[10/11/2013 10:46:10] Rin: *walks out of his room and down the hallway, he enters the cafeteria after finding it, eventually*

[10/11/2013 10:46:34] Rin: *yawns and rubs his eyes*

[10/11/2013 10:47:09] Chiku: *slumped over a table in the cafeteria*

[10/11/2013 10:47:42] Trevor: *wonders into the room absolutely shattered*

[10/11/2013 10:47:55] Trevor: Seems I'm not the only one who hasn't slept.

[10/11/2013 10:48:31] Nobu: *She stands in the doorway of the kitchen, eyes as wide as ever* hello friends

[10/11/2013 10:48:32] Chiku: *glances up at the sound of others, sighing* I stayed here all night, that's how bad it was

[10/11/2013 10:49:22 | Edited 10:49:27] Trevor: I lay in my room. That is all.

[10/11/2013 10:50:17] Rin: well I didn't sleep too badly i guess *walks over to the cupboard and gets a packet of waffles*

[10/11/2013 10:50:40] Chiku: Rin-!

[10/11/2013 10:50:47] Chiku: Is... Is gem okay?

[10/11/2013 10:51:44] Nobu: Perhaps tonight I will bring all my masters and mistresses tea before bed tonight

[10/11/2013 10:52:01] Trevor: Fucking try it and I will end you.

[10/11/2013 10:52:12] Nobu: Mistress Keiko seemed to be in quite a state last night, is everything okay?

[10/11/2013 10:52:24] Nobu: oh my

[10/11/2013 10:52:34] Trevor: Wait what was wrong with Keiko?

[10/11/2013 10:52:38] Trevor: What did you all do.

[10/11/2013 10:52:49] Rin: *turns to chiku* I'm sure he's fine, he had Inirgo with him afterall, so don't worry ;)

[10/11/2013 10:53:20] Chiku: Yeah.. I'm so worried, I just hope he's alright

[10/11/2013 10:54:09] Trevor: Fuck Gem what's up with Keiko??

[10/11/2013 10:54:44] Chiku: Fuck up Trevor. *tuts in irritation, looking back at Rin*

[10/11/2013 10:55:08] Trevor: Tell me.

What the fuck.

Is going on.

[10/11/2013 10:55:41] Chiku: I opened my big fat mouth in a situation I should have stayed quiet in

[10/11/2013 10:55:48] Chiku: And she took it bad

[10/11/2013 10:55:52] Chiku: There, got it?

[10/11/2013 10:56:09] Nobu: Hmm

[10/11/2013 10:56:14] Trevor: You little fuck.

[10/11/2013 10:57:31] Chiku: I am /trying/ to stop!

[10/11/2013 10:57:54] Rin: *glares at trevor* do you have to be such a jerk all the time?

[10/11/2013 10:58:07] Chiku: Trying my absolute /hardest/ and it is not in the slightest bit good enough!!

[10/11/2013 11:01:27] Nobu: *stands watching them with an unreadable expression*

[10/11/2013 11:02:52] Rin: *toaster pops* you shouldn't be so hard on yourself, i'm sure you can do it if you just keep trying

[10/11/2013 11:03:20] Trevor: Exactly. So stop trying you're never going to do good.

[10/11/2013 11:03:37] Chiku: ... Thanks, Trevor.

[10/11/2013 11:04:10] Rin: *gets a plate for his waffles and sits down beside chiku*

[10/11/2013 11:04:26] Chiku: But you know what, I'm not gonna stop trying. I'm gonna fight my way through this

[10/11/2013 11:04:46] Trevor: Good fucking luck.

[10/11/2013 11:05:19] Chiku: *glances at Rin, wanting to smile but it seemed to escape her ability, so she glanced away*

[10/11/2013 11:05:46] Chiku: Thank you, cause I will not stop.

[10/11/2013 11:05:59] Rin: that's the spirit!! :D

[10/11/2013 11:06:33] Chiku: If it leads me to my grave, I will not stop.

[10/11/2013 11:07:01] Trevor: If you die I'll dance on your grave.

[10/11/2013 11:07:05] Trevor: Nobu.

[10/11/2013 11:07:12] Trevor: Nobobobobobobobobu.

[10/11/2013 11:07:21] Chiku: *shocked, but tries to keep calm*

[10/11/2013 11:07:26] Nobu: Tea, anyone?

[10/11/2013 11:07:37] Chiku: *fighting isn't worth anything*

[10/11/2013 11:07:52] Nobu: Master Trevor?

[10/11/2013 11:07:56] Rin: hey, what's your problem man? *looks at trevor*

[10/11/2013 11:08:11] Trevor: Nobu are you a boy?

[10/11/2013 11:08:22] Trevor: Because I heard you were a boy.

[10/11/2013 11:08:30] Trevor: Why the fuck are you dressing like a girl??

[10/11/2013 11:08:48] Chiku: ... *oh /no/*

[10/11/2013 11:08:52] Trevor: Jesus a shit girls are such overemotional shitbags.

[10/11/2013 11:09:15] Trevor: You should embrace your manliness with a good vest and jeans.

[10/11/2013 11:09:15] Chiku: *laughs nervously* that was just one big lie, Trevor!!!

[10/11/2013 11:09:16] Nobu: What lies beyond the waistband of my bloomers is none of your concern, master

[10/11/2013 11:09:35] Chiku: Definitely just a lie, I wasn't actually sure...

[10/11/2013 11:09:46] Trevor: It's a fucking penis making it my business.

[10/11/2013 11:10:18] Nobu: And how would you know that master Trevor?

[10/11/2013 11:10:44] Chiku: ... *remains quiet, nervously glancing between the two*

[10/11/2013 11:10:52] Nobu: Have you seen my alleged penis?

[10/11/2013 11:12:45] Trevor: The fact that either you keep snakes in your bloomers or you just got very happy proves it.

[10/11/2013 11:14:15] Chiku: Trevor, that's really personal-!!

[10/11/2013 11:15:01] Nobu: *she puts her hand down her bloomers and pulls out a banana*

[10/11/2013 11:15:08] Nobu: This?

[10/11/2013 11:15:19] Rin: ...

[10/11/2013 11:15:19] Trevor: Oh my fucking god.

[10/11/2013 11:15:32] Yuki: *Yuki walks in to the cafeteria about to say hello when she overhears the conversation already going on.* ...

[10/11/2013 11:15:43] Rin: uh, nobu

[10/11/2013 11:15:47] Chiku: Is-! This why everyone on the forum said you were a boy, or...?

[10/11/2013 11:15:49] Nobu: *she peels it* I was saving it for later but there was no room in my apron pockets

[10/11/2013 11:16:17] Nobu: I have not had a banana down my bloomers for that long, maybe since this morning

[10/11/2013 11:16:18] Trevor: I'm done with you Nobu.

I'm laughing so fucking hard.

