[11/06/2013 17:33:34] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupu~ A body has been discovered!

[11/06/2013 17:33:58] Faolan: already?!

[11/06/2013 17:35:23 | Edited 17:36:03] Monoleo Mastermind: One of you little shits let the despair get to you already~ I didn't even have to give out any motives other than the main one!

[11/06/2013 17:35:59] Faolan: motive? what?

[11/06/2013 17:36:34] Monoleo Mastermind: You'll have to wait and see, upupupu~

[11/06/2013 17:37:42] Faolan: -he nods out of confusion more than understand- who is the body?

[11/06/2013 17:38:39] Yam: Are you serious?!

[11/06/2013 17:38:48] Caiden: Yeah? Who's died?!

[11/06/2013 17:39:00] Medea: Ooooh how mysterious!

[11/06/2013 17:39:07] Monoleo Mastermind: Take a look into the cabins!

[11/06/2013 17:39:32] Medea: *cackles* Well then let's take a look! Let's not keep mystery waiting!

[11/06/2013 17:39:44] Yam: Euugh, I don't want to see a dead body!

[11/06/2013 17:40:10] Faolan: what cabin? there are many?

[11/06/2013 17:40:54] Monoleo Mastermind: That is the mystery! You have to go look for it! It can be in any of them!

[11/06/2013 17:41:23] Medea: *Cackles* Let's get moving then! We haven't got much time!

[11/06/2013 17:42:02] Faolan: we are detectives?

[11/06/2013 17:42:47] Monoleo Mastermind: Think of it as a game! Part of this game of mutual killing~

 [11/06/2013 17:47:27] Harley: Someone's dead? No way!

 [11/06/2013 19:32:14] Monoleo Mastermind: Victim- Super High School Level Ninja, Abi.                                                                                                                      -Evidence-                                                                                                              

Missing canisters of poison gas and missing harpoon from storage cabin.

Abi found in her cabin.

Harpoon stabbed into Abi's stomach.

Broken poison can on the Abi's cabin floor.

Towels lodged under the door of Abi's cabin.

Signs of a struggle (shelves and items knocked over onto the floor)

[11/06/2013 19:33:39] Faolan: poison?! poison is kept here?

[11/06/2013 19:33:51] Yam: P-POISON?!

[11/06/2013 19:34:39] Caiden: This place really is trying to get us to kill each other... supplying us with things like that..!

[11/06/2013 19:34:51] Harley: Why the fuck is there poison here?!

[11/06/2013 19:35:04] Yam: And yet, no beach

[11/06/2013 19:35:50] Faolan: a harpoon gun too...

[11/06/2013 19:36:04] Yam: Hah, I've had my hand at a harpoon

[11/06/2013 19:36:48] Medea: *cackles quietly* Don't you think that makes you all the more... suspicious!

[11/06/2013 19:36:57] Faolan: did you know of one here yam?

[11/06/2013 19:37:04] Yam: M-me!?

[11/06/2013 19:37:08] Yam: Of course not!

[11/06/2013 19:37:16] Yam: I was too busy searching for the ocean

[11/06/2013 19:37:29] Medea: Don't get me wrong, i'm not pointing any fingers quite yet!

[11/06/2013 19:37:42] Medea: Best to let the mystery unravel at it's own pace!

[11/06/2013 19:38:10] Yam: Hah..yeah

[11/06/2013 19:38:21] Faolan: who last saw her?

[11/06/2013 19:39:09] Caiden: Shouldn't we leave questions like that to the trail..?

[11/06/2013 19:39:39] Faolan: trial? a court here?

[11/06/2013 19:39:57] Medea: We don't want to get too ahead of ourselves!

 [11/06/2013 19:41:17] Faolan: will we know if we do not ask everyone?

[11/06/2013 19:41:57] Ava: Huh!? Murder!?

[11/06/2013 19:42:05] Medea: Ahhh there you are.

[11/06/2013 19:42:13] Medea: I was wondering where you got off to.

[11/06/2013 19:42:18] Ava: Wow AvaMay has been off in her little world. Yes I was making vlogs!

[11/06/2013 19:42:59] Medea: You left while I was in the middle of talking. *she frowns and glares*

[11/06/2013 19:43:18] Ava: Got bored, sue me.

[11/06/2013 19:43:54] Yam: How rude!

[11/06/2013 19:44:14] Medea: *Gritting her teeth she tried to brighten up again by taking out her lighter* Hey, how about I make us a fire or something! I found some smoked cheese in the store room!

[11/06/2013 19:44:25] Ava: Agreed.

[11/06/2013 19:44:50] Faolan: are we allowed?

 [11/06/2013 19:45:26] Medea: I don't see why not. A fire is a soothing thing anyway!

[11/06/2013 19:45:37] Medea: We could all use that!

[11/06/2013 19:45:47] Caiden: Yeah.. it could calm our nerves~

[11/06/2013 19:46:05] Yam: She knows her stuff! Hahah!

