[10/08/2013 09:33:35] Monoleo Mastermind: *Bingo Bongo* This is a School Announcement, it is of course morning and everything has been opened up yadayadayada. More importantly, today you'll be getting your gifts, or as they're otherwise know... your motives!


In a change of plan, the motives will no longer be given out at 7pm, instead they'll be given out whenever I can get ahold of you little shits.

You can still meet up at 7 or whenever, it's up to you I guess.

Of course, once you get your motives, you're free to commit a murder, FINALLY!

Anyway, let's all try our hardest today!

[10/08/2013 09:34:47] Spider8each (Moirail): Hey mono why'd you have to wake us up at this time?

[10/08/2013 09:34:52] Spider8each (Moirail): It's too early.

[10/08/2013 09:37:44] Monoleo Mastermind: Because you're all lazy and that bores me. You won't get anything done with that kind of attitude! The early bird kills the worm!

[10/08/2013 09:38:21] Spider8each (Moirail): Momma says that early risers are the crankiest one's.

[10/08/2013 09:38:44] Spider8each (Moirail): Maybe that's why y'all are so foulmouthed.

[10/08/2013 09:43:48] Melissa (DR3- Aston): We don't exactly have very much to do trapped in a place like this, so don't be expecting us to be doing much...

[10/08/2013 09:45:04] Spider8each (Moirail): You said there was rooms for our talents right?

[10/08/2013 09:45:12] Spider8each (Moirail): Does that mean there's an ice rink??

[10/08/2013 09:45:45] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Hm true... but that's about all there is that could keep us entertained

[10/08/2013 09:46:00] Monoleo Mastermind: I'm sure you'll all do just fine, cranky or not. Anyway, I need to start giving motives out. Monoleo away! *loudspeaker cuts out*

[10/08/2013 09:46:38] Spider8each (Moirail): Hey the reason we have these shsl thingies is because we're passionate about what we do right?

[10/08/2013 09:46:51] Spider8each (Moirail): So yeah, it should be keeping y'all happy.

[10/08/2013 09:46:59] Spider8each (Moirail): I mean gollygee... Skating..,

[10/08/2013 09:48:32] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Of course... but surely just one room made for you specifically can get boring after a while, from being trapped up in here away from the outside... Honestly I won't be surprised if someone snaps sooner or later

[10/08/2013 09:48:52] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy):'s too early for this nonsense

[10/08/2013 09:49:00] Spider8each (Moirail): Well it won't be me hun!

[10/08/2013 09:49:02] Monoleo Mastermind: *Springs out from behind the podium in the school hall* Waahooo!

[10/08/2013 09:49:10] Melissa (DR3- Aston): You can't be too sure of that...

[10/08/2013 09:49:11] Spider8each (Moirail): Golly!

[10/08/2013 09:49:17] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): WAH!!

[10/08/2013 09:50:32] Spider8each (Moirail): What do you want mono?

[10/08/2013 09:50:55] Melissa (DR3- Aston): ... He said something about a motive, correct..?

[10/08/2013 09:51:23] Chris (Minah): Ugh....the hell is going on here?

[10/08/2013 09:52:08] Monoleo Mastermind: Well, since we have a decent group here, I might aswell give you your motives now! Upupupu~

[10/08/2013 09:52:23] Chris (Minah): Motives?

[10/08/2013 09:52:24] Spider8each (Moirail): Oh gosh...

[10/08/2013 09:52:47] Chris (Minah): Are you still trying to get us to kill each other?

[10/08/2013 09:53:19] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): It seems so...

[10/08/2013 09:53:22] Monoleo Mastermind: Maybe~ Upupupupu~

[10/08/2013 09:53:37] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Well it ain't happenin' buddy!!

[10/08/2013 09:53:46] Chris (Minah): You little shit! Stop messing with us!

[10/08/2013 09:53:52] Spider8each (Moirail): I ain't killin no one.

[10/08/2013 09:54:00] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): What's going on in here?

[10/08/2013 09:54:24] Melissa (DR3- Aston): This thing is attempting to push us into killing with motives...

[10/08/2013 09:54:53] Monoleo Mastermind: I assure you I ain't messing with you. And we'll see, we'll see. I have a feeling one of you will but you might surprise me, and by surprise I mean bore!

[10/08/2013 09:55:41] Spider8each (Moirail): I don't wanna hear it.

[10/08/2013 09:55:44] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): We're gonna bust outta here before you can do anything!

[10/08/2013 09:56:00] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Then I guess we'll be boring you then, unfortunately. I'll make sure that doesn't happen.

[10/08/2013 09:57:21] Chris (Minah): Hmn. I wonder what the motive is. It has to be good if you think we will kill because of it

[10/08/2013 09:58:21] Monoleo Mastermind: *Produces a table in front of him with a number of cd's in cases* Ta-dah!

[10/08/2013 09:58:47] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): What the he'll is this?!

[10/08/2013 09:59:18] Chris (Minah): ....*approaches the table* W-what is this?  CDs?

[10/08/2013 09:59:18] Melissa (DR3- Aston):  *raises a brow* cds... obviously having put films on them for us to watch that may help push us along to killing

[10/08/2013 09:59:33] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Cd's...?

[10/08/2013 09:59:41] Chris (Minah): Lets just not watch them then!

[10/08/2013 10:01:00] Monoleo Mastermind: *Bares his claws* But you are going to watch them! Otherwise... well let's just say you don't want to know.

[10/08/2013 10:01:04] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Is this the present you were yappin' your gums on about yesterday?

[10/08/2013 10:01:33] Monoleo Mastermind: Of course, it's my gift to you, as your headmaster!

[10/08/2013 10:01:53] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Then where do we watch them, if we so have to..?

[10/08/2013 10:02:04] Chris (Minah): ......*takes the cd with her name on it*

[10/08/2013 10:02:06] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): I wanted a pony

[10/08/2013 10:03:09] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She picks up her cd and looks at it, turning it over and such*

[10/08/2013 10:03:12] Monoleo Mastermind: There's a computer room down the hall, you should be able to see it on the maps featured in your student id.

[10/08/2013 10:04:05] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *picks up his cd and gets out his id card, looking at the map* I guess we have to go there now...?

