

 [13/05/2013 18:19:35] Yuna: Uh... ughh... I feel like I was hit by a jackhammer being controlled by an ogre. *Yuna's eyes blink screw up, acting groggy*

 [13/05/2013 18:20:23] Jason: *screen takes a while to flicker on, still half asleep* Hmm... what's happening..~?

 [13/05/2013 18:20:56] Ash: *looking at robot hand, trying to figure out how to work stuff* ....

[13/05/2013 18:21:00] Olivia: Yuna?

[13/05/2013 18:22:44] Ash: *walks over to Jasons robot* ......*bitchslaps screen*

[13/05/2013 18:24:47] Jason: H-Hey! *screen fuzzes a little* Watch it, please don't hit!

[13/05/2013 18:25:40] Ash: .....well at least they caught you.....

[13/05/2013 18:26:08] Jason: A-Ash.. I'm really sorry... I went mad, I didn't know what I was doing! *frowns a little*

[13/05/2013 18:26:27] Ash: you tore up the book.... it was our only clue....

[13/05/2013 18:27:11] Jason: I got frustrated and I blacked out, I didn't know what I was doing... I'm sorry

[13/05/2013 18:30:21] Ash: ........ *stares*

[13/05/2013 18:31:07] Jason: *looks away with a frown* I-I never wanted to kill you... I'm sorry...

[13/05/2013 18:36:00] Yuna: Woah, wait, so what is going on?

[13/05/2013 18:36:21] Ash: we appear... to be robots.....

[13/05/2013 18:36:38] Olivia: Yeah, you're all back and....

[13/05/2013 18:36:41] Olivia: Robots

[13/05/2013 18:37:00] Jason: *moves his arms to fix his bowtie, to realise he isn't wearing one on the robot body, frowning a little*

[13/05/2013 18:37:03] Yuna: *Looks down at hands* Huh...

Well that certainly ain't what I expected...

[13/05/2013 18:38:17] Yuna: *Looks down at the rest of the body*

What's the point in doing this though?

[13/05/2013 18:38:48] Ash: bring us all together.... the mastermind hope we'll catch them...?

[13/05/2013 18:39:38] Ash: perhaps its because.... one of us is the mastermind...

[13/05/2013 18:40:09] Yuna: But if one of us is the mastermind why the heck would we let ourselves be killed?

[13/05/2013 18:40:30] Yuna: Sounds like a pretty dumb mastermind to me.

[13/05/2013 18:40:31] Ash: to throw others off....?

[13/05/2013 18:40:32] Olivia: I guess we should leave that kind of thinking for the trial

[13/05/2013 18:40:40] Ash: ah...yes...

[13/05/2013 18:41:07] Yuna: So... I guess we twiddle our thumbs until then?

[13/05/2013 18:41:11] Olivia: This is really...Wow

[13/05/2013 18:41:44] Yuna: Ah, Olivia...

[13/05/2013 18:42:10] Yuna: Is Lola here...?

[13/05/2013 18:42:24] Olivia: I... *She looks over at Lola's robot*

[13/05/2013 18:42:33] Ash: Lola's screen.... it doesnt look like it came on....

[13/05/2013 18:42:42] Olivia: She appears to be...v-vacant

[13/05/2013 18:42:56] Yuna: *sighs, a metallic rasp to it* Geez...

[13/05/2013 18:43:29] Olivia: I was really hoping to talk to her, you know?

[13/05/2013 18:43:42] Yuna: I... I was too.

[13/05/2013 18:43:57] Jason: W-Well she may wake up later, Olivia..~ Try and stay positive.. *smiles a little*

[13/05/2013 18:44:18 | Edited 18:44:27] Yuna: He's right, she's bound to flicker into life eventually

[13/05/2013 18:44:22] Olivia: Ah, yes!

[13/05/2013 18:45:08] Olivia: And then she'll go straight back to embarrassing me, like she used to

[13/05/2013 18:45:39] Yuna: *Chuckles* You got that right, things'll go back to normal soon enough...

Well, whatever passes for normal here

[13/05/2013 18:46:10] Jason: ... What will happen to us after the mastermind is found out...? Will we be like this in robot bodies forever..? Or will we die again..?

[13/05/2013 18:46:31] Olivia: I guess we'll find out...

[13/05/2013 18:50:19] Ash: hmm....

