[01/12/2013 19:06:27] Nobu: "I'm perfectly normal" She pulls out a chair across from Trevor, dragging it on the floor to make an awful noise and sits down in it with a content smile

[01/12/2013 19:07:20] Trevor: "That's always a positive. Those shitheads still accusing you of murder?"

[01/12/2013 19:08:41] Nobu: "Please do not refer to my masters and mistresses in such a way"

[01/12/2013 19:11:28] Trevor: "Sorry love. Are those.. entities still accusing you lf murder?"

[01/12/2013 19:13:05] Nobu: "No one has spoken to me since your "talk" with mistress Mizuki"

[01/12/2013 19:14:34] Trevor: "Good. Just as planned. No one hurts my Nobubu."

[01/12/2013 19:17:03] Nobu: "I wouldn't say anyone was hurting me" She sits up straight in her chair, hands on her lap and arms pressed tight to her sides.

[01/12/2013 19:18:49] Trevor: "They were going to get you killed, I call that hurting." He touched her arm. "I don't want you killed."

[01/12/2013 19:22:22] Nobu: "What matters is that all my masters and mistresses are safe" *she presses said arm closer to her side.

[01/12/2013 19:28:57] Trevor: "I know it matters to you. But really Nobu, if you're putting yourself in harm’s way..."

[01/12/2013 19:31:37] Nobu: "Have I not always been in harm’s way?"

[01/12/2013 19:42:59] Trevor: "Yes. And dear I want to put an end to it. You're Nobubu, my Nobubu and I want you to be somewhere where you're safe."

[01/12/2013 19:45:12] Nobu: "I don't know if I'd be comfortable with that"

[01/12/2013 19:51:11] Trevor: "How come? Surely you want somewhere safe to be?"

[01/12/2013 19:51:36] Trevor: "I can make it happen you know. You'll never be scared again. You'll never be homeless again."

[01/12/2013 19:53:57] Nobu: She leans back in her chair, chewing on her nails as she stares at the ceiling seemingly ignoring him

[01/12/2013 19:57:02] Trevor: He sighs,  looking at her. Oh my golly is that worry we see.

[01/12/2013 19:58:38 | Edited 19:58:42] Keiko: Keiko walks into the cafeteria, a smile beams on her face that shortly falls once she spots Trevor, but she keeps her head up, she's not going to let Mr Wangle Dongle ruin what she has left of the day.

[01/12/2013 19:59:22] Nobu: Turning her head to the side to look to Keiko with a grin, pulling a bit of her nail off with her teeth "hello mistress Keiko"

[01/12/2013 20:00:39] Trevor: "Evening Keiko." He doesn't look away from Nobu because damn is he worried.

[01/12/2013 20:01:40] Keiko: "hello Nobu, Trevor, I won't be here for long, I just plan to make some food, eat some food and maybe skip off somewhere to find anyone who is awake"

[01/12/2013 20:02:21] Trevor: "I believe I am awake." Okay not working he looks away and to Keiko. "Nobubu also is awake."

[01/12/2013 20:03:19] Keiko: "ok, if you want me to stay then I guess I shall stay" she shrugs her shoulders, smiling a little

[01/12/2013 20:03:31] Nobu: She sits up and smiles, watching her "Staying would be nice"

[01/12/2013 20:04:09] Trevor: "Yes it most definitely would."

[01/12/2013 20:06:38] Keiko: She walks over to the kitchen. once she is there, she opens the familiar cupboard and fiddles around, moving things until she finds her favourite Cup Noodle flavour. "ladies and gentlemen....we have CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAB"

[01/12/2013 20:07:08] Nobu: She claps her hands grinning

[01/12/2013 20:07:59] Nobu: "You know, I had a master who was afraid of crabs. We were at the beach one day and he asked me to pull apart each crab he came across"

[01/12/2013 20:10:24] Keiko: "oh jeez, that's kinda cruel, but I guess a maid has gotta do what a maid has gotta do" Keiko says as she waits for the kettle to click. Once it has, she pours the water into the cup, covering it and waits again.

[01/12/2013 20:11:40] Trevor:  "I have never really interacted with a crab."

[01/12/2013 20:11:49] Nobu: "Indeed, I quite like crabs myself, but anteaters are my favorite"

[01/12/2013 20:12:16] Trevor: "Direwolves man."

[01/12/2013 20:12:28] Trevor: "Wait they're fictional got fucking dammit."

[01/12/2013 20:12:41] Nobu: "I like toads too, they're very cute" She smiles to herself

[01/12/2013 20:13:26] Keiko: "I never got to go to the zoo much as a kid, I think we went once and that was it"

[01/12/2013 20:14:30] Nobu: "I have never been to a zoo before, however I have seen a fair bit of the world"

[01/12/2013 20:17:24] Keiko: "My dad was always like "sorry sweetheart, your brother has to study this weekend" or "we don't really have much money for leisure right now" so we'd always have to stay home and I would go to the playpark with my friends back then or I'd just borrow one of Ichirou's consoles and play it, then he'd come through later before dinner and we'd have some grand old fights together on Street Fighter Alpha 2"

[01/12/2013 20:19:57] Trevor: "I was on the run we couldn't do anything that might have exposed dad."

