[30/08/2013 18:04:59 | Edited 18:06:04] Monoleo Mastermind: *bing bond dang dong* The final trial is about to begin, can all students make their way to the elevator!

[30/08/2013 18:07:21] Toso: Oh goodness..*She makes her way to the elevator* This is the last trial..

[30/08/2013 18:07:26] Sayuri: *A cheer is heard coming from Sayuri's room. She runs down to the elevator.*

[30/08/2013 18:08:03] Sally: *Sally heads through silently *

[30/08/2013 18:08:17] Dorothy: *She exits her room, watching Sayuri rush down to the elevator, heading that way herself*

[30/08/2013 18:08:45] Dorothy: ...A bit energetic for my tastes

[30/08/2013 18:09:01] Sally: I just want it to be over.

[30/08/2013 18:09:03] Dorothy: *She arrives at the elevator*

[30/08/2013 18:09:16] Sayuri: So do I!

[30/08/2013 18:09:24] Sayuri: So let's get it over with, once and for all, shall we?

[30/08/2013 18:09:34] Sally: I agree.

[30/08/2013 18:09:59] Toso: Yeah!! We're gonna figure out who this dick is then we're gonna get out!!

[30/08/2013 18:10:49] Monoleo Mastermind: *The elevator begins to move, slowly descending to the courtroom*

[30/08/2013 18:11:25] Dorothy: Wow, Toso, watch the mouth

[30/08/2013 18:11:29] Dorothy: *She chuckles*

[30/08/2013 18:11:47] Sayuri: *She looks over to Toso and giggles*

 [30/08/2013 18:11:49] Toso: *She crosses her eyes trying to look at her mouth*

[30/08/2013 18:11:59] Sally: I'll wash it out with soap.

 [30/08/2013 18:17:46] Monoleo Mastermind: *The elevator opens its doors and the courtroom has been redecorated again, but sparsely. There has been one notable change in the form of monitors where the deceased student portraits used to be, and they flicker to life as the elevator opens*

Come on in!

[30/08/2013 18:18:26] Sally: *She walks in, looking at the faces*

[30/08/2013 18:18:29] Sayuri: *She looks around.* The interior design this time is pristine, Monoleo!

[30/08/2013 18:19:50] Toso: Huh? *She points to the monitors* What's going on with these?!?!?!

[30/08/2013 18:20:09] Dorothy: Hmph, what bullshit've you got running now?

[30/08/2013 18:20:22] Dorothy: *She steps into the room tapping at one of the monitors*

[30/08/2013 18:20:22] Sayuri: *She looks over at the monitors.*

[30/08/2013 18:20:29] Sayuri: Yeah.... what's up with these...?

[30/08/2013 18:21:15] Aston: *blinks a little as his monitor flickers on* Hm..? What's going on..? *scowls a little as Dorothy taps his monitor screen* H-Hey! Quit that..!

[30/08/2013 18:21:35] Ryan: Hi guys! *he yawns*

[30/08/2013 18:21:39] Sayuri: ...Holy... shi...t....

[30/08/2013 18:21:39] Dorothy: GYAH!

[30/08/2013 18:21:45] Toso: ...I

[30/08/2013 18:21:48] Dorothy: *She stumbles back*

[30/08/2013 18:21:51] Dorothy: G-GHOST!

[30/08/2013 18:21:54] Toso: what

[30/08/2013 18:22:18] Sayuri: *She sprints over to Ryan's place, and taps on his monitor.*

[30/08/2013 18:22:29] Sayuri: Ryan...!!! Ryan...!!!!

[30/08/2013 18:22:34] Aston: You really think he'll appreciate that?

[30/08/2013 18:22:49] Sayuri: Hold on...!!

[30/08/2013 18:23:00] Sayuri: *She runs over to Tamaki's place.*

[30/08/2013 18:23:08] Sayuri: *She runs back to Ryan's place.*

[30/08/2013 18:23:17] Sayuri: *She keeps running back and forth for a while.*

[30/08/2013 18:23:31] Ryan: Hey Sayuri! It's great to see you again!

[30/08/2013 18:23:34] Aston: *raises an eyebrow* What... are you doing...?

[30/08/2013 18:23:38] Dorothy: No...

[30/08/2013 18:23:43] Sayuri: Oh.... oh my god.....

[30/08/2013 18:23:44] Dorothy: *Tips her head back groaning*

[30/08/2013 18:23:47] Dorothy: Nooooooooooooooooooo.

[30/08/2013 18:23:55] Sayuri: Ryan!!

[30/08/2013 18:23:57] Dorothy: This is buuuuuuullshittttttt

[30/08/2013 18:24:00] Toso: what

[30/08/2013 18:24:07] Sayuri: *She falls on her knees beside Ryan.*

[30/08/2013 18:24:07] Ryan: Wait am I

[30/08/2013 18:24:13] Ryan: Where did my

[30/08/2013 18:24:16] Ryan: Arms go

[30/08/2013 18:24:42] Sayuri: *She's grinning, and trying her utmost best to hold back her tears.*

[30/08/2013 18:24:46] Sayuri: Is everyone.... really... back?

[30/08/2013 18:25:52] Aston: Not back for good, I presume..

[30/08/2013 18:26:11] Sayuri: But back for now....right...??

[30/08/2013 18:26:42] Aston: Well, concidering we're here on tv monitors

[30/08/2013 18:26:44] Aston: yes we're here for now

[30/08/2013 18:27:07] Toso: ..*She glances over to Azami's screen before quickly going over to her.*..Hello?!?!?

[30/08/2013 18:27:11] Sayuri: I can't believe this...!! I really can't believe this..!!! [30/08/2013 18:27:58] Azami: *the screen flickers and switches on* Ah! Am I late or something! Sorry! *she smiles, noticing her friend and giving an excited squeak* Toso!!

[30/08/2013 18:28:07] Tamaki: Ngh.... What' going on... *wakes up, screen flickering on*

[30/08/2013 18:28:25] Dorothy: Tamaki!!

