[19/08/2013 06:16:11] Monoleo Mastermind: *ding dong* This is a school announcement. It is now morning do the cafeteria will now be open! Let's all try our best today.

[19/08/2013 11:44:13] Monoleo Mastermind: *ding dong* This is a school announcement. You will be given new motives today as soon as you all get online. I shall make an announcement when that happens and you will all recieve your motive together. *Cuts off*

[19/08/2013 11:58:24] Monoleo Mastermind: *ding dang* Also the third floor is now of course open! Go and explore it if you wish.

((It contains:

Art Studio

Relaxation room

Fitness room

Coffee/Tea Room

A Locked Room with no label))

The walls have been decorated with fabric and clothed mannequins, just to liven the place up a little. Enjoy! *cuts off*

[19/08/2013 18:59:14] Monoleo Mastermind: *Ding Dong* This is a school announcement, can all students please come to the School Hall for a special presentation by your Headmaster~

[19/08/2013 19:00:42] Sayuri: *She strides into the School Hall.*

[19/08/2013 19:01:04] Ryan: *walks in with her, cleaning his glasses*

[19/08/2013 19:01:10] Toso: *She quickly skips into the school hall*

[19/08/2013 19:01:10] Sally: *walks into the school hall quietly *

[19/08/2013 19:01:18] Dorothy: *Walks into the school hall, crossing her arms over*

[19/08/2013 19:01:59] Monoleo Mastermind: *Is already standing on the stage* Upupupu~

How are you all today?

[19/08/2013 19:02:19] Sayuri: *She gives a small nod.*

[19/08/2013 19:03:40] Dorothy: Tired.

[19/08/2013 19:03:45] Monoleo Mastermind: God you're all awfully quiet today... usually you guys are squawking like Ravens.

[19/08/2013 19:03:59] Sally: Maybe cause our mommas gone

[19/08/2013 19:04:13] Dorothy: God bless her

[19/08/2013 19:04:36] Sayuri: *She puts her head down.*

[19/08/2013 19:04:41] Monoleo Mastermind: Your Momma?

[19/08/2013 19:04:59] Sally: Tamaki

[19/08/2013 19:05:08] Sayuri: *She clenches her fist.*

[19/08/2013 19:05:35] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh right, her. Yeah what a shame...

Well now that we have that out of the way let's move on to better things.

[19/08/2013 19:06:03] Sayuri: *She inhales, and puts her head back up.*

[19/08/2013 19:06:06] Sayuri: What is it this time?

[19/08/2013 19:06:44] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupu~ It's time for new motives.

[19/08/2013 19:06:56] Sayuri: New motives--!!

[19/08/2013 19:08:41] Monoleo Mastermind: Yep!

Last time was spectacular, some of the best entertainment i've had for a while.

I'm expecting big things this time so i'm going to give you three motives, sort of.

[19/08/2013 19:08:54] Ryan: three...?

[19/08/2013 19:09:39] Sally: I don't want any

[19/08/2013 19:09:47] Sally: They're all gonna be terrible

[19/08/2013 19:09:59] Monoleo Mastermind: One of them is very similar to the other motives, the second is a bit of a gamble and the third is some information.

Pick one, which would you like first!

[19/08/2013 19:10:19] Sayuri: *She looks over at Ryan.*

[19/08/2013 19:10:48] Ryan: What do you guys think?

[19/08/2013 19:10:58] Sally: Third one

[19/08/2013 19:11:07] Sally: Maybe the information is important?

[19/08/2013 19:11:15] Sayuri: But what if the info is useless?

[19/08/2013 19:11:21] Sayuri: ...Third, anyway...

[19/08/2013 19:11:40] Ryan: *nods* the third

[19/08/2013 19:11:42] Monoleo Mastermind: You'll get all three eventually so you aren't going to lose anything. I'm just letting you choose the order.

[19/08/2013 19:12:01] Sayuri: ....Third, first, second...?

[19/08/2013 19:12:03] Dorothy: And we said the third one

[19/08/2013 19:12:09] Dorothy: So get on with it!

[19/08/2013 19:13:28] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupu~ Alright then.

I might have mentioned this before to some of you before...

But one of you isn't as trustworthy as they seem.

In other words...

There has been a traitor among you all this time.

Since the beginning right up until now the Traitor is still alive.

