[12/08/2013 07:34:23] Azami: *walks through into the cafeteria, her hair wet but tied up in a bun on her head. She looks around, but then takes a seat*

[12/08/2013 08:10:08] Minah: *walks Into the cafeteria and looks around before taking a seat* hello...

[12/08/2013 08:12:04] Azami: *looks over and smiles at the girl* good morning

[12/08/2013 08:12:29] Minah: Good morning...did you sleep well?

[12/08/2013 08:14:57] Azami: Yeah, I slept okay. How about you?

[12/08/2013 08:16:02] Minah: I slept well. *she nods* Has anyone else turned up?

[12/08/2013 08:17:32] Azami: *shakes her head* I was first here, for once. The others are probably asleep.

[12/08/2013 08:18:02] Minah: They better show their asses soon

[12/08/2013 08:19:25] Azami: *she laughs short at this, nodding* yes! And make sure everyone is safe for another day

[12/08/2013 08:20:28] Minah: But how long is it before someone goes insane?

[12/08/2013 08:21:05] Monoleo Mastermind: *bing bong* Gmmnnn This is a school announcement, as you can see its already morning. Let's try our best today.

[12/08/2013 08:21:29] Azami: A-ah lets not talk about that!!

[12/08/2013 08:22:17] Minah: I think monoleo is getting bored

[12/08/2013 08:23:12] Azami: He shouldn't have invented such a... A stupid game, then.

[12/08/2013 08:24:01] Minah: I wonder why he created it though...

[12/08/2013 08:24:34] Azami: I hope I never know why... It's only a sick individual who does this...

[12/08/2013 08:26:17] Minah: But there has to be a reason for it...we've been trapped here for a few days now

[12/08/2013 08:27:24] Azami: *she sighs* it's true, there must be a reason... And that cat thing that calls the shots, he attacked one of us. He must be bored that we're so clean...

[12/08/2013 08:28:34] Tamaki: *She walks into the Cafeteria holding a bottle of drinking water* Good morning! How is everyone?

[12/08/2013 08:29:07] Azami: Ah, morning Tamaki! I'm alright thanks, how are you?

[12/08/2013 08:29:25] Minah: Still,  he have to keep our gaurd up. *smiles at tamaki* hello. I'm good thank you.

[12/08/2013 08:30:01] Tamaki: I feel good.  Did you sleep well? *Sits and takes a swig of her water gleefully*

[12/08/2013 08:30:51] Azami: Eh, I slept okay. I found the bed uncomfortable last night for some reason. How about you?

[12/08/2013 08:31:03] Minah: I did thank you

[12/08/2013 08:31:37] Tamaki: I had some odd dreams... but other than that it was ok.*She turns to Azami* I... apologise for last night.

[12/08/2013 08:32:22] Azami: *she shakes her hands to dismiss the idea* no no! Don't be sorry, it's okay! *smiles sweetly*

[12/08/2013 08:32:47] Minah: ...what happened?

[12/08/2013 08:34:19] Azami: We uh, a group of us ended up having words. Words of concern, mainly but nothing to apologise for, it wasn't such a big deal to me *she smiles again*

[12/08/2013 08:34:24] Tamaki: There was... a disagreement between Sally and Me, as well as Dorothy, Azami was caught in the crossfire.

I need to apologise to Sally too...

[12/08/2013 08:35:02] Minah: that's why Dorothy was in a bad mood

[12/08/2013 08:35:21] Azami: I'm sure sally will be here soon along with the others *nods*

[12/08/2013 08:36:43] Tamaki: *Nods* I'm not sure if Dorothy will apologise to Sally... no... I have a feeling she might. I have faith she will!

[12/08/2013 08:36:47] Minah: *she bites her lip, continuing to glance at the door*

[12/08/2013 08:37:07] Tamaki: Has there been any sign of Sayuri? And Jess?

[12/08/2013 08:37:21] Azami: Not yet *she shakes her head as she speaks*

[12/08/2013 08:37:36] Azami: We're the only ones who have come into the cafeteria so far

[12/08/2013 08:37:47] Tamaki: Damn...*sighs*

[12/08/2013 08:38:32] Minah: .......T-they're sure taking their time...

[12/08/2013 08:38:38] Azami: I can't help but worry,,,

[12/08/2013 08:38:50] Azami: We'll... We'll let them take their time for now

[12/08/2013 08:39:55] Minah: Shall we go search at about eleven?

[12/08/2013 08:40:26] Tamaki: That sounds like a good idea.

[12/08/2013 08:40:41] Azami: We've been okay every other morning, so I'm sure we'll be okay again this time... But eleven is a good plan

[12/08/2013 08:41:27] Minah: Like I said. Someone is bound to go insane. ..

[12/08/2013 08:43:27] Azami: ... Lets not think of that...

[12/08/2013 08:43:49] Minah: But we have to incase it does happen.

[12/08/2013 08:44:23] Azami: But it's not happened yet, so lets not think about it...

[12/08/2013 08:45:19] Minah: *she sighs and mumbles something*

[12/08/2013 08:45:40] Tamaki: I think what she's trying to suggest is that Ignorance is bliss?

[12/08/2013 08:46:09] Azami: Yeah, something like that,

[12/08/2013 08:46:40] Minah: You're just making yourself an easy target

[12/08/2013 08:47:37] Tamaki: For who though?

[12/08/2013 08:47:47] Azami: D-Don't say that! Any one of us are just sitting ducks!

[12/08/2013 08:47:59] Minah: Anyone who plans on killing of course!

[12/08/2013 08:49:23] Azami: Any one of us could be victims! It doesn't matter if you're weak or strong or indifferent, if someone wants to kill and sees an opportunity, they will take it!

[12/08/2013 08:50:47] Minah: Yes but being ignorant to the fact that someone will kill will make you an easy target

[12/08/2013 08:51:51] Azami: Anyone could die at any time. *she looks away, feeling her eyes sting with tears* any one of us could die tomorrow, we don't know.

[12/08/2013 08:53:20] Tamaki: Oh dear... *Walks over and comforts Azami, kneeling down and putting a hand on her back* That won't happen. None of us will die... It's ok...

[12/08/2013 08:54:00] Minah: Exactly. Thats why you have to be aware that someone will kill! Do you want to die I  this place!?

[12/08/2013 08:54:59] Azami: I'm okay... *she sighs* but the truth is, where is there an exit? The only exit is a barricade of metal and technology...

[12/08/2013 08:56:41] Tamaki: How about I go and make us something for breakfast? Some tea too perhaps?

[12/08/2013 08:57:31] Azami: I'll just have tea, please, *she smiles at Tamaki*

[12/08/2013 08:58:13] Tamaki: *Nods and then turns to Minah* Minah?

[12/08/2013 08:58:35] Minah: I'll have tea too please.

[12/08/2013 08:59:51] Tamaki: Of course, I'll be right back. *Walks behind the counter and begins to fix some tea*

[12/08/2013 09:02:07] Minah: *she sighs and mutters* Where is he...

[12/08/2013 09:02:23] Azami: ... Who, sorry?

[12/08/2013 09:03:02] Minah: *she blushes and shakes ger head* I-ignore me!

[12/08/2013 09:03:33] Azami: *she smiles a little and nods* I'll respect your privacy

[12/08/2013 09:04:01] Tamaki: *Walks over clutching a tray with three cups of tea scattered on it* Here you go... fresh cups of tea for all!

[12/08/2013 09:04:48] Azami: Ah, thank you! *takes a cup from the tray and puts it down on the table, her hands shaking a little*

[12/08/2013 09:05:28] Minah: T-thank you! *she grabs a cup, taking a sip*

[12/08/2013 09:05:50] Tamaki: No problem. *Smiles and serves up Minah's then sits down with her own, along with some toast, which she tucks into*

[12/08/2013 09:06:31] Azami: *leans back in her chair, her eyes locked on the doorway* where is everyone...

[12/08/2013 09:07:14] Tamaki: They'll be here soon, i'm sure of it.

[12/08/2013 09:08:07] Minah: ....*she drinks more tea, keeping her eyes fixed on the door*

[12/08/2013 09:08:38] Azami: ... I have a bad feeling...

[12/08/2013 09:10:04] Minah: So do I...

[12/08/2013 09:10:27] Azami: Lets give it till eleven, at least... Maybe they just haven't woke up yet...

[12/08/2013 09:11:13] Minah: .....m-maybe. ..

[12/08/2013 09:11:33] Tamaki: Did Sally head back to her room last night?

[12/08/2013 09:12:06] Azami: Sally stayed in Dorothy's room, said she felt safer there and wanted to wait for Dorothy

[12/08/2013 09:12:43] Tamaki: Hmmm... I hope she's ok.

[12/08/2013 09:12:44] Dorothy: *Strides though the door* Gossiping?

[12/08/2013 09:12:59] Azami: Ah, Dorothy! We were worrying, actually

[12/08/2013 09:13:05] Tamaki: Oh, good morning Dorothy!

[12/08/2013 09:13:06] Dorothy: *She takes a seat nodding her head*

[12/08/2013 09:13:06] Minah: ....

[12/08/2013 09:13:17] Tamaki: How are you?

[12/08/2013 09:13:21] Dorothy: Goodmorning to you too

[12/08/2013 09:13:28] Dorothy: Well, I'm just swell

[12/08/2013 09:13:42] Dorothy: Oops, rhyming

[12/08/2013 09:14:29] Tamaki: *Chuckles and nods* I've made tea... would you like some? Or something else?

[12/08/2013 09:14:49] Dorothy: Hmm, no I'm okay

[12/08/2013 09:15:20] Azami: So we only don't know about... Ryan, Toso and Aston... And we're assuming Sayuri and Jess are still in bed?

[12/08/2013 09:15:37] Tamaki: Hmmm, alright then *Nods*

[12/08/2013 09:15:49] Minah: ......Where is he *she sighs*

[12/08/2013 09:17:57] Azami: *looks over at Minah* you're talking about Aston, aren't you...?