[10/08/2013 10:04:32] Chris (Minah): *walks ahead of everyone,  going to the computer room*

[10/08/2013 10:05:06] Monoleo Mastermind: Yes, now! And report back to me once you watch it, describing what you saw! If you don't i'll be after ya!

[10/08/2013 10:06:03] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *grunts a little and follows after Minah*

[10/08/2013 10:07:17] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): * she heads down the hall and after Aston*

[10/08/2013 10:07:48] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *follows after Dorothy, feeling more than a little apprehensive*

[10/08/2013 10:08:25] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *enters the computer room and sits down at a computer, inserting his disc to the computer*

[10/08/2013 10:08:56] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *Follows the others, clutching onto her CD*

[10/08/2013 10:09:34] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *She insert the disc into the slot, and watches*

This won't change a thing...

[10/08/2013 10:09:35] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Entering the computer room Dorothy sits down at a computer and inserts her cd*

[10/08/2013 10:09:56] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *eyes her own CD, turning it over and over in her hands before taking a seat at a computer, taking a breath and inserting it* Christ, what could is be about..?

[10/08/2013 10:10:05] Chris (Minah): *sits at a computer and puts the disk in*

[10/08/2013 10:10:19] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She stares at the screen watching intensely*

[10/08/2013 10:10:40] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *watches the computer screen as his cd film begins*

[10/08/2013 10:11:08] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *a smile crosses her face briefly at the computer screen*

[10/08/2013 10:11:41] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She backs up and fall out of her chair an onto her backside, shaking*

[10/08/2013 10:11:44] Chris (Minah): ....*she takes the headphones off with a blank expression*....

[10/08/2013 10:11:53] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *Her eyes widen, her hand cups her mouth and sweat droplets begin to drip down her brow*

[10/08/2013 10:12:41] Chris (Minah): T-that bastard....

[10/08/2013 10:12:49] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): This can't happen! *she scrambles to her feet*

[10/08/2013 10:13:13] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *her smile drops as her eyes widen, taking in a few breaths before letting out a short scream*

[10/08/2013 10:13:27] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Hmph... *takes the headphones off and stands up, seemingly unfased*

[10/08/2013 10:13:34] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): That... no... What was... *She finds herself tripping over her words*

[10/08/2013 10:13:42] Chris (Minah): *she bites her lower lip,  a tear falling from her eyes*

[10/08/2013 10:13:43] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): N-no! No, no no no... *she shakes*

[10/08/2013 10:14:28] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): E-everyone... are we all ok?

[10/08/2013 10:14:59] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *She stands up, trying to stop the shaking, trying her best to look calm*

[10/08/2013 10:15:08] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Fine... no bother at all

[10/08/2013 10:15:13] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *still shaking, she hazards a glance over at Tamaki* I... I, think I need a moment...

[10/08/2013 10:15:14] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Shivering* All you screwballs STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME

[10/08/2013 10:15:15] Chris (Minah): I-I'm going to murder that funking bastard! *she stands up, running out the room*

[10/08/2013 10:16:41] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *the realisation starts to dawn on her and tears endlessly stream* I... I refuse to believe its real!

[10/08/2013 10:17:00] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She glances at each member of the room before backing up a little bit and running out of the room

[10/08/2013 10:17:16] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Coward, that thing is nothing more than a goddamn coward! He couldn't have done this, this is all a fake!

[10/08/2013 10:17:35] Melissa (DR3- Aston): It may be real... may be not, either way it failed to affect me

[10/08/2013 10:18:03] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *her head snaps over to look at him* how? How could that not have affected you?

[10/08/2013 10:18:17] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Then please do... *She nods at Azami* Everyone... -please, we don't know what this means exactly! *She turns to Dortothy and Minah who have just left* W-wait!

[10/08/2013 10:19:53] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *glances over to Azami blankly* What I saw and what you saw are probably completely different things. What you see is different to what everyone else does, so don't expect others to react the same way as you

[10/08/2013 10:21:31] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *She nods*  He's right... but you should take a moment if you need to...

[10/08/2013 10:21:32] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *she takes a shaken breath in, realising the truth in his words. She doesn't have a clue what everyone else saw, all she knew is that what she saw was the worst case scenario. She nods at him before glancing at the others* please, excuse me... *she exits the room quickly*

[10/08/2013 10:26:28] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): I... I think I need a moment too. *Leaves abruptly*

[10/08/2013 10:27:15] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *watches them all leave before he too stands up, fixes his tailcoat and monocle, before he leaves the room too*


[10/08/2013 10:36:32] Spider8each (Moirail): *Sally walks in, watching the dDVD she was given and generally ignoring everything else*

[10/08/2013 10:36:39] Spider8each (Moirail): I... Uh...


[10/08/2013 10:41:35] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *sitting still in the cafeteria, gripping a mug of green tea tightly but her thoughts are elsewhere*

[10/08/2013 10:42:27] Chris (Minah): *she stumbles into the cafeteria,  her lip bleeding, eyes red and tears down her cheeks*

[10/08/2013 10:43:02] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *she glances up suddenly, taking in the sight with wide eyes* Minah... Are you alright...?

[10/08/2013 10:44:16] Chris (Minah): *she nods,  taking a seat opposite you* I-I'm fine...

[10/08/2013 10:44:57] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Your lip... Are you sure you're okay? *concern evident in her voice*

[10/08/2013 10:46:09] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *enters the cafeteria without giving the others a glance, he sits at an empty table to relax*

[10/08/2013 10:47:15] Chris (Minah): *nods* Yeah...just bit it too hard

[10/08/2013 10:48:27] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *glances over at Aston, offering a small smile before looking back at Minah and nodding* yeah. I take it your video was bad too, huh? You don't need to talk about it, though, I won't force you...

[10/08/2013 10:48:58] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *winces a little at Azami's smile and turns to look away from the others*

[10/08/2013 10:49:24] Chris (Minah): Horrible...*shakes her head*

[10/08/2013 10:49:43] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *she nods* mine too, I understand...

[10/08/2013 10:50:23] Chris (Minah): Whats going on here...this is messed up

[10/08/2013 10:52:46] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): It's a crazy place, that I can entirely agree... But, we just need to get used to it I guess

[10/08/2013 10:54:12] Chris (Minah): I'm getting out of way am I staying here

[10/08/2013 10:54:46] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): ... You wouldn't... *Her voice quietens anxiously* Murder someone, would you?