[30/08/2013 18:28:27] Dorothy: *Ahem*

[30/08/2013 18:28:36] Toso: Azami!!!!!! *Tears of joy starts to build up in her eyes.*

[30/08/2013 18:28:37] Sally: Momma Tamaki!

[30/08/2013 18:29:10] Tamaki: Oh dear... hello! *She smiles*

[30/08/2013 18:29:19] Azami: Ah! Toso, don't cry!! Aw, why can't I hug you? Where are my arms?

[30/08/2013 18:29:23] Aston: Alright... tearful reunions... wonderful. Now can we get on with why we're here? This isn't normal to be summoned back to life as a television screen

[30/08/2013 18:30:19] Monoleo Mastermind: Alright! Here's how this is going to work, this'll work like a normal trial but you have to solve three mysteries: Who killed the people in the library, the secrets of this place, and who the mastermind is! I'll be sitting in taking a more active role!

[30/08/2013 18:31:15] Tamaki: Another trial? Oh... yes, I remember now. I was murdered.

[30/08/2013 18:31:28] Dorothy: Will this involve /why/ those freaks were in our rooms?!

[30/08/2013 18:31:45] Monoleo Mastermind: Of course!

[30/08/2013 18:32:11] Tamaki: Freaks?! What happened?!

[30/08/2013 18:32:25] Tamaki: They didn't hurt anyone did they?

[30/08/2013 18:32:28] Dorothy: There were some wierdos in robes and monoleo masks in our rooms the other night

[30/08/2013 18:32:32] Dorothy: Rummaging though our stuff

[30/08/2013 18:32:35] Azami: Huh??? People were in your rooms?

[30/08/2013 18:32:36] Toso: There was a masked figure going into our rooms!!

[30/08/2013 18:32:47] Toso: And they were rude, too!!

[30/08/2013 18:33:17] Tamaki: The nerve... If only I had been there. *She sighs and shakes her head, looking forlorn*

[30/08/2013 18:33:43] Monoleo Mastermind: It's up to you what order you shits want to tackle this in, so just go ahead and do it.

[30/08/2013 18:34:00] Azami: Can you explain the masked figures to me a little, Toso?

[30/08/2013 18:34:03] Tamaki: I assume we have evidence?

[30/08/2013 18:34:41] Tamaki: Yes, describing the masked guys would be for the best...

[30/08/2013 18:34:56] Dorothy: Creepy.

[30/08/2013 18:35:32] Azami: Any physical definition? Anything at all?

[30/08/2013 18:35:38] Toso: Okay!! When I was coming back from the trial I heard something in my room! There was a person wearing a white and black cat mask and a white robe going through my stuff!

[30/08/2013 18:35:58] Tamaki: Hmmm... interesting...

[30/08/2013 18:36:03] Tamaki: Agents of the mastermind?

[30/08/2013 18:36:11] Toso: Then I asked what they were doing and they pushed me over and ran away! I couldn't catch them though..

[30/08/2013 18:36:33] Azami: Oh gosh! Are you alright?? They didn't hurt you, did they!!

[30/08/2013 18:36:50] Tamaki: I swear... if they hurt anyone!

[30/08/2013 18:36:58] Sally: I was pushed too. Didn't see who it was.

[30/08/2013 18:37:20] Dorothy: I just want to know what they took...

[30/08/2013 18:37:26] Dorothy: Hey, one of them had ballet shoes right?

[30/08/2013 18:37:55] Monoleo Mastermind: The three bodies in the library each have an item on them!

[30/08/2013 18:38:31] Dorothy: The other two had the monocle and the sword

[30/08/2013 18:39:01] Dorothy: So, does that mean that there wasn't only three? And each were taking things from our rooms

[30/08/2013 18:39:03] Tamaki: A... sword?

[30/08/2013 18:39:34] Tamaki: Perhaps that is the case...

[30/08/2013 18:40:11] Dorothy: Like the, uh ones you use

[30/08/2013 18:40:25] Dorothy:

[30/08/2013 18:40:26] Tamaki: Hmmm... I see.

[30/08/2013 18:40:34] Azami: Wait, huh?? A sword and a monocle, that's like you and Aston, Tamaki!

[30/08/2013 18:40:40] Azami: The ballet shoes though?

[30/08/2013 18:41:04] Ryan: The body with the ballet shoes though, would that not be Toso?

[30/08/2013 18:41:15] Sayuri: I agree....

[30/08/2013 18:41:36] Tamaki: That would be very likely.

[30/08/2013 18:42:11] Ryan: But Toso is still alive! So how could the dead body be hers?

[30/08/2013 18:42:14] Toso: But I'm not a burnt body!

[30/08/2013 18:42:34] Azami: Whoa wait hang on... The bodies were burnt?

[30/08/2013 18:42:37] Tamaki: Maybe the mastermind was just trying to confuse us...

[30/08/2013 18:42:43] Dorothy: The bodies were fresh though

[30/08/2013 18:42:48] Dorothy: It wasn't our friends corpses

[30/08/2013 18:43:12] Dorothy: These were people working for the mastermind, stealing something from each of our rooms

[30/08/2013 18:43:25] Dorothy: And someone caught up with them and did them in

[30/08/2013 18:43:31] Tamaki: Did anyone inspect the bodies?

[30/08/2013 18:44:02] Dorothy: They were extremely damaged

[30/08/2013 18:44:21] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu~

You're forgetting something, there were four intruders that night!

[30/08/2013 18:44:34] Azami: Huh? Four?

[30/08/2013 18:44:40] Tamaki: Four?

[30/08/2013 18:44:45] Azami: Then who's still running about!?

[30/08/2013 18:45:06] Ryan: Perhaps it was the mastermind themselves?

[30/08/2013 18:45:20] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupu~


[30/08/2013 18:45:43] Monoleo Mastermind: Perhaps there's a piece of evidence that'll give us an answer!

[30/08/2013 18:46:01] Azami: ... Uhh, this is so confusing...

