[07/12/2013 21:03:40] Rin: *he lowered his head* I-I... don't feel alive anymore...

[07/12/2013 21:03:45] Louise: I want it all...

[07/12/2013 21:04:00] Louise: MONOLEO! IS THERE NO WAY WE CAN EAT AT ALL?!

[07/12/2013 21:04:12] Nobu: Mistress, should I have been able to eat

[07/12/2013 21:04:21] Nobu: You'd have to fight me for it

[07/12/2013 21:04:31] Chiku: We're not fully alive, that's the thing.

[07/12/2013 21:04:36] Chiku: But this is a /second chance/

[07/12/2013 21:04:45] Louise: *mock glares at her* Oh, if we can, it's on

[07/12/2013 21:05:32] Chiku: and we can make ourselves feel alive again, if we need to

[07/12/2013 21:05:43] Nobu: I am trained in capoeira

[07/12/2013 21:06:11] Louise: I'm trained in...fancy words

[07/12/2013 21:06:36] Nobu: The food is mine

[07/12/2013 21:07:07] Louise: We have infinites

[07/12/2013 21:07:18] Rin: I'm glad we got a second chance, really I am, but, i'm gonna be honest

[07/12/2013 21:07:24] Rin: I felt more alive when i was dead

[07/12/2013 21:08:09] Chiku: So did I, but we can get by!

[07/12/2013 21:08:41] Chiku: I have you; I don't need anything else.

[07/12/2013 21:09:46] Nobu: *looks across the sea of food* I have you; I don't need anything else.

[07/12/2013 21:10:08] Rin: *he smiled again, more sincere this time*

[07/12/2013 21:11:04] Chiku: *she smiles back happily* See, we're okay.

[07/12/2013 21:13:43] Rin: *he virtually tears up and nods, smiling widely*

[07/12/2013 21:15:15] Louise: *looks at Nobu and laughs happily* I can tell that we'll be perfect friends now that we have more time to get close

[07/12/2013 21:16:12] Rin: yeah~:D

[07/12/2013 21:16:14] Chiku: Aw, don't cry!! I don't know how to make it better yet, but we'll be okay.

[07/12/2013 21:20:59] Chiku: are you okay now, then?

[07/12/2013 21:21:05] Nobu: Ah, yes. It'll be a pleasure, mistress Louise

[07/12/2013 21:21:20] Nobu: *a grin creeps up her face*

[07/12/2013 21:21:35] Louise: *giggles happily* Brilliant~

[07/12/2013 21:22:04 | Edited 21:23:42] Rin: yeah ! *he wipes his eyes*

[07/12/2013 21:22:22] Rin: thanks !

[07/12/2013 21:23:10] Chiku: Great! *she smiles* shall we return to the others?

[07/12/2013 21:23:26] Rin: yeah!

[07/12/2013 21:25:07] Chiku: Come on then! *she giggles happily* I need to find Felix and Gem, I need to apologise.

[07/12/2013 21:25:31] Rin: sure!

[07/12/2013 21:45:53] Rin: hey elsie, why don't we ask yuki to come see inirgo and felix with us? ;)

[07/12/2013 21:51:54] Chiku: Yeah, we shall!

[07/12/2013 21:53:42] Rin: ok then! to the kitchen! :D

[07/12/2013 23:05:45] Chiku: Yes, lets return to the kitchen!

[07/12/2013 23:06:01] Rin: oh wait! better idea!

[07/12/2013 23:06:24] Chiku: Hmm?

[07/12/2013 23:06:35] Rin: you go on ahead and i'll lead the ones who are still alive to the kitchen, it'll be a surprise!

[07/12/2013 23:07:05] Chiku: Oh! But, do you know where they are?

[07/12/2013 23:07:20] Chiku: I mean, they probably would be freaked out

[07/12/2013 23:07:28] Chiku: we're sort of robots...

[07/12/2013 23:07:36] Chiku: *she reaches out and takes his hand*

[07/12/2013 23:07:42] Rin: don't worry! i got this!

[07/12/2013 23:07:42] Chiku: Lets just go back together

[07/12/2013 23:08:18] Chiku: *watches his face* Seriously, Gem will /probably/ disconnect me as soon as he sees me.

[07/12/2013 23:08:28] Chiku: And I need you.

[07/12/2013 23:08:47] Rin: ok, I gotcha!