[01/12/2013 20:20:01] Keiko: "fair to say it would lead to us fighting in real life with tickles"

[01/12/2013 20:20:43] Keiko: "man, I feel bad for you, you've had it pretty hard as well"

[01/12/2013 20:20:49] Nobu: "Tickles are nice"

[01/12/2013 20:21:36] Trevor: "We managed to settle in some old village in Texas and I grew up there, it was so fucking boring."

[01/12/2013 20:21:55] Trevor: "But my parents were young so they were a lot of good fun."

[01/12/2013 20:22:50] Keiko: "well that's good at least"

[01/12/2013 20:23:34] Keiko: "my family and I have always got along so great so we always look out for each other"

[01/12/2013 20:24:09] Keiko: "I just wish my mum was there for it"

[01/12/2013 20:24:35] Keiko: She sighs as she walks over and joins them at the table

[01/12/2013 20:25:50] Trevor: "My mum was a mad scientist. It was great."

[01/12/2013 20:26:36] Trevor: "Her and pops got along really well and we were happy enough, never had money problems."

[01/12/2013 20:27:16] Nobu: "I had hobo friends"

[01/12/2013 20:28:02] Nobu: She nods to herself "But I left them for my new glamourous life as a maid"

[01/12/2013 20:43:23] Trevor: "Beautiful,  Noonoo."

[01/12/2013 20:47:36] Nobu: "Though honestly, I was no safer a maid than I was on the street"

[01/12/2013 20:50:43] Trevor: "If anyone mistreated you I will have their balls on my wall."

[01/12/2013 20:51:19] Nobu: "Not that we're leaving here any time soon, so I'd say they're pretty safe"

[01/12/2013 20:56:41] Nobu: She leans in over the table "There'll always be someone to drown your goldfish, so I say why bother"

[01/12/2013 21:00:11] Trevor: "I'm having trouble understanding what you mean love."

[01/12/2013 21:02:42] Nobu: She keeps her mouth shut, leaning back in her chair, her mouth bursting into a grin.

[01/12/2013 21:05:33] Trevor: Oh no she's in creepy mode abort mission. "Right."

[01/12/2013 21:07:01] Nobu: "For instance, why bother putting criminals in jail?"

[01/12/2013 21:07:35] Nobu: She sits upright in her chair, pulling it closer to the table and squeaking it along the floor

[01/12/2013 21:08:01] Nobu: "There will always be someone out there to rob a bank or murder"

[01/12/2013 21:08:38] Keiko: Keiko finishes her Cup Noodle and gets up out of her chair "I'm going to head back to my room now, sorry, I wish I could stay but I feel fatigued again so I need a nap"

[01/12/2013 21:09:07] Nobu: "Sleep well, mistress. If you would like some tea to help you drift off, I'm right here"

[01/12/2013 21:09:23] Trevor: "As someone who is the child of 2 criminals I say some need put away for life, you know. Oh bye Keiko."

[01/12/2013 21:10:49] Nobu: "But there'll always be more. In this case, what is the point in mounting those people who may or may not have hurt me's balls on a wall because in the end there will always be people who hurt me. The same as there will always be people who hurt you and everyone else in this world"

[01/12/2013 21:10:53] Keiko: She walks to the door, waving "bye for now"

[01/12/2013 21:11:00] Nobu: "I just think it's funny how hard people try"

[01/12/2013 21:11:29] Trevor: "Because it's still wrong to hurt people."

[01/12/2013 21:11:51] Nobu: She sits back, chuckling to herself

[01/12/2013 21:40:38] Nobu: She nudges Trevor's leg lightly under the table with her foot, then again, and again and she keeps doing so, smiling to herself.

[01/12/2013 21:55:04] Trevor: "Huh? What is it Nobu?"

[01/12/2013 21:56:17] Nobu: Absentmindedly she keeps kicking at his leg lightly, smiling calmly to herself

[01/12/2013 21:56:58] Trevor: "Nobu why are you kicking me."

[01/12/2013 22:01:15] Nobu: Nobu leans over the table and gestures with a finger for him to come closer to her

[01/12/2013 22:04:26] Trevor: He leans in closer utterly confused.

[01/12/2013 22:05:23] Nobu: She leans in very close to his face, eyes wide, watching him with a gentle smile

[01/12/2013 22:05:54] Trevor: "Hello Nobubu." He just smiles back at her she is not winning this creepy off.

[01/12/2013 22:06:21] Nobu: And then she gently bites the tip of his nose before standing from her chair

[01/12/2013 22:07:03] Trevor: He was used to this but still wat.

[01/12/2013 22:07:09] Trevor: "I uh. Okay."

[01/12/2013 22:07:40] Nobu: She laughs to herself before turning and leaving the cafeteria in her wobbily fashion

[01/12/2013 22:09:48] Trevor: Trevor sits there in confusion realising why he is gay. Girls are weird.

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