[13/08/2013 06:02:26] Monoleo Mastermind: *bing bong* This is a school announcement. It is now morning, the cafeteria is now open. Let's all try our best today.

[13/08/2013 06:14:36] Monoleo Mastermind: It's also worth noting that today is a free day and no motives will be given out.

[13/08/2013 06:29:57] Monoleo Mastermind: *CHAPTER 2*


[13/08/2013 07:02:03] Minah: *goes to the cafeteria*

[13/08/2013 07:10:37] Tamaki: *She enters the cafeteria, hair wet and out of it's usual ponytail, towel around her neck. She notices Minah and bows* Good Morning Minah...

[13/08/2013 07:11:18] Minah: *she gives her a warm smile* Hello Tamaki~ How are you this morning?

[13/08/2013 07:13:22] Tamaki: *Taken aback slightly at first, Tamaki soon returns the smile before sitting down at the table* I feel better after that shower, so generally ok. How about you? Did you sleep well?

[13/08/2013 07:15:50] Minah: I'm doing great. And I slept wonderfully thank you~ It appears we can go upstairs now.

[13/08/2013 07:18:07] Tamaki: *She nods* I saw that the gates had been lifted on the way here. I'll have to take a look later. I'm curious as to what we'll find considering we already have talent rooms...

[13/08/2013 07:19:21] Minah: More classrooms perhaps? I mean...this is a school after all, isn't?  What else can it be?

[13/08/2013 07:20:36] Tamaki: True, but why would he keep those from us?

[13/08/2013 07:21:10] Minah: Who knows. *shrugs* Guess we'll see when we go up.

[13/08/2013 07:26:00] Tamaki: *She nods, putting her hair up into her ponytail* We have a free day so we might as well make the most of it and give it a good once over.

[13/08/2013 07:29:43] Minah: Mn...and try find a way out. Then I think I'll spend most of the day with Aston once we finish exploring.

[13/08/2013 07:34:38] Tamaki: *She keeps quiet, only smiling softly. She wanders over to the cafetera counter* Would you like anything? *She grabs a bottle of drinking water for herself and glances over to Minah*

[13/08/2013 07:35:24] Minah: Tea would be nice please..

[13/08/2013 07:37:13] Tamaki: Of course. *She smiles and begins to prepare the tea, glancing up at Minah occasionally* You and Sayuri... were trying to contact Aston last night right? Did you reach him?

[13/08/2013 07:39:56] Minah: *she smiles and nods* We did. He's doing well....I'm going to try again a bit later...I miss him...

[13/08/2013 07:43:36] Tamaki: *She brings out the tea and places it down in front of Minah* I'm glad... and yes, I can imagine. We're lucky in a sense.

[13/08/2013 07:45:36] Minah: Thank you. And you're right...because of Aston's SHSL we can contact those who have died...

[13/08/2013 07:47:57] Tamaki: *Keeping silent for a lttle bit, sipping her water, she finds the nerve to ask* Should we contact Azami...?

[13/08/2013 07:50:21] Minah: .........I guess we could. Aston doesn't seem to be all that mad with her so I suppose we could

[13/08/2013 07:51:22] Tamaki: You don't have to. If you tell me what to do I could always do it?

[13/08/2013 07:52:43] Minah: You need two people to do it and....*explains what to do because im dumb and can't remember but if you really want to know ask melissa*

[13/08/2013 07:57:54] Tamaki: *She nods and tries to commit it to memory* Alright, I might give it a shot later if someone wants to join me. I'm sure that someone else will want to have words.

[13/08/2013 07:59:46] Minah: You can come with me if you like...I need to speak to Aston anyway..

[13/08/2013 08:00:52] Tamaki: If you're sure then i'm ok with it.

[13/08/2013 08:01:03] Tamaki: *Smiles softly*

[13/08/2013 08:02:01] Minah: *she nods* I'm okay with it. If I get to see my Aston before I'll be fine

[13/08/2013 08:04:00] Tamaki: Of course. *She nods* You can talk to him as much as you need to.

[13/08/2013 08:05:15] Minah: But we should wait until the rest get here

[13/08/2013 08:06:49] Tamaki: *Nods* I haven't seen anyone else today...

[13/08/2013 08:07:26] Minah: I don't think anyone is dead. Perhaps still sleeping. Yesterday was hetic...

[13/08/2013 08:09:20] Tamaki: My thoughts exactly, we all deserve a little rest today. And no, I don't think anyone has the stomach to kill. Even if we wanted to, Mono hasn't given out a motive...

[13/08/2013 08:09:50] Minah: Exactly so no one has a reason to kill

[13/08/2013 08:11:36] Tamaki: Which is why this free day is all the more important. *She get's up out of her chair and picks up her Shinai* I'm going to scope out the new floor for a little. Make sure it's safe before anyone else goes up there.

[13/08/2013 08:12:20] Minah: Okay. Be careful!

[13/08/2013 08:12:55] Tamaki: I will. *She smiles confidently and walks out of the Cafeteria* You too!


 [13/08/2013 13:23:48] Ryan: *walks into the cafeteria, taking a seat and reading over his notes again*


 [13/08/2013 20:44:37] Tamaki: *Walks into the Cafeteria* Is anyone in here?

[13/08/2013 20:46:35] Minah: *is cleaning up* mn. Was just about to leave. This place will close soon

[13/08/2013 20:47:22] Tamaki: I just thought I'd check. I want to make sure no one get's trapped in here.

[13/08/2013 20:47:45] Tamaki: The next floor is all safe... although there are plants everywhere in the halls.

[13/08/2013 20:48:13] Minah: ....plants you say? Interesting...

[13/08/2013 20:49:03] Tamaki: *She nods* They look safe, but be careful if you head up there...

[13/08/2013 20:50:22] Minah: I will be. Thank you. Better be careful. We're getting another motive tomorrow.

[13/08/2013 20:51:35] Tamaki: *She grimaces* How awful... still, I won't let another murder happen. No harm will come to anyone!

[13/08/2013 20:52:26] Minah: Im sure another one wont happen.

[13/08/2013 20:53:24] Tamaki: No matter what that motive is... *She turns to leave* I'll see you tommorrow. Sleep well Minah.

[13/08/2013 20:54:03] Minah: You too Tamaki. *she nods and leaves soon after*


[13/08/2013 21:28:21] Monoleo Mastermind: *Beep boop* Oh yeah, this is a school announcement. It is now night time. Hope you're all excited for your motives tommorrow! Sleep well!

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