[09/12/2013 20:04:57] Louise: *freezes for a moment before going through* Trev?!

[09/12/2013 20:05:34] Trevor: *Trevor is just sort of sitting in the cafeteria, not really moving much just staring at the table. This my friends is the look of a broken robot.*

[09/12/2013 20:05:43] Nobu: *She stalks down the hall way*

[09/12/2013 20:06:08] Louise: .......oh great, Monoleo brought him back and didn't even fix him up properly

[09/12/2013 20:06:22] Trevor: I'm fine.

[09/12/2013 20:06:40] Trevor: *momentary look up,  then back down.*

[09/12/2013 20:06:41] Louise: /fucking/ useless

[09/12/2013 20:06:49] Trevor: Thank you.

[09/12/2013 20:06:50] Louise: Oh!

[09/12/2013 20:07:01] Louise: I didnt mean you

[09/12/2013 20:07:04] Louise: I meant...7

[09/12/2013 20:07:07] Louise: Never mind

[09/12/2013 20:07:15] Louise: How are you...?

[09/12/2013 20:07:23 | Edited 20:08:04] Rin: oh, wonderful, nice to see you trev…

[09/12/2013 20:07:30] Nobu: *She appears in the cafeteria doorway*

[09/12/2013 20:07:33] Louise: Keep the peace Rin

[09/12/2013 20:07:39] Louise: That was our land of the dead rule

[09/12/2013 20:07:42] Louise: still applies~

[09/12/2013 20:07:46] Nobu: *Watching each and every person in the room*

[09/12/2013 20:07:47] Rin: i know i know...

[09/12/2013 20:08:20] Mizuki: *Mizuki emerges from her room, her face neutral and expressionless, she wanders over to the cafeteria when she sees the somewhat unfamiliar figures standing before her*

[09/12/2013 20:09:16] Rin: *sees mizuki* yo!

[09/12/2013 20:09:30] Louise: Mizuki~!

[09/12/2013 20:09:33] Nobu: *She walks over and sits across from Trevor*

[09/12/2013 20:09:54] Trevor: Nobu.

[09/12/2013 20:10:14] Trevor: *he reaches his hand across the table*

[09/12/2013 20:10:28] Nobu: *She just looks at his hand*

[09/12/2013 20:10:30] Nobu: Master Trevor

[09/12/2013 20:11:07] Nobu: Is there something I can help you with?

[09/12/2013 20:11:45] Mizuki: *She blinks for a few seconds, unsure how to take this all in.*




*She's completely speechless, rendered completely flabbergasted by seeing her dead friends, right here, in front of her*

[09/12/2013 20:12:11] Trevor: Nobu.

[09/12/2013 20:12:13] Rin: surprised?

[09/12/2013 20:12:16] Louise: *grins brightly* Long time no see~! Well, for you. Not me

[09/12/2013 20:12:19] Trevor: I'm sorry.

[09/12/2013 20:12:28] Nobu: For what?

[09/12/2013 20:12:37] Trevor: Letting you die.

[09/12/2013 20:12:46] Louise: *keeps glancing to Trevor and Nobu, trying to hide worry*

[09/12/2013 20:13:02] Nobu: I feel pretty alive

[09/12/2013 20:13:19] Nobu: *She leans across the table* It was my duty to you as it would be to anyone else in this school

[09/12/2013 20:13:25] Trevor: Good for you.

[09/12/2013 20:13:48] Rin: *avoids looking at trevor, though he's glad that they all know where he is*

[09/12/2013 20:14:07] Trevor: Mono is a little fucker.

[09/12/2013 20:14:19] Trevor: That hurt.

[09/12/2013 20:14:23] Trevor: A lot.

[09/12/2013 20:14:48] Mizuki: *She feels something build inside her stomach. Slowly shaking her head she briskly walks towards the kitchen*

[09/12/2013 20:15:15] Louise: *desperate to talk to Trevor but not wanting to interupt, watches Mizuki* Are you alright, Mizuki?

[09/12/2013 20:15:32] Nobu: At least you're an unfeeling metal robot now with no capability to feel pain

[09/12/2013 20:15:33] Nobu: I hope

[09/12/2013 20:17:06] Rin: *tries to keep himself from blurting out: "then why'd you tell her to kill me jackass", but holds it back*

[09/12/2013 20:18:03] Mizuki: *She takes out a bottle of cold soda, some cookies from the fridge and pantry respecively. Swiftly she eats a cookie, hoping that eating will settle her upset stomach, with a bit of soda to wash it down. No matter how much she tried to satisfy herself with food, the feeling stayed. She turned to... who ever this was, looking like Louise*

What the fuck are you...?

[09/12/2013 20:18:30] Louise: A robot

[09/12/2013 20:18:34] Nobu: *Is about to gogogadget bitch slap Rin*

[09/12/2013 20:18:36] Louise: We were brought back

[09/12/2013 20:18:51] Louise: for this big...overrated final

[09/12/2013 20:19:22] Trevor: I should just have stayed dead frankly.

[09/12/2013 20:19:39] Nobu: *She gently rests a hand on Trevor's* It'd be rather quiet without you

[09/12/2013 20:19:44] Nobu: And I don't like that

[09/12/2013 20:19:45] Louise: *looks round when she hears Trev*

[09/12/2013 20:19:47] Trevor: Don't think I didn't see you all happy without me.

Monoleo enjoyed psychological torture.

[09/12/2013 20:21:03] Rin: look I know it's hard to believe but it's really us mizuki!

[09/12/2013 20:21:17] Mizuki: *She shakes her head after hearing Louises answer*


I get that, you're robots.


*She takes another swig of soda, shaking her head*

[09/12/2013 20:22:00] Louise: *looks back round, trying not to intrude*

[09/12/2013 20:22:05] Louise: But?

[09/12/2013 20:22:10] Rin: don't believe us?