[11/06/2013 19:46:36] Medea: *Drags a bag of firewood from behind a bush* I also picked this up from the storeroom!

[11/06/2013 19:48:06] Medea: *Meticulously puts the camp fire together, adding an incence stick in the middle. Taking her lighter she sets it ablaze and a large smokey fire is created. She chuckles before the sight* Ahhh... that's much better. *flops to the floor. sticking incense sticks in the ground around her*

 [11/06/2013 19:49:01] Ava: Ahhhh sweet incense! What do you wish to bring us.

[11/06/2013 19:49:15] Yam: *He plops down infront of the fire grinning and warming up his hands*

[11/06/2013 19:49:26] Caiden: *feels his way over to the fire from the heat and sits down with the group as he smiles and warms up*

[11/06/2013 19:49:51] Yam: Hey man, be careful *He helps Caiden sit down*

[11/06/2013 19:49:59] Ava: *She sits in front of the fire, grinning widely*

[11/06/2013 19:50:06] Faolan: -with a grimace Lan sits as far away from the fire as possible without being too far from the group, he curls into himself a bit and watches the others-

[11/06/2013 19:50:10] Caiden: Oh! *smiles and chuckles a little as he is helped over* Thanks Yam~

[11/06/2013 19:51:04] Yam: No problem matey

[11/06/2013 19:51:11] Medea: *takes out a bag of smoked cheese and sticks* And here's something to top it all off! *takes a cube and stick for herself and passes the bag around*

[11/06/2013 19:52:23] Caiden: Aw cool, thanks man! *takes the bag and takes his time on sticking the cheese on the stick without stabbing his fingers, then passing the bag on*

[11/06/2013 19:52:47] Ava: *Takes a whole heap of cheese*

[11/06/2013 19:53:31] Yam: *He takes a cube of cheese and scewers it on a stick*

[11/06/2013 19:53:34 | Edited 19:53:46] Medea: *sticks the cheese near to the fire* Not a problem, we all need a little something I think! Smokey goods always help to calm me down!

[11/06/2013 19:54:04] Harley: *He sits down with the others in front of the fire. * Eww, how the hell can you guys eat that shit?

[11/06/2013 19:54:30] Yam: I haven't had me cheese in years!

[11/06/2013 19:54:43] Yam: Don't talk shit about cheese, landlubber!

[11/06/2013 19:55:14] Faolan: -he sniffs at the air and scrunches his nose a the smell- smells eww

[11/06/2013 19:55:18] Ava: Cheese is for the lolest of randoms.

[11/06/2013 19:55:38] Harley: I'll talk shit about cheese if I want ta!

[11/06/2013 19:55:55] Yam: Wanna go!?

[11/06/2013 19:56:13] Caiden: Ahh guys let's not fight now, okay~? *chuckles a little*

[11/06/2013 19:56:42] Faolan: fighting is bad? -tilts his head a bit in confusion-

[11/06/2013 19:56:52] Caiden: Besides... I can take ya both on... and I'm fuckin blind~! *laughs a little* But seriously guys, no fighting

[11/06/2013 19:57:03] Yam: *Narrows his eyes at Harley*

[11/06/2013 19:57:09] Yam: *Turns back to cheese*

[11/06/2013 19:57:32] Medea: *Is completely ingrossed in her own little smokey heaven*

[11/06/2013 19:57:48] Ava: This, my friends is a prime example of a kismesitude!

 [11/06/2013 19:57:59] Harley: *Makes a gagging noise.*...Cheese is till fucking disgusting though..

 [11/06/2013 19:58:56] Yam: You're lucky I listen to my mate here, pal

[11/06/2013 19:59:05] Faolan: does cheese taste good?

 [11/06/2013 19:59:54] Medea: This stuff does~ *She says, still enraptured*

[11/06/2013 20:00:03] Harley: I doubt that.

[11/06/2013 20:02:47] Faolan: abi died and we eat cheese merrily...

[11/06/2013 20:03:08] Ava: Her fault for dying.

[11/06/2013 20:03:28] Yam: How harsh!

[11/06/2013 20:03:42] Yam: *swallows cheese*

[11/06/2013 20:04:03] Ava: Awww baby Yammy wammy, gonna cry?

[11/06/2013 20:04:07] Faolan: dont insult the dead -growls a bit at ava-

[11/06/2013 20:04:10] Medea: *Snaps out of her smoke induced stupor* W-well. Perhaps we should be discussing that very matter now!

[11/06/2013 20:04:59] Faolan: -nods- what first?

[11/06/2013 20:05:15] Ava: Yam did it

[11/06/2013 20:05:53] Yam: I did not!

[11/06/2013 20:05:57] Yam: And don't call me a baby!

[11/06/2013 20:06:00] Faolan: why say that?

[11/06/2013 20:06:16] Ava: Cute little Yammy Wammy Baby waby boo.

