[13/11/2013 17:41:50] Fan: *Fan made her way to the cafeteria, she had some piece of mind after having told the majority of students her secret, although she still was unable to get any good sleep, as she turned to perhaps the 12th cup of coffee she'd had in the past 24 hours, walking towards the coffee machine.*

[13/11/2013 17:46:22] Rin: *walks down the hallway, as he does so he takes the bottle of iron pills out , takes one and puts the bottle back in his hoodie pocket, he enters the cafeteria shortly afterwards*

[13/11/2013 17:48:14] Fan: *She turns, seeing Rin, she was slightly relieved.* Ah.. Good Morning, Rin. *She gave a tired smile. *

[13/11/2013 17:49:40] Rin: *talks while yawning* morning (yawn)

[13/11/2013 17:51:09] Fan: How are you faring this morning? *She pours herself a cup of coffee.* Oh and also would you like some tea or something?

[13/11/2013 17:52:12] Rin: i'm good and a coffee would be nice *sits at one of the tables*

[13/11/2013 17:53:32] Fan: Ahh? Quite different than your usual cola, haha. *She grins, pouring him a cup of coffee and bringing it to him, sitting down beside him.*

[13/11/2013 17:54:49] Rin: *takes the coffee* thanks!

[13/11/2013 17:58:29] Fan: It's no bother. Anything interesting happen after I left last night?

[13/11/2013 18:03:16] Rin: I don't think so, I left shortly after you did *takes a drink*


 [13/11/2013 22:10:07] Gem & Ini: Inirgo decided to take upon his brother's usual shift of checking up on everyone today. He knew Gem needed a bit of a break, especially with the events that transpired before. He'll admit, admitting their secret to everyone was a bold move. Granted that Felix was the one who notioned it, Gem took it by the balls and created a tightrope which everyone could support themselves on. It was... Relieving, to say the least.

But it was already Wednesday... Only five more days until the second motive would become true. It's not as though Monoleo had any power anymore, sure, but.. It was still scary. Would someone be pushed to kill regardless of the unity presented? Would Monoleo come up with a new scheme? Maybe break his own rules?

Inirgo shook his head. No! You can't keep a negative mindset! "Everything is going to be alright!" he told himself. "I'm sure of it!"

Inirgo finally made it to the cafeteria. With a pause and an inhale, he stepped into the room. "Hello?" his voice rang out. "Anyone here?"

[13/11/2013 22:11:41] Rin: Hey man ! *standing next to the fridge about to take out a can of cola*

[13/11/2013 22:12:17] Gem & Ini: "Ah! Rin! Hello there!" Inirgo grinned. "How are you doing? Have you been feeling better?"

[13/11/2013 22:12:54] Rin: *shuts the fridge door and opens his can* yeah i've been good!

[13/11/2013 22:12:56] Rin: you?

[13/11/2013 22:14:00] Keiko: *Keiko walked into the cafeteria rubbing her eyes, she stretched and let out a huge high pitched squeal and ended it with a yawn* morning~

[13/11/2013 22:14:22] Rin: morning!

[13/11/2013 22:14:33] Gem & Ini: "Ah, I've never been better!" Inirgo nodded. He turned his head in the direction of the squeak. "Ah, Keiko! Good.. Morning!"

[13/11/2013 22:14:50] Gem & Ini: He hesitated, but figured that she had to have slept in. Might as well not correct her over petty matters.

[13/11/2013 22:14:58] Nobu: *She walks into the cafeteria with a lopsided grin* Hello friends

[13/11/2013 22:15:30] Keiko: i-it's not morning is it?

[13/11/2013 22:15:44] Keiko: to be honest I forgot WHAT time it is anymore

[13/11/2013 22:15:44] Rin: hello!

[13/11/2013 22:15:58] Rin: kinda hard to tell without the sky

[13/11/2013 22:16:51] Keiko: indeed

[13/11/2013 22:22:01] Nobu: What if we invented a new word for times like these when we are locked in a school with no windows?

[13/11/2013 22:22:21] Nobu: We would say good *She leaves a space for where the word would go with a little hand gesture*

[13/11/2013 22:23:07] Rin: isn't there any clocks? *takes a sip of his drink*

[13/11/2013 22:24:22] Nobu: Master Rin, *She turns to him* I beleive the phrase for what you are doing at the present time is "party pooping"

[13/11/2013 22:25:05] Gem & Ini: "We could just call it nullnoon."

[13/11/2013 22:25:13] Gem & Ini: "Since there's nothing really."

[13/11/2013 22:25:17] Gem & Ini: Inirgo shrugged.

[13/11/2013 22:25:20] Gem & Ini: "Null and void?"