[12/08/2013 09:18:17] Minah: W-what makes you think that!?

[12/08/2013 09:18:49] Azami: Well, why would you be talking about Ryan?

[12/08/2013 09:19:04] Minah: Ew of course not!

[12/08/2013 09:22:02] Dorothy: You two were making googoo eyes at one another last night

[12/08/2013 09:22:10] Dorothy: It's got to be Aston

[12/08/2013 09:22:42] Azami: *she smiles* I see the way you two look at each other, it's sweet, really

[12/08/2013 09:22:43] Minah: W-we were making 'googoo eyes'!

[12/08/2013 09:22:57] Minah: W-what way! ?

[12/08/2013 09:23:03] Tamaki: *Stay's quiet, sipping her tea*

[12/08/2013 09:23:10] Dorothy: Y'know, holdin' hands and junk

[12/08/2013 09:23:40] Azami: "The" way!! The way that people who like each other would look at each other, even in this dire situation!!

[12/08/2013 09:23:45] Minah: *she blushes and stays silent*

[12/08/2013 09:24:19] Dorothy: But whatever, I'm sure he's fine, toots

[12/08/2013 09:24:42] Tamaki: Now now, let's not fluster the girl. *Is smiling a little herself from the whole situation*

[12/08/2013 09:25:08] Minah: *she turns her head away from everyone*

[12/08/2013 09:25:16] Azami: He'll be fine, I'm sure! *fidgets with her teacup*

[12/08/2013 09:25:18] Minah: He better be fine...

[12/08/2013 09:26:23] Dorothy: By the way, I left Sally back in her room. So she wasn't sleeping in the speakeasy all last night

[12/08/2013 09:26:59] Tamaki: Oh, good. So she's definitely safe. *Sighs of relief*

[12/08/2013 09:27:07] Azami: Ah, good! So Sally is okay, as far as we know *smiles*

[12/08/2013 09:28:26] Tamaki: Well, we'll wait until 11 and then search for whoever is missing.

[12/08/2013 09:28:47] Minah: In that case can we go check on aston?

[12/08/2013 09:29:43] Azami: We'll give him until eleven, just in case. He might be having a shower or something

[12/08/2013 09:29:48] Tamaki: Of course, we can do that.

[12/08/2013 09:30:03] Minah: *her face turns red*....

[12/08/2013 09:30:11] Monoleo Mastermind: *Is suddenly standing on top of the table* Wow, there really aren't too many people here this morning. Talk about ghost town.

[12/08/2013 09:30:26] Tamaki: Kyah!

[12/08/2013 09:30:47] Azami: *Jumps out her skin* Uwaa!! Jesus Christ, could you not knock!?

[12/08/2013 09:31:36] Tamaki: You should just enter the room like everyone else... you appearing out of no where is really unnerving.

[12/08/2013 09:32:03] Minah: *is too cought up in her thoughts to notice monoleo*

[12/08/2013 09:32:14] Monoleo Mastermind: Whatever. I guess this group will have to do though.

[12/08/2013 09:32:29] Azami: ... To do for what...?

[12/08/2013 09:32:33] Tamaki: Huh? What do you mean?

[12/08/2013 09:32:49] Dorothy: What do you want from us NOW?

[12/08/2013 09:33:32] Monoleo Mastermind: Well... something has happened to one of your fellow students.

I wonder if Aston is ok... he hasn't left his Talent room for some time.


[12/08/2013 09:33:52] Azami: ... Aston....??

[12/08/2013 09:34:11] Azami: What do you mean, what have you done to him??

[12/08/2013 09:34:16] Minah: W-WHAT? *she runs out*

[12/08/2013 09:34:17] Tamaki: *Bolts up from her seat* We're going. Now!

[12/08/2013 09:34:30] Azami: Minah! *runs after her quickly*

[12/08/2013 09:34:30] Tamaki: *dashes out of the room*

[12/08/2013 09:34:54] Dorothy: *She gets up from her chair, running after the group*

[12/08/2013 09:35:43] Tamaki: *Catching up with Minah, they eventually reach Aston's room* Who want's to go first...?

[12/08/2013 09:35:54] Minah: *is standing in front of his talent room, shaking*

[12/08/2013 09:36:11] Azami: ... I-ill go first...

[12/08/2013 09:36:23] Azami: *reaches out for the door handle*

[12/08/2013 09:36:58] Tamaki: *Tenses up, shaking a little*

[12/08/2013 09:37:59] Azami: *pushes the handle down and opens the door, only peering in before stumbling back, her breath ragged. She takes in a few breaths before a scream leaves her lips* no, no no no no, it's bad, it's bad, it's bad *she covers her face*

[12/08/2013 09:38:16] Aston: *In the middle of the room lays Aston. His shoulder is dislocated and his face is smashed to bits and covered in blood. His monocle is smashed, and his wrist watch is also broken, the time on the watch being 1:00am. He holds a clump of brown hair tightly in one hand. A candelabra covered in blood is discarded on the ground, hidden behind a desk.*

[12/08/2013 09:39:16] Tamaki: No... *Tears begin to well up in her eyes as she drops her Shinai*

[12/08/2013 09:39:19] Dorothy: *Steps back gasping*

[12/08/2013 09:39:30] Minah: *she freezes and drops to the ground, letting out a loud scream before sobbing*

[12/08/2013 09:39:55] Azami: Who... Who could... Why? *she sobs* this is awful, this is really awful...

[12/08/2013 09:40:24] Monoleo Mastermind: *Bing Bong Bung* A dead body has been found! A period of investigation will now take place before the class trial begins! A Monoleo file has also been added!

[12/08/2013 09:40:57] Tamaki: *Is Shaking violently* I... I couldn't... Protect...

[12/08/2013 09:41:30] Minah: no no no....n-no....

[12/08/2013 09:41:35] Azami: N-No, Tamaki... This isn't...

[12/08/2013 09:42:58] Tamaki: I said... I would protect... everyone. And this...*She shakes her head, trying to steel herself* We... have to avenge him...

[12/08/2013 09:43:36] Minah:*she holds her hands up to her face, covering her eyes*

[12/08/2013 09:44:06] Azami: Minah... *shaking hands reach out for her shoulders, kneeling next to her* I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...

[12/08/2013 09:45:21] Minah: D-Don't funking touch me!  *she pushes her away*

[12/08/2013 09:46:21] Dorothy: I-...I'm going to go get Sally... *She turns and runs off down the hall*

[12/08/2013 09:46:35] Azami: *she lets go, staying kneeling next to her, looking in the room with a sad expression. She stands and backs away, looking at Dorothy before nodding and looking at the ground*

[12/08/2013 09:47:17] Minah: *she runs over to astons dead body and kneels beside him* ....y-you promised to be here...

[12/08/2013 09:48:00] Azami: *she sighs sadly, trying to wipe her tears away as she hears Minah's cries*

[12/08/2013 09:49:58] Minah: I'm going to beat the shit out of all these fuckers until who ever kills you admits it...

[12/08/2013 09:51:18] Azami: *looks over at Minah before her eyes meet the ground again before the smell of blood attacks her nose properly* I think I'm gonna be sick... Please, excuse me...

[12/08/2013 09:52:36] Minah: *she looks at his dead body and smiles* I'll never forget you...speak to you soon my love...I promise. *she stands up and starts looking more at the scene*

[12/08/2013 10:08:45] Azami: *comes back and walks into the room, glancing at the body but looking around the room* did you find anything...?

[12/08/2013 10:11:18] Minah: Mn. *she nods* not like im telling you though.

 12/08/2013 10:13:21] Azami: *she nods* I understand. *her arms hold each others elbows, looking around before she walks around the room to see every angle of it*

[12/08/2013 10:17:13] Minah: I'll be back soon...*she kisses his beat up face where there's no blood and runs off*

[12/08/2013 10:19:48] Azami: *looks to where she ran off, sighing and looking at Astons body sadly* this is a sick game... *she scopes the room again* well, at least we know what the murder weapon is..,

[12/08/2013 10:34:41] Minah: *she goes into Astons room, closing the door behind her and walks over to the bed and lays down on it, sobbing into his pillow*

[12/08/2013 10:35:52] Azami: *walks out of the room, unable to bear it anymore* I wonder if Dorothy found Sally...

[12/08/2013 10:46:24] Dorothy: *Walks over to Azami* I got Sally

[12/08/2013 10:47:55] Sally:  *Sally walks behind her*

[12/08/2013 10:48:00] Sally: Wait what happened?

[12/08/2013 10:48:35] Tamaki: *Is standing, guarding the body*

[12/08/2013 10:50:08] Dorothy: ...It's Aston

[12/08/2013 10:52:09] Sally: ....

[12/08/2013 10:52:13] Sally: Oh...

[12/08/2013 10:53:45] Dorothy: Hmm

[12/08/2013 10:54:24] Azami: Its, um.... Pretty awful, to say the least

[12/08/2013 10:56:03] Tamaki: We have a lot of work to do as well, if we want to avenge him.

[12/08/2013 10:56:12] Sally: That's just...who?

[12/08/2013 10:59:50] Azami: Well, there's a clump of hair in his hand... And his watch is broken at one o'clock

[12/08/2013 11:00:18] Tamaki: And have we found a weapon?

[12/08/2013 11:07:59] Azami: A potential weapon, yes...

[12/08/2013 11:11:37] Tamaki: Anything else?

[12/08/2013 11:12:20] Azami: I couldn't see anything else...

[12/08/2013 11:16:13] Azami: I'm... Gonna go see if there's any others... I'll be right back, Tamaki *leaves promptly down the hallway*

[12/08/2013 11:19:58] Azami: *knocks on Ryan's door* Ryan? Ryan, are you in there?

[12/08/2013 11:22:36] Ryan: *opens the door* Yeah, sorry I was just thinking about stuff after I woke up!