[11/06/2013 20:06:16] Medea: *Jabs her stick in Ava's direction* Don't spoil things! We need to let the mystery unfold!

[11/06/2013 20:06:19] Yam: I've seen things.... *Dramatic look into distance*

[11/06/2013 20:06:25] Ava: Abi was harpooned.

[11/06/2013 20:06:43] Yam: I didn't do it, I say! And stop that!

[11/06/2013 20:06:45] Ava: Harpoons are found on ships.

[11/06/2013 20:07:06] Yam: I'm not cute! I'm manly as hell!

[11/06/2013 20:07:07] Medea: Ah! But anyone here could be capable of using it!

[11/06/2013 20:07:09] Harley: What the fucks a harpoon....isn't it that weird instrument?

[11/06/2013 20:07:16] Yam: I wrestled a manatee!

[11/06/2013 20:07:30] Faolan: where would harpoon be here? we never found the ocean

[11/06/2013 20:07:36] Ava: AvaMay thinks that because of that incriminating evidence, ickle wickly Yammy boo must be guilty! Agree? Comment!

[11/06/2013 20:07:49] Yam: Dislike!

[11/06/2013 20:08:03] Yam: Ahah, get it?

[11/06/2013 20:08:24] Faolan: no

[11/06/2013 20:08:26] Ava: There's no such thing as a dislike button.

[11/06/2013 20:08:43] Yam: I've seen the tube of you! It has the button of disliking!

[11/06/2013 20:09:31] Ava: AvaMay is going to cry jeez, it's YouTube and the dislike button.

[11/06/2013 20:10:19] Yam: I wouldn't harpoon anyone! I told you I was lookin' for the sea!

 [11/06/2013 20:12:08] Medea: Well, aside from the harpoon what evidence do we have?!

[11/06/2013 20:12:11] Ava: I bet you did it.

[11/06/2013 20:13:22] Merlando: *wanders up yawning* Hey everyone! What did I miss?

[11/06/2013 20:13:43] Ava: Yammy Wammy boo killed someone!

[11/06/2013 20:13:51] Faolan: murder and cheese

[11/06/2013 20:14:04] Merlando: Someone died?! Oh gosh....

[11/06/2013 20:14:36] Yam: Stop callin' me that, wench!

[11/06/2013 20:15:06] Ava: Awwww is Yammy Wammy boo going to cry?

[11/06/2013 20:15:07] Merlando: We  can't go accusing someone yet! Not without solid evidence!

[11/06/2013 20:15:20] Merlando: By the way... What is the evidence?

[11/06/2013 20:15:22] Yam: Right, I'm done with you!

[11/06/2013 20:15:29] Faolan: harpoon and poison

[11/06/2013 20:15:40] Faolan: -hands monofile to merlando-

[11/06/2013 20:15:53] Ava: Awww how adorable!

[11/06/2013 20:16:03] Merlando: *reads over file* Ah! I see

[11/06/2013 20:16:48] Harley: I still have no idea what the fuck a harpoon is.

[11/06/2013 20:16:57] Ava: It's a hook.

[11/06/2013 20:17:09] Ava: Used to kill wales!

[11/06/2013 20:17:32] Yam: IT'S NOT A HOOK

[11/06/2013 20:17:41] Yam: It's like a sea spear

[11/06/2013 20:17:42] Ava: Close enough.

[11/06/2013 20:18:12] Yam: It's fired from a gun or thrown and it glides majestically though the air and into the heart of a whale

[11/06/2013 20:18:42] Harley: Uh..

[11/06/2013 20:18:43] Yam: I tried to avenge my father with one...alas, the whale got away with my da' in his belly

[11/06/2013 20:20:46] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupu, that's enough talk of whales! We soon start our camp trial!

[11/06/2013 20:21:41] Faolan: nothing was learned though?

[11/06/2013 20:21:54] Yam: 'Cept cheese is delicious

[11/06/2013 20:21:58] Yam: We learned that

[11/06/2013 20:22:03] Caiden: Awww man! I was just gonna tell my own story about how my Grandad passed his war hero stuff down to me~ Love ya Granda'~ I can save that for later~ *laughs a little* Camp trial~?

 [11/06/2013 20:22:47] Monoleo Mastermind: Camp trial! Where you little bastards discuss with eachother and decide who the murderer is!

[11/06/2013 20:23:11] Faolan: we need a jury and a judge?

[11/06/2013 20:23:28] Monoleo Mastermind: The judge is right here!

[11/06/2013 20:24:35] Medea: *Cackles* Oh my I do love a good mystery. I'm super excited! And that smoke has rejuvinated me!

[11/06/2013 20:25:01] Monoleo Mastermind: Now, if you follow me we can get started!

[11/06/2013 20:25:55] Yam: Ahh...This is kind of scary

[11/06/2013 20:26:07] Ava: Following!

[11/06/2013 20:26:22] Ava: Yammy Wammy boo it's okay, you'll be dead soon enough a,

[11/06/2013 20:26:33] Medea: Lead the way oh monochromatic one!