[13/05/2013 18:51:24] Olivia: I really hope you guys don't leave, it was so quiet without you all here

 [13/05/2013 18:52:35] Jason: I'm still really really sorry... *frowns a little* I hope we can still be friends..? *smiles hopefully*

 [13/05/2013 18:53:40] Ash: .....I....don't think I can be your friend right now..... I still remember what happened.....

[13/05/2013 18:54:09] Jason: *nods a little* That's understandable, Ash... I'm sorry

[13/05/2013 18:54:23] Ash: dont be.....

[13/05/2013 18:55:47] Sam: *His screen flickers for a moment before his face appears.* Oh um...*He looks at the others, confused.*

[13/05/2013 18:56:09] Jason: *turns to look to Sam, smiling gently* Hey Sam...~

[13/05/2013 18:56:19] Ash: Sam.... *seems happy*

[13/05/2013 18:56:45] Olivia: Sam!

[13/05/2013 18:56:58] Yuna: ...Sam

[13/05/2013 18:58:39] Jason: H-How are you, Sam..?

[13/05/2013 18:59:15] Sam: Oh, um..Hello! *He smiles and looks at Ash.* Uh..Ash?..

[13/05/2013 18:59:34] Ash: yeah...?

[13/05/2013 19:00:10] Sam: .....willyoumarryme...

[13/05/2013 19:01:00] Ash: w-........m-m-marry??????

 [13/05/2013 19:01:26] Ash: .....yesfineI'llmarryyou....

 [13/05/2013 19:02:27] Jason: *blinks a couple of times as he watches the two, nibbling his lip as he tilts his head a little*

[13/05/2013 19:03:08] Yuna: *Smiles a little bit and shakes her head*

*Ceases to be serious and walks over to Sam's robot* Sam...

[13/05/2013 19:07:03] Sam: um...

[13/05/2013 19:09:44] Yuna: *Yuna stares at him for a moment, still serious, then she grins* Just to let you know, I don't hate you for what you did to Frey. I might have been a lil' angry before, but when you were gone I manage to think it over. So I just wanted you to know there's no bad blood ok?

[13/05/2013 19:11:18] Sam: *He starts to smile and nods.* Thanks..

[13/05/2013 19:12:32] Yuna: Alrighty then... at least I managed to get that out of my system. *chuckles*

I'll have to wait a bit though to speak to someone else though...

[13/05/2013 19:14:01] Olivia: Yes...

[13/05/2013 19:14:17] Olivia: I have a couple of words to say to her! *She looks a little bit angry*

[13/05/2013 19:15:31] Olivia: Ahh.. but then I probably won't say anything

[13/05/2013 19:15:39] Jason: *approaches Olivia and gently places a hand to her shoulder* Try and stay calm for now, okay..? *smiles a little*

[13/05/2013 19:16:07] Yuna: We'll all have a talk that's fer sure.

[13/05/2013 19:16:51] Olivia: Hu? Uh! *She waves her hands about, getting flustered* Um, there's no reason to, uh I mean I'm not that angry and um sorry!

[13/05/2013 19:17:44] Jason: *chuckles a little* That's alright~ Just smile, like this~ *gives her a little smile*

[13/05/2013 19:19:38] Yuna: *She chuckles to herself, folding her arms.* You know... despite being a robot... it kinda feels good to be back. Anyway, i'm probably gonna go to my room now, I have a lot to write about.

 [13/05/2013 19:21:08] Yuna: *Walks out of the room* If you guys need me then you know where I am.

 [13/05/2013 19:30:57] Frey: -screen flick to life, blinking a few times to adjust she slowly wakes to wearily look around- mm-hmm? what...

[13/05/2013 19:35:29] Frey: -frey looks towards whoever else is in the room and notices the robotic form- ..hello?

[13/05/2013 19:36:12] Jason: Frey's back! *smiles a little and gives her a wave*

[13/05/2013 19:39:08] Frey: -she hesitates but waves awkwardly- eh...hi. what's going on here? how am i...

[13/05/2013 19:39:56] Jason: We somehow were brought back to life as robots...

[13/05/2013 19:41:26] Frey: robots? -she looks down at herself and hums curiously- not what i expected to happen after death.

[13/05/2013 19:59:07] Yuna: *Walks back into the room, clutching her notepad* I just thought I would say as well, we should probably start investigating soon...