[12/08/2013 11:24:42] Ryan: *he tilts his head, frowning* ... There's been a murder hasn't there? That's why you're coming to get me..

[12/08/2013 11:25:09] Azami: *she nods* yeah. It's Aston.

[12/08/2013 11:26:49] Ryan: I see... *his face looks strained, holding back tears* Is there any evidence currently?

[12/08/2013 11:27:12] Azami: Uh, some... Come back with me?

[12/08/2013 11:27:22] Ryan: Ah sure

[12/08/2013 11:28:18] Azami: *she nods, going to walk back but looks over at Astons room* do you think there might be evidence in his room?

[12/08/2013 11:29:46] Ryan: * follows* I don't think there will be... I'm assuming he wasn't murdered in his room then?

[12/08/2013 11:35:37] Azami: He was murdered in his talent room, so there's probably nothing there, youre right

[12/08/2013 11:37:11] Ryan: if it was in his talent room... then it's likely that he went there of his own accord, and someone ever found him there or was waiting for him...

[12/08/2013 11:39:28] Ryan: either* ((gdi))

[12/08/2013 11:40:13] Azami: *she sighs* this is awful... Come on, I'll take you back to the talent rooms *she starts down the hallway*

[12/08/2013 11:40:24] Azami: ((brb))

[12/08/2013 11:41:19] Ryan: *follows behind closely*

[12/08/2013 11:50:16] Azami: *arrives back at the scene, nodding at Tamaki before turning back to Ryan* the body's in there, if you want to investigate...

[12/08/2013 11:50:40] Tamaki: So you found Ryan, that's good at least.

[12/08/2013 11:52:34] Ryan: *walks in the room, his eyes racing around the room before settling on Tamaki* ...  What have you found so far?

[12/08/2013 11:54:47] Tamaki: Well, there are clumps of hair in his hand, brown hair. The candleabra over there is the predicted murder weapon. His shoulder is dislocated and he was killed at 1am.

[12/08/2013 11:56:00] Ryan: Brown hair...? hmmm....

[12/08/2013 12:03:50] Azami: *nods, fiddling with her nails*

[12/08/2013 12:04:23] Ryan: Is there anything else in the room that's been tampered with?

[12/08/2013 12:05:03] Azami: I don't think so...*turns to tamaki* Have you noticed anything?

[12/08/2013 12:06:52] Tamaki: *Shakes her head* Not really... everything else seems to be in order...

[12/08/2013 12:08:20] Azami: Has anyone seen Toso?

[12/08/2013 12:08:33] Azami: Aside from Jessie and Sayuri, Toso is one I've not seen...

[12/08/2013 12:10:03] Ryan: She's probably still asleep... We were up late last night trying to get into my talent room..

[12/08/2013 12:10:24] Azami: Oh... Until what time, approximately?

[12/08/2013 12:11:26] Ryan: some time after 1, between 1 and 2 for sure

[12/08/2013 12:13:40] Azami: *nods* is there... Anything else we can look at?

[12/08/2013 12:24:51] Ryan: I don't think so....

[12/08/2013 12:25:22] Tamaki: Then I guess we should wait for the trial...

[12/08/2013 12:25:46] Azami: *sighs* I gues...

[12/08/2013 12:25:51] Azami: *guess

[12/08/2013 12:27:59] Ryan: The most solid evidence we have right now is the hair... that rules out quite a few people..7

[12/08/2013 12:28:29] Tamaki: Sayuri would be really useful right about now...

[12/08/2013 12:30:53] Azami: ... Is anyone else worried for the trial...?

[12/08/2013 12:31:35] Ryan: I think we're all worried...

[12/08/2013 12:32:10] Tamaki: *She nods in agreement*

[12/08/2013 12:33:52] Sally: I'm mighty scared...

[12/08/2013 12:33:58] Sally: It could be any of you.

 [12/08/2013 12:43:15] Minah: *Minah walks into the talent room, smiling at Astons body before speaking*  So what one of you fuckers was it?

[12/08/2013 12:43:24] Toso: ( i should prolly go see the dead body hahahah ))

[12/08/2013 12:43:53] Tamaki: *Looks at Minah wandering in* Minah... how are you feeling?

[12/08/2013 12:43:56] Sally: Minah weren't you with Aston?

[12/08/2013 12:44:27] Dorothy: Yeah, when I was trying to break down the door, Aston and Minah stalked off together

[12/08/2013 12:44:58] Dorothy: The door to Ryan's talent room that is

[12/08/2013 12:45:11] Minah: A lot better mow but I need to know who killed him. And yes I was with him last night. What's your point?

[12/08/2013 12:45:36] Dorothy: Well, did you two seperate?

[12/08/2013 12:46:07] Minah: Yes. He took me to my room then he left me. This was about 11 last night.

[12/08/2013 12:46:23] Sally: Hmmm.

[12/08/2013 12:47:05] Sally: Well it wasn't me

[12/08/2013 12:47:16] Sally: I was with Azami for a while, then Dorothy

[12/08/2013 12:47:22] Sally: And between I was asleep

[12/08/2013 12:47:32] Dorothy: Yeah, Sally and I slept together

[12/08/2013 12:47:37] Dorothy: So it couldn't be Sally

[12/08/2013 12:48:23] Tamaki: Well... I have no alibi, I was alone most of the night.

[12/08/2013 12:48:36] Minah: So was it you?

[12/08/2013 12:49:17] Ryan: Toso and I were still in her talent room at the time...and we were there until near to 2

[12/08/2013 12:49:22] Sally: Tamakis like a momma though, she wouldn't hurt no one.

[12/08/2013 12:50:48] Tamaki: I can assure you that I did not hurt him. I would never do something like that...

[12/08/2013 12:50:53] Minah: .......hmn. I still don't trust any one of you

[12/08/2013 12:51:23] Dorothy: Yeah? Well you've been given proof! Sally was with me and Tamaki wouldn't hurt a fly!

[12/08/2013 12:52:17] Tamaki: I don't think that is enough to excuse me though, so I would understand if no one believed me.

[12/08/2013 12:53:34] Minah: Azami is also high on my list of suspects.

[12/08/2013 12:55:18] Dorothy: But think about it

[12/08/2013 12:55:29] Dorothy: Maybe the hair isn't the murderers?

[12/08/2013 12:55:48] Minah: Whos else would it be?

[12/08/2013 12:56:16] Tamaki: *She nods* It can't really come from anyone else

[12/08/2013 12:56:38] Ryan: I think someone would notice if you ripped a huge clump of their hair from them...

[12/08/2013 12:56:49] Dorothy: Feh

[12/08/2013 12:57:35] Dorothy: Besides, I was in the speakeasy with everyone you suspect and I'm tellin' you it was none'a those brown haired beauties

[12/08/2013 12:58:04] Sally: I was probably sleeping so.. Can't have been me

[12/08/2013 12:58:11] Dorothy: The hair could'a belonged to a family member of some kind

[12/08/2013 12:58:16] Minah: I still don't believe that. I will find out who killed him...

[12/08/2013 12:58:28] Dorothy: The guy was a medium or whatever right?

[12/08/2013 12:58:43] Dorothy: You need something of people to call on them when they're dead right?

[12/08/2013 12:59:29] Tamaki: That is a good point... God... this is why Sayuri would be useful. Where is she...

[12/08/2013 13:00:04] Minah: Yes...

[12/08/2013 13:00:29] Dorothy: Whatever, we should save this junk for the trial

[12/08/2013 13:01:01] Minah: No way. I am not letting anyone touch this room after the trial!

[12/08/2013 13:01:08] Tamaki: Agreed, for now we should all rest up.

[12/08/2013 13:01:47] Minah: Im staying in here until its time for the trial.

[12/08/2013 13:06:22] Azami: I'm gonna go rest up in my room... I'll, see you guys at the trial, okay?

[12/08/2013 13:07:54] Tamaki: Alright, rest well.

[12/08/2013 13:08:16] Azami: You too. *looks around the group before leaving down the hallway*

[12/08/2013 13:08:30] Minah: *she sits next to astons dead body*...

[12/08/2013 13:09:19] Dorothy: I'm going to my room too *She heads off down the hall*

[12/08/2013 13:10:19] Tamaki: *Leans against the wall*

[12/08/2013 13:10:53] Minah: *she carefully takes the hand he's not holding tbe hair with, shocked at how cold his hand was compared to last night* I'll see you soon love...

[12/08/2013 13:13:12] Ryan: Minah.... Please tell me you aren't planning to do something you'll regret...

[12/08/2013 13:13:39] Minah: What are you talking about?

[12/08/2013 13:14:05] Ryan: When you said you'd see him soon...

[12/08/2013 13:14:39] Minah: That is a secret between us.

[12/08/2013 13:16:55] Ryan: Are you planning to contact him?

[12/08/2013 13:17:28] Minah: Perhaps. But I don't see why I shouldn't tell you.

[12/08/2013 13:20:40] Sayuri: I..... think I'm going to rest up too.........

[12/08/2013 13:20:44] Sayuri: I'll see you all at the trial.

[12/08/2013 13:20:54] Tamaki: S-sayuri!

[12/08/2013 13:21:14] Sayuri: *turns round to look at Tamaki.*

[12/08/2013 13:21:35] Ryan: It is entirely up to you, I won't force you to tell me anything... But if you ever want to talk you'll likely find me in my talent room

[12/08/2013 13:21:46] Tamaki: *Dashes over* Are you ok? We haven't heard from you for days? I was worried.

[12/08/2013 13:22:01] Minah: Tch. I would never talk to someone like you

[12/08/2013 13:22:15] Sally: I think I wanna go... Sit in my room

[12/08/2013 13:22:45] Sayuri: Actually. I might investigate the body..... being a forensic scientist and all.... I suppose I could be of some assistance?

[12/08/2013 13:23:13] Minah: Don't touch him.

[12/08/2013 13:23:15] Sayuri: And I have been keeping myself to myself over these past few days...I didn't want to bother anyone...

