[13/06/2013 19:15:11] Monoleo Mastermind: There has been a murder! How delightful, upupupupu~!

[13/06/2013 19:16:32] Ava: Ohohoho! Who has fallen victim this time?

[13/06/2013 19:16:55] Medea: Oh my!

[13/06/2013 19:17:50] Ava: Ah Medea! Last night I finished our little vlog! You should watch it with me after this murder

[13/06/2013 19:18:05] Monoleo Mastermind: It seems our Super Highschool Level Sailor has fallen~!

[13/06/2013 19:18:21] Medea: Oh how wonderful... although i think more pressing matters are at hand!

[13/06/2013 19:18:32] Ava: *She quickly turns to Monoleo*! What?

[13/06/2013 19:19:03] Faolan: -frozen in shock- ...n-no! that cant be!

[13/06/2013 19:19:14] Ava: You're lying!

[13/06/2013 19:19:31] Monoleo Mastermind: Didn't hear me? He's sleeping with the fishes. Upupupupu~

[13/06/2013 19:19:39] Merlando: W-what?! Y-Yam......

[13/06/2013 19:19:59] Ava: No! Yam can't be!

[13/06/2013 19:20:07] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh but he is.

[13/06/2013 19:20:22] Medea: Oh... how tragic. A tragic mystery has unfolded yet again!

[13/06/2013 19:23:42] Harley: Eh? Yam's dead?!?!

[13/06/2013 19:23:59] Medea: What are the details?!

[13/06/2013 19:24:03] Merlando: Whoever did this... You'll pay! *he looks around the others* I won't let you get away with it!

[13/06/2013 19:24:16] Ava: You'll pay

[13/06/2013 19:24:28] Ava: I'll kill whoever did this with my bare hands

[13/06/2013 19:25:21] Medea: Oh, they won't get away, the mystery will be solved. A mystery is like a journey, if it lasts long enough then the end, while saddening will provide many memories!

A mystery will inevitably be solved!

[13/06/2013 19:26:29] Faolan: did he die?

[13/06/2013 19:27:06] Ava: Please say he didn't suffer.

[13/06/2013 19:27:52] Monoleo Mastermind: He was found in a shed within the forest with his chest cut open and his hands burnt! There was no heart left in him! Upupupu~

[13/06/2013 19:29:09] Monoleo Mastermind: Surrounded by candles and a bloodied knife nearby! There was also a book in latin and herbs nearby. How strange~

[13/06/2013 19:29:11] Medea: Oh my, how gruesome. Our murderer is obviously very meticulous, choosing to cut his chest and burn his hands like hat. And no heart either!

[13/06/2013 19:29:37] Ava: Medea

[13/06/2013 19:29:37] Medea: *Begins to cackle but then turns to Monoleo* Wait what did you say?

[13/06/2013 19:30:31] Ava: We researched those herbs together.., you taught me their meanings... you

[13/06/2013 19:30:36] Ava: Could you have...

[13/06/2013 19:31:10] Medea: *Looking slightly worried* Wh-what? No, don't be silly!

[13/06/2013 19:31:13] Merlando: *watching everyone closely, studying as if trying to find more clues*

[13/06/2013 19:31:47] Faolan: was body posed?

[13/06/2013 19:32:15 | Edited 19:32:41] Monoleo Mastermind: He was tied up with his hands above his head!

[13/06/2013 19:32:36] Faolan: to what?

[13/06/2013 19:34:54] Ava: Medea why would you curse him?

[13/06/2013 19:36:17] Medea: I-I didn't! Human sacrifice is frowned upon in most of my occult circles, I would never think of cursing or killing anyone in this way! Abuse of rituals is a big taboo!

[13/06/2013 19:36:51] Ava: Enough!  It is plain to see that you are the murderer!

[13/06/2013 19:36:57] Merlando: I can vouch for that too, curses are a big nono among many groups

[13/06/2013 19:37:25] Merlando: The wiccans in the towns we visited told me all about their rituals!

[13/06/2013 19:37:52] Medea: B-but i'm not! S-shouldn't we save this for the trial?

[13/06/2013 19:38:03] Merlando: Ah! Yes we should!

[13/06/2013 19:38:07] Ava: Fine.

[13/06/2013 19:38:12] Ava: But I'll kill you.