[09/12/2013 20:22:20] Nobu: *She turns to look at Mizuki* If you don't mind my own input, I think we're AI designed to act as our currently dead counter parts

[09/12/2013 20:22:32] Nobu: Of course, we don't know if that's true or not

[09/12/2013 20:25:01] Mizuki: Fuck...

*She begins to remember the trials, everything that she'd been repressing to try and remain strong and it hits her gut like a jackhammer*

It's... it's pretty hard to deny you're robots when you are clearly robots.

Or AI... whatever.

[09/12/2013 20:25:27] Louise: Sit down. I'll bring you whatever you need.

[09/12/2013 20:25:42] Louise: I don't want you hitting the floor if you faint from shock

[09/12/2013 20:27:00] Mizuki: No!

I'm... I'll be fine.

*She steels herself, gritting her teeth*

[09/12/2013 20:27:08] Louise: Please, I'm asking you

[09/12/2013 20:27:48] Rin: you sure? *looking at mizuki with concern*

[09/12/2013 20:30:00] Trevor: *he puts his tv hesd on the table*

[09/12/2013 20:30:50] Nobu: *She retracts her hand, keeping both of them up high in a little bit of shock with a surprised expression*

[09/12/2013 20:32:47] Trevor: Can I go back to hell now

[09/12/2013 20:33:00] Nobu: No

[09/12/2013 20:34:01] Nobu: *She picks up his tv head, looking at it*

[09/12/2013 20:35:06] Mizuki: *She taps her foot*

I said i'll be fine!

[09/12/2013 20:35:23 | Edited 20:35:48] Rin: ok then~...

[09/12/2013 20:35:53] Trevor: Yes.

[09/12/2013 20:35:59] Nobu: Nope

[09/12/2013 20:36:09] Trevor: I didn't behave


[09/12/2013 20:36:29] Nobu: *She turns the tv around, inspecting it*

[09/12/2013 20:36:42] Nobu: That's alright, master, it's not my place to order you around

[09/12/2013 20:37:01] Keiko: Keiko walks into the cafeteria, upon catching sight of her dead friends she freezes, staring at them

[09/12/2013 20:37:11] Rin: keiko!

[09/12/2013 20:37:27] Keiko: she then proceeds to pinch her cheek to check if she's dreaming

[09/12/2013 20:37:34] Trevor: I should have respected your wishes.

[09/12/2013 20:37:50] Trevor: I killed youl after all.

[09/12/2013 20:38:26 | Edited 20:38:35] Rin: *he walks over to keiko and puts both his hands on her shoulders* it's not a dream, it's really us *he smiles softly*

[09/12/2013 20:39:02] Mizuki: *She groans, the memories still flooding back to her*

[09/12/2013 20:39:26] Nobu: Again, it's my duty to you

[09/12/2013 20:39:39] Nobu: What if I didn't give you your head back?

[09/12/2013 20:39:58] Keiko: She stares down at Rin, then her eyes jolt over to his hands on her shoulders. She screams and runs out of the cafeteria "ZOMBIES...NO.....GHOSTS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

[09/12/2013 20:40:08] Trevor: Then I'd die again probably.

[09/12/2013 20:40:26] Mizuki: *She looks out to Keiko*

Calm the fuck down they're robots...

[09/12/2013 20:40:31] Nobu: Oh. *She sits the head on the table*

[09/12/2013 20:40:31] Rin:

[09/12/2013 20:40:39] Nobu: *She looks over to Keiko* Worse. Demons

[09/12/2013 20:40:46] Nobu: We're here for your soul

[09/12/2013 20:40:54] Trevor: *He sits up*

[09/12/2013 20:41:15] Trevor: I hate this already hell was ten times betrer

[09/12/2013 20:42:01] Nobu: Sorry

[09/12/2013 20:42:33] Rin: maybe I should go after her?

[09/12/2013 20:43:15] Trevor: It's not your fault

[09/12/2013 20:43:45] Rin: ...

[09/12/2013 20:43:55] Rin: i'm gonna see if i can calm her down

[09/12/2013 20:44:26] Mizuki: *She shakes her head*

I'm just... fuck...

[09/12/2013 20:44:38] Rin: *heads out into the hall*

[09/12/2013 20:50:44] Nobu: I'm glad to see you again, though *She picks up the head again, placing it on his robo shoulders*

[09/12/2013 20:50:48] Nobu: If I might say so

[09/12/2013 20:54:26] Louise: I am too...*she muttered softly to Trevor, not expecting him to listen*

[09/12/2013 20:57:17] Mizuki: *She grimaces*

So... does that mean Chiku is back too...?

[09/12/2013 20:58:03] Mizuki: Everyone is back...

Just like that?

[09/12/2013 20:58:26] Louise: *nods* Uh huh. Gem and Ini have seen us

[09/12/2013 20:58:41] Louise: and Chiku is on good terms with people

[09/12/2013 20:59:40] Mizuki: *She finally takes a seat*

Fucking... why...

[09/12/2013 21:00:37] Louise: You sound upset...

[09/12/2013 21:02:53] Mizuki: You're all bad memories.

You're all pain to me.

I wish I could feel happy at your surprising revival.

But you all just represent times I would have prefered stay memories.

[09/12/2013 21:03:38] Louise: O-Oh...I'll just...sorry

[09/12/2013 21:04:44] Nobu: You can perhaps drape a blanket over us all

[09/12/2013 21:04:54] Nobu: We'll huddle in a corner and you can pretend we're dead

[09/12/2013 21:07:30 | Edited 21:07:44] Mizuki: Louise, you died mere hours after giving me a speech that changed my outlook forever. Died because you were cracking up too.

Rin died when I was supposed to be looking after everone.

Chiku died even after I started to really become friends with her.

Trevor... just fuck!

You all just... why are you even here right now!

It's like some fucking cruel joke to get me to remember you all!