[12/08/2013 13:23:22] Sayuri: And why shouldn't I?

[12/08/2013 13:23:50] Minah: I don't want any of you fuckers touching him.

[12/08/2013 13:23:54] Tamaki: *Nods, smiling* Yes... we need your help. *Turns to Minah* Do you want to catch the person who did this?

[12/08/2013 13:24:37] Minah: I-I do but...*sighs* alright. Just don't touch him inappropriately.

[12/08/2013 13:24:38] Sayuri: Aye, Minah. I'm going to investigate the body.

[12/08/2013 13:24:54] Sayuri: W-Why would I touch him like that--!!

[12/08/2013 13:25:49] Sayuri: *Goes over to the body.*

[12/08/2013 13:26:02] Sayuri: *She pulls out the case file for the murder.*

[12/08/2013 13:26:10] Tamaki: Sayuri is a professional; she'll know what to do. *Smiles*

[12/08/2013 13:27:03] Sayuri: *Smiles.* I need some peace and quiet, alright?

[12/08/2013 13:27:26] Tamaki: *Stands at the side of the room and leans on the wall again, keeping her mouth shut*

[12/08/2013 13:27:39] Sayuri: *Kneels beside the body.*

[12/08/2013 13:27:54] Sayuri: *She begins mumbling to herself.*

[12/08/2013 13:28:03] Minah: *glares at Sayuri,  squeezing astons hand*

[12/08/2013 13:28:48] Ryan: *watching sayuri, once again writing down in his notebook*

[12/08/2013 13:29:12] Sayuri: He's completely unrecognisable.....

[12/08/2013 13:29:41] Sayuri: *Clears throat and brushes herself off.*

[12/08/2013 13:29:55] Minah: Well no shit. His beautiful was completely smashed in

[12/08/2013 13:30:19] Sayuri: *She stands up silently to look around the room for more clues, measuring each and every little thing*

[12/08/2013 13:30:37] Sayuri: *She stops and turns round to look at Minah.*

[12/08/2013 13:31:07] Minah: Hmn? *she looks up at Sayuri*

[12/08/2013 13:31:12] Sayuri: *expressionless* I don't believe in any of that stuff......but I hope he's in a better place now.

[12/08/2013 13:31:29] Sayuri: *She looks at her for a second before kneeling down to go back to her work.*

[12/08/2013 13:32:13] Minah: .....I hope he's happy...he's with his spirit friends now..

[12/08/2013 13:33:13] Sayuri: *She flinches for a second and rushes back over to the body.* Do we have any forensic equipment in the school--????

[12/08/2013 13:33:46] Minah: Your talent room perhaps...

[12/08/2013 13:34:09] Sayuri: Stay here and make sure nobody else sets foot in this room. I will be back shortly.

[12/08/2013 13:34:19] Sayuri: *She rushes away to her talent room.*

[12/08/2013 13:35:05] Minah: *she nods* okay...

[12/08/2013 13:37:07] Sayuri: *She comes back in with a blank look on her face.*

[12/08/2013 13:37:18] Sayuri: There's no equipment.

[12/08/2013 13:37:35] Minah: What were you going to do?

[12/08/2013 13:38:14] Tamaki: *Sighs* I guess that means we can't check the hair...

[12/08/2013 13:38:20] Sayuri: I was going to investigate the clump of hair in his h-

[12/08/2013 13:38:29] Sayuri: Correct, Tamaki.

[12/08/2013 13:38:39] Sayuri: We can, however,

[12/08/2013 13:38:48] Sayuri: do a match up with the students.

[12/08/2013 13:39:06] Minah: But only three of us have brown hair

[12/08/2013 13:42:52] Minah: *she takes the neck tie of Aston* someone stay here.

[12/08/2013 13:42:57] Minah: (Laughs)

[12/08/2013 13:43:03] Sayuri: Hmm?

[12/08/2013 13:43:06] Sayuri: I'll stay here.

[12/08/2013 13:43:11] Sayuri: Where are you off to?

[12/08/2013 13:43:30] Minah: I’m going to do something. *she runs off*

[12/08/2013 13:45:20] Sayuri: Hmm.... alright.

[12/08/2013 13:45:26] Sayuri: *She begins to look around again.*

[12/08/2013 13:47:58] Minah: *comes back a few minutes later,  wearing Aston’s neck tie in a bow around her neck instead of her red ribbon*


[12/08/2013 17:20:10] Azami: *walks down the hallway, her head looking at the floor but glances up at Astons door, seeing Tamaki* oh, hello again *she smiles a little*

[12/08/2013 17:21:05] Tamaki: *She smiles as Azami approaches* Hello. Are you giving the room another once over?

[12/08/2013 17:22:44] Tamaki: The trial is soon so...

[12/08/2013 17:23:15] Azami: I was gonna return a book I had borrowed from Dorothy's room, actually. *she smiles, holding up a copy of Hamlet* but yes, I am nervous about the trial too...

[12/08/2013 17:25:24] Tamaki: *She nods* I think we're all a little tense about it... Even me. I just... don't understand how we got to this point...

[12/08/2013 17:26:47] Azami: *she sighs* me neither... It's a tragic turning point we have reached... I'll just put this back and I'll come back out to talk, okay?

[12/08/2013 17:27:25] Tamaki: *She nods and let's her return the book*

[12/08/2013 17:32:23] Azami: *she goes to return the book, staying inside for a minute or two before coming back out, smiling at her again softly* Hamlet is one of my favourite books,

[12/08/2013 17:32:57] Ryan: *comes out of his talent room, closing the door behind him and noticing that Tamaki and Azami are standing in the corridor* Ah! Hello you two!

[12/08/2013 17:33:17] Minah: *walks into the room,  the red ribbon on her neck now replaced but Astons blue neck tie, tied in a bow and goes over to the body*....

[12/08/2013 17:33:41] Azami: Ah, Ryan! Hello! ... You got into your talent room?

[12/08/2013 17:34:04] Tamaki: *She bows towards Ryan* Hello Ryan.

[12/08/2013 17:34:11] Ryan: Ah, yes I did!

[12/08/2013 17:34:33] Tamaki: What's inside? Has it given you any idea as to what you are?

[12/08/2013 17:34:44] Azami: *sees Minah and smiles in her direction before looking back to Ryan * yeah, what's inside?

[12/08/2013 17:35:18] Minah: *she takes his hand again and softly kisses it* Not long now...

[12/08/2013 17:35:32] Ryan: well... its a psychiatrists office, which can mean alot of things!

[12/08/2013 17:36:11] Ryan: though I dont believe it was simply psychiatry that my talent was unfortunatly

[12/08/2013 17:36:47] Tamaki: So... we still don't know for sure? Hmmm, I have a feeling you'll find out one of these days! I'm sure of it!

[12/08/2013 17:37:25] Ryan: I hope so! Its left alot of blank spots in my memory..

[12/08/2013 17:37:42] Azami: Maybe you're a psychologist...?

[12/08/2013 17:38:26] Ryan: I'm still not sure, I feel as though the psychiatrists office barely scratches the surface of whatever it is...

[12/08/2013 17:41:09] Sayuri: *She walks into the room where the body is.*

[12/08/2013 17:41:42] Sayuri: I've done all the investigating I can. It's such a shame there's no forensic equipment in the school, we would have a solution so much quicker.......

[12/08/2013 17:42:49] Minah: *she lets go of the bodies hand and stands up*

[12/08/2013 17:53:27] Azami: Where are we to go for the trial...?


[12/08/2013 18:24:12] Monoleo Mastermind: *Bing bong bung* I hope you've completed your investigation because it's time for the class trial! Make your way to the room infront of the Elevator!

[12/08/2013 18:24:32] Sayuri: *She clears her throat and silently stands up.*

[12/08/2013 18:24:36] Azami: ... It's time, I guess...

[12/08/2013 18:25:05] Sayuri: *She makes her way to the room.*

[12/08/2013 18:25:12] Dorothy: Let’s do this! *She walks to the elevator*

[12/08/2013 18:25:20] Tamaki: *Begins to head toward the elevator room* We'll all be fine... I know it.

[12/08/2013 18:25:31] Azami: *walks towards the elevator*

[12/08/2013 18:25:35] Ryan: *heads to the elevator, silently reading his notebook*

[12/08/2013 18:25:39] Minah: *she takes one last look at the body* I love you...* She starts going to the elevator*

[12/08/2013 18:25:40] Sally: *She quietly enters the elevator *

[12/08/2013 18:26:17] Tamaki: *Following Sally, she enters the elevator, awaiting everyone else*

[12/08/2013 18:26:54] Azami: *enters the elevator, looking around at everyone already there before looking out the elevator for everyone else*

[12/08/2013 18:26:59] Minah: *she enters, trying to hold back tears*

[12/08/2013 18:27:12] Sayuri: *Puts her hand on Minah's shoulder.*

[12/08/2013 18:27:13] Toso: *Enters the elevator.*

[12/08/2013 18:27:22] Ryan: *enters the elevator*

[12/08/2013 18:27:24] Sayuri: Everything is going to be alright, Minah. Don't you worry.

[12/08/2013 18:27:30] Sayuri: *Enters the elevator.*

[12/08/2013 18:27:40] Tamaki: She's right; we'll catch whoever did this.

[12/08/2013 18:27:47] Minah: They will be once the culprit is dead...

[12/08/2013 18:28:01] Azami: *nods* they'll be brought to justice. Aston will be avenged for this.

[12/08/2013 18:28:11] Sayuri: *Turns round.*

[12/08/2013 18:28:15] Sayuri: Is everybody here?

[12/08/2013 18:28:28] Sayuri: If so I'd like to wish you all the absolute best of luck.

[12/08/2013 18:28:32] Azami: Um... Just Jess, I think?

[12/08/2013 18:29:44] Sayuri: Eh....? Where is she..?