[10/11/2013 11:16:41] Chiku: Do you have a tendency to keep dick shaped objects in your pants?

[10/11/2013 11:16:45] Rin: you... do that often?

[10/11/2013 11:16:48] Trevor: *He then falls off his chair laughing like a little shit*

[10/11/2013 11:16:48] Nobu: No, most of it comes from this *she slaps a hand on her flat as frick chest*

[10/11/2013 11:17:23] Chiku: I... I just don't know anymore...

[10/11/2013 11:17:38] Nobu: *she was the banana*

[10/11/2013 11:17:57] Nobu: I don't think I'll tell anyone the real answer though

[10/11/2013 11:18:10] Nobu: It's still none f your business

[10/11/2013 11:18:23] Yuki: I do not think I want to ask what I just walked in on.

[10/11/2013 11:19:00] Nobu: Everyone is assuming I have the genitals of a man, mistress Yuki

[10/11/2013 11:19:33] Nobu: However no one has been anywhere near them so how they could tell, goodness knows

[10/11/2013 11:19:35] Trevor: He does.

[10/11/2013 11:19:49] Nobu: Now now master Trevor

[10/11/2013 11:20:01] Chiku: Trevor... You told me I was wrong earlier

[10/11/2013 11:20:06] Nobu: Do not let your fantasies and reality get mixed

[10/11/2013 11:20:16] Chiku: But now you're taking my word for the truth...?

[10/11/2013 11:20:35] Trevor: There's no fucking fantasy!!!

[10/11/2013 11:20:50] Yuki: Ah, I see! But isn't it only of Nobu's concern over what ever it is she has? I don't think it should matter to anyone but Nobu herself.

[10/11/2013 11:20:58] Chiku: Surely that's hypocritical to some degree?

[10/11/2013 11:21:27] Trevor: Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!

[10/11/2013 11:21:32] Nobu: Thank you mistress Yuki

[10/11/2013 11:21:51] Trevor: *He's having a temper tantrum on the floor now actual three year old Trevor Grimes*

[10/11/2013 11:22:24] Nobu: Master Trevor, if you would like visual conformation, I would be happy to oblige should it put your mind at ease

[10/11/2013 11:22:55] Chiku: -!!

[10/11/2013 11:23:07] Trevor: Remove any clothing here and I kill you!!!!!

[10/11/2013 11:23:07] Chiku: That's not necissary, Nobu...

[10/11/2013 11:23:25] Nobu: Ah okay

[10/11/2013 11:24:24] Rin: hey! you're the one who's trying to get her to tell you wether she's a boy or not so why don't we at least check and be done with it?

[10/11/2013 11:24:38] Nobu: Well I suppose it doesn't matter in the end, so long as you do not  look upon me differently

[10/11/2013 11:25:13 | Edited 11:25:23] Chiku: M-Maybe but!!! I don't exactly want her to drop her slacks in the middle of the cafeteria!!!

[10/11/2013 11:25:40] Rin: don't worry ;) i won't think any differently of you

[10/11/2013 11:26:11] Nobu: I would go to a seperate room of course, mistress Chiku

[10/11/2013 11:26:28] Trevor: That is not necessary.

[10/11/2013 11:27:12] Rin: it might be embassing but, what if i took her to one of the bathrooms?

[10/11/2013 11:28:03] Nobu: Oh my, master Rin is eager

[10/11/2013 11:28:34] Rin: h-hey *blushes* i just wanna get this whole thing behind us alright?

[10/11/2013 11:29:33] Nobu: No one needs to know. As long as it is not troubling anyone or causing trouble it is fine

[10/11/2013 11:29:45] Chiku: Oh god, this is horrifying... *covers her face, a mad blush on her face*

[10/11/2013 11:29:55] Nobu: I was simply worried that master Trevor was over thinking

[10/11/2013 11:32:06] Trevor: I'm on the floor.

[10/11/2013 11:32:36] Rin: I don't wanna force you or anything, I just know that if we don't give him an answer he'll just keep going on about it

[10/11/2013 11:34:41] Nobu: Would you like help, master Trevor?

[10/11/2013 11:35:06] Nobu: It's no one's business if it isn't causing big problems

[10/11/2013 11:35:39] Nobu: Trevor, though distressed does not seem to want the answer

[10/11/2013 11:38:07] Nobu: Is this correct, master Trevor? *she looks down at him*

[10/11/2013 11:39:15] Chiku: Agh, Jesus- I'm sorry I caused a lot of trouble here but can we please just drop it??

[10/11/2013 11:40:10] Rin: yeah ok, I won't bring it up anymore

[10/11/2013 11:40:18] Trevor: I am dead?

[10/11/2013 11:40:25] Trevor: A body has been discovered.

[10/11/2013 11:40:31] Trevor: Rip trevor.

[10/11/2013 11:40:52] Chiku: Fuck up, Trevor! You're so immature

[10/11/2013 11:40:59] Yuki: The dead can't talk.

[10/11/2013 11:41:24 | Edited 11:41:31] Trevor: Tell Micheal I love him and his dick is perfect.

[10/11/2013 11:43:13] Nobu: I don't understand, why are you dying, master?

[10/11/2013 11:45:42] Trevor: Because you killed me.

[10/11/2013 11:46:27] Nobu: Oh no, I don't understand

[10/11/2013 11:47:24] Chiku: He's overreacting.

[10/11/2013 11:47:50] Nobu: *she kneels down to him* do not die master

[10/11/2013 11:50:03] Trevor: Too fucking late.

[10/11/2013 11:53:16] Rin: *picks up his empty plate* oh boy...

[10/11/2013 11:53:31] Rin: *walks over to the sink and places the plate there*

[10/11/2013 11:55:01] Nobu: Would you like lillies at your funeral?

[10/11/2013 11:56:12] Chiku: More like yellow carnations...

[10/11/2013 12:12:06] Trevor: Roses.

[10/11/2013 12:12:43] Chiku: Definitely yellow carnations.

[10/11/2013 12:13:03] Nobu: Are you sure you are dead?

[10/11/2013 12:13:18] Nobu: Please get up master

[10/11/2013 12:15:45] Trevor: I will leave you a marigold.

[10/11/2013 12:16:08] Trevor: Grief, despair.

[10/11/2013 12:16:15] Trevor: And jealousy.

[10/11/2013 12:17:22] Chiku: For me? How sweet of you. *bitter tone*

[10/11/2013 12:17:33] Trevor: Of course.

[10/11/2013 12:17:42] Chiku: But why Jealousy?

[10/11/2013 12:17:54] Chiku: Why would I be jealous of any of you low lifes?

[10/11/2013 12:18:14] Trevor: You're jealous of everyone, Chiku.

[10/11/2013 12:18:26] Trevor: That’s why you spread shit.

[10/11/2013 12:18:40] Chiku: *laughs* oh god! how hilarious!

