USMUDR 4 is the fourth installment of the USMUDR roleplay series. It consists of twelve different students locked in a school, to which the players must murder their own and get away with it come trial time. Running from November 1st 2013 to December 13th 2013, this installment of USMDR is notable for the amount of new players it brought in, as well as starting the shift from script-style roleplay to paragraph-style.


  • Beatrice Arslovskiya (SHSL Lawyer)
  • Chiku (SHSL Gossip Columnist)
  • Felix Mikomi (SHSL Horror Novelist)
  • Gemalli Astro (SHSL Magician)
  • Inigro Astro (SHSL Magician)
  • Keiko Aida (SHSL Fujoshi)
  • Louise Peters (SHSL Linguist)
  • Mizuki Hidaka (SHSL Diver)
  • Raymond Rutherford (SHSL Tutor)
  • Rinji Huuju (SHSL Cartoonist)
  • Serenity (SHSL Magical Girl)
  • Trevor Grimes (SHSL Godmod) - Mastermind
  • Yuki Mikomi (SHSL Horror Illustrator)
  • Yoshida Nobu (SHSL Maid)



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