[13/12/2013 20:10:31] Monoleo Mastermind: RIGHT FUCKERS.

[13/12/2013 20:10:47] Louise: How rude

[13/12/2013 20:11:24] Monoleo Mastermind: Fucking yolo.

[13/12/2013 20:11:33] Monoleo Mastermind: GET TO THE ELEVATORS.

[13/12/2013 20:11:56] Louise: Oh~! So this is how they start the trial things!

[13/12/2013 20:13:08] Chiku: Of course, you weren't alive to see!

[13/12/2013 20:13:25] Mizuki: *Mizuki moves out of her room, taking a deep breath and moving forward with determination*

[13/12/2013 20:13:41] Louise: *walks along with Chiku* Nope~ this is all new to me

[13/12/2013 20:13:43] Mizuki: We'll make a difference this time...

[13/12/2013 20:13:54] Louise: I watched the trials but never the call to it

[13/12/2013 20:13:56] Trevor: Trevor emerges from his room after a long few days of doing fuck all

[13/12/2013 20:14:13] Chiku: It's nothing overly spectacular, unless he's kitted it out in gold...

[13/12/2013 20:14:18] Nobu: *Nobu shuts the door of her room behind her, a grin creeping up her face as she walks down the corridor to the elevator*

[13/12/2013 20:14:21] Trevor: "Ready to beat this sorry shit to the ground?"

[13/12/2013 20:14:41] Louise: Yeah Trev! Let's go!

[13/12/2013 20:14:52] Louise: *giggles*

[13/12/2013 20:14:59] Mizuki: Yeah... we can all do this!


[13/12/2013 20:15:07] Mizuki: LET'S ROCK THIS JOINT!

[13/12/2013 20:15:15] Chiku: Of course we can!

[13/12/2013 20:15:23] Keiko: Keiko leaves her room, walking over to the elevator "LET'S SPIN THIS SHIT"

[13/12/2013 20:15:32] Trevor: "Miss Teamwork giving us her inspiring speach."

[13/12/2013 20:15:54] Nobu: So inspiring

[13/12/2013 20:16:00] Nobu: It's funny because we're all going to die

[13/12/2013 20:16:12] Chiku: Don't think like that, Nobu, come on.

[13/12/2013 20:16:16] Trevor: "Nobubu we're already dead."

[13/12/2013 20:16:16] Louise: *get's into the elevator and raises an eyebrow* This isnt what I expected

[13/12/2013 20:16:19] Nobu: Die again

[13/12/2013 20:16:22] Nobu: Twice death

[13/12/2013 20:16:36] Nobu: Dual death

[13/12/2013 20:16:39] Trevor: "Wow such hell, very death, so satan."

[13/12/2013 20:16:45] Chiku: *she looks over at Louise and follows her in* what did you expect?

[13/12/2013 20:16:45] Nobu: Trevor.

[13/12/2013 20:16:46] Nobu: No.

[13/12/2013 20:16:51] Mizuki: Well...

I figure that we can do it together...

I've learned a lot since coming here.

It may sound cheesy as all fuck but...

Working together and friendship is acctually pretty great.

[13/12/2013 20:16:56] Louise: I'm not sure....but not this

[13/12/2013 20:17:15] Nobu: *She enters the elevator*

[13/12/2013 20:17:15] Trevor: "So what anime are you from?"

[13/12/2013 20:17:25 | Edited 20:17:45] Keiko: "hell yeah, if it wasn't for you guys, I probably would have died earlier in the time we were here"

[13/12/2013 20:17:25] Louise: The one with the homos

[13/12/2013 20:17:30] Nobu: I'm from that one porn about the maids

[13/12/2013 20:17:48] Mizuki: *She frowns and rubs the back of her head*

Yeah yeah... I know how cliche as shit that is.

[13/12/2013 20:17:51] Keiko: "I think I watched that once"

[13/12/2013 20:17:55] Trevor: "I'm the one guy with the god."

[13/12/2013 20:18:09] Chiku: Oh my god,

[13/12/2013 20:18:16] Mizuki: I'm from that swimming anime.

[13/12/2013 20:18:21] Keiko: "I'm the lesbian magical girl, they call me Homora"

[13/12/2013 20:18:38] Monoleo Mastermind:  Huehuehuehuehue~

[13/12/2013 20:18:46] Nobu: Did he just steal my laugh

[13/12/2013 20:18:52] Nobu: I need a new one now........

[13/12/2013 20:18:56] Monoleo Mastermind: Boku wa kira desu

[13/12/2013 20:19:08] Nobu: Monoleo, please, no Russian

[13/12/2013 20:19:09] Louise: I don't speak french

[13/12/2013 20:19:19] Chiku: He-... Definitely stole your laugh, but that's definitely Spanish.

[13/12/2013 20:19:24 | Edited 20:19:30] Keiko: "I understood all of that italian"

[13/12/2013 20:19:26] Nobu: We're not all SHSL linguests

[13/12/2013 20:19:26] Monoleo Mastermind: It was Croation you dumb shits.

[13/12/2013 20:19:29] Mizuki: *Walks into the elevator*

[13/12/2013 20:19:31] Louise: Please, I'm the linguist here

[13/12/2013 20:19:37] Louise: That's french

[13/12/2013 20:19:44] Louise: Liar

[13/12/2013 20:19:46] Chiku: Um I know french

[13/12/2013 20:19:52] Chiku: That's definitely not it

[13/12/2013 20:19:53] Yuki: *Yuki enters silently.*

[13/12/2013 20:19:54] Nobu: Le baguette

[13/12/2013 20:19:57] Louise: CANADIAN FRENCH GAWD

[13/12/2013 20:19:58] Keiko: "oh no wait....I got my italian wrong, it's actually-" she starts whistling

[13/12/2013 20:19:58] Chiku: Definitely Spain.

[13/12/2013 20:19:58] Monoleo Mastermind: Ferme la bouche tu cochon visage.

[13/12/2013 20:20:05] Nobu: Le sad

[13/12/2013 20:20:14] Mizuki: Omlette du fromage...

[13/12/2013 20:20:18] Monoleo Mastermind: MERDE

[13/12/2013 20:20:32] Nobu: *She looks to Mizuki, somewhat twitterpated* Say it again

[13/12/2013 20:20:39] Louise: pomme de ter

[13/12/2013 20:20:40] Chiku: So much Korean...

[13/12/2013 20:20:41] Monoleo Mastermind: *The elevator descends*

[13/12/2013 20:20:50] Mizuki: *Say's it dramatically*




[13/12/2013 20:21:08] Nobu: *She fans herself*

[13/12/2013 20:21:09] Keiko: Keiko swoons "OOH MISS MIZUKI OOH"

[13/12/2013 20:21:09] Monoleo Mastermind: Vous est une pamplemousse

[13/12/2013 20:21:09] Louise: We certainly know how to lighten a mood

[13/12/2013 20:21:23] Chiku: Somehow !

[13/12/2013 20:22:03] Raymond:

*he runs into the elevator before it shuts and stands waiting with everyone else*

[13/12/2013 20:22:18] Chiku: God damnit Raymond.

[13/12/2013 20:22:24] Chiku: You're a tutor

[13/12/2013 20:22:32] Louise: *laughs* And here I thought you'd have the best timekeeping

[13/12/2013 20:22:33] Chiku: Shouldn't you be on time??

[13/12/2013 20:22:37] Nobu: Master Ramen.........

[13/12/2013 20:22:53] Raymond: S..Sorry... I was doing some more investiga- RAYMOND! Nobu please, it's Raymond!

[13/12/2013 20:22:59] Nobu: Laymond?

[13/12/2013 20:23:03] Raymond: R-RAYMOND!

[13/12/2013 20:23:04] Louise: Layton?

[13/12/2013 20:23:10] Louise: *giggles*

[13/12/2013 20:23:15] Raymond: I'm not a puzzle solving professor, Louise...~

[13/12/2013 20:23:16] Keiko: "He was late for anime school" she points at Raymond "SHAME ON YOU RAY, YOU FORGOT THE TOAST"

[13/12/2013 20:23:20] Chiku: Kaymond-?

[13/12/2013 20:23:25] Nobu: Crayton?

[13/12/2013 20:23:30] Louise: Professor?

[13/12/2013 20:23:33] Louise: Baseball?

[13/12/2013 20:23:40] Chiku: BASEBALL.

[13/12/2013 20:23:56] Nobu: *She looks scared. Genuinly scared. as though she's having war flashbacks of something*

[13/12/2013 20:24:00] Raymond: T-Toast...? It's Raymond... and let's stop talking of baseball please! I'm not good at baseball..

[13/12/2013 20:24:03] Nobu: Please stop

[13/12/2013 20:24:20] Louise: I want to hear a story about baseball

[13/12/2013 20:24:23] Mizuki: Let's uh... Let's continue

[13/12/2013 20:24:26] Louise: *very calm*

[13/12/2013 20:24:29] Nobu: *Internally screaming*

[13/12/2013 20:24:30] Chiku: Yes, let's..

[13/12/2013 20:24:35] Raymond: No stories about baseball please..! Oh god let's not

[13/12/2013 20:24:37] Monoleo Mastermind: *The elevator arrives in the trial room. Right outside the elevator door Monoleo is sitting licking his paws, on his head is a blue, leopard print, sparkly, light up fedora.* A gift to Trevor for being so mean to him in hell upupupupu~

[13/12/2013 20:24:46] Louise: *whispers* I'm 42~

[13/12/2013 20:24:58] Mizuki: Oh my god

[13/12/2013 20:25:00] Nobu: Master Trevor. Please do not put that on

[13/12/2013 20:25:13] Nobu: That is the awfulest thing I have seen

[13/12/2013 20:25:14] Mizuki: It's the crown satan wears.

[13/12/2013 20:25:14] Chiku: *whispers back* Kill has four letters in it

[13/12/2013 20:25:17] Nobu: And I've looked in mirrors

[13/12/2013 20:25:39] Trevor: Trevor flips the fuck out and grabs the hat of the monoleos head. He stamps on it.

[13/12/2013 20:25:55] Mizuki: Thank fuck.

[13/12/2013 20:26:07] Chiku: That was a fashion disaster.

[13/12/2013 20:26:15] Louise: Wow that was unexpected. Anyway~ *goes round and finds her podium*

[13/12/2013 20:26:29] Raymond: G-Guys let's stay focused... in order to figure this out! *walks to his podium*

[13/12/2013 20:26:45] Nobu: Oh my goodness, you made the correct choice

[13/12/2013 20:26:47] Nobu: I am proud of you

[13/12/2013 20:27:03] Keiko: Keiko enters the trial room, walking to her podium "alright, let's do this"

[13/12/2013 20:27:20] Trevor: "You little shit monoleo YOU LOOKED THROUGH MY MEMORIES." He's p much having war flashbacks as he goes to his podium

[13/12/2013 20:27:45] Chiku: *goes over to her Podium, stepping up to it and glancing around*

[13/12/2013 20:28:08] Mizuki: *Steps over to her podium, tapping her foot on the ground*

[13/12/2013 20:28:28] Monoleo Mastermind: Right litte shits.