[07/12/2013 23:08:57] Nobu: *stares at food* I need you

[07/12/2013 23:09:15] Chiku: *she smiles a little before nodding* come on, lets head back

[07/12/2013 23:09:41] Louise: *looks at the clock*

[07/12/2013 23:09:45 | Edited 23:09:50] Louise: It's a quarter after one

[07/12/2013 23:09:49] Rin: *nods*

[07/12/2013 23:10:06] Louise: I'm all alone

[07/12/2013 23:10:11] Louise: and I need you now~

[07/12/2013 23:10:32] Chiku: *she heads back towards the kitchen, walking in to rejoin them*

[07/12/2013 23:11:11] Rin: *follows her*

[07/12/2013 23:11:40] Chiku: Oh? Are we singing here?

[07/12/2013 23:11:50] Louise: Maybe

[07/12/2013 23:16:48] Gem & Ini: It was almost as though it was a dream. Everything that happened so far, everything that transpired. Their deep sleep almost drowned the two boys, if not from depression then from the exhaustion of the hurricane of events that transpired yesterday. They've tried not to lose their light, yes, and they haven't spiraled too far down the despair hole, but.. What else was there to wake up for, for either of them?

Gemalli had Felix, yes. That was one thing that he hoped no one would ever take away from him. But his brother, Inirgo, had lost someone right before he could even catch a glimmer of light. Aside from his only kin... Gemalli was used like garbage. He not only caused so much drama, but... He carted Rin's /body/ to the scene.. How could he have been so blind..

And Inirgo, poor young Ini.. He bore the weight of the world on his shoulders, he did /so well/ in the trial.. He placed Nobu to death and while he technically won his challenge against Trevor.. While he did save his brother, everyone else maybe.. God, how much pain did he had to endure in order to even make it to bed.

Both of them.. Both of them became ugly during their time in the school. What was usually the first thing that would come to them now was a chore, and even more now.. A reluctant choice. How can they show their faces now.. Who's left to show themselves to? Mizuki.. Keiko.. Felix.. And them two, maybe. Lord knows with how disfigured their thoughts and memories are, they might've let a student slip or two.

It was more of their body memory that forced the two out of bed. More of automaton muscle work that helped each other dress one another, ready themselves, and push through the door.

Step. Step. Step. Step.

The two of them reached the cafeteria. With a unified sigh, they looked inside. No one.

It was.. Weird. Before when they would find no one here, it would be either cause of worry or because they wanted to find solace from every damn person in this school. Just a chance to breathe, maybe, a chance to hope that no one would die.

They both looked to each other, each face mirroring the other. The twins were tired. They were exhausted. They just wanted this game to be over, one way or another..

They were about to turn around when they heard a flurry of commotion coming from the kitchen. The two boys paused.

"... Should we..?" Inirgo didn't bother to look to his brother, but from the corner of his eye, he could see Gemalli make a slight nod before beginning to walk. The two of them walked once more, and entered the kitchen, expecting to see one or two souls, or what was left of the students from the trial.

What the found, instead.. Could've been mistaken for a dream.

Both of them stopped, dead frozen, and looked to the scene in front of them with wide-eyed wonderment.. Curiousity.. Shocked? How about all three, for the hell of it?

[07/12/2013 23:17:33] Nobu: *banging a cracker on the window of her tv with her virtual mouth open*

[07/12/2013 23:18:21 | Edited 23:18:32] Rin: *he grinned at them* been a while huh? :D

[07/12/2013 23:19:06] Gem & Ini: "... H-How..."


[07/12/2013 23:19:37] Gem & Ini: "R-Rin...? Nobu..? But.." Gemalli was the first to form any type of question, his mouth numb with pure, blank confusion.

[07/12/2013 23:19:51] Nobu: *she tosses the cracker* God got sick of us and threw us out

[07/12/2013 23:20:01] Louise: *giggles* YO~!!

[07/12/2013 23:20:25] Rin: *he walks towards them* well? surprised? don't blame ya! :D

[07/12/2013 23:20:31] Chiku: Ahh, Gem, Ini!

[07/12/2013 23:20:32] Nobu: *She smiles gently* it's wonderful to see you again, masters

[07/12/2013 23:20:39] Chiku: *smiles, trying to keep it sweet*

[07/12/2013 23:20:53] Louise: We didn't pay the rent up there

[07/12/2013 23:21:00] Louise: Got kicked out

[07/12/2013 23:21:05] Chiku: Yeah, we got caught smoking weed.