[10/08/2013 10:56:00] Chris (Minah): Of course not! I'm finding a way out...there had to be one...

[10/08/2013 10:57:43] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *she sighs in relief, turning the mug in her hands a little before taking a drink from it.* there has to be some way out. We can't just be trapped in a cage without a door...

[10/08/2013 10:58:37] Melissa (DR3- Aston): You can't get out the windows, if that's how you may plan. Their bolted tightly shut, and the bolds are too stiff to turn, and too large for any normal spanner

[10/08/2013 11:02:16] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *groans in anguish* there must be /something!/

[10/08/2013 11:03:18] Chris (Minah): There will be a way...

[10/08/2013 11:06:11] Monoleo Mastermind: *Bing bong* Yeah, like getting away with murder! *Loudspeaker cuts out*

[10/08/2013 11:06:34] Chris (Minah): Never!

[10/08/2013 11:06:41] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *her hands release the cup and grip her head* no!

[10/08/2013 11:12:39] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): ... Who the hell is he, anyway...

[10/08/2013 11:15:01] Chris (Minah): No clue...*sighs*  this is too much

[10/08/2013 11:15:34] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *nods in agreement* it is...

[10/08/2013 11:18:14] Chris (Minah): It's bad enough being forced to live with a bunch of loosers but having to kill too? What is this guy playing at?

[10/08/2013 11:19:38] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *she sighs* I dunno... *she looks around the cafeteria* I wonder where the others are, actually...

[10/08/2013 11:21:29] Chris (Minah): Who knows. Dead perhaps?  I wouldn't be surprised if those idiots got themselves killed.

[10/08/2013 11:22:12] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Sweet Jesus, Minah, don't /say/ that! I know it's a possibility, but /Christ/!

[10/08/2013 11:23:42] Chris (Minah): A huge possibility I say. But even so, we should make sure they're all safe.

[10/08/2013 11:24:10] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *takes a breath in and nods* should we go and look...?

[10/08/2013 11:25:25] Chris (Minah): *nods and stands up* Yes.

[10/08/2013 11:26:14] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Well.. some may still be in their rooms, or they could be up and wondering already planning on what to do next...

[10/08/2013 11:26:34] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): It's possible... Do you want to join us, Aston?

[10/08/2013 11:27:09] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *grimaces a little before he sighs and stands to his feet* Fine... I suppose if we're wanting to survive and get out, we'll have to stay in groups... unfortunately

[10/08/2013 11:27:43] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *she smiles a little and nods, turning back to Minah* where should we check first? Dorms, maybe?

[10/08/2013 11:28:48] Chris (Minah): Mn. Yes. Everyone is more than likely to be there.

[10/08/2013 11:28:51] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Yes, perhaps the dorms will be best to start from... Dorothy ran off to her dorm after seeing her cd, didn't she..?

[10/08/2013 11:29:17] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): I think she did, yeah. Well, no place like the present after all!

[10/08/2013 11:29:37] Chris (Minah): Not everyone has seen theres so they may still be asleep

[10/08/2013 11:32:24] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Poor things... What a thing to wake up to

[10/08/2013 11:32:52] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Then let's get going then... *walks out the cafeteria ahead of them both*

[10/08/2013 11:33:17] Chris (Minah): *she nods and follows behind*

[10/08/2013 11:33:39] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *follows out of the cafeteria quickly, not wanting to be left behind*

[10/08/2013 11:34:12] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *walks along the dorm hallway until he stops outside Dorothy's room* Shall we see if she's in there?

[10/08/2013 11:35:10] Chris (Minah): *she swallows nervously and knocks on the door*

[10/08/2013 11:35:18] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *nods* I can't think of anywhere else she could be?

[10/08/2013 11:36:09] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She opens the door just a crack, peering though the small space*

[10/08/2013 11:36:16] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): What?

[10/08/2013 11:36:30] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): We were checking you were okay...

[10/08/2013 11:36:31] Chris (Minah): Just checking you were alive

[10/08/2013 11:36:40] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): In case, you know...

[10/08/2013 11:36:43] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Y-yes, I'm fine!

[10/08/2013 11:37:41] Chris (Minah): Time to check the rest

[10/08/2013 11:38:49] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Do you want to come with us? *smiles kindly at Dorothy*

[10/08/2013 11:39:15] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): .....

[10/08/2013 11:39:22] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Okay, I guess

[10/08/2013 11:39:58] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She opens the door all the way, her mascara's run down her cheeks and she's wiping at it with a tissue*

[10/08/2013 11:40:33] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): ... Your video was just as bad as the others then, huh...? *sighs* it's okay, we're looking for a way out

[10/08/2013 11:41:10] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): There's no way out...No one's coming for me...

[10/08/2013 11:41:56] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): We need to take it in our own hands, then! Please, don't fret!

[10/08/2013 11:42:10] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): I promise we'll find a way out *she smiles*

[10/08/2013 11:42:17] Melissa (DR3- Aston): No one is coming for us, that lion thing told us so at the beginning... so yes, if we want to get out of here we need to take it into our own hands and use our heads

[10/08/2013 11:43:14] Chris (Minah): There will be away to get out that isb murder

[10/08/2013 11:43:19] Chris (Minah): *isn't

[10/08/2013 11:44:24] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): That's right! And if we work together, we'll find a way!

[10/08/2013 11:45:10] Chris (Minah): Exactly. Now to check the rest. ..


[10/08/2013 12:51:54] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): *She watches the video after it ending she was silent for a moments*.......*Then she started laughing*

[10/08/2013 12:52:44] Chris (Minah): A-are you okay?

[10/08/2013 12:52:57] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *glances to Toso and raises an eyebrow*

[10/08/2013 12:53:54] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): T-Toso...?

[10/08/2013 12:54:59] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): Heh. Heh heh heheh. I told big bro Tej!! Heh. heheheheheh he'd just end up dead without me~ hehehehehehehe

[10/08/2013 12:55:27] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Oh my god, she's lost it..!

[10/08/2013 12:55:35] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Right... just stop laughing, you're giving me a headache...