[12/08/2013 18:31:59] Monoleo Mastermind: *The elevator begins to descend slowly, grinding to a halt a few moments later*

[12/08/2013 18:32:07] Sayuri: *Gulp.*

[12/08/2013 18:32:47] Azami: *takes a breath in, letting it out easily to calm herself*

[12/08/2013 18:33:01] Sayuri: This is really happening.... huh....

[12/08/2013 18:33:34] Minah: *she takes a deep breath* let’s just hurry and get this over with

[12/08/2013 18:33:41] Monoleo Mastermind: *The elevator doors open, revealing the courtroom, laid out in a circle, with spaces for everyone, including a spot for Aston, who is represented by a portrait Mono sits up on a throne seat overseeing everyone* Come on in! It's time for the class trial!

[12/08/2013 18:33:57] Jessie: Whelp...

[12/08/2013 18:34:02] Azami: ... What the fuck is this?

[12/08/2013 18:34:07] Sayuri: Is this.... what interior design is really about??

[12/08/2013 18:34:50] Minah: ....*looks around*

[12/08/2013 18:34:51] Tamaki: *She enters, looking around the room, an aura of enmity surrounding her* Well... this isn't obnoxious at all...

[12/08/2013 18:34:57] Sally: *She stepped out the elevator, glaring angrily at mono for a minute before stepping up to a podium*

[12/08/2013 18:35:06] Sayuri: *She steps up on to her podium.*

[12/08/2013 18:35:16] Dorothy: *She walks to her podium*

[12/08/2013 18:35:18] Tamaki: *She takes her place at her podium*

[12/08/2013 18:35:27] Azami: *looks around before stepping up to a podium*

[12/08/2013 18:35:32] Minah: *goes up to her one*

[12/08/2013 18:35:41] Ryan: *steps up to his podium* Lets do this, we'll find the culprit for sure!

[12/08/2013 18:36:05] Toso: *She steps out of the elevator and goes up to her podium* I'm sure we'll find the one guilty for this!!

[12/08/2013 18:36:20] Minah: And I will kill them..

[12/08/2013 18:36:24] Jessie: *Steps up to her podium looking around at the other players*

[12/08/2013 18:36:29] Azami: *lets her hands rest on the curved wood in front of her, looking around at the others*

[12/08/2013 18:37:29] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright here's how this is going to work. You all discuss the case until you reach a conclusion. Use evidence and such to reveal the truth and find the black! If you manage to do this, then the culprit will be punished! However... make a mistake and then you will all be punished, except for the culprit, who will graduate from this school. SO DON'T SCREW UP! LET THE TRIAL BEGIN! *He bangs a gong*

[12/08/2013 18:37:35] Sayuri: *She looks around at all the other's scared expressions.*

[12/08/2013 18:37:57] Sayuri: Okay... where do we start?

[12/08/2013 18:38:01] Dorothy: *Who said her expression's scared? She Stands with a strong, hard expression*

[12/08/2013 18:38:05] Dorothy: *Hoo hoo*

[12/08/2013 18:38:23] Minah: Well, the culprit has to be sally, tamaki or azami!

[12/08/2013 18:38:47] Ryan: Ah yes, the clump of hair would certainly suggest only a person of brown hair being the culprit

[12/08/2013 18:39:04] Dorothy: Well it certainly ain't Sally or Tamaki so fuck off!

[12/08/2013 18:39:11] Tamaki: Does any of the other evidence suggest otherwise?

[12/08/2013 18:39:16] Sayuri: I was going to investigate that hair. But there was no equipment for me to do so.

[12/08/2013 18:39:25] Azami: Did Dorothy not suggest that it could be part of his seance kit?

[12/08/2013 18:39:37] Minah: What?

[12/08/2013 18:40:01] Jessie: It's like a mystery anime I watched once! We'll all work out the culprit together!

[12/08/2013 18:40:07] Tamaki: Azami is right, we musn't jump to conclusions. We have to get this right.

[12/08/2013 18:40:08] Azami: That the hair might be from a friend or family member to communicate with them? Was this not a discussion we watched earlier?

[12/08/2013 18:40:34] Sayuri: ....Eh?

[12/08/2013 18:40:40] Minah: Why would he have it?

[12/08/2013 18:41:25] Azami: I don't know, Dorothy was the one who mentioned it before. I was just bringing it up again. *looks over at Dorothy*

[12/08/2013 18:41:52] Dorothy: I'm just sayin'!

[12/08/2013 18:41:54] Sayuri: Can we at least begin with the case file...?

[12/08/2013 18:41:55] Minah: So was she the one who killed him?

[12/08/2013 18:42:06] Dorothy: None'a those girls would have done it so it's the only answer!

[12/08/2013 18:42:14] Dorothy: It was for calling someone or some shit

[12/08/2013 18:42:33] Tamaki: Let's look at the casefile and discuss it first.

[12/08/2013 18:42:52] Sayuri: Yes. Let's.

[12/08/2013 18:42:54] Minah: Fine

[12/08/2013 18:42:57] Azami: *nods* the case file is a good start

[12/08/2013 18:43:03] Jessie: Mhm!

[12/08/2013 18:43:09] Tamaki: The first interesting thing to note is the time of death. One o'clock.

[12/08/2013 18:43:23] Sayuri: One AM or one PM?

[12/08/2013 18:43:32] Minah: That's two hours after I last saw him

[12/08/2013 18:43:33] Tamaki: AM.

[12/08/2013 18:43:34] Minah: Am.

[12/08/2013 18:43:36] Sayuri: Ah.

[12/08/2013 18:43:56] Tamaki: So we should see who has an alibi or not, correct?

[12/08/2013 18:43:59] Sayuri: We know this because the watch was broken and stuck at that time...?

[12/08/2013 18:44:18] Azami: *nods* checking alibi's is a good idea

[12/08/2013 18:44:26] Tamaki: Indeed.

[12/08/2013 18:45:04] Dorothy: Well Sally and I were in Sally's room for around that time, so!

[12/08/2013 18:45:26] Tamaki: So both you and Sally are excused.

[12/08/2013 18:45:34] Sayuri: Well, I didn't even know the talent rooms existed. Plus, my hair ain't brown.

[12/08/2013 18:45:48] Ryan: Toso and I were in my talent room until sometime near 2!

[12/08/2013 18:45:48] Azami: I had left Sally in Dorothy's talent room at about eleven... Is that about right, Sally?

[12/08/2013 18:45:50] Minah: I was sleeping. But why would I kill him in the first place?

[12/08/2013 18:46:03] Sayuri: I think I was sleeping at that point too....

[12/08/2013 18:46:07] Sally: Yeah, i fell asleep

[12/08/2013 18:46:13] Azami: And I made my way to my room immediately, and I was asleep

[12/08/2013 18:46:26] Sally: Dorothy came in and woke me up but I can't remember what time..

[12/08/2013 18:46:40] Tamaki: So only Dorothy and Sally really have watertight alibis... Hmmm.

[12/08/2013 18:47:48] Toso: I was with Ryan!!!~

[12/08/2013 18:47:53] Azami: What about you, Tamaki?

[12/08/2013 18:47:54] Tamaki: I was in my room as well, for the record.

[12/08/2013 18:48:08] Tamaki: So you and Ryan have an alibi too?

[12/08/2013 18:48:18] Tamaki: That narrows it down.

[12/08/2013 18:48:19] Toso: *Nods* We were in his talent room!

[12/08/2013 18:48:39] Azami: Could it not have been one of you two, then?

[12/08/2013 18:49:58] Tamaki: And for the sake of argument, I think Sayuri and Jessie can be excused too, they haven't been with us and didn't know of the talent rooms.

[12/08/2013 18:50:16] Sayuri: Thank you Tamaki-san.

[12/08/2013 18:50:59] Tamaki: *Smiles and bows her head a little* So does anyone have anything else to say about this matter?

[12/08/2013 18:51:12] Sayuri: Shall we talk about the state of the body?

[12/08/2013 18:51:25] Tamaki: Indeed.

[12/08/2013 18:51:31] Jessie: -nods-

[12/08/2013 18:51:36] Azami: Ah yes, he was hit with a candle, wasn't he?

[12/08/2013 18:51:43] Dorothy: His face was properly smashed in

[12/08/2013 18:51:47] Sayuri: And he had a dislocated shoulder.

[12/08/2013 18:52:05] Tamaki: How did that happen though...?

[12/08/2013 18:52:23] Dorothy: Well they fought, obviously

[12/08/2013 18:52:46] Sayuri: Ah. It says here that pressure was put on his chest...

[12/08/2013 18:52:51] Tamaki: YOU'VE GOT THAT WRONG!

[12/08/2013 18:53:05] Tamaki: The room was generally in perfect condition.

[12/08/2013 18:53:16] Tamaki: I don't think a struggle took place.

[12/08/2013 18:53:29] Minah: My Aston wouldn't fight!

[12/08/2013 18:53:32] Azami: What makes you suggest that...?

[12/08/2013 18:53:52] Sayuri: Yes.... Aston wasn't the type who would be willing to fight.

[12/08/2013 18:53:53] Minah: He's a sweet heart who wouldn't hurt a fly~

[12/08/2013 18:54:00] Jessie: Hmm..

[12/08/2013 18:54:12] Tamaki: Maybe...

[12/08/2013 18:54:27] Dorothy: Are you sure?

[12/08/2013 18:54:39] Minah: Yes!

[12/08/2013 18:54:50] Sally: Maybe someone didn't agree

[12/08/2013 18:54:54] Tamaki: I would think the room would have more battle damage if there was a struggle.

[12/08/2013 18:55:04] Sayuri: Yes. There was barely any mess in the room.

[12/08/2013 18:55:07] Sally: So hurt his shoulder so he couldn't fightback

[12/08/2013 18:55:08] Azami: Hm, that is true...

[12/08/2013 18:55:25] Minah: The culprit. ..must of pinned him down

[12/08/2013 18:55:26] Dorothy: The murderer broke it

[12/08/2013 18:55:29] Tamaki: Yes, maybe even if he wanted to fight back, he couldn't.