[11/06/2013 20:26:33] Yam: I'M NOT GOING TO DIE!

[11/06/2013 20:27:15] Caiden: D'ya wanna hold my hand, Yam? Then you'll be with The Hero~ And will be no need to be scared~ *laughs happily* Plus I need help on following the right way~

[11/06/2013 20:27:42] Ava: No he wants to hold my hand

[11/06/2013 20:27:52] Yam: Uh, sure man *he takes his hand* I'll help you

[11/06/2013 20:29:20] Faolan: -follows silently behind the rest-

[11/06/2013 20:29:36] Caiden: Thanks dude~ *swings their arms a little* Are the others leaving?

[11/06/2013 20:30:00] Ava: *Follows behind humming*

[11/06/2013 20:30:27] Merlando: *follows along*

[11/06/2013 20:31:01] Yam: Ah, yeah we're moving *He starts following slowly so as not to drag Caiden along*

[11/06/2013 20:31:35] Monoleo Mastermind: *Monoleo leads them along a path in the woods. Until the destination is reached. There is a circle of 10 wooden booths and in the middle is a campfire. There is 3 portraits of people, large pink x's crossing them out.* And this is where it will all take place, upupupup~

[11/06/2013 20:32:37] Caiden: *lets Yam lead him through the woods* What's up ahead, bro?

[11/06/2013 20:33:23] Yam: There's booths that I guess we have to stand at in a circle and a fire in the middle...and portraits of those who are dead

[11/06/2013 20:33:46] Faolan: are the dead....watching?

[11/06/2013 20:33:56] Medea: Ooooh how spooky!

[11/06/2013 20:34:01] Merlando: Werent those two... the ones who were killed when this started?

[11/06/2013 20:34:18] Medea: Wouldn't it be cool if they were burried underneath us! *cackles loudly*

[11/06/2013 20:34:37] Faolan: -lifts up feet cautiously-

[11/06/2013 20:35:10] Merlando: They probably aren't! we'd notice freshly dug graves if they were!

[11/06/2013 20:35:17] Monoleo Mastermind: Ah yes! Those are the rulebreaker's portraits! Let them be a lesson to not break my rules~

[11/06/2013 20:35:17] Medea: I'm joking i'm joking! *Under her breath* Although that would be cool...

[11/06/2013 20:35:25] Yam: That's terrifying!

[11/06/2013 20:36:55] Yam: *He leads Caiden to his booth and then goes to stand at his*

[11/06/2013 20:37:18] Merlando: *stands at his both*

[11/06/2013 20:37:38] Caiden: *stands at his booth*

[11/06/2013 20:38:04] Medea: *stands at his booth, a glimmer coming off her spectacles. She grins a wide grin*

[11/06/2013 20:38:13] Harley: * He goes to his both, standing next to merlando.*

[11/06/2013 20:38:25] Faolan: -also stands at his booth looking around curiously-

[11/06/2013 20:38:48] Merlando: *he turns to Harley* This is kind of scary...

[11/06/2013 20:39:34] Ava: *Stnads in her booth*

[11/06/2013 20:40:25] Harley: Mhm. So. We start the discussion now, yeah?

[11/06/2013 20:41:11] Medea: *Waves her wand in the air* Let's all solve this mystery! *cackles loudly to the heavens*

[11/06/2013 20:41:42] Merlando: Yes! Lets solve this!

[11/06/2013 20:41:45] Yam: Lets do it! For Abi!

[11/06/2013 20:41:53] Faolan: -nods-

[11/06/2013 20:41:54 | Edited 20:41:57] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupupu~

 [11/06/2013 20:43:25] Medea: Now then, let's discuss the first thing!

[11/06/2013 20:43:40] Yam: Which is?

[11/06/2013 20:44:48] Medea: Alibis! Who of us are exempt from accusations!

[11/06/2013 20:45:41] Merlando: Ah! Well Harley can vouch for me, I went to sleep right after finding my cabin!

[11/06/2013 20:46:10] Yam: Well, Faolan and I were out last night searching for the sea and then Caiden and Abi met up with us

[11/06/2013 20:46:10] Harley: *He nods.* Yeah,

[11/06/2013 20:46:33] Faolan: -nods-

[11/06/2013 20:47:07] Medea: Hmmm... I guess... that means I don't really have an alibi. *thrusts her wand at Ava* She wandered off shortly after we were sent exploring!

[11/06/2013 20:48:01] Yam: Yeah! You were pointing a lot of fingers at me, Ava for someone who wandered off!

[11/06/2013 20:48:37] Caiden: Yeah, I was with Abi and then we met up with Yam and Faolan later, and then Yam escorted me back to my cabin, and that is the last time I saw Abi, but I did see Yam walking offsomewhere after he dropped me off to my cabin

[11/06/2013 20:50:02] Ava: I went to my room to vlog

[11/06/2013 20:50:10] Ava: I had nothing to do with this.