[10/11/2013 12:19:05] Chiku: No. *she stops laughing abruptly* I'm not jealous of anyone.

[10/11/2013 12:19:23] Chiku: I spread shit because I don't /care/

[10/11/2013 12:19:56] Trevor: You care too much.

I think you give too many Hecks.

[10/11/2013 12:21:06] Chiku: You are so wrong.

[10/11/2013 12:23:18] Trevor: So not.

[10/11/2013 12:25:03] Chiku: I'm not getting into a childish argument with you

[10/11/2013 12:25:29] Nobu: Master Trevor, get up please

[10/11/2013 12:27:33] Rin: c'mon dude *easily lifts him up from behind with one arm*

[10/11/2013 12:29:36] Trevor: Fuck you all *temper tantrum*

[10/11/2013 12:30:22] Nobu: *she pats his back* there there


[10/11/2013 12:32:07] Nobu: *retracts her hand with a very slightly small shocked expression*


[10/11/2013 12:34:06] Chiku: Fucking pathetic excuse for a man

[10/11/2013 12:34:19] Nobu: Master Trevor, please calm yourself

[10/11/2013 12:34:59] Yuki: It would be best for you to calm down and...stop acting like an infant.


[10/11/2013 12:35:25] Nobu: *she puts her hands on his shoulders attempting to pull him up into her lap*

[10/11/2013 12:36:14] Rin: whoa! did not see that coming


[10/11/2013 12:36:58] Chiku: *glances at Yuki, remembering the clipping that fell from gem last night, wondering if she should mention anything*

[10/11/2013 12:37:18] Nobu: *she sits him up* if you're going to act like a child I will treat you as such, master

[10/11/2013 12:37:49] Nobu: There there now, shoosh *she pats his head*

[10/11/2013 12:39:07] Yuki: *Yuki catches Chiku's eyes on her and looks at the pink haired girl for a moment before looking back to tantrum.*

[10/11/2013 12:40:20] Chiku: *frowns a little and looks away. Later.*


[10/11/2013 12:41:24] Chiku: This is truly pitiful

[10/11/2013 12:42:57] Nobu: Shhhhhh, I'll let go once you stop this nonsense *she holds him in a vice grip rocking him backwards and forwards*


[10/11/2013 12:46:18] Chiku: Are you really gonna let a girl tell you what to do?

[10/11/2013 12:47:36] Nobu: *she bumps her knees up and down* huehuehue

[10/11/2013 12:48:18] Chiku: *frowns at Nobus weirdness once more*

[10/11/2013 12:48:18] Rin: i'm not sure wether to laugh or help him out...

[10/11/2013 12:48:27] Chiku: Leave him. This is hilarious.

[10/11/2013 12:48:50] Chiku: If I wasn't trying to give up old habits, I'd have a five page spread on him.

[10/11/2013 12:50:13] Nobu: Ready to stop now, master?

[10/11/2013 12:50:32] Trevor: i

[10/11/2013 12:50:35] Trevor: Hate

[10/11/2013 12:50:36] Trevor: You

[10/11/2013 12:50:39] Trevor: All.

[10/11/2013 12:50:45] Trevor: NOW GET OFF ME.

[10/11/2013 12:51:46] Nobu: Perhaps you would like a nap?

[10/11/2013 12:52:33] Trevor: Get off.

[10/11/2013 12:52:37 | Edited 12:52:43] Trevor: Now.

[10/11/2013 12:53:39] Nobu: Get off, /what/ master? *she grins*

[10/11/2013 12:53:51] Trevor: My dick.

[10/11/2013 12:57:01] Nobu: *she lifts him up off her lap and into a bridal hold* perhaps we'll take this somewhere else, master?

[10/11/2013 12:57:25] Trevor: What the FUCK

[10/11/2013 13:00:52] Rin: I think i'm uh, gonna go spead some time in my talent room

[10/11/2013 13:01:03] Rin: see you guys later

[10/11/2013 13:01:56] Nobu: Well friends, master Trevor and I are going to learn some manners

[10/11/2013 13:02:51] Trevor: Oh shit?

[10/11/2013 13:04:19] Nobu: *she turns with Trevor in her arms and walks out of the cafeteria* indeed

[10/11/2013 13:04:55] Trevor: You're so fucking dead Nobu


[10/11/2013 13:54:30] Keiko: *Keiko walks into the cafeteria, for once she wasn't feeling like shit first thing in the morning, she was content, her head still hurt but she was content*

[10/11/2013 13:58:51] Beatrice: *Beatrice walked into the cafeteria, slightly nervous to be alone, although found some consolation when she saw Keiko, her hair was tamed and freshly cleaned, but she was still exhausted, not having slept in around 48+ hours.* Ahh.. Good morning, Keiko.

[10/11/2013 14:00:24] Keiko: *she spun around* gooood mooooorning~

[10/11/2013 14:00:52] Beatrice: Hmm.. You seem in good spirits. *She smiled.* Can I get you anything? *She walks over to make herself coffee*

[10/11/2013 14:01:40] Keiko: yea, it's weird, I usually have my episodes first thing but yeah, not today it seems

[10/11/2013 14:01:52] Keiko: also, I'll have a glass of water please

[10/11/2013 14:02:19] Keiko: I woke up with a really bad dry mouth....buuuu~

[10/11/2013 14:04:34] Beatrice: Ahh, alright then! *She pours herself coffee and then pours Keiko a glass of water, she takes a seat beside her, handing her the cup.* Did you sleep well, dear?

[10/11/2013 14:07:24] Keiko: ahh thank you *she takes the glass, sipping the water and swishing it around her mouth, then swallows* ahhhhhh much better~ *she nods* yea, I woke up a couple of times from tossing and turning but it turns out I just had to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, I slept like a baby after that

[10/11/2013 14:09:04] Beatrice: I see, I see.. I wonder how Gem is getting on, in saying that he's probably been taken back to his room though. I'd be surprised if he was still in the infirmary. *She sighs.*

[10/11/2013 14:11:10] Keiko: we'll probably hear from Ini later

[10/11/2013 14:12:56] Beatrice: Hopefully. I left with Rin after awhile. I'd argued with Chiku, if you could even call it that, but I'd left after that then went to my room.

[10/11/2013 14:13:43] Keiko: hmmm

[10/11/2013 14:19:39] Keiko: *Keiko downs her glass of water* ahhhhhhhh so refreshing

[10/11/2013 14:27:00] Beatrice: *She gives a small smile.* Are you hungry? I believe theres leftover bisque from yesterday if you'd like some.

[10/11/2013 14:28:57] Keiko: *she nods* yea please, that would be great

[10/11/2013 14:30:15] Beatrice: *She walks to the fridge, taking out the leftover soup, she pours some into a bowl, taking it to the microwave.* I assume you want it heated, right? *She smiles, looking towards Keiko*

[10/11/2013 14:31:04 | Edited 14:31:06] Keiko: yea, heated is good

[10/11/2013 14:31:58] Beatrice: *She puts the bowl in the microwave for a couple of minutes, soon taking it out and to Keiko with a spoon and a couple of napkins.* Hmm.. I had some yesterday, so I'm pretty sure it's safe.