[12/08/2013 18:55:34] Sayuri: Exactly!

[12/08/2013 18:55:39] Azami: Pinned him down with what?

[12/08/2013 18:55:54] Ryan: Maybe themselves?

[12/08/2013 18:56:09] Minah: The murderer might of pinned his body to the floor and dislocated his shoulder

[12/08/2013 18:56:32] Tamaki: *She nods and smiles* That sounds plausible.

[12/08/2013 18:57:10] Tamaki: So what about the hair? How does that play into things?

[12/08/2013 18:57:16] Minah: The culprit must me strong in that case

[12/08/2013 18:57:29] Azami: *shivers* what a horrible thought... That a person could do that...

[12/08/2013 18:57:34] Jessie: So someone strong...?

[12/08/2013 18:57:54] Sayuri: Perhaps Aston grabbed the culprit's hair in somewhat of an attempt to fight back...? Or to get something off of them...? As a clue/dying message?

[12/08/2013 18:58:47] Tamaki: Yes... so we're back to finding out who's hair it is.

[12/08/2013 18:59:05] Sally: Well... What shade of brown?

[12/08/2013 18:59:21] Sally: Like, we may have brown hair but who's hair is that brown.

[12/08/2013 19:00:26] Minah: Im telling you it has to be one of the three with brown hair

[12/08/2013 19:00:55] Tamaki: It has to be one of us. So we need to match up the hair...

[12/08/2013 19:01:15] Sayuri: If we can't get something from the hair, I'm afraid I'm pretty stumped...

[12/08/2013 19:01:27] Azami: *nods* but it's quite a dark shade... Might it also apply to people with dark hair, too?

[12/08/2013 19:02:01] Minah: That includes ryan. He gas dark hair

[12/08/2013 19:02:17] Tamaki: But Ryan has an alibi.

[12/08/2013 19:02:19] Sally: Mono get us the hair.

[12/08/2013 19:02:46] Azami: But Toso might have helped him out? It's a possibility

[12/08/2013 19:03:15] Azami: They were also both in the talent halls around the time of the murder...

[12/08/2013 19:03:19] Minah: Exactly. ..

[12/08/2013 19:03:28] Monoleo Mastermind: *Mono leo stops playing with some yarn and pulls the hair, which is in a little baggie* Here you go! Oh, and there would be no point to helping out with a murder, only the person who actually commits the murder gets out.

[12/08/2013 19:03:50] Toso: Huh!?!?! We didn't do it!!

[12/08/2013 19:04:01] Azami: Oh... Well, that's good for future reference, then...

[12/08/2013 19:04:13] Sally: And now we havethe hair.

[12/08/2013 19:04:14] Minah: Can you prove that?

[12/08/2013 19:06:34] Tamaki: Well, it's a sizable clump of hair, so I think it would be hard to not notice if it was missing?

[12/08/2013 19:06:59] Minah: What else can it be?

[12/08/2013 19:08:49] Sally: Fur?

[12/08/2013 19:08:55] Sally: Could it have been fur?

[12/08/2013 19:09:01] Toso: Ryan and I were in the room from around half eleven to 2am!! It wasn't us!!

[12/08/2013 19:09:12] Minah: Fur from what?

[12/08/2013 19:09:21] Tamaki: No, I think it's certainly hair.

[12/08/2013 19:09:25] Minah: You can't prove that!

[12/08/2013 19:09:27] Sally: Jackets?

[12/08/2013 19:09:36] Sally: Well we have the sample!

[12/08/2013 19:09:47] Sally: So we should compare it!

[12/08/2013 19:09:52] Minah: No one here has furry jackets

[12/08/2013 19:09:57] Azami: So you were in the room for two and a half hours? What were you doing?

[12/08/2013 19:09:58] Minah: I think so

[12/08/2013 19:10:57] Sally: If we would just compare our hair to the sample this would be easier!!

[12/08/2013 19:11:09] Ryan: Most of it was spent trying to get into the room, but once we were in we just discussed what we thought my talent might be

[12/08/2013 19:11:28] Azami: And irritation could have pushed you to a murder, could it not?

[12/08/2013 19:11:45] Tamaki: And the talent door is open, so they aren't lying.

[12/08/2013 19:12:07] Minah: Did no one see him after 11?

[12/08/2013 19:13:39] Sayuri: So now that we have the hair.... are we going to compare it.... or...???

[12/08/2013 19:13:52] Tamaki: Yes, let's please do that.

[12/08/2013 19:14:34] Dorothy: Sounds like an idea

[12/08/2013 19:14:42] Sayuri: How do we do it?

[12/08/2013 19:14:47] Sally: Thank you *sighs*

[12/08/2013 19:14:57] Sally: Well, hold it to you hair.

[12/08/2013 19:15:05] Sally: If the colour matches, you're dead.

[12/08/2013 19:15:06] Sally: Simple.

[12/08/2013 19:15:07] Minah: Put it next to everyones hair and conpare the colour

[12/08/2013 19:15:34] Sayuri: Okay. Start handing it round...

[12/08/2013 19:15:36] Sally: *She takes the hair and holdsit to her head* Do I match?

[12/08/2013 19:15:47] Sayuri: Nope.

[12/08/2013 19:16:02] Sally: I'd be mighty worried if I did.

[12/08/2013 19:16:10] Sally: *She passes it on*

[12/08/2013 19:16:11] Sayuri: *She takes the hair.* What about me...?

[12/08/2013 19:16:20] Minah: Obviously not

[12/08/2013 19:16:21] Tamaki: Definitely not.

[12/08/2013 19:16:44] Sayuri: Of course.

[12/08/2013 19:16:47] Sayuri: *She passes the hair on.*

[12/08/2013 19:16:50] Tamaki: *Takes the hair and holds it to her hair*

[12/08/2013 19:16:57] Sayuri: Nope..!

[12/08/2013 19:17:30] Minah: *takes the hair* this is stupid.  *holds it against her head*

[12/08/2013 19:17:57] Dorothy: She's ginger!

[12/08/2013 19:18:05] Dorothy: Why're we compairing her hair??

[12/08/2013 19:18:14] Sayuri: Should we just pass it to those with brown hair...??

[12/08/2013 19:18:37] Jessie: It'd be easier to look at people with brown hair, no?

[12/08/2013 19:18:58] Minah: Exactly!

[12/08/2013 19:19:04] Tamaki: Well then... if it doesn't match Azami then...

[12/08/2013 19:19:41] Minah: Im going to beat the shit out of her!

[12/08/2013 19:24:56] Azami: *takes the hair and checks it next to her own* ...

[12/08/2013 19:25:15] Sayuri: *Stares.*

[12/08/2013 19:25:45] Azami: ... *whispers* match...

[12/08/2013 19:26:12] Tamaki: It... matches...

[12/08/2013 19:26:31] Sayuri: Azami-san....

[12/08/2013 19:26:39] Sayuri: Have you got anything to say for yourself...?

[12/08/2013 19:26:54] Azami: W-We've not even tried Ryan yet, have we!? Our hair is similar!

[12/08/2013 19:26:56] Minah: YOU FUCKASS!

[12/08/2013 19:27:04] Sayuri: Minah!

[12/08/2013 19:27:08] Minah: Why did you kill him!?

[12/08/2013 19:27:12] Azami: I didn't!

[12/08/2013 19:27:19] Sayuri: Minah, calm down!!

[12/08/2013 19:27:35] Sayuri: Azami, we need your alibi.

[12/08/2013 19:27:37] Minah: Who else could it be!?

[12/08/2013 19:27:47] Tamaki: *Trembles and purses her lips together*

[12/08/2013 19:28:00] Minah: How thr hell can I calm down when she killed him!

[12/08/2013 19:28:08] Sayuri: Tamaki. Hold it against yours.

[12/08/2013 19:28:26] Tamaki: *I hold the hair against mine again*

[12/08/2013 19:28:28] Azami: I said I left at eleven, and I went straight to my room!

[12/08/2013 19:28:47] Ryan: But you don't have any way of proving that you did that!

[12/08/2013 19:28:56] Azami: *stares at Tamaki*

[12/08/2013 19:28:56] Sayuri: Exactly...!

[12/08/2013 19:29:15] Minah: I was there with Aston and we didn't see you

[12/08/2013 19:29:16] Tamaki: You don't have an alibi, just like me.

[12/08/2013 19:29:27] Sayuri: But we can't jump to conclusions.

[12/08/2013 19:29:33] Azami: See! I'm not the only one without an alibi!

[12/08/2013 19:29:45] Tamaki: But my hair is a lighter brown.

[12/08/2013 19:30:11] Minah: Tch.

[12/08/2013 19:30:41] Tamaki: I think we need to piece together the case so far. See if it all adds up.

[12/08/2013 19:30:45] Minah: Im positive she did it

[12/08/2013 19:30:48] Sayuri: Alright.

[12/08/2013 19:31:02] Azami: Why would I?!

[12/08/2013 19:31:22] Azami: What possible reason could I have to possibly kill him?!

[12/08/2013 19:31:23] Minah: To get out of here!

[12/08/2013 19:31:37] Minah: He's weak and you wanted out

[12/08/2013 19:31:38] Azami: He was my friend!

[12/08/2013 19:32:18] Minah: You can't prove that!  Can you prove how you really felt about him? About everyone!

[12/08/2013 19:32:27] Azami: Yes! I can!

[12/08/2013 19:32:36] Minah: How can you exactly?

[12/08/2013 19:32:49] Azami: ... Only by words...

[12/08/2013 19:32:50] Sayuri: Azami. We need cold, hard, evidence if you want to save yourself.

[12/08/2013 19:33:16] Minah: See! You have no proof!

[12/08/2013 19:33:26] Azami: *her breath quickens* you really think it's me? You all think it’s me...?