[13/11/2013 22:25:37] Nobu: Well then, good nullnoon, everyone *She bows a little with a smile*

[13/11/2013 22:26:17] Keiko: nullnoon

[13/11/2013 22:26:24] Gem & Ini: "Good nullnoon to you, too, Nobu!" Inirgo smiled.


[13/11/2013 23:28:20] Keiko: *Keiko stands there awkwardly*

[13/11/2013 23:28:34 | Edited 23:28:41] Keiko: so, how about breakfast

[13/11/2013 23:28:58] Keiko: or whatever we'd eat at this time

[13/11/2013 23:31:32] Rin: who wants pizza? :D

[13/11/2013 23:36:06] Gem & Ini: "Pizza sounds cool!" Inirgo agreed. "Sounds delightful, really."

[13/11/2013 23:36:30] Keiko: yea, I like the sound of pizza

[13/11/2013 23:37:20] Rin: alright then! :D pizza it is *places his can on the table and goes over to the freezer and takes out a frozen pizza*

[13/11/2013 23:37:48] Keiko: if it's pepperoni then that's awesome

[13/11/2013 23:38:57] Rin: it is :D I love pepperoni *unwraps it, heats up the oven and puts the pizza in*

[13/11/2013 23:39:17] Gem & Ini: "Ah, I thought we were gonna make a pizza. But sure, that looks good too!" Inirgo chimed.

[13/11/2013 23:39:32] Gem & Ini: He went to take a seat as the oven began cooking the pizza.

[13/11/2013 23:59:10] Rin: *checks the pizza after about 10 minutes*

[13/11/2013 23:59:13] Rin: looks ready :D

[14/11/2013 00:00:16] Rin: *finds oven gloves, takes out the pizza, places it on a large plate, cuts it into slices and brings it over to the table*

[14/11/2013 00:00:29] Keiko: awww right *she gets excited having been waiting for something to eat*

[14/11/2013 00:00:52] Gem & Ini: "Yee!"

[14/11/2013 00:05:38] Rin: *sits down and takes a slice*

[14/11/2013 00:06:26] Keiko: *she takes a seat, grabbing a slice and biting into it* oh man this is good

[14/11/2013 00:07:22] Rin: pizza is one of my favourite foods ever :D

[14/11/2013 00:12:31] Gem & Ini: Inirgo served himself a slice, to which he bit into once it cooled down some. Granted, it didn't compare to home cooking, it was a quite nice change of pace. He gave a small nod of approval to the frozen dinner. "Not bad, not bad at all."

[14/11/2013 00:26:41] Rin: *while the other two were eating their first slice rin had already finished his third of the pizza*

[14/11/2013 00:27:07] Rin: I think i'm gonna head to bed now (yawn)

[14/11/2013 00:27:38] Rin: night guys :D

[14/11/2013 00:27:45] Gem & Ini: "Ah, good night!"

[14/11/2013 00:27:59] Rin: *exits the room and goes down the hall*

[14/11/2013 00:28:13] Keiko: ah, goodnight Rin

[14/11/2013 00:28:27] Gem & Ini: "And he's gone."


 [14/11/2013 00:48:15] Monoleo Mastermind: Hello.

[14/11/2013 00:49:30] Monoleo Mastermind: Little shits

[14/11/2013 00:50:11] Monoleo Mastermind: LISTEN TO ME.

[14/11/2013 00:50:17] Monoleo Mastermind: WAKE THE FUCK UP.

[14/11/2013 00:50:46] Monoleo Mastermind: I NEED YOU ALL TO BE HERE.

[14/11/2013 00:50:59] Monoleo Mastermind: AW FUCK IT.

[14/11/2013 00:51:58] Monoleo Mastermind: THERE'S BEEN A MURDER!!

[14/11/2013 00:53:18] Monoleo Mastermind: IIIIIIIIIITS...

[14/11/2013 00:53:20] Monoleo Mastermind: UPUPUPUPU~

[14/11/2013 00:53:41] Monoleo Mastermind: YUKI MIKOMI.

[14/11/2013 00:54:03] Monoleo Mastermind: Monoleo file will be posted when more of you shits are online.

[14/11/2013 00:54:06] Gem & Ini: Inirgo's head snapped up at the intercom's announcement. No..!! Not another one!! Shit, and he was so certain..!!

He got up from his seat, leaving behind the food.

[14/11/2013 00:54:08] Gem & Ini: . . .

[14/11/2013 00:54:11] Gem & Ini: "WHAT?!"

[14/11/2013 00:54:23] Keiko: *Keiko had a mouthful of pizza, she choked upon hearing the familiar feline's voice, she then froze upon hearing Yuki's name*

[14/11/2013 00:54:42] Keiko: no....not Yuki

[14/11/2013 00:54:49] Keiko: YUKI CAN'T BE GONE

[14/11/2013 00:54:57] Keiko: OH GOD, FELIX

[14/11/2013 00:55:02] Keiko: POOR FELIX

[14/11/2013 00:55:34] Gem & Ini: "Y-Yuki?! No, there can't, she wouldn't..!!" Inirgo looked up to the intercom.

