[09/11/2013 18:43:16] Beatrice: *Beatrice walks through the corridors, from her room with dark bags under her eyes, although well concealed under a layer of makeup, she walks to the main hall, waiting for someone to show up, knowing its dangerous to be alone under the circumstances.*

[09/11/2013 18:44:25] Nobu: *Nobu stands square in the middle of the doors to the main hall, blankly smiling towards Beatrice*

[09/11/2013 18:45:16] Beatrice: Ah.. Good day, Nobu. *She gives a small curtsey to Nobu.*

[09/11/2013 18:47:47] Keiko: *Keiko leaves her room, her hair is not up in its usual trademark ponytail, it's instead down and in her face. she walks through the corridor towards the main hall, her face is cold and emotionless*

[09/11/2013 18:48:07] Nobu: *She bows low and then walks out of the doorway and into the hall* And how is mistress Beatrice doing?

[09/11/2013 18:48:29] Gem & Ini: Gem walked alone through the halls, leaving his brother behind so that he could sleep a little more. He deserved it, to be frank. The poor kid was tussling through some nightmares. Thankfully, Gem was able to soothe him through the night; He himself couldn't sleep at all. He was anxious, worried.. What transpired yesterday was not at all what he had planned.. And it was all because of that girl that he had so blindly put faith into. Because of her, he thought, he was the black sheep that was going to be placed under everyone's eye. At least, he hoped he was wrong.

Nevertheless, he made his way to the main hall, his cape cloaking the whole of his body. He was surprised to see Beatrice and Nobu. Shit, he thought he was going to be alone..

With a heaved breath, he greeted the two ladies.

"Good evening Bea, good evening Nobu."

[09/11/2013 18:49:22] Beatrice: Hmm.. I'm faring quite neutrally, although thank you for asking, dear. Ah, Good Evening, Gem. *She gives a tired smile.*

[09/11/2013 18:49:55] Gem & Ini: Gemalli returned the smile, no creases of exausting bearing on his face.

[09/11/2013 18:50:00] Nobu: Master Gem, did you have a good sleep?

[09/11/2013 18:50:41] Gem & Ini: "Ah, yeah.." He lied. "Though I think tonight I'll be able to have a better sense of sleep."

[09/11/2013 18:51:02] Nobu: How so?

[09/11/2013 18:51:18] Nobu: We're getting the motive tonight

[09/11/2013 18:51:25] Gem & Ini: "What?"

[09/11/2013 18:51:28] Gem & Ini: "Another one?"

[09/11/2013 18:51:35] Nobu: Surely thats a clear sign of danger

[09/11/2013 18:51:36] Beatrice: Another motive..?

[09/11/2013 18:51:45] Nobu: Well, it would make sense for there to be

[09/11/2013 18:51:58] Nobu: The mastermind surely isn't going to let us away with one murder

[09/11/2013 18:52:07] Gem & Ini: "He never said he wouldn't!"

[09/11/2013 18:52:30] Gem & Ini: Gemalli covered his starred eye with his right hand. Well this was just dandy.

[09/11/2013 18:52:47] Nobu: Sorry for bringing in the misfortune, master

[09/11/2013 18:52:55] Beatrice: There's going to be.. More murders.. *She sighs.*

[09/11/2013 18:53:06] Chiku: I promised Raymond there wouldn't be anymore

[09/11/2013 18:53:09] Nobu: There will always be murders as long as we're in here

[09/11/2013 18:53:18] Gem & Ini: "No, no.. It's good to know. Thank you, Nobu."

[09/11/2013 18:53:28] Chiku: *walks into the room, glancing around them all*

[09/11/2013 18:53:30] Gem & Ini: Oh, great.

[09/11/2013 18:53:30] Beatrice: You're right, Nobu.

[09/11/2013 18:53:42] Gem & Ini: Juuuust the person he wanted to hear.

[09/11/2013 18:53:59] Nobu: There is no way to prevent it, everyone should just accept that people will die

[09/11/2013 18:54:00] Beatrice: Oh god...

[09/11/2013 18:54:13] Nobu: Goodevening, mistress Chiku

[09/11/2013 18:54:27] Gem & Ini: "W-Well.. Maybe.. What if someone self-defended? Off the murderer before they got killed? Wouldn't that, I don't know, negate the ruleS?"

[09/11/2013 18:54:28] Chiku: Evening, Nobu

[09/11/2013 18:54:36] Gem & Ini: "Beatrice, what happens to people who self-defend?"

[09/11/2013 18:55:13] Beatrice: I'm quite sure if it's self-defence, if the person who is defending themselves kills the person, they'll still be executed.. It only makes sense, after all.

[09/11/2013 18:55:25] Gem & Ini: "Fuuuuuck."

[09/11/2013 18:55:41] Nobu: There is no such thing as manslauter in here, murder is murder

[09/11/2013 18:55:41] Chiku: Did you think you could get out of it that way, Gem?

[09/11/2013 18:55:45] Gem & Ini: He wasn't sure he could handle someone else running around wanting to off another innocent.

[09/11/2013 18:56:12] Keiko: *Keiko enters the main hall, looking like a complete mess, the look of a true hikikomori*

[09/11/2013 18:56:15] Keiko: ......

[09/11/2013 18:56:19] Beatrice: I think we should always remain in a group.

After all, if we're alone then our chances of being killed are a lot more likely.

[09/11/2013 18:56:31] Gem & Ini: "What? No, of course not! Like hell if I'm going to test that out! I'm just.. Grabbing at straws here."

[09/11/2013 18:56:44] Chiku: *nods at Beatrice's idea* staying in a group is the best idea

[09/11/2013 18:56:58] Beatrice: We've established groups, Chiku....

[09/11/2013 18:57:03] Gem & Ini: It made him a bit peeved, especially since Raymond decided to take Louise's life instead of fighting, instead of.. Doing what they all wanted to do. But it was inevitable, wasn't it? He sighed.

[09/11/2013 18:57:04] Mizuki: *Hair ruffled and looking only moderately rested, Mizuki wanders into the hall*

Hey all... what's going on?

[09/11/2013 18:57:04] Chiku: Groups?

[09/11/2013 18:57:09] Nobu: Groups won't prevent anything

[09/11/2013 18:57:14] Beatrice: Indeed. Designated groups to stay in.

[09/11/2013 18:57:27] Beatrice: Groups will make the chances less likely.

[09/11/2013 18:57:31] Chiku: And whose group have I been designated?

[09/11/2013 18:58:00] Nobu: Groups will make the murderer come up with an elaborate plan

[09/11/2013 18:58:05] Nobu: A harder to solve plan

[09/11/2013 18:58:13] Beatrice: I'm not exactly sure, the groups were established when you were asleep.

[09/11/2013 18:58:20] Nobu: Though of course, that depends on how strong the motive happens to be

[09/11/2013 18:58:25] Chiku: Are you speaking from experience, Nobu? Suddenly you know what you're talking about. *sour tone*

[09/11/2013 18:58:37] Nobu: I've been in situations

[09/11/2013 18:58:41] Nobu: *She smiles*

[09/11/2013 18:58:42] Gem & Ini: "But we've had groups sectioned off before, and look what happened."

[09/11/2013 18:58:49] Gem & Ini: "Trust was what killed Louise!"

[09/11/2013 18:58:52] Keiko: *Keiko shuffles over to a corner of the hall, far away from everyone. she sits down facing the corner and begins humming quietly and nervously* ........

[09/11/2013 18:58:53] Gem & Ini: He didn't think before he spoke.

[09/11/2013 18:58:54] Gem & Ini: Shit.

[09/11/2013 18:58:56] Nobu: I thought I told you to be sure that others haven't grown up in the same background as yourself

[09/11/2013 18:58:59] Mizuki: Take a hike Chiku, Nobu isn't going to kill anyone.

[09/11/2013 18:59:00] Beatrice: That's because no-one wanted to /stay/ in those groups, Gem.

[09/11/2013 18:59:06] Beatrice: She was on her own with someone.

[09/11/2013 18:59:15] Beatrice: We have groups of 3 for a reason.

[09/11/2013 18:59:23] Gem & Ini: "... True."

[09/11/2013 18:59:28] Gem & Ini: "I'm sorry."

[09/11/2013 18:59:28] Chiku: Fuck you, Mizuki.

[09/11/2013 18:59:43] Nobu: There is climbing gear for you in the sports cupboard, Chiku

[09/11/2013 18:59:48] Nobu: So you may take your hike

[09/11/2013 18:59:49] Beatrice: No need to apologise. *She gives a weak smile.*

[09/11/2013 18:59:54] Chiku: Oh Nobu, give up

[09/11/2013 19:00:06] Beatrice: *She giggles at Nobu's statement.*

[09/11/2013 19:00:07] Chiku: Just leave it, you're not grasping anything

[09/11/2013 19:00:10] Nobu: Give up what? I'm just helping you

[09/11/2013 19:00:11] Mizuki: *She quirks her brow, before chuckling at Nobu's joke*

Good one *Raises her hand*

[09/11/2013 19:00:11] Beatrice: that was clever.