[19/08/2013 19:14:00] Sayuri: *She looks at Ryan again.*

[19/08/2013 19:14:06] Sally: *immediately looks at Ryan*

[19/08/2013 19:14:07] Dorothy: *Looks at Ryan*

[19/08/2013 19:14:23] Sayuri: Why are /you/ all looking at him...?

[19/08/2013 19:15:22] Ryan: ....*he looks at toso* Aren't you being unusually quiet?

[19/08/2013 19:15:28] Sally: He's easily the most suspicious

[19/08/2013 19:15:31] Dorothy: Because he's pretty DAMN suspicious

[19/08/2013 19:15:34] Sayuri: *She glances over at Toso.*

[19/08/2013 19:15:45] Sayuri: H-Hey....

[19/08/2013 19:15:50] Sayuri: Why is Ryan suspicious....??

[19/08/2013 19:15:55] Dorothy: Fuck off, Toso's a darling

[19/08/2013 19:16:04] Sayuri: Ryan's a darling too, though.

[19/08/2013 19:16:05] Toso: Huh? I'm being quiet?? I was just caught in thought!!!

[19/08/2013 19:16:35] Dorothy: *Mocking tone* "Oooh I don't know what my talent is" "Oooh I know all the answers" "Oooh I'm so mysterious" "I'm going to write notes about you all"

[19/08/2013 19:16:57] Sayuri: Don't say that.

[19/08/2013 19:17:05] Ryan: Can we just get on with it?

[19/08/2013 19:17:13] Dorothy: Say what?

[19/08/2013 19:17:15] Dorothy: What ya gonna do?

[19/08/2013 19:17:23] Sayuri: Yes, come on, let's keep it short and sweet.

[19/08/2013 19:17:26] Dorothy: EH?! What you gonna do about it?!

[19/08/2013 19:17:40] Monoleo Mastermind: Which motive next?


[19/08/2013 19:17:53] Sayuri: *She looks at Dorothy.*

[19/08/2013 19:18:01] Ryan: The first one

[19/08/2013 19:18:01] Sayuri: *She looks back to Monoleo.*

[19/08/2013 19:21:14] Monoleo Mastermind: I have prepared another present for you all~

[19/08/2013 19:21:19] Jessie: *Jessie walks in oblivious to what everyone is talking about* Hey guys ! *she shouts over as she waves to them*

[19/08/2013 19:21:39] Sayuri: What is it, then?

[19/08/2013 19:21:39] Monoleo Mastermind: Well someone is late to the party...

[19/08/2013 19:21:44] Sayuri: Short and sweet, remember!

[19/08/2013 19:22:02] Jessie: I was sleepy, and went for a nap earlier *bops her head in a silly manner*

[19/08/2013 19:22:55] Monoleo Mastermind: In front of you are some keys... *Gestures in front of him*

[19/08/2013 19:23:54] Ryan: Keys?

[19/08/2013 19:23:57] Sayuri: ...?

[19/08/2013 19:24:04] Ryan: For what?

[19/08/2013 19:24:06] Dorothy: For the locked room

[19/08/2013 19:24:09] Dorothy: I'm sure

[19/08/2013 19:24:26] Dorothy: Is that right?

[19/08/2013 19:24:27] Monoleo Mastermind: YOU GOT THAT WRONG!

[19/08/2013 19:24:34] Dorothy: Wow, calm it Janet

[19/08/2013 19:25:56] Monoleo Mastermind: As you can see, all the keys are identical.

[19/08/2013 19:29:15] Monoleo Mastermind: The keys open up a chest which is somewhere in the school.

Inside is something very special...

Only one key will work though.

You each have to take one key.

[19/08/2013 19:30:37] Monoleo Mastermind: Each has a chain on it, put it around your neck.

[19/08/2013 19:31:04] Jessie: So.. we each get a chest or?

[19/08/2013 19:31:24] Monoleo Mastermind: There's only one chest.

[19/08/2013 19:34:13] Ryan: And what is the 2nd motive?

[19/08/2013 19:35:48] Monoleo Mastermind: The second motive?

If a murder takes place... then I'll open up the Records room~

And perhaps the other locked room too.


[19/08/2013 19:38:46] Ryan: Is the chest in a room thats currently open?

[19/08/2013 19:39:34] Monoleo Mastermind: Yes of course. It's very hard to find though~

Hmmm... maybe the traitor would know where it is.

[19/08/2013 19:40:34] Ryan: *he takes a key, putting it around his neck and turning to the others* Shall we go look for the chest?