[12/08/2013 19:33:37] Azami: Well come on, then! Why!

[12/08/2013 19:33:42] Azami: Why would I?

[12/08/2013 19:33:52] Sayuri: She's right. The only evidence we have against her is the hair color.

[12/08/2013 19:34:05] Minah: Its enough evidence.

[12/08/2013 19:34:19] Azami: It's not!

[12/08/2013 19:34:28] Tamaki: But there is no other evidence...

[12/08/2013 19:35:01] Minah: We don't know if she really did go to her room

[12/08/2013 19:35:15] Azami: And I'm not nearly strong enough to batter his face in with the candelabra! Never mind with him struggling!

[12/08/2013 19:35:37] Azami: *she pauses, rethinking her words*

[12/08/2013 19:36:07] Minah: So he definitely did struggle?

[12/08/2013 19:36:09] Sayuri: .....We assumed he did not struggle.

[12/08/2013 19:36:22] Azami: ... He...

[12/08/2013 19:36:24] Azami: I...

[12/08/2013 19:36:25] Sayuri: Azami-san, you may have just dug your own grave.

[12/08/2013 19:36:28] Tamaki: Azami...

[12/08/2013 19:36:51] Minah: YOU FUCKER IT WAS YOU! *She tears up*

[12/08/2013 19:37:04] Azami: *she looks around at them all with wide, frightened eyes*

[12/08/2013 19:37:10] Sayuri: *Puts hand on Minah's shoulder.*

[12/08/2013 19:37:22] Sayuri: If it was her....

[12/08/2013 19:37:28] Sally: Azami... How could you?

[12/08/2013 19:37:42] Minah: W-why the fuck did you kill him?

[12/08/2013 19:37:44] Sayuri: What do you have to say for yourself?

[12/08/2013 19:37:49] Azami: I... We... *she feels tears form* im sorry...

[12/08/2013 19:38:17] Tamaki: *purses her lips together and trembles* Dammit...Why...

[12/08/2013 19:38:39] Sayuri: Azami. Can you tell us exactly what happened?

[12/08/2013 19:38:46] Azami: ... Jealousy is a dreadful thing, isnt it...

[12/08/2013 19:38:46] Minah: *tears fall from her eyes* y-you....killed him...

[12/08/2013 19:38:54] Jessie: Azami.. Why...?

[12/08/2013 19:39:09] Ryan: *standing silently, unable to say anything and still writing in his notebook*

[12/08/2013 19:39:14] Sayuri: *She's managed to keep her cool throughout the trial, but he begins to tremble.*

[12/08/2013 19:39:36] Toso: Why would..Why would you do that!!!?!?!?!

[12/08/2013 19:39:39] Azami: *she looks at the ground, taking in a shaken breath* me and him were close, friends... And then as soon as he got with Minah, I was dropped...

[12/08/2013 19:40:09] Sally: After all the nice things you said last night?

[12/08/2013 19:40:15] Tamaki: Oh Azami-san...

[12/08/2013 19:40:26] Minah: W-what?

[12/08/2013 19:40:45] Azami: I had seen him going into his talent room, and I went in to try talking to him. All he said was how he had promised her he'd be back, how he promised to see her in the cafeteria...

[12/08/2013 19:41:02] Azami: How much he loved her... *her voice breaks slightly*

[12/08/2013 19:41:07] Minah: ....

[12/08/2013 19:41:22] Azami: And I broke... *she looks up at minah* I'm so sorry...

[12/08/2013 19:41:27] Sayuri: A murder committed over jealousy and romance..... A novel classic.

[12/08/2013 19:41:34] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright you little shits your time is up! Now it's time to put it to the vote!

[12/08/2013 19:41:59] Azami: *looks down at the ground, unable to look at anyone*

[12/08/2013 19:42:05] Minah: *starts crying even more* I-I'm going to fucking kill you!  *she runs up to azami and slaps het across the face*

[12/08/2013 19:42:13] Sayuri: Minah!!!!

[12/08/2013 19:42:19] Sally: Minah!!

[12/08/2013 19:42:24] Monoleo Mastermind: Just say the name of who you think commited the crime and- HEY GET BACK IN YOUR PODIUM!

[12/08/2013 19:42:37] Azami: *she lets out a yelp, but hangs her head in shame* no! No, don't tell her off... She's within her rights...

[12/08/2013 19:42:42] Minah: No! Why the hell should I!?

[12/08/2013 19:42:51] Sayuri: Minah. Please come back.

[12/08/2013 19:43:04] Azami: Monoleo, I have a little more to say... I wont take long

[12/08/2013 19:43:10] Tamaki: How did it come to this... *She says under her breath*

[12/08/2013 19:43:17] Minah: *she looks at azami with disgust and goes back*

[12/08/2013 19:43:24] Monoleo Mastermind: Fine fine... continue *Mumbles*

[12/08/2013 19:43:47] Sally: I vote Azami.

[12/08/2013 19:43:58] Azami: Minah, the last thing he said was he loved you... He whispered it, and it was very blissful... And true...

[12/08/2013 19:44:25] Sayuri: *Claps hands over her mouth.*

[12/08/2013 19:44:28] Minah: *she bites her lip and looks down* I-I know..

[12/08/2013 19:44:41] Azami: And he said that if anyone wanted to contact him, they could through a seance...

[12/08/2013 19:45:04] Azami: And if any of you want me, though I dont know why, you can reach me there, too...

[12/08/2013 19:45:09] Azami: Also, Tamaki?

[12/08/2013 19:45:25] Tamaki: Yes? *Perks her head up*

[12/08/2013 19:45:50] Azami: Do you remember me putting that book back in Dorothy's room? What it was?

[12/08/2013 19:46:01] Tamaki: ...Hamlet...

[12/08/2013 19:46:07] Azami: Because there's something in it I want you all to read after I'm gone...

[12/08/2013 19:46:25] Sayuri: ...Eh?

[12/08/2013 19:46:33] Tamaki: *She nods* Yes. We will.

[12/08/2013 19:46:45] Azami: I wrote it this afternoon, read it out to everyone, please...

[12/08/2013 19:47:04] Azami: *she sighs* monoleo, go with the vote, please...

[12/08/2013 19:47:14] Dorothy: A note?

[12/08/2013 19:47:16] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright now you can all vote!

[12/08/2013 19:47:19] Sayuri: *Comforts Minah.*

[12/08/2013 19:47:27] Monoleo Mastermind: *mumbles*finally...

[12/08/2013 19:47:31] Sally: Azami.

[12/08/2013 19:47:36] Sayuri: Azami...

[12/08/2013 19:47:36] Ryan: I vote Azami....

[12/08/2013 19:47:46] Tamaki: ...Azami.

[12/08/2013 19:47:52] Minah: *wipes away her tears* A-azami...

[12/08/2013 19:47:52] Dorothy: Azami

[12/08/2013 19:48:09] Azami: *silent tears fall down as they vote*

[12/08/2013 19:49:20] Toso: I want to thank you for being my friend, Azami...But I need to vote..I'm sorry. I vote for Azami..

[12/08/2013 19:50:25] Azami: *looks up at Toso, a small smile forming* thank you, Toso... Think of me fondly from time to time, please

[12/08/2013 19:51:19] Ryan: And I thought I could have seen the master of flowers at her work... I wish none of this had happened...

[12/08/2013 19:51:57] Azami: ... The panda lily is a sign of hope. Normally they die after two days.

[12/08/2013 19:52:22] Monoleo Mastermind: Blech...

[12/08/2013 19:52:23] Azami: Use that lily to stay strong, promise me you won't let my bad example change you!

[12/08/2013 19:52:36] Sayuri: Azami.

[12/08/2013 19:52:39] Sayuri: Thank you.

[12/08/2013 19:52:50] Minah: ....

[12/08/2013 19:52:54] Ryan: Our hope will never die! I promise you that!

[12/08/2013 19:53:07] Sayuri: Against hope.....

[12/08/2013 19:53:12] Sayuri: Despair can not win...!!

[12/08/2013 19:53:12] Azami: *now sobbing fully* I'm so sorry *she gasps air* I'm so, so sorry!

[12/08/2013 19:53:21] Tamaki: *Is finding it hard to come up with the words* I...

[12/08/2013 19:53:30] Minah: ....

[12/08/2013 19:54:37] Minah: When you see aston...tell him I love him.

[12/08/2013 19:54:49] Toso: *She walks across to Azami and hugs her* While what you did was're my friend...and i forgive you.

[12/08/2013 19:54:58] Jessie: *pouts a bit* ...Azami

[12/08/2013 19:55:28] Azami: *nods* I'll tell him, I promise... *hugs Toso, gripping her tightly* I'm sorry I let you all down...

[12/08/2013 19:55:44] Azami: But stay strong, if not for me, for Aston...

[12/08/2013 19:55:49] Monoleo Mastermind: *The monoleo roulette begins to roll and it eventually lands on Azami, for all three spaces*

[12/08/2013 19:56:00] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu~ YOU GOT IT RIGHT!

[12/08/2013 19:56:15] Tamaki: So... we definitely weren't mistaken...

[12/08/2013 19:56:26] Minah: ...

[12/08/2013 19:56:29] Azami: ... *she steps away from Toso, watching them all* I guess this is goodbye...

[12/08/2013 19:56:43] Sally: Goodbye, Azami.

[12/08/2013 19:56:48] Sayuri: Azami.....

[12/08/2013 19:56:51] Sayuri: Sleep tight.

[12/08/2013 19:57:10] Monoleo Mastermind: Now it's time for you to be punished for disrupting the balance of the school! How despairful... Upupupu~

[12/08/2013 19:57:19] Azami: *nods* I hope to see you all in many decades to come...

[12/08/2013 19:57:35] Azami: ... Punished...?

[12/08/2013 19:57:37] Tamaki: Goodbye Azami... I just... wish I could have protected you as well...

[12/08/2013 19:57:38] Minah: ...goodbye

[12/08/2013 19:57:43] Azami: Like... In what way?