[09/11/2013 19:00:11] Gem & Ini: "Bea, are you alright?"

[09/11/2013 19:00:20] Gem & Ini: "You seem a bit out of it. Do you want some water or something?"

[09/11/2013 19:00:25] Chiku: You're just irritating, seriously.

[09/11/2013 19:00:51] Nobu: I apologise

[09/11/2013 19:00:59] Beatrice: Hmm..? Oh... I'm fine. I just haven't been sleeping or eating very well due to the circumstances. But I'm sure I'll be fine in awhile.

[09/11/2013 19:00:59] Nobu: Perhaps I should ductape my mouth

[09/11/2013 19:01:03] Nobu: huff....hufff.....

[09/11/2013 19:01:09] Mizuki: Or maybe you're just easy to annoy.

Perhaps... you have a little bit of a short fuse?

[09/11/2013 19:01:17] Beatrice: It's probable, Mizuki.

[09/11/2013 19:01:24] Chiku: A short fuse? Hah, that's hilarious

[09/11/2013 19:01:44] Chiku: Up until now, I've been able to keep calm. It's all of you, you're just a nuisance

[09/11/2013 19:01:49] Beatrice: Then leave.

[09/11/2013 19:01:51] Mizuki: *She folds her arms, grinning*

See, you're even getting riled up from that little jab.

[09/11/2013 19:01:54] Gem & Ini: "Oh dear. That's not a way to go about things. Bea, come on, let's get you t the kitchen. I can make you something."

[09/11/2013 19:02:03] Mizuki: Well, I seem to be getting along with Nobu just fine.

[09/11/2013 19:02:08] Gem & Ini: And maybe distance the two away from the time bomb that the ladies were toying around with.

[09/11/2013 19:02:30] Mizuki: Do you ever stop to think that you might be the one with the problem here?

[09/11/2013 19:02:36] Chiku: As did I get on with Nobu just /fine/

[09/11/2013 19:02:37] Beatrice: Hmm.. I suppose I'll take you up on your offer then, Gem. *She gives a small sigh, although smiling.*

[09/11/2013 19:02:48] Chiku: *stalls at Mizuki's words, glaring at her*

[09/11/2013 19:03:05] Gem & Ini: "Alrighty then, let's go.."

[09/11/2013 19:03:22] Chiku: This is because of my talent, huh? Everything I wrote? I get it. Nobody trusts me, that's fine. I guess I am the problem

[09/11/2013 19:03:33] Chiku: If anyone needs me, you know where I am.

[09/11/2013 19:03:36] Gem & Ini: Edging away from the fight, Gem and Bea made their way off.

[09/11/2013 19:03:38] Chiku: *turns to leave*

[09/11/2013 19:03:41] Nobu: *She watches them quarrel with a blank slightly confused expression*

[09/11/2013 19:03:41] Mizuki: If i've woken up and realised that I have some sour spots in my system, you probably should too.

[09/11/2013 19:03:55] Beatrice: *She walks with him to the kitchen.*

[09/11/2013 19:04:18] Chiku: *sighs* I get it, Mizuki, I get it.

[09/11/2013 19:04:29] Chiku: Thanks. I guess. *exits the room*

[09/11/2013 19:04:45] Keiko: *Keiko's humming starts to sound louder and has a more nervous tone*

[09/11/2013 19:05:02] Mizuki: Good, nice to know that cleared things up. *She smiled and turned to Nobu*

Don't let her push you around like that.

[09/11/2013 19:05:38] Mizuki: *She then stops, turning to notice Keiko in the corner*


[09/11/2013 19:05:58] Nobu: Any of my masters and mistresses can push me around any way they want

[09/11/2013 19:06:54] Keiko: *she rocks back and forth slightly, trying to hum a calming song*

[09/11/2013 19:07:21] Mizuki: *She edges slowly toward the girl, before kneeling infront of her*

Hey... Keiko?

What's up?

[09/11/2013 19:08:19] Keiko: *she stops, breathing heavily and staring at the corner where the floor and walls join*............

[09/11/2013 19:09:06] Mizuki: *She reaches out to tap her on the shoulder*


[09/11/2013 19:10:14] Keiko: *she gasps loud and jolts around, backing into the wall and screaming* I WON'T DIE FOR YOU TREVOR!!!!!

[09/11/2013 19:10:57] Mizuki: *She jumps back in surprise, gasping*


Did something happen?

[09/11/2013 19:13:12] Keiko: *she stares up at Mizuki through her hair, her eyes have dark circles under them, like she's not slept for a week*..........

[09/11/2013 19:13:54] Mizuki: What happened to you...?

You were fine when i visited you last night?

[09/11/2013 19:14:05] Nobu: Perhaps it would be wise for mistress Keiko to go back to her room*She looms over both of them

[09/11/2013 19:14:43] Mizuki: *She nods*

Nobu, help me with her ok?

[09/11/2013 19:15:10] Nobu: How so?

[09/11/2013 19:16:05] Mizuki: I don't know... just help me ok?

You're better at this looking after people thing.

*She offers Keiko a hand*

Come on, let's go back to your room.

[09/11/2013 19:16:54] Keiko: *she trembles, backing into the corner and curling up*

[09/11/2013 19:17:40] Nobu: Mistress Keiko, I think you would find it in your best interest to come with us *She beams down at her*

[09/11/2013 19:17:54] Mizuki: Keiko, come on, we're just trying to help you out , we're not going to hurt you.

[09/11/2013 19:20:07] Keiko: *she lets her limbs hang loose, her head falling back as she stares lifelessly up at the ceiling*....this place....ehehe...

[09/11/2013 19:21:29] Mizuki: Keiko...?

*Her expression is tinted with fear slightly*

Cut it out. Just come on, come with us and we can talk about this shit.

[09/11/2013 19:22:20] Keiko: *out of nowhere she springs to life, sitting up straight and looking around as if she didn't know what she was just doing*

[09/11/2013 19:23:00] Keiko: *sweeping her hair out of her face she looks up at Nobu and Mizuki, smiling* ahhh...good morning

[09/11/2013 19:23:10] Mizuki: *She jumps a little bit, still looking a little scared*

What the fuck was that... *She said under her breath*

[09/11/2013 19:23:51] Mizuki: G-good morning...?

[09/11/2013 19:25:24] Mizuki: *She turns to Nobu, looking for her opinion on the situation*

[09/11/2013 19:26:41] Nobu: Goodmorning, mistress Keiko. *She grins straight down at her, towering over*

[09/11/2013 19:27:10] Mizuki: *She sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose*

[09/11/2013 19:30:07] Mizuki: I'm not exactly sure what just happened but... whatever.

[09/11/2013 19:30:53] Nobu: Shall we take you to your room, mistress Keiko?

[09/11/2013 19:32:44] Keiko: oh? we're going to my room?

[09/11/2013 19:33:04] Nobu: Yes

[09/11/2013 19:33:05] Mizuki: It's just, you weren't looking so good earlier so...

[09/11/2013 19:35:23] Mizuki: *She shakes her hand*

N- nevermind...

[09/11/2013 19:36:01] Mizuki: Just, you're ok right?

[09/11/2013 19:36:16] Keiko: *she smiles* yea

[09/11/2013 19:37:27 | Edited 19:37:31] Mizuki: *She frowns. She knew something was up but she had no idea whether to push it or not*

Keiko... do you remember how you got here?

To the Main Hall?

[09/11/2013 19:38:26] Keiko: yea....I walked in and sat at the corner

[09/11/2013 19:38:43] Keiko: and had a bad nightmare whilst awake

[09/11/2013 19:38:53] Keiko: *shrugs* it's nothing really

[09/11/2013 19:39:32] Nobu: Sounds normal to me

[09/11/2013 19:39:49] Mizuki: Like fuck it's nothing!

You scared the shit out of me.

Now you're just acting like everything is a-ok?

[09/11/2013 19:41:13] Keiko: *she pouts, tilting her head down and her eyes look up at Mizuki* a-am I in trouble?

[09/11/2013 19:42:16] Mizuki: *She groans and shakes her head*

No, No you're not.

I'm heading back to my room.

*She turns to leave and starts to walk towards the door*

[09/11/2013 19:42:53] Nobu: Well, if I am of no service I think I will retreat to my own room as well

[09/11/2013 19:43:03] Nobu: That is, unless you need me for anything?

[09/11/2013 19:43:06] Keiko: M-Mizuki....