[19/08/2013 19:41:21] Jessie: -nods at Ryan- Yup!

[19/08/2013 19:41:47] Monoleo Mastermind: Well Well, that's all folks! *Hops behind the stage*

[19/08/2013 19:42:36] Dorothy: Byeeeeee

[19/08/2013 19:42:57] Dorothy: *She takes a key, reluctantly putting it around her neck*

[19/08/2013 19:43:46] Toso: Mhm.. *She takes one of the keys and holds it in her hand* I wonder where the chest could be?~

[19/08/2013 19:47:30] Ryan: Has anyone seen anything that could be the chest?

[19/08/2013 19:53:35] Sayuri: *She takes a key.*

[19/08/2013 20:00:13] Monoleo Mastermind: *ding dong* Oh yeah, and by the way, once you put the keys around your neck, you won't be able to take it off~

[19/08/2013 20:03:10] Dorothy: Wow, fuck that

[19/08/2013 20:03:54] Ryan: ... Should we start looking?

[19/08/2013 20:04:49] Dorothy: I guess

[19/08/2013 20:05:20] Dorothy: But if we all find it at the one time we're gonna either fight over it or no one'll want to do it

[19/08/2013 20:06:44] Ryan: two groups of three maybe?

[19/08/2013 20:10:33] Dorothy: Honestly, part of me doesn't want to find that shit

[19/08/2013 20:11:59] Ryan: Could whats in it be important though?

[19/08/2013 20:13:59] Dorothy: It's gonna cause trouble

[19/08/2013 20:14:19] Ryan: That could be true... Perhaps we should leave it then?

[19/08/2013 20:17:32] Dorothy: Some idiot's going to go after it anyway, it's inevitable

[19/08/2013 20:17:39] Dorothy: But it ain't gonna be me, so do whatever you want

[19/08/2013 20:18:13] Dorothy: *She turns and walks out the room*

[19/08/2013 20:22:38] Sally: *She follows Dorothy* Uhh.. What she said

[19/08/2013 20:27:09] Ryan: ... *he exits the room, heading for the stairs*

[19/08/2013 20:29:46] Sayuri: *She quickly follows behind Ryan.*

[19/08/2013 20:30:54] Toso: *She looks confused for a moment before following after Ryan and Sayuri.*


[19/08/2013 21:09:00] Monoleo Mastermind: *Ding Dong* It's time for another special announcement!

[19/08/2013 21:09:49] Sayuri: *She groans.*

[19/08/2013 21:09:52] Sayuri: What is it now...?

[19/08/2013 21:10:48] Monoleo Mastermind: Hey what's with the attitude!

[19/08/2013 21:11:31] Sayuri: It's nothing....! It's just you've given us something to do, and then ya gotta pull us back here for another announcement.

[19/08/2013 21:11:37] Sayuri: Let me restart.

[19/08/2013 21:11:55] Sayuri: Sorry, Monoleo, darling, what was it you wanted to tell us all?

[19/08/2013 21:12:40] Monoleo Mastermind: That's better!

I was just wanting to say that something else has happened to one of your classmates~

[19/08/2013 21:12:54] Sayuri: ....Honestly....?

[19/08/2013 21:13:25] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh I'm not lying, cross my heart and hope to die! *Cackles*

[19/08/2013 21:13:38] Sayuri: Well.... Who was it....?

[19/08/2013 21:13:54] Sayuri: *She tenses up.*

[19/08/2013 21:14:22] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupu~ Ryan seems to be taking a nice long nap in his Talent room~

Maybe permanently?

[19/08/2013 21:15:03] Sayuri: ...No way.....No.....No way.....Not him......Not Ryan......

[19/08/2013 21:15:31] Sayuri: He was the only one I had left......Ryan......Not Ryan......

[19/08/2013 21:15:41] Sayuri: *She collapses to her knees and keeps muttering to herself.*

[19/08/2013 21:16:04 | Edited 21:16:35] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu... AHAHAHA! *Cackles loudly*

[19/08/2013 21:19:36] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupu~

[19/08/2013 21:19:52] Sally: You're not serious.

[19/08/2013 21:20:04] Sally: We just had two deaths and now another one!?!?

[19/08/2013 21:24:22] Monoleo Mastermind: Anyway, his body is in his talent room. The Monoleo file will be added soon enough~

Investigation will last from now until tommorrow afternoon where we shall begin the trial!

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