[30/08/2013 18:46:04] Tamaki: Who else could it have been other than the mastermind?

[30/08/2013 18:46:24] Ryan: it could have been the mole!

[30/08/2013 18:46:41] Tamaki: There's a mole...?

[30/08/2013 18:46:49] Dorothy: The mole was dead at the time, I'm sure

[30/08/2013 18:46:54] Toso: Why would there be a cute little diggy animal here?

[30/08/2013 18:47:10] Dorothy: *Stares at Ryan*

[30/08/2013 18:47:15] Azami: There was a mole? Jesus, this is so confusing...

[30/08/2013 18:47:38] Ryan: Ah of course, I forgot that you thought I was the mole

[30/08/2013 18:48:01] Sayuri: I forgot that too... why though?

[30/08/2013 18:48:03] Tamaki: Looking at the Monoleo file... there were large screws found, does anyone know anything about that?

[30/08/2013 18:48:30] Minah: *Screen flickers on and she gasps* H-huh? What is this?

[30/08/2013 18:48:33] Azami: Screws?

[30/08/2013 18:48:36] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupu~

[30/08/2013 18:48:38] Toso: Wait, the screws were found at Dorothy, Sally, Sayuri and I's doors, right?

[30/08/2013 18:48:47] Azami: Ah, Minah!

[30/08/2013 18:48:48] Tamaki: Minah...

[30/08/2013 18:48:52] Dorothy: It could be that the intruders had to break the doors?

[30/08/2013 18:48:55] Sayuri: Minah!

[30/08/2013 18:49:18] Aston: M-Minah..! Em.. we're going over investigations for this trial

[30/08/2013 18:49:25] Monoleo Mastermind: The doors are in perfect condition, no screws missing!

The screws were large too!

[30/08/2013 18:49:26] Minah: w-whats going on? Isn't this the trial room?

[30/08/2013 18:49:43] Tamaki: It is... *Looks at minah*

[30/08/2013 18:49:56] Minah:

[30/08/2013 18:49:57] Toso: Maybe the intruders dropped them?

[30/08/2013 18:50:07] Azami: Dropped them why, though?

[30/08/2013 18:50:19] Monoleo Mastermind: I can confirm that is true!

Absolutely correct!

[30/08/2013 18:50:34] Monoleo Mastermind: Why they dropped them though~

[30/08/2013 18:50:41] Toso: I got that right?

[30/08/2013 18:50:47] Azami: Huuuuh? This trial is just really confusing...

[30/08/2013 18:51:00] Dorothy: What? Are they some kinna robots?

[30/08/2013 18:51:09] Dorothy: That'd be ridiculous

[30/08/2013 18:51:39] Tamaki: But... in this situation maybe it isn't so farfetched?

Is there any other evidence to suggest that?

[30/08/2013 18:51:41] Toso: Wasn't there a room with something about "Automation Controls & programming"?

[30/08/2013 18:52:12] Dorothy: Oh. My. God.

[30/08/2013 18:52:33] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu~

[30/08/2013 18:52:59] Azami: So they were robots?

[30/08/2013 18:53:01] Monoleo Mastermind: It'll take more than that to prove that crackpot theory!

Geez where do you guys get these ideas!

[30/08/2013 18:53:14] Azami: So they're not robots...?

[30/08/2013 18:53:36] Azami: Uggghhh, this trial is a million times harder than the first one!

[30/08/2013 18:53:38] Dorothy: I want to go hoooooome

[30/08/2013 18:53:42] Dorothy: *Clicks heels three times*

[30/08/2013 18:54:43] Monoleo Mastermind: *sighs* I guess there's no hiding it then~ The intruders were indeed robots!

[30/08/2013 18:55:35] Tamaki: I see... so that theory was acctually true...

[30/08/2013 18:55:49] Dorothy: Hooooome I tell you

[30/08/2013 18:56:54] Azami: So there were robots running around, threatening our friends, dropping screws about, and now they've exploded or something

[30/08/2013 18:57:02] Tamaki: But if there were four intruders... where did the 4th go?

[30/08/2013 18:57:02] Azami: Who thinks these things up??

[30/08/2013 18:58:03] Ryan: Was the 4th one even a robot?

[30/08/2013 18:58:25] Tamaki: There were four screws... so it must have been... right?

[30/08/2013 18:58:37] Azami: Oh god, so the fourth one was actually a person and potentially alive

[30/08/2013 18:58:58] Azami: Maybe the person knew the robots would drop screws, so dropped one themselves?

[30/08/2013 18:59:07] Tamaki: That's also true...

[30/08/2013 18:59:33] Monoleo Mastermind: Geez first some are robots then one of them isn't?

Make up your minds!

[30/08/2013 19:00:01] Toso: You seem moody!!!~

[30/08/2013 19:00:20] Azami: Ah zip it kitty!

[30/08/2013 19:00:44] Azami: We're trying to think what's happening, stop confusing us more, pleaase

[30/08/2013 19:01:06] Monoleo Mastermind: Pffft, alright then but you'll just regret it later!

[30/08/2013 19:02:27] Monoleo Mastermind: Although at the moment I can at least confirm you're close to solving one mystery!

[30/08/2013 19:05:06] Ryan: should we come back to it after solving something else? Perhaps it would help

[30/08/2013 19:05:26] Azami: Maybe that would be an idea...

[30/08/2013 19:05:50] Ryan: I've been meaning to ask, did anyone take the key and open the chest?

[30/08/2013 19:06:23] Monoleo Mastermind: The contents to the chest were added to the monoleo file, it was an aged newspaper article!

[30/08/2013 19:06:48] Tamaki: Well, it certainly seems like I missed a lot in the short time I was gone!

[30/08/2013 19:07:23] Toso: There was bits of old newspapers about Hope's Peak!

[30/08/2013 19:08:03] Tamaki: Hmmm, those might be able to help us.

[30/08/2013 19:08:29] Azami: There was what? What did they say?