[11/06/2013 20:50:23] Yam: Vlog about.......MURDER!?!?!

[11/06/2013 20:50:51] Ava: No, vlog about how adorable your ikle face is Yammy Wammy boo.

[11/06/2013 20:50:58] Merlando: Perhaps we should move on to the evidence?

[11/06/2013 20:51:04] Yam: I went off to search for the sea after I dropped off Caiden

[11/06/2013 20:51:48] Yam: I'm not listening to you any more, sea witch

[11/06/2013 20:52:02] Harley: After I left Merlando, I went out into the woods for a while.

[11/06/2013 20:53:47] Ava: I'm not a witch!  Medea is.

[11/06/2013 20:54:24] Harley: I slept in a tree, although..

[11/06/2013 20:55:19] Ava: Honestly we should just execute Yammy Wammy boo now and rid us of his sin.

[11/06/2013 20:55:19] Merlando: You slept in a tree?! You could have stayed with me if you wanted to sleep! Or at least gone to your cabin next door!

[11/06/2013 20:55:30] Yam: My sin?!

 [11/06/2013 20:55:44] Ava: Sin.

[11/06/2013 20:56:14] Yam: I'm sorry I over indugle a little bit in the ice cream area, but I'm no glutton!

[11/06/2013 20:57:48] Ava: You killed.

[11/06/2013 20:57:50] Ava: Sin.

[11/06/2013 20:58:11] Merlando: Now now! Arent you being too quick to accuse?

[11/06/2013 20:58:17] Faolan: no real evidence

[11/06/2013 20:58:32] Yam: Thankyou, these landlubbers know what they're talkin' about

[11/06/2013 20:59:07] Merlando: I for one believe you didn't do it Yam! It would be rather silly to use a harpoon, since it would just point to you instantly!

[11/06/2013 20:59:53] Yam: Hahah! Excatly!

[11/06/2013 21:01:13] Ava: Ugh

[11/06/2013 21:01:35] Faolan: where did it reside before?

[11/06/2013 21:02:22] Merlando: The harpoon?

[11/06/2013 21:02:46] Faolan: yes

 [11/06/2013 21:03:36] Yam: The monofile said it came from the storage cabin?

[11/06/2013 21:03:45] Merlando: Yeah!

[11/06/2013 21:04:04] Ava: Why would something like that be therel

[11/06/2013 21:04:20] Faolan: did someone go there?

[11/06/2013 21:04:35] Merlando: Also why would someone take poison if you planned to use a harpoon?

[11/06/2013 21:04:42] Merlando: It seems a bit strange to me...

[11/06/2013 21:04:50] Faolan: the towels too

[11/06/2013 21:04:54] Faolan: planned?

[11/06/2013 21:04:55] Ava: Maybe the poison went wrong?

[11/06/2013 21:05:29] Faolan: abi made poison?

[11/06/2013 21:06:11] Yam: No way, they were framing me

[11/06/2013 21:06:20] Yam: That was the only reason for it, surely

[11/06/2013 21:06:38] Yam: The towels were to keep the poison in

[11/06/2013 21:07:01] Faolan: but why poison?

[11/06/2013 21:07:06] Yam: She's a ninja

[11/06/2013 21:07:15] Yam: How easy is it to stab a NINJA

[11/06/2013 21:07:20] Yam: This guy is smart

[11/06/2013 21:07:40] Faolan: so...death by poison? but stabbed by harpoon?

[11/06/2013 21:07:51] Merlando: It could be...

[11/06/2013 21:07:55] Yam: It must be

[11/06/2013 21:08:07] Merlando: Perhaps she was stabbed after the poison had taken effect?

[11/06/2013 21:08:12] Faolan: coverup?

[11/06/2013 21:08:37] Yam: And somehow they would have to be able to stay in the cabin with the gas in the air to stab the body after she was dead

[11/06/2013 21:09:06] Merlando: Then... Maybe the murderer used a gas mask?

 [11/06/2013 21:09:25] Harley: But who here would have a gas mask?

[11/06/2013 21:09:46] Yam: I'm done playing extreme cludeo

[11/06/2013 21:09:51] Yam: What is this, blues clues?

[11/06/2013 21:09:54] Faolan: someone said before

[11/06/2013 21:09:57] Faolan: about a mask

[11/06/2013 21:10:10] Merlando: Someone who would have a mask... Ah! but...

[11/06/2013 21:10:41] Faolan: ?

[11/06/2013 21:10:59] Harley: Didn't about war items they got from a family member?

[11/06/2013 21:11:12] Yam: Ahah, no

[11/06/2013 21:11:20] Yam: Don't even go there, man

[11/06/2013 21:11:33] Yam: Caiden's cool

[11/06/2013 21:11:38] Ava: We're going there.

[11/06/2013 21:11:44] Yam: No we are not

[11/06/2013 21:11:49] Harley: I'm just saying.