[09/11/2013 19:44:46] Mizuki: *Sighs, exiting the room*

[09/11/2013 19:48:26] Keiko: well I guess I might just fucking go back to my room, Keiko is no longer required like always

[09/11/2013 19:49:00] Nobu: *Stares at her*

[09/11/2013 19:50:14] Keiko: *she looks at Nobu* yes Nobu?

[09/11/2013 19:50:30] Nobu: *She smiles gently*

[09/11/2013 19:50:34] Nobu: Have a good sleep

[09/11/2013 19:50:50] Keiko: t-thanks I guess

[09/11/2013 19:51:52] Keiko: *she gets up*

[09/11/2013 19:52:14] Nobu: *She watches her*

[09/11/2013 19:58:09] Nobu: *She turns and leaves the room after bowing*

[09/11/2013 20:02:05] Keiko: *she sighs retreating to her room*


[09/11/2013 20:06:28] Gem & Ini: Ini gave a yawn as he opened the door, being well rested and in peace. He was having a couple of nightmares, but thankfully his brother came to his rescue. He felt like catching up with him, wherever he may be, but not before seeing if anyone else was around, to see how they were holding up.

[09/11/2013 20:09:26] Gem & Ini: He lightly treaded the halls, his cape tailing after him. Oddly enough, he was wearing a white cape, instead of his usual baby blue. It had still matched, of course, for the Astro brothers would never allow an ugly showcasing. He made his way through the halls, looking at each door that passed by. Nobu's, Beatrice's, Rin's, Trevor's...

[09/11/2013 20:09:28] Gem & Ini: ...

[09/11/2013 20:10:08] Gem & Ini: He felt odd when he saw his room. How could someone be brimming with so much hate and yet smile and laugh when he turned into a "magical girl"? He was awful, saying all of those mean things to everyone. Making Yuki cry, and even Keiko.. Keiko..

[09/11/2013 20:10:58] Gem & Ini: Ini looked down, lost in thought. He hasn't had the chance to speak with her for a while, usually getting in the midst of some drama or breaking off into seperate groups. Maybe now would be the polite time to talk with her? Maybe cast a little magic, even, make her smile.

[09/11/2013 20:11:19] Gem & Ini: Inirgo nodded at his good faith and choice making. Yes, what better way than to help a friend in need?

[09/11/2013 20:11:47] Gem & Ini: With a swift turn, he kept on into the halls, determined to at least be properly established with the Mistress of Yaoi.

[09/11/2013 20:15:05] Gem & Ini: After a couple of minutes, he made it to her door. He took a moment, a small gulp to unrattle his nerves. Once he got over himself, he placed three or four knocks onto her door.

[09/11/2013 20:15:08] Gem & Ini: "Keiko?"


 [09/11/2013 22:36:48] Keiko: *Keiko walks back into the cafeteria wearing her frilly, poofy red dress from the other day*

[09/11/2013 22:37:14] Gem & Ini: With Inirgo tagging along beside her.

[09/11/2013 22:37:22] Gem & Ini: "Anyone here?" He called out.

[09/11/2013 22:37:44] Chiku: *looks up from a table* ah! Hello!

[09/11/2013 22:38:20] Gem & Ini: "Oh, Chiku." Inirgo looked at the rose colored lady.

[09/11/2013 22:38:23] Gem & Ini: "Hello there."

[09/11/2013 22:38:27] Chiku: *her hair is out of it's bun, sitting lazily around her face in small candy pink curls*

[09/11/2013 22:38:40] Chiku: Inirgo, it's... Nice to see you

[09/11/2013 22:38:50] Gem & Ini: He nodded. "Likewise."

[09/11/2013 22:38:59] Keiko: hello Chiku

[09/11/2013 22:39:07] Chiku: And Keiko, how are you? *smiles*

[09/11/2013 22:44:58] Nobu: *Nobu walks into the cafeteria, looking around everyone* Hello friends

[09/11/2013 22:45:24] Chiku: *looks over at Nobu, smiling a little more* Hello, Nobu

[09/11/2013 22:45:30] Gem & Ini: "Nobu! Hello!" Inirgo greeted.

[09/11/2013 22:45:54] Keiko: I'm fine Chiku *she smiles*

[09/11/2013 22:46:11] Keiko: *she turns around to Nobu* ahhh Nobu, hello *she grins*

[09/11/2013 22:47:10] Chiku: Good. *smiles warmly* would you guys like to join me...? Perhaps take the weight off your feet?

[09/11/2013 22:48:07] Gem & Ini: Inirgo shrugged and decided it'd be a nice idea to sit down. He took a seat next to Chiku, leaving a spot open for Keiko.

[09/11/2013 22:48:08] Nobu: Join you where, mistress Chiku?

[09/11/2013 22:48:45] Chiku: Just to sit down! There's not much else to do, really

[09/11/2013 22:48:58] Keiko: *Keiko takes a seat with the others*

[09/11/2013 22:49:17] Nobu: *She walks over, drags out a chair and sits down*

[09/11/2013 22:49:35] Chiku: *smiles, relieved they took up her offer*

[09/11/2013 22:58:24] Chiku: So, how was your day?

[09/11/2013 22:59:14] Gem & Ini: Inirgo looked to Chiku, and then to Keiko. "I got up from bed and wanted to check on some of my friends. Hence why Keiko and I came here together." He smiled.

[09/11/2013 22:59:35] Chiku: How kind of you. *she smiles happily at him*

[09/11/2013 22:59:43] Gem & Ini: Inirgo nodded. "And yourself?"

[09/11/2013 23:00:58] Chiku: Ah, I've spent most of today in my room, truthfully. I didn't want to leave in case any more drama happened

[09/11/2013 23:02:47] Gem & Ini: "I see, I see." He leaned back into his chair. "Seems like that would be the best course of action, huh?"

[09/11/2013 23:03:30] Chiku: Somewhat, yes. Raymond last night... *she sighs* it doesn't do well to dwell on the past

[09/11/2013 23:04:19] Chiku: So I'll leave it. *she smiles*

[09/11/2013 23:06:30] Keiko: well the...the Trevor thing really got me down...*she sulks, looking down at her lap*

[09/11/2013 23:07:02] Chiku: I'm not surprised, Keiko... But don't let him keep you down!!

[09/11/2013 23:07:05] Nobu: Oh dear, master Trevor has not been treating people very well as of late it seems...

[09/11/2013 23:07:28] Gem & Ini: Inirgo placed a comforting hand on Keiko's shoulder.

[09/11/2013 23:07:46] Chiku: You gotta smile and be happy; positive thoughts lead to a positive outcome, after all!

[09/11/2013 23:07:47] Gem & Ini: "He's just being a big dumb, remember what we talked about! Focus on writing your own story!" He grinned.

[09/11/2013 23:07:53] Mizuki: *Mizuki, is hanging by the door, uncertain as whether to come in or not*

[09/11/2013 23:08:06] Keiko: *she sighs and lifts her head* I ask myself this...the question I've asked myself for years and it's just...why

[09/11/2013 23:08:22] Keiko: but I never get a straight answer or any answer for that matter

[09/11/2013 23:08:25] Keiko: but

[09/11/2013 23:08:33] Nobu: Ah, mistress Mizuki* She turns around in her chair* come in.

[09/11/2013 23:08:39] Keiko: I guess I just have to let it go for now

[09/11/2013 23:08:39] Chiku: Because... Well, because people like Trevor and I suck, ok?

[09/11/2013 23:09:01] Chiku: It comes from an inner weakness. Nothing about you, I promise

[09/11/2013 23:09:11] Keiko: hey don't suck

[09/11/2013 23:09:18] Keiko: Trevor doesn't either

[09/11/2013 23:09:19] Mizuki: *She smiles slightly, walking forward slightly*

[09/11/2013 23:09:27] Keiko: he's just....difficult

[09/11/2013 23:09:29] Gem & Ini: Inirgo looked up to see the siren. "Mizuki!"

[09/11/2013 23:09:32] Gem & Ini: "Hey!"

[09/11/2013 23:09:35] Gem & Ini: "How've you been?""

[09/11/2013 23:09:50] Keiko: it's like trying to look after a child I guess...

[09/11/2013 23:09:52] Mizuki: I've been good... just having a long think in my room...

[09/11/2013 23:10:03] Nobu: Would you like to sit next to me Mizuki?

[09/11/2013 23:10:05] Gem & Ini: "Really? About what, if you don't mind me asking?"

[09/11/2013 23:10:09] Nobu: I mean, mistress Mizuki

[09/11/2013 23:10:23] Chiku: Sometimes it does seem that way,

[09/11/2013 23:10:47] Chiku: But sometimes you either need to keep pushing or just stop

[09/11/2013 23:11:36] Mizuki: *She shakes her head still smiling* I just have a lot of stuff to think about about now.