[13/06/2013 19:38:44] Merlando: For all we know you're the one who needs to be killed! Save it for the trial!

[13/06/2013 19:38:50] Harley: Guys, we shouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly.

[13/06/2013 19:39:09] Medea: *Tears are starting to form underneath her glasses* Oh god, why is this happening. *Kneels down*

[13/06/2013 19:39:32] Ava: Yam and I had a pact! I wouldn't have killed him I wasn't to even speak to him!

[13/06/2013 19:40:32] Faolan: creature said latin book? can we see it?

[13/06/2013 19:41:00] Ava: Does this mean... we'd have to go to the body?

[13/06/2013 19:41:13] Merlando: I don't think I can handle seeing another body...

[13/06/2013 19:41:37] Harley: I'm up for checking up on it.

[13/06/2013 19:41:53] Ava: I'll go too, I hope he won't mind too much...

[13/06/2013 19:42:04] Faolan: if we clear up suspisions trial will be quick

[13/06/2013 19:42:14] Merlando: I guess...

[13/06/2013 19:42:16] Medea: I'm... not sure if i'm able to. I might just stay here.

[13/06/2013 19:42:36] Faolan: you are main suspect should stay with group

[13/06/2013 19:42:42] Ava: Can't face up to your deeds.

[13/06/2013 19:42:47] Merlando: Ill stay with him...

[13/06/2013 19:42:55] Medea: B-but it wasn't me.

[13/06/2013 19:43:07] Faolan: if innocent you could help

[13/06/2013 19:43:35] Faolan: bring yam peace

[13/06/2013 19:43:53] Medea: Ok... perhaps you're right. *Regains some of her motivation* Perhaps I can clear my own name and bring an end to this tragic mystery!

[13/06/2013 19:44:59] Faolan: -nods- should check yam...see what happened

[13/06/2013 19:45:11] Medea: Ok then, let's go!

[13/06/2013 19:49:34] Faolan: -begins to walk away from the group in a vague direction to where the body might be-

[13/06/2013 19:50:51] Medea: *Follows after, deep in thought*

[13/06/2013 19:51:35] Merlando: I'll meet you all at the trial place! If I can remember where it is! *wanders off to wherever that was at*

[13/06/2013 19:51:51] Harley: *He follows after the other two.*

[13/06/2013 19:54:04] Faolan: -casually we all teleport to the crime scene-


[13/06/2013 21:24:01] Monoleo Mastermind: The trial starts now!

 [13/06/2013 21:25:10] Medea: *With renewed enthusiasm* Let us solve this tragic mystery here and now!

[13/06/2013 21:25:38] Faolan: -nods- for yam

[13/06/2013 21:25:48] Ava: Let me kill whoever did this.

[13/06/2013 21:25:59] Ava: For Yam.

[13/06/2013 21:26:31] Merlando: *waiting at his stand, practicing card tricks* You guys took forever! What did you find?

[13/06/2013 21:27:08] Faolan: same on file

[13/06/2013 21:28:18] Merlando: Ah!

[13/06/2013 21:28:36] Medea: As much as was necessary for this mystery! There are many parts to this case, like heads of a hydra! But also like a Hydra, we will sever all of those heads to lay this mystery to rest!

[13/06/2013 21:29:01] Merlando: Certainly! So shall we begin?

[13/06/2013 21:29:34] Ava: Yes.

[13/06/2013 21:29:38] Medea: Indeed! *Cackles loudly*

[13/06/2013 21:29:44] Faolan: -nods-

[13/06/2013 21:30:04] Ava: AvaMay would like to hear everyone's thoughts!

[13/06/2013 21:30:16] Ava: And alibis.

[13/06/2013 21:30:20] Merlando: What should we start on?

[13/06/2013 21:30:47] Medea: Indeed, who has an alibi!

[13/06/2013 21:31:07] Ava:  I do.

[13/06/2013 21:31:09] Medea: I... I again do not have an alibi.

[13/06/2013 21:31:37] Faolan: what do medea? explain?

[13/06/2013 21:32:02] Medea: I was in my cabin alone at that time, storing some things. Then I went to bed.

[13/06/2013 21:32:33] Faolan: what things?

[13/06/2013 21:33:02] Medea: Some herbs which I had picked not too long ago.