[14/11/2013 00:55:38] Trevor: Good.

[14/11/2013 00:55:46] Trevor: I'm glad she is gone.

[14/11/2013 00:55:50] Gem & Ini: "Where is she?! Where's Yuki?! Where's her-.... Where is-"

[14/11/2013 00:56:08] Gem & Ini: "You FUCK!" Inirgo looked over to Trevor.

[14/11/2013 00:56:15] Keiko: TREVOR PLEASE

[14/11/2013 00:56:17] Gem & Ini: His heart was pounding, he felt like he could scream.

[14/11/2013 00:56:22] Gem & Ini: "Yuki did NOTHING WRONG!!"

[14/11/2013 00:56:28] Gem & Ini: "Y-You... You MADE HER CRY!!"

[14/11/2013 00:56:32] Gem & Ini: "You made her SUFFER!!"

[14/11/2013 00:56:34] Trevor: She's a fucking bitch who tried to kill me.

[14/11/2013 00:56:44] Gem & Ini: He gripped his cane until his knuckles turned white.

[14/11/2013 00:56:59] Keiko: GUYS PLEASE

[14/11/2013 00:57:03] Gem & Ini: "YOU!!"

[14/11/2013 00:57:15] Gem & Ini: Snap.

[14/11/2013 00:58:11] Gem & Ini: "YOU DID THIS, DIDN'T YOU?!"

[14/11/2013 00:58:44] Trevor: No.

[14/11/2013 00:58:49] Trevor: Ask Nobu.

[14/11/2013 00:58:55] Trevor: I've been with her.

[14/11/2013 01:01:13] Trevor: Jumping to conclusions will get you killed.

[14/11/2013 01:01:42] Keiko: GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[14/11/2013 01:02:14] Gem & Ini: Inirgo looked to Trevor with hate in his eyes. He belonged on the ground, that was where his place was, after he made Yuki suffer..

"You deserve that, you honestly do!! YOU'RE fucking painful, you piece of SHIT!"

Inirgo couldn't control himself and kicked Trevor in the stomach.

[14/11/2013 01:03:38] Gem & Ini: "All you ever DO is cause MISERY for OTHERS!! YUKI never did ANYTHING WRONG to you!!" Tears welled up in his eyes with each word he spat out at the grime below him.

[14/11/2013 01:04:28] Trevor: *And now he’s coughing and spluttering on the ground*

[14/11/2013 01:04:34] Keiko: *Keiko grabbed Ini, pulling him back* INI STOP

[14/11/2013 01:04:35] Trevor: She tried.. To kill me.

[14/11/2013 01:04:42] Trevor: But I never... Killed her...

[14/11/2013 01:04:49] Trevor: I've been... Nobu.

[14/11/2013 01:05:31] Trevor: *Passes out*

[14/11/2013 01:07:59] Gem & Ini: "Y-You... YUKI DIDN'T HAVE TO /DIE/, YOU FUCK!!" He raised the sharp point of his staff above the man, he could end it, he could end his miserable life right THERE.



His hands started to shake. No, h-he had to.. H-He had to finish him o-off..



"I heard what happened. Inirgo, don't. Don't."

At this point it was just broken, choked sobs as he dropped to his knees, letting go of his staff. His hands went to his eyes, trying to find any sense of feeling through Keiko touching him, any sense of emotion, of physical contact, anything.. He was numb.. The world was numb, and he didn't know why. He could feel another pair of hands, one belonging to his brother.

His sobs filled the room. His sorrow echoed out into the cafeteria. He shook just like his faith did in leaving this game with his sanity.

[14/11/2013 01:10:50] Keiko: *Keiko kneeled down, pulling Ini into a tight hug. she rocked slowly and stroked his hair, tears running down her cheeks too*

[14/11/2013 01:16:32] Gem & Ini: Gem couldn't find any words to consolidate his brother, and he was grateful that Keiko was there to help soothe him. All he could hear was his brothers sobs. Granted, they haven't even seen the body... No, Gem wouldn't put Inirgo through that.. He couldn't let him see Yuki like that. They were going to be so close, Gem knew. Now this happens, and he couldn't even imagine the pain in his heart. Worst of all... Their promise. They promised the four of them, at least, would get out of this alive. Lead happy lives, put this all behind them..

Inirgo's grip tightened on the two people that held him to this world, his only sense of reality as of now. He needed to become strong, to bring Yuki's killer to justice, but for now.. For now he needed to break, if just for a moment..

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