[13/12/2013 20:28:32] Nobu: *She takes her place at her podium, a grin creeping up her face*

[13/12/2013 20:28:37] Monoleo Mastermind: TRIAL START.

[13/12/2013 20:28:47] Yuki: *Yuki takes a place at his podium.*

[13/12/2013 20:28:52] Louise: Right do we start?

[13/12/2013 20:29:00] Monoleo Mastermind: Evidence for the mastermind is:

[13/12/2013 20:29:07] Chiku: Normally by presenting evidence- ah!

[13/12/2013 20:29:28] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh would you look at that.

[13/12/2013 20:30:02] Monoleo Mastermind: It seems someone isn't being truthful with their state of life.

[13/12/2013 20:30:20] Louise: Huh?

[13/12/2013 20:30:25] Chiku: -??

[13/12/2013 20:30:28] Mizuki: W-wait...?

[13/12/2013 20:30:32] Monoleo Mastermind: Two here are in despair, together they string a puppet.

[13/12/2013 20:30:35] Nobu: Hmm??

[13/12/2013 20:30:47] Raymond: W-what..?! That can't be...-!

[13/12/2013 20:30:48] Monoleo Mastermind: A loaded gun is in the room and you only have one shot.

[13/12/2013 20:31:08] Chiku: One shot...

[13/12/2013 20:31:10] Chiku: Right...

[13/12/2013 20:31:19] Nobu: One gun?

[13/12/2013 20:31:23] Louise: so what, we guess at three?!

[13/12/2013 20:31:28] Nobu: *She looks around* where is it?

[13/12/2013 20:31:28] Mizuki: So we need to fucking do this carefully.

[13/12/2013 20:31:31] Louise: There's three to get?!

[13/12/2013 20:31:37] Louise: And a gun?!

[13/12/2013 20:31:52] Chiku: Three to get in one shot; three birds, one stone. It's all we have...

[13/12/2013 20:31:54] Monoleo Mastermind: The master of control is among you all sitting pretty with their servants.

[13/12/2013 20:32:00] Keiko: Keiko trembles "y-yes....."

[13/12/2013 20:32:11] Monoleo Mastermind: Three birds, one stone.

[13/12/2013 20:32:22] Monoleo Mastermind: Go.

[13/12/2013 20:32:29] Chiku: ...

[13/12/2013 20:32:32] Mizuki: Has anyone done any investigation?

[13/12/2013 20:32:33] Raymond: *he looks around nervously before he furrows his brows* We'll figure this all out, everyone, have hope, I know we will...

[13/12/2013 20:32:41] Chiku: *she looks around the others, unsure where to start*

[13/12/2013 20:32:52] Nobu: I thought the rest of you were doing investigations?

[13/12/2013 20:32:55] Louise: we looked about?

[13/12/2013 20:32:58] Nobu: I was painting my nails

[13/12/2013 20:33:01] Trevor: He looks around the room. "So one of us isn't dead."

[13/12/2013 20:33:07] Louise: In Keiko's talent room

[13/12/2013 20:33:09] Mizuki: *She shakes her head*

I never did anything... I was ah... all tied up.

[13/12/2013 20:33:15] Mizuki: With sleep.

[13/12/2013 20:33:16] Louise: we found a book by Chiku!

[13/12/2013 20:33:20] Nobu: Tied.........up????

[13/12/2013 20:33:21] Trevor: "Three of us are behind this."

[13/12/2013 20:33:24] Nobu: Ooooooh

[13/12/2013 20:33:39] Nobu: *She clutches her face*

[13/12/2013 20:33:40] Yuki: Oh?

[13/12/2013 20:33:58] Raymond: N-Nobu please try to calm down a little...

[13/12/2013 20:34:04] Keiko: "yes, we looked around my talent room last night and came across a notebook I had never seen before"

[13/12/2013 20:34:04] Louise: *giggles darkly* That's inaproppriate in a school~

[13/12/2013 20:34:11] Nobu: Sorry Ramen

[13/12/2013 20:34:19] Mizuki: What did the notebook say?

[13/12/2013 20:34:22] Raymond: R-Raymond, Nobu, please~?!

[13/12/2013 20:34:26] Chiku: And though it had my name on it, I haven't seen it before either

[13/12/2013 20:34:30] Keiko: Keiko blushes "GUYS PLEASE"

[13/12/2013 20:34:49] Chiku: It had... "Secrets" about different people.

[13/12/2013 20:34:52] Nobu: Please what? SOLVE THE CASE?!?

[13/12/2013 20:35:05] Nobu: *She throws her head back laughing almost silently to herself*

[13/12/2013 20:35:08 | Edited 20:35:20] Chiku: But I don't remember writing them, not a single one

[13/12/2013 20:35:11] Raymond: Well yes, I'd like it if we all cooperated and solved this case once and for all

[13/12/2013 20:35:12] Keiko: "sorry, it was a delayed reaction to the tied up thing"

[13/12/2013 20:35:18] Mizuki: What secrets?

[13/12/2013 20:35:40] Louise: Nothing too big?

[13/12/2013 20:35:48] Mizuki: Like the secrets we found through the motives?

[13/12/2013 20:35:49] Louise: it said I started midyear, which I didnt

[13/12/2013 20:35:52] Nobu: Sounds like it belonged to you Chiku

[13/12/2013 20:36:02] Chiku: Um... Nothing major. It had my handwriting, my name...

[13/12/2013 20:36:25] Chiku: But I don't recall it, and there were some secrets in there I have no recollection of

[13/12/2013 20:36:49] Mizuki: Anything that might help us here...?

[13/12/2013 20:36:58] Louise: The rest was stuff I'd admitted to

[13/12/2013 20:37:02] Louise: Something about Rin

[13/12/2013 20:37:24] Chiku: I guess the only helpful thing is that I don't remember... Sorry..

[13/12/2013 20:38:09] Keiko: "the info on me was info I already knew or everyone else for that matter"

[13/12/2013 20:38:13] Louise: So someone could've been framing you?

[13/12/2013 20:38:29] Chiku: Perhaps...?

[13/12/2013 20:38:34] Louise: only one on it for me was bs, the rest was stuff I'd said

[13/12/2013 20:38:41] Keiko: "I'm guessing so"

[13/12/2013 20:38:47] Louise: the gang, close to Trev, all true to here

[13/12/2013 20:38:53] Chiku: It would be for nothing though, it's not particularly believable.

[13/12/2013 20:39:39] Keiko: "lesbian, starved self, imaginary friend, everyone knows this but there was nothing else which is strange"

[13/12/2013 20:40:03] Louise: *panics a little* Oh man, we're never going to get out of here~

[13/12/2013 20:40:15] Mizuki: We will... there'll be a way.

[13/12/2013 20:40:17] Chiku: D-don't say that!!

[13/12/2013 20:40:20] Mizuki: We just have to.

[13/12/2013 20:40:26] Raymond: Louise, don't panic! We will get out of here, I promise

[13/12/2013 20:40:30] Chiku: We just need to focus on the evidence we have!

[13/12/2013 20:40:37] Mizuki: Poke around a little.

*She pinches the bridge of her nose, tapping her foot*

[13/12/2013 20:40:38] Chiku: We... Have more evidence, right?

[13/12/2013 20:40:42] Nobu: That's right, we're not going to get out of here

[13/12/2013 20:40:46] Raymond: Chiku is right, let's just stay focused and try remain calm

[13/12/2013 20:40:47] Nobu: We're all going to die

[13/12/2013 20:40:58] Keiko: "and then like Louise just said, I believe there were a few people who had one piece of info that was untrue"

[13/12/2013 20:41:00] Nobu: Like I've said this whole time *She looks bored*

[13/12/2013 20:41:09] Louise: Why was I even brought back?! *cries*

[13/12/2013 20:41:18] Trevor: "We might as well get used to being dead."

[13/12/2013 20:41:22] Raymond: Oh no, Louise please don't cry..!

[13/12/2013 20:41:32] Mizuki: You three...

[13/12/2013 20:41:32] Raymond: I promise we'll find the Mastermind, I promise!

[13/12/2013 20:41:34] Louise: I was pretty well established!

[13/12/2013 20:41:37] Keiko: "L-Louise..."

[13/12/2013 20:41:45] Nobu: Who three?

[13/12/2013 20:41:54] Trevor: "Those three?"

[13/12/2013 20:42:04] Louise: Us three?

[13/12/2013 20:42:11] Trevor: "Me three?"

[13/12/2013 20:42:14] Chiku: Three??

[13/12/2013 20:42:27] Trevor: "FOUR."

[13/12/2013 20:42:29] Keiko: "the three here who are very much so alive"

[13/12/2013 20:42:30] Nobu: FIVE

[13/12/2013 20:42:33] Mizuki: N-no... it's nothing.

[13/12/2013 20:42:39] Nobu: ..............Six?

[13/12/2013 20:42:41] Chiku: No, Mizuki...

[13/12/2013 20:42:43] Trevor: "I'm dead."

[13/12/2013 20:42:49] Raymond: Mizuki.. if you have something to say, please go ahead, it may be important

[13/12/2013 20:42:52] Louise: As am i...

[13/12/2013 20:42:54] Chiku: It might seem like nothing but don't hold anything back

[13/12/2013 20:43:20] Mizuki: Don't you think it's strange... why are Nobu, Trevor and Louise in particular feeling this way...

[13/12/2013 20:43:21] Nobu: I'm pretty dead. I can't eat, that's how dead I am

[13/12/2013 20:43:33] Louise: Huh? I already died

[13/12/2013 20:43:36] Louise: Painfully

[13/12/2013 20:43:37] Nobu: What way?

[13/12/2013 20:43:44] Louise: I don't need to die again!

[13/12/2013 20:43:49] Nobu: I'm afraid I got boiled, mistress Mizuki

[13/12/2013 20:43:53] Louise: I already saw you guys cry for me!

[13/12/2013 20:43:55] Nobu: And I think you know who's fault that is

[13/12/2013 20:44:00] Nobu: *Whispers* it's your's

[13/12/2013 20:44:01] Chiku: ... How do you mean, Mizuki?

[13/12/2013 20:44:28] Nobu: Infact, I'd say you're acting rather strange

[13/12/2013 20:44:31] Mizuki: *Her eyes leer at Nobu*

Don't you notice?

They're acting oddly.

[13/12/2013 20:44:40] Nobu: You seem to know /everything/ Mizuki

[13/12/2013 20:44:43] Raymond: Oddly? I'd say they're acting pretty normally really...

[13/12/2013 20:44:47] Chiku: We're... all really tense...

[13/12/2013 20:44:53] Trevor: "Yeah.... you know a lot.."

[13/12/2013 20:44:55] Chiku: And acting differently...

[13/12/2013 20:44:56] Rin: *rin teleports into the trial* hey guys, what'd I miss? :D

[13/12/2013 20:45:05] Trevor: "Shut the fuck up Rin."

[13/12/2013 20:45:06] Nobu: I wouldn't be surprised if this was a whole thing to- oh my god

[13/12/2013 20:45:13] Louise: *looks at her* Y-You do know quite a bit...