[13/06/2013 21:33:28] Faolan: ones earlier same?

[13/06/2013 21:33:41] Medea: Yes.

[13/06/2013 21:33:47] Merlando: Hmmm...

[13/06/2013 21:34:02] Merlando: What about you Ava? Whats your alibi?

[13/06/2013 21:34:22] Ava: I was editing the vlog Medea and I made.

[13/06/2013 21:34:32] Faolan: alone?

[13/06/2013 21:34:51] Ava: Thanks to technology, my computer can tell you exactly when I saved.

[13/06/2013 21:35:16] Faolan: in jungle?

[13/06/2013 21:35:16] Ava: Yes, alone.   But my computer alone is evidence enough.

[13/06/2013 21:35:31] Ava: Laptop, computer same difference.

[13/06/2013 21:35:41] Merlando: But... Can't computers dates and times be changed?

[13/06/2013 21:35:45] Ava: It was in my cabin when I got hetr.

[13/06/2013 21:36:08] Medea: A laptop... *Waves her wand at Ava* Ahhhh, but if it was a laptop, you could have taken it anywhere!

[13/06/2013 21:36:08] Ava: Yes, but not times of saving.

[13/06/2013 21:36:39] Merlando: Thats true!

[13/06/2013 21:36:48] Medea: That is the point of the laptop, after all!

[13/06/2013 21:37:08] Medea: Not much use in keeping a laptop in one place!

[13/06/2013 21:37:35] Ava: It hasn't left my room.

[13/06/2013 21:37:46] Merlando: Can you prove that though?

[13/06/2013 21:38:08] Medea: *Nods* We need proof that it never left your room.

[13/06/2013 21:38:11] Faolan: other technology on person?

[13/06/2013 21:38:16] Ava: Monoleo have I taken my laptop from my room at any time?

[13/06/2013 21:38:24] Ava: You would know since you spy on us.

[13/06/2013 21:40:21] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupupu, why yes you have!

[13/06/2013 21:40:36] Ava: Either way I'd never kill Yam.

[13/06/2013 21:40:45] Merlando: But you also have a motive!

[13/06/2013 21:41:36] Faolan: ava has strong motive and allies

[13/06/2013 21:41:36] Harley: The book that was in talked about love, yeah?

[13/06/2013 21:42:59] Medea: *Smirks* I also remember you saying something to me eves past. You have an occult blog do you not?

[13/06/2013 21:44:12] Merlando: If thats true then... There's no doubt about it!

[13/06/2013 21:44:14] Ava: Yes, in English

[13/06/2013 21:44:26] Ava: I don't speak or understand much Latin.

[13/06/2013 21:44:46] Faolan: knew previously then no book needed

[13/06/2013 21:44:58] Faolan: book would frame

[13/06/2013 21:45:16] Ava: My book on the occult explains some old customs and ways, nothing about rituals.

[13/06/2013 21:45:25] Ava: I can even show you it.

[13/06/2013 21:45:33] Faolan: you have book?

[13/06/2013 21:45:40] Ava: Yes, I do.

[13/06/2013 21:46:06] Ava: I was hoping to retrieve some evidence against Medea, since everyone seems so dead set against me.

[13/06/2013 21:46:31] Merlando: Why Medea in particular?

[13/06/2013 21:46:55] Merlando: You seem awfully keen to pin this on Medea...

[13/06/2013 21:46:59] Ava: Medea is an occultist

[13/06/2013 21:47:02] Medea: You seem awfully insistant on framing me. Why not our other resident occultist.

[13/06/2013 21:47:12] Medea: *Waves her wand at Merlando*

[13/06/2013 21:47:33] Ava: What, Merlando? This circus trick Magician?

[13/06/2013 21:48:01] Medea: Merlando, you have some degree of occult knowledge?

[13/06/2013 21:48:30] Merlando: Many of my performances involved Occult related acts! The circus was certainly an odd one, but we wanted to appeal to everyone!

[13/06/2013 21:48:57] Ava: And by occult you mean something you found on yahoo answers.

[13/06/2013 21:49:16] Merlando: I didn't have an internet when I was with the circus!

[13/06/2013 21:50:21] Ava: Either way, Merlando wouldn't even know how to kill someone let alone perform an entire ritual.

