[26/08/2013 18:47:19] Monoleo Mastermind: *Bing bong* Can all students please make their way to the elevator, the school trial is about to begin.

[26/08/2013 18:47:54] Dorothy: *She swiftly enters the elevator, shaking her head*

[26/08/2013 18:48:23] Sally: *She follows behind Dorothy, yawning*

[26/08/2013 18:48:47] Toso: *Toso walks to the elevato, a determined look on her face* We're gonna find who did this!!

[26/08/2013 19:06:52] Monoleo Mastermind: *The doors to the elevator close and it descends*

[26/08/2013 19:41:55] Monoleo Mastermind: *The elevator descends slowly to the courtroom until it reaches the bottom with a clunk. The doors slide open to reveal a newly decorated courtroom, with Monoleo already perched on his throne* Come on in! Upupupupu~

[26/08/2013 19:42:25] Toso: "She walks out of the elevator and to her spot*

[26/08/2013 19:42:47] Dorothy: *She strides to her stand, sighing deeply*

[26/08/2013 19:43:16] Sally: *She stands on her spot* This place feels so empty...

[26/08/2013 19:44:01] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright, you know the drill. Discuss the case until you stumble across the black! Carefully look at the evidence and uncover the truth behind the case! Let the trial begin!

[26/08/2013 19:44:07] Sayuri: *She walks slowly to her spot, and brushes off her black clothes.*

[26/08/2013 19:44:27] Sayuri: *She clears her throat, and lifts her head up.*

[26/08/2013 19:44:29] Sally: I am completely stumped.

[26/08/2013 19:44:38] Toso: So first things first, We look over the evidence, yeah!?!?

[26/08/2013 19:45:00] Sayuri: That would be the best thing to do...

[26/08/2013 19:46:34] Dorothy: He was poisioned for sure!

[26/08/2013 19:47:45] Dorothy: And with three notes left at the crime scene all clearly written by himself, Ryan knew he was going to pop his clogs

[26/08/2013 19:48:40] Sally: So suicide?

[26/08/2013 19:48:52] Dorothy: For sure

[26/08/2013 19:49:21] Dorothy: I know Sally an' I were together. I put on a show for her in the speak easy

[26/08/2013 19:49:31] Dorothy: I don't know about Toso and Sayuri

[26/08/2013 19:51:48] Toso: Sayuri and I were together when it happened!!!

[26/08/2013 19:52:15] Sally: So he did it himself.

[26/08/2013 19:52:18] Sally: Mystery solved.

[26/08/2013 19:52:41] Toso: But!!! What if we close this case so quickly and everyone gets killed?!?!?

[26/08/2013 19:52:56] Toso: We have to go over the other evidence!!

[26/08/2013 19:53:22] Dorothy: I doubt it

[26/08/2013 19:53:31] Dorothy: But if it makes you feel secure go ahead

[26/08/2013 19:55:29] Dorothy: What do you think Toso? Is there any evidence there to proove otherwise?

[26/08/2013 19:57:06] Toso: I don't know...but..If we come to the wrong conclusion because it looks like he killed himself we could all end up dead!!!

[26/08/2013 19:57:19] Dorothy: Aaah, want me to do all the work then?

[26/08/2013 19:58:02] Dorothy: Feh, I guess you could say the books thrown around the room could be a sign of struggle

[26/08/2013 19:58:14] Toso: And!! His glasses are broken!!

[26/08/2013 19:58:16] Dorothy: But, I'm for sure Ryan freaked out at something

[26/08/2013 19:58:42] Toso: And there was a panda lily in his mouth....

[26/08/2013 19:58:47] Dorothy: There was no fight. His body was undamaged

[26/08/2013 19:59:19] Sally: Toso unless you're lying about being with Sayuri then he all up and killed himself.

[26/08/2013 19:59:44 | Edited 19:59:57] Toso: What? Me and Sayuri werre together on the third floor!!

[26/08/2013 19:59:50] Dorothy: Toso wouldn't be lying, because if she were then the whole "he killed himself" would be perfect for her

[26/08/2013 19:59:59] Dorothy: It's not her

[26/08/2013 20:00:33] Toso: That's what I mean!! What if he was murdered and it's made to look like a suicide to throw us off..

