[09/08/2013 06:06:49] Monoleo Mastermind: This is a school announcement! It is now 7AM, which means it is now morning! The Cafeteria and such will be opened. Today has been designated a 'free day' unfortunately. Go ahead and just... socialise or do whatever it is you do. Let's all try our hardest today!


[09/08/2013 18:50:42] Monoleo Mastermind: *bing bong*

Alright you bastards, This is a school announcement so listen up! Tomorrow you'll be required to report to the school hall between at 7! No slacking! You'll be receiving a little gift from me so it'd be rude not to show up ya hear me! That's all *yawn*


[09/08/2013 18:51:53] Sally: What 7a.m.!?!?

[09/08/2013 18:52:10] Dorothy: That's ridiculous

[09/08/2013 18:52:42] Minah: Fuck that shit. I need my beauty sleep!

[09/08/2013 18:53:39] Monoleo Mastermind: *bing bong* PM YOU IDIOTS! PM!

[09/08/2013 18:53:47] Sally: Oooooh.

[09/08/2013 18:53:58] Sally: Y'all didn't need to be so mean...

[09/08/2013 18:54:15] Toso: 7am isn't that early anyway though~

[09/08/2013 18:54:25] Minah: Im gonna rip tge stuffing out of you

[09/08/2013 18:54:29] Minah: *the

[09/08/2013 18:58:11] Monoleo Mastermind: *bing bong* Upupupupu~

No you won't~

[09/08/2013 19:00:48] Dorothy: *Huffs* And why SHOULD we meet with you at seven? Your "present" is likely to be scewy and we all know it

[09/08/2013 19:01:52] Sally: Momma said to always receive presents with a big smile.

[09/08/2013 19:02:15] Dorothy: Yeah? Will you be smiling when it blows up in ya face?

[09/08/2013 19:02:24] Sally: Yes.

[09/08/2013 19:02:35] Dorothy: . . . .

[09/08/2013 19:02:52] Minah: I wouldn't trust anything I got from that thing

[09/08/2013 19:03:27] Dorothy: *Gives a confused and somewhat annoyed look to Sally*

[09/08/2013 19:04:52] Sally: He means well hun.

[09/08/2013 19:04:55] Monoleo Mastermind: *bong bing* Either way, it's futile to run from it. You'll get it either way, I'll make sure of it.

[09/08/2013 19:05:04] Sally: Just got a bad way a goin about it.

[09/08/2013 19:06:26] Dorothy: Yes, I'm sure he means well by locking us in a school and proposing we kill each other. What kind'a of dumb dora are you?

[09/08/2013 19:06:43] Sally: The kind who trusts people.

[09/08/2013 19:07:21] Dorothy: You trust a talking bear who wants us to kill each other?

[09/08/2013 19:07:36] Sally: Yes.

[09/08/2013 19:08:02] Sally: Like I trust you, a foulmouthed little girl who's afraid to tell us her real name.

[09/08/2013 19:08:15] Dorothy: LITTLE?

[09/08/2013 19:08:17] Minah: You're not right in the head

[09/08/2013 19:08:25] Sally: Little.

[09/08/2013 19:08:26] Monoleo Mastermind: *bing bong bing* Cat! I'M A CAT!

[09/08/2013 19:08:26] Dorothy: I'm taller than you'll ever be, doll face!

[09/08/2013 19:08:43] Dorothy: CAT, BEAR, DOG, I DON'T GIVE TWO FUCKS!!

[09/08/2013 19:09:08] Sally: Hun wash out that mouth with soap.

[09/08/2013 19:09:26] Sally: I didn't mean it as in height hun,

[09/08/2013 19:09:38] Sally: I meant it as in you're young and stupid.

[09/08/2013 19:09:45] Dorothy: Stupid?!

[09/08/2013 19:10:03] Dorothy: Why I oughta...

[09/08/2013 19:10:13] Sally: Oughta what?

[09/08/2013 19:10:38] Sally: You can't deny it, you ain't the sharoest knife in the drawer.

[09/08/2013 19:10:42] Dorothy: FILL YA WITH LEAD!

[09/08/2013 19:11:29] Sally: You can't fill someone with lead doll.

[09/08/2013 19:12:56] Dorothy: Yes, yes I can!!

[09/08/2013 19:13:17] Dorothy: I'll make swiss cheese outta ya!

[09/08/2013 19:13:19] Sally: Try it.

[09/08/2013 19:13:43] Sally: You don't have lead nor do ya have a way to fill me.

[09/08/2013 19:13:53] Tamaki: *Walks into the room holding her shinai. She quickly glances at Dorothy and Sally* What is going on in here?