[11/06/2013 21:11:51] Merlando: But.... Isn't Caiden blind?

[11/06/2013 21:11:58] Yam: HAH, YEAH

[11/06/2013 21:12:02] Yam: He's blind, so there

[11/06/2013 21:12:07] Ava: AvaMay thinks that he's lying.

[11/06/2013 21:12:13] Caiden: Aww c'mon dudes..! Yeah, I'm blind, how could I see what I'm doing~?

[11/06/2013 21:12:29] Faolan: 'sometimes a blind man can see clearer than a person with sight'

 [11/06/2013 21:12:37] Caiden: C'mon, you honestly think I'd lie about being blind?!? That's totally bad and unheroic!

[11/06/2013 21:12:53] Ava: See through vibration, sound.

[11/06/2013 21:13:10] Merlando: Ah! That could be a possibility

[11/06/2013 21:13:11] Ava: I wrote an article on it,

[11/06/2013 21:13:25] Faolan: ah if blind then poison smell

[11/06/2013 21:13:53] Faolan: would know when dead

[11/06/2013 21:13:59] Faolan: and come back in for final kill

[11/06/2013 21:14:25] Caiden: Oh... Oh c'mon guys, you don't really think I did it..?!

[11/06/2013 21:14:27] Faolan: and vibrations of body struggle

[11/06/2013 21:14:59] Merlando: All the evidence points to you...

[11/06/2013 21:15:07] Yam: It wasnt him!

[11/06/2013 21:15:26] Yam: Don't talk shit! He wouldn't set me up like that

[11/06/2013 21:15:36] Faolan: frame yam cause he is nice guy

[11/06/2013 21:15:59] Faolan: nice guy take blame cause of influence

[11/06/2013 21:16:08] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu, how interesting!

[11/06/2013 21:16:11] Ava: He's too cute and gullible

[11/06/2013 21:16:19] Yam: Shut up!

[11/06/2013 21:16:29] Ava: Oh Caiden how could you!?

[11/06/2013 21:16:36] Monoleo Mastermind: May I remind you all of something?

[11/06/2013 21:16:47] Faolan: yes?

[11/06/2013 21:16:52] Ava: AvaMay thinis we should all vote to kill Caidennnow!

[11/06/2013 21:17:30] Monoleo Mastermind: Choose the wrong person and everyone but the cuplrit is punished!~

[11/06/2013 21:17:47] Faolan: ...

[11/06/2013 21:17:52] Yam: Caiden isn't dying!

[11/06/2013 21:17:58] Merlando: I'm confident that we have found the culprit!

[11/06/2013 21:18:03] Ava: Then we alo arel

[11/06/2013 21:18:10] Faolan: caiden say different? alibi?

[11/06/2013 21:18:20] Yam: You're going to get us killed!

[11/06/2013 21:18:55] Merlando: Perhaps you're the one who's going to get us killed though, did you think of that possibility?

[11/06/2013 21:18:58] Ava: No YOY are.

[11/06/2013 21:19:28] Harley: All of the evidence we have does point to Caiden..sorry dude.

[11/06/2013 21:19:34] Yam: It has to be Ava! She's the only one batshjt enough!

[11/06/2013 21:19:43] Caiden: I-I... *sniffles a little* Y-Yeah I did it.. Vote me so you don't die.. Please! It'll really be the only true Heroic thing I've done in my life if I tell you now that I did it, and I-I'm sorry..

[11/06/2013 21:20:01] Ava: AvaMay gets her confession!

[11/06/2013 21:20:17] Faolan: -grunts- why kill? heros never kill?

[11/06/2013 21:20:43] Yam: Caiden!

[11/06/2013 21:20:58] Caiden: I know... I was scared and she was gonna attack me, or worse all of you! And I didn't want that to happen to you guys.. So I..

[11/06/2013 21:21:14] Faolan: she attacked?

[11/06/2013 21:21:14] Caiden: I'm sorry, it wasn't good.. I'm not good.. I'm so sorry

[11/06/2013 21:21:21] Yam: Shut your mouth! We're going to go home and you're going to ride my ship!

[11/06/2013 21:21:38] Ava: Oh the destruction of this wonderful ship!

[11/06/2013 21:21:44] Ava: My feels, they cry.

[11/06/2013 21:21:48] Caiden: Well... I thought she was.. I panicked

I'm so sorry Yam

[11/06/2013 21:22:21] Yam:'s okay, y-you thought you were doing what's right

[11/06/2013 21:22:54] Monoleo Mastermind: Start voting~!

[11/06/2013 21:22:58] Merlando: How terrible....

[11/06/2013 21:23:07] Merlando: I vote Caiden

[11/06/2013 21:23:18] Yam: I vote Ava!

[11/06/2013 21:23:23] Caiden: *sniffles a little* But it was wrong and I'm sorry

Just vote me and you'll all live and that's good

[11/06/2013 21:23:35] Faolan: ...caiden

[11/06/2013 21:23:36] Harley: Caiden..