[10/11/2013 14:34:11] Keiko: alrighty *she takes the spoon and smiles* thanks Bea

[10/11/2013 14:36:51] Beatrice: Ah, it's no bother. I'd hate for it to go to waste. *She smiles, taking a sip from her coffee.* Hmm.. Have you seen Nobu around since last night?

[10/11/2013 14:41:16] Keiko: *taking a spoonful, she starts to eat* mmmm it's delicious and no, she was in the infirmary treating my head injury but I haven't seen her since

[10/11/2013 14:45:03] Beatrice: I see.. Well, hopefully she'll show up soon. I'm presuming she's resting or something.. I think everyone else is just in their rooms for the minute..

[10/11/2013 14:47:57] Chiku: *enters the cafeteria, glancing at the faces and nodding before going through to the kitchen to make tea*

[10/11/2013 14:50:37] Beatrice: *She looks to the girl that just walked in, to her dismay it was Chiku, she have a blank look to her and simply returned her gaze to Keiko.*

[10/11/2013 14:53:01] Chiku: *she makes her tea and returns to the room, sitting on a different table than the two, trying to avoid awkwardness*

[10/11/2013 14:56:45] Beatrice: *She gives a small sigh, the air in the room becoming awkward, if the girl knew any better she would leave, surely. She was not her favourite person and she was nearly positive that was reciprocated. After all, it's hard to be kind to someone when they've written slander about nearly everyone in the room, most made up.*

[10/11/2013 15:00:00] Chiku: *she chews her cheek a little, taking a breath in before looking over at the two, offering a small smile* How are you both?

[10/11/2013 15:00:08] Chiku: *best start small*

[10/11/2013 15:01:30] Keiko: *eating her food, she swallows the next spoonful* I'm ok

[10/11/2013 15:02:23] Beatrice: *She rolled her eyes, of course, she was going to try this, talking to them. Beatrice thought she would give her the privilage of entertaining her with a response, although glared over at her, with sleep-deprived eyes.* ..Fine

[10/11/2013 15:02:59] Chiku: *she nods, smiling, even though she knew Beatrice didn't want a conversation* how's your head, Keiko?

[10/11/2013 15:03:27] Keiko: it still hurts a little but it's ok other than that

[10/11/2013 15:06:17] Chiku: I trust Beatrice is taking good care of you?

[10/11/2013 15:15:05] Beatrice: *She keeps her gaze away from her, with a small smirk as she speaks though slightly gritted teeth.* To the best of my capabilities...

[10/11/2013 15:17:59] Keiko: *she nods* yea

[10/11/2013 15:20:55] Chiku: *she shuddered at the smirk, nodding with them* good...

[10/11/2013 15:27:59] Beatrice: *She was quite a reserved female, no-one ever really knew too much about her, to think that someone like Chiku was around made her feel uncomfortable. This girl, who either makes up things about people for "gossip" or actually /finds/ things out about people.. She thought it was slightly ridiculous for this girl to know /too/ much on her, although wasn't prepared to treat someone like that with kindness just yet. Especially with the circumstances and what she'd been told the past day, simply added to her disliking of the girl, although she was prepared to use her knowledge of what she'd been told to somewhat 'scare' her. Afterall, Chiku's reaction to the fact she'd known about Gem cleaning out the things in her room, she thought it was quite entertaining to watch the girl worry about something she'd been doing for years, knowing just too much than what she should about others business. The thought simply added to Beatrice's smirk, as she sat in silence.*

[10/11/2013 15:33:20] Chiku: ... *she didn't even know what she could do, what she could say. She sipped her tea, holding the cup between both her hands. She thought about Gem and wondered how he was, but decided that she should probably wait and see him walking and safe rather than interrupt him... She just hoped he wouldn't speak of what she said, more than anything. Now she knew he was safe, the panic set in of secrets revealing themselves

[10/11/2013 15:36:19] Rin: *walks into the room* hey guys

[10/11/2013 15:37:10] Chiku: *Looks over and smiles* Rin! Hello! *at least it's someone who doesn't hate her... Yet*

[10/11/2013 15:37:13] Beatrice: Ah.. Good afternoon, Rin.

[10/11/2013 15:37:51] Rin: hm? trevor and nobu aren't here anymore?

[10/11/2013 15:39:09] Beatrice: .. I've been here for a bit, I haven't seen them all day.

[10/11/2013 15:40:37] Chiku: I think they left after I did, I'm not sure

[10/11/2013 15:41:38] Rin: well they were here earlier, trevor was trying to get nobu to confess that she was a guy, then, weird stuff... happened, trevor threw a tantrum and at around that point I decided to kill some time in my talent room

[10/11/2013 15:42:13] Beatrice: Uh.. I see..

[10/11/2013 15:42:35] Beatrice: I doubt Nobu is a male. Unless she identifies as one, then we have no right to pressure her into saying she is.

[10/11/2013 15:43:31] Rin: that's what I was thinking, but you know how stubborn trevor is

[10/11/2013 15:43:42] Beatrice: Gossip. It's just something people make up to entertain themselves when they don't have a shred of personality in them to make friends. *She smirks.*

[10/11/2013 15:44:26] Beatrice: Obviously Trevor's fallen to believe it. Whether it's true or not, it's Nobu's business.

[10/11/2013 15:44:37] Chiku: ... *tries to ignore her comment, looking away*

[10/11/2013 15:45:14] Rin: well, I wouldn't dwell on it *goes to heat himself up a bowl of soup*

[10/11/2013 15:45:33] Chiku: *perhaps she was right, perhaps that's been the reason the whole time... Naaaah*

[10/11/2013 15:45:44] Chiku: I guess that's what small minded people think.

[10/11/2013 15:45:57] Beatrice: Well, everyone reaps what they sow. Usually the people that make up lies are unlikeable buggers. *She giggles, taking a sip from her cup.*

[10/11/2013 15:46:54] Beatrice: They're never trusted because of the simple fact whatever you say goes into one ear and out the mouth hole to someone else. I suppose it entertains them.

[10/11/2013 15:48:11] Beatrice: And when there's no-one left that trusts them, they make up things to entertain themselves. It's a vicious circle that ends whenever they either mature or die what they are, a lonely little liar.

[10/11/2013 15:48:13] Chiku: Entertains my readers, too, when I bring out a new column. When you write about someone, especially someone popular, the crowd goes wild!

[10/11/2013 15:48:31] Chiku: And do you know how much one gets paid for a wild crowd?