[09/12/2013 21:07:54] Louise: I killed myself to stop me killing someone

[09/12/2013 21:07:58] Louise: I done it to save people

[09/12/2013 21:08:13] Louise: It didnt change what I said

[09/12/2013 21:08:20] Louise: You're stronger than me

[09/12/2013 21:08:27] Nobu: It probably is a cruel joke

[09/12/2013 21:08:31] Louise: I'm weak, emotionally and physically

[09/12/2013 21:08:43] Nobu: I mean, I cannot see the mastermind bringing us back to life because he's nice

[09/12/2013 21:09:07] Nobu: Knowing my misfortune *She gives a dismal smile*

[09/12/2013 21:11:23] Mizuki: *She clutches her head and screeches in frustration*

[09/12/2013 21:12:58] Louise: *sighs* Sorry I can't change anything that happened. Everything happens for a reason, I suppose

[09/12/2013 21:13:41] Mizuki: Guess I better... fucking suck it up and get used to it...

[09/12/2013 21:19:49] Louise: *getting a little angry* I don't think you remeber that a few of us here died slowly...and...regretted it last second. *her face on the screen sheds a tear* And I'm just happy to be alive. I saw everything. I could watch. And I did. I know what's happened and in more detail than you could imagine. I was always a lonely girl. I just enjoy company. And I missed you. So sorry, I suppose. But I can't change a thing. But I watched you change in front of my eyes right before I died and that's one of my final memories. I left knowing I had helped you. And that made me happy.

[09/12/2013 21:21:01] Nobu: Miss Louise

[09/12/2013 21:21:41] Nobu: Mistress Mizuki has watched all her friends die infront of her

[09/12/2013 21:21:55] Nobu: Some which she herself convicted

[09/12/2013 21:22:07] Nobu: Allow her

[09/12/2013 21:22:24] Louise: Sorry...I didn't think

[09/12/2013 21:22:24] Nobu: If that's not too much to ask of you

[09/12/2013 21:22:30] Louise: Sorry...

[09/12/2013 21:22:42] Nobu: Mistress Louise has no reason to be sorry

[09/12/2013 21:22:56] Louise: Honestly...I shouldn't have

[09/12/2013 21:23:07] Nobu: We're in a very emotional situation, you just need to look at it from everyone's perspective

[09/12/2013 21:23:13] Rin: *walks back in with keiko*

[09/12/2013 21:23:39] Nobu: It's not often you let out such emotions, Louise, really

[09/12/2013 21:23:46] Nobu: Ah, I mean mistress Louise

[09/12/2013 21:24:16] Louise: I told you, Nobu, I'm simply Louise to you. You're my friend

[09/12/2013 21:24:57] Rin: hey . we miss anything?

[09/12/2013 21:25:24] Nobu: You missed the part where a shark fell though the wall

[09/12/2013 21:25:37] Nobu: And we had to rebuild it really quick so that no one got out

[09/12/2013 21:25:52] Rin: aww maaaan, wish I couldv'e seen it

[09/12/2013 21:26:00] Nobu: It was pretty cool

[09/12/2013 21:26:04] Nobu: I punched it in the face

[09/12/2013 21:27:21] Rin: *mimics punching action* with your gogogadget robo arm? :D

[09/12/2013 21:27:25] Mizuki: *She sits silently for a few moments, looking sorrowful*

I just...

I watched you all die, like Nobu said.

I was convinced no one would die at first!

None of us Super High School Levels would be so fucking stupid!

You helped convince me of that!

And then you died... in the blink of an eye.

Then the next moment it was Raymond.

Then before you know it, as soon as I told myself that no one else would die, there goes Yuki and Chiku, bye bye!

And then I take everything into my own hands!

I push forward, to avenge everyone!

Rin died...

But I still saw a way to get through!

But I fooled myself...

I tried but ultimately I did a piss poor job and I ended up killing another one of my friends.

And now you're all back...?

Just like that...?

[09/12/2013 21:27:36] Mizuki: I...

[09/12/2013 21:27:46] Mizuki: I missed you all...

[09/12/2013 21:28:11] Louise: *silently crying in this weird screen form* I missed you too dear

[09/12/2013 21:28:30] Rin: same here *smiles softly*

[09/12/2013 21:28:51] Mizuki: You're all the first friends I've ever had that I've known... it was real?

Thinking about it... my friends back home... I don't think they ever really liked me

It can't have been that way.

[09/12/2013 21:29:03] Mizuki: I treated them like they were my slaves...

[09/12/2013 21:29:15] Mizuki: My underlings.

[09/12/2013 21:29:35] Mizuki: I was so bossy and wrapped up in my own pride to realise they hated my guts...

Well... apart from one person.

[09/12/2013 21:30:10] Rin: and who was that?

[09/12/2013 21:30:32] Mizuki: It's...

[09/12/2013 21:30:34] Mizuki: *sighs*

[09/12/2013 21:30:53] Nobu: Is it your business, master Rin?

[09/12/2013 21:31:03] Mizuki: No, Nobu.

It's ok...

[09/12/2013 21:31:09] Mizuki: I think I need to tell you all.

[09/12/2013 21:31:28] Mizuki: I never told anyone my secret.

[09/12/2013 21:31:29] Louise: *sits across from her*

[09/12/2013 21:31:31] Mizuki: Now is the time.

[09/12/2013 21:31:39] Rin: ?

[09/12/2013 21:32:34] Keiko: Keiko sits down by Mizuki

[09/12/2013 21:32:46] Mizuki: Did you ever hear of a string of murders...

The victims were said to have been drawn to something down by the beach where I live.

[09/12/2013 21:32:57] Rin: *stands leaned against the wall and nods*

[09/12/2013 21:33:16] Louise: I overheard in my travels

[09/12/2013 21:33:35] Mizuki: The witnesses watched them walk down the beach until they were out of sight, further into the rocky cliffs.

[09/12/2013 21:34:23] Mizuki: Then the next time they were found, they had drowned.

[09/12/2013 21:34:36] Mizuki: It was never an accident.