*She hops into the seat next to Nobu*

[09/11/2013 23:12:04] Keiko: I guess so...I just want to break down those walls and get to know the Trevor inside *she turns her attention to Mizuki, blushing because of her own appearance* oh...h-hi Mizuki

[09/11/2013 23:12:39] Nobu: *She smiles gently to Mizuki* Would you like any tea mistress?

[09/11/2013 23:12:55] Nobu: Infact, would any of my friends here like tea?

[09/11/2013 23:13:16 | Edited 23:14:00] Chiku: *catches sight of the blush, smiling and leaning back in her chair, glancing at Mizuki, before looking at Nobu* yes, please, if it's not too much

[09/11/2013 23:13:32] Gem & Ini: "Hmm? Ah, no thank you, Nobu. I'm fine." Inirgo nodded.

[09/11/2013 23:13:36] Keiko: s-sure thing Nobu

[09/11/2013 23:13:54] Gem & Ini: "Thank you for looking out for everyone, though. That's awfully sweet of you!"

[09/11/2013 23:13:56] Mizuki: Yes please, I could do with some right about now, might help me think straight.

*She turns to Keiko, blushing but grinning as she notices her appearance*

Ah, that dress again. Still looks good on you.

Suits you to a T.

[09/11/2013 23:14:33] Gem & Ini: "Right? I told her the same thing!" He looked over to Keiko. "What did I say? You've made someone's day brighter!"

[09/11/2013 23:14:37] Chiku: *dont write about it prove to them all you can change*

[09/11/2013 23:14:50] Nobu: *She stands up and stops for a second, looking in thought before walking though into the kitchen* ah, yes of course

[09/11/2013 23:14:58] Nobu: I only live to serve

[09/11/2013 23:15:01] Chiku: It's gorgeous, Keiko *smiles*

[09/11/2013 23:16:56] Keiko: *she grasps some of the skirt ruffles in her hands, staring down at her lap and blushing* ...t-thank you guys...

[09/11/2013 23:18:16] Mizuki: *She rests her head on her palm*

So are we all good?

Everyone in perfect condition?

[09/11/2013 23:18:44] Chiku: Seems so *smiles at Mizuki*

[09/11/2013 23:19:29] Keiko: *she nods* y-yesss

[09/11/2013 23:19:52] Keiko: oh, I heard something from Nobu about a talent room yesterday

[09/11/2013 23:20:00] Mizuki: A talent room?

[09/11/2013 23:20:05] Mizuki: We all have them.

[09/11/2013 23:20:20] Keiko: I-I've never checked mine out

[09/11/2013 23:20:24] Nobu: *She walks back through with a blank expression, looking around everyone in the room before setting down a tray with cups and a tea pot on it*

[09/11/2013 23:20:28] Chiku: Oh, yeah... We have talent rooms...

[09/11/2013 23:20:36] Nobu: Tea is here

[09/11/2013 23:20:53] Chiku: Ah, thank you Nobu!

[09/11/2013 23:21:24] Mizuki: *She grabs a cup, nodding to Nobu, grinning*

Thanks Nobu!

[09/11/2013 23:21:52] Keiko: hmmm.....I wonder what mine looks like

[09/11/2013 23:21:53] Nobu: I only live to serve

[09/11/2013 23:21:58] Nobu: You're very welcome, mistress

[09/11/2013 23:22:26] Mizuki: You should go take a look later!

[09/11/2013 23:22:38] Keiko: it probably just looks like an apartment

[09/11/2013 23:23:04] Keiko: like I mentioned, I was a shut in and usually worked in my room on a laptop

[09/11/2013 23:23:14] Nobu: *She picks up the teapot with the remaining tea and sips some from the spout*

[09/11/2013 23:23:22] Mizuki: It could have loads of art supplies... or it could be a library of reference work...?

[09/11/2013 23:23:27] Chiku: ... A laptop?

[09/11/2013 23:23:29] Keiko: I hope it has a kotatsuuuuu~

[09/11/2013 23:23:39] Chiku: Might you have a laptop in your room?

[09/11/2013 23:23:50] Keiko: I miss sitting under that with my dad and brother during the winter

[09/11/2013 23:24:16] Chiku: *side glances at Nobu as she picked up a teacup. Honestly, Nobu got weirder daily*

[09/11/2013 23:24:16] Mizuki: I don't think the mastermind would give any of us a laptop that actually worked to be honest.

[09/11/2013 23:24:38] Chiku: ... You're right. I forgot about that

[09/11/2013 23:24:56] Chiku: I mean, they went as far to take our phones away

[09/11/2013 23:25:36] Keiko: I'd fall asleep some nights and my bro would leave me, getting my blanket and wrapping my upper half if the futon didn't fit over it

[09/11/2013 23:25:43] Nobu: Perhaps the laptop would not have internet connection

[09/11/2013 23:25:58] Mizuki: *shrugs*

[09/11/2013 23:26:03] Nobu: Perhaps it would have the nesscary art programmes for your super high school level

[09/11/2013 23:26:11] Nobu: And only those programmes

[09/11/2013 23:26:12] Keiko: I miss my kotatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *she gently slams her head onto the table*

[09/11/2013 23:26:21] Chiku: *smiles at Keiko, nodding* were you all close, then?

[09/11/2013 23:26:24] Mizuki: Who knows.

[09/11/2013 23:26:34] Chiku: Oh, gosh! Your poor head!

[09/11/2013 23:26:51] Mizuki: *She jumps a little bit as Keiko slams her head down*


[09/11/2013 23:27:09] Nobu: *She downs the tea from the teapot, gently placing it on the table*

[09/11/2013 23:27:09] Keiko: *she sits back up* yea, my bro and I were always there for each other

[09/11/2013 23:27:33] Nobu: Ah

[09/11/2013 23:27:36] Mizuki: *She smiles lightly*

Must have been nice...

[09/11/2013 23:27:38] Keiko: we were a kind of christmas movie family

[09/11/2013 23:27:49] Keiko: the ones who were all close

[09/11/2013 23:28:02] Keiko: my mum died when I was a kid

[09/11/2013 23:28:16] Nobu: Ahh, Christmas is so nice

[09/11/2013 23:28:38] Nobu: I loved sitting under the stars in the street as the snow fell around me

[09/11/2013 23:28:42] Chiku: I'm sorry to hear that...

[09/11/2013 23:28:47] Keiko: but my dad was always there for me, he didn't have a job but he did do part time stuff

[09/11/2013 23:28:55] Nobu: Mind you, the winter is not comfortable to sleep in

[09/11/2013 23:29:07] Chiku: *looks at Nobu with a sad sort of expression*

[09/11/2013 23:29:13] Mizuki: *She turned to Nobu*

You... slept in the snow?

[09/11/2013 23:29:23] Nobu: Mmm

[09/11/2013 23:29:34] Chiku: How did you ever cope in the winter...?

[09/11/2013 23:29:48] Nobu: My first master found me when I was fifteen years old

[09/11/2013 23:29:51] Mizuki: *She frowns, mouth open* That's horrendous!

[09/11/2013 23:29:54] Nobu: Since then I've been passed around

[09/11/2013 23:30:05] Gem & Ini: "F-fifteen?! That's horrible!!"

[09/11/2013 23:30:14] Chiku: Like a doll...

[09/11/2013 23:30:37] Nobu: Luck is what you rely on, or the hopes that humans might spare you sympathy

[09/11/2013 23:30:56] Keiko: our apartment was pretty small and with three of us it's hard to kinda have everyone in there with equal privacy

[09/11/2013 23:31:01] Nobu: However, such is not important!

[09/11/2013 23:31:06] Mizuki: *She jumps up and gives both Keiko and Nobu a hug*

You two need extra big fucking hugs.

Right now!

[09/11/2013 23:31:07] Keiko: so my dad gave up having his own room

[09/11/2013 23:31:15] Nobu: It is in the past, I have a roof over my head and food to eat here

[09/11/2013 23:31:19] Gem & Ini: Inirgo nodded.

[09/11/2013 23:31:27] Nobu: Like I've said before, I'm perfectly comfortable here

[09/11/2013 23:31:39] Nobu: *She's still when she's hugged*

[09/11/2013 23:31:44] Nobu: *an expression of confusion*

[09/11/2013 23:31:48] Keiko: *she blushes upon being hugged*

[09/11/2013 23:32:14] Keiko: our apartment though

[09/11/2013 23:32:18] Gem & Ini: "My family isn't so bad. Whenever we travelled, we'd end up camping under the stars. There was one winter where it got really rough, and we had to resort to eating pure dirt. It was great, though! Weaponress Virgo really knew how to work her spices! Outside of travelling, though, we'd be able to secure some money to stay at hotels for a while."

[09/11/2013 23:32:28] Gem & Ini: Inirgo piped in, chipping in his side of his family history.