[10/11/2013 15:48:43] Rin: *places his bowl in the microwave, starts it and goes to fetch a spoon while it's cooking*

[10/11/2013 15:48:56] Chiku: *she smiles* you see, it starts with a little experiment; family members, maybe, teachers, perhaps.

[10/11/2013 15:49:02] Beatrice: Yes but you make most of it up.

[10/11/2013 15:49:08] Chiku: And if you do it well, people want more

[10/11/2013 15:49:24] Beatrice: Saying Rin sketches, I even saw your material on me there too.. *She smirks again.*

[10/11/2013 15:49:38] Chiku: Now, now! I don't make /most/ of it up! It's /mostly/ true, and I bend the truth to make it more interesting

[10/11/2013 15:49:56] Beatrice: You must be a so very deprived human..

[10/11/2013 15:50:04] Chiku: *she shrugs* Rin does sketch, yes. You do... Whatever the hell you do.

[10/11/2013 15:50:07] Chiku: Deprived?

[10/11/2013 15:50:18] Chiku: I wouldn't say deprived, no.

[10/11/2013 15:50:58] Beatrice: You spend your time writing lies about other people, Rin, I doubt sketches. It's just sad. You have barely the scrapings of what you could call an actual personality because all you do is write about other people. Why not focuse on yourself and try and get the traits of a likeable human being?

[10/11/2013 15:51:36] Beatrice: You get paid money for slandering other people and sticking your nose into their business.

[10/11/2013 15:51:42] Chiku: I have the traits of a human being, I don't need to be likeable.

[10/11/2013 15:51:47] Rin: well it's not the first time that someone's accused me of that *he smirks* you're gonna have haters no matter how popular you are

[10/11/2013 15:51:57] Chiku: I do what everyone else does; I bitch about others.

[10/11/2013 15:52:07] Chiku: I just get paid for it.

[10/11/2013 15:52:25] Beatrice: *She sighs, but puts her head back, laughing some.* How pitiful.

[10/11/2013 15:53:35] Chiku: *she shrugs* you see me like I see everyone; a pitiful lowlife, nothing to do that seems worthwhile.

[10/11/2013 15:53:49] Chiku: I know you do, I see it when you sneer at me.

[10/11/2013 15:54:03] Chiku: But it's no matter, because I'm past caring what others think

[10/11/2013 15:54:46] Beatrice: I'm sure you are, dear. You have the mindset of a mere child. The consequences are sure to follow though.

[10/11/2013 15:55:06 | Edited 15:55:07] Keiko: as much as I hate it, I had to deal with having haters

[10/11/2013 15:55:14] Keiko: crazy fans

[10/11/2013 15:55:29] Keiko: people who never let me do what I wanted to do for once

[10/11/2013 15:55:37] Keiko: always doing what THEY wanted

[10/11/2013 15:55:45] Keiko: pfffffft

[10/11/2013 15:56:02] Keiko: *she drops her spoon into the bowl* I'm sorry

[10/11/2013 15:56:17] Chiku: Says the one with the emotional range of a teaspoon... *she looks to Keiko*

[10/11/2013 15:56:18] Keiko: I started ranting away

[10/11/2013 15:56:37] Beatrice: You can't please everyone, some people obsess themselves on hate. If you appriciate the positive, you need to acknowledge the negative aswell. Although the people who dwell on forcing the negative out of people, even going so far as to make it up, are simply leeches who become unlikeable. They have no friends, and they fall for their own ego.

[10/11/2013 15:58:51] Rin: *he goes to take his bowl out of the microwave, blood drips from his mouth as he does so, but he quickly wipes it away from his mouth before the others could see*

[10/11/2013 15:59:25] Beatrice: Keiko, dear, it's fine. You're just as entitled to have your say in the conversation as anyone else.

[10/11/2013 15:59:28] Chiku: *she laughs at Beatrice's idea* you really think I fall for my own ego?

[10/11/2013 16:00:16] Beatrice: People like you usually do, no matter how much they hate themselves, they always have an ego.

[10/11/2013 16:01:59] Chiku: I wouldn't say I have an ego, that's a little far fetched

[10/11/2013 16:02:38] Beatrice: Then why don't you leave? You're trying to justify yourself, but you don't care what others think? Hypocritical, but not that I didn't expect that.

[10/11/2013 16:02:46] Rin: *he sits down at a table inbetween the two that the girls were sitting at, so that he could see all of them and because he didn't want to have his back on anyone*

[10/11/2013 16:03:10] Chiku: Because I was /trying/ to give up writing about others, but I won't have you slandering me!

[10/11/2013 16:04:08] Mizuki: *Mizuki enters the cafeteria, hair glistening, water droplets clinging onto the tips of her sea blue tufts. Her towel hung around her neck as she briskly walked past everyone else, putting her hand up*

Don't mind me, just getting a snack and a drink.

[10/11/2013 16:04:12] Beatrice: Oh, dear. But isn't that what you just /love/ doing about others?

[10/11/2013 16:04:45] Chiku: Other people are far more interesting to read about than silly old me. Besides, what is there to slander about me?

[10/11/2013 16:05:51] Beatrice: Well, there's not much to slander about you. To slander someone means to "ruin someones reputation" as it says in the definition, but I'm pretty sure your reputation here is just as a pitiful girl.

[10/11/2013 16:06:07] Beatrice: And, to slander it has to be false.

[10/11/2013 16:06:08] Keiko: *Keiko hearing the familiar voice looks up to see Mizuki walking past, a light blush appearing on her cheeks* ah M-Mizuki, hiiii

[10/11/2013 16:07:39] Chiku: *her smile falls, a glare playing on her features. No, she wouldn't kill, that was ridiculous* I'd watch the way you talk about people, Beatrice. Not everyone will take it as easy as I am.

[10/11/2013 16:08:40] Mizuki: *Swinging open the fridge door, she takes out a chilled bottle of soda and a few cookies from a cupboard*

Oh, Keiko, hey.

*A mouthful of cookie, Mizuki takes time to look over the room before turning to Keiko*

Uh... what the heck is going on?

[10/11/2013 16:08:52] Beatrice: What? You act as though I speak this way about everyone. Most people here other than you have something to like about them. I just feel sorry for you, dear.

[10/11/2013 16:09:46] Chiku: Sorry for me!? *she stands, evidently outraged* No, that is absolutely /not/ how you should think of me!

[10/11/2013 16:10:47] Mizuki: Geez... are these two idiots fighting.


[10/11/2013 16:10:50] Keiko: *she shakes her head* I have no idea, I've barely been paying attention

[10/11/2013 16:11:06] Beatrice: What's there not to pity? You're a sad, sad girl. Infact, I've never felt so sorry for someone in a very long time.

[10/11/2013 16:11:32] Rin: sorry , I spaced out a little so I kinda missed some of the conversation

[10/11/2013 16:12:18] Chiku: Stop that!! I'm not to be pitied, that is not at all how I should be treated! I won't stand for it, I just won't! *pity was the worst thing anybody could ever offer her*

[10/11/2013 16:13:27] Beatrice: *She giggles at the girl's enrage, it was quite entertaining for her.* Why don't you treat others better, before you yell about how you don't want to be pitied? This is the source of why I pity you so.