[09/12/2013 21:35:06] Mizuki: It was the work of one person... the Mermaid Killer

[09/12/2013 21:35:27] Rin: the mermaid killer?

[09/12/2013 21:36:08] Louise: I think I've heard that name before

[09/12/2013 21:36:29] Mizuki: That's what the police dubbed them.

Mermaids or Sirens would always lead people into the rocks, drowning them completely.

So since their methods were similar...

[09/12/2013 21:36:32] Mizuki: But I digress.

[09/12/2013 21:37:35] Rin: I've never heard the name mermaid killer before, i'd heard about the string of murders but I never heard what they were dubbing the culprit

[09/12/2013 21:37:56] Louise: I heard it about.

[09/12/2013 21:38:27] Mizuki: The mermaid killer... is my best friend...

I'm the only person who knows their true identity.

[09/12/2013 21:38:42] Rin: ?!

[09/12/2013 21:38:46] Rin: seriously?!

[09/12/2013 21:38:51] Keiko: "I remember hearing about this on the news, it was before my super sentai show came on"

[09/12/2013 21:39:00] Keiko: "whoa whaaaaat?"

[09/12/2013 21:39:24] Nobu: Why did your friend do it

[09/12/2013 21:39:40] Louise: That'

[09/12/2013 21:41:49] Mizuki: Well, they were fucking insane...

I asked constantly why they did it and they always just said it was fun.

But it seemed like more than fun...

I could just tell...

Whenever they would talk about it, they would just act really... oddly

This creepy, deranged look in their eyes.

[09/12/2013 21:42:31] Nobu: That's interesting *She leans back in her chair*

[09/12/2013 21:42:31] Rin: what do you mean 'they'? was there more than one person?

[09/12/2013 21:42:46] Nobu: No, she's not giving any clues as to their identity

[09/12/2013 21:42:59] Louise: She wouldn't want them hurt if it got out

[09/12/2013 21:43:09] Rin: ah

[09/12/2013 21:43:51] Nobu: No, this is a case of mistress Mizuki does not want the person caught

[09/12/2013 21:44:03] Nobu: I believe?

[09/12/2013 21:45:01] Mizuki: But, I never told anyone.

How could I?

They were my best friend, when they weren't talking about their 'work' I could just... I always had the most fun around them.

It was different to all my other friendships.

At first, I wondered why they didn't kill me.

But I decided that maybe... they felt the same way.

That I was different, an outlet, an insider.

[09/12/2013 21:45:32] Mizuki: I'm sorry about not giving clues... it's like Nobu said, I don't want them to be caught.

[09/12/2013 21:46:47] Mizuki: Because of this rumors have been flying around since middle school.

People saying i'm behind the murders.

Lots of people saying that I at least have some big connection to it.

I've been to the police station more times than I can count... I know some of the officers by name for fucks sake!

[09/12/2013 21:47:04] Rin: jesus...

[09/12/2013 21:48:14] Louise: You poor thing...

[09/12/2013 21:48:22 | Edited 21:48:45] Rin: *rin couldn't shake off the feeling that this all seemed familiar but shrugged it off*

[09/12/2013 21:48:34] Mizuki: And now... I realise that my friendships with all of you... the one I had with them... that's real.

[09/12/2013 21:49:24] Mizuki: My other 'friends'...

They weren't there because they liked me.

I treated them like garbage so it makes sense...

[09/12/2013 21:49:38] Trevor: For gifted kids we all have our tragic back stories

[09/12/2013 21:50:00] Louise: Absolutely

[09/12/2013 21:50:11] Louise: And here I thought my travelling thing was bad

[09/12/2013 21:50:37] Trevor: Also Mizuki I feel you on that one.

I didn't have friends until I had Nobubu, and of course Louise.

[09/12/2013 21:50:49] Nobu: I wouldn't say I'm gifted, I just look good in uniform

[09/12/2013 21:50:54] Mizuki: *She sighs, leaning back, chuckling*

Well... now that's out...

[09/12/2013 21:50:54] Nobu: It's all in the looks

[09/12/2013 21:50:57] Trevor: Though you died before we really could become close

[09/12/2013 21:51:24] Keiko: I had friends....then they just distanced themselves because of some shitty high school rumours spread by some bitch who claimed she was my best friend....

[09/12/2013 21:51:27] Louise: *smiles softly when Trevor points her out too*

[09/12/2013 21:51:49] Louise: Sorry about...what I done

[09/12/2013 21:51:49] Keiko: I just wanted to fit in...I always have....even here I still feel like I don't fit in...

[09/12/2013 21:51:58] Louise: Just throwing that out there

[09/12/2013 21:52:02] Keiko: no matter how accepted I am

[09/12/2013 21:52:03] Mizuki: *She cuddles into Keiko, in an attempt to comfort her*

[09/12/2013 21:52:27] Nobu: Trevor made me think people aren't allergic to me

[09/12/2013 21:52:33] Trevor: Everyone seemed to avoid me because I played computer games and my parents were weird.

Don't be the child of a mass murderer and a drug dealer just don't fucking do it.

[09/12/2013 21:52:33] Nobu: But what if they really are

[09/12/2013 21:52:46] Rin: *feels left out, knowing that he didn't have a tragic past*

[09/12/2013 21:52:58] Nobu: *Passes Rin a tragic past*

[09/12/2013 21:53:13] Nobu: *Feel good now? Or just angsty?*

[09/12/2013 21:53:18] Trevor: *gives Rin one whole tragic past*

[09/12/2013 21:53:37] Trevor: Nobubu people aren't allergic to you.

[09/12/2013 21:54:06] Louise: I...I always got people to talk through their problems and then...

[09/12/2013 21:54:09] Louise: I broke the moral

[09/12/2013 21:54:14] Trevor: My mom died while I was still a fetus I think I win.