[13/12/2013 20:45:18] Mizuki: I don't buy it.

*She fold her arms*

[13/12/2013 20:45:42] Nobu: I don't buy things either, I steal because I have no money

[13/12/2013 20:45:42] Trevor: "I am a godmod, I know a thing or two about knowing too much."

[13/12/2013 20:45:56] Mizuki: What are you basing these shitty accusations on?

*She stays calm*

[13/12/2013 20:46:10] Nobu: The fact that you seem to know everything straight away

[13/12/2013 20:46:16] Nobu: Without any reasoning

[13/12/2013 20:46:18] Trevor: "You automatically jumped on Nobu, though there was no evidence against her."

[13/12/2013 20:46:27] Nobu: I'm acting as normal as I ever have and yet you say it's strange

[13/12/2013 20:46:36] Louise: I cried over redying which could move my whole afrerlife about, yet that's weird?

[13/12/2013 20:46:38] Nobu: I'm sure I have acted stranger

[13/12/2013 20:46:41] Chiku: -??

[13/12/2013 20:46:48] Mizuki: It was just a suspicion!

There's no evidence, I never said there is!

[13/12/2013 20:46:55] Trevor: "I was tortured for three days solid."

[13/12/2013 20:46:58] Nobu: I wouldn't be surprised if this was a set up to make yourself, mistress Mizuki, look smart

[13/12/2013 20:47:07] Chiku: There's a lot of emphasis on three...

[13/12/2013 20:47:16] Trevor: "Because you've been forcing yourself into the limelight."

[13/12/2013 20:47:20] Nobu: Wouldn't that be great? You get to show off to your friends just how great you are, because you already know all of the answers

[13/12/2013 20:47:29] Nobu: And it's all a FRAUD

[13/12/2013 20:47:31] Trevor: "It seems to perfect."

[13/12/2013 20:47:35] Louise: Maybe!

[13/12/2013 20:47:36] Rin: *turns to chiku* what's been happening?

[13/12/2013 20:47:36] Chiku: Lets-!!

[13/12/2013 20:47:41] Raymond: A..Alright everyone let's all try to calm down okay? Calm down and take a moment to think please!

[13/12/2013 20:47:52] Chiku: Focus on what we /actually/ know instead of pushing blame!!!

[13/12/2013 20:48:02] Chiku: One stone, remember?

[13/12/2013 20:48:05] Mizuki: Why are you... why are you doing this...?

*She's beginning to become a little disturbed*

[13/12/2013 20:48:16] Chiku: This has to be right. We can't do this

[13/12/2013 20:48:19] Nobu: Because I would quite like to leave this school, Mizuki

[13/12/2013 20:48:23] Nobu: The one you've trapped us all in

[13/12/2013 20:48:30] Louise: C-Chiku's right...maybe we should go over what Monoleo said?

[13/12/2013 20:48:32] Chiku: Nobu, please.

[13/12/2013 20:48:34] Trevor: "We must seek out all possibilities."

[13/12/2013 20:48:50] Nobu: *Her face splits in two with a grin*

[13/12/2013 20:48:57] Trevor: "Upset your little ruse is crumbling so easily?"

[13/12/2013 20:49:08] Mizuki: *She firms up*


[13/12/2013 20:49:10] Raymond: Let's not point fingers and put blame on others right now! Now is the time for evidence and investigation!

[13/12/2013 20:49:12] Nobu: Sorry to cut your Sherlock charades short

[13/12/2013 20:49:15] Mizuki: I don't care what you say!

[13/12/2013 20:49:21] Mizuki: Fuck you three!

[13/12/2013 20:49:25] Chiku: *she shivers a little at the grin and glances away* any OTHER evidence?

[13/12/2013 20:49:26] Mizuki: Fuck you three in particular!

[13/12/2013 20:49:27] Nobu: Already did..............

[13/12/2013 20:49:37] Louise: Okay so someone is pretending about being dead?

[13/12/2013 20:49:40] Mizuki: I'm not going to crumble to your bullying!

[13/12/2013 20:49:45] Louise: Me?

[13/12/2013 20:49:46] Nobu: Bullying?

[13/12/2013 20:49:52] Nobu: Are you kidding me?

[13/12/2013 20:49:54] Chiku: Oh my god..

[13/12/2013 20:50:01] Nobu: This is the way I was treated at my trial

[13/12/2013 20:50:06] Raymond: *he raises his voice a little* Mizuki! Calm down right now! All of you calm down! We're getting off track and we must look over evidence before pushing the blame, or else we're never going to get out of here!

[13/12/2013 20:50:08] Nobu: This was the way Chiku was treated at her trail

[13/12/2013 20:50:20] Nobu: This was the way Raymond was treated at his trial

[13/12/2013 20:50:26] Chiku: *puts her hands on her screen, glancing around at Nobu*

[13/12/2013 20:50:41] Trevor: "This is how all murderers were treated."

[13/12/2013 20:50:43] Mizuki: *She clams up*

Let's just... get on with it.

[13/12/2013 20:50:47] Nobu: Until you have evidence, I will not let up mistress Mizuki

[13/12/2013 20:50:48] Trevor: "Sucks, doesn't it?"

[13/12/2013 20:51:06] Nobu: I love you with all my heart but I do not want my other masters and mistresses dying *she has a pleading look*

[13/12/2013 20:51:15] Chiku: Shall we... Stay on track...

[13/12/2013 20:51:16] Nobu: If I am a bully then so are you

[13/12/2013 20:51:24] Trevor: "Let's take a think at the three."

[13/12/2013 20:51:32] Trevor: "Which three."

[13/12/2013 20:51:50] Chiku: Right, people that have connections in threes.

[13/12/2013 20:51:59] Chiku: Let's start there

[13/12/2013 20:52:06] Trevor: "Perfect."

[13/12/2013 20:52:22] Trevor: "Mizuki... Gemalli and Inirgo?"

[13/12/2013 20:52:38] Trevor: "Or Inirgo and Keiko?"

[13/12/2013 20:52:57] Chiku: There's also myself, Gemalli and Rin

[13/12/2013 20:53:06] Trevor: "Louise, Nobu and I seem to have bonded."

[13/12/2013 20:53:14] Chiku: Gemalli, Felix and Yuki...?

[13/12/2013 20:53:29] Trevor: "That's another possibility...."

[13/12/2013 20:53:29] Chiku: Felix, Yuki and Inirgo?

[13/12/2013 20:53:33] Mizuki: But isn't that just random guessing...?

[13/12/2013 20:53:48] Chiku: It's just groups we've seen in threes, really...

[13/12/2013 20:53:52] Louise: It's a start?

[13/12/2013 20:53:52] Trevor: "But wait! Monoleo please confirm for me."

[13/12/2013 20:54:06] Trevor: "Is someone definitely faking their death."

[13/12/2013 20:54:09] Rin: better than nothing :)

[13/12/2013 20:54:18] Monoleo Mastermind: Yes

[13/12/2013 20:54:21] Mizuki: Yeah... I guess so.

[13/12/2013 20:54:23] Louise: So the trio has a dead one?

[13/12/2013 20:54:29] Monoleo Mastermind: Someone has faked their death.

[13/12/2013 20:54:34] Nobu: Maybe they're all dead who even knows

[13/12/2013 20:54:40] Nobu: Oh, okay

[13/12/2013 20:54:43] Louise: How can they all be dead?

[13/12/2013 20:54:44] Rin: maybe they knew they were gonna be brought back to life?

[13/12/2013 20:54:47] Nobu: The mastermind knows, apparently

[13/12/2013 20:54:47] Chiku: Right. So only one?

[13/12/2013 20:54:51] Trevor: "Trios with dead people."

[13/12/2013 20:55:22] Mizuki: Well there are a lot of those.

[13/12/2013 20:55:23] Chiku: Gemalli, Felix and Yuki is a trio with one dead... *she cringes a little! looking over apologetically at Yuki*

[13/12/2013 20:55:26] Monoleo Mastermind: Only one person in the room faked their death.

[13/12/2013 20:55:58] Louise: Damn...

[13/12/2013 20:56:11] Rin: is it possible one of the executions was fake?

[13/12/2013 20:56:15] Chiku: This became significantly harder...

[13/12/2013 20:56:26] Chiku: If it's the executions, there's three possibilities...

[13/12/2013 20:56:34] Raymond: (BRB~)

[13/12/2013 20:56:43] Louise: Ray, Chiku or Nobu

[13/12/2013 20:56:45] Trevor: "If the mastermind committed a murder then they could easily fake the execution."

[13/12/2013 20:57:00] Nobu: Me? I'm sure I died. It was sore

[13/12/2013 20:57:02] Mizuki: Do any of them leave room for escape?

For smoke and mirrors?

[13/12/2013 20:57:17] Nobu: Being boiled is like stepping into a hot tub

[13/12/2013 20:57:29] Louise: Ouch. Too much info

[13/12/2013 20:57:30] Nobu: Except you're dropped into it and you burn slowly and scream

[13/12/2013 20:57:40] Chiku: We can't even check if there's trap doors or whatever, we're not allowed to move.

[13/12/2013 20:57:48] Trevor: "How did... Ray and Chiku die again?"

[13/12/2013 20:57:51] Nobu: We could ask the mastermind to show us?

[13/12/2013 20:58:01] Nobu: Raymond was battered to death??

[13/12/2013 20:58:12] Louise: Chiku was suspended?

[13/12/2013 20:58:15] Rin: and chiku was hanged...

[13/12/2013 20:58:21] Chiku: I was hung, strung up from behind... *she gulps a little, glancing away*

[13/12/2013 20:58:24] Louise: I know an acting trick that you could live with that...

[13/12/2013 20:58:33] Mizuki: Should we... count Trevor's death as an execution?

[13/12/2013 20:58:34] Trevor: "If we know that we can determine the possibility of them escaping."

[13/12/2013 20:58:45] Trevor: "I guess it was, I was speared."

[13/12/2013 20:58:52] Nobu: I suppose we can?

[13/12/2013 20:58:55] Louise: He was kinda speared. In front of your eyes

[13/12/2013 20:59:02] Mizuki: Not that there's much room for escape there.

[13/12/2013 20:59:15] Trevor: "They came from fucking no where."

[13/12/2013 20:59:17] Rin: *turns to trevor* you don't have a twin we don't know about do you?

[13/12/2013 21:00:12] Louise: Ray could've escaped, sorry Ray, and Chiku...I know of a trick actors do to be hung on stage. I saw it in America once

[13/12/2013 21:00:34] Raymond: I..I assure you I never escaped from that.. execution... *he shivers a little upon memory*

[13/12/2013 21:00:39 | Edited 21:00:52] Rin: but i held elsie straight after she was killed, does that count as something?

[13/12/2013 21:00:51] Louise: I dunno...?

[13/12/2013 21:01:18] Nobu: Did you check her pulse?

[13/12/2013 21:01:19] Trevor: "No I don't have a twin I'm an only child."