[09/11/2013 23:32:52] Chiku: *keeps silent at the mention of the rough winter! looking away*

[09/11/2013 23:33:02] Gem & Ini: "Like, even though we didn't get toys or books or watched television as much as any other kid did, it's exciting.. And home-like, to be with every during the travels!"

[09/11/2013 23:33:12] Keiko: has anyone here ever lived in the city?

[09/11/2013 23:33:15] Gem & Ini: "We all know each other inside and out.."

[09/11/2013 23:33:15 | Edited 23:33:31] Mizuki: *She sits back down, listening to the story*

*Looking somewhat troubled.*

[09/11/2013 23:33:24] Gem & Ini: Inirgo looked up to Keiko.

[09/11/2013 23:33:29] Chiku: I lived in the city

[09/11/2013 23:33:33] Nobu: I did

[09/11/2013 23:33:42] Chiku: Center of it, actually

[09/11/2013 23:33:42] Gem & Ini: "We spend a week in Vegas whenever we tour there! It's one of our hotspots!"

[09/11/2013 23:33:57] Gem & Ini: "Gem wouldn't show it, but he'd get really excited when we made our way back there!"

[09/11/2013 23:34:20] Gem & Ini: Inirgo looked animated when he would speak of his brother.

[09/11/2013 23:34:43] Chiku: *smiles at Inirgo* you and gem are really close, huh?

[09/11/2013 23:34:45] Keiko: as noisy as it can be, somedays it's just nice to sit out on the balcony during a summers evening, whilst it begins to cool the more time passes

[09/11/2013 23:34:45] Gem & Ini: "He'd always want to drag me around to the clubs and cabarets. I myself fancied the toy stores.

[09/11/2013 23:34:56] Gem & Ini: Inirgo nodded with a lot of love and energy.

[09/11/2013 23:35:06] Gem & Ini: "Gem's all I got, really. Aside from the Cirque."

[09/11/2013 23:35:22] Keiko: our apartment was small but it was cosy

[09/11/2013 23:35:42] Keiko: we had a balcony

[09/11/2013 23:35:52] Keiko: but with only two rooms

[09/11/2013 23:35:59] Keiko: somebody had to give up having a room

[09/11/2013 23:36:21] Keiko: my bro offered to share with dad

[09/11/2013 23:36:23] Chiku: *avoids talking of her family, focusing on Ini* It's nice to have someone so close, though

[09/11/2013 23:36:25] Gem & Ini: "We're bonded by the stars, he and I." Inirgo nodded. "He's the best brother anyone could ever ask for."

[09/11/2013 23:36:33] Keiko: but dad refused

[09/11/2013 23:36:47] Keiko: he slept on the livingroom floor every night

[09/11/2013 23:36:51] Gem & Ini: "It really is! I could only hope everyone has someone in their life like I do with Gemalli."

[09/11/2013 23:37:19] Keiko: he told Ichirou that he had to have privacy as a teenager and privacy to study

[09/11/2013 23:37:19] Chiku: *smiles easily, nodding* anyone would be lucky

[09/11/2013 23:37:37] Keiko: and I had to have my own room because I was the youngest

[09/11/2013 23:37:52] Gem & Ini: Inirgo nodded. "How about you, Chiku? What about your family?"

[09/11/2013 23:37:58] Mizuki: *Sighs* Very lucky...

[09/11/2013 23:38:02] Keiko: but the family nights, eating homecooked meals in front of the tv

[09/11/2013 23:38:11] Keiko: in our tiny livingroom

[09/11/2013 23:38:40] Chiku: *stalls a little, sighing* a waste, if you ask me! but that's no matter.

[09/11/2013 23:39:06] Gem & Ini: "A.. Waste?" Inirgo was perplexed.

[09/11/2013 23:40:04] Chiku: ... *she glances at his face, shaking her head* by that I mean they were never really there

[09/11/2013 23:40:39] Mizuki: So were they just busy?

Or completely absent from your life.

[09/11/2013 23:40:42] Gem & Ini: "Oh dear.."

[09/11/2013 23:40:44] Nobu: *She goes to drink more out of the spout of the teapot, realising it's empty she shakes it a little before sitting it down again*

[09/11/2013 23:40:47] Chiku: If there wasn't work, there was a party. If there wasn't a party, it was travelling.

[09/11/2013 23:41:09] Chiku: Really, it was just me and my sister

[09/11/2013 23:41:17] Gem & Ini: "Sister?"

[09/11/2013 23:41:52] Chiku: Yes... She's eight... *thinks of the last motive, sighing* /was/ eight...

[09/11/2013 23:42:13] Nobu: She's alive, though isn't she?

[09/11/2013 23:42:17] Chiku: Susie. *smiles* she was all I needed

[09/11/2013 23:42:19] Nobu: Louise saved her

[09/11/2013 23:42:30] Nobu: There is no need for past tense

[09/11/2013 23:42:34] Mizuki: *Purses her lips together*

She'll be fine... you'll see her again.

[09/11/2013 23:42:44] Gem & Ini: Was? Needed?

[09/11/2013 23:42:57] Chiku: I'd like to think so, but no... I won't.

[09/11/2013 23:43:07] Chiku: The motive for me was a memory, almost

[09/11/2013 23:43:08] Gem & Ini: "That's not the way to think about things, Chiku. We're going to make it through this. All of us.."

[09/11/2013 23:43:17] Gem & Ini: "What makes you think.."

[09/11/2013 23:43:23] Gem & Ini: "So.. She passed on?" Inirgo asked.

[09/11/2013 23:44:09] Chiku: ... *she looks down at her hands* yes... She... Took ill.

[09/11/2013 23:44:23] Mizuki: Oh fuck...

[09/11/2013 23:44:30] Chiku: S-Sorry, could we perhaps move on...?

[09/11/2013 23:44:40] Keiko: oh....t-that's how my mum went...

[09/11/2013 23:44:51] Mizuki: That might be best.

To move on from this.

[09/11/2013 23:45:01] Keiko: yea

[09/11/2013 23:45:21] Mizuki: *She looks a little uncomfortable with the subject*

[09/11/2013 23:45:22] Chiku: *looks up at the ceiling, blinking quickly* it's hard like that, huh? But that's why I don't dwell on the past

[09/11/2013 23:45:27 | Edited 23:45:30] Keiko: well if we get out of here...

[09/11/2013 23:45:37] Keiko: you can come to mine

[09/11/2013 23:45:38] Nobu: Yes, lets not dwell on the past

[09/11/2013 23:45:56] Keiko: it's a small place but I'm sure we can fit you guys in

[09/11/2013 23:46:08] Keiko: you're not fat like myself

[09/11/2013 23:46:15] Chiku: /when/ *she looked at Keiko, smiling*

[09/11/2013 23:46:25] Chiku: When we get out of here.

[09/11/2013 23:46:30] Keiko: that's the one thing my bro would tease me about

[09/11/2013 23:46:31] Gem & Ini: "Right!" Inirgo nodded.

[09/11/2013 23:46:36] Gem & Ini: "When! When we get out of here!"

[09/11/2013 23:46:38] Keiko: *she looks to Chiku, smiling

[09/11/2013 23:46:47] Mizuki: When... yeah.

[09/11/2013 23:46:55] Keiko: if it's cold when we get out

[09/11/2013 23:47:04] Keiko: can join me under a kotatsu

[09/11/2013 23:47:05] Chiku: If we stand as a team, we'll get out together

[09/11/2013 23:47:33] Keiko: I will warn you makes ya sleepy

[09/11/2013 23:47:39] Chiku: *she smiles at Keiko, nodding* that would be lovely

[09/11/2013 23:47:46] Nobu: I don't really want to leave this place, honestly

[09/11/2013 23:47:49] Mizuki: *She bites her thumbnail*

[09/11/2013 23:47:58] Chiku: Nobu, you can live with me

[09/11/2013 23:48:17] Nobu: Only if I am of use to you

[09/11/2013 23:48:25] Nobu: I have no intentions of being a burden on anyone

[09/11/2013 23:48:26] Keiko: it's like the times I'd have to take the train home from middle school and the train heaters under the seats would make me sleepy

[09/11/2013 23:48:32] Chiku: I'll make sure you're warm, make sure you have food, sleep well.

[09/11/2013 23:48:39] Keiko: I wanted Nobu to live with us

[09/11/2013 23:48:56] Chiku: Burden! Dear lord, Nobu! You are no burden!

[09/11/2013 23:49:01] Keiko: but...a small apartment near Shibuya

[09/11/2013 23:49:05] Keiko: 3 people already

[09/11/2013 23:49:09] Keiko: and two bedrooms

[09/11/2013 23:49:19] Gem & Ini: "Nobu, you won't be a burden to anyone. I'm sure Keiko or Chiku have room for you."