[30/08/2013 19:10:16] Monoleo Mastermind: The most recent one was about an incident that happened at Hopes peek~

[30/08/2013 19:10:27] Azami: What did it say?

[30/08/2013 19:10:16] Monoleo Mastermind:


There were two newspaper clippings inside that box, one of them is about the start of a new term at Hopes Peak (Yawn how boring...)

The other however is much more interesting~

[27/09/2013 18:12:55] Toso: It's more interesting?

[27/09/2013 18:13:39] Dorothy: Aright, aright!! Enough screwing around with us!!

[27/09/2013 18:14:20] Monoleo Mastermind: It's about an incident that happened at the school~

The media called it "The World's most despair inducing event!"

[27/09/2013 18:14:27] Monoleo Mastermind: Quite a catchy title~

[27/09/2013 18:14:44] Tamaki: Most... despair inducing event?

[27/09/2013 18:14:49] Toso: Huh?

[27/09/2013 18:15:15] Aston: Quite an interesting title...

[27/09/2013 18:15:19] Dorothy: Ehh??

[27/09/2013 18:15:29] Dorothy: Sounds just your style

[27/09/2013 18:16:00] Tamaki: What happened exactly?

[27/09/2013 18:16:06] Tamaki: I'm not sure I want to know but...

[27/09/2013 18:16:47] Toso: But if it was the worlds most..whatever the title is!! Wouldn't we have known about it? I mean, if it was a neighbourhood i'd understand not knowing about it but the world!?!?

[27/09/2013 18:17:23] Monoleo Mastermind: As for what happened... some students in the school were murdered~

[27/09/2013 18:17:52] Monoleo Mastermind: And that's a very interesting point, which ties into something else interesting about the newspaper clippings~

[27/09/2013 18:18:41] Aston: She's right.. wouldn't we have known about this event? How come we have no memory of such an event?

[27/09/2013 18:19:16] Monoleo Mastermind: That's very simple~

[27/09/2013 18:19:27] Dorothy: TIME TRAVEL!?!?!

[27/09/2013 18:19:34] Aston: Then stop beating about the bush and tell us

[27/09/2013 18:20:31] Ryan: Well if we don't remember it, perhaps our memories were taken from us?

[27/09/2013 18:21:00] Monoleo Mastermind: Ding ding ding!

[27/09/2013 18:21:05] Dorothy: That's ridicu-

[27/09/2013 18:21:05] Dorothy: What

[27/09/2013 18:21:06] Monoleo Mastermind: That's one part of it for sure!

[27/09/2013 18:21:09] Aston: That sounds ridiculou- ... Are you serious?

[27/09/2013 18:21:16] Dorothy: Ey, that's my line pal

[27/09/2013 18:21:28] Aston: Just keep your mouth shut

[27/09/2013 18:21:34] Dorothy: Wanna go?

[27/09/2013 18:21:49] Monoleo Mastermind: Geez, I would have thought you guys would be more open to this kind of stuff by now

[27/09/2013 18:21:54] Toso: What??? Wouldn't we remember our memories being took from us?....oh wait

[27/09/2013 18:22:09] Tamaki: That... explains a lot...

[27/09/2013 18:22:42] Monoleo Mastermind: I mean come on, you're the youths of the future!

You gotta be open minded to all sorts of new ideas!

[27/09/2013 18:22:45] Dorothy: Ghh!! I don't like people screwing with my head, but this is literal!!

[27/09/2013 18:23:28] Ryan: To go as far as to erase our memories...

[27/09/2013 18:24:11] Aston: I have only just been brought back to life after having my head beaten to a pulp! So don't expect me to be feeling great and knowing everything just yet

[27/09/2013 18:24:37] Tamaki: If our memories were erased...

Then perhaps... we had some other purpose here!

[27/09/2013 18:25:31] Ryan: Well I came here to go to school, but what other purpose would there be?

[27/09/2013 18:26:16] Tamaki: There has to be some way to explain this...

[27/09/2013 18:27:11] Dorothy: Well, the question is....what memories were erased?

[27/09/2013 18:27:14] Monoleo Mastermind: Well I could either explain it to ya, or you could use your brains!

[27/09/2013 18:27:15] Dorothy: And what period of time?

[27/09/2013 18:28:14] Azami: huuuuh I don't understand...

[27/09/2013 18:28:34] Ryan: This despair event... exactly how bad was it?

[27/09/2013 18:29:02] Toso: We all woke up inside this school, yeah!?? Maybe everything from after coming to this school was took??

[27/09/2013 18:29:44] Dorothy: Considering it's name, pretty fuckin' bad

[27/09/2013 18:30:12] Azami: that much is obvious! But we're not here to point out the obvious!!

[27/09/2013 18:30:13] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh... it was super bad!

The world was devistated... infact the world was shook by it.

The whole WORLD felt the tremors!

[27/09/2013 18:30:34] Dorothy: Hey, HEY listen to Toso!!

[27/09/2013 18:30:36] Azami: we're here to try and solve this, but I feel like we're going in circles...

[27/09/2013 18:30:43] Ryan: If it took the whole world then... perhaps we've been in here longer than first thought!

[27/09/2013 18:31:46] Tamaki: Yes... all the memories since coming to this school must have been taken.

And Monoleo... you said that there was something else interesting about the clippings?

[27/09/2013 18:32:25] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu~ I might have said that!

[27/09/2013 18:33:02] Tamaki: Then... what else is interesting about them?

[27/09/2013 18:33:21] Azami: ... Would the date be the interesting part...?

[27/09/2013 18:33:52] Tamaki: Just the date won't be enough...

[27/09/2013 18:33:52] Dorothy: Yeah, the date would be a big pointer

[27/09/2013 18:34:04] Ryan: The date would certainly tell us alot!

[27/09/2013 18:34:06] Dorothy: It'd let us know the time gap in our memories

[27/09/2013 18:34:19] Dorothy: Don't look so lightly on something so important, Tamaki

[27/09/2013 18:34:35] Dorothy: Wowie, I thought I was a dumbie

[27/09/2013 18:35:03] Monoleo Mastermind: The date on the first clipping, the one about the new term at Hopes peak...