[26/08/2013 20:00:50] Sally: Then who did it?

[26/08/2013 20:01:12] Toso: Um...Monoleo? I have a question.

[26/08/2013 20:01:26] Monoleo Mastermind: What is it?

[26/08/2013 20:01:34] Toso: Can Ghosts commit murder?

[26/08/2013 20:01:50] Dorothy: Call ghost busters

[26/08/2013 20:02:19] Monoleo Mastermind: *laughs and cackles loudly* Of course not!

[26/08/2013 20:03:34] Toso: Oh...It was just because the flower in his mouth made me think of...Nevermind!!! If ghosts can't do it then my idea was wrong.

[26/08/2013 20:03:56] Dorothy: Admit it! There's no other way!

[26/08/2013 20:05:16] Sayuri: S....Suicide.....?

[26/08/2013 20:05:47] Toso: *She looks down to the ground* I guess that's what happened then..

[26/08/2013 20:06:12] Sayuri: The state of the body.... he looked like an angel....

[26/08/2013 20:06:17] Sally: Sayuri unless you did it there's no other way.

[26/08/2013 20:06:27] Toso: Sayuri was with me!!!!!!

[26/08/2013 20:06:36] Sayuri: I was with Yoso...

[26/08/2013 20:06:58] Dorothy: The only reason Toso would lie is if she was covering for Sayuri

[26/08/2013 20:07:06] Sayuri: We can't jump to conclusions too quickly though, I'm afraid.

[26/08/2013 20:07:13] Sayuri: We might get ourselves killed.

[26/08/2013 20:07:18] Dorothy: Got any other ideas then?

[26/08/2013 20:07:22] Dorothy: Go on!

[26/08/2013 20:08:04] Sayuri: What about the smashed glasses....?

[26/08/2013 20:08:16] Dorothy: That goes with the books

[26/08/2013 20:08:43] Dorothy: He got upset at something and got....violent, I guess

[26/08/2013 20:08:56] Dorothy: And for whatever reason, offed himself

[26/08/2013 20:09:21] Sayuri: That's strange...

[26/08/2013 20:09:31] Dorothy: Hmmm?

[26/08/2013 20:10:08] Sayuri: The last we heard from him- Toso and I- Was when he swiftly walked out of the Tea and Coffee room.

[26/08/2013 20:10:11] Sayuri: He was dead quiet.

[26/08/2013 20:10:32] Toso: Uh huh!! We were looking for the chest and then he just left!!

[26/08/2013 20:14:36] Sayuri: Sally..... Dorothy.... Why do you always accuse others...?

[26/08/2013 20:19:58] Sally: Because we know it ain't us.

[26/08/2013 20:21:34] Toso: Mhm..The notes near the body..They said Hope, Despair and Empathy, Yeah!??!

[26/08/2013 20:22:39] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu~ I suppose I should let you in on a little secret

[26/08/2013 20:23:02] Toso: Huh??

[26/08/2013 20:23:08] Sally: What?

[26/08/2013 20:23:28] Monoleo Mastermind: Ryan found out his true talent~

[26/08/2013 20:23:40] Sally: And it was?

[26/08/2013 20:23:52] Monoleo Mastermind: Super High School Level Empath~

[26/08/2013 20:24:17] Toso: So that's why Empathy was written down!!

[26/08/2013 20:24:25] Dorothy: Wow

[26/08/2013 20:24:28] Monoleo Mastermind: I guess so!

[26/08/2013 20:26:45] Monoleo Mastermind: That's all, continue, i'm sure you aren't far from the truth now~

[26/08/2013 20:28:31] Dorothy: I think it's quite clear now

[26/08/2013 20:28:54] Monoleo Mastermind: Then have you all reached a conclusion?

[26/08/2013 20:29:05] Dorothy: *Looks to the others*

[26/08/2013 20:29:07] Dorothy: Have we?

[26/08/2013 20:29:26] Sayuri: Can we hear everyone's alibis...?