[13/12/2013 21:01:29 | Edited 21:01:44] Rin: if it was a fake dead body or a dummy then i definetly wouldv'e noticed

[13/12/2013 21:01:49] Trevor: "Not necessarily. She'd have still been warm."

[13/12/2013 21:01:52] Louise: It takes a while for a body to cool.

[13/12/2013 21:01:59] Louise: Then rigamortis

[13/12/2013 21:02:05] Louise: you would've all been gone by then

[13/12/2013 21:02:05] Rin: exactly, her body was still warm at the time

[13/12/2013 21:02:10] Keiko: "I think it's roughly three hours"

[13/12/2013 21:02:17] Nobu: Did you cheeeeeck her pulse?

[13/12/2013 21:02:23] Louise: so she could've faked it.

[13/12/2013 21:02:52] Mizuki: Honestly, I don't think that would have crossed his mind?

[13/12/2013 21:03:13] Louise: So it's easy to fake then!

[13/12/2013 21:03:27] Louise: Have you guys never seen detective shows?

[13/12/2013 21:03:41] Rin: couple anime, but no

[13/12/2013 21:03:42] Trevor: "Yeah when someone you love is supposedly dead your first thought wouldn't be 'CHECK THEIR PULSE'."

[13/12/2013 21:04:00] Nobu: Ah, so...that's not normal?

[13/12/2013 21:04:01] Mizuki: She's right, it could be done.

[13/12/2013 21:04:05] Nobu: I see................

[13/12/2013 21:04:11] Louise: Yeah! You could save them it if's there!

[13/12/2013 21:04:23] Rin: I did! there wasn't one...

[13/12/2013 21:04:24] Nobu: Yes, what if you were to burry her alive

[13/12/2013 21:04:38] Louise: There's also the ball under arm trick

[13/12/2013 21:04:44] Trevor: "So we've determined Chiku as a possible suspect."

[13/12/2013 21:04:50] Louise: could've used it prior

[13/12/2013 21:04:58] Trevor: "Rin as her meme loving mole..."

[13/12/2013 21:05:09] Louise: so who's three?

[13/12/2013 21:05:16] Rin: hey! I'v got nothing to do with any of this!

[13/12/2013 21:05:19] Trevor: "Yuki?"

[13/12/2013 21:05:27] Trevor: "Says you."

[13/12/2013 21:05:52] Louise: Oh

[13/12/2013 21:05:54] Louise: so

[13/12/2013 21:05:57] Rin: ((head stabber XD))

[13/12/2013 21:06:05] Louise: kill Yuki to throw away suspicion?

[13/12/2013 21:06:18] Rin: ((I know right?))

[13/12/2013 21:06:21] Louise: This is sounding like a plausible plot

[13/12/2013 21:06:34] Mizuki: What other evidence do we have?

[13/12/2013 21:06:49] Trevor: "They said the third was their puppet right?"

[13/12/2013 21:07:06] Trevor: "Maybe Yuki got too big for her boots, so they offed her."

[13/12/2013 21:07:06] Louise: so they wouldn't know a thing?!

[13/12/2013 21:07:11] Louise: how sad

[13/12/2013 21:07:50] Rin: the mole couldv'e been threatened into this?

[13/12/2013 21:08:10] Louise: Oh god how terrible!

[13/12/2013 21:08:11] Nobu: Monoleo, may I ask where the pistol is? Is it on a person?

[13/12/2013 21:08:14] Rin: maybe blackmail?

[13/12/2013 21:08:17] Trevor: "I think the puppet was the threatened one."

[13/12/2013 21:08:18] Mizuki: I dunno...

[13/12/2013 21:08:47] Monoleo Mastermind: Ah of course, Nobu.

[13/12/2013 21:08:56] Monoleo Mastermind: The gun is on a person.

[13/12/2013 21:09:06] Monoleo Mastermind: Someone is holding the gun.

[13/12/2013 21:09:08] Nobu: One gun, one bullet?

[13/12/2013 21:09:14] Louise: So someone could shoot us at any time?!

[13/12/2013 21:09:16] Monoleo Mastermind: Exactly

[13/12/2013 21:09:18] Louise: well one of us

[13/12/2013 21:09:21] Nobu: Sounds like pirates to me

[13/12/2013 21:09:26] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu

[13/12/2013 21:09:33] Monoleo Mastermind: There was a mutiny

[13/12/2013 21:09:50] Rin: but if they shot someone that would give them away right off the bat right?

[13/12/2013 21:10:02] Mizuki: A rebellion... so maybe they turned against the leader?

[13/12/2013 21:10:04] Louise: What happens if no one agrees on the masterminds?

[13/12/2013 21:10:10] Nobu: Perhaps the shot was meant to be fired prior to this trial?

[13/12/2013 21:10:27] Rin: that's a good point

[13/12/2013 21:10:31] Monoleo Mastermind: If no one agree

[13/12/2013 21:10:51] Monoleo Mastermind: On who our despair loving fuck of a mastermind is

[13/12/2013 21:11:22] Monoleo Mastermind: Then we go by majority

[13/12/2013 21:11:39] Monoleo Mastermind: IPIPIPIPIPIIP~

[13/12/2013 21:11:47] Louise: what if it's all even?

[13/12/2013 21:11:53] Monoleo Mastermind: Then you lose.

[13/12/2013 21:11:55] Monoleo Mastermind: Sorryl

[13/12/2013 21:12:08] Monoleo Mastermind: EPEPEPEPEPEPEPE~

[13/12/2013 21:12:13] Nobu: I

[13/12/2013 21:12:20] Nobu: Lets get back on track

[13/12/2013 21:12:27] Rin: got it ;)

[13/12/2013 21:12:29] Monoleo Mastermind: APAPAPAPAPAPAA

[13/12/2013 21:12:35] Monoleo Mastermind: Yeah back tl

[13/12/2013 21:12:42] Nobu: So, the gun is on someone. Here's a go. If you have a gun on you and you know it clap your hands!

[13/12/2013 21:12:44] Monoleo Mastermind: To it little shits.

[13/12/2013 21:12:55] Nobu: *She looks around the room*

[13/12/2013 21:13:11] Trevor: *He stamps his feet*

[13/12/2013 21:13:23] Louise: *nods her head**

[13/12/2013 21:13:31] Nobu: Master Trevor...that's not helpful

[13/12/2013 21:14:05] Trevor: "Sorry love,"

[13/12/2013 21:14:24] Trevor: "If you have the gun on you, clap your hands."

[13/12/2013 21:14:28] Mizuki: Ghhhh... we're fishing around aimlessly!

[13/12/2013 21:15:01] Nobu: No one's clapping, someone's lying

[13/12/2013 21:15:21] Nobu: Mistress Mizuki, suppose it was us three as you said at the start

[13/12/2013 21:15:30] Nobu: What evidence would you give to this?

[13/12/2013 21:15:34] Trevor: "I SAID CLAP YOUR HANDS."

[13/12/2013 21:15:44] Trevor: "Ugh fine, yeah Mizuki go."

[13/12/2013 21:15:54] Keiko: She claps slowly "are you happy?"

[13/12/2013 21:16:09] Trevor: "Wait what. KEIKO HAS THE GUN!?"

[13/12/2013 21:16:13] Mizuki: Like I said, I didn't have any evidence.

It was a fucking stupid suggestion so we shouldn't even bother discussing it.

[13/12/2013 21:16:20] Keiko: "WHAT? OH GOD, NO"

[13/12/2013 21:16:24] Nobu: *She puts claps her hands together in an almost praying pose*

[13/12/2013 21:16:33] Nobu: Mistress Kieko.....?

[13/12/2013 21:16:36] Keiko: "I THOUGHT, FUCK"

[13/12/2013 21:16:39] Trevor: "NOBU HAS THE GUN!?"

[13/12/2013 21:16:43] Keiko: "sorry, misunderstanding"

[13/12/2013 21:16:44] Nobu: I DO?!

[13/12/2013 21:16:51] Trevor: "DO YOU!?"

[13/12/2013 21:17:01] Louise: WHAT?

[13/12/2013 21:17:11] Keiko: "I didn't get any sleep last night so I was confused"

[13/12/2013 21:17:12] Nobu: *She stares at her hands* what have I done................??

[13/12/2013 21:17:13] Rin: ok ok ok ok! everyone stop clapping!

[13/12/2013 21:17:21] Nobu: Okay, new one

[13/12/2013 21:17:28] Trevor: "Nobu do you have the gun?"

[13/12/2013 21:17:29] Nobu: If you have the gun......stamp your feet

[13/12/2013 21:18:17 | Edited 21:18:22] Rin: something to think about is how much evidence we have, and which person here relates most to it

[13/12/2013 21:18:47] Trevor: "Mizuki please do explain."

[13/12/2013 21:18:47] Louise: I guess that makes sense

[13/12/2013 21:19:00] Trevor: "There has to be something that made you think us?"

[13/12/2013 21:19:15] Trevor: "Or were you diverting attention from yourself?"

[13/12/2013 21:19:29] Nobu: *She stomps a foot in frustraition though her face is neutural*





[13/12/2013 21:20:08] Louise: Woah! Calm down!

[13/12/2013 21:20:16] Louise: Screaming isnt gonna do a thing!

[13/12/2013 21:20:27] Trevor: "You've gone from blindly accusing to refusing to. Character development."

[13/12/2013 21:20:40] Mizuki: Fuck off.

[13/12/2013 21:20:57] Trevor: "I'm gay no."

[13/12/2013 21:21:08] Keiko: Keiko glares at Trevor

[13/12/2013 21:21:10] Mizuki: Jesus fucking christ...

[13/12/2013 21:21:25] Nobu: The mastermind said there was a mutiny?

[13/12/2013 21:21:42] Nobu: This means someone was thrown off their despair team and given the........gun

[13/12/2013 21:22:01] Trevor: "They overthrew the leader?"

[13/12/2013 21:22:05] Mizuki: Like I said earlier...

[13/12/2013 21:22:12] Chiku: Monoleo, may I see that notebook a moment?

[13/12/2013 21:22:19] Louise: Woah, that takes courage

[13/12/2013 21:22:26] Monoleo Mastermind: Of course.

[13/12/2013 21:22:33] Nobu: No, it wouldn't have been a sucessful mutiny

[13/12/2013 21:22:50] Monoleo Mastermind: *The notebook is places open on a table where all can reach*

[13/12/2013 21:22:55] Nobu: Only pirates that fail at mutiny get thrown onto a desert island with a pistol with one shot

[13/12/2013 21:23:20] Trevor: "So.. they tried to take over and fucked it up?"

[13/12/2013 21:23:23] Keiko: Keiko's eyes widened for a moment like she realised something for a second, like she had an epiphany of sorts, but she went back to thinking

[13/12/2013 21:23:24] Louise: How...interesting.

[13/12/2013 21:23:29] Chiku: *xhe reaches out and takes the notebook flicking through it again*

[13/12/2013 21:23:33] Louise: Hmm? Keiko?

[13/12/2013 21:23:37] Louise: What was that look?

[13/12/2013 21:23:47] Rin: what's up?

[13/12/2013 21:23:50] Chiku: Ah. Rin, love?