[27/09/2013 18:35:28] Monoleo Mastermind: Was six years ago!


[27/09/2013 18:35:35] Toso: Eh?!?!?

[27/09/2013 18:35:41] Dorothy: S-S-S-S-S-

[27/09/2013 18:35:44] Tamaki: What!?

[27/09/2013 18:35:47] Dorothy: My, I've kept my youth

[27/09/2013 18:35:54] Dorothy: *Floofs hair*

[27/09/2013 18:36:08] Aston: So we've been here for six years...?!

[27/09/2013 18:36:20] Azami: s-six years?!

[27/09/2013 18:36:34] Azami: b-but that would make me twenty three!!!

[27/09/2013 18:36:43] Toso: What the fuck!??!

[27/09/2013 18:36:52] Dorothy: Okay, no more joking

[27/09/2013 18:37:01] Azami: six years...

[27/09/2013 18:37:04] Dorothy: There is no way

[27/09/2013 18:37:10] Monoleo Mastermind: The first year, you spent your time here at the school, then the incident happened and welp they decided it was time to lock you guys away!

You were put into a deep sleep and were set to be awakened at this time!

[27/09/2013 18:37:26] Azami: ... then why the despair?

[27/09/2013 18:37:33] Azami: Why were we woken up to this?

[27/09/2013 18:37:36] Ryan: But... what about the others attending the school?

[27/09/2013 18:37:44] Dorothy: They died

[27/09/2013 18:37:55] Dorothy: Surely, that answer is obvious

[27/09/2013 18:38:40] Azami: huh!?

[27/09/2013 18:38:45] Tamaki: *Tamaki's screen has frozen and is jittering*

[27/09/2013 18:38:47] Azami: but that's a whole school!!

[27/09/2013 18:38:59] Toso: Tamaki??

[27/09/2013 18:39:04] Azami: *looks from her own screen to Tamaki's* T-Tamaki...?

[27/09/2013 18:39:16] Monoleo Mastermind: I don't feel like telling you about the rest, you might just have to work that out yourselves~

[27/09/2013 18:39:39] Azami: what are you doing to Tamaki's screen?!

[27/09/2013 18:39:56] Sally: Six....

[27/09/2013 18:40:11] Dorothy: Everyone fucking calm down!!

[27/09/2013 18:40:14] Dorothy: Jesus christ

[27/09/2013 18:40:14] Sally: *Sudden reveal of crying Sally in the room, she's been quiet sorry*

[27/09/2013 18:40:36] Dorothy: I know the situation's shocking but we're going no where!

[27/09/2013 18:41:02] Minah: why are we here anyway we're already dead..

[27/09/2013 18:41:16] Azami: to give hope to the ones living!

[27/09/2013 18:41:25] Ryan: I wonder... if we escape, will it really be worth it?

[27/09/2013 18:41:34] Dorothy: Asking stupid questions isn't getting us anywhere microsoft sam

[27/09/2013 18:41:46] Dorothy: Moving on.

[27/09/2013 18:41:53] Azami: we might be dead, but with our own hope we can help them!

[27/09/2013 18:42:09] Monoleo Mastermind: Blech, all this talk about hope...

[27/09/2013 18:42:48] Monoleo Mastermind: You're all stupid if you think you're going to survi-

[27/09/2013 18:42:52] Tamaki: *Monoleo is struck from behind with a Shinai, lighting fast, this causes him to fall forward and land in the middle of the trial circle. Tamaki emerges from the shadows behind him wearing a Kendo Robe, eyes closed and a placid look on her face. Suddenly, her eyes open, the one on the left looking slightly cybernetic and crimson. Her Kendo robe is split down the middle in Red, black and white. A small grin curls onto her lips as she looks around her circle of friends*

[27/09/2013 18:43:15] Azami: *shocked, stunned to silence*

[27/09/2013 18:43:19] Dorothy: EH?!

[27/09/2013 18:43:39] Minah: I thought I killed you!

[27/09/2013 18:43:41] Tamaki: *She bows*

Hello, everyone.

[27/09/2013 18:43:43] Aston: *narrows eyes a little* Oh my... this is certainly getting rather interesting...

[27/09/2013 18:43:51] Azami: T-Ta... NO!

[27/09/2013 18:43:57] Azami: No this isn't happening!!!!

[27/09/2013 18:44:10] Toso: Huh??? how the fuck...wait..

[27/09/2013 18:44:14] Azami: This whole time! From the beginning, you said you wanted to protect everyone!!

[27/09/2013 18:44:15] Toso: ARE YOU A ZOMBIE

[27/09/2013 18:44:19] Ryan: ...huh

[27/09/2013 18:44:34] Dorothy: Don't tell me you were a fuckin' cyborg

[27/09/2013 18:44:37] Tamaki: It seems you have a lot of questions to ask... I don't doubt that.

[27/09/2013 18:44:48] Azami: Why, Tamaki...

[27/09/2013 18:45:09] Toso: (brb)

[27/09/2013 18:45:17] Tamaki: First of all, it's good to see you all again... although I wager, this is a most unpleasant surprise for you all.

[27/09/2013 18:45:42] Dorothy: You peice of shit!!

[27/09/2013 18:45:44] Sally: Momma?

[27/09/2013 18:45:49] Sally: Really momma?

[27/09/2013 18:46:12] Dorothy: Sally...don't..

[27/09/2013 18:46:12] Azami: *shakes her head, looking at the bottom corner of the screen*

[27/09/2013 18:46:36] Monoleo Mastermind: Please, say what you wish.

[27/09/2013 18:46:41] Dorothy: *She faulters before staring Tamaki straight in the eyes with a hard expression*

[27/09/2013 18:46:49] Tamaki: Don't hold back.

[27/09/2013 18:47:08] Dorothy: You fucking, low monsterous piece of absolute shit

[27/09/2013 18:47:16] Azami: Dorothy...