[09/11/2013 23:49:21] Nobu: I can sleep on the balcony, if so needed

[09/11/2013 23:49:29] Keiko: plus there's the chance of my brother hitting on you

[09/11/2013 23:49:31] Chiku: *looks at Keiko, smiling* we'll buy an apartment to live in, all of us

[09/11/2013 23:49:31] Gem & Ini: "Heck, if you want... Maybe you can join the Cirque!"

[09/11/2013 23:49:36] Nobu: You can knock on the door and be like "yes hello we need tea please"

[09/11/2013 23:49:48] Gem & Ini: "I don't think there's room for anymore acts, but a person like you could be more than welcome!"

[09/11/2013 23:49:51] Mizuki: I... um...

I have a big house.

Nobu, you could always stay with me.

[09/11/2013 23:49:59] Chiku: Or maybe, for a change, we can make you tea

[09/11/2013 23:50:03] Gem & Ini: "Yeah, I'll ask Madame Libra about it if I gotta! She'd like someone like you!"

[09/11/2013 23:50:14] Keiko: well I did always wanna be a cosplay maid

[09/11/2013 23:50:19] Nobu: Oh my, there seems to be a queue for my company...I'm so flattered....

[09/11/2013 23:50:26] Chiku: ... Hey, Inirgo?

[09/11/2013 23:50:26] Nobu: Cosplay maid???

[09/11/2013 23:50:36] Gem & Ini: "Yeah?"

[09/11/2013 23:50:54] Chiku: Do you know where Gem is?

[09/11/2013 23:51:12] Gem & Ini: "Oh! I woke up, but he wasn't in bed.. I'd assume he's out and about somewhere."

[09/11/2013 23:52:16] Chiku: *she nods! smiling a little* I have... Something to say, I was hoping to find him

[09/11/2013 23:52:20] Keiko: well Nobu, I think if you lived with us, my brother would start hitting on you and saying stuff like "you can be my maid if ya know what I mean" and he would ask if you want to share a bed

[09/11/2013 23:52:23] Keiko: I love the guy

[09/11/2013 23:52:25] Chiku: But it can wait

[09/11/2013 23:52:29] Keiko: he's the light of my life

[09/11/2013 23:52:35] Keiko: he's a smart boy

[09/11/2013 23:52:44] Nobu: I will share a bed if I must

[09/11/2013 23:52:48] Keiko: but a complete pain in the ass sometimes

[09/11/2013 23:52:58] Gem & Ini: "Hmm, well... If I had to guess, maybe he'd be in the kitchen? Halls maybe? You can try the talent room if you like.."

[09/11/2013 23:53:10] Gem & Ini: "Gem could be anywhere, if you think about it!"

[09/11/2013 23:53:17] Gem & Ini: "Always out and about." Inirgo laughed.

[09/11/2013 23:53:37] Keiko: but Nobu wait, it's not the kind of bed sharing you're thinking of

[09/11/2013 23:53:59] Chiku: *laughs with him* he is quite the wanderer, huh!

[09/11/2013 23:54:05] Keiko: again, my brother is a smart guy but like....he hits on a LOT of girls

[09/11/2013 23:54:15] Keiko: he's quite the womanizer...

[09/11/2013 23:54:16] Nobu: *She gives Keiko a confused look*

[09/11/2013 23:54:33] Keiko: n-n-n-nevermind ehehehehe

[09/11/2013 23:55:22] Nobu: *Really confused look what the fuck*

[09/11/2013 23:55:38] Keiko: though I kinda wish I had my brothers charms...

[09/11/2013 23:56:02] Keiko: I wouldn't mind bagging my own gi- I mean guy

[09/11/2013 23:56:05] Keiko: YES GUY

[09/11/2013 23:56:16] Gem & Ini: "Hmm..."

[09/11/2013 23:56:17] Mizuki: Charming someone isn't so hard...

[09/11/2013 23:56:38] Mizuki: You just have to know what to say and how to appeal to their interests *wonk*

[09/11/2013 23:56:45] Chiku: It can wait, don't worry!! *she waves her hands in front of her*

[09/11/2013 23:56:50] Gem & Ini: "Well, Gem's sort of the same way. I'd remember times when he'd come home and talk about the most hottest guy or gal that swung his way. It'd be pretty fun to hear him glamour about his most recent crush."

[09/11/2013 23:56:59] Gem & Ini: "But that's all they were to him, crushes." Inirgo nodded.

[09/11/2013 23:57:25] Nobu: *Sits back* I have had no experience with such things

[09/11/2013 23:57:48] Chiku: Never love then?

[09/11/2013 23:58:10] Keiko: well know about my bullying

[09/11/2013 23:58:22] Keiko: my brother however

[09/11/2013 23:58:26] Mizuki: But... *She looks to the side in despair*

I think most people find me "cute" more than anything...

[09/11/2013 23:58:38] Keiko: despite being related to me, he reeled the girls in like leaping salmon

[09/11/2013 23:58:40] Nobu: Cute is a good thing

[09/11/2013 23:58:46] Gem & Ini: "Well, it's not like he didn't want to establish a relationship! There was this one guy, he said, eyes like the sea and skin like the soft seashells. Said he completed him but.. He didn't really feel the connection."

[09/11/2013 23:59:06] Gem & Ini: "Gem's like that. He won't give up so easily if he really felt like he could start something."

[09/11/2013 23:59:07] Keiko: *she just looks at Mizuki, her blush intensifies*

[09/11/2013 23:59:23] Gem & Ini: "Then again, we've been travelling forever, so no wonder he'd try to start a thing."

[09/11/2013 23:59:37] Chiku: *she nods as she listens* yeah, thats fair!

[09/11/2013 23:59:57] Chiku: To start something and move on would be hard

[10/11/2013 00:00:53] Gem & Ini: Inirgo nodded.

[10/11/2013 00:01:00] Mizuki: Cute is a good thing at times but it's hard to be taken seriously as a woman when you're as flat as an out of commission Diving board.

*She pouts moodily*

Most of the time I think they just look to me as a kid.

[10/11/2013 00:01:20] Gem & Ini: "I myself.. I think I actually found someone rather cute... I'd like to see how far that takes me.."

[10/11/2013 00:01:22] Gem & Ini: "..."

[10/11/2013 00:01:27] Gem & Ini: "OH GOSH, DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD?"

[10/11/2013 00:01:37] Gem & Ini: Inirgo covered his face before the blush could creep up.

[10/11/2013 00:01:49] Gem & Ini: "Oh dear, it was only a small night, but she was adorable!! Waaaaah..."

[10/11/2013 00:01:57 | Edited 00:02:00] Keiko: I....I.....*she says silently under her breath*...Ihavesomeonetoo...

[10/11/2013 00:02:11] Chiku: Oh? *smiles, giggling at his reaction*

[10/11/2013 00:02:28] Nobu: Perhaps one day, someone might find me adorable *gives a lopsided crooked grin*

[10/11/2013 00:02:56] Keiko:'re adorable

[10/11/2013 00:03:03] Mizuki: You have a cute factor to you Nobu.

It might not appeal to everyone but you definitely have something going for you.

Don't sell yourself so short.

[10/11/2013 00:03:06] Keiko: I always thought you were adorable

[10/11/2013 00:03:11] Keiko: REALLY adorable

[10/11/2013 00:03:23] Keiko: I don't usually show it

[10/11/2013 00:03:29] Keiko: but now it's obvious

[10/11/2013 00:03:41] Keiko: I just really find maids to be appealing

[10/11/2013 00:03:42] Nobu: Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y--y-y-y-y-y-y-

[10/11/2013 00:03:46] Gem & Ini: "N-Nevermind me! Nevermind." He shook his head, the blush fading away.

[10/11/2013 00:03:55] Nobu: Th-t-ht-t-h-t-h-thtth-t-hththink....?

[10/11/2013 00:04:05] Keiko: *her face is bright red*

[10/11/2013 00:04:28] Keiko: ...I-I-ISAIDTOOMUCHI'MSORRY

[10/11/2013 00:04:59] Mizuki: *She sighs and hops out of her seat*

I'm out of here...

I still have too much to think about.

[10/11/2013 00:05:23] Keiko: MIZUKIIIIII

[10/11/2013 00:05:24] Mizuki: *She heads towards the exit*

[10/11/2013 00:05:30] Gem & Ini: "Ah! Are you sure, Mizuki?"

[10/11/2013 00:05:34] Chiku: *looks at Mizuki* you know where I am if you need to talk, right?

[10/11/2013 00:06:01] Mizuki: Yeah i'm sure... this chat has given me more stuff to think about so I guess i'll be in my room for a while.

And thanks Chiku.

[10/11/2013 00:06:03] Nobu: *She looks like she's about to explode*

[10/11/2013 00:06:10] Keiko: *her face is still very red*

[10/11/2013 00:06:10] Gem & Ini: ~G~ Whoa now, look at this here party.