[10/08/2013 12:56:08] Chris (Minah): S-stop it!

[10/08/2013 12:56:13] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *glances to Azami then looks away, folding his arms across his chest* I id say it would be sooner or later before someone snapped..

[10/08/2013 12:56:50] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): *She stops laughing, looks over at Aston and nods. Putting a finger over her lips* Shhh!!

[10/08/2013 12:57:33] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *grimaces a little and turns to look away from her*

[10/08/2013 12:57:33] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): ... *Drops to a whisper, talking to herself mostly* She's dangerous...

[10/08/2013 12:57:38] Chris (Minah): Whats wrong with you!?

[10/08/2013 13:00:14] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): I've told him that without me to help him that'd he just end up dead~ And if this video thingies true then I was right!~

[10/08/2013 13:02:00] Chris (Minah): What?

[10/08/2013 13:11:06] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): .. If she's reacting like that, what might the others react?

[10/08/2013 13:17:00] Chris (Minah): I don't want to far we've all been upset over it

[10/08/2013 13:27:20] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): I think we need to just calm down a little...

[10/08/2013 13:27:46] Chris (Minah): I think so...that girl has gone insane

[10/08/2013 13:28:10] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): No I haven't!!!

[10/08/2013 13:28:12] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Good luck getting her to calm down... all she does is laugh and give me a headache

[10/08/2013 13:30:32] Chris (Minah): I think you have. You need to calm down

[10/08/2013 13:33:18] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Maybe we should just forget about the Cds, uh, if we can...

[10/08/2013 13:33:54] Chris (Minah): Should we hide the rest?

[10/08/2013 13:34:29] Melissa (DR3- Aston): I hate to agree with them, but they're right... just calm yourself down, Toso

[10/08/2013 13:35:29] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): *Huffs* You guys are boooorrrrinnggg, i'm was just laughing over the fact I was right!! But whatever~

[10/08/2013 13:36:01] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): I don't know, would there be consequences if we hide them?

[10/08/2013 13:36:01] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Well stop, you're giving me a headache, and at this rate you'll never be able to talk to the spirits no matter how badly you want to

[10/08/2013 13:37:09] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): Awww, I wanna see the ghosties~ I'll be quiet!!

[10/08/2013 13:38:01] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *scoffs a little* No matter how quiet you are, I doubt they'll want to talk to you

[10/08/2013 13:53:06] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): B-but!! I just wanna make as many friends as possible!! Why would they not want to talk to me??

[10/08/2013 13:54:04] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Maybe you should try making friends with the living before you worry about the dead, Toso...

[10/08/2013 13:56:08] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): Then..

[10/08/2013 13:56:13] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): Will you guys be my friends!??!

[10/08/2013 13:58:50] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): O-Of course!!

[10/08/2013 14:01:01] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *rolls his eyes a little and turns to look away as he fixes his monocle*

[10/08/2013 14:01:16] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): Ahhh! Thank you so much!!

[10/08/2013 14:02:10] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *she smiles* it's really not much of a bother!!

[10/08/2013 14:06:46] Melissa (DR3- Aston): If you're getting friendly with her, perhaps you can try teach her how to be less noisy...

[10/08/2013 14:07:54] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): I'll try, Aston, don't worry! Maybe I could teach her how to make flower crowns!

[10/08/2013 14:08:16] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): That'll be so cool!!

[10/08/2013 14:08:36] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Yes, teach her how to make something so as she can get off my back about seeing ghosts

[10/08/2013 14:09:49] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): It's a deal, then! Toso, do you wanna go to the garden now and I'll teach you?

[10/08/2013 14:10:41] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): Sure!!

[10/08/2013 14:12:03] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Come on then! You guys, see if you can find the others? Toso and I will be in the flower garden *she smiles*

[10/08/2013 14:12:29] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Good, take her away from me, and my headache may die down by tonight...

[10/08/2013 14:18:31] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Come on Toso *she looks over at Aston* uh, you know where the rooms are if anything happens. *she smiles a little before starting of down the hallway*

[10/08/2013 14:18:57] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): Heheh~ *She skips down the hallway with her*

[10/08/2013 14:19:12] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Yes... I may come and take a visit to see if she's finally snapped yet~ *chuckles a little*

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [10/08/2013 15:57:11] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *enters the Cafeteria early with Azami and Toso*

[10/08/2013 15:58:07] Spider8each (Moirail): *Walks into to cafeteria, leggings soaking wet*

[10/08/2013 15:59:49] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *watches Sally and raises an eyebrow* Where have you been...?

[10/08/2013 15:59:57] Spider8each (Moirail): The rink.

[10/08/2013 15:59:58] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Enters the cafeteria with a hard look on her face*

[10/08/2013 16:00:04] Chris (Minah): *is in the cafeteria,  drinking some tea*

[10/08/2013 16:00:09] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Ah, that explains it then..

[10/08/2013 16:00:09] Spider8each (Moirail): I fell over a lot, the ice was a little wet.

[10/08/2013 16:00:43] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Hmph, and you're suppose to be a Super Highschool Level Figure Skater~ *chuckles a little before he edges away from the others*

[10/08/2013 16:01:56] Chris (Minah): So, why are we meeting here?

[10/08/2013 16:02:10] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Looks to Aston* Stop being a total dickface, you fucking cockroach

[10/08/2013 16:02:16] Spider8each (Moirail): Yeah... That here video messed me up...

[10/08/2013 16:02:56] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): I don't know, I caught word of us having to meet here and that's it

[10/08/2013 16:02:57] Spider8each (Moirail): Dorothy I will wash out that foulmouthed mouth.

[10/08/2013 16:03:31] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): HPH!

[10/08/2013 16:03:49] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Folds her arms over her chest*

[10/08/2013 16:03:49] Chris (Minah): Imbeciles. Stop arguing.

[10/08/2013 16:04:11] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Say that to me one more time and I'll fuck you up, doll face

[10/08/2013 16:04:15] Spider8each (Moirail): Hehehe,myiure

[10/08/2013 16:04:24] Spider8each (Moirail): *you're yellin again doll.

[10/08/2013 16:04:37] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *More huffing*

[10/08/2013 16:05:37] Chris (Minah): Shut up you too. *takes a sip of her tea* Where is everyone else?