[09/08/2013 19:13:56] Sally: So y'all ain't getting anywhere quickly

[09/08/2013 19:13:58] Dorothy: *Bites on her lip hard*

[09/08/2013 19:14:18] Sally: Oh hun you're gonna cut your face.

[09/08/2013 19:14:23] Sally: It's to putty

[09/08/2013 19:14:33] Sally: *purty for that.

[09/08/2013 19:14:38] Dorothy: Do you have ANY IDEA who my dad is?

[09/08/2013 19:14:49] Dorothy: Don't talk to me like that!

[09/08/2013 19:15:05] Toso: The man who may or may have not impregnated your mother?

[09/08/2013 19:15:15] Sally: No, but I doubt you know who my grandpappy is.

[09/08/2013 19:15:25] Sally: I'll talk to you how I like.

[09/08/2013 19:15:46] Dorothy: Some stupid hillbilly who trips over his damn fuckin' words like you!

[09/08/2013 19:15:47] Tamaki: Alright you two, break it up. *She parts them with a swift slash of her Shinai*

[09/08/2013 19:15:54] Dorothy: Jesus!

[09/08/2013 19:16:18] Sally: No my grandpappy lives in New York.

[09/08/2013 19:16:29] Sally: Hey! Calm it down ma'am

[09/08/2013 19:17:07] Tamaki: Let's not get under eachothers skin like this, it's what the Mastermind wants. *She puts away her Shinai, still staring at the two*

[09/08/2013 19:18:04] Monoleo Mastermind: *Bang boing bloop* Awww... that was just getting juicy...

[09/08/2013 19:19:49] Dorothy: *Balls her hands into fists*

[09/08/2013 19:20:54] Sally: I... I ain't a Hick... Or a hillbilly...

[09/08/2013 19:20:59] Sally: I'm from Cali...

[09/08/2013 19:21:40] Sally: I think I've calmed down now. *She turns to Tamaki and smiles* Thankin ya kindly ma'am.

[09/08/2013 19:22:20] Tamaki: *She smiles at the two, putting a hand on their shoulders* I won't force you, but I would think about apologising, both of you. *Smiles and ruffles Sally's hair* There we go! *She then walks off to the side and begins practiscing her swing*

[09/08/2013 19:22:43] Dorothy: Don't touch me

[09/08/2013 19:22:47] Dorothy: Ever again

[09/08/2013 19:22:56] Dorothy: *She brushes her shoulder off*

[09/08/2013 19:23:06] Sally: *She giggles when her hair's ruffled*

[09/08/2013 19:23:13] Sally: Yeah... But I ain't gonna.

[09/08/2013 19:23:26] Sally: I'm  gonna just

[09/08/2013 19:23:47] Tamaki: *She looks over her shoulder at Dorothy whilst still swinging*

[09/08/2013 19:23:51] Sally: Cool off, momma says it ain't good too be round people when you're all bothered.

[09/08/2013 19:24:08] Sally: *She turns and walks out the room*

[09/08/2013 19:39:11] Tamaki: Anyway, I trust we all slept well? Especially considering the time...

[09/08/2013 19:39:59] Dorothy: The rooms are surprisingly comfy

[09/08/2013 19:41:25] Dorothy: If you ignore the cameras and's super creepy

[09/08/2013 19:42:17] Tamaki: Well, I don't think we're any good to whoever is keeping us here if we're not well rested... although sleepless nights will put that thought to rest.... *Pursing her lips as she focuses both on swinging and talking, putting strain on certain words as she strikes*

[09/08/2013 19:42:59] Toso: There's cameras? I didn't notice!~

[09/08/2013 19:43:40] Dorothy: HOW COULD YOU NOT NOTICE?!

[09/08/2013 19:43:53] Tamaki: *She nods* Indeed...

[09/08/2013 19:45:00] Toso: I dunno~ I just never noticed the cameras!

[09/08/2013 19:47:39] Tamaki: Privacy is at a premium then! Hyah!

[09/08/2013 19:55:05] Tamaki: *Puts away her shinai* Well... I'm going to go to the Cafeteria, if anyone needs me, I'll be happy to help! *Walks out of the room*

[09/08/2013 19:55:41] Dorothy: I'm outta here *She turns on her heel and leaves*


[09/08/2013 21:35:15] Monoleo Mastermind: *Beep Boop* Oh yeah... This is a school announcement! It is now Night time, the cafeteria will be closed off. Hope you all have a pleasant nights sleep!

You'll all get youre gifts tomorrow, one way or another.


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