[07/12/2013 23:21:09] Chiku: *laughs*

[07/12/2013 23:21:15] Nobu: And being lesbians

[07/12/2013 23:21:21] Louise: Wild times

[07/12/2013 23:21:56] Yuki: *Yuki breaks out of a daze and turns around, catching sight of Ini and Gem. The grey haired teen's facial expressions turns to one of shock before breaking out into a grin.*

[07/12/2013 23:22:35 | Edited 23:22:42] Louise: Trust me, guys, you would've loved our parties

[07/12/2013 23:23:23] Gem & Ini: "Louise, Ch-Chiku, even..?" Gemalli looked to everyone, and his hands covered his mouth. God.. They were all back.. It was just like the beginning, it was all.. It was just like before. It was all before this hell..!!

Inirgo also viewed the sight, both to his shock and dismay, but then that was when he appeared. That was when..

"Y-Yuki..? Yuki?! Is.. Please.. Let it be..!!"

[07/12/2013 23:23:44] Yuki: Ini!!!

[07/12/2013 23:23:49] Gem & Ini: Inirgo was the first one to cry, seeing his beloved friend, crush, other half, /Yuki/ return.

[07/12/2013 23:23:51] Louise: How's it hanging~?

[07/12/2013 23:23:52 | Edited 23:23:57] Gem & Ini: "Y-YUKI!!!!"

[07/12/2013 23:25:57] Louise: So~! Gem~! How are you~?

[07/12/2013 23:27:04] Yuki: *Yuki runs up to Ini, speechless. All that could be done was look to the other and smile.*

[07/12/2013 23:27:37] Gem & Ini:  Inirgo ran up to the illustrator, almost full force. But he had to slow down, he didn't want to crush, hurt, god forbid even scratch Yuki.

[07/12/2013 23:27:56] Gem & Ini: He didn't want to ruin anything, if he even faltered... Every second was a gift, and Inirgo needed every part of it.

[07/12/2013 23:28:28] Gem & Ini: "Y-Yuki.." Inirgo opened his arms and gently, softly, wrapped Yuki in a hug. He let his tears run as he softly cried into his shoulder.

[07/12/2013 23:29:27] Yuki: Ini...I..I missed you..

[07/12/2013 23:30:03] Gem & Ini: "I-I never.. I never got.. To say good-bye.. We never.. We never got to hunt the oven monsters together, did we? I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry that all of this happened..!! I missed you so much, Yuki! I tried to be strong, I tried.."

[07/12/2013 23:30:20] Chiku: *glances at Gem before looking away at Yuki and smiling happily, glad everything wasn't /completely/ ruined*

[07/12/2013 23:31:04] Louise: *looks at Nobu* I don't like being ignored...*pouts* It's not~ very~ nice~

[07/12/2013 23:31:14] Rin: *he whispers to chiku* hey c'mon, you wanted to apologise to him, right? ;)

[07/12/2013 23:31:30] Gem & Ini: Inirgo softly shook with his cries as he snugged the illustrator tighter. "I never want to let you go, never again! We have so much..!!"

Irony to his words, Inirgo let go of Yuki and quickly, hastily shuffled through his white cape until he pulled out a picture.

[07/12/2013 23:31:30] Gem & Ini: "Look! It's us!!"

[07/12/2013 23:31:51] Nobu: *motions the packet of crackers to Louise* cracker?

[07/12/2013 23:31:54] Chiku: I did, but I don't know if he'll listen to me, ya know? And I understand that.

[07/12/2013 23:32:12] Nobu: *pushes the packet in her tv face*

[07/12/2013 23:32:34] Gem & Ini: "We.. We were supposed to meet again!!" He grinned through his tears. It was the picture from the last motive, the one that displayed Inirgo and Yuki happily together. "We were supposed to meet again, and we did.. After everything, we did!"

[07/12/2013 23:32:35] Louise: Why not try. *smashes one at the screen*

[07/12/2013 23:32:53] Nobu: Did it taste good?

[07/12/2013 23:33:07] Louise: average

[07/12/2013 23:33:20] Nobu: Oh

[07/12/2013 23:33:27] Rin: *still whispering* but you wanted to apologise, shouldn't that be reason enough?

[07/12/2013 23:33:52] Louise: Any cheese?