[10/08/2013 16:06:08] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Azami and Toso should be on their way... they were behind me coming to the cafeteria

[10/08/2013 16:06:19] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Shoots an intensely annoyed look at Minah*

[10/08/2013 16:07:17] Chris (Minah): *side eyes Dorothy* Hm.

[10/08/2013 16:07:47] Spider8each (Moirail): Can y'all just get along.

[10/08/2013 16:08:44] Chris (Minah): I refuse to make friends with peasants like you.

[10/08/2013 16:08:55] Spider8each (Moirail): Never said friends.

[10/08/2013 16:09:02] Spider8each (Moirail): Just gettin along is all.

[10/08/2013 16:09:02] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): YOU WANNA TAKE THIS OUTSIDE? *She balls her hands into fists*

[10/08/2013 16:09:31] Chris (Minah): We can't get outside you idiot.

[10/08/2013 16:09:57] Spider8each (Moirail): Dorothy calm down!

[10/08/2013 16:10:01] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): I meant in the hall or somewhere no one can hear you SCREAMING FOR HELP

[10/08/2013 16:10:14] Spider8each (Moirail): Minah shut your yapper.

[10/08/2013 16:11:02] Chris (Minah): I bet you can barely hurt a fly. And I'm not listening to someone like you

[10/08/2013 16:12:01] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): You wanna bet?

[10/08/2013 16:12:07] Spider8each (Moirail): Minah if you can't hold that trap shut I swear Imma shut it for you.

[10/08/2013 16:12:27] Spider8each (Moirail): Dorothy please, keep it zipped before I zip it myself.

[10/08/2013 16:12:41] Chris (Minah): Hah. Like to see you try

[10/08/2013 16:13:14] Spider8each (Moirail): Believe me when I say, y;u don't.

[10/08/2013 16:13:42] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Ah, sorry I'm late! * rushes in to the room with an awkward giggle*

[10/08/2013 16:14:49] Chris (Minah): Hmp. *drinks some of her tea* Can I leave now?

[10/08/2013 16:15:18] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Oh, really? But I just got here! *giggles softly* I'm sure we can all just stay here, right?

[10/08/2013 16:15:41] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): *does a motherfricking grand jete through the door* Hello!! What did I miss??

[10/08/2013 16:16:18] Chris (Minah): *shoots a piercing glare at toso*

[10/08/2013 16:17:57] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Points at Minah* I'm not done with you, but I can't be assed with your sour bullshit right now

[10/08/2013 16:18:33] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Turns to Azami, her face becoming less tense* Hey, so what's the deal here?

[10/08/2013 16:18:57] Chris (Minah): I can't be assed dealing with your bullshit either.

[10/08/2013 16:19:00] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Ah, it's a bad time. *looks down at the flower crown, finishing the braiding of it before looking over at Toso* Toso, here's that crown I was making you *she hands her it before turning back to Dorothy*

[10/08/2013 16:19:44] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Oh, uh, I just thought it would be nice to, you know, hang about together? Like... I dunno, get to know each other better without... Fighting.

[10/08/2013 16:20:17] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Too laaate *She mocks an apologetic face*

[10/08/2013 16:20:30] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Guess today's not my day for socializing...or yesterday

[10/08/2013 16:20:52] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Well... Why don't we actually try?

[10/08/2013 16:21:09] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Stares at Azami*

[10/08/2013 16:21:17] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Uh

[10/08/2013 16:21:32] Chris (Minah): I refuse to socialise with peasants

[10/08/2013 16:21:42] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Minah!

[10/08/2013 16:21:47] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Enough!

[10/08/2013 16:21:54] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Wow what sudden change of attitude turns to Minah* I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU

[10/08/2013 16:22:05] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Dorothy!

[10/08/2013 16:22:10] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Both of you, please!

[10/08/2013 16:22:18] Chris (Minah): What?

[10/08/2013 16:22:38] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): We'll settle this later, somewhere no one'll find you. Stop callin' these people peasents like your the big cheese!

[10/08/2013 16:22:55] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Please, I'm trying. If we are going to find a way out of here, we need to work together!

[10/08/2013 16:23:09] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): If you don't start treatin' these people with respect I will personally gut you like a fish!

[10/08/2013 16:23:10] Chris (Minah): Tch. Fine.

[10/08/2013 16:23:27] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Huff*

[10/08/2013 16:23:33] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Can we try?

[10/08/2013 16:23:41] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Without peasant calling

[10/08/2013 16:23:48] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Without toting each other like fish

[10/08/2013 16:23:55] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Just trying to be a /team/

[10/08/2013 16:23:56] Chris (Minah): Fine.

[10/08/2013 16:25:04] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *gutting haw whoops))

[10/08/2013 16:26:24] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Right...Sorry

[10/08/2013 16:27:10] Chris (Minah): Mn. Sorry.

[10/08/2013 16:27:28] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Thank you.

[10/08/2013 16:27:42] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Shall we sit around the table? *gestures to the long table*

[10/08/2013 16:28:54] Spider8each (Moirail): It's fighting like that that's gonna get y'all killed.

[10/08/2013 16:29:28] Chris (Minah): *sits at the table* I will not be killed

[10/08/2013 16:29:37] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): ......hmph *Sits down at the table*

[10/08/2013 16:29:52] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *approaches the long table and sits at the far side*

[10/08/2013 16:30:37] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *sits at the table, looking around at everyone*

[10/08/2013 16:31:32] Chris (Minah): What are we doing?

[10/08/2013 16:32:23] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): We need to discuss ways to get out, before someone tries to play that /things/ game

[10/08/2013 16:38:53] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): ( i was getting dinner aaa sorry ) *Sits down at the table* I was looking for hidden exits last night!! There wasn't any though.

[10/08/2013 16:38:55] Spider8each (Moirail): I gotta thought

[10/08/2013 16:39:08] Spider8each (Moirail): How about, we ,make a pact.

[10/08/2013 16:39:17] Spider8each (Moirail): That things sayin he's bored right?

[10/08/2013 16:39:20] Spider8each (Moirail): Well bore him.

[10/08/2013 16:39:21] Chris (Minah): ....a pact?