[11/06/2013 21:24:03] Yam: *He looks around, distraught*

[11/06/2013 21:24:19] Merlando: Do you want us all to die Yam?!

[11/06/2013 21:24:36] Ava: AvaMay votes for Caiden!

[11/06/2013 21:25:00] Yam: It's not him!

[11/06/2013 21:25:10] Caiden: Yam just vote for me please!!

[11/06/2013 21:25:22] Yam: ...Caiden

[11/06/2013 21:26:10] Yam: Your my best bro, no matter what! Be brave!

[11/06/2013 21:26:21] Yam: You always have been

[11/06/2013 21:26:30] Monoleo Mastermind: And you have discovered the murderer! Upupupupu~

[11/06/2013 21:26:49] Caiden: You're my best bro too, Yam. *smiles a little and rubs at his eyes*

[11/06/2013 21:31:51] Monoleo Mastermind: *He bangs a gabble down onto a wooden stall. Caiden dragged of by Monoleo. The executions starts off with Caiden standing in a dark part of the woods, no trees, only the odd tree stump. Many guns are fired as Caiden starts to freak out. Unknown to him, Monoleo is up behind him sitting on a tank. As the tank starts to move Caiden can't bring himself to do anything. The tank ends up crushing him like a bug.*

[11/06/2013 21:33:32] Yam: *He starts to sob*

[11/06/2013 21:33:42] Ava: Ahahahahahaha!! The sinner finds his rewards!

[11/06/2013 21:33:59] Ava: This is going nto make the best vlog.

[11/06/2013 21:34:17] Yam: Shut your face!

[11/06/2013 21:34:27] Yam: You really are a hag!

[11/06/2013 21:34:40] Faolan: -Lan begins to shake as he stares at the scene, he takes deep breaths to try and calm himself but the fear still stays- nei...

[11/06/2013 21:34:59] Merlando: *kind of burries himself in Harleys chest hugging him, seeming very upset*

[11/06/2013 21:35:23] Ava: He killed Abi!

[11/06/2013 21:35:42] Yam: He thought he was Savin' us!

[11/06/2013 21:36:21] Ava: Well he did a bad job,

[11/06/2013 21:36:23] Ava: Boo hoo.

[11/06/2013 21:36:48] Faolan: killing should not equal more killing!

[11/06/2013 21:36:50] Yam: You're a scurvy wench with no heart!

[11/06/2013 21:37:24] Ava: My heart is closed to those who killl

[11/06/2013 21:37:45] Yam: Like I said, you don't have one

[11/06/2013 21:38:54] Ava: Oh believe me I do.

[11/06/2013 21:40:01] Yam: Hah, I'll believe that when the dolphin that took my hat spits it back out into me hands

[11/06/2013 21:41:58] Faolan: -slams fist on his podium- STOP NOW!

[11/06/2013 21:42:34] Ava: Don't accuse me of being heartless.

[11/06/2013 21:42:44] Yam: *He jolts*

[11/06/2013 21:42:46] Ava: Don't you fucking dare.

[11/06/2013 21:43:14] Ava: *She  turns to Faolan* What?

[11/06/2013 21:43:32] Yam: What ye gonna do? Blog about it?!

[11/06/2013 21:44:06] Ava: Probably.

[11/06/2013 21:44:12] Faolan: -he sternly look at ava- fighting is not what to do. stop now. or else...

[11/06/2013 21:44:35] Ava: What? Going to kill me?

[11/06/2013 21:44:44] Faolan: never

[11/06/2013 21:44:50] Faolan: but you shall bring death upon yourself

[11/06/2013 21:45:27] Yam: Just-...just back off!

[11/06/2013 21:45:39] Harley: Guys! Fucking stop it! I don't think thats what you should be doing right now!

[11/06/2013 21:46:30] Ava: Fine l

[11/06/2013 21:46:33] Ava: Just

[11/06/2013 21:46:37] Ava: Fine.

[11/06/2013 21:46:58] Faolan: -he glares at ava one last time before turning his gaze away and clutching at the ribbon around his neck- ...

[11/06/2013 21:46:58] Ava: *She turns and runs*

[11/06/2013 21:47:24] Yam: Crazy bitch...

[11/06/2013 21:48:19] Yam: *he turns to the circle* alright, no more killing

[11/06/2013 21:48:38] Faolan: never kill...never kill

[11/06/2013 21:48:44] Yam: It doesn't matter if you think you're doing anyone good, don't

[11/06/2013 21:49:16] Yam: You're not saving anyone, you're not helping...and it's NOT heroic

[11/06/2013 21:51:03] Yam: Let's find Ava.. I don't like her lurking around

[11/06/2013 21:51:55] Merlando: I think I'm gonna go back to my room for a while... Do you uh... maybe wanna come with me Harley?