[10/11/2013 00:06:14] Nobu: *She just sits there like she's going to keel over*

[10/11/2013 00:06:15] Gem & Ini: ~I~ Ah, brother!

[10/11/2013 00:06:48] Gem & Ini: ~G~ Ini! About time you got- Is there something wrong with Nobu? Is she sick?!

[10/11/2013 00:06:49] Keiko: *she stutters**actually slams her head into the table this time*

[10/11/2013 00:06:54] Gem & Ini: ~I~ Ah, no, brothe- Keiko!

[10/11/2013 00:06:58] Chiku: *hears Gem, biting her cheek a little before turning, smiling at him* just a gathering! It's not much of a party !

[10/11/2013 00:07:05] Mizuki: *Exits the room, sighing*

[10/11/2013 00:07:23] Nobu: *She stands* I DON'T DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION MISTRESS

[10/11/2013 00:07:27] Chiku: *jumps as Keiko slammed her head* oh! god! Not again!

[10/11/2013 00:07:35] Nobu: *She runs out of the room screaming*

[10/11/2013 00:07:35] Gem & Ini: Ignoring both Chiku and Mizuki, Gemalli carefully made his way towards Nobu.

~G~ Are you al-OKAY THEN

[10/11/2013 00:07:43] Rin: hey guys : *enters the room*

[10/11/2013 00:07:51] Gem & Ini: ~G~ Who broke Nobu holy SHIT

[10/11/2013 00:08:00] Chiku: Keiko, you will give yourself concussion at this rate!!

[10/11/2013 00:08:06] Keiko: DAMMIT....I FUCKING FUCKED THINGS UP AGAIN

[10/11/2013 00:08:14] Chiku: Keiko called Nobu cute

[10/11/2013 00:08:23] Chiku: Which is true

[10/11/2013 00:08:26] Gem & Ini: ~I~ No, no, you didn't! You did fine, she was just really flustered!!

[10/11/2013 00:08:38] Gem & Ini: ~I~ It was nothing, I'm sure!

[10/11/2013 00:08:42] Rin: I feel like i missed a lot

[10/11/2013 00:09:06] Chiku: Keiko shhh, it's okay!! She's just flustered, like Inirgo said!

[10/11/2013 00:09:15] Keiko: *she stands up fast* OK, I HAVE TO SAY IT

[10/11/2013 00:09:19] Keiko: EVERYBODY LISTEN

[10/11/2013 00:09:36] Chiku: *watches her with wide curious eyes*

[10/11/2013 00:09:36] Keiko: I HAVE A CRUSH ON MIZUKI

[10/11/2013 00:09:39] Nobu: *Pokes head in door*

[10/11/2013 00:09:41] Nobu: Oh

[10/11/2013 00:09:45 | Edited 00:09:51] Keiko: IF I DIDN'T MAKE IT OBVIOUS

[10/11/2013 00:10:04] Chiku: Oh, well, this is certainly a development...

[10/11/2013 00:10:04] Keiko: AND NOBU *points to Nobu*

[10/11/2013 00:10:09] Nobu: HU!!!

[10/11/2013 00:10:18] Gem & Ini: ~I~ Ah..

[10/11/2013 00:10:22] Keiko: I...I might like you too

[10/11/2013 00:10:28] Nobu: HUAH?!?

[10/11/2013 00:10:34] Gem & Ini: ~I~ But, Keiko, what about your sketchbook? The one with the pretty woman in it?

[10/11/2013 00:10:43] Gem & Ini: ~G~ What the-.. Wellll okaaay then.

[10/11/2013 00:10:51] Gem & Ini: Gemalli scratched the back of his head.

[10/11/2013 00:10:54] Nobu: *She runs away screaming again* I DON'T DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION GOOD MISTRESS

[10/11/2013 00:10:56] Chiku: Oh my gosh, this is so... Wow.

[10/11/2013 00:11:00] Gem & Ini: ~G~ Seems like I walked in on a- WELP.

[10/11/2013 00:11:22] Chiku: *at least the temptation to write about it is gone*

[10/11/2013 00:11:24] Keiko: I....I......I'll never get the girl in my book

[10/11/2013 00:11:34] Keiko: *sighs* I made her up...

[10/11/2013 00:11:38] Keiko: I'm sorry I lied

[10/11/2013 00:11:47] Gem & Ini: ~I~ Don't think like that, Keiko! You gotta reach for the stars! I'm sure she'd be very happy to at least get to know you!

[10/11/2013 00:11:53] Gem & Ini: ~I~ Oh...

[10/11/2013 00:12:03] Gem & Ini: ~G~ ?

[10/11/2013 00:12:21] Keiko: I'm sorry...I'm just a dirty liar

[10/11/2013 00:12:24] Rin: *turns to keiko* well i'm glad your letting out your secret! It's not good if you don't let it out

[10/11/2013 00:12:32] Gem & Ini: ~I~ No, no, it's not that you're a liar! It's okay, honest.

[10/11/2013 00:12:41] Gem & Ini: ~I~ I thought it was a very nice dream that you had.

[10/11/2013 00:12:41] Rin: yeah :D

[10/11/2013 00:12:46] Gem & Ini: ~I~ I was blown away by it, for sure!

[10/11/2013 00:12:50] Keiko: Blanca was just the perfect girlfriend I made up

[10/11/2013 00:13:00] Gem & Ini: ~I~ If that's the image of your affections, then... I'm really happy that she was so pretty!!

[10/11/2013 00:13:15] Gem & Ini: ~I~ She's the inner you, your heart! And she's goregous, just like the girl who drew her!!

[10/11/2013 00:14:37] Keiko: that's how I wanted to meet her, we bump into each other in the street, we get phone numbers....

[10/11/2013 00:14:41] Chiku: Would you consider yourself a lesbian then, Keiko?

[10/11/2013 00:14:48] Keiko: *she nods*

[10/11/2013 00:14:52] Keiko: yeah....

[10/11/2013 00:15:11] Chiku: Well, I guess that's a bit of a bump in the road!

[10/11/2013 00:15:15] Keiko: I never found an appeal for guys

[10/11/2013 00:15:20] Chiku: After all, Nobu is a boy!

[10/11/2013 00:15:33] Keiko: WHAT?!?!?!?!??!????

[10/11/2013 00:15:47] Chiku: *shit shit shit no she promised to stop+

[10/11/2013 00:16:23] Chiku: *and she was gonna promise to never ever do it again but it slipped*

[10/11/2013 00:16:25] Gem & Ini: ~Gemini~ WHAT?!

[10/11/2013 00:16:31] Gem & Ini: ~G~ Bullshit, that has to be!

[10/11/2013 00:16:36] Chiku: Yeah... Nobus a boy...

[10/11/2013 00:16:42] Gem & Ini: ~I~ W-Well, t-there's nothing wrong with crossdressing?!

[10/11/2013 00:17:02] Keiko: *she freezes* I.......I..........I...I......................

[10/11/2013 00:17:05] Rin: wait! Nobu's a trap?!

[10/11/2013 00:18:11] Gem & Ini: ~I~ K-Keiko..?

[10/11/2013 00:18:16] Keiko: *she kicks her chair over, keeping the same frozen look on her face*

[10/11/2013 00:18:25] Gem & Ini: ~G~ How in the hell did you come up with that conclusion?!

[10/11/2013 00:18:28] Gem & Ini: ~I~ K-Keiko!!

[10/11/2013 00:18:34] Keiko: I....I think I need to.....

[10/11/2013 00:18:35] Chiku: *me and my big mouth! ruined something good*

[10/11/2013 00:19:05] Chiku: I-I heard some things... I mean, I might be wrong!!

[10/11/2013 00:19:08] Keiko: ...go do a my talent rooom yes....I need to draw

[10/11/2013 00:19:17] Chiku: I could be COMPLETELYYY off!!

[10/11/2013 00:19:22] Keiko: DRAWING IS GOOD

[10/11/2013 00:19:39] Chiku: *nervously laughs* ah, shit....

[10/11/2013 00:19:42] Gem & Ini: ~I~ Y-Yeah, go draw! Release your inner desires, Mistress of Yaoi!!


[10/11/2013 00:19:48] Gem & Ini: ~I~ BE THE PENCIL!

[10/11/2013 00:20:51 | Edited 00:21:06] Keiko: *she shuffles towards the door, barely making 10 steps before fainting and crashing to the floor, slightly knocking her head*

[10/11/2013 00:20:59] Gem & Ini: ~G~ Inirgo? What?

~I~ Keiko!!

[10/11/2013 00:21:13] Gem & Ini: Inirgo rushed over to the fallen woman.