[10/08/2013 16:39:30] Spider8each (Moirail): Don't listen to him. We boycott him.

[10/08/2013 16:39:45] Chris (Minah): Sounds like an obvious thing to do

[10/08/2013 16:39:58] Spider8each (Moirail): Great gandpappys workers did that to him and they got set free.

[10/08/2013 16:40:17] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Sounds good to me

[10/08/2013 16:40:25] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): But then we'll never get out

[10/08/2013 16:40:38] Spider8each (Moirail): He'll get bored and let us out.

[10/08/2013 16:40:39] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): I'm afraid no one's coming for us

[10/08/2013 16:41:04] Spider8each (Moirail): You said your daddy's a gangster right?

[10/08/2013 16:41:07] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): We could just keep looking for a way out?? If we got in then surely theres an exit?!??!

[10/08/2013 16:41:18] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): ....Yeah

[10/08/2013 16:41:19] Spider8each (Moirail): They'll break us out. So will my grandpappy and everyone else's!

[10/08/2013 16:41:22] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): ........

[10/08/2013 16:41:47] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): The CD told me otherwise

[10/08/2013 16:42:10] Chris (Minah): Delusional. We're in hopes peak academy,  right? We've been gone for a few days so why has no one come yet!

[10/08/2013 16:42:26] Spider8each (Moirail): That CD lied.

[10/08/2013 16:42:38] Spider8each (Moirail): They'll be coming.

[10/08/2013 16:42:44] Spider8each (Moirail): They'll all come soon.

[10/08/2013 16:43:48] Chris (Minah): Believe what you want

[10/08/2013 16:45:21] Spider8each (Moirail): I will.

[10/08/2013 16:45:58] Monoleo Mastermind: *appears from under the table*

What's all this talk of ignoring me? And by the way, I can assure you, no one is coming.

[10/08/2013 16:46:44] Chris (Minah): Pervert! Get out from under there!

[10/08/2013 16:47:28] Spider8each (Moirail): Who are you to talk?

[10/08/2013 16:47:42] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): WAH!

[10/08/2013 16:47:49] Spider8each (Moirail): You're just a toy, should be lifeless on a little girls bed.

[10/08/2013 16:48:14] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Please don't say that, I'd hate to see that thing along with my other stuffed animals

[10/08/2013 16:48:22] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): I mean

[10/08/2013 16:48:27] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Um

[10/08/2013 16:48:31] Monoleo Mastermind: Pfft, as If I would degenerate myself like that. *murmurs* Especially when you aren't exactly a sight to behold....

[10/08/2013 16:48:39] Spider8each (Moirail): *whisper* cute

[10/08/2013 16:48:48] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Listen here you little punk *points at monoleo*

[10/08/2013 16:48:59] Chris (Minah): What the fuck was that bear!?

[10/08/2013 16:49:20] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): I swear to god if you don't shut that goddamn hole on your face, I'll be glad to put an end to it

[10/08/2013 16:50:23] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh? Would you really do such a thing? You don't seem like the violent type so I doubt it.

[10/08/2013 16:50:32] Spider8each (Moirail): I would.

[10/08/2013 16:50:53] Spider8each (Moirail): I'm very good with a gun.

[10/08/2013 16:51:10] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): You're what?!

[10/08/2013 16:51:38] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Good evening everyone, I apologise for- oh.

[10/08/2013 16:51:57] Spider8each (Moirail): Ive been using them since I was 6,

[10/08/2013 16:52:01] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *she laughs softly* don't fuck with me, mate.

[10/08/2013 16:52:15] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Did... I come at a bad time?

[10/08/2013 16:52:34] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *Notices the confrontational aura around everyone*

[10/08/2013 16:53:00] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Um

[10/08/2013 16:53:09] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Should I be angry too?

[10/08/2013 16:53:45] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Perhaps it is a good thing that you aren't angry. I think we need some degree of calm in this room, to keep a balance. *She smiles nervously*

[10/08/2013 16:54:45] Monoleo Mastermind: There are no firearms around the school you morons! And I'm really getting tired of all this disrespect...

[10/08/2013 16:55:15] Chris (Minah): You don't deserve respect!

[10/08/2013 16:55:17] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): There is a reason we disrespect you... did you ever think about that?

[10/08/2013 16:55:37] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *sits back and watches the show, arms folded across his chest*

[10/08/2013 16:56:09] Monoleo Mastermind: Hmmm... I don't think you understand...

[10/08/2013 16:56:46] Spider8each (Moirail): We don't believe nothin you say hun

[10/08/2013 16:57:08] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Wait, wait *She looks around at everyone a bit confused*

[10/08/2013 16:57:34] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): You guys got all aprehensive.....because *points to him* a stuffed bear said you aren't worth peepin' on?

[10/08/2013 16:57:51] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): I thought it was a cat?

[10/08/2013 16:58:05] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): BEAR, CAT, DOLPHIN

[10/08/2013 16:58:20] Chris (Minah): Who cares what the fuck it is

[10/08/2013 16:58:31] Spider8each (Moirail): It's dead, whatever it is.

[10/08/2013 16:58:32] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): It... doesn't really matter. We have more pressing issues at hand.

[10/08/2013 16:58:44] Spider8each (Moirail): Like the bears we hunt for gumbo.

[10/08/2013 16:59:55] Monoleo Mastermind: *pounces on the table* I think it's time to give you a demonstration...

[10/08/2013 17:00:00] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): No thankyou

[10/08/2013 17:00:30] Spider8each (Moirail): What are you gonna do? Cuddle is to death?

[10/08/2013 17:00:49] Chris (Minah): Demonstration of what?

[10/08/2013 17:00:53] Melissa (DR3- Aston): Hm.. this will be interesting... *sits back in his chair*

[10/08/2013 17:01:19] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): I don't know, the conversation so far has been about teddies peeping on you lot

[10/08/2013 17:01:30] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): So I'd rather not

[10/08/2013 17:02:22] Monoleo Mastermind: *In the blink of an eye, Monoleo pounces across the table and pounces onto Sally. He grips onto her legs and takes a big bite into both of them with razor sharp teeth. He then flips back into a safe position and bows* Ta-dah!

[10/08/2013 17:03:02] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Stands up sharply* You motherfucker!