[26/08/2013 20:30:09] Sally: Me and Dorothy were in the speakeasy

[26/08/2013 20:30:13] Toso: That's a good idea! I'm leaning towards it being himself that done it but checking alibi's can't hurt, can it?

[26/08/2013 20:31:30] Sayuri: Okay. I was with Toso in the Tea and Coffee room, and after he left, we didn't really take notice.... We began to stroll around the floor.

[26/08/2013 20:32:12] Toso: Uh huh! We talked about the mannequins and then Monoleo had said there's been a murder!!

[26/08/2013 20:33:06] Dorothy: We were in the speak easy, so that's that

[26/08/2013 20:34:06] Sally: We were busy then mono interrupted. Rude.

[26/08/2013 20:34:18] Sally: *glare*

[26/08/2013 20:34:25] Toso: You were busy?

[26/08/2013 20:34:28] Sayuri: Have we reviewed all of the evidence given...?

[26/08/2013 20:34:35] Sayuri: ....Busy?

[26/08/2013 20:34:37] Dorothy: Yeah

[26/08/2013 20:34:38] Sayuri: Doing what exactly?

[26/08/2013 20:35:13] Toso: Oh!! Wait!!

[26/08/2013 20:35:34] Toso: His key was still attached to his neck!!

[26/08/2013 20:35:48] Sayuri: Of course.

[26/08/2013 20:36:14] Sally: And that mean?

[26/08/2013 20:36:52] Dorothy: He didn't find the chest?

[26/08/2013 20:36:54] Sayuri: ...If it was a murder, the key would have been taken, perhaps...?

[26/08/2013 20:37:27] Dorothy: Exactly what I said at the begining!

[26/08/2013 20:37:28] Toso: If the murderer wanted to get into the chest! They would have took his key!!

[26/08/2013 20:37:36] Dorothy: Geez, we're going in circles here

[26/08/2013 20:37:49] Toso: But it didn't hurt to go through all the evidence!

[26/08/2013 20:38:16] Sally: What evidence? We were all with someone during the murder.

[26/08/2013 20:38:36] Sayuri: Sally... what were you busy doing?

[26/08/2013 20:38:48] Toso: Our friends are dying here and we could have ended up all dead too if we had got something wrong though!!

[26/08/2013 20:39:09] Sally: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh

[26/08/2013 20:40:07] Dorothy: I was doing a show for her in the speak easy

[26/08/2013 20:40:10] Dorothy: I told you earlier

[26/08/2013 20:40:15] Sally: Yeah!

[26/08/2013 20:40:30] Sayuri: That was some amount of hesitation there, y'know.

[26/08/2013 20:40:49] Dorothy: *Shakes hips* Hey big spendeeer

[26/08/2013 20:40:53] Dorothy: No?

[26/08/2013 20:41:24] Sally: I was being taught in the art of... Her dancing.

[26/08/2013 20:41:34] Toso: *Looks confused at Dorothy* That's dancing?

[26/08/2013 20:41:54] Dorothy: No, that was shakin' my hips

[26/08/2013 20:41:57] Dorothy: I'll show you dancing

[26/08/2013 20:43:23] Monoleo Mastermind: So have you all reached a conclusion or what?!

[26/08/2013 20:43:58] Sally: But I thought the dancing was special for me... *pout*

[26/08/2013 20:44:24] Dorothy: It's my job!!

[26/08/2013 20:44:31] Dorothy: Obviously!

[26/08/2013 20:44:52] Sally: Wait you do *that* for a living?

[26/08/2013 20:45:33] Toso: Shaking your hips doesn't seem like a very good way dance..

[26/08/2013 20:45:48] Sayuri: C-Can we stay on topic...?

[26/08/2013 20:46:14] Dorothy: Say that to the belly dancers an' they'll whop ya

[26/08/2013 20:46:47] Dorothy: I told you, Ryan killed himself, the end

[26/08/2013 20:47:09] Monoleo Mastermind: Is that your final answer?

[26/08/2013 20:47:23] Dorothy: For sure!

[26/08/2013 20:47:23] Sally: Yes.

[26/08/2013 20:48:05] Sayuri: I suppose...