[13/12/2013 21:23:52] Nobu: No, I think they tried to back out

[13/12/2013 21:24:00] Louise: Oh?

[13/12/2013 21:24:03] Louise: How so?

[13/12/2013 21:24:03] Rin: yeah? what is it?

[13/12/2013 21:24:06 | Edited 21:24:08] Keiko: "oh no, it was nothing, I thought I had an epiphany"

[13/12/2013 21:24:10] Louise: What of

[13/12/2013 21:24:14] Chiku: I remember this article about you,

[13/12/2013 21:24:18] Mizuki: Keiko...?

What was it?

[13/12/2013 21:24:19] Louise: It could be important!

[13/12/2013 21:24:24] Nobu: The despair group? As previously mentioned, mistress

[13/12/2013 21:24:28] Rin: huh?

[13/12/2013 21:24:29] Keiko: "I actually don't know myself, that's the problem"

[13/12/2013 21:24:34] Rin: so then...

[13/12/2013 21:24:35] Louise: Oh...damn...

[13/12/2013 21:24:40] Louise: wait you remember that report?

[13/12/2013 21:24:44] Mizuki: Can you describe it in any way...?

Anyway at all?

[13/12/2013 21:24:54] Chiku: I remember this report...

[13/12/2013 21:25:09] Chiku: Damn well I remember it.

[13/12/2013 21:25:54] Louise: How?!

[13/12/2013 21:26:02] Louise: All of it or just Rin's?!

[13/12/2013 21:26:18] Chiku: I remember a lot of it now I'm looking at it properly...

[13/12/2013 21:26:46] Louise: of all three?!

[13/12/2013 21:26:55] Chiku: I remember when I wrote rins; I'd put a microphone in his room attached to a headset I had on outside

[13/12/2013 21:27:09] Rin: *this evidence made it all the more clear to him, his childhood memory made it stand out, but this evidence made it entirely clear to him* so it's true... to think that I... all this time... I never knew about it...

[13/12/2013 21:27:16] Chiku: Small thing, hidden in his bedside lamp. Probably never even noticed it.

[13/12/2013 21:27:48] Louise: What about the other two? It's clearly bs. I didn't start mid year

[13/12/2013 21:27:53] Louise: I started with all of you

[13/12/2013 21:28:03] Chiku: No, you started mid year.

[13/12/2013 21:28:13] Chiku: I don't write shit for the sake of it!

[13/12/2013 21:28:20] Chiku: Are you stupid?

[13/12/2013 21:28:36] Louise: Excuse me?!

[13/12/2013 21:28:45] Louise: I started with you guys! Everyone saw!

[13/12/2013 21:28:51] Chiku: Wrong.

[13/12/2013 21:28:56] Louise: I walk in the door with you guys!

[13/12/2013 21:29:06] Chiku: You move halfway through the year from Germany

[13/12/2013 21:29:14] Rin: I think it's time I told you about one of my childhood memories that might explain the notes on me there!

[13/12/2013 21:29:25] Louise: Are you fucking serious? I'd remember a trip to Germany!

[13/12/2013 21:29:34] Louise: My favourite place in the whole world!

[13/12/2013 21:29:38] Chiku: Your parents decided that Japan was a place to visit since it had such an important culture

[13/12/2013 21:30:01] Louise: yeah, at the start of a school year!

[13/12/2013 21:30:03] Chiku: Honestly, are you saying my memories are a lie because you don't have one?

[13/12/2013 21:30:11] Louise: I'm with you guys, am I not?

[13/12/2013 21:30:16] Louise: I started with you guys, did I not?

[13/12/2013 21:30:25] Chiku: You did not.

[13/12/2013 21:30:35] Louise: Huh? Well I don't have any recollection of all this!

[13/12/2013 21:30:48] Louise: You're being confusing!

[13/12/2013 21:31:00] Chiku: I think you'll find you're confusing yourself.

[13/12/2013 21:31:01 | Edited 21:31:03] Keiko: "guys, let Rin talk"

[13/12/2013 21:31:14] Louise: How am I?!

[13/12/2013 21:31:18] Chiku: Whatever. Rin, take the stage.

[13/12/2013 21:32:44] Nobu: Perhaps you forgot, Louise?

[13/12/2013 21:32:50] Chiku: At least you can back me up on something~

[13/12/2013 21:32:52] Louise: Forgot...?

[13/12/2013 21:32:59] Nobu: Forgot

[13/12/2013 21:33:03] Louise: How so...? How could I?

[13/12/2013 21:34:36] Rin: please listen... I have to get this out

[13/12/2013 21:34:59] Rin: I was young at the time, about 5, I could understand english but i couldn't read it yet, one day i wandered into my dad's office out of curiousity, i found a secret drawer with a letter inside... it said: 4 years, and you're handing over that AI Rinji to me!, when i learned english and looked back on it I thought it was something from one of my dad's works and that he named the character after me, but... after all this... the notes on me... they might actually be true...

[13/12/2013 21:35:02] Chiku: We're listening, dear, please continue~

[13/12/2013 21:35:48] Chiku: They are true! I heard them!

[13/12/2013 21:36:36] Rin: ...

[13/12/2013 21:36:42] Nobu: I........?

[13/12/2013 21:36:49] Nobu: What does.....this have to do.......with?

[13/12/2013 21:36:58] Rin: what... what am I?...

[13/12/2013 21:37:03] Rin: a clone?

[13/12/2013 21:37:15] Nobu: I don't know? A biscuit?

[13/12/2013 21:37:25] Nobu: Because we did tragic pasts a couple of days ago

[13/12/2013 21:37:44] Nobu: Master Rin, what does this have to do with the mastermind?

[13/12/2013 21:37:45] Chiku: It's just to prove that what is in here *she holds up the notebook before throwing it back onto the table* is the truth.

[13/12/2013 21:37:54] Nobu: Are you some kind of mastermind working for robot?

[13/12/2013 21:38:00] Nobu: DO YOU HAVE THE GUN?!?!

[13/12/2013 21:38:12] Rin: no! of course I don't!

[13/12/2013 21:38:28] Rin: what i just said is prove that the notes in that book are real

[13/12/2013 21:38:29] Chiku: Are you sure?

[13/12/2013 21:38:51] Chiku: Are you sure you don't have the gun, Rin? You are an AI after all.

[13/12/2013 21:39:16] Rin: c'mon, I didnt even know that I was one!

[13/12/2013 21:39:39] Chiku: *she shrugs*

[13/12/2013 21:39:45] Chiku: Don't need to know.

[13/12/2013 21:39:45] Louise: We're getting no where!

[13/12/2013 21:39:51] Trevor: "DO YOU HAVE THE FUCKING GUN RINJI."

[13/12/2013 21:40:05] Rin: NO!

[13/12/2013 21:40:24] Nobu: *Claps slowly* I think we're gaining progress, well done everyone!

[13/12/2013 21:40:30] Rin: I'll take off my clothes and have you search them if you want!

[13/12/2013 21:40:41] Nobu: I'll do it

[13/12/2013 21:40:42] Chiku: I feel like we're learning something"

[13/12/2013 21:40:42] Louise: Ew no

[13/12/2013 21:40:46] Nobu: Oh okay

[13/12/2013 21:41:20] Louise: So what, we all strip?!

[13/12/2013 21:41:42] Mizuki: Ok, we've learned something, but are we any closer to finding the three traitors?

[13/12/2013 21:41:45] Chiku: For gods sakes where will that get us!?

[13/12/2013 21:41:48] Nobu: *Reaches for her dress collar*

[13/12/2013 21:41:53] Louise: Nobu no!

[13/12/2013 21:41:58] Nobu: Oh okay

[13/12/2013 21:42:00] Louise: Don't do that

[13/12/2013 21:42:04] Nobu: Sorry

[13/12/2013 21:42:14] Nobu: I thought it was an order

[13/12/2013 21:42:30] Louise: Sarcasm

[13/12/2013 21:42:39] Nobu: Ah, you made a haha

[13/12/2013 21:42:50] Chiku: Haha.

[13/12/2013 21:42:51] Trevor: "Monoleo, can you repeat that beginning evidence please?"

[13/12/2013 21:42:56] Louise: Uh huh~

[13/12/2013 21:42:57] Chiku: Are we any closer, then?

[13/12/2013 21:43:09] Louise: a haha~

[13/12/2013 21:43:15] Monoleo Mastermind: On 13/12/2013, at 20:34, Monoleo Mastermind wrote:

> Oh would you look at that.

On 13/12/2013, at 20:34, Monoleo Mastermind wrote:

> It seems someone isn't being truthful with their state of life.

On 13/12/2013, at 20:35, Monoleo Mastermind wrote:

> Two here are in despair, together they string a puppet.

On 13/12/2013, at 20:35, Monoleo Mastermind wrote:

> A loaded gun is in the room and you only have one shot.

On 13/12/2013, at 20:36, Monoleo Mastermind wrote:

> The master of control is among you all sitting pretty with their servants.

On 13/12/2013, at 20:37, Monoleo Mastermind wrote:

> Three birds, one stone.

On 13/12/2013, at 20:37, Monoleo Mastermind wrote:

> Go.

[13/12/2013 21:43:26] Mizuki: It doesn't feel like it.

[13/12/2013 21:43:45] Monoleo Mastermind: Before you ask, there are hints throughout that statement.

[13/12/2013 21:44:07] Louise: I'm stressed, Mizuki. I would rather you all didnt die, and I didn't die again

[13/12/2013 21:44:17] Rin: I just don't want any of you to die, you're all my friends, every single one of you *tears fill up in his eyes*

[13/12/2013 21:44:31] Chiku: Shh!! Think over that statement!!

[13/12/2013 21:44:34] Yuki: Perhaps we should only be looking for two people, maybe the puppet is Monoleo himself?

[13/12/2013 21:44:42] Louise: I doubt that

[13/12/2013 21:44:47] Keiko: "ok, so somebody is being used"

[13/12/2013 21:44:48] Louise: unfortuantely

[13/12/2013 21:45:02] Rin: seems like it

[13/12/2013 21:45:09] Chiku: I can name at least one person who's been used before...

[13/12/2013 21:45:18] Louise: huh?

[13/12/2013 21:45:23] Rin: who?

[13/12/2013 21:45:27] Mizuki: So we're discussing riddles now?

[13/12/2013 21:45:34] Chiku: Isn't it obvious who??

[13/12/2013 21:45:50 | Edited 21:45:57] Chiku: Who do we bark orders at and they do without a second thought?

[13/12/2013 21:46:02] Louise: Oh...

[13/12/2013 21:46:04] Rin: nobu?

[13/12/2013 21:46:05] Mizuki: Fucking Nobu.

[13/12/2013 21:46:07] Monoleo Mastermind: There are three people, two control me, the other doesn't know anything.

[13/12/2013 21:46:08] Louise: Nobu right?

[13/12/2013 21:46:19] Nobu: You are

[13/12/2013 21:46:26] Louise: So two of us are using Nobu?!