[07/12/2013 23:33:58] Yuki: *Yuki just smiled, so happy that Ini was here..although the fact he couldnt feel the hug was a bit saddening.* Huh? *The Illustrator looks to the picture.*

[07/12/2013 23:34:22] Chiku: Yeah, It should be reason enough I just... *she sighs softly*

[07/12/2013 23:34:25] Nobu: Of course, mistress

[07/12/2013 23:34:36] Chiku: I know I can't feel anything, I'm just scared.

[07/12/2013 23:35:07] Nobu: *she gets cheese from the fridge handing it to Louise with a smile))

[07/12/2013 23:36:16] Rin: but, you'll still feel regret, wether we can feel anything physically or not, we still have our emotions :)

[07/12/2013 23:37:33] Chiku: *she looks back over at Gem and contemplates the idea, before looking away* I dunno, I might see if he sees me or not.

[07/12/2013 23:38:18] Louise: I'll get it~ *goes to the fridge and grabs the cheese*

[07/12/2013 23:38:29] Rin: *he grins, walks over and lifts her up*

[07/12/2013 23:38:52] Rin: *he walks back in front of gem and places her there*

[07/12/2013 23:38:56] Chiku: ARE YOU-?!

[07/12/2013 23:39:04] Chiku: *WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY*

[07/12/2013 23:39:28] Chiku: *jinoidvjiwubgwoiperhief n0nononono*

[07/12/2013 23:39:46] Gem & Ini: "I-I held onto this ever since I got it. Rin, all of us had a feeling that what these pictures were holding were the truth. And.. I hoped that.. That maybe we were friends before! That we knew each other before!" Inirgo nodded, looking back up to the AI.

[07/12/2013 23:40:10] Louise: *smashes cheese on screen*

[07/12/2013 23:40:26] Nobu: Incredible

[07/12/2013 23:40:30] Gem & Ini: "I-I don't care how you came back, I'm just happy you did.. I want to spend as much time as I can with you! I want to live with you, Yuki! I want us to be happy, and share memories together!" Inirgo's tears still streamed, although it was less of a flow.

[07/12/2013 23:40:30] Chiku: *folds and unfolds her hands a little, unable to look at Gem* U-u-uh,,

[07/12/2013 23:40:36] Chiku: hi,,

[07/12/2013 23:40:50] Chiku: -- *looks up at Rin with a questioning look like WHY*

[07/12/2013 23:40:51] Louise: perfection

[07/12/2013 23:40:55] Nobu: We have really moved forward in our investigation of our robotic bodies

[07/12/2013 23:40:59] Rin: *he nods to inirgo before he places one hand on chiku's shoulder and the other on gem's*

[07/12/2013 23:41:11] Louise: it's almost real

[07/12/2013 23:41:16] Gem & Ini: Gemalli could only softly chuckle to himself, his own form of tears letting loose. He didn't acknowledge what was going around him until Chiku was in front of him. "?!"

[07/12/2013 23:41:16] Gem & Ini: "A-Ah, Chiku..."

[07/12/2013 23:41:16] Gem & Ini: "..."

[07/12/2013 23:41:20] Nobu: That being we can't eat or fuck so what's the point

[07/12/2013 23:41:22] Yuki: Ah, I see!!!

[07/12/2013 23:41:36] Louise: none

[07/12/2013 23:41:43] Louise: I need a lot to be happy

[07/12/2013 23:41:53] Gem & Ini: He let out a crooked grin, one that didn't show any malice, but rather.. Of blind happiness.

[07/12/2013 23:41:54] Louise: at least in our land of the dead we could eat and fuck

[07/12/2013 23:42:10] Nobu: And smoke weed....

[07/12/2013 23:42:11] Gem & Ini: Without hesitating or even thinking, he rushed Chiku with a hug.

[07/12/2013 23:42:11] Chiku: Ah, sorry, I didn't want to wreck any sort of happiness I mean I can like go if you want,,,

[07/12/2013 23:42:12] Gem & Ini: "W-Welcome back.. All of you, welcome back..!!"

[07/12/2013 23:42:13] Chiku: -!!!

[07/12/2013 23:42:21] Gem & Ini: Gemalli shook with a happy laugh.

[07/12/2013 23:42:21] Louise: yeah

[07/12/2013 23:42:28] Rin: *he noticed the happiness in his smile and was reassured*

[07/12/2013 23:42:29] Louise: crazy parties....