[09/12/2013 21:54:15] Louise: that I helped build

[09/12/2013 21:54:19] Keiko: because I was left out all I ever wanted to do WAS play video games, then dad took me out of school and I kinda had some freedom aside from making updates to Flower Boys....I fucking hate that and don't even know WHY I created it *sighs*

[09/12/2013 21:54:46] Nobu: I was raised by a circle of hobos which is pretty sweet

[09/12/2013 21:55:11] Rin: I sent my friend to hospital, that's always fun

[09/12/2013 21:56:02] Trevor: I knocked a girl up

[09/12/2013 21:56:11] Trevor: Word of advice don't do that

[09/12/2013 21:56:26] Louise: I was in a gang

[09/12/2013 21:56:44] Louise: Let's just continue this, It's good on emotional states

[09/12/2013 21:56:45] Nobu: I was a power ranger

[09/12/2013 21:56:47] Louise: Just admit things

[09/12/2013 21:57:21] Keiko: "My mum had cancer AND a brain tumor, that's how she died....I just never wanted to really talk about it much. I was only starting elementary school at the time but I remember all of it, just being there and hugging her before she slipped away" her voice cracks and she tears up but she tried to keep her cool

[09/12/2013 21:57:52] Trevor: Isn't a brain tumor just brain cancer

[09/12/2013 21:58:04 | Edited 21:58:23] Rin: *places his hand on keiko's shoulder*

[09/12/2013 21:58:04 | Edited 21:58:10] Keiko: "I don't even know"

[09/12/2013 21:58:11] Mizuki: *She fully cuddles into Keiko now, stroking her fingers through her hair*

Oh dear...

[09/12/2013 21:58:22] Trevor: Still, that's rough buddy.

[09/12/2013 21:58:46] Louise: You poor thing...

[09/12/2013 21:58:48] Trevor: See aside from you know, parents being on the run and knocking girls up.

[09/12/2013 21:58:56] Trevor: I had a good childhood.

[09/12/2013 21:59:00] Nobu: My parents were shot and mugged in an ally way and I knew I had to become the saviour of gotham

[09/12/2013 21:59:06] Louise: I thought having no one /but/ my parents who acted like children was bad.

[09/12/2013 21:59:25] Trevor: My parents were children. Mom was 16 when I was born.

[09/12/2013 22:00:09] Keiko: "but my dad was still awesome as was my big bro, like I said, we all looked out for each other. When one of us was having our bad days we'd be there right away for each other"

[09/12/2013 22:00:23] Mizuki: I kind of...

[09/12/2013 22:00:28] Mizuki: Took my family for granted.

[09/12/2013 22:01:00] Louise: Same here! Something in common. Mama was 16 and so was my Papa. But cause they never grew up and had money to throw around, they kept moving.

[09/12/2013 22:01:05 | Edited 22:01:23] Mizuki: My bro was a huge butt, he was supposed to be going to hope's peak too, but i'm not sure what happened to him...

[09/12/2013 22:01:37] Keiko: "though when I hit puberty, dad started getting the buckets of ice cream for my bad days....there's a reason as to why I got so fat"

[09/12/2013 22:01:40] Mizuki: He was always sailing around anyway, going on dumb adventures.

[09/12/2013 22:01:52] Trevor: Yeah, millionaire parents who are pretty young snd dumb are never a good thing. But they loved each other and cared for me.

[09/12/2013 22:02:16] Louise: The gang were mental..

[09/12/2013 22:02:18] Trevor: They still do. Unless dad offers me meth then mom gets mad.

[09/12/2013 22:02:23] Louise: I guess there was one bad thing

[09/12/2013 22:02:29] Louise: Only one really

[09/12/2013 22:02:39] Louise: but it's...never left me

he bottom is accurate trevor snd his parents))

[09/12/2013 22:05:53] Keiko: "I had two kinds of mentality upon entering Hopes Peak, the first was "oh god I have to be around people....that I don't know" and the second was "ahahaha bye bye all you goddamn fuckers who thought I'd never make it in life""

[09/12/2013 22:06:08] Mizuki: *She sighs*


Sorry about before.

I'm glad you guys are back.

[09/12/2013 22:06:46] Mizuki: *Turns to louise*

What happened...?

If you want to talk about it?

[09/12/2013 22:06:54] Louise: *looks up*

[09/12/2013 22:06:58] Louise: Well...

[09/12/2013 22:07:00] Louise: I killed a man

[09/12/2013 22:07:08] Nobu: *Whispers* mama....

[09/12/2013 22:07:10] Nobu: Ooooh

[09/12/2013 22:07:29] Louise: I...didn't mean it...It wasn't on purpose.

[09/12/2013 22:07:44] Louise: But...this big...burly thing of a man...

[09/12/2013 22:08:45] Louise: He attacked me. Rival gang. Thought if he took out the gang's girl, they'd break them

[09/12/2013 22:08:46 | Edited 22:08:56] Rin: *casually leaning against the wall with virtual blood dripping out his mouth from the depressing conversation*

[09/12/2013 22:09:17] Louise: But the boys...gave me this pocket knife.

[09/12/2013 22:09:28] Louise: and I had it in  my pocket.

[09/12/2013 22:10:03] Louise: in a panic, I attacked him and killed him

[09/12/2013 22:10:12] Louise: I was let go due to it being dubbed self defence

[09/12/2013 22:10:19] Mizuki: Oh my gosh...

[09/12/2013 22:10:28] Chiku: What's this...?

[09/12/2013 22:10:36] Nobu: Ah, mistress Chiku

[09/12/2013 22:10:56] Nobu: I guess you smelled gossip and your circutry told you to come

[09/12/2013 22:11:06] Chiku: Aha.

