[16/08/2013 06:07:12] Monoleo Mastermind: *bing bong* This is a school announcement. It is now morning. The cafeteria will be opened. Let's all try our best today.

[16/08/2013 16:16:32 | Edited 16:42:17] Tamaki: *Enters the cafeteria, sits down at a chair and begins to read, slipping her reading glasses on*

[16/08/2013 16:43:51] Sayuri: *She waltzes into the cafeteria.*

[16/08/2013 16:44:21] Tamaki: *She looks over her reading glasses, noticing Sayuri walk in*

[16/08/2013 16:44:28] Tamaki: Hello Sayuri.

[16/08/2013 16:45:02] Sayuri: Oh! Hello Tamaki-san, I didn't notice you were in!

[16/08/2013 16:45:09] Sayuri: How are you this morning?

[16/08/2013 16:46:14] Tamaki: *She mulls over it for a second* I'm not sure to be honest with you.

But that isn't important, how are you?

[16/08/2013 16:47:00] Sayuri: Oh, but it does matter!! And I'm not really sure either...

[16/08/2013 16:47:09] Sayuri: I wonder who's hungover from last night?

[16/08/2013 16:48:19] Tamaki: *She chuckles* No one hopefully, but I guess that's what happens.

Besides I wasn't there so I don't know how much everyone was drinking.

[16/08/2013 16:48:59] Ryan: *wanders in, yawning* Hey guys!

[16/08/2013 16:49:14] Sayuri: Ah! Good morning Ryan!

[16/08/2013 16:49:17] Tamaki: *Nods to Ryan, smiling* Hello Ryan.

[16/08/2013 16:50:09] Ryan: *he sits with them* How are you both today?

[16/08/2013 16:50:52] Tamaki: *She sighs, closing her book* I'm not sure really...

Everything is just... I don't know...

[16/08/2013 16:53:40] Tamaki: I guess I'm just having a bad day.

I won't bore you by trying to put it into words.

[16/08/2013 16:54:15] Ryan: *he takes of his glasses, cleaning them* If you want to talk about it, I would gladly talk to you in my talent room! *he puts them back on*

[16/08/2013 16:56:13] Tamaki: I guess that could help...

[16/08/2013 16:58:59] Tamaki: It's nothing too drastic though... *She stands up from her seat, stumbling as she does, wincing in pain* Ngh...

[16/08/2013 16:59:31] Ryan: *he stands up suddenly* A-Are you ok? Do you need me to take you to the nurses office?

[16/08/2013 17:00:38] Sayuri: Are you okay Tamaki....?

[16/08/2013 17:01:47] Tamaki: N-no... I'm fine. I think I just need to rest. *She get's up, her leg wobbling and shaking, pain on her face*

[16/08/2013 17:03:29] Ryan: What on earth happened?

[16/08/2013 17:03:30] Ryan: Tamaki!

[16/08/2013 17:03:39] Sayuri: *Rushes over and lets Tamaki lean on her.*

[16/08/2013 17:05:02] Tamaki: *She rests herself onto Sayuri for a moment*  Ok... I'll go...

[16/08/2013 17:05:36] Sayuri: What happened-!?

[16/08/2013 17:06:27] Tamaki: It's just a sprain... honest...

[16/08/2013 17:06:40] Ryan: How did it happen?

[16/08/2013 17:08:02] Tamaki: *She holds her tounge for a moment* I think I practiced my swings a bit too much... I stumbled and fell at an awkward angle...

[16/08/2013 17:08:47] Ryan: Is that the truth, Tamaki?

[16/08/2013 17:09:21] Sayuri: ...

[16/08/2013 17:09:52] Tamaki: *She nods* I'm telling the truth... I wouldn't lie...

[16/08/2013 17:10:41] Ryan: *he frowns* Tamaki... Is there something you're not telling us?

[16/08/2013 17:12:00] Tamaki: NO! *She shouts, Shifting off of Sayuri's shoulder* I'm... going to the nurses office...