[12/08/2013 19:57:48] Toso: ......

[12/08/2013 19:57:52] Sayuri: ......

[12/08/2013 19:57:59] Monoleo Mastermind: Why...

[12/08/2013 19:58:05] Monoleo Mastermind: AN EXECUTION OF COURSE!

[12/08/2013 19:58:24] Azami: *her eyes widen* no...

[12/08/2013 19:58:25] Monoleo Mastermind: *Laughs loudly and maniacally*

[12/08/2013 19:58:28] Sayuri: *Lets out a shriek*

[12/08/2013 19:58:58] Minah: .....

[12/08/2013 19:59:25] Azami: *shaking violently*

[12/08/2013 19:59:48] Minah: ...

[12/08/2013 20:03:26 | Edited 20:04:18] Monoleo Mastermind: *A clasp comes out from nowhere and clutches around Azami's neck, dragging her into the darkness. Monoleo urges everyone to follow. Azami is surrounded by a vibrant garden of flowers and tropical plants, almost like a botanical garden. Two vines covered on thorns wrap around her wrists and begin to drag her along the ground. She's pulled through a nettle bush, A thistile patch, across a cactus and through a pile of poison ivy. As she emerges, high up in the the room, she is held up above a gigantic, mono coloured flower. It opens up to reveal a huge fly trap. Azami is dropped and the jaws of the Fly trap close. Blood drips from it and the remains drop into the soil below. Monoleo then comes along and blows the remains away with a leaf blower*

[12/08/2013 20:04:35] Minah: .......

[12/08/2013 20:04:37] Sayuri: Rest well..... Azami......

[12/08/2013 20:04:44] Toso: ....

[12/08/2013 20:05:01] Tamaki: Azami...

[12/08/2013 20:05:40] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright that's it for now you bastards. Now get out of here! Upupupupu~

[12/08/2013 20:05:58] Minah: *she immediately runs out*

[12/08/2013 20:06:10] Sayuri: *hurries quickly after Minah*

[12/08/2013 20:06:21] Tamaki: Let's leave this place... *Hurries after Sayuri and Minah*

[12/08/2013 20:06:36] Minah: *is in the elevator*....

[12/08/2013 20:06:39] Dorothy: *She hurrys into the elevator freaking out a little*

[12/08/2013 20:06:52] Jessie: Yeah, let's go... *rushes to the elevator, shocked by what she's witnessed infront  of her*

[12/08/2013 20:06:53] Azami: ((Forgot to say, the copy of hamlet is in the speak easyyy))

[12/08/2013 20:06:56 | Edited 20:07:26] Ryan: *walks into the elevator, looking quite blank*

[12/08/2013 20:07:05] Sayuri: *rushes up to Minah.*

[12/08/2013 20:07:06] Sally: *Sally stumbles to the elevator, unable to breathe or see properly*

[12/08/2013 20:07:50] Tamaki: *She can't stop the shaking, even as she enters the elevator and leans against the wall* Minah... I'm so sorry...

[12/08/2013 20:08:23] Minah: I-it's okay....

[12/08/2013 20:09:01] Sayuri: *She's managed to keep her cool.*

[12/08/2013 20:09:09] Toso: *she reachs into her waist ribbon thing and pulls outyellow flower, she puts them on the ground before walking to the elevator with the others*

[12/08/2013 20:09:19] Toso: ( fricky *out a yellow )

[12/08/2013 20:09:28] Sayuri: *She eventually lets out a pained scream and collapses to the floor.*

[12/08/2013 20:09:28] Monoleo Mastermind: *The elevator ascends leaving the courtroom, and Azami, behind*

[12/08/2013 20:10:02] Tamaki: Sayuri! *She kneels down*

[12/08/2013 20:10:19] Minah: *walks into astons talent room*

[12/08/2013 20:10:28] Sayuri: *Is on her back, shaking and sobbing uncontrollably.*

[12/08/2013 20:10:44] Sally: *As soon as they reach the top and the elevator opens up Sally almost falls out, grabbing the wall for support. She's hyperventilating *

[12/08/2013 20:11:21] Sayuri: How could I let this happen..... It's all my fault..... Azami.... Aston.......

[12/08/2013 20:11:34] Minah: ....his body is gone...

[12/08/2013 20:11:51] Jessie: I can't believe this happened all so soon!

[12/08/2013 20:11:58] Ryan: ... *walks out of the elivator, and watches the others, showing no emotion*

[12/08/2013 20:12:02] Tamaki: Sayuri... Come on. *Tries to help her up*

[12/08/2013 20:12:09] Sally: I should have... Made Azami stay... Y'all wouldn't have had to see it..

[12/08/2013 20:12:35] Sayuri: *Heaves herself up, with the help of Tamaki.*

[12/08/2013 20:12:41] Sayuri: No matter what....

[12/08/2013 20:12:46] Tamaki: It's... no one's fault. No one's... but his... *Shoulders Sayuri*

[12/08/2013 20:12:51] Sayuri: *yells* We can't let this happen again!!!!!!!!!

[12/08/2013 20:13:06] Sayuri: *She hobbles away with Tamaki*

[12/08/2013 20:13:19] Tamaki: Everyone, we need to go to the Speak Easy. We have a note to read...

[12/08/2013 20:13:36] Dorothy: I'll lead the way

[12/08/2013 20:14:06] Tamaki: *Nod's and follows Dorothy, still shouldering Sayuri*

[12/08/2013 20:14:36] Ryan: *continues to follow the others**

[12/08/2013 20:14:40] Sayuri: *Limps along with Tamaki*

[12/08/2013 20:14:48] Dorothy: *Heads off to the Libary*

[12/08/2013 20:15:14] Tamaki: Minah, you might want to come. *Shouts down the hall*

[12/08/2013 20:15:23] Sally: *Follows them all*

[12/08/2013 20:15:28] Jessie: *Follows everyone else, too shocked about what happened to talk at the moment*

[12/08/2013 20:16:20] Dorothy: *Once in the library she tips the bust's head, turning the back wall to reveal the speakeasy*

[12/08/2013 20:16:21] Minah: *follows everyone*

[12/08/2013 20:16:49] Toso: *Following the others*

[12/08/2013 20:16:49] Tamaki: *She sits Sayuri down at a table and finds the copy of Hamlet on a table*

[12/08/2013 20:17:10] Sally: *Follows inside*

[12/08/2013 20:17:16] Tamaki: *She begins to read the letter*

[12/08/2013 20:17:20] Sayuri: *She hums to herself, and quickly recieves her cool and calm again.*

[12/08/2013 20:18:16] Minah: ....what does it say?

[12/08/2013 20:18:48] Azami: To My Fellow, Brilliant and Bright Students,

Please don't let my own foolish acts stop you from finding a way out. Keep your hope, hold your strength, and don't, under any circumstances, let you head hang in defeat.

You are all strong, and you are all so brave. I was a coward, and I'll admit that with open arms. Don't let my own ignorance let you follow suit. Monoleo is there to break you and to make you turn on each other; I let his game get to me, and Aston paid the ultimate price for it, and that is something I'll carry in my heart long after I die.

Please, try not fight amongst yourselves, but rather appreciate each others talents and team all of your talents together to find a way out of here. There has to be one, away from the bolted windows and the sealed door, there must be something; there is /always/ something. Try everything possible, but don't fall to the level I did. I hope I see you all find a way out.

 Minah, I'm sorry again. Aston really cared for you, and I'm sorry I took him away. He fought for you, to protect you, because I was past the point of no return. I was mad and, given an opportunity to go, i probably would have killed everyone, but his words keep ringing through my ears... about how ill always regret this, and i cry as i write because it is true. if i survive this trial, i most certainly wont last long with this guilt. Please, forgive me my sins. Keep Aston close to your heart, and the rest of you, work together. I hope to see you leave this place wherever I go.

I love you all, my dearest friends

Azami xo

[12/08/2013 20:19:44] Sayuri: *She turns around to look at everybody.*

[12/08/2013 20:21:14] Minah: ....

[12/08/2013 20:21:25] Sayuri: Is everyone alright?

[12/08/2013 20:21:25] Toso: ......

[12/08/2013 20:22:42] Minah: I-I need to see him..

[12/08/2013 20:23:03] Tamaki: *Tears rolling down her cheeks, she sets the book down and begins to wander to the exit* I... I will protect you all. I will see that this never happens again. I swear this time! *She head out of the speak easy*

[12/08/2013 20:23:20] Toso: *She looks down, trying to stop herself from sobbing.* ..

[12/08/2013 20:23:35] Sayuri: *She slams her fists on the table and stands up.*

[12/08/2013 20:23:49] Sayuri: We are not going to let this happen again

[12/08/2013 20:24:15] Sally: I thought up a plan last night.

[12/08/2013 20:24:21] Sally: I want you all to hear it.

[12/08/2013 20:24:26] Minah: ...someone....come with me

[12/08/2013 20:24:43] Sayuri: I'll come, Minah.

[12/08/2013 20:25:13] Minah: Thank you...*she takes sayuris hand and runs out*

[12/08/2013 20:29:36] Ryan: *still standing in the speakeasy, watching whoever is remaining* .....

[12/08/2013 21:05:00] Monoleo Mastermind: *END OF CHAPTER 1*



[12/08/2013 21:42:45] Minah: *walks out astons talent room with a soft smile,  tears still falling down her face*

[12/08/2013 21:44:27] Sayuri: *Follows behind Minah.*

[12/08/2013 21:45:26] Minah: I going to go sleep

[12/08/2013 21:47:51] Sayuri: Me too.

[12/08/2013 21:47:57] Sayuri: Please, rest well, sweetie.

[12/08/2013 21:49:01] Minah: You too...*she walks to the dorm area, entering astons room instead of hers*

[12/08/2013 21:50:02] Sayuri: *She watches her with a sad smile on her face, and enters her room.*

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