[09/12/2013 22:11:07] Louise: Oh...I killed a man

[09/12/2013 22:11:10] Louise: we're discussing that

[09/12/2013 22:11:13] Nobu: Or perhaps you were brought by the aroma of the kitchen

[09/12/2013 22:11:15] Louise: and other secrets

[09/12/2013 22:11:16] Nobu: Which we can't eat

[09/12/2013 22:11:22] Rin: oh hey! :D

[09/12/2013 22:11:27] Nobu: *Les sads*

[09/12/2013 22:11:31] Mizuki: *She turns around, recognising Chiku's voice*


[09/12/2013 22:12:04] Chiku: Yes, it was the food that I can't eat that brought me here. *she looks over at Mizuki and smiles a little* oh! My, this must be odd for you!

[09/12/2013 22:13:58] Mizuki: *She smiles at Chiku, flashing her usual cocky grin, once more*

Not at all! Well, it was odd at first and I wasn't sure about it...

But i've adjusted to this pretty quickly it seems...

I'm just happy to see you, is all.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss you.

[09/12/2013 22:15:25] Chiku: *she smiles a little, sadly almost*

I'd be lying to say I didn't miss you lot too! I'm just glad we got another chance to speak to you all at the very least! It's nice to see everyone on friendly terms!

[09/12/2013 22:16:56] Louise: *brushes away the things they discussed and turned to Chiku* It certainly is~

[09/12/2013 22:17:26] Rin: uh huh :D *ignoring the fact that he's still pissed off at trevor*

[09/12/2013 22:17:31] Chiku: Oh, Louise! I never got a chance to properly say, *she looks over at her with a soft smile*

[09/12/2013 22:17:53] Louise: Hmm?

[09/12/2013 22:18:09] Louise: Say what...?

[09/12/2013 22:18:14] Chiku: Thank you. For actually telling me I was a bitch without letting me fight back; that's what I needed.

[09/12/2013 22:18:35] Louise: Oh. Your welcome...? *giggles*

[09/12/2013 22:18:49] Chiku: *she laughs back happily*

[09/12/2013 22:19:17] Louise: *grins*

[09/12/2013 22:19:59] Chiku: So! Apart from what you were discussing as I walked in, what else did I miss?

[09/12/2013 22:20:11] Trevor: I was in hell for a few days.

[09/12/2013 22:20:16] Trevor: That was fun

[09/12/2013 22:20:44] Chiku: Oh, Trevor! Didn't even notice you there!

[09/12/2013 22:21:05] Trevor: Hi.

[09/12/2013 22:21:34] Chiku: How was, uh, hell...?

[09/12/2013 22:21:50] Rin: hellish i'm guessing?

[09/12/2013 22:22:03] Trevor: Painful.

[09/12/2013 22:22:03] Nobu: He got champagne

[09/12/2013 22:22:09] Nobu: It was- oh okay

[09/12/2013 22:22:19] Trevor: I got to see all of you laughing at my death.

[09/12/2013 22:22:20] Chiku: He got champagne??

[09/12/2013 22:22:32] Louise: L-Laughing?!

[09/12/2013 22:22:36] Chiku: Eh-! I did not laugh!

[09/12/2013 22:22:36] Trevor: And I died like, 4 times I think? I lost count.

[09/12/2013 22:22:37 | Edited 22:23:13] Rin: lucky bastard got champagne!

[09/12/2013 22:22:56] Rin: oh wow 4 times? dude that's rough

[09/12/2013 22:23:27] Chiku: Ah, dying once was bad enough...

[09/12/2013 22:23:29] Nobu: I was using sarcasm for humorus purposes

[09/12/2013 22:23:39] Nobu: Master Trevor did not recieve champagne in hell

[09/12/2013 22:23:56 | Edited 22:24:16] Rin: is that sarcasm? ;)

[09/12/2013 22:24:00] Chiku: Ah, did you make another haha?

[09/12/2013 22:24:18] Nobu: I did. But once more, no one haha'd

[09/12/2013 22:24:27] Nobu: *Looks straight at Rin*

[09/12/2013 22:24:28] Rin: HAHAHAHA :D

[09/12/2013 22:24:31] Nobu: *Into his fucking soul*

[09/12/2013 22:24:40] Rin: happy? ;)

[09/12/2013 22:24:41] Nobu: *Are you fucking kidding me*

[09/12/2013 22:24:46] Nobu: Yes

[09/12/2013 22:24:47] Chiku: ((I nearly spAT MY TEA OUT))

[09/12/2013 22:24:51] Rin: ((XD))

[09/12/2013 22:25:09] Louise: ((OPAL))

[09/12/2013 22:25:19] Chiku: ((Opal you are the gonna be the death of me I can tell I'll die laughing))

[09/12/2013 22:25:36] Nobu: ((I was the death of Rin))

[09/12/2013 22:25:46] Rin: ((still not over that XD))

[09/12/2013 22:25:51] Chiku: What a shame, perhaps we're the wrong audience for your haha's

[09/12/2013 22:26:33] Nobu: Maybe you are

[09/12/2013 22:26:42] Nobu: Maybe I have to increase my haha skills

[09/12/2013 22:26:43] Louise: I haha'd to myself.

[09/12/2013 22:26:50] Nobu: Become super high school level haha

[09/12/2013 22:26:52] Chiku: I think we are

[09/12/2013 22:27:04] Trevor: Your deaths all sucked I was executed in the sameway you all were.

[09/12/2013 22:27:20] Trevor: Shame you weren't allowed to watch it'd hsve been quality entertainment

[09/12/2013 22:27:21] Nobu: Mine didn't suck, it burned

[09/12/2013 22:27:24] Nobu: My fleash

[09/12/2013 22:27:28] Nobu: Slowly

[09/12/2013 22:27:33] Rin: you got executed for killing monoleo trev

[09/12/2013 22:27:37] Trevor: I know

[09/12/2013 22:27:39] Chiku: Did you not partake in someone's death, trev?

[09/12/2013 22:27:56] Louise: what about the murders and assisted suicide over here. Did you see that or suffered anything similar?

[09/12/2013 22:27:56] Trevor: I killed the monoleo because he killed Nobu.