[13/06/2013 21:50:45] Faolan: how sure?

[13/06/2013 21:50:56] Merlando: Considering that we've never had any direct contact this entire time, I doubt you would know that at all!

[13/06/2013 21:52:27] Medea: Regardless, you seem insistant on pinning it on me, which I find rather peculiar.

[13/06/2013 21:52:51] Ava: Ahem, circus performer ahem.

[13/06/2013 21:53:06] Merlando: I'm a magician!

[13/06/2013 21:53:12] Ava: Well you did it and I want the person who killed Yam to get justice.

[13/06/2013 21:53:49] Merlando: Ma-gi-cian! Please get it right!

[13/06/2013 21:54:14] Faolan: how know he merlando did it?

[13/06/2013 21:54:14] Ava: C-l-own.

[13/06/2013 21:55:45] Ava: Look ,Merlanco, trying yk

[13/06/2013 21:56:01] Ava: *to validate yourself only arouses suspicion.

[13/06/2013 21:56:29] Ava: Want us to be proud of your occult status by proving yourself?

[13/06/2013 21:56:58] Ava: All I here is "Hey! I MIGHT be the murderer!

[13/06/2013 21:57:04] Ava: It COULD BE ME"

[13/06/2013 21:57:11] Merlando: Thats the point!

[13/06/2013 21:57:14] Ava: And that really isn't helping your case.

[13/06/2013 21:57:16] Ava: Well m

[13/06/2013 21:57:26] Medea: Are you forgetting, you don't have an alibi, Ava?

[13/06/2013 21:57:27] Ava: You just admitted it, congrats.

[13/06/2013 21:57:50] Ava: I was in my room on my laptop, Monoleo won't answer my fucking question.

[13/06/2013 21:57:52] Merlando: Why blame only one person when two people fit into the category?

[13/06/2013 21:58:27] Ava: There's one person who could have done this.

[13/06/2013 21:58:48] Medea: Monoleo did answer earlier.

[13/06/2013 21:58:50] Ava: You are a one trick circus performer, Medea is one professional occultist.

[13/06/2013 21:58:55] Ava: Look at her title.

[13/06/2013 21:59:17] Merlando: Tricks? You know being rude doesn't help your case either!

[13/06/2013 21:59:40] Ava: Alls fair when you're being occused of killing your beloved.

[13/06/2013 21:59:51] Merlando: The ritual was related to love, and there was only one person who fitted that category with Yam!

[13/06/2013 21:59:56] Ava: Last night, I remained in my room, I didn't remove my laptop.

[13/06/2013 22:00:09] Merlando: +

[13/06/2013 22:00:09] Medea: But you do not have any proof of that!

[13/06/2013 22:00:24] Faolan: ava what do think merlando's motive?

[13/06/2013 22:00:48] Ava: Merlando wants to prove himself.

[13/06/2013 22:00:59] Ava: Pride is a Sin dear,

[13/06/2013 22:01:01] Faolan: prove what?

[13/06/2013 22:01:19] Ava: As a true occultist and nkt some circus trick.

[13/06/2013 22:01:30] Medea: Do you have anything to prove Merlando?

[13/06/2013 22:01:49] Ava: Merlando can you speak Latin?

[13/06/2013 22:02:01] Merlando: No, I dont! My skills were not even brought into question until now!

[13/06/2013 22:02:20] Medea: That is proof enough!

[13/06/2013 22:02:33] Medea: Merlando has next to no motive.

[13/06/2013 22:02:42] Medea: Do I have a motive?

[13/06/2013 22:03:02] Ava: Do you

[13/06/2013 22:03:02] Ava: That is the question.

[13/06/2013 22:03:14] Faolan: what motive for medea do you think ava?

[13/06/2013 22:03:44] Ava: Either some unvoiced romance or framing me frame her.

[13/06/2013 22:04:12] Merlando: Neither of those seem likely!

[13/06/2013 22:04:15] Faolan: how frame?

[13/06/2013 22:05:01] Ava: Think about it.

[13/06/2013 22:05:12] Medea: Why would I frame you? I have no reason to, last night we parted as amicable friends. *Sighs a melancholic sigh* You made me happy by just listening to me, by taking an interest. I had no reason to frame you for anything.