[27/09/2013 18:47:28] Azami: She might have done wrong, but she's still our friend...

[27/09/2013 18:47:34] Dorothy: Azami, I either mouth off or shit gets physical

[27/09/2013 18:47:43] Dorothy: And I'll fuck her up

[27/09/2013 18:47:48] Dorothy: Which do you prefer?

[27/09/2013 18:48:02] Azami: But she didn't kill anyone! She gave us an ultimatum!

[27/09/2013 18:48:05] Dorothy: *Clenching her teeth*

[27/09/2013 18:48:06] Tamaki: Oh please don't let it get physical.

I wouldn't want to have to hurt anyone here!

[27/09/2013 18:48:06] Ryan: We all trusted you... but why would you do this? What do you gain from torturing your friends?

[27/09/2013 18:48:07] Azami: And we were ridiculous!

[27/09/2013 18:48:09] Aston: Done wrong? I'm pretty sure she's done much worse than that

[27/09/2013 18:48:29] Dorothy: She only fucking KIDNAPPED US

[27/09/2013 18:48:37] Azami: She gave us her game to play, and we took it! Stupidly, but we accepted!


[27/09/2013 18:49:44] Tamaki: It will all become clear in time, trust me...

[27/09/2013 18:49:57] Aston: That is a good question- Wait.. you were a murderer Minah..?

[27/09/2013 18:49:57] Dorothy: *Jabs a hand out at Tamaki, pointing violently*

[27/09/2013 18:50:00] Dorothy: You will die

[27/09/2013 18:50:12] Dorothy: I swear on my father and everything he stood for

[27/09/2013 18:50:39] Minah: S-sorry aston...did you think I was killed?

[27/09/2013 18:50:59] Tamaki: *She winces and frowns sadly*

If you still feel the same way about me after I've told you my story, then I will most likely die.

[27/09/2013 18:53:04] Dorothy: Get on with it then

[27/09/2013 18:53:06] Tamaki: You all know you had your memories erased... correct?

[27/09/2013 18:53:09] Aston: I wasn't sure what happened... either of the outcomes would be terrible anyway, kill or be killed, but it's alright Minah. We just need to make sure this is all finished once and for all!

[27/09/2013 18:53:44] Tamaki: Well, until my death, I was as clueless as all of you.

[27/09/2013 18:54:40] Tamaki: You see... it was only when Minah 'killed' me, that I truly remembered who I was.

[27/09/2013 18:55:06] Aston: So basically your memories returned to you at that moment in time?

[27/09/2013 18:55:25] Tamaki: Yes, my life flashed before my eyes, I guess you could say.

[27/09/2013 18:57:58] Tamaki: As for how i'm still alive...

*She pulls the sleeve of her Hakama up, to reveal a working synthetic arm*

Monoleo's are implanted with the memories and some of of their designated mastermind's personality traits.

That's why, when the monoleo found me, he fixed me and revived me.

[27/09/2013 18:59:23] Aston: So who was operating Monoleo..? If your memories had gone, and when you were dead, who was operating him?

[27/09/2013 19:00:50] Tamaki: The Monoleo's don't need to be controlled manually, they can be made to act on their own accord.

The terminal in the computer room can switch control from auto to manual, it's been on auto this whole time I would assume.

[27/09/2013 19:01:08] Dorothy: You /assume/

[27/09/2013 19:01:44] Tamaki: *She furrows her brow*

I... can't gain access to the terminal.

[27/09/2013 19:02:01] Tamaki: It's locked by a password, one that I don't know.

[27/09/2013 19:02:27] Dorothy: Ever considered you might have been duped?

[27/09/2013 19:02:59] Tamaki: *She chuckles*

Acctually, that's exactly what happened.

[27/09/2013 19:03:15] Dorothy: Wow, you're so open with it

[27/09/2013 19:03:33] Tamaki: I was betrayed, that's why my memory was erased.

[27/09/2013 19:05:32] Tamaki: Back when we were making plans to do all of this, two other members of my group decided that I was too much of a liability, and so they made sure my memory was wiped along with the rest of you.

[27/09/2013 19:05:53] Toso: Two others?

[27/09/2013 19:06:08] Minah: ...Are they here?

[27/09/2013 19:06:56] Dorothy: I hope not

[27/09/2013 19:08:14] Tamaki: No, according to Monoleo, both are long dead. Killed after being defeated by other classes from the school.

They took part in a similar experiment.

[27/09/2013 19:09:30] Tamaki: I must explain as well, that this isn't the original school.

[27/09/2013 19:09:50] Ryan: Did something happen to the original?

[27/09/2013 19:10:50] Tamaki: In the aftermath of a second experiment, it collapsed.

This is a replica, made for the sole purpose of housing this class.

[27/09/2013 19:14:27] Tamaki: You were all originally supposed to keep hope alive for the future.

Then my group stepped in and we took over, hoping to harbour despair instead.

I insisted on being the mastermind for this class.

[27/09/2013 19:18:55] Tamaki: I was highly valued in the group, but they feared I would jump ship, that I was unfaithful.

So they wiped my memory and here we are.

At first when my memories returned, the clash of memories confused me and for a few moments I felt as if I was truly going to decend back into despair.

[27/09/2013 19:21:35] Tamaki: But then it stopped.

The memories of everyone here won, memories of my new life.

Before my memories were wiped, I truly held you all dear, you were all family to me.

If anyone was going to make you despair, it would have to be me, no one else.

Now though, I'm done with despair.

Done with hurting you all.

That's why I present to you a choice.

[27/09/2013 19:22:14] Toso: A choice?

[27/09/2013 19:23:04] Tamaki: Yes, two choices.

They will decide your futures and mine.

[27/09/2013 19:26:09] Tamaki: If you pick the first choice, you can leave this place.

I don't know what state the outside world is in, the camera feeds are broken. But whatever it is like out there, I believe there will certainly be remnants of hope somewhere, the surviving groups from the other experiments are likely still alive and are helping to rebuild the world.