[10/11/2013 00:21:18] Rin: another one?! seriously?! *runs over to help*

[10/11/2013 00:21:20] Gem & Ini: ~I~ Keiko, are you okay? Keiko?

[10/11/2013 00:21:38] Gem & Ini: Gemalli looked over to Chiku.

[10/11/2013 00:21:41] Chiku: F-Fuck! *goes over to keiko* is she okay!?

[10/11/2013 00:21:45] Gem & Ini: ~G~ This is what you do for a living, right?

[10/11/2013 00:21:53] Gem & Ini: ~G~ Freaking...

[10/11/2013 00:21:54] Keiko: *she mutters unconsciously*

[10/11/2013 00:22:01] Gem & Ini: Gemalli also went over to help the fallen author.

[10/11/2013 00:22:06] Chiku: *freezes, looking up at Gemalli*

[10/11/2013 00:22:07] Gem & Ini: ~I~ She's saying something!! Shh!!

[10/11/2013 00:22:30] Keiko: uhhh...muhh....mmmmmhhhh

[10/11/2013 00:22:30] Chiku: I... *keeps quiet at Inirgos command*

[10/11/2013 00:23:01] Keiko: *she goes quiet*

[10/11/2013 00:23:21] Chiku: *pushes her curls behind her ear* ... Gem...?

[10/11/2013 00:23:37] Gem & Ini: . . .

[10/11/2013 00:23:45] Gem & Ini: Ini heaved up an arm.

[10/11/2013 00:23:57] Gem & Ini: ~I~ Rin, get the other one! We need to get her to the infirmary, stat!

[10/11/2013 00:24:40] Rin: right! *lifts her over his shoulder with one arm, nearly taking Inirgo off his feet*

[10/11/2013 00:24:50] Gem & Ini: ~I~ ATATATATAAA

[10/11/2013 00:25:04] Rin: ehehe, sorry

[10/11/2013 00:25:06] Gem & Ini: ~I~ R-Right!!

[10/11/2013 00:25:17] Gem & Ini: With that, the two boys and the fainted author rushed to the infirmary!!

[10/11/2013 00:25:26] Gem & Ini: Leaving behind the azure magician...

[10/11/2013 00:25:48] Gem & Ini: ... And the woman who has led him damn near everywhere on the specturm.

[10/11/2013 00:26:13] Chiku: ... Gem, I need to talk to you...

[10/11/2013 00:33:30] Gem & Ini: "Hmm?" Gemalli felt a glance on him. He knew it had to belong to Chiku. "What do you want?"

[10/11/2013 00:34:36] Chiku: I... I need to talk to you... In private...

[10/11/2013 00:34:50] Chiku: Look, I know... I know I've fucked up, but please

[10/11/2013 00:35:15] Gem & Ini: "..."

[10/11/2013 00:35:37] Gem & Ini: He made his way out of the cafeteria and into the hall, but his movements weren't of malice but of leading. He looked back to her before he walked out the door.

[10/11/2013 00:36:37] Chiku: *watches him go, feeling the air of leadership and followed after him quickly, head bowed in shame*

[10/11/2013 00:38:15] Gem & Ini: "What is it, Chiku?" He asked.

[10/11/2013 00:38:27] Gem & Ini: Though his tone was not of concern, but rather, of fact.


 [10/11/2013 01:42:43] Chiku:  Chiku bolted down the hallway in a panic, looking around blindly "Hello!? Someone, anyone, I need help!"

[10/11/2013 01:43:09] Chiku: She hoped someone would hear her, anyone at all

[10/11/2013 01:43:16 | Edited 01:43:21] Keiko: *Keiko and the others came out of the infirmary* Chiku!?

[10/11/2013 01:43:36] Rin: huh? what's up?

[10/11/2013 01:43:37] Gem & Ini: "Chiku? What's wrong?"

[10/11/2013 01:43:44] Gem & Ini: Inirgo looked concerned.

[10/11/2013 01:43:49] Beatrice: *Beatrice hears this from her room, as she walks out.* Chiku..? Please, make this have good meaning..

[10/11/2013 01:44:49 | Edited 01:45:05] Chiku: "Keiko!! Keiko, help me, please! Gem just collapsed, I don't know what to do he just dropped and I just, I just, help me, please!" She was in a full blown panic now, her breathing erratic. What if he woke up and spoke about what they talked about...

[10/11/2013 01:45:10] Rin: wha?!

[10/11/2013 01:45:30] Rin: well c'mon! show us where he is!

[10/11/2013 01:45:34] Gem & Ini: "GEM!?" Inirgo suddenly became alarmed, terrified. "What happened, where is he?! What happened to Gem?!"

[10/11/2013 01:45:35] Gem & Ini: "Show me!!"

[10/11/2013 01:45:39] Beatrice: *Her eyes widened, as she overheard her, she runs down the hall way.* Where is he?

[10/11/2013 01:45:59] Keiko: I'll catch up with you guys *Keiko runs into her room*

[10/11/2013 01:46:23] Rin: *stern look on his face* sure!

[10/11/2013 01:46:31] Chiku: "I'll take you to him!" She said, turning and running back down the hallway, running into her talent room and kneeling by Gemalli, checking to see if he woke up yet

[10/11/2013 01:46:44] Gem & Ini: The group followed with much haste!

[10/11/2013 01:46:57] Beatrice: *She followed along, worried.*

[10/11/2013 01:47:15] Chiku: She brushed hair away from his face, watching for any signs of alertness

[10/11/2013 01:47:21] Gem & Ini: Inirgo was the first to see Gem's collapsed body. "GEMALLI!!" He shrieked, running over and checking for a pulse. He flipped the body over, showing Gemalli's face.

[10/11/2013 01:47:22] Rin: *he rushed ahead and kneeled beside him*

[10/11/2013 01:47:26] Gem & Ini: "Gem, Gem!! Wake up!! GEM!!"

[10/11/2013 01:48:25] Chiku: "I'm sorry I don't know what happened!! He just suddenly stared at me, he had this almost mad look in his eye!!" She moved away for Inirgo, trying to calm herself

[10/11/2013 01:48:51] Chiku: "And then he just dropped!! Fell right down to the ground!"

[10/11/2013 01:48:54] Keiko: *she came out, fixing up her shirt and caught up with the others* alright, what happened to....GEM!!!

[10/11/2013 01:48:59] Beatrice: Gemalli.. Wake up.. Please?

[10/11/2013 01:49:04] Gem & Ini: "What do you mean a mad look in his eye?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY BROTHER?!" He yelled, looking accusingly at Chiku.

[10/11/2013 01:49:19] Beatrice: Calm down Ini..

[10/11/2013 01:49:20] Beatrice: Please.

[10/11/2013 01:49:55] Chiku: "I didn't do anything!!!" She protested, tears streaming down her cheeks. "I promise!! We were talking and he just... Is he okay, tell me he's alright??"

[10/11/2013 01:49:55] Gem & Ini: He looked to Beatrice with tears welling in his eyes, and then looked down to Gem. "W-We have to take him to a bed, somewhere! We need to help him!"

[10/11/2013 01:50:15] Rin: more importantly, we need to check if he still has a pulse!

[10/11/2013 01:50:20] Beatrice: We could carry him into the infirmary?

[10/11/2013 01:50:32] Chiku: "He has a pulse, I checked!"

[10/11/2013 01:50:43] Gem & Ini: "We were just there, we can prep a bed for him and take him to be fixed, l-like how Nobu fixed Keiko!"

[10/11/2013 01:51:02] Beatrice: I'm not the strongest, but I can probably lift him with someone's help..

[10/11/2013 01:51:05] Rin: alright then! *heaves him over his shoulder like he did with keiko*

[10/11/2013 01:51:15] Gem & Ini: "B-Be careful!! Gem..!!"

[10/11/2013 01:51:26] Rin: don't worry ;) i'll be gentle

[10/11/2013 01:51:40] Gem & Ini: Inirgo picked up Gemalli's hat and staff. "T-To the infirmary! Please!"

[10/11/2013 01:51:42] Chiku: "Come on! We need to go!" She said, getting up. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..." Why did madness always follow her trail?

[10/11/2013 01:52:12] Beatrice: Chiku.. Chances are if he passed out because of you he's not going to be too refreshed to wake up to you..

[10/11/2013 01:52:16] Rin: let's go! *hurries down to the infirmary with gemali*

[10/11/2013 01:52:26] Beatrice: *She follows along to the infirmary.*

[10/11/2013 01:52:44] Chiku: She watched Gems unresponsive body, feeling a sickness rise in her stomach. "I'm not leaving him, Beatrice..." She followed after them with haste

[10/11/2013 01:53:05] Gem & Ini: Inirgo hurried alongside his brother, focusing on his face for any signs of life at all. Granted he had a pulse, but in this building, where anyone is malicious.. He couldn't bear to lose sight of him, no, not now.

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