[12/06/2013 18:23:22] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu~! It's the start of a new day, you little shits!

[12/06/2013 18:24:53] Yam: I'd just like to say, I'm sorry about last night guys. Things got a little crazy and stuff..

[12/06/2013 18:25:33] Faolan: no need just dont fight

[12/06/2013 18:27:02] Ava: I, yeah I'm sorry too, to everyone.

[12/06/2013 18:27:52] Faolan: you two make up now? -looks to both of them-

[12/06/2013 18:28:55] Yam: *He glances over at Ava, keeping a hand on his other arm*

[12/06/2013 18:28:56] Ava: Yam,  I don't have cooties. Don't worry.

[12/06/2013 18:30:56] Ava: I'm sorry, for you know, smooch.

[12/06/2013 18:31:17] Yam: Don't talk about it please

[12/06/2013 18:31:29] Ava: It never happened

[12/06/2013 18:31:55] Merlando: *walks up* Hey guys!

[12/06/2013 18:31:57] Faolan: but it did though? -is confused-

[12/06/2013 18:32:47] Ava: What I mean is, I act as if it never happened

[12/06/2013 18:33:41] Faolan: to act forget?

[12/06/2013 18:33:45] Faolan: why act?

 [12/06/2013 18:34:08] Yam: Hey there!

[12/06/2013 18:34:11] Ava: Because it's obvious that Yam hates me and it was wrong of ke to do something like that.

[12/06/2013 18:34:15] Yam: How's it goin' matey?

[12/06/2013 18:34:59] Faolan: yam hates you? how?

[12/06/2013 18:35:00] Merlando: How is everyone today? Feeling refreshed after sleep? *smiles*

[12/06/2013 18:35:14] Yam: *He turns to her for a breif moment* I never said that, would you please stop?

[12/06/2013 18:35:17] Ava: Yam will explain that.

[12/06/2013 18:35:48] Faolan: -turns to yam- why hate?

[12/06/2013 18:35:57] Yam: I never said anything of the sort!

[12/06/2013 18:36:45] Faolan: -stands there confused looking between yam and ava-

[12/06/2013 18:36:53] Ava: But it's obvious.

[12/06/2013 18:37:01] Merlando: Ah... Did something happen?

[12/06/2013 18:37:51] Ava: Yam kissed me.

[12/06/2013 18:38:00] Yam: .....

[12/06/2013 18:38:02] Yam: No!

[12/06/2013 18:38:13] Yam: No, no, no. It was the other way around!

[12/06/2013 18:38:23] Yam: You FORCED yourself on me. I didn't want that at all!

[12/06/2013 18:38:33] Yam: Geez *he clutches his head*

[12/06/2013 18:38:43] Ava: It was frustration not force get it right.

[12/06/2013 18:39:05] Merlando: Kissed? Heh...

[12/06/2013 18:39:26] Yam: I was willing to be friends with you, but now your calling victum?

[12/06/2013 18:39:51] Ava: You did kiss me, as I kissed you.

[12/06/2013 18:40:00] Yam: It's not funny, I didn't want that!

[12/06/2013 18:40:13] Yam: *He backs up*

[12/06/2013 18:40:57] Ava: Well it won't happen again,  okay.

[12/06/2013 18:41:55] Yam: Just..please stay away from me *He folds his arms across himself protectivly*

[12/06/2013 18:42:21] Ava: Well, I was going to offer a hand of friendship, but consider it done.

[12/06/2013 18:42:21] Merlando: *goes over to yam and attempts to like do soemthing to comfort him*

[12/06/2013 18:43:03] Ava: *She immediately smiles and seems much brighter* AvaMay wants to continue her search with Medea!

[12/06/2013 18:43:48] Faolan: search where?

[12/06/2013 18:44:09] Ava: The forest of course!

[12/06/2013 18:44:43] Yam: *He gives a weak smile to Merlando*

[12/06/2013 18:48:03] Faolan: where to begin? so much forest

[12/06/2013 18:49:04] Ava: Well, I found some plants that seemed interesting. I want Medea's opinion first, it's her area of expertise there.

[12/06/2013 19:00:23] Merlando: Hey talk to me man, you feelin ok?

[12/06/2013 19:01:26] Yam: Uh, yeah.

[12/06/2013 19:01:49] Ava: I'm gonna find Medea, see you later Merlando, Faolan!

[12/06/2013 19:02:04] Merlando: Bye! *waves*

[12/06/2013 19:02:34] Ava: *She grins before running off*

[12/06/2013 19:04:05] Faolan: -waves-

[12/06/2013 19:06:28] Faolan: yam is ill?