[13/12/2013 21:46:27] Nobu: AH WRONG PERSON

[13/12/2013 21:46:43] Chiku: Two are using Nobu.

[13/12/2013 21:46:45] Louise: What the fuck?! Why would anyone use Nobu?!

[13/12/2013 21:46:48] Louise: No offense

[13/12/2013 21:46:50] Chiku: She just doesn't know

[13/12/2013 21:46:51] Louise: but that's not nice

[13/12/2013 21:47:00] Nobu: Ah, Louise, that's what I'm here for though!

[13/12/2013 21:47:04] Chiku: Louise you're being obtuse, why wouldn't they use Nobu?

[13/12/2013 21:47:07] Mizuki: Neither is trapping someone inside a school Louise.

[13/12/2013 21:47:09] Nobu: I'm simply a door mat to all my dear friends

[13/12/2013 21:47:16] Rin: trevor used her to kill me, that enough of an example?

[13/12/2013 21:47:20] Louise: Cause she's so sweet! She's been nothing but nice to me!

[13/12/2013 21:47:24] Louise: to all of us!

[13/12/2013 21:47:32] Chiku: Right. And she's trained in... Nobu, remind me?

[13/12/2013 21:47:33] Rin: that's right!

[13/12/2013 21:47:43] Nobu: Capoeira

[13/12/2013 21:47:58] Chiku: Right. So she's trained.

[13/12/2013 21:48:01] Nobu: Knive throwing, and handling guns

[13/12/2013 21:48:08] Keiko: Keiko thinks over the riddle, her eyes scanning over everyone in the room, trying to put two and two together

[13/12/2013 21:48:28] Chiku: So what better puppet can you possibly ask for than a maid who does as she is asked and trained in capoeira?

[13/12/2013 21:49:08] Rin: not to mention she's huge and strong at the same time

[13/12/2013 21:49:22] Rin: the tallest even

[13/12/2013 21:49:25] Chiku: So who has strung her along?

[13/12/2013 21:49:35] Nobu: That's hurtful, master Rin

[13/12/2013 21:49:53] Trevor: "Handling... guns?"

[13/12/2013 21:49:58] Mizuki: Basically, she's pretty fucking capable.

We just need to decide who did the ordering around.

[13/12/2013 21:50:00] Nobu: Ahh, I wish I was as sweet and gentle as some of my mistresses

[13/12/2013 21:50:08] Rin: *turns to nobu* i'm sorry, don't take it personally

[13/12/2013 21:50:17] Nobu: Taken personally

[13/12/2013 21:50:24] Rin: my bad

[13/12/2013 21:50:34] Nobu: I should think so

[13/12/2013 21:50:40] Chiku: Ahh, Trevor I think you might be onto something there

[13/12/2013 21:51:05] Louise: What do you mean?

[13/12/2013 21:51:17] Mizuki: Hmmm.... yeah...

[13/12/2013 21:51:30] Rin: she handles guns... isn't that a giveaway?

[13/12/2013 21:51:37] Chiku: "A loaded gun is in the room"

[13/12/2013 21:51:40] Louise: Oh right that

[13/12/2013 21:51:41] Nobu: This is why I didn't want you guys to knooow.... *Looks at Rin*

[13/12/2013 21:52:01 | Edited 21:52:15] Louise: So you're protecting two of them?! Do you know who they are?!

[13/12/2013 21:52:15] Rin: if i'd known while conscious i would’ve kept it secret

[13/12/2013 21:52:36] Chiku: Lets not make this a personal affair, we've only caught one.

[13/12/2013 21:52:42] Chiku: There's still another two.

[13/12/2013 21:52:49] Rin: *nods*

[13/12/2013 21:53:00] Monoleo Mastermind: The puppet does not know of the masterminds identity

[13/12/2013 21:53:17] Louise: Oh man, we're at square one...

[13/12/2013 21:53:25] Chiku: Not that it's anything to go by... Monoleo, why were you wearing a trilby?

[13/12/2013 21:53:40] Monoleo Mastermind: I was wearing a fedora.

[13/12/2013 21:53:59] Monoleo Mastermind: And because while torturing Trevor I stumbled upon a memory of his

[13/12/2013 21:54:09] Monoleo Mastermind: And enjoted

[13/12/2013 21:54:13] Monoleo Mastermind: Seeing him

[13/12/2013 21:54:15] Chiku: Right, Fedora.

[13/12/2013 21:54:16] Monoleo Mastermind: Freak out.

[13/12/2013 21:54:21] Monoleo Mastermind: Huehuehue

[13/12/2013 21:54:26] Chiku: ...

[13/12/2013 21:54:32] Rin: memory?

[13/12/2013 21:54:33] Nobu: That is my laugh

[13/12/2013 21:54:36] Chiku: That laugh again..

[13/12/2013 21:54:44] Nobu: I would like money in exchange for using it

[13/12/2013 21:55:38] Chiku: This is growing tiresome.

[13/12/2013 21:56:28] Louise: So how do we figure out the other two?!

[13/12/2013 21:56:30] Chiku: Where do we go now...

[13/12/2013 21:56:39] Mizuki: Fuck... I'd hate to make this suggestion since it's probably going to get me grilled alive by a certain someone...

[13/12/2013 21:56:48] Trevor: "Hello."

[13/12/2013 21:56:49] Louise: what?

[13/12/2013 21:56:59] Chiku: it's isn't a personal affair anymore, just say it Mizuki.

[13/12/2013 21:57:01] Mizuki: But I have another suspicion based on the riddle.

[13/12/2013 21:57:10] Louise: Oh! Do tell!

[13/12/2013 21:57:21] Rin: well dude! spill it

[13/12/2013 21:58:08] Mizuki: "The master of control"

Couldn't that point toward a certain someone?

I think you all know who i'm talking about.

A certain god mod.

[13/12/2013 21:58:20] Chiku: Ah

[13/12/2013 21:58:24] Chiku: Of course.

[13/12/2013 21:58:25] Trevor: "Oh."

[13/12/2013 21:58:36] Rin: uh huh

[13/12/2013 21:58:50] Louise: T-Trev?

[13/12/2013 21:59:03] Trevor: "Louise."

[13/12/2013 21:59:03] Nobu: Ahaha oh wow

[13/12/2013 21:59:39] Louise: Do you have a-anything to say...?

[13/12/2013 22:00:05] Trevor: "There are plenty things I'd like to say."

[13/12/2013 22:00:16] Mizuki: Then go ahead...

[13/12/2013 22:00:16] Louise: Will you?

[13/12/2013 22:00:19] Chiku: Do tell.

[13/12/2013 22:00:24] Trevor: "But one is definitely... AHAHAHAHAHA BOM BOM."

[13/12/2013 22:01:05] Louise: H-Huh?

[13/12/2013 22:01:20] Louise: Trev what is that meant to mean?

[13/12/2013 22:01:37] Rin: those supposed to be gun noises?

[13/12/2013 22:01:49] Louise: No it's a kids show. I saw it in England

[13/12/2013 22:01:57] Trevor: "No I was quite my childhood you meme loving fuck."

[13/12/2013 22:02:24] Mizuki: So...?

[13/12/2013 22:02:25] Louise: It's a puppet fox in a suit

[13/12/2013 22:02:36] Rin: oh ok

[13/12/2013 22:02:45] Chiku: Never mind that fox and what it says!!

[13/12/2013 22:02:58] Rin: ring ding ding?

[13/12/2013 22:03:40] Chiku: What did you just say, Rin...?

[13/12/2013 22:03:47] Louise: What is that meant to mean, Trev?

[13/12/2013 22:04:03] Trevor: "Rin became a phone."

[13/12/2013 22:05:11] Rin: *he speaks in a jokingly robotic manner* MY. OVERDRIVES. ARE. MALFUNTIONING. PAY. NO. ATTANTION. TO. THE. PHONE

[13/12/2013 22:05:24] Nobu: Can I call for pizza on you?

[13/12/2013 22:05:36] Rin: go for it

[13/12/2013 22:05:38] Chiku: *she smiles a little before shaking her head/screen/thing*

[13/12/2013 22:05:39] Louise: Can I phone a friend?

[13/12/2013 22:05:50] Louise: For the million pound question

[13/12/2013 22:05:58] Keiko: "Nobu, why call when you can download a pizza?"

[13/12/2013 22:06:13] Louise: Anyway! Going off track here!

[13/12/2013 22:06:22] Chiku: So let's say Trevor is a culprit, and Nobu is the puppet

[13/12/2013 22:06:29] Louise: Then who'se three?!

[13/12/2013 22:06:34] Rin: so it's just the mole left

[13/12/2013 22:07:13] Louise: Who could be the mole?!

[13/12/2013 22:07:37] Mizuki: That seems... slightly less obvious.

[13/12/2013 22:07:41] Chiku: What even does a mole consist of, don't they have had to live ?

[13/12/2013 22:07:46] Nobu: I don't have an internet to down load a pizza

[13/12/2013 22:07:58] Rin: then download internet

[13/12/2013 22:07:59] Nobu: *Sad*

[13/12/2013 22:08:08] Nobu: Dowloads internet

[13/12/2013 22:08:15] Nobu: Downloads government

[13/12/2013 22:08:20] Nobu: Downloads Obama

[13/12/2013 22:08:24] Rin: lemme on youtube when you're done

 [13/12/2013 22:08:32] Chiku: Oh god.

[13/12/2013 22:08:51] Mizuki: So who could the last person be?

[13/12/2013 22:08:53] Louise: We're going off track! Please stay on track!

[13/12/2013 22:08:54] Trevor: "I lived in America and I can confirm the accuracy.”

[13/12/2013 22:09:19] Mizuki: It doesn't seem obvious to me when I look at the riddle.

[13/12/2013 22:09:19] Chiku: "Being truthful with their state of life" ... ??

[13/12/2013 22:09:31] Keiko: "we just need to think about it"

[13/12/2013 22:10:16 | Edited 22:10:28] Rin: what if someone's faking that they're alive? i don't see the sense in that question but i'm asking it anyway

[13/12/2013 22:10:26] Chiku: ...

[13/12/2013 22:10:40] Chiku: Or what if they pretended to die...

[13/12/2013 22:10:55] Chiku: But that leaves too many options

[13/12/2013 22:11:48] Keiko: "what Monoleo said was "There are three people, two control me, the other doesn't know anything". So we need to dissect the riddle maybe and piece the puzzle together with what we have"

[13/12/2013 22:12:02] Chiku: Assuming Nobu and Trevor are part of this, then that leaves myself, Rinji, Yuki, Raymond and Louise.

[13/12/2013 22:12:28] Rin: that's how it is unfortuanately

[13/12/2013 22:12:36] Louise: But Raymond watched me die /in his arms/

[13/12/2013 22:12:42] Louise: he saw me choke up and die

[13/12/2013 22:12:48] Chiku: Raymond and Myself were both executed...-

[13/12/2013 22:13:00] Chiku: This reminds me of Romeo and Juliet somehow

[13/12/2013 22:13:16] Louise: Oh, kinda I suppose

[13/12/2013 22:13:19] Nobu: Might I say, all I know is I was contacted by monoleo to kill if the game were to slow up

[13/12/2013 22:13:22] Rin: nobu smashed my face in and stabbed me in the head

[13/12/2013 22:13:25] Louise: huh?