[10/11/2013 16:15:15] Chiku: I won't change, especially not for ridiculous little children like you! * she moves from the table, patting down her dress* I'm going to abscond now. I've had enough of your "chat". Adieu, everyone. *she turns, heading for the exit*

[10/11/2013 16:15:36] Mizuki: *She takes a swig of soda before crunching on another cookie. Trying to make sense of the whole conversation. Usually fights would be ok, but with her new perspective, and the current situation being how it is, Mizuki didn't know what to think. A comment of Beatrice's catches her attention*

This is so dumb...

[10/11/2013 16:16:47] Mizuki: *She watches Chiku leave wordlessly before turning to Bea, leering at her slightly*

[10/11/2013 16:17:11] Beatrice: *She laughs somewhat condescendingly, turning away from her, fixing her gaze towards the south of the room, ignoring Mizuki's leer.*

[10/11/2013 16:17:27] Keiko: it's like I said to Mizuki

[10/11/2013 16:17:36] Keiko: treat others how you'd like to be treated

[10/11/2013 16:17:40] Keiko: pffft

[10/11/2013 16:17:58] Keiko: just a bunch of moral bullshit from a TV sitcom family

[10/11/2013 16:18:13] Rin: *he gets up from his chair, his soup half finished and follows after her*

[10/11/2013 16:18:41] Beatrice: Hmm? It is somewhat true. If she spends her time being spiteful to others, she's not going to have such a nice time.

[10/11/2013 16:19:30] Mizuki: *She slumps into a chair, before munching at another cookie*

But in the same way, you're just asking for it by fucking around with her.

[10/11/2013 16:19:43] Keiko: preeeeetty much

[10/11/2013 16:20:20] Beatrice: If you say so?

[10/11/2013 16:23:03] Mizuki: *She shakes her head, throwing the matter aside*

Whatever... it's really none of my business how you treat others.

[10/11/2013 16:24:08] Beatrice: *She shrugs.* You caught the tail end of the conversation. It's continued quite a bit from a prior conversation last night, if that gives you any closure.

[10/11/2013 16:26:34] Mizuki: And again, I don't really care anymore. You can have your dumb little spat.

Just be aware that you're possibly digging your own grave.

*She gulps down another moutful of water*

[10/11/2013 16:27:17] Beatrice: *Her eyes widen slightly, as she raises a brow.* Digging my own grave...? *She looks to Mizuki, with a more serious expression.* Is that a threat?

[10/11/2013 16:29:14 | Edited 16:31:06] Mizuki: *She pinches the bridge of her nose before groaning*

No it's not a threat you moron.

*She motions to the door*

I’m not going to hurt you, I couldn't care less about whatever's going on, but Chiku on the other hand...

[10/11/2013 16:30:03] Beatrice: What? You suspect she's going to kill me? I could laugh.

[10/11/2013 16:30:23] Keiko: I'd still be careful

[10/11/2013 16:32:31] Mizuki: You never know.

*She shrugs casually*

It's always a possibility.

[10/11/2013 16:35:16] Beatrice: I find the idea unlikely, but she can do what she likes. If she chooses to kill me over an argument well, she's likely going to be found out in the trial and executed herself, and if not then you'll all die. Either way I don't care.

[10/11/2013 16:35:55] Mizuki: Honestly you're walking on dangerous ground in my opinion.

You're on a straight course for the rocks.

*She stands up, finishing off the last of her cookies*

[10/11/2013 16:37:25] Beatrice: *She closes her eyes, giving a small grin.*

[10/11/2013 16:38:59] Mizuki: You don't care what happens to the rest of us?

*She was slightly taken aback, although not entirely surprised at Bea's cold attitude*

[10/11/2013 16:44:48] Beatrice: There's just going to be more deaths either way, until one trial goes wrong and everyone's killed or the remainder escape.

My prediction, is, at the very least a fraction of us will be able to escape.

Theres no doubt about that.

There's a few highlights of intelligent people in this group, that's for sure.

[10/11/2013 16:50:43] Mizuki: *She rolls her eyes*


The intelligent people could be killed though.

This school has already managed to kill two people I would at least call intelligent.

That fraction of people might not even include you, did you think about that?

You might be a fucking genius... but how smart are you when someone is out for your blood?

[10/11/2013 16:51:18] Beatrice: I didn't say the fraction included me.

I doubt the fraction will include me.

[10/11/2013 16:54:11] Mizuki: Then I'm interested to know who you think will escape.

But not interested enough to stick around.

This kind of talk doesn't suit me anyway.

*She turns to leave, pulling at the ends of her towel*

[10/11/2013 16:55:20] Keiko: a-ah Mizuki...

[10/11/2013 16:55:46] Mizuki: *She turns around, to look at Keiko*


[10/11/2013 16:56:52] Beatrice: *She shrugs, sipping from her now cold coffee.* I suppose you're leaving then?

[10/11/2013 16:57:01] Keiko: *she stutters, her cheeks bright red*

[10/11/2013 16:57:54] Mizuki: *She stops, turning around again and walking towards Keiko*

What is it?

Or do you want to talk about this somewhere else?

[10/11/2013 16:58:41 | Edited 16:58:43] Keiko: *she freezes up* I.................*sigh*...n-nothing...

[10/11/2013 16:59:04] Mizuki: Are you sure...?

*She tilts her head*

[10/11/2013 16:59:49] Mizuki: I'm all ears if you want to tell me something.

[10/11/2013 17:00:39] Keiko: *she slams her hands down on the table* I LIKE YOU OKAY

[10/11/2013 17:01:04] Keiko: *embarassed, she slides out of her chair and under the table*

[10/11/2013 17:01:38] Mizuki: *Her cheeks tint themselves slightly, eyes widening, standing there speechless for a few moments*

[10/11/2013 17:05:52] Mizuki: *She looks to the side and smiles anxiously*

Ah... well... that's sweet...


[10/11/2013 17:06:42] Keiko: *she pokes her head up from the table*

[10/11/2013 17:07:03] Keiko: I knew it

[10/11/2013 17:07:08] Keiko: I freaked you out

[10/11/2013 17:07:15] Keiko: I shouldn't have said anything

[10/11/2013 17:07:16] Mizuki: *She sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose*

No... it's not that...

[10/11/2013 17:07:29] Keiko: I'll go now *she stands up*

[10/11/2013 17:08:30] Mizuki: Keiko!

Please, it's not your fault...

*She shakes her head*

I'm just-

[10/11/2013 17:09:04] Keiko: then what? WHAT IS IT?!?!?!??!??