[26/08/2013 20:48:16] Toso: Uh huh!

[26/08/2013 20:49:36] Monoleo Mastermind: *ding ding ding and yawn* Yeah that's correct... god how boring... we don't get to kill anyone else today! Yes Ryan killed himself...

[26/08/2013 20:50:01] Sayuri: *She starts to shake and puts her head down.*

[26/08/2013 20:50:43] Sayuri: Mono....

[26/08/2013 20:50:47] Sayuri: Why did he do it...?

[26/08/2013 20:52:54] Monoleo Mastermind: *He shrugs* Search me! It's not like he told me or anything, didn't even leave a note!

[26/08/2013 20:55:38] Monoleo Mastermind: *Grumbles* God dammit, I should probably trash something... what should I destroy...

[26/08/2013 20:56:05] Toso: The walls that block us from the outside world maybe???!?!?

[26/08/2013 20:56:20] Monoleo Mastermind: *Cackles* Good one!

[26/08/2013 21:00:57] Monoleo Mastermind: I got it! *Monoleo hits the button infront of him and in the execution area, the seance equipment appears. A monoleo comes out with a make shift proton pack on, dressed in ghostbusters clothing. Fake ghosts pop up from where the Seance kit lays and Monoleo blasts them. One final ghost appears close to the equipment, Monoleo fires his beam and destroys the equipment for good*

[26/08/2013 21:01:22] Dorothy: You stole that shit from me

[26/08/2013 21:01:37] Sayuri: *Her jaw drops.*

[26/08/2013 21:01:58] Sayuri: I...I....

[26/08/2013 21:02:10] Sayuri: *She clenches her fists together, and shouts:*

[26/08/2013 21:02:15] Sayuri: I have something to say...!!

[26/08/2013 21:02:21] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh? What is it?

[26/08/2013 21:02:35] Sayuri: .....

[26/08/2013 21:02:39] Sayuri: Ryan.... left me a note....

[26/08/2013 21:02:47] Dorothy: So you knew all along?

[26/08/2013 21:02:50] Sayuri: He said I wasn't to open it until after the next trial...

[26/08/2013 21:02:57] Sayuri: I had no idea....

[26/08/2013 21:03:04] Sayuri: That he was going to do that...

[26/08/2013 21:03:11] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh goodie, well I look forward to hearing about that!

[26/08/2013 21:03:36] Sayuri: *She carefully slips the envelope out of her pocket.*

[26/08/2013 21:03:50] Sayuri: *She inhales, and slices it open with her nail.*

[26/08/2013 21:04:28] Sayuri: *She skims the note, shaking her head.*

[26/08/2013 21:04:31] Sayuri: no way....

[26/08/2013 21:04:47] Sayuri: *She begins to tear up and continues shaking her head.*

[26/08/2013 21:05:14] Sayuri: *The room goes silent.*

[26/08/2013 21:05:44] Sayuri: *She recollects herself after a few minutes, and clears her throat, mascara running down her face.*

[26/08/2013 21:06:03] Sayuri: Are....we ready...?

[26/08/2013 21:07:13] Sayuri: *She unfolds the note again.*

[26/08/2013 21:07:32] Sayuri: Dear Sayuri,

[26/08/2013 21:08:12] Sayuri: By this time I will already have killed myself. I could no longer handle this place, it's toxic atmosphere broke me and made me feel nothing but a deep depression. Perhaps I would have lived to see the end, when we all brought the mastermind down and escaped this trecherous hell that the cat calls "school". But something was worse than the despair... it was hope. To everyone I was a freak, a creep and an accomplice to the murders. All I was to them was a cockroach to step on again and again. I wanted to help everyone escape, and this is why I killed myself, so that my key could be used for the surprise. In the end it was not despair that killed me, but hope itself that killed me. Thats why I used the panda lilly, to show you all that even hope can kill if used wrongly. You were my only friend Sayuri, and I thank you for being there for me, I can only hope that we will somehow meet again in the afterlife many years from now.


[26/08/2013 21:09:33] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright you shits, if you're quite done head back to the elevator.

I suggest you all head to your rooms too.