[13/12/2013 22:13:28] Nobu: That's all I have in terms of involvement here

[13/12/2013 22:13:29] Trevor: "What Nobu?"

[13/12/2013 22:13:33] Louise: Bloody hell!

[13/12/2013 22:13:34] Chiku: Gaah think - ! *she tries to think*

[13/12/2013 22:13:51] Nobu: I was given the pistol to kill should the game slow up

[13/12/2013 22:13:51] Rin: you wha?!

[13/12/2013 22:14:03] Nobu: That is all I know

[13/12/2013 22:14:13] Louise: W-Where is it then?

[13/12/2013 22:14:13] Trevor: "Why did you never tell me !?"

[13/12/2013 22:14:18] Louise: The gun!

[13/12/2013 22:14:18] Mizuki: Well now we know that useful little tidbit.

[13/12/2013 22:14:31] Chiku: ... Isn't there a part in Romeo and Juliet where Juliet pretends to die?

[13/12/2013 22:14:39] Chiku: Was that not something she drank?

[13/12/2013 22:14:43] Nobu: I did not tell you so you would not get hurt

[13/12/2013 22:14:50] Rin: yeah, she pretended to be poisoned

[13/12/2013 22:14:59] Trevor: "I'm fucking dead dear let's cut the act."

[13/12/2013 22:15:05] Louise: Oh come on!

[13/12/2013 22:15:17] Chiku: Pretended to be poisoned, huh?

[13/12/2013 22:15:18] Louise: Raymond can assume you I genuinely died there and then

[13/12/2013 22:15:48] Trevor: "I'm all hurt up now WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?"

[13/12/2013 22:16:06] Nobu: All I did was accept a gun

[13/12/2013 22:16:22] Chiku: Raymond, can you clarify?

[13/12/2013 22:16:24] Nobu: I did not kill for the mastermind, I did however kill for you, master Trevor *She doesn't look at him

[13/12/2013 22:16:41] Louise: I mean, Gem had to pull me apart due to rigamortis!

[13/12/2013 22:17:00] Chiku: That she died unmistakably in your arms, knowing that if you lie you pull us all down with you.

[13/12/2013 22:17:05 | Edited 22:17:16] Raymond: I... well... I did give her the poison to drink.. and I was there to watch her die and was there to hold her as she died...

[13/12/2013 22:17:13] Trevor: "YOU KILLED FOR ME I KNOW BUT.. FUCK NOBU WHY!?"

[13/12/2013 22:17:39] Louise: See!!!

[13/12/2013 22:17:49] Chiku: ...

[13/12/2013 22:17:57] Mizuki: I think basing our case off that is a bit tenuous...

[13/12/2013 22:18:01] Nobu: All I did was accept a gun.

[13/12/2013 22:18:57] Louise: So what path now?

[13/12/2013 22:19:04] Louise: Who pretended to die?

[13/12/2013 22:19:32] Rin: or whos would be the easiest to fake?

[13/12/2013 22:19:36] Chiku: This is the most frustrating thing ever

[13/12/2013 22:19:47] Louise: For fuck sake!

[13/12/2013 22:19:54] Louise: This is ridiculous!

[13/12/2013 22:20:02] Rin: *blood drips from his mouth* i know... but just try to hold on ok?

[13/12/2013 22:20:37] Louise: AT THIS RATE TIME WILL BE CALLED AND WE'LL ALL DIE

[13/12/2013 22:20:51] Chiku: LOUISE SHUT THE FUCK UP

[13/12/2013 22:21:01] Louise: WHY DONT YOU SMARTASS?

[13/12/2013 22:21:10] Chiku: I am NOT dying again for something like TIME of all things!!!

[13/12/2013 22:21:54] Rin: both of you calm down! it's not over till the last second ticks! we ARE gonna get through this!

[13/12/2013 22:22:09] Raymond: PLEASE You two, both calm down! There is no time to be arguing right now! Now is NOT the time!

[13/12/2013 22:22:13] Chiku: Hnnnnng, Monoleo??

[13/12/2013 22:22:43] Rin: arguing is just gonna waste time, so please, elsie? louise?

[13/12/2013 22:22:46] Yuki: If you two keep on arguing we'll lose even more time.

[13/12/2013 22:23:19] Louise: *groans* But we're getting NO WHERE!

[13/12/2013 22:23:32] Monoleo Mastermind: You KNOW WHAT TIMES FUCKING UP.

[13/12/2013 22:23:41] Rin: !!

[13/12/2013 22:23:41] Louise: H-Huh?

[13/12/2013 22:23:49] Louise: I KNEW IT!

[13/12/2013 22:23:49] Monoleo Mastermind: I'm sick TO DEATH OF THIS.

[13/12/2013 22:23:54] Monoleo Mastermind: In fact....

[13/12/2013 22:23:57] Nobu: *She looks shocked*

[13/12/2013 22:24:01] Mizuki: Oh shit

[13/12/2013 22:24:05] Nobu: *Woah emote*

[13/12/2013 22:24:12] Monoleo Mastermind: *The monoleo shuts down, flopping onto the ground*

[13/12/2013 22:24:17] Louise: Oh

[13/12/2013 22:24:19] Louise: Oh~

[13/12/2013 22:24:21] Rin: ?

[13/12/2013 22:24:21] Chiku: No no no!! *she covers her screen*

[13/12/2013 22:24:27] Louise: Damn~

[13/12/2013 22:24:27] Rin: ...

[13/12/2013 22:24:35] Raymond: Wh..What's going on..?!

[13/12/2013 22:24:39] Chiku: Huuh??

[13/12/2013 22:24:41] Yuki: Huh?

[13/12/2013 22:24:53 | Edited 22:24:59] Louise: This took a sudden turn

[13/12/2013 22:25:16] Chiku: This is... What's going on...?

[13/12/2013 22:25:26] Keiko: She looks up

[13/12/2013 22:25:26] Mizuki: Now what...?

[13/12/2013 22:25:27] Rin: it.. shut down?

[13/12/2013 22:25:34] Keiko: "a-ara?"

[13/12/2013 22:25:45] Louise: What does that mean?

[13/12/2013 22:27:33] Chiku: *looks at monoleo, watching it curiously* should we poke it...?

[13/12/2013 22:28:53] Keiko: Keiko tugged at her hair in fear "I'm scared....Mi-Mizukiiii"

[13/12/2013 22:29:11] Rin: *more blood drips from his mouth*

[13/12/2013 22:29:36] Mizuki: *Smiled reassuringly at Keiko*

It... it's gonna be ok Keiko... we'll get through this.

One way or another...

[13/12/2013 22:29:41] Chiku: *silence*

[13/12/2013 22:29:57] Louise: Oh man...

[13/12/2013 22:30:39] Keiko: She tries humming a happy tune to keep herself together, but her voice cracks and goes out of tune due to her nerves playing up

[13/12/2013 22:31:27] Trevor: "Oh, guess this means game over huh."

[13/12/2013 22:31:43] Nobu: Master?

[13/12/2013 22:31:50] Louise: Trev?

[13/12/2013 22:31:59] Trevor: "U... upupu.."

[13/12/2013 22:32:06] Louise: .....

[13/12/2013 22:32:08] Rin: !!

[13/12/2013 22:32:10] Keiko: "I FUCKING KNEW IT"

[13/12/2013 22:32:16] Chiku: ... Trevo-!

[13/12/2013 22:32:25] Mizuki: Grrrrrrrr!

[13/12/2013 22:32:30] Raymond: Wh...What..? It can't be..

[13/12/2013 22:32:32] Rin: y-you!

[13/12/2013 22:32:47] Chiku: This is-!!

[13/12/2013 22:32:49] Trevor: His screen flickers, the face changing to him with a bright red fedora instead of his black one."

[13/12/2013 22:33:23] Trevor: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN."

[13/12/2013 22:33:53] Trevor: "It is a pleasure to announce your despairful mastermind."

[13/12/2013 22:33:56] Trevor: "... Oh wait.. What's my name?"

[13/12/2013 22:33:58] Nobu: *She's not angry, she's just fucking disappointed*

[13/12/2013 22:34:06] Chiku: Bastard.

[13/12/2013 22:34:13] Raymond: Trevor..! This is madness..!

[13/12/2013 22:34:16] Mizuki: You fucker....

[13/12/2013 22:34:17] Nobu: It's Trevor

[13/12/2013 22:34:26] Nobu: Or, so you've told me

[13/12/2013 22:34:30] Mizuki: You fedora wearing fucker...

[13/12/2013 22:34:37] Keiko: Keiko makes fake crowd cheering noises in a sarcastic manner "WOO WOO, THE FUCKING GAYLORD IS BEHIND IT ALL"

[13/12/2013 22:34:52] Nobu: Mistress Keiko, that's rude

[13/12/2013 22:34:52] Trevor: "Ugh whatever. It isn't. NO MATTER. WELCOME WELCOME."

[13/12/2013 22:35:10] Keiko: "gomen Nobu....I just....ehhhhhh"

[13/12/2013 22:35:12] Louise: Well...

[13/12/2013 22:35:18] Louise: This is unexpected

[13/12/2013 22:35:18] Nobu: Shh, emotions happen to people

[13/12/2013 22:35:21] Nobu: They're awful

[13/12/2013 22:35:37] Mizuki: So now what Trevor?

What are you going to do to us now?

[13/12/2013 22:35:48] Nobu: Technically we caught him

[13/12/2013 22:35:53] Trevor: "May I present my assistant..." He extends his hand to his mole.

[13/12/2013 22:35:56] Rin: *rin is surprisingly quiet, keeping his rage bottled up with a scarily serious face*

[13/12/2013 22:35:58] Louise: *giggle*

[13/12/2013 22:35:59] Mizuki: There must be some method to this fucking insanity.

[13/12/2013 22:36:10] Louise: I didn't think this would be the finale

[13/12/2013 22:36:15] Trevor: "The beautiful LOUISE,"

[13/12/2013 22:36:16] Chiku: LOUISE

[13/12/2013 22:36:29] Louise: Trev really~ I thought it'd be more of a bang!

[13/12/2013 22:36:31] Raymond: L..Louise...? What are you..- No... Nonono this can't be! *tears up a little* You can't be! Please tell me this is all a lie, Louise! Please god damnit!

[13/12/2013 22:36:37] Chiku: LOUISE HES LYING TELL ME HES LYING!!!

[13/12/2013 22:36:43] Nobu: Louise, are you kidding me

[13/12/2013 22:36:47] Mizuki: *She grits her teeth*

[13/12/2013 22:36:48] Louise: *giggles slowly change to mad laughter*

[13/12/2013 22:36:50] Nobu: *She looks back and fourth at them*

[13/12/2013 22:36:53] Nobu: *Wow*

[13/12/2013 22:37:03] Trevor: "Oh my dearest the finale is only beginning."