[27/09/2013 19:26:50] Tamaki: However, if you choose that option, then I can't go with you.

[27/09/2013 19:27:38] Minah: welp Im already dead so..

[27/09/2013 19:27:51] Tamaki: Oh yes!

That's another part of this deal, I forgot!

[27/09/2013 19:31:02] Tamaki: I might not have had access to the terminal, but the Monoleo followed my commands perfectly.

I ordered him to repair the bodies of those who died.

Some were in... worse condition than others so some are more synthetic than others.

But they're new bodies regardless, and I for both choices I can upload the dead  students into them

[27/09/2013 19:32:02] Minah: ....So...I can be with Aston again?

[27/09/2013 19:32:20] Tamaki: Yes!

You two can be together again regardless of what choice you make!

[27/09/2013 19:32:33] Dorothy: Wait, so we can choose to just walk out of here

[27/09/2013 19:32:38] Dorothy: Seems pretty easy to me

[27/09/2013 19:32:58] Ryan: I'm guessing that if we leave, you can't come with us?

[27/09/2013 19:33:00] Tamaki: The second choice, incidentally, is for us to start again. We'll live a normal life and no one has to die.

[27/09/2013 19:34:10] Tamaki: If you leave I have to stay. But if you stay, then i'm here for good!

As I said, i don't know what the world outside is like, so it's a risk to go outside.

But I want you to make your own decision.

[27/09/2013 19:35:20] Tamaki: So the decisions rests with you, stay here or leave.

[27/09/2013 19:36:56] Ryan: .....

[27/09/2013 19:38:02] Dorothy: ...

[27/09/2013 19:38:12] Toso: ...

[27/09/2013 19:39:05] Ryan: I want to go and help whoever might be out there to rebuild. I don't want to stay in this school while there could be a chance of hope out there waiting for us

[27/09/2013 19:39:48] Tamaki: *She nods and looks to everyone else*

[27/09/2013 19:40:38] Dorothy: I can't sit around here and pretend shit didn't happen

[27/09/2013 19:40:43] Toso: I'm so sorry, but even if the world out there is a wreck..I don't want to stay here like a caged bird!

[27/09/2013 19:41:46] Tamaki: That is... understandable. I want what is best for you all.

[27/09/2013 19:43:32] Tamaki: Honestly it is probably for the best that I die.

*She chuckles to herself darkly*

Maybe there is some of my past life left in me after all

[27/09/2013 19:45:40] Tamaki: If you wish to leave then you can leave!

I'll have the doors unlocked for you all!

Unless any of you have any other questions~

[27/09/2013 19:45:55] Ryan: I have a question, if you will?

[27/09/2013 19:46:00] Tamaki: Ask away!

[27/09/2013 19:46:09] Ryan: Who were this group you were a part of?

[27/09/2013 19:47:47] Tamaki: Super High School Level Despair...

They are likely still out there, somewhere, the last few scraps plotting away.

[27/09/2013 19:48:57] Tamaki: I was high up, but I still only knew a small portion of their plans.

[27/09/2013 19:49:12] Tamaki: But I know that they won't be able to touch any of you, i'm sure of it

[27/09/2013 19:49:26] Toso: ...I have a question too..

[27/09/2013 19:49:32] Tamaki: What is it?

[27/09/2013 19:49:42] Toso: Why can't you come with us?

[27/09/2013 19:49:56] Tamaki: It's... safer.

[27/09/2013 19:51:31] Tamaki: If I go with you, then more danger will surely follow.

Not only will SHSL Despair come after you, but they will want me too, for betraying the cause. And the remnants of hope will likely want me dead too, and I don't want to put any of you in more danger.

[27/09/2013 19:55:03] Toso: I see...but even so..that's so sad!!

[27/09/2013 19:55:17] Tamaki: I wish i could come with you but...honestly I do.

[27/09/2013 19:55:50] Tamaki: I hope you understand why I cannot follow you out there.

[27/09/2013 19:58:26] Toso: *Nods*...Even if you were with the despair group..that wasn't the you that we all knew!! So if we leave I know that I and the others will think of you!!

[27/09/2013 19:59:07] Tamaki: *She smiles softly and bows* Thank you... that means a lot to me.

[27/09/2013 19:59:30] Tamaki: If it has been decided that you will leave this place, I guess it is time for me to make my exit...

[27/09/2013 19:59:43] Aston: I understand your reason, and I appreciate what you're doing, letting us continue our lives and letting those who have died have their lives back. So we shall remember you, Tamaki, thank you.

[27/09/2013 20:01:30] Tamaki: Thank you Aston...

Now, before I leave you all...

*She passes a pair of buttons to Dorothy*

One of those buttons opens the door to this place, the other activates the dead students new bodies.

[27/09/2013 20:01:43] Dorothy: Huh

[27/09/2013 20:02:18] Toso: Wait!! before you go!!

[27/09/2013 20:02:35] Dorothy: *She stares at them in her hands*

[27/09/2013 20:02:46] Dorothy: I don't want to kill you...Why would you give them to me?!

[27/09/2013 20:03:47] Toso: *She walks to Tamaki, looks to her face and hugs her* I..I'm sorry that you can't come with us but...Thank you for letting us live!!

[27/09/2013 20:04:12] Tamaki: You don't want to leave this place Dorothy?

*She hugs Toso back, tears forming in her eyes slightly*

[27/09/2013 20:08:58] Dorothy: I do!

[27/09/2013 20:09:20] Dorothy: But...I'm not willing to kill you!

[27/09/2013 20:09:52] Tamaki: You all deserve to live Toso... I wish you all luck.

There is no other option i'm afraid...

[27/09/2013 20:10:38] Dorothy: *Her eyes fill with tears*

[27/09/2013 20:16:27] Tamaki: *Tears begin to roll down her cheeks*

I'm sorry Dorothy... but I must...