[07/12/2013 23:42:29] Gem & Ini: A happy laugh, choked with tears.

[07/12/2013 23:42:30] Gem & Ini: "All of you!!"

[07/12/2013 23:43:02] Chiku: *shocked by the hug, her eyes wide, she gently hugs him back a little* Ah, oh my god, this isn't at all what I expected,,

[07/12/2013 23:43:05] Louise: I thought you forgot I ever existed there, Gem~!

[07/12/2013 23:43:11] Nobu: Ah, thank you masters!

[07/12/2013 23:43:22] Chiku: But it's good to be back, that we have a second chance!!

[07/12/2013 23:43:23] Louise: *laughs*

[07/12/2013 23:43:31] Nobu: *she smiles genuinely at them*

[07/12/2013 23:44:27] Gem & Ini: Gemalli snugged Chiku tighter as he let out all of his sorrow, while still trying to maintain a laugh. He finally, finally felt himself a little lighter..

[07/12/2013 23:44:57] Chiku: a-ah careful!! I mean, I am just a robot! *she laughs a little*

[07/12/2013 23:45:24] Gem & Ini: "God, I-I'm so sorry, for all of this hell.. We should've gotten out together.. But all of you!! All of you came back! We can.. We can still get out, somehow, someway!!"

"Oh, god, Chiku, sorry, sorry!" Gemalli let go of his strong hug, releasing the automaton.

[07/12/2013 23:45:37] Gem & Ini: "I didn't, I... I'm just happy that we're all back again.."

[07/12/2013 23:45:40] Yuki: Ah...I just can't believe it..we're all back!!

[07/12/2013 23:46:16] Gem & Ini: "That you're back. That everyone is back, regardless.." Gemalli sighed as he wiped his tears, looking up to see Louise and Nobu as well.

[07/12/2013 23:46:29] Rin: and we will! *he clutched his hand into a fist in front of his face* we're all back together and it's our time to shine and finish this once and for all! :D

[07/12/2013 23:46:48] Louise: *grins brightly and waves*

[07/12/2013 23:47:22] Chiku: *she laughed softly once more, shaking her head a little* It's okay!! I just dunno how strong these robots are, and I wouldn't like to be the one to find out!

[07/12/2013 23:47:24] Rin: it might not be what we all expected but it's still something! :D

[07/12/2013 23:48:15] Gem & Ini: "Louise! Great god, it's been forever since we saw each other!" Gemalli took a step, but then wheeled around and grabbed both of Chiku's hands and held them in his. "We'll talk later. We'll reconnect. We'll rebuild, don't worry." The shine in his eyes bore no lies, only honesty. With that, he turned around and went to reconnect with one of his first friends on the campus.

[07/12/2013 23:48:21] Nobu: We can't eat, master Gemalli

[07/12/2013 23:48:49] Louise: It has been a while~

[07/12/2013 23:48:59] Louise: I missed our chats~

[07/12/2013 23:49:10] Gem & Ini: "Lousie, goodness.. How have you been?" Gemalli looked to Lousie, but was then caught by Nobu's statement. "Oh? Oh dear, that's sad.. That means we can't make you anything, can we? Not even oil or whatever?"

[07/12/2013 23:49:25] Louise: I can't have any alcohol either

[07/12/2013 23:49:35] Louise: I've been fine~

[07/12/2013 23:49:35] Chiku: *she smiled brightly back at him, the same happiness flashing in her eyes. She knew he wasn't lying, and it made her incredibly happy to know he was at least thankful to see her again. She watched him go over to the others, the smile remaining*

[07/12/2013 23:49:40] Louise: I have a lovely house up there~

[07/12/2013 23:49:45] Louise: You'd love it!

[07/12/2013 23:49:47] Chiku: ah, that was a lot better than I expected/

[07/12/2013 23:49:51] Gem & Ini: Gemalli's glance went back to Lousie. "Gosh, I've missed everything about you! You always brought so much light to the place."

[07/12/2013 23:49:53] Nobu: I would prefer not to consume oil

[07/12/2013 23:50:01] Gem & Ini: "A house?" Inirgo asked, overhearing the conversation.

[07/12/2013 23:50:10] Louise: Aw how sweet of you dear~!

[07/12/2013 23:50:13] Nobu: Yes, when I was dead I could fit though the doors

[07/12/2013 23:50:15] Louise: Yeah!