[13/05/2013 19:59:28] Jason: That is a good idea actually.. where should we start though..?

[13/05/2013 19:59:48] Ash: the only rthing we can really investigate is.... each other.....

[13/05/2013 19:59:49] Yuna: *Notices frey* Frey!

[13/05/2013 20:00:07] Yuna: *Face lights up, almost literally*

[13/05/2013 20:01:09] Olivia: Investigate one another?

[13/05/2013 20:01:50] Ash: well... noone got killed so theres no evidence of a kind.... is there...?

[13/05/2013 20:02:48] Frey: -hears her name and looks at Yuna- hmm? oh! we meet again~

[13/05/2013 20:03:04] Olivia: *She looks over to Frey and Yuna and smiles*

[13/05/2013 20:04:03] Yuna: It's... *smiles* It's good to see you again

And I mean that, for the rest of you guys too.

[13/05/2013 20:05:16] Yuna: And for investigation, just look around the school, leave no stone unturned, so to speak.

Work in groups or what have you, just do as you please.

[13/05/2013 20:05:29] Yuna: *turns to leave again* Welp, back to my room, see you guys later.

[13/05/2013 20:06:51] Frey: investigation? again, what exactly has happen?

[13/05/2013 20:07:13] Ash: we need to figure out... who the mastermind behind this all is.....

[13/05/2013 20:11:39] Frey: the master-...then i assume we are nearing the end of our capture. -scans Ash's similar form, similar to her own in an unusual robotic shape- it would seem a lot has happened in my absence, mind filling me in?

 [13/05/2013 20:12:28] Ash: well.... would you like to know who murdered who....?

[13/05/2013 20:13:45] Frey: that would help in a way, yes.

[13/05/2013 20:14:33] Ash: well.... as you know you were murdered by sam.... after that Yuna murdered Lola.... and then I was murdered by Jason.....

[13/05/2013 20:17:07] Olivia: And all of the murderers were, uhm brutally executed

[13/05/2013 20:17:36] Jason: *winces a little at the memory of being executed* Mhmm...

[13/05/2013 20:17:45] Frey: -flinches slightly at Yuna being mentioned, but sighs nonetheless- i many have been lost, and yet here we are.

[13/05/2013 20:18:28] Ash: the only two still alive are..... Olivia and Nero....

[13/05/2013 20:20:24] Frey: mmm. when you say 'mastermind' i assume you don't mean the anomaly who trapped us? therefore, it is one of us? even those who are deceased?

[13/05/2013 20:20:57] Ash: it seems like it of us

[13/05/2013 20:22:24] Frey: hmm. it seems an investigation is indeed needed then, but where do we even begin.

[13/05/2013 20:22:42] Ash: I'm not sure....

[13/05/2013 20:26:25] Frey: has the bear said anything more on the matter?

[13/05/2013 20:53:56] Yuna: Geez are you all still here? *walks into the room again*

Anyway, I wanted to ask, Ash, is there anything left of that book you and Jason were looking at? I wouldn't mind having a gander at it.

[13/05/2013 20:54:56] Frey: a book?

[13/05/2013 20:55:36] Jason: Well, there is a bit more. The parts I ripped out was just the contents page, so it's really all there to read. I think it's still in the library where I left it~

[13/05/2013 20:56:44] Yuna: Perfect, I'll take a look at it, see if we can get some clues.

[13/05/2013 20:57:21] Jason: Sounds like a good idea~ It should still be on the floor, so you won't have to spend ages hunting it down in the book cases

[13/05/2013 20:57:57] Frey: If you are going there now, do you mind if i tag along? I never got to explore the library last time -smiles at Yuna-

[13/05/2013 20:58:39] Yuna: Sure, Do you wanna come along Jason? You know a bit more about the book than we do.

 [13/05/2013 20:59:46] Jason: Sure I'll come along with you two *smiles gently*

 [13/05/2013 21:00:40] Yuna: Alright then, we'll take a look tommorrow since I think it's Night time soon. I'll come find you when I'm ready.

[13/05/2013 21:01:13] Yuna: *Turns to leave the room again* Ok, see you all later, again.

[13/05/2013 21:01:27] Jason: Alright, we can all meet up here and then head off to the library~

[13/05/2013 21:01:49] Yuna: Yep, we'll do that. See you all then.

[13/05/2013 21:02:14] Frey: Sleep well~

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