[13/06/2013 22:05:28] Ava: Frame me for murder, make it look like a blatantly bad attempt at me framing her.

[13/06/2013 22:05:38] Ava: Instant get out of here,

[13/06/2013 22:05:48] Medea: And as for romance. *Shakes her head* You are very much mistaken.

[13/06/2013 22:06:58] Faolan: medea and merlando...what motive ava have?

[13/06/2013 22:07:15] Merlando: She had an infatuation for Yam...

[13/06/2013 22:07:17] Ava: Then jealousy,  why, Yam took up a lot of ym time. I wasn't spending any eith you.

[13/06/2013 22:07:32] Ava: Medea was well aware.

[13/06/2013 22:08:15] Merlando: I don't know the specifics of the ritual, but it seems that since love was involved she wanted him to fall in love with her or something similar

[13/06/2013 22:08:29] Merlando: and either she got what she wanted or it went wrong

[13/06/2013 22:08:49] Medea: Those rituals are always doomed to failure.

[13/06/2013 22:09:01] Ava: Ahahahhaha.

[13/06/2013 22:09:16] Ava: Well... this has gone on long enough.

[13/06/2013 22:09:20] Merlando: They're also forbidden too... you can't force someone to love you, its just wrong!

[13/06/2013 22:10:34] Ava: Merlando needs to stop pushing himself into the murderers role, it's blatant spotlight hogging and AvaMay hates having her spotlight stolen.

[13/06/2013 22:10:49] Medea: *Frowns* This is the worst mystery ever... even the elder gods would shriek at this tragedy of a mystery.

[13/06/2013 22:10:51] Ava: If you wated the role, get there first next time.

[13/06/2013 22:11:02] Harley: Your spotlight being stolen?

[13/06/2013 22:11:18] Merlando: spotlight... *he stares off into the distance, obviously lost in thought*

[13/06/2013 22:11:29] Faolan: ...did yam 'stolen spotlight' from ava?

[13/06/2013 22:11:41] Ava: Your deductions were confused at every turn.

[13/06/2013 22:11:47] Medea: I would call that a confession everyone.

[13/06/2013 22:12:04] Ava: I speak Latin fluently, how else would I pray?

[13/06/2013 22:12:14] Faolan: earlier said no latin

[13/06/2013 22:12:25] Ava: Yam... stole my heart and strayed my path from my Lord.

[13/06/2013 22:12:31] Ava: And thus, I stole his.

[13/06/2013 22:12:59] Faolan: what lord?

[13/06/2013 22:13:06] Ava: I performed a ritual, eternal love and services when we were brought into His Arms once more.

[13/06/2013 22:13:16] Ava: THE LORD OF THIS WORLD.

[13/06/2013 22:13:20] Medea: *Sags* Can we vote now? The mystery and fun has been taken out of this.

[13/06/2013 22:13:52] Ava: He is kept for me, and I keep his heart close to mine,  *She pats her stomach*

[13/06/2013 22:14:18] Merlando: You... ate his heart?

[13/06/2013 22:14:29] Ava: Yes I did.

[13/06/2013 22:14:37] Faolan: -flinches- ...nei

[13/06/2013 22:15:39] Merlando: nonononononononononononono *he begins to back away from his stand*

[13/06/2013 22:16:42] Ava: And it wouldn't be the first time either.

[13/06/2013 22:16:59] Ava: It brings you closer to the Lord.

[13/06/2013 22:18:21] Merlando: *Merlando backs into a tree and slumps down, beginning to babble nonsense*

[13/06/2013 22:24:00] Monoleo Mastermind: Start voting!

[13/06/2013 22:24:08] Medea: Ava!

[13/06/2013 22:24:48] Faolan: ...ava

[13/06/2013 22:26:05] Ava: Myself!

[13/06/2013 22:26:09] Merlando: *points to ava, still looking extremely afraid*

[13/06/2013 22:26:48] Ava: Careful, Merlango, I might eat your potato brain next.

[13/06/2013 22:28:34] Merlando: *he suddenly stops, and stands up, smiling* Sorry, could you say that again?

[13/06/2013 22:29:08] Ava: Careful, Merlango, I might eat your potato brain next

[13/06/2013 22:29:22] Ava: Anyway!  On to my execution.  Yam is waiting for me.