[16/08/2013 17:13:21] Tamaki: *She hobbles towards the door*

[16/08/2013 17:13:42] Ryan: *he watches her go, his face completely blank again*

[16/08/2013 17:15:25] Sayuri: *She turns to Ryan.*

[16/08/2013 17:18:40] Tamaki: *Before leaving* I'll be fine... you can check on me later if you want... *She exits the cafeteria*

[16/08/2013 17:19:00] Sayuri: I'll come check on you later...!

[16/08/2013 17:19:04] Ryan: *he closes his eyes, sighing*

[16/08/2013 17:20:24] Sayuri: How do you think she hurt it....?

[16/08/2013 17:20:30] Sayuri: She left the party early last night...

[16/08/2013 17:23:33] Ryan: Lets not stay on that subject. It would probably be for the best

[16/08/2013 17:28:22] Ryan: Whatever has happened... lets just hope that she hasn't done something...

[16/08/2013 17:30:07] Sayuri: I really hope everything's alright...

[16/08/2013 17:51:29] Ryan: So do I.

[16/08/2013 17:53:24] Ryan: Now lets not dwell on it, you haven't seen my talent room yet have you?


[16/08/2013 21:58:14] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright you shits, this is a special student announcement! So listen up!

[16/08/2013 21:58:31] Sayuri: ..Eh?

[16/08/2013 21:58:43] Sally: What

[16/08/2013 21:58:43] wow ( DR3- Toso Kaishi): Huh?

[16/08/2013 21:58:48] Monoleo Mastermind: Is everyone listening?

[16/08/2013 21:58:50] Dorothy: What'd you want now?

[16/08/2013 21:58:54] Minah: What is it?

[16/08/2013 21:59:02] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupu...

[16/08/2013 21:59:23] Sally: Y'all soundin scary there..

[16/08/2013 21:59:39] Monoleo Mastermind: It seems as if there's been another incident with one of your classmates...

[16/08/2013 21:59:47] Sayuri: WHAT.

[16/08/2013 21:59:53] Minah: W-what!?

[16/08/2013 21:59:54] Sally: Huh!

[16/08/2013 22:00:02] Sally: Don't tell me someone's dead

[16/08/2013 22:00:06] Ryan: Oh no....

[16/08/2013 22:00:14] Minah: Don't mess with us cat!

[16/08/2013 22:00:22] Monoleo Mastermind: That's right! Another murder has taken place! *Cackles loudly*

[16/08/2013 22:00:28] Dorothy: Don't fuck around!

[16/08/2013 22:00:50] Sayuri: *She quickly turns around to her classmates.*

[16/08/2013 22:00:51] Sayuri: Let's go.

[16/08/2013 22:01:00] Minah: W-what? Where?

[16/08/2013 22:01:26] Sally: Who!?

[16/08/2013 22:01:34] Monoleo Mastermind: Tamaki has been... hanging around in Sayuri's talent room for some time now.

[16/08/2013 22:01:40] Dorothy: NO

[16/08/2013 22:01:42] Sayuri: Tamaki......

[16/08/2013 22:01:50] Sally: No...

[16/08/2013 22:01:53] Sayuri: *She screams.* TAMAKI!!!

[16/08/2013 22:01:55] Dorothy: FUCK NO

[16/08/2013 22:02:02] Sally: You're lying it can't be Tamaki!!!!!

[16/08/2013 22:02:05] Minah: What! Let’s go!

[16/08/2013 22:02:12] Sayuri: *She sprints out the room to her talent room.*

[16/08/2013 22:02:21] Minah: *runs after her*

[16/08/2013 22:02:22] Ryan: *runs after sayuri*

[16/08/2013 22:02:31] Dorothy: *Running out the room she heads to Sayuri's talent room*

[16/08/2013 22:02:36] Sally: *Runs behind them all*

[16/08/2013 22:02:47] Sayuri: *She bursts in the door.*

[16/08/2013 22:03:03] Dorothy: *Runs into the room with ragged breath*

[16/08/2013 22:03:27] Sayuri: *She turns around to look at everyone behind her,*

[16/08/2013 22:03:31] Sayuri: *and she faints.*

[16/08/2013 22:03:44] Ryan: S-Sayuri! *rushes to help her*

[16/08/2013 22:03:46] Minah: *stands at the door,  panting* s-sayuri!