[07/12/2013 23:50:22] Louise: We can imagine our own houses~

[07/12/2013 23:50:25] Nobu: Truly heaven

[07/12/2013 23:50:35] Rin: oh yeah that!

[07/12/2013 23:50:37] Louise: I have a little cottage that I had to stretch it yesterday for Nobu~

[07/12/2013 23:50:54] Chiku: Ah, yeah! We can imagine anything we want, anything at all! And it appears!

[07/12/2013 23:51:14] Louise: And we've been watching!

[07/12/2013 23:51:18] Louise: The whole time!

[07/12/2013 23:51:19] Gem & Ini: "Wow.. That must be rather nice! Granted, there has to have been something for compensation, considering all of the misfortune.." Inirgo looked to Yuki. "Did you also have a house, too?"

[07/12/2013 23:51:26] Louise: We've seen every trial

[07/12/2013 23:51:35] Gem & Ini: "Watching? Really now?" Gemalli was rather surprised.

[07/12/2013 23:51:45] Gem & Ini: "So then why didn't you try ~contacting us from the deeeeaaaad~?" He joked.

[07/12/2013 23:51:56] Louise: Yeah! We got to see everything that happened and go back to catch up and such

[07/12/2013 23:52:05] Nobu: Please don't tell me you've been watching us individually

[07/12/2013 23:52:06] Louise: I haven't mastered that yet~ *laughs*

[07/12/2013 23:52:18] Louise: Nah, usually in groups

[07/12/2013 23:52:19] Nobu: That would be worrying

[07/12/2013 23:52:25] Yuki: *The AI nods.* Ah, yes! I did!

[07/12/2013 23:52:26] Louise: I give up when you guys are alone

[07/12/2013 23:52:35] Louise: know

[07/12/2013 23:52:44] Louise: you usually sleep when you're alone

[07/12/2013 23:52:50] Louise: Or other things

[07/12/2013 23:53:14 | Edited 23:53:37] Rin: *he put his arm around gem's shoulders* man you really snapped when I died, did you miss me that much? :D *he said jokingly*

[07/12/2013 23:53:33] Gem & Ini: "Oh, god.. Rin!!"

[07/12/2013 23:53:39] Gem & Ini: Gemalli embrached the robot in a bear hug.

[07/12/2013 23:53:50] Gem & Ini: "God, you have NO IDE- Well, maybe you did.. God, everything you were put through..!!"

[07/12/2013 23:54:01 | Edited 23:54:14] Rin: *he hugged back, watching how much strength he was using*

[07/12/2013 23:54:14] Gem & Ini: "Was it a nice house? What was it like, Yuki?" Inirgo asked.

[07/12/2013 23:54:58] Rin: i'll admit, nobu scared the shit outta me! :D

[07/12/2013 23:55:15] Nobu: Your face was funny

[07/12/2013 23:55:30] Chiku: *laughs at Nobu softly*

[07/12/2013 23:55:43] Louise: I watched over my own death at one point when I was alone...

[07/12/2013 23:55:50] Louise: Pretty...

[07/12/2013 23:55:50] Louise: wow...

[07/12/2013 23:56:07] Rin: by the way what was i apologising for nobu?

[07/12/2013 23:56:13] Rin: you never said

[07/12/2013 23:56:27] Gem & Ini: "Oh dear.. Gosh, I'm really sorry about that first trial.." Gemalli looked back to Louise.

[07/12/2013 23:56:28] Nobu: For touching yourself at night

[07/12/2013 23:56:31] Gem & Ini: "Everything was a circus act, and not in a good way." He shook his head.

[07/12/2013 23:56:37] Louise: Dont! It's alright...

[07/12/2013 23:56:41] Louise: I was...

[07/12/2013 23:56:47] Chiku: *laughing* Oh my god, I've missed all of you guys!

[07/12/2013 23:56:52] Chiku: *shakes her head*

[07/12/2013 23:57:03] Louise: A little upset

[07/12/2013 23:57:21 | Edited 23:57:24] Louise: I shouldn't have brought Raymond down with me

[07/12/2013 23:57:36] Gem & Ini: "Oh, Louise.." Gemalli released himself from Rin as he went and lightly cupped Louise hands in his.

[07/12/2013 23:57:42] Gem & Ini: "It wasn't your fault, Louise."

[07/12/2013 23:57:46] Gem & Ini: "It was just this place."