[26/08/2013 21:10:01] Dorothy: Righto

[26/08/2013 21:10:18] Dorothy: *She turns and heads into the elevator*

[26/08/2013 21:10:35] Sayuri: Do you..... honestly not care at all??

[26/08/2013 21:10:54] Sayuri: You all drove him....

[26/08/2013 21:11:15] Sayuri: He killed himself because you saw him as less than a piece of shit on the bottom of your shoe..!

[26/08/2013 21:11:19] Sayuri: And you just walk off.

[26/08/2013 21:11:26] Dorothy: I didn't see him as below me

[26/08/2013 21:11:33] Sally: *She follows behind Dorothy, not saying anything *

[26/08/2013 21:11:35] Dorothy: And there's no use crying

[26/08/2013 21:11:45] Dorothy: Forward is the only way

[26/08/2013 21:12:24] Sayuri: *Her expression goes dark.*

[26/08/2013 21:12:28] Dorothy: I didn't know the guy too well

[26/08/2013 21:12:29] Sayuri: I can't believe you....

[26/08/2013 21:12:32] Sayuri: All of you....

[26/08/2013 21:12:39] Sayuri: Turning your back on someone...!

[26/08/2013 21:12:45] Sayuri: Ryan.... a human being...!

[26/08/2013 21:12:47] Dorothy: All I knew was he was writing things about me in a book

[26/08/2013 21:12:54] Dorothy: Without my permission

[26/08/2013 21:13:07] Dorothy: So I didn't get too close

[26/08/2013 21:13:12] Sayuri: That's because he cared!

[26/08/2013 21:13:16] Dorothy: I do, however respect you were close to him

[26/08/2013 21:13:17] Sayuri: He fucking cared about you all!

[26/08/2013 21:13:21] Sayuri: And you just turned him down!

[26/08/2013 21:13:28] Dorothy: I didn't do anything

[26/08/2013 21:13:49] Toso:  Guys..

[26/08/2013 21:13:55] Sally: I barley spoke to him.

[26/08/2013 21:13:56] Dorothy: Hmm, Toso's right

[26/08/2013 21:14:39] Dorothy: Shouting at me will do nothing

[26/08/2013 21:14:51] Toso: We can't argue! Do you really think the others that are gone would want to see that? We can't let this happen again.

[26/08/2013 21:14:57] Monoleo Mastermind: Hey! Bastards! Get to the elevator!

[26/08/2013 21:15:08] Sally: It won't happen again.

[26/08/2013 21:15:09] Dorothy: Onwards and upwards

[26/08/2013 21:16:27] Sayuri: *She runs back to Ryan's podium in the trial room.*

[26/08/2013 21:16:37] Sally: We gotta move on.

[26/08/2013 21:16:46] Dorothy: *Sigh*

[26/08/2013 21:17:01] Toso: *She walks to the elevator* Swear *She puts her hand out in front of her* No more killings, for the ones that are gone. We can beat this.

[26/08/2013 21:17:07] Sayuri: *She places assorted roses on his stand.*

[26/08/2013 21:17:32] Sayuri: *She looks at his picture, with a bright pink cross on it.*

[26/08/2013 21:18:41] Sayuri: *After a while she moves back to the group.*

[26/08/2013 21:19:16] Monoleo Mastermind: *The elevator moves upward slowly, after a while it stops and the doors swing open*

[26/08/2013 21:20:10] Sayuri: Why is it this time... that you all moved on so fast?

[26/08/2013 21:20:24] Sally: I didn't know him.

[26/08/2013 21:20:25] Dorothy: I never clung on

[26/08/2013 21:20:34] Dorothy: Pay more attention

[26/08/2013 21:20:51] Dorothy: I spoke to this guy /once/

[26/08/2013 21:21:19] Sayuri: And why is it that you don't care to comfort me.....?

[26/08/2013 21:21:24] Sayuri: Even though I don't deserve it....

[26/08/2013 21:21:33] Sayuri: You'd surely do it for another?

[26/08/2013 21:21:49] Dorothy: I would care to comfort you

[26/08/2013 21:21:56] Toso: That one time you spoke to him, didn't he try to help you out??