[10/11/2013 17:09:37] Beatrice: *Beatrice watches the scene take place, with a nonchelant expression, occasionally taking sips from her cup.*

[10/11/2013 17:09:43] Mizuki: I don't like girls in that way!

I'm straight!

[10/11/2013 17:10:05] Keiko: yup...yup.....yup.....

[10/11/2013 17:10:14] Keiko: I knew I shouldn't have said anything

[10/11/2013 17:10:49] Keiko: I'll go now *she storms past bowing to Mizuki* I'msorryMizukibye

[10/11/2013 17:11:40] Mizuki: Ah... Keiko!

*She thinks about going after her but freezes on the spot*

Well... *ahem*

That could have gone better.

[10/11/2013 17:13:20] Beatrice: *She watches the girl storm out, a blank expression crossing her face, she looks to Mizuki.*

[10/11/2013 17:15:38] Mizuki: *She turns to Beatrice, opens her mouth to speak but then decides against it, instead deciding to leave, promptly exiting the room*


 [10/11/2013 19:02:31] Nobu: *She walks into the cafeteria with Trevor slung over her shoulder*

[10/11/2013 19:04:28 | Edited 19:04:40] Keiko: *Keiko walks out of her room clutching her sketchbook tightly, she tries her best to smile whilst her cheeks and eyes are stung red from crying so much. She wanders into the cafeteria*

[10/11/2013 19:06:35] Nobu: Ah, hello mistress Keiko

[10/11/2013 19:07:22] Beatrice: Keiko..? Are you okay?

[10/11/2013 19:09:14] Keiko: *she looks up at them smiling, her voice cracks a little* hm? ..o-oh.....yes...I'm just fine

[10/11/2013 19:10:13] Nobu: *She slowly lowers Trevor onto the ground, letting him go*

[10/11/2013 19:11:13] Trevor: I hate you

[10/11/2013 19:11:41] Keiko: *she looks over at Trevor and her smile dies down*

[10/11/2013 19:12:01] Nobu: Master Trevor has been learning some manners with me

[10/11/2013 19:12:08] Trevor: Oh, Keiko.

[10/11/2013 19:12:13] Keiko: I-I'm going to grab a seat somewhere

[10/11/2013 19:12:14] Trevor: Are you okay?

[10/11/2013 19:13:25 | Edited 19:13:28] Keiko: ....I'm just fine....why would you care told everyone else including me to go die the other day...

[10/11/2013 19:13:50] Trevor: I was wrong.

[10/11/2013 19:13:59] Trevor: I don't want you to die Keiko

[10/11/2013 19:14:34] Keiko: ....*she opens up her sketchbook, her hands shaking as she tries to keep her cool*

[10/11/2013 19:16:00] Keiko: *she mutters under her breath*...Imightaswellatthispoint...

[10/11/2013 19:21:50] Keiko: *she flips open to a clean page and starts drawing more of the ideal girlfriend character she made up, humming a happy song to keep herself together, though her voice cracks every so often*

[10/11/2013 19:23:51] Nobu: *she bows to Trevor before whispering something in his ear*

[10/11/2013 19:24:31] Trevor: What!

[10/11/2013 19:24:53] Nobu: You heard me

[10/11/2013 19:25:08] Nobu: *She walks over and takes a seat next to Keiko*

[10/11/2013 19:25:20] Trevor: You fucking creep

[10/11/2013 19:25:51] Keiko: *she slams down her pencil* WHAT?

[10/11/2013 19:25:55] Keiko: WHAT IS IT?

[10/11/2013 19:26:31] Trevor: Nothing.

[10/11/2013 19:29:01] Keiko: *she sighs, looking back down at her sketchbook, she flips back and forth through the book several times over, her voice cracking even more whilst humming. tears trickle down her cheeks, dripping down onto the book until she's just sobbing and humming at the same time*

[10/11/2013 19:29:56] Nobu: Would mistress Keiko like some tea?

[10/11/2013 19:30:03] Nobu: *She sits, watching her*

[10/11/2013 19:31:00] Keiko: *she nods, now just sobbing*

[10/11/2013 19:32:07] Nobu: *She stands and walks to the kitchen to get her some*

[10/11/2013 19:33:10] Beatrice: *She walks over to Keiko, although leaving a good bit of space between them.* Keiko.. Are you alright? *She keeps her tone soft.*

[10/11/2013 19:36:27 | Edited 19:36:29] Keiko: *she looks up at Beatrice, trying to smile* y-y-yes...I'm ffffiiiiine....hic...

[10/11/2013 19:37:00] Beatrice: *She takes some tissues from her pocket, and hands them to her.* A-Ah.. Please accept these, dear.

[10/11/2013 19:37:47] Keiko: *she takes them* t-thank yoooou....

[10/11/2013 19:37:59] Nobu: *She walks back though with the teapot and tea, sitting them down on the table infront of Keiko*

[10/11/2013 19:38:21] Beatrice: *She frowns.* Are you upset because of earlier?

[10/11/2013 19:39:53 | Edited 19:42:59] Keiko: *she wants to nod but freezes*

[10/11/2013 19:40:56] Beatrice: *She sighs, taking a seat down beside her, still leaving a form of space between the two so that she does not worsen Keiko's state.*

[10/11/2013 19:41:37] Nobu: *She gently pours the tea into the cup* Mistress Beatrice, master Trevor, would you like any tea?

[10/11/2013 19:45:38] Beatrice: *She looks to Nobu.* No thank you, Nobu.

[10/11/2013 19:45:51] Keiko: ......

[10/11/2013 19:45:55] Keiko: ........yes

[10/11/2013 19:48:30] Beatrice: *She turns back to Keiko.*  I'm sorry to hear about what happened earlier.. But, it's fine, I'm sure you two can still be friends.. *She keeps her tone to a minimum, not to let Trevor or Nobu hear.*

[10/11/2013 19:51:07] Trevor: I'd not like tea.

[10/11/2013 19:53:21] Keiko: I guess this is what it feels like to truly despair...

[10/11/2013 19:55:05] Nobu: Whatever you wish, master

[10/11/2013 19:55:25] Beatrice: Des...Pair..?

Come on Keiko, it's not that bad. *She tries a comforting smile.*

[10/11/2013 19:56:52] Keiko: I've been like this most of my life Bea...

[10/11/2013 19:57:09] Keiko: never truly feeling happiness...feeling alone....

[10/11/2013 19:57:39] Keiko: I lost my friends.....enjoyment in doing what I like to do

[10/11/2013 19:59:22] Keiko: *she grabs her sketchbook, dashing out of her seat* and the only kind of happiness I get is making up some shitty albino girlfriend who I will never get to see because she's NOT FUCKING REAL... *she drops the book, kicking it across the cafeteria*

[10/11/2013 19:59:50] Beatrice: *She watches in shock.* K-Keiko..!

[10/11/2013 19:59:59] Beatrice: It doesn't have to stay this bad forever..