[10/08/2013 17:03:09] Spider8each (Moirail): *Sally cries out in horror and falls to the ground*

[10/08/2013 17:03:21] Chris (Minah): W-What the fuck!?

[10/08/2013 17:03:49] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She leans down and picks her up bridal style, struggling to hold her up*

[10/08/2013 17:03:51] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): SALLY! *Tamaki runs over to her*

[10/08/2013 17:03:57] Spider8each (Moirail): You...

[10/08/2013 17:04:07] Spider8each (Moirail): *She looks to Mono*

[10/08/2013 17:04:12] Spider8each (Moirail): You BIT WE

[10/08/2013 17:04:14] Spider8each (Moirail): *ME

[10/08/2013 17:04:19] Spider8each (Moirail): YOU LITTLE BITCH

[10/08/2013 17:04:19] Chris (Minah): H-hey! What the fuck!? Why did you do that!?

[10/08/2013 17:04:20] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): No time, someone help me find the infirmary

 [10/08/2013 17:04:36] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): Sally!

[10/08/2013 17:04:48] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She hoists her up, arms getting tired*

[10/08/2013 17:04:54] Monoleo Mastermind: Now do you understand? Upupupu~ *Disappears into the ventilation shafts*

[10/08/2013 17:05:48] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): That... fucker... *She follows after Dorothy* I'm coming with you, I have some medical knowledge!

[10/08/2013 17:05:51] Melissa (DR3- Aston): oh.... well then... can anyone explain to me what that demonstration was for? I missed that...

[10/08/2013 17:06:01] Spider8each (Moirail): Dorothy you're straining yourself it's fine... Just help me get to the infirmary I can calk.

[10/08/2013 17:06:02] Chris (Minah): F-fuck! We need to get her to the Infirmary but...can anyone actually help her?

[10/08/2013 17:06:30] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She nodds to Tamaki and heads out the door and down the hall holding Sally in her arms*

[10/08/2013 17:08:21] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *Bursting into the infirmary, Tamaki instantly looks through the cupboards*

[10/08/2013 17:09:26] Chris (Minah): *she follows them through* W-where is everyone else?

[10/08/2013 17:11:11] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): That doesn't matter right now, we need to sort this out first! *She holds some first aid equipment in her arms to help tend to the wounds*

[10/08/2013 17:11:13] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *One in the infirmary she lays Sally on one of the beds*

[10/08/2013 17:12:12] Chris (Minah): *she sighs* Im going to kill that thing

[10/08/2013 17:12:50] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Ok... let's try and tend to this as best we can... *She begins to treat Sally's wounds, trying not to tear up* Shit... shit... shit...

[10/08/2013 17:14:07] Spider8each (Moirail): I'm fine guys... Really.

[10/08/2013 17:14:20] Spider8each (Moirail): Gonna need to wash my foul mouth out but hey

[10/08/2013 17:14:39] Chris (Minah): You have two fucking butes on your legs!  What if you can never skate again!

[10/08/2013 17:14:52] Spider8each (Moirail): I've had worse.

[10/08/2013 17:15:22] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): It... isn't that bad... she's right, it could have been much worse. *Ties off a bandage*

[10/08/2013 17:15:34] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Turns to Tamaki* We need to wash them and get anticeptic on it

[10/08/2013 17:16:25] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Agreed, you do that leg, i'll do the other.

[10/08/2013 17:17:14] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *shocked and stunned at what happened she was stunned into silence, glancing around at them all* he's capable of anything...

[10/08/2013 17:18:29] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She quickly wets a cloth under the sink's tap and washes the wound on Sally's leg*

[10/08/2013 17:25:37] Melissa (DR3- Aston): *stands away from the rest, but still keeping an eye on them all*

[10/08/2013 17:25:57] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Guys, I'm really sorry...

[10/08/2013 17:26:04] Spider8each (Moirail): *She looks at Dorothy and Tamaki* hey.. Thanks... *And then faints*

[10/08/2013 17:28:58] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): How did it get to be like this...

[10/08/2013 17:29:20] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): I'm sorry, I told everyone to gather in the cafeteria to discuss escaping...

[10/08/2013 17:30:15] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *Grabs an anticeptic from the cupboard and bandages working quickly and quietly*

[10/08/2013 17:30:29] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *She smiles at Azami* It's not your fault... it's no ones fault. No one except for... him.

[10/08/2013 17:31:38] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *She finishes up on her leg* There we go.

[10/08/2013 17:37:25] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Thank you, but I shouldn't have impressed such ideas on everyone... As long as Sally's okay

[10/08/2013 17:40:03] OpalM-W (DR3-Dorothy): *She finishes up and sighs in releif*

[10/08/2013 17:47:16] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Ok, I think Sally should stay here at the Infirmary tonight... *Takes a bottle of water from the counter and takes a good long swig*

[10/08/2013 17:47:34] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Will she be okay?

[10/08/2013 17:48:38] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): It might take some time to heal properly and she'll need to keep off of the foot for a few days, but she'll recover. *Flashes a reasurring smile*

[10/08/2013 17:50:03] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *she smiled back softly, nodding* uh... What about with the motives...?

[10/08/2013 17:51:46] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *She grimaces slightly as she remembers hers* Maybe... I should keep watch tonight. Someone should at least.

[10/08/2013 17:53:06] Chris (Minah): What if you get killed?

[10/08/2013 17:53:39] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): We could probably take turns looking after her, just in case

[10/08/2013 17:54:09] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Ah... Well, it's a possibility...

[10/08/2013 17:54:31] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Taking turns sounds like a good option... and I don't mind putting my life on the line if it means protecting someone else.

[10/08/2013 17:54:49] Chris (Minah): But what if someone gets killed while switching?

[10/08/2013 17:55:15] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Then we'll just have to avenge them, wont we...?

[10/08/2013 17:55:44] Chris (Minah): I suppose...

[10/08/2013 17:56:12] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Do any of us really want to commit murder after what we've witnessed?

[10/08/2013 17:56:43] Chris (Minah): I want out of here after seeing...that but I will not go as far as murder

[10/08/2013 17:56:46] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): I couldn't imagine killing anyone but that goddamn runt that trapped us here

[10/08/2013 17:57:15] Chris (Minah): Why don't we just kill him instead?