[16/08/2013 22:03:50] Sally: *Enters the room and just stands there, staring*

[16/08/2013 22:04:18] Ryan: *picks her up* I'll take her to the nurses office! *rushes to the nurses office with her*

[16/08/2013 22:04:34] Sayuri: Wait... I'm...

[16/08/2013 22:04:38] Dorothy: WAKE UP

[16/08/2013 22:04:52] Sayuri: *She sprints back to Tamaki.*

[16/08/2013 22:05:13] Sayuri: *She collapses by her side, and sobs into her, clutching her close.*

[16/08/2013 22:05:24] Dorothy: *Grabs Sayuri by the coller of her shirt*

[16/08/2013 22:05:29] Dorothy: *Pulls her up, into her face*

[16/08/2013 22:05:30] Ryan: *follows her back* How could this happen...

[16/08/2013 22:05:39] Dorothy: Care to explain to me why the FUCK SHE WAS IN YOUR ROOM

[16/08/2013 22:05:57] Sayuri: *She screams.* I don't know!! I wish I knew!!

[16/08/2013 22:06:07] Dorothy: *Shakes her a little*

[16/08/2013 22:06:09] Ryan: Dorothy... Its likely that she's been framed....

[16/08/2013 22:06:16] Dorothy: OH REALLY?

[16/08/2013 22:06:22] Sally: I swear Sayuri… Or whoever did this

[16/08/2013 22:06:28] Ryan: Wouldn't it be too obvious to leave her in her own room?

[16/08/2013 22:06:31] Dorothy: Peh *Lets go of her*

[16/08/2013 22:06:36] Sayuri: I swear on my life, I didn't do this!!

[16/08/2013 22:06:36] Sally: Y'all are gonna die and I'm gonna be the one to fucking do it

[16/08/2013 22:06:44] Minah: But she died in here...

[16/08/2013 22:06:51] Dorothy: Tamaki was a fucking angel

[16/08/2013 22:06:52] Sayuri: Everyone, calm down!

[16/08/2013 22:07:06] Sayuri: *Her expression goes dark.*

[16/08/2013 22:07:08] Sayuri: Get out.

[16/08/2013 22:07:12] Sayuri: While I investigate.

[16/08/2013 22:07:13] Dorothy: Whoever did this, is going straight to the nineth layer of hell

[16/08/2013 22:07:16] Minah: W-what?

[16/08/2013 22:07:37] Sally: She was like a mamma

[16/08/2013 22:07:44] Minah: You're making it more obvious you killed her by telling us to get out!

[16/08/2013 22:07:44] Sally: And y'all have gone and killed her

[16/08/2013 22:07:45] Monoleo Mastermind: Ding Dong Dang Dong! A body has been found! A period of investigation will now commence! The trial will begin whenever I feel like it! A Monoleo file has been added to the evidence list!

[16/08/2013 22:07:51] Sayuri: We don't have time to babble.

[16/08/2013 22:07:56] Dorothy: There's no way we're leaving YOU a prime suspect ALONE in here

[16/08/2013 22:08:01] Sayuri: Okay, fine.

[16/08/2013 22:08:05] Sayuri: Someone stay with me.

[16/08/2013 22:08:09] Ryan: I'll stay

[16/08/2013 22:08:16] Sayuri: Thank you, Ryan.

[16/08/2013 22:08:28] Dorothy: *Walks straight up to Ryan*

[16/08/2013 22:08:35] Ryan: I'm sorry everyone, please give us time to investigate.