[09/12/2013 22:28:19] Rin: because she killed me

[09/12/2013 22:28:35] Nobu: Because you told me to

[09/12/2013 22:28:47] Nobu: Because he pissed you off

[09/12/2013 22:28:52] Nobu: Because he was sleep talking shit

[09/12/2013 22:28:59] Trevor: Because you're fucking annoying.

[09/12/2013 22:29:07] Nobu: Because of some mistake in the universe

[09/12/2013 22:29:09] Nobu: Oh okay

[09/12/2013 22:29:12] Rin: which i still don't remember thank you very much

[09/12/2013 22:29:29] Chiku: Just cause you don't remember it doesn't mean you didn't do it

[09/12/2013 22:29:31] Trevor: Well you know what

Thank fuck you're a robot.

[09/12/2013 22:29:48] Rin: look who's talking *smirks*

[09/12/2013 22:30:02] Chiku: Most people are held accountable for the actions they don't actually remember

[09/12/2013 22:30:39] Rin: i'm not denying what i said :) i just don't remember saying it, that's all ;)

[09/12/2013 22:30:40] Chiku: But is it really worth fighting over the past?

[09/12/2013 22:30:46] Trevor: I am also a robot but I didn't go around fucking everyone over.

[09/12/2013 22:31:51] Rin: *turns to chiku* no it isn't ^_^

[09/12/2013 22:31:59] Nobu: I do not think it is

[09/12/2013 22:32:06] Chiku: Then let's leave it.

[09/12/2013 22:32:10] Nobu: Master Trevor has promised to behave himself

[09/12/2013 22:32:14] Chiku: *smiles*

[09/12/2013 22:32:25] Nobu: *Looks to Trevor*

[09/12/2013 22:32:35] Nobu: *Staaaaaaring*

[09/12/2013 22:32:39] Rin: personally i think he's not doing a good job of that ^_^'

[09/12/2013 22:32:48] Chiku: Yeah well

[09/12/2013 22:32:57] Louise: Don't start fights

[09/12/2013 22:32:58] Chiku: Whatever he's trying somewhat

[09/12/2013 22:33:02] Chiku: That's good enough.

[09/12/2013 22:33:04] Louise: I like my peace

[09/12/2013 22:33:17] Rin: well, yeah *smiles and shrugs*

[09/12/2013 22:33:17] Nobu: You're not doing a good job of keeping your mouth shut

[09/12/2013 22:33:20] Chiku: I'm still interested in secrets, but I'm keeping it back as much as I can

[09/12/2013 22:33:24] Trevor: I tried. Then I went to hell.

[09/12/2013 22:33:37] Nobu: Master Rin needs to realise that egging master Trevor on is what causes said fights

[09/12/2013 22:33:55] Chiku: Trevor can try too, we can all try, and it doesnt do anything to point out someone's faults when they have their own.

[09/12/2013 22:33:58] Nobu: Master Trevor needs to realise letting things get to him is not a good idea

[09/12/2013 22:34:13] Rin: i know i know, i just needed to let off some steam ;)

[09/12/2013 22:34:24] Chiku: Well, no offence dear

[09/12/2013 22:34:34] Trevor: And then act like the victim

Jesus christ.

[09/12/2013 22:34:37] Chiku: But let it off on something else, not a fellow student

[09/12/2013 22:34:52] Mizuki: *Nods*

Let's try not blow eachother up or whatever.

[09/12/2013 22:34:59] Nobu: Thank you, mistress Chiku

[09/12/2013 22:35:00] Rin: i'll do that ;)

[09/12/2013 22:35:05] Chiku: We are TRYING to work together, and arguing like a bunch of preschoolers will get us nowhere.

[09/12/2013 22:35:14] Louise: Exactly

[09/12/2013 22:35:17] Louise: no offence

[09/12/2013 22:35:29] Rin: none taken

[09/12/2013 22:35:48] Louise: *cracks her knuckles* Wish I could get on a bike again.

[09/12/2013 22:35:50] Trevor: Blow each other off however


[09/12/2013 22:35:56] Chiku: So /please/ drop it. moving on is hard, I know it just as well as you all.

[09/12/2013 22:36:11] Chiku: Trevor do you even have a dick?

[09/12/2013 22:36:18] Nobu: Trevor has a penis

[09/12/2013 22:36:18] Chiku: I mean, you're a robot.

[09/12/2013 22:36:21] Nobu: Oh

[09/12/2013 22:36:23] Nobu: Right

[09/12/2013 22:36:24] Nobu: Robot

[09/12/2013 22:36:35] Mizuki: I don't think you guys would have been built with that in mind...

[09/12/2013 22:36:57] Trevor: Am I anatomically correct

[09/12/2013 22:37:03] Chiku: No.

[09/12/2013 22:37:12] Trevor: Fuck.

[09/12/2013 22:37:22] Nobu: That's hilarious

[09/12/2013 22:37:26] Chiku: *tries not to laugh*

[09/12/2013 22:37:28] Mizuki: Does that mean you had no dick before then?

[09/12/2013 22:37:40 | Edited 22:38:10] Rin: *tries to hold in his laugh with both his hands at his mouth*

[09/12/2013 22:37:42] Nobu: He had a dick before

[09/12/2013 22:37:45] Louise: *quietly giggling to herself*

[09/12/2013 22:37:45] Trevor: Nobu can attest that I did indeed have a penis.

[09/12/2013 22:37:51] Chiku: *laughs at Mizuki* ohhh god! lets not!

[09/12/2013 22:37:59] Chiku: *covers her screen*

[09/12/2013 22:38:07] Louise: Too much info, Trevor, dear

[09/12/2013 22:38:17] Nobu: I had to save it right at the begining remember? *Flashbacks to "I HAVE TO SAVE HIS DIIIIIIIIIIIICK"*

[09/12/2013 22:38:19] Louise: *giggles*

[09/12/2013 22:38:26] Mizuki: *Can't hold in her own laughter*

[09/12/2013 22:38:32] Rin: HAHAHAHAHAHA :D

[09/12/2013 22:38:42] Nobu: Good memories

[09/12/2013 22:38:46] Trevor: You did a bang up job considering Felix PUNCHED MY KNOB IN.