[12/06/2013 19:09:05] Yam: No, not at all

[12/06/2013 19:10:08] Faolan: are you troubled? -he walks over to yam eyeing him curiously-

[12/06/2013 19:10:32] Yam: Well, I guess you could say that matey

[12/06/2013 19:11:02] Faolan: thougth for a penny?

[12/06/2013 19:13:05] Yam: Look, it's nothing different from what we just went over. There's no secrets or anything

[12/06/2013 19:13:18] Yam: *He shakes his head* does any one want to go looking for stuff with me?

[12/06/2013 19:13:23] Yam: Like, the sea

[12/06/2013 19:13:35] Yam: I could do with a swim

[12/06/2013 19:13:43] Merlando: Ah! I would but I'm actually waiting for Harley to wake up! *his smiles*

[12/06/2013 19:15:58] Faolan: to see the sea would be lovely

[12/06/2013 19:16:46] Merlando: We can go together later though! I'd just rather not leave him to wander around alone!

[12/06/2013 19:18:16] Yam: Right, yeah

[12/06/2013 19:24:14] Harley: Hey guys. *He yawns while walking in.* What'd I miss?

[12/06/2013 19:24:39] Faolan: romantic drama

[12/06/2013 19:27:20] Yam: It wasn't romantic at all

[12/06/2013 19:27:46] Merlando: Romance, heh...

[12/06/2013 19:28:38] Yam: That's it

[12/06/2013 19:28:39] Yam: I'm done

[12/06/2013 19:29:39] Yam: *He turns on his heel an starts walking into the woods*

[12/06/2013 19:29:55] Merlando: Ah... Sorry

[12/06/2013 19:31:50] Faolan: it wasnt? -is confused- wrong station...

[12/06/2013 19:32:54] Yam: *He turns again*

[12/06/2013 19:32:55] Yam: NO

[12/06/2013 19:34:51] Yam: *He clutches his head* What about a girl forcing herself onto a guy and KISSING him when he DOESN'T WANT TO BE KISSED and him pushing her off himself feeling assaulted says "romantic to you?"

[12/06/2013 19:35:05] Yam: She SCARES me!

[12/06/2013 19:35:30] Harley: That sounds like some kinky shit, dude.

[12/06/2013 19:35:33] Merlando: I didn't think kissing was a romantic thing...

[12/06/2013 19:35:47] Faolan: what is...romance?

[12/06/2013 19:37:16] Merlando: I think its a thing boyfriends or girlfriends or something do..

[12/06/2013 19:38:14] Faolan: bouy friends? girl friends?

[12/06/2013 19:38:24] Merlando: yeah like... dating

[12/06/2013 19:38:37] Merlando: sometihng about birds and bees....

[12/06/2013 19:39:58] Yam: I don't want to talk about this

[12/06/2013 19:40:02] Faolan: mating of birds and bees? oh! is where two humans huddle and warmth and movement is happening with loud noises?!

[12/06/2013 19:40:04] Yam: Just, stop

[12/06/2013 19:40:24] Merlando: How do a bird and a bee... do that..?

[12/06/2013 19:40:47] Faolan: tv showed humans do that

[12/06/2013 19:41:00] Faolan: birds in dark huts make loud noises

[12/06/2013 19:41:12] Faolan: bees stand on top of each other?

[12/06/2013 19:41:32] Merlando: Ah.... Thats really odd

[12/06/2013 19:42:21] Harley: Oh my fucking god.

[12/06/2013 19:43:05] Merlando: *looks at Harley* Uh.... *his face goes red and he looks down* Ah....

[12/06/2013 19:43:58] Yam: I'm going for a walk, would anyone like to come and NOT discuss anything to do with last night

[12/06/2013 19:44:16] Yam: *He mutters* this is why I don't hang about landlubbers

[12/06/2013 19:44:20] Harley: Heh, sure.

[12/06/2013 19:44:50] Merlando: Ah, yeah... this topic is maybe a bit lewd for me!

[12/06/2013 19:45:20] Faolan: -still confused but tilts head down- ...sorry

[12/06/2013 19:45:37] Yam: It's- it's fine

[12/06/2013 19:46:02] Yam: Let's just *He sighs, pulling a smile* let's go find the sea!

[12/06/2013 19:46:07] Yam: S-SEA!

[12/06/2013 19:46:11] Merlando: *kind of attaches himself to Harleys arm* Yeah! Lets go swimming!

[12/06/2013 19:46:26] Yam: SEA!!! *He runs into the woods* SEAAAAAAAAAAA!!

[12/06/2013 19:47:09] Faolan: -questionably runs after yam- seaaaaaaa!

 [12/06/2013 19:53:16] Monoleo Mastermind: By the way, you bastards, there will be new areas everytime there is a trial! Go take a look and you may find some water. Upupupupu~!

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