[07/12/2013 23:57:54] Gem & Ini: Gemalli sca-

[07/12/2013 23:58:04] Yuki: It was nice! It was just like my dearest brother's and I's house back home.. ( im sorry this is late bye )

[07/12/2013 23:58:09] Rin: *he turns to nobu* yeeeeeah i highly doubt that was it

[07/12/2013 23:58:23] Louise: I'm alright now! honest! I'm back again!

[07/12/2013 23:59:00] Gem & Ini: Gemalli scanned the room, and took the sight of his old friends once more. "None of this was our fault.. The only one at fault here is the same person who put us in here."

[07/12/2013 23:59:34] Louise: The mastermind

[07/12/2013 23:59:38] Louise: Which~

[07/12/2013 23:59:51] Chiku: *she looks back at Gemalli and smiles sheepishly, but nods a little*

[08/12/2013 00:00:05] Nobu: Yes, it was because in your sleep you told everyone I kill people for a living in my spare time *smashes another cracker on her screen*

[08/12/2013 00:00:21] Rin: ...............hah?

[08/12/2013 00:00:22] Louise: I asked you to work on /rather/ than condem Ray~!

[08/12/2013 00:00:32] Gem & Ini: "That must've been nice, Yuki. Maybe, if we can all get out of here, all of us, we can make a house just like that! Or something.." Inirgo's faint blush was covered by him scratching his face and looking down.

[08/12/2013 00:00:52] Nobu: And I was for sure everyone would hate me. Mostly I wanted you to apologise to Trevor for upsetting him*

[08/12/2013 00:01:21] Rin: what did i do to upset him?

[08/12/2013 00:01:23] Yuki: Aha, yes!! That'd be wonderful..

[08/12/2013 00:10:04] Nobu: Ever think there's an alternate universe where we are all professional clothes taker offers and pole dancers?

[08/12/2013 00:10:16] Chiku: Yes.

[08/12/2013 00:10:19] Yuki: Yes.

[08/12/2013 00:10:23] Louise: Yes

[08/12/2013 00:10:26] Rin: fuck yes

[08/12/2013 00:10:29] Nobu: I thought so

[08/12/2013 00:10:30] Louise: I am in this life

[08/12/2013 00:11:11] Nobu: *whispers* so am I...for certain people

[08/12/2013 00:11:15] Gem & Ini: "That'd be entertaining." Gem cocked a grin.

[08/12/2013 00:11:17] Gem & Ini: "Gem!"

[08/12/2013 00:11:23] Gem & Ini: "It's been ages since I've been to a club! Don't hate."

[08/12/2013 00:11:24] Rin: *Gangnam style music video plays on his screen for a few seconds then goes back to normal*

[08/12/2013 00:11:27] Louise: Well~ *giggles*

[08/12/2013 00:12:29] Nobu: Well it's certainly a *quietly* takeoffyourclothes strange notion

[08/12/2013 00:12:50] Chiku: *glances at Nobu with a frown but breaks into a smile*

[08/12/2013 00:13:05] Gem & Ini: Gemalli couldn't help but laugh at the hysteria around him. He looked to Inirgo, who was happy alongside Yuki.

[08/12/2013 00:13:14] Gem & Ini: Yes.. This was what he was fighting for, what was the reason to get up in the morning.

[08/12/2013 00:13:28] Gem & Ini: And nothing brought him any greater joy than finally having a classroom  full of his friends once more.

[08/12/2013 00:13:55] Gem & Ini: He looked back to Louise. "What were you giggling about, hmm?" He chuckled.

[08/12/2013 00:14:09] Louise: *giggles more* Nothing much~

[08/12/2013 00:14:17] Gem & Ini: "Aww, are you trying to be cute?"

[08/12/2013 00:14:27] Gem & Ini: "Oh, wait. That's right. You don't have to try."

[08/12/2013 00:14:44] Louise: Maybe I am. That's for you to decide. *laughs*

[08/12/2013 00:14:52] Gem & Ini: "You were always such a doll!" Gem softly smiled at his friend.

[08/12/2013 00:19:01] Gem & Ini: "Is it really now?" Gem flashed a grin at the linguist. "What would your doting boyfriend say, though? He doesn't mind a little bit of blush, does he?"