 [11/06/2013 21:52:12] Faolan: -nods and walks slowly over to yam-

[11/06/2013 21:52:58] Ava: *Ava is behind her cabin making a tearful vlog*

[11/06/2013 21:53:31] Yam: Let's go *He nods to Faolan*

[11/06/2013 21:54:12] Yam: *He makes his way thought the forest to the cabin area where he hears the sobbing of a vlogger*

 [11/06/2013 21:55:49] Ava: *She hears someone coming and stops, freezing and holding her breath*

 [11/06/2013 21:55:55] Faolan: -following closely behind constantly sniffing in in their search-

[11/06/2013 21:56:16] Yam: Hey! Wherever you are, come out! I don't like you lurking about

[11/06/2013 21:57:51] Ava: Leave me alone.

 [11/06/2013 21:58:22] Yam: Maybe I should!

 [11/06/2013 21:59:56] Harley: Uh...Merlando?..

[11/06/2013 22:00:03] Ava: Good. I don't want to talk to youl

[11/06/2013 22:00:29] Merlando: *staring at a random tree* ...Yeah?

 [11/06/2013 22:01:25] Yam: Look just stop creeping about, and I'll leave you. It's not like want to be around you anyway

[11/06/2013 22:01:33] Faolan: -pats yams shoulder- make amends

[11/06/2013 22:01:53] Ava: I'm behind my own cabin get off my fucking casel

[11/06/2013 22:01:58] Yam: Hell no!

 [11/06/2013 22:02:04] Harley: Uh...fuck, you okay?

[11/06/2013 22:02:50] Ava: Fine!  *She gets up and storms over to him,  eyes red and puffy* Is this better, does this ppease you?

[11/06/2013 22:03:29] Yam: Why are you even crying?! I don't get you at all!

[11/06/2013 22:03:36] Faolan: you will be wet if you stay

[11/06/2013 22:04:02] Ava: Maybe because I actually have a heart.

[11/06/2013 22:04:44] Merlando: *he turns around, and frowns* I'm not sure... Everything is just happening...

[11/06/2013 22:05:13] Faolan: -beguns to climb up a tree and fold the trees to make a canopy above the two-

[11/06/2013 22:05:19] Yam: Hah! Yeah and you prooved that well back there! *he flings his arms open gesturing around*

[11/06/2013 22:05:57] Merlando: I feel like... Theres a greater mystery here but we just can't solve it yet...

[11/06/2013 22:06:48] Ava: *She looks around as if seeking advice before flinging herself forward ajd kissing him*

[11/06/2013 22:07:05] Harley: *He nods.*..yeah..

[11/06/2013 22:07:53] Yam: *He flinches with surprise before pushing her off him with a look of fright as he shakes visibly*

[11/06/2013 22:08:17] Merlando: But... I'm happy for now... Since I have you here with me! I won't be afraid anymore, not of death or anything! Because I... you know...

[11/06/2013 22:08:49] Yam: Y-...Leave me alone! *he backs away before running to his cabin*

[11/06/2013 22:09:30] Ava: *She stands there for a moment before turning back to her cabin, muttering under her breath*

 [11/06/2013 22:11:53] Faolan: ...'next episode; dramatic turn abouts and a new romance blossoms?!' -he shifts about in the tree and gets comfy-

[11/06/2013 22:20:55] Faolan: -after a short nap lan gets up from the tree, jumping down with a bit of a russtle from the folliage, and wanders off back to the direction they came from before. he stops at the tree line about to speak up when he spys the two still present but holds his tongue and instead watches them from behind the trees hidden in the shadows-

[11/06/2013 22:21:52] Harley: ...I wonder why this is happening..

[11/06/2013 22:22:31] Merlando: Hey Harley... Lets not think about that right now, ok?

[11/06/2013 22:22:44] Harley: *He sighs and nods.*

[11/06/2013 22:22:57] Merlando: I feel like... There will be a time when we will need to figure it out, but we'll know when that time is

[11/06/2013 22:23:29] Merlando: So for now, lets try and be happy...

[11/06/2013 22:23:53] Harley: you want to go back to the cabins or something?

[11/06/2013 22:26:01] Merlando: That depends, will you keep me company for the night? I just... need someone to be there right now

[11/06/2013 22:26:21] Harley: *He nods.* Of course!

[11/06/2013 22:26:29] Merlando: Plus I really missed you after last night... *he looks away for a second, blushing slightly*

[11/06/2013 22:27:13] Harley: *He chuckles.* Heh..yeah.

[11/06/2013 22:28:29] Merlando: Lets head back then! Theres nothing for us here anyway... *He kisses him, and then takes his hand, walking with him back to the cabin*

[11/06/2013 22:33:50] Faolan: -he picks a tree to sit in fixing the leaves and branches to his liking and snuggles down into his coat watching the sky- 'another romance blooms in the dramatic lovu-lovu due act! what will happen next on this exciting ride of emotions!'....people are fun

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