[09/12/2013 22:39:00] Rin: making more haha's nobu?

[09/12/2013 22:39:02] Nobu: As long as it was not detached from your body

[09/12/2013 22:39:03] Nobu: That's fine

[09/12/2013 22:39:10] Nobu: No. This is serious

[09/12/2013 22:39:16] Nobu: How could you suggest such a subject is a haha

[09/12/2013 22:39:19] Chiku: Oh my god -! *laughing harder, shaking her head*

[09/12/2013 22:39:20] Nobu: Disgraceful

[09/12/2013 22:39:43] Rin: I'm sorry I don't mean to laugh XD

[09/12/2013 22:39:48] Louise: *giggles* If Raymond was here, I wouldn't be allowed to continue such conversations

[09/12/2013 22:39:48] Trevor: My penis is... uh.. was.. magnificent

[09/12/2013 22:40:19] Chiku: I don't think Raymond would let us!!

[09/12/2013 22:40:31] Chiku: I feel like he's trying to save his pride by not talking about it, though

[09/12/2013 22:40:47] Louise: *giggles*

[09/12/2013 22:40:57] Nobu: Moment of silence for Trevor's penis

[09/12/2013 22:41:00] Nobu: If you please

[09/12/2013 22:41:04] Trevor: Rip my penis.

[09/12/2013 22:41:10] Chiku: Rip

[09/12/2013 22:41:18] Nobu: Careful with your words, master

[09/12/2013 22:41:22] Mizuki: Here lies Trev's ween

[09/12/2013 22:41:25] Louise: Pfft, everyone's genitals.

[09/12/2013 22:41:26] Mizuki: Never will it be missed

[09/12/2013 22:41:31] Louise: but R.I.P

[09/12/2013 22:41:34] Nobu: It's dearly missed

[09/12/2013 22:41:37] Rin: *he puts his hands together and bows* bujini yasunde kudasai

[09/12/2013 22:41:57] Nobu: Beleive me

[09/12/2013 22:42:04] Nobu: I don't speak French

[09/12/2013 22:42:24] Louise: And here I thought it was Spanish

[09/12/2013 22:42:28] Mizuki: I don't really care anymore since I don't even know if I like weens anymore ew

[09/12/2013 22:42:30] Chiku: *erupts into laughter again*

[09/12/2013 22:42:48] Rin: *laughs along with her*

[09/12/2013 22:43:11] Louise: *tries not to but laughs anyway*

[09/12/2013 22:43:43] Nobu: Quoth the raven, never more

[09/12/2013 22:44:14] Rin: buy some ramen, at the store

[09/12/2013 22:44:18] Chiku: I can't even cope with this conversation anymore,

[09/12/2013 22:44:24] Mizuki: Neither can I

[09/12/2013 22:44:36] Chiku: Mizuki we should just abscond

[09/12/2013 22:44:44] Keiko: "I zoned out a long time ago"

[09/12/2013 22:44:58] Mizuki: You didn't miss much sweetie we're just talking about dong

[09/12/2013 22:44:59] Nobu: Edgar Allen Poe will rise from his grave and kick you so hard in the testicals it'll be a vagina

[09/12/2013 22:45:07] Nobu: *She looks to Rin*

[09/12/2013 22:45:28] Nobu: Sorry, his ghost was channled though me

[09/12/2013 22:45:35 | Edited 22:45:50] Rin: *looking slightly terrified and disturbed*

 [09/12/2013 22:46:05] Keiko: "it's funny because I can draw a lot of dong but I don't like it"

[09/12/2013 22:46:46] Nobu: *She mocks shivering*

[09/12/2013 22:46:55] Nobu: Master Poe has left us

[09/12/2013 22:46:57] Nobu: Goodbye friend

[09/12/2013 22:47:04] Louise: I will miss thee

[09/12/2013 22:47:07] Chiku: Goodbye~

[09/12/2013 22:47:07] Rin: sayonara

[09/12/2013 22:47:16] Louise: I love his work...

[09/12/2013 22:47:17] Nobu: More German *She sighs*

[09/12/2013 22:47:29] Louise: I think it's somewhere in my room

[09/12/2013 22:47:34] Louise: I'd say Austrian

[09/12/2013 22:47:34] Chiku: I thought it was Russian this time??

[09/12/2013 22:47:37] Mizuki: *Turns to leave too*



[09/12/2013 22:47:48] Rin: i don't even know anymore *shrugs*

[09/12/2013 22:48:09] Mizuki: Absquatulateing out of this bitch

[09/12/2013 22:48:15] Nobu: Please do not

[09/12/2013 22:48:19] Nobu: This is a party for you

[09/12/2013 22:48:30] Chiku: You had to fit that in, huh Mizuki?

[09/12/2013 22:48:32] Nobu: For me to say sorry about all the sharks I've kicked in the face

[09/12/2013 22:48:54] Mizuki: I need to use the one big word I know that isn't a swear word

[09/12/2013 22:48:55] Nobu: *reaches into her apron pocket and throws shitty confetti with a melancholly look*

[09/12/2013 22:49:36] Chiku: You still swore though

[09/12/2013 22:50:10] Rin: time to put a dollar in the swear jar~

[09/12/2013 23:07:20] Nobu: But yes, I take my Poe seriously

[09/12/2013 23:09:04] Louise: *giggles* I would kill for a cup of tea...

[09/12/2013 23:09:29] Nobu: You're a robot

[09/12/2013 23:09:35] Nobu: You can't drink tea, mistress

[09/12/2013 23:09:39] Chiku: Don't talk to me, I'm having withdrawal symptoms to coffee.

[09/12/2013 23:09:44] Louise: I know...*sighs*

[09/12/2013 23:10:09] Nobu: I am having withdrawal symptoms

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