[16/08/2013 22:08:37] Minah: Tch. What if he was working with her

[16/08/2013 22:08:38] Dorothy: Any funny business and your secret's out

[16/08/2013 22:08:43] Dorothy: Got it?

[16/08/2013 22:09:54] Ryan: We will work as fast as we can...

[16/08/2013 22:10:08] Sayuri: Everyone else scatter and look for other clues.

[16/08/2013 22:10:29] Dorothy: *Gives him a long look, then Sayuri and turns*

[16/08/2013 22:10:34] Dorothy: A'right, give 'em space

[16/08/2013 22:10:48] Minah: *she turns and leaves the room*

[16/08/2013 22:11:05] Sayuri: *She pulls out the Monoleo file.*

[16/08/2013 22:11:14] Sayuri: Killed - Tamaki


Body: Head shows signs of being  beaten. Multiple stab wounds along her arm and her chest. Victim has  been crucified onto the wall in Sayuri's Talent room. Leg is injured.


Shinai (Damaged)(in hallway)

Smashed Glasses in the (in hallway)


Tamaki's Injured Leg

Cause of death

Crucfied position

Apron in sink full of water

Dirty Towels found in the bin


[16/08/2013 22:11:32] Sally: Hey anyone wanna come... See if we can't figure this out...

[16/08/2013 22:11:41] Sayuri: *She skims it quickly before kneeling down to check out her leg.*

[16/08/2013 22:12:08] Sayuri: Ryan, do you remember in the cafeteria this afternoon, she was limping?

[16/08/2013 22:23:19] Monoleo Mastermind: To ensure Fair Play, Aston's Talent room has been locked!

[16/08/2013 22:23:52] Dorothy: Fuck

[16/08/2013 22:23:58] Minah: (Minah cries)

[16/08/2013 22:24:05] Dorothy: Looks like I'll have to use my booty again

[16/08/2013 22:24:24] Minah: Its big enough

[16/08/2013 22:24:32] Dorothy: Damn right

[16/08/2013 22:25:03] Dorothy: Big booties for the strong

[16/08/2013 22:25:05] Sally: Dorothy please keep it G rated..

[16/08/2013 22:25:16] Monoleo Mastermind: If you break that fucking door down there will be two murders here tonight!

[16/08/2013 22:25:44] Sally: Mono touch her and that'll make three murders.

[16/08/2013 22:26:14] Sayuri: We need some assisstance in my talent room.

[16/08/2013 22:26:20] Sayuri: We're struggling for evidence.

[16/08/2013 22:26:22] Dorothy: Hmm?

[16/08/2013 22:27:10] Sayuri: Please.

[16/08/2013 22:27:15] Sayuri: Has anyone found anything?

[16/08/2013 22:28:58] Sally: I haven't

[16/08/2013 22:29:27] Dorothy: Nothing

[16/08/2013 22:29:34] Dorothy: YOU'RE the one lookin' at the body

[16/08/2013 22:30:19] Minah: What do you need help with?

[16/08/2013 22:30:44] Sayuri: ....I can't think straight.

[16/08/2013 22:31:52] Minah: Why? Because you killed her?

[16/08/2013 22:32:32] Sayuri: I didn't.

[16/08/2013 22:33:09] Sayuri: There was no reason for me to be in my talent room...?

[16/08/2013 22:33:11] Sayuri: It was empty.

[16/08/2013 22:33:35] Dorothy: There ain't no evidence against you NOT killing her!

[16/08/2013 22:33:53] Sayuri: What evidence is there FOR it?

[16/08/2013 22:34:06] Sayuri: Apart from it being in my talent room, which I had no reason to be in.

[16/08/2013 22:34:20] Sayuri: Ryan was with me during the day today.

[16/08/2013 22:34:46] Sayuri: Tamaki hobbled out of the cafeteria with her injured leg, after refusing help.

[16/08/2013 22:46:31] Dorothy: Lets leave that for the trial

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