[13/06/2013 22:29:44] Merlando: Ah! But you're forgetting one thing my dear! *he grins*

[13/06/2013 22:30:10] Ava: *Completely ignores him* Well, Monoleo?

[13/06/2013 22:30:28] Ava: Can't find a suitable punishment!?

[13/06/2013 22:31:23] Monoleo Mastermind: It's seems our magician wants to say something. I normally wouldn't prolong this but..go ahead! Upupupu~

[13/06/2013 22:32:13] Monoleo Mastermind: And, I've been wanting to see this anyway!

[13/06/2013 22:32:19] Ava: Siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh lalalalla~ I'm not listening because I don't fucking care.

[13/06/2013 22:33:45] Merlando: *his smile turns into a frown* Hmmm, looks like miss ugly bitch princess doesnt wanna plaaaay! Looks like I'll just have to show her I mean buisness! Ahahaha~

[13/06/2013 22:34:15] Ava: Dude no, I'm going to be executed don't fuck up the system.

[13/06/2013 22:35:02] Merlando: Theres noooo time to waste! Petty humans like you deserve more than one punishment!

[13/06/2013 22:36:00] Merlando: So why don't I show you just how wrong you were about me hmmmm? No occult stuff here, just pure talent!

[13/06/2013 22:36:12] Ava: Wow, I am dying over how pathetic you sound.

[13/06/2013 22:36:30] Ava: Look at me give me spotlight I am oh so strong I don't care I just wanted to get away with it.

[13/06/2013 22:38:09] Merlando: *he laughs* Shut up you ugly whore, Why don't you learn some english?! Oh wait! You'll be dead soon anyway! Ahahaha~ Now I don't wanna keep everyone waiting for such a climactic event!

[13/06/2013 22:40:11] Ava: Im iustus ego fecerim delectamentum aurea brunneis potest mori iam peeing ipse me sicut agens magnum iaculat

[13/06/2013 22:42:33] Merlando: *He takes up a strange stance* Goodbye Ava!

[13/06/2013 22:42:46] Ava: Taraaa sweetie!

[13/06/2013 22:45:21] Merlando: *he simply puts his hand out and flicks it upwards*

[13/06/2013 22:46:27] Ava: *She pings into the air, squealing with deliht as she flies up  before crashing back down, then she tands back up, obviously with a slight limp* Okay that was fun back to dying.

[13/06/2013 22:47:12] Monoleo Mastermind: And that's all there's time for!  *Begin Execution, Search Engine Baptism. Ava is near the lake, hymns can be heard being sung in the distance. Monoleo pops up with a shepards cane and drags her near the water, dunking her head repeatedly. He leaves her in the water for a moment before he throws in her laptop and various other computers, electrocuting her.*

[13/06/2013 22:48:00] Ava: Yeehaw

 [13/06/2013 22:57:09] Merlando: *he turns to everyone else, tears streaming down his face, ready to burst into tears* I'm...sorry...

[13/06/2013 23:22:09] Faolan: -he turns away from the scene, shaking terribly and breathing heavily, the distress and fear coming in waves. he drops to the floor rocking back and forth slightly on his knees.- no more death...

[13/06/2013 23:24:02] Merlando: *he suddenly grasps his head and cries out, collapsing to the floor*

[13/06/2013 23:26:39] Harley: *He breathes out and smiles to himself while walking away.*

[13/06/2013 23:31:47] Merlando: *after a few minutes he gets up and dusts himself off* .....

 [13/06/2013 23:33:40] Merlando: *he stares at Faolan* ...

[13/06/2013 23:38:24] Faolan: -he continues to take deep breaths, trying to calm himself down very slowly, and huddles into his poncho. for a few more seconds he just breathes, clawing at the ribbon on his neck until he calms. it was only then that he noticed merlando staring. in return he gives a shaky sigh before standing on equally shaking legs, hauling himself up to give merlando a nod silently telling him he was alright.-

[13/06/2013 23:39:30] Merlando: *he closes his eyes for a second, as if to think and then heads off in the same direction as harley, seemingly with the intent of catching up to him*

[13/06/2013 23:40:43] Faolan: -as soon as merlando had left he too walked off, away from the previous disturbing nightmarish scene, and just into the night for sleep-

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