[08/12/2013 00:19:55] Louise: *laughs softly* I don't think he'll mind too much~

[08/12/2013 00:23:37] Louise: *giggles softly and nods* Well this welcome is certainly more than I expected~

[08/12/2013 00:24:21] Gem & Ini: "Anything to make you feel alive again~"

[08/12/2013 00:25:16] Rin: by the way gemalli, i know this might seem kinda creepy but, where's my body?, i wanna get the pens and blowdarts and stuff out my pocket :D

[08/12/2013 00:25:25] Louise: How gentlemanly~! I never even felt this kind of welcome from Engish boys~

[08/12/2013 00:25:39] Gem & Ini: Gemalli looked to Rin. "Er.."

[08/12/2013 00:25:55] Gem & Ini: "Oh! Rin!" Inirgo waved for him to come over. "I still have your stuff!"

[08/12/2013 00:26:22] Gem & Ini: Gemalli looked down and gave Louise a gentleman of a grin he could muster as he lightly pat her.. TV head.

[08/12/2013 00:26:27] Rin: ah! that's handy! :D

[08/12/2013 00:26:28] Gem & Ini: It felt odd, since well.. It wasn't a head.

[08/12/2013 00:26:34] Gem & Ini: But it was something!

[08/12/2013 00:26:47] Louise: Close enough. *giggles*

[08/12/2013 00:27:24] Rin: *he walks over to ini* can i get my stuff? :D

[08/12/2013 00:27:36] Nobu: No

[08/12/2013 00:27:41] Nobu: You can't

[08/12/2013 00:31:24 | Edited 00:31:38] Rin: *turns to nobu and grins* fuck da police!

[08/12/2013 00:32:44] Chiku: *hands Nobu a cracker* here

[08/12/2013 00:32:46] Nobu: I am the police

[08/12/2013 00:32:52] Nobu: Nee naw

[08/12/2013 00:33:50] Rin: well then i'm robbing someone *turns to inirgo* stuff please :D

[08/12/2013 00:34:22] Nobu: *Takes the cracker, stuffing the cracker into Rin's screen*

[08/12/2013 00:34:35] Nobu: Robbery is wrong

[08/12/2013 00:34:39] Rin: nomnomnomnom :3

[08/12/2013 00:34:41] Chiku: oh-!! *she laughs*

[08/12/2013 00:35:29] Rin: so is wasting food

[08/12/2013 00:35:58] Nobu: It's not wasted, it gave it's life for justice

[08/12/2013 00:36:08] Louise: and our pleasure

[08/12/2013 00:38:35] Rin: *he puts his hands together and bows* bujini yasunde kudasai          

[08/12/2013 00:40:10] Nobu: I don't speak chinese

[08/12/2013 00:40:51 | Edited 00:55:14] Rin: japanese, there's a difference, surprisingly

[08/12/2013 00:41:01] Nobu: I.............

[08/12/2013 00:41:11] Chiku: How much of a difference?

[08/12/2013 00:41:12] Nobu: Was joking

[08/12/2013 00:41:13] Chiku: Louise?

[08/12/2013 00:41:19] Nobu: You know the thing where people laugh

[08/12/2013 00:41:33] Louise: Well~

[08/12/2013 00:41:34] Nobu: After you say something silly

[08/12/2013 00:41:38] Louise: first there's the difference of symbols

[08/12/2013 00:41:48] Louise: then the different alphabet

[08/12/2013 00:41:50] Louise: then the sounds

[08/12/2013 00:41:57] Louise: the pronounciation

[08/12/2013 00:42:06] Louise: the the accent

[08/12/2013 00:42:10] Nobu: Master Rin..../im/ japanese

[08/12/2013 00:42:13] Louise: the meaning of some things

[08/12/2013 00:42:33] Louise: but to anyone from europe~

[08/12/2013 00:42:41] Louise: they do look similar

[08/12/2013 00:42:49] Louise: and they can be different to distingiush

[08/12/2013 00:43:05] Louise: die to symbols and letters

[08/12/2013 00:43:06] Rin: in otherwords i'm paying the cracker my respects and to rest peacefully

[08/12/2013 00:43:22] Nobu: I know what you said

[08/12/2013 00:43:27] Nobu: I'm JAPANESE

[08/12/2013 00:43:48] Rin: I heard you, i was telling everybody else

[08/12/2013 00:43:55] Nobu: I was making a HAHA

[08/12/2013 00:44:01] Nobu: Oh okay

[08/12/2013 01:09:49] Rin: and a HAHA you made!