[10/08/2013 17:59:01] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Somehow I get the feeling today's demonstration was just the tip of the iceberg. The very peak infact.

[10/08/2013 17:59:39] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): If he's capable of that much... God, so calmly too... I imagine he can do much worse

[10/08/2013 18:00:04] Chris (Minah): You saying he will kill us?

[10/08/2013 18:00:55] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): If we attack him yes. I don't... want to see him hurt any one else.

[10/08/2013 18:01:52] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Maybe we should ditch the les miserables act, too...

[10/08/2013 18:03:56] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): We'll work out a plan of action later, I think we've all had enough of this for one day.

[10/08/2013 18:05:01] Chris (Minah): Should we perhaps meet up every morning at a particular time to make sure we're all safe?

[10/08/2013 18:05:29] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *nods* how about an hour after the wake up call?

[10/08/2013 18:05:53] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): That's a perfect idea! We'll need to make sure everyone knows about this.

[10/08/2013 18:06:34] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): We'll let everyone know when we see them all together *smiles*

[10/08/2013 18:06:42] Chris (Minah): Yes. I shall give everyone a note

[10/08/2013 18:08:27] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Wonderful! *She smiles at Azami and Minah* Would either of you two object to me taking the first watch?

[10/08/2013 18:08:43] Chris (Minah): Not at all

[10/08/2013 18:08:49] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): No, no! That would be fine, really *she smiles*

[10/08/2013 18:10:02] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Ok then. *Picks up her shinai, which is leaning against a counter* You two might want to get some rest in the mean time. When should we change shifts?

[10/08/2013 18:10:20] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): After an hour or two?

[10/08/2013 18:10:30] Chris (Minah): I say two hours.

[10/08/2013 18:11:21] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Two hours would be best. One of you come and meet me in Two hours time and we'll swap. Thank you... both of you.

[10/08/2013 18:12:21] Chris (Minah): It's no problem. Shall we head off then?

[10/08/2013 18:12:59] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): It's no bother at all, honestly *smiles* yeah, we'll be off. See you in two hours then?

[10/08/2013 18:13:10] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *Takes up a spot near the door and begins to practice her swing* See you then! Stay safe...

[10/08/2013 18:13:32] Chris (Minah): You two. *she nods and goes to her room*

[10/08/2013 18:13:44] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Bye! *leaves for her room*


[10/08/2013 19:15:03] Spider8each (Moirail): *Slowly begins to come round after fainting*Guhhhh...

[10/08/2013 19:15:40] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *Stops swinging* Oh, you're awake!

[10/08/2013 19:16:22] Spider8each (Moirail): Uhhh yeah I guess... What happen?

[10/08/2013 19:18:20] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): You passed out while me and Dorothy were patching you up. How are you feeling? *Takes a seat next to the bed*

[10/08/2013 19:19:05] Spider8each (Moirail): Sore.

[10/08/2013 19:21:01] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): Hmmm... I can imagine. I know you've just woken up, but we decided it was perhaps best for you to stay here overnight? You don't have to, but it might be for the best.

[10/08/2013 19:21:21] Spider8each (Moirail): I don't think I can walk well just yet...

[10/08/2013 19:21:27] Spider8each (Moirail): I'll sleep here.

[10/08/2013 19:22:24] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *Nods, smiling warmly* I'm keeping watch for another fourty minutes or so, then Azami or Minah will be along to watch over you for another two hours.

[10/08/2013 19:23:13] Spider8each (Moirail): Oh... Not Dorothy?

[10/08/2013 19:23:18] Spider8each (Moirail): I want to thank her...

[10/08/2013 19:23:28] Spider8each (Moirail): I'll get her in the morning I guess...

[10/08/2013 19:24:20] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): She... seemed pretty out of it when she left earlier. It's not surprising, today has been too hectic.

[10/08/2013 19:24:35] Spider8each (Moirail): She'll be okay...

[10/08/2013 19:24:40] Spider8each (Moirail): I'll be okay too.

[10/08/2013 19:24:48] Spider8each (Moirail): My legs hurt pretty bad

[10/08/2013 19:27:15] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): I know, I know. And they will for a while... we were lucky, but that little guy did a lot of damage still. *Sighs to herself*

[10/08/2013 19:28:35] Spider8each (Moirail): Uhhhg... I'm going to *she curls up* sleep some more...

[10/08/2013 19:29:36] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *Nods* Alright, I'll be here if you need me. Sleep well.

[10/08/2013 19:29:52] Spider8each (Moirail): Thanks hun,

[10/08/2013 19:30:10] Spider8each (Moirail): *She closes her eyes and quickly falls asleep*

[10/08/2013 19:31:40] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *Smiles and stands, grabbing a bottle of water and a book from the counter. She puts on her reading glasses and returns to her seat*

[10/08/2013 19:50:56] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *walks down the hallway soundlessly, peeking her head around the doorframe* hi, is she still asleep?

[10/08/2013 19:52:33] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *She looks up and nods. She utters a whisper* Yes, she was awake a few moments ago... I let her know what was going on. Do you want to switch now or...?

[10/08/2013 19:54:54] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): Uhh, yeah sure, *she smiles* might as well let you get off and get some rest before it gets too late!

[10/08/2013 19:56:28 | Edited 19:56:50] Tioel-Animatus (DR-Yuna DR2-Medea DR3-Tamaki): *She smiles, packs up her book, glasses and shinai and bows* Thank you very much. Good night. *She walks past Azami and walks out of the room, down the hall to her dorm*

[10/08/2013 19:58:38] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *she bows her head a little as she leaves, watching her walk down the hallway before looking back at Sally, smiling a little at her* I'm sure there won't be too much trouble *mutters to herself, taking a seat and leaning her head back*


[10/08/2013 21:32:58] Monoleo Mastermind: *Bing bong bung* This is a school announcement. It is now of course 'night time'. The Cafeteria will be closed and such. I hope those of you who got your gifts found them to be encouraging! Sweet dreams!

[10/08/2013 21:37:10] Kei (DR - Azami Dahlia): *mutters* bastard... *leans back into the chair and sighs*


[10/08/2013 21:54:12] Chris (Minah): *yawns as she walks in* is she?

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