[10/11/2013 20:00:41] Mizuki: *Has been standing at the door for a few seconds, trying to not let her presence be known*

[10/11/2013 20:01:08] Beatrice: There's always hope.. Things don't stay downhill forever..

[10/11/2013 20:01:36] Beatrice: It takes effort to get back uphill but the effort is usually worth it in the end..

[10/11/2013 20:01:55] Rin: *is walking along the hallway and see's mizuki at the door* hm? hey there Mizuki!

[10/11/2013 20:03:06] Mizuki: *She puts her finger to her lips* Shhhh... I'm not here ok.

I'll come in when I'm ready.

[10/11/2013 20:03:53] Rin: hm? *blinks twice* if you say so  *enters the room*

[10/11/2013 20:03:56] Rin: hey guys

[10/11/2013 20:04:09] Keiko: *she walks over to the book, looking down at it* ...hope....PAH....I HAD hope....I hoped for my life to get better....but it didn't, it just got worse and all I had were these dreams....dreams which I can never make a reality because I'm not compatible for such shit *she stomps on the book*

[10/11/2013 20:04:57] Rin: huh?

[10/11/2013 20:05:04] Rin: what's going on in here?

[10/11/2013 20:05:19] Keiko: hope is just a load of shit that a TV sitcom family tells you

[10/11/2013 20:05:46] Keiko: it's make-believe to warm the hearts of the viewing statistics

[10/11/2013 20:06:19] Keiko: none other than a drug that makes you dream

[10/11/2013 20:06:32] Beatrice: Keiko.. Dear.. Please. *She stands, approaching her.* Your life /will/ get better. It always does. There's no such thing as life always being worse. You may feel hopeless right now, but I assure you..

[10/11/2013 20:07:43] Keiko: coming here was my only chance to get out there

[10/11/2013 20:07:50] Keiko: come out of my shell

[10/11/2013 20:07:56] Keiko: but look what it's done

[10/11/2013 20:08:13] Keiko: I'm just pushing myself further and further away each time

[10/11/2013 20:08:26] Beatrice: Keiko... I don't think any different of you, I'm sure no-one else does either..

[10/11/2013 20:09:05] Keiko: I can't do this anymore

[10/11/2013 20:09:10] Trevor: Keiko.

[10/11/2013 20:09:19] Keiko: I don't want to do this anymore

[10/11/2013 20:09:29] Trevor: Keiko listen to me.

[10/11/2013 20:10:08] Keiko: *she kneels down, picking up her sketchbook and holding it close to her* I-I'm sorry Blanca....I abused you....I'm just a piece of shit abusive girlfriend...

[10/11/2013 20:10:28] Trevor: Keiko this is fucking saddening to watch.

[10/11/2013 20:10:49] Trevor: Most likely because I see a part of myself in you.

[10/11/2013 20:11:32] Mizuki: *She purses her lips together, trying to contain her own emotions whilst watching the scene from afar*

[10/11/2013 20:11:57] Trevor: Look. *he points to the notebook* she isn't real. You can't abuse something that isn't real.

[10/11/2013 20:12:31] Keiko: *she chokes up* I...I KNOW SHE ISN'T FUCKING REAL

[10/11/2013 20:12:39] Keiko: JUST ONCE I WANT HER TO BE

[10/11/2013 20:12:55] Keiko: THEN MAYBE I WON'T BE SUCH A LONELY PIECE OF SHIT

[10/11/2013 20:12:59] Nobu: *She sits, watching closely, sipping at her tea*

[10/11/2013 20:13:01] Trevor: She won't ever be. And that's the sad truth.

[10/11/2013 20:13:15] Nobu: You are not lonely, Keiko

[10/11/2013 20:13:20] Nobu: You have your friends, mistress

[10/11/2013 20:13:21] Trevor: But you fucking know what?

[10/11/2013 20:13:36] Trevor: There are plenty of other girls out there who are real.

[10/11/2013 20:13:46] Nobu: *She sips at her tea once more, sitting it down*

[10/11/2013 20:13:47] Keiko: *she slams the book on the ground, whipping the book open and she starts to tear out the pages*

[10/11/2013 20:14:01] Trevor: And with that many out there its fu- KEIKO STOP

[10/11/2013 20:14:08] Mizuki: KEIKO!

[10/11/2013 20:14:19] Mizuki: *She places her hands over her mouth*

[10/11/2013 20:14:19] Trevor: *He jumps from his chair to grab the noteboolk*

[10/11/2013 20:14:22] Nobu: *She gets out of her chair, apporaching Keiko calmly* Mistress, please calm yourself

[10/11/2013 20:14:26] Rin: *watches with a shocked face*

[10/11/2013 20:14:33] Beatrice: Keiko...

[10/11/2013 20:14:39] Trevor: Mizuki are you going to help me or are you fucking going to stand there!?

[10/11/2013 20:15:14] Nobu: *When she arrives at Keiko, she stands over her watching*

[10/11/2013 20:15:26] Mizuki: *She just stands there frozen, a little frightened*

[10/11/2013 20:15:29] Keiko: *she stops, holding her hands over her stomach* I....I.....*she gasps* I...don't feel so good

[10/11/2013 20:15:50] Nobu: *She puts her hands on Keiko's shoulders*

[10/11/2013 20:16:29] Nobu: You need rest

[10/11/2013 20:16:38] Mizuki: Um...

[10/11/2013 20:16:53] Keiko: *she faints, falling over onto her side*

[10/11/2013 20:17:19] Rin: again huh? *walks over and picks her up*

[10/11/2013 20:17:23] Rin: infirmary?

[10/11/2013 20:17:32] Nobu: *She watches Rin pick her up* hmm

[10/11/2013 20:18:13] Mizuki: *She finally starts to edge her way into the room*

[10/11/2013 20:20:24] Mizuki: *She nervously takes a seat in one of the comfier chairs in the room*

[10/11/2013 20:20:31] Trevor: Infirmary.

[10/11/2013 20:20:34] Trevor: Take her there.

[10/11/2013 20:20:55] Rin: gotcha *walks out of the room and towards the infirmary*

[10/11/2013 20:21:12] Nobu: *She watches him closely as he leaves the room with Keiko*

[10/11/2013 20:21:25] Trevor: *follows Rin out the door*

[10/11/2013 20:21:42] Mizuki: I'm... I'm going too.

[10/11/2013 20:21:52] Mizuki: *She jumps out of her seat*

[10/11/2013 20:22:12] Mizuki: *And marches towards the door*

[10/11/2013 20:23:12] Rin: *while walking in front of the others, blood drips from his mouth, and once again he wipes it off before any of the others saw*

[10/11/2013 20:23:46 | Edited 20:23:54] Beatrice: *She follows along into the infirmary*

[10/11/2013 20:24:16] Nobu: *She leaves the cafeteria, heading in the opposite direction*

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