[26/08/2013 21:22:04] Dorothy: But you're being so spiteful, I doubt you'd be willing to recieve it

[26/08/2013 21:22:28] Dorothy: I told him I was angry, the end

[26/08/2013 21:22:35] Dorothy: I hardly built a relationship

[26/08/2013 21:22:50] Dorothy: A girl like me needs to learn to let people go, I don't think you understand that

[26/08/2013 21:23:54] Sayuri: *She goes cold.*

[26/08/2013 21:24:07] Sayuri: *She walks swiftly to the front of the group.*

[26/08/2013 21:24:26] Sayuri: Good job on the trial today, all.

[26/08/2013 21:24:33] Sayuri: Hopefully this won't happen again.

[26/08/2013 21:24:34] Dorothy: *Shouts over* You can't expect everyone to feel the same as you

[26/08/2013 21:25:11] Sayuri: *She smiles, curtseys, and walks to her room.*

[26/08/2013 21:25:53] Sally: Dorothy... Wasn't that a little rough?

[26/08/2013 21:26:03] Dorothy: Aren't I always

[26/08/2013 21:26:19] Monoleo Mastermind: *Ding dong* Alright you little shits, I suggest you all head to your rooms. That's all *Cuts out*

[26/08/2013 21:26:37] Sally: Well... Yeah but... I don't want you to do something stupid.

[26/08/2013 21:26:46] Dorothy: Heh, me? Stupid?

[26/08/2013 21:27:18] Sally: Dorothy.

[26/08/2013 21:27:30] Sally: Look me in the eye and tell me you're not going to kill her.

[26/08/2013 21:27:41] Dorothy: ... What?

[26/08/2013 21:27:52] Dorothy: Why would I do that?

[26/08/2013 21:28:26] Dorothy: *She looks to the floor and back to Sally*

[26/08/2013 21:28:40] Dorothy: Do you not trust me?

[26/08/2013 21:28:55] Dorothy: Why the fucking hell would I do that?!

[26/08/2013 21:29:24] Sally: *siiiigh* You're rash y'all are getting like that again.

[26/08/2013 21:29:31] Dorothy: Oh yeah!?

[26/08/2013 21:29:58] Sally: Yeah!

[26/08/2013 21:30:10] Sally: Look, I love you and y'all are wonderful.

[26/08/2013 21:30:15] Sally: I don't wanna see you die.

[26/08/2013 21:30:32] Dorothy: I AIN'T GONNA DIE

[26/08/2013 21:30:39] Dorothy: Or kill someone for that matter!

[26/08/2013 21:30:49] Sally: Promise me.

[26/08/2013 21:30:59] Dorothy: Why do I have to? What makes you think that kind of shit?

[26/08/2013 21:31:08] Sally: Pinky promise me you ain't gonna off Sayuri the second I go to sleep.

[26/08/2013 21:31:26] Sally: Because you're from that lot who do that.

[26/08/2013 21:31:31] Dorothy: I'm what?

[26/08/2013 21:31:48] Sally: The big guns.

[26/08/2013 21:32:08] Sally: The guys who deal with their grieves by killin folk.

[26/08/2013 21:32:20] Dorothy: *She serves a swift smack to Sally's face*

[26/08/2013 21:32:27] Dorothy: How dare you!

[26/08/2013 21:32:50] Sally: *She stumbles back, looking at Dorothy with wide eyes*

[26/08/2013 21:32:58] Sally: I wasn't meaning no harm!!

[26/08/2013 21:33:11] Dorothy: *She gives Sally a look of disgust*

[26/08/2013 21:33:22] Toso: Please don't fight!!!

[26/08/2013 21:33:27] Dorothy: *Turning on her heel she stalks off down the corridoors*

[26/08/2013 21:34:06] Sally: Dorothy!

[26/08/2013 21:47:26] Monoleo Mastermind: *Bing bong* It is now of course night time! The cafeteria is now closed. Sweet dreams everyone!

[26/08/2013 21:48:12] Monoleo Mastermind: -END OF CHAPTER 3-


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