*She let's go of Toso and hit's the red button infront of her throne.*



*Tamaki stands, fully suited up in her kendo gear, Shinai at her side. The silence is almost tangible. She holds up her Shinai and is faced with a Robot opponent, who isn't holding a Shinai, but a real sword. They face off, clashing into eachother, strike for strike. But the robot, in the end, is too strong and slashes through Tamaki's shinai. Still standing, Tamaki, closes her eyes and nods, accepting her fate. The automation goes in for a throat strike and stabs all the way through*

[27/09/2013 20:16:50] Toso: ...

[27/09/2013 20:19:19] Dorothy: *Breaks down into loud sobbing*

[27/09/2013 20:20:22] Ryan: *seems pained, as if he could feel it himself* a-ah....

[27/09/2013 20:22:43] Toso: ...I...*Bites her lip*..Once of our friends die...but she left so we could go out!! With hope that we find the others...we can't let ourselves fall into despair..

[27/09/2013 20:23:35] Dorothy: *More pathetic sobbing*

[27/09/2013 20:23:44] Dorothy: *She clutches the buttons in her hand*

[27/09/2013 20:24:34] Dorothy: *Shaking, she presses the first, to bring the dead back*

[27/09/2013 20:25:57] Aston: *sighs a little and glances down* I suppose we can find other survivors now, and help others who need our help, however bad the outside world is- *his screen switches off as Dorothy pushes the button*

[27/09/2013 20:26:53] Dorothy: Ah!  *Se watches as the screens switch off*

[27/09/2013 20:26:56] Dorothy: D-don't leave me

[27/09/2013 20:27:06] Ryan: We'll survive, and we'll continue to spread hope to anyone we can find-*screen turns off*

[27/09/2013 20:27:34] Toso: Huh-wait! Where are they going? Are they going to the bodies??

[27/09/2013 20:28:18] Minah: *screen turns off too*

[27/09/2013 20:31:19] Tamaki: *The lift suddenly descends, on it are the new robot bodies*

[27/09/2013 20:32:54] Aston: *Aston is in the lift to the trial room in his body, looking out at the others in the room*

[27/09/2013 20:33:52] Ryan: *Ryan moves his body slowly, making sure that everything still works properly*

[27/09/2013 20:34:27] Dorothy: *Rubbing at her eyes*

[27/09/2013 20:35:05] Toso: *It takes her a moment but once everyone appears in the elevator she smiles wide" You're back!!!!!~~

[27/09/2013 20:35:12] Minah: *her body shaking slightly, shake takes a step forward and walks out*

[27/09/2013 20:36:27] Ryan: *he grips his throat, tears dripping down his face* W-we're alive again....

[27/09/2013 20:37:29] Dorothy: *She stands tall again, tears still there, she grins*

[27/09/2013 20:37:52] Toso: *Tears of joy come stain her cheeks*

[27/09/2013 20:38:05] Aston: *he steps out and cautiously takes Minah's hand in his own*

[27/09/2013 20:39:05] Ryan: *he takes off his glasses and wipes his tears away, looking to the others*

[27/09/2013 20:39:40] Minah: *she blushes and looks at aston* I-is this real?

[27/09/2013 20:41:22] Aston: *he smiles and nods, giving her hand a squeeze*

[27/09/2013 20:44:15] Toso: *She runs over to and hugs the closest person tightly, which happens to be Ryan and screams happilly* You guys are back!!Tioel-Animatus (talk) *She Looks up to Ryan and smiles* I can see little Ryan is still there!!!~ Glad to know!~

[27/09/2013 20:44:53] Ryan: L-little Ryan...?

[27/09/2013 20:45:09] Dorothy: *She takes a step towards them*

[27/09/2013 20:45:15] Dorothy: Is that...really you guys?

[27/09/2013 20:48:03] Ryan: Yes! We're definatly back!

[27/09/2013 20:48:24] Dorothy: *She laughs, tears in her eyes*

[27/09/2013 20:49:01] Toso: Eeeeeee~ You guys are back!!!! I can't believe it!!!!~

[27/09/2013 20:51:43] Ryan: Now, shall we go to our new future out there?

[27/09/2013 20:52:08] Toso: *She nods*..Wait! I have a request..although it may sound silly

[27/09/2013 20:52:24] Dorothy: A-ah! Yes!! Sorry... *She holds up the remote in her hand*

[27/09/2013 20:55:17] Ryan: A request?

[27/09/2013 20:57:25] Toso: When we leave this building, Would it be alright for us to all join hands? I was told  when I was young that if you hold someone's hand while going to a new place, you'd be together for the time that you are there and...I don't want to lose any of you guys!!!!

[27/09/2013 20:58:59] Ryan: Ah, I guess that would work! *he hold his hand out towards dorothy* Shall we?

[27/09/2013 20:59:09] Aston: *he thinks for a bit before nodding* I suppose we can..~

 [27/09/2013 20:59:25] Dorothy: *Tearing up, she puts her hand in ryans*

[27/09/2013 20:59:43] Dorothy: *Then goes to take Tosos but notices she's holding the remote*

[27/09/2013 20:59:47] Dorothy: Oh, um..

[27/09/2013 21:00:10] Ryan: *he smiles* I'll get Toso, don't worry! *he takes Toso's hand*

[27/09/2013 21:00:11] Dorothy: Whatever! *She brings the remote to her nose, boops it and drops it on the floor for Toso's hand*

[27/09/2013 21:00:58] Dorothy: . . . .

[27/09/2013 21:00:59] Dorothy: Um

[27/09/2013 21:01:32] Toso: *She smiles and takes Dorothy's hand and puts out her other hand for someone else.*

[27/09/2013 21:01:39] Ryan: ... *He giggles, laughing at how silly this got*

[27/09/2013 21:01:52] Aston: *he chuckles softly and fixes his monocle before he holds Minah's hand as they stand with the rest of them*

[27/09/2013 21:02:54] Dorothy: *The doors dramatically begin to edge open*

[27/09/2013 21:02:59] Dorothy: There's no place like home...

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