[13/12/2013 22:37:06] Chiku: No, oh my god

[13/12/2013 22:37:11] Raymond: *he tears up and buries his head in his arms on his podium* I can't... No god damnit! She can't! She can't!

[13/12/2013 22:37:26] Nobu: Master Raymond, please

[13/12/2013 22:37:30] Nobu: Contain yourself

[13/12/2013 22:37:47] Mizuki: You scumbags...

Tell us!

Now what?!

[13/12/2013 22:37:55] Trevor: "And lastly my dearest puppet."

[13/12/2013 22:38:00] Louise: *giggles more as her screen changes to her with heavy red eyeliner on one side of her face in the same monoleo symbol, with dark red lips and dark eyeliner on the other*

[13/12/2013 22:38:01] Raymond: I love her! A-And she... did she even love me back..?! Or was that all a lie?!

[13/12/2013 22:38:07] Louise: No no

[13/12/2013 22:38:11] Louise: I did love you

[13/12/2013 22:38:15] Louise: I can't lie about that

[13/12/2013 22:38:19] Chiku: If the finale is only starting..

[13/12/2013 22:38:23] Trevor: "Truly fallen from grace I must say, Nobubu"

[13/12/2013 22:38:31] Nobu: Don't call me that

[13/12/2013 22:38:53] Raymond: *he sniffles a little and looks over at her* I can't accept that you're part of all of this Louise... I just can't... wait what Nobu..?!

[13/12/2013 22:39:02] Mizuki: I would sock both of you right now...

[13/12/2013 22:39:08] Trevor: "And thus, the three bringers of despair were discovered, time to vote."

[13/12/2013 22:39:08] Mizuki: Right in the fucking screens!

[13/12/2013 22:39:09] Louise: Oops sorry. Looks like you'll have to learn

[13/12/2013 22:39:16] Nobu: I didn't bring any of this!

[13/12/2013 22:39:21] Nobu: You used me!

[13/12/2013 22:39:23] Chiku: This is all too much....

[13/12/2013 22:39:29] Rin: well... the vote is obvious now isn't it?...

[13/12/2013 22:39:31] Louise: *squeals* I love this part~

[13/12/2013 22:39:54] Trevor: "Oh but Nobu, you would have. Had you not tried to overthrow. How does it feel to be crownless?"

[13/12/2013 22:39:55] Mizuki: Let's fucking deal with this and be done with it.

[13/12/2013 22:40:12] Louise: Maybe if you just sticked with our plan...

[13/12/2013 22:40:15] Nobu: It feels like every other day because I'm always someone's footstool!

[13/12/2013 22:40:22] Louise: Oh well~

[13/12/2013 22:40:31] Raymond: I can't! I can't vote for Louise..! I.. I can't *he shakes his head and hiccups a little through sobs*

[13/12/2013 22:40:42] Mizuki: Raymond, you have to.

[13/12/2013 22:40:49] Chiku: Raymond, I'm sorry, I know it's hard

[13/12/2013 22:40:51] Louise: Meh, I'm not gonna feel it. In fact~

[13/12/2013 22:40:52] Nobu: I didn't want anything to do with your plans and so this is my fate!

[13/12/2013 22:40:59] Trevor: "You were my princess, until you betrayed us."

[13/12/2013 22:41:05] Louise: the despair from voting againt a loved one is so intense~

[13/12/2013 22:41:08] Chiku: But our whole future will fall

[13/12/2013 22:41:12] Nobu: I'd rather be a beggar on the street than your princess

[13/12/2013 22:41:29] Rin: ................

[13/12/2013 22:41:49] Trevor: "Nobu darling you hurt me."

[13/12/2013 22:41:58] Nobu: You hurt me

[13/12/2013 22:42:04] Raymond: *he bites his lower lip and holds onto his head as he groans and yelps a little* I can't take anymore of this..!

[13/12/2013 22:42:11] Trevor: "TIME TO VOTE I WANT TO SEE YOU DESPAIR."

[13/12/2013 22:42:11] Louise: Ahh~ how can you turn him down? Get to know him like that or have him as a brother as I have, and you're a queen~!!

[13/12/2013 22:42:16] Nobu: And you DID say you were going to mount the balls of those who hurt me on a wall

[13/12/2013 22:42:17] Mizuki: I might as well cast my vote already...

[13/12/2013 22:42:22] Rin: I... *he slams his hands on the podium* I REFUSE TO GIVE IN!

[13/12/2013 22:42:29] Mizuki: Louise and Trevor.

[13/12/2013 22:42:37] Nobu: Master Trevor and Mistress Louise

[13/12/2013 22:42:49] Rin: I'LL NEVER GIVE IN TO DESPAIR

[13/12/2013 22:42:53] Chiku: Trevor and Louise... I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...

[13/12/2013 22:43:09] Trevor: "Vote Rin. Watch. Us. Burn."

[13/12/2013 22:43:14] Louise: Heh, to think that my chain reaction effect worked. You die and suddenly everyone follows in line~

[13/12/2013 22:43:24] Louise: Yeha!!

[13/12/2013 22:43:26] Louise: Vote!!

[13/12/2013 22:43:29] Yuki: My vote is obvious, Trevor and Louise.

[13/12/2013 22:43:30] Louise: Vote vote!

[13/12/2013 22:43:40] Louise: I even vote me and Trev~!

[13/12/2013 22:43:43] Chiku: ((YeeehAaaw partner!!))

[13/12/2013 22:43:44] Louise: *giggles*

[13/12/2013 22:43:49] Keiko: "Louise as much as I wish I didn't have to and the little shitworm" she glared at Trevor

[13/12/2013 22:43:55] Trevor: "Louise's plan worked perfectly. Oh the little victim of this madness... led her own BOYFRIEND TO DEATH."

[13/12/2013 22:44:16] Raymond: T..Trevor and... *he chokes a little upon trying to say his last vote*

[13/12/2013 22:44:19] Louise: The despair was so real~ you weren't lying about it~

[13/12/2013 22:44:29] Rin: *he whispers* i'm sorry raymond, I vote louise and trevor

[13/12/2013 22:45:06] Louise: Trev dear~!

[13/12/2013 22:45:15] Louise: What happens to the robots when you die?

[13/12/2013 22:45:27] Louise: You never told me

[13/12/2013 22:45:37] Chiku: *she looks over at Trevor quickly*

[13/12/2013 22:45:42] Rin: *he stands tall, refusing to let go of hope*

[13/12/2013 22:45:51] Chiku: What does happen to us...?

[13/12/2013 22:46:22] Nobu: *She watches Trevor and Louise with a neutural expression, stood tall*

[13/12/2013 22:46:37] Louise: As I said, I killed a man once

[13/12/2013 22:46:47] Louise: Didn't say I didn't enjoy it

[13/12/2013 22:46:56] Trevor: "The robots that aren't us are allowed to leave. They can never turn off."

[13/12/2013 22:47:08] Louise: Fair doooooes~

[13/12/2013 22:47:15] Chiku: -!!

[13/12/2013 22:47:15] Nobu: My relationship with you *She stops and swallows lying though her teeth* was completely professional

[13/12/2013 22:47:33] Louise: What is it Chiku?

[13/12/2013 22:47:38] Louise: Shocked I liked it?

[13/12/2013 22:47:44] Louise: I got away on self defence

[13/12/2013 22:48:07] Rin: LOUISE, TREVOR

[13/12/2013 22:48:11] Raymond: I Vote... Trevor... a..and L..Lou...Louise... *he chokes and sobs a little more as he doesn't take his eyes off of Louise* I'm so sorry... I..I love you sweetheart...

[13/12/2013 22:48:13] Rin: I STILL SEE YOU TWO AS MY FRIENDS

[13/12/2013 22:48:22] Louise: *freezes*

[13/12/2013 22:48:26] Chiku: Killing one person and leading people on a mass genocide !!

[13/12/2013 22:48:35] Chiku: I don't understand how...

[13/12/2013 22:48:35] Louise: Please don't pull that on me Ray

[13/12/2013 22:48:38] Louise: Nows a bad time

[13/12/2013 22:48:59] Louise: Trevor cared for me like a sister

[13/12/2013 22:49:02] Louise: I was a queen

[13/12/2013 22:49:07] Nobu: *She grabs at the bottom of her skirt*

[13/12/2013 22:49:15] Louise: I'd never felt like that before

[13/12/2013 22:49:35] Louise: So, I set up my death

[13/12/2013 22:49:38] Nobu: My....relationship

[13/12/2013 22:49:41] Louise: to start Trev's game

[13/12/2013 22:49:49] Nobu: *Breathe in, breathe out*

[13/12/2013 22:49:55] Louise: As any loving sister would

[13/12/2013 22:50:07] Raymond: I'm so sorry... I should have looked after you more... I'm so sorry... s-so sorry darling... Ich liebe dich

[13/12/2013 22:50:18] Louise: I-I said don't

[13/12/2013 22:50:19] Rin: raymond...

[13/12/2013 22:50:29] Chiku: Ray...

[13/12/2013 22:50:40] Raymond: I need to! I need to damn it! I don't want my last words to you being me voting for your death

[13/12/2013 22:51:15] Rin: YOU TWO, COME WITH US, TO THE OUTSIDE

[13/12/2013 22:51:23] Louise: ...Ich liebe dich auch

[13/12/2013 22:51:28] Louise: happy?

[13/12/2013 22:51:37] Chiku: You don't need to die, you can still leave

[13/12/2013 22:51:37] Louise: It doesn't work that way~!!

[13/12/2013 22:51:53] Trevor: "Ohh Louiiiise. It's time for out prize."

[13/12/2013 22:52:01] Louise: *giggles madly*

[13/12/2013 22:52:11] Nobu: *She looks Trevor dead in the eyes* My relation......s-ship with you was professional!

[13/12/2013 22:52:14] Raymond: *he nods a little and sighs, glancing down a little*

[13/12/2013 22:52:16] Louise: I can hardly wait~

[13/12/2013 22:52:36] Trevor: "My love, our relationship was mutually beneficial."

[13/12/2013 22:52:39] Louise: *smiles a Ray* I do genuinely love you

[13/12/2013 22:52:44] Louise: That wasnt a lie

[13/12/2013 22:52:51] Louise: I can promise that to you

[13/12/2013 22:52:55] Nobu: No, no!

[13/12/2013 22:52:59] Nobu: We, you

[13/12/2013 22:53:01] Raymond: And I love you, always will! I promise you, Louise!

[13/12/2013 22:53:02] Trevor: "But I would so have married you, my pretty little maid."

[13/12/2013 22:53:04] Rin: you don't... need to do this...please... come with us!

[13/12/2013 22:53:15] Nobu: *She clutches the bottom of her skirt*

[13/12/2013 22:53:21] Nobu: I'm not your maid.

[13/12/2013 22:53:31] Trevor: "You are my love."

[13/12/2013 22:53:32] Nobu: *She says though clenched shut teeth*

[13/12/2013 22:53:42] Trevor: "But it's time for me to go."

[13/12/2013 22:53:44] Louise: Keep me alive with you then. But I'm gonna be okay. I know that.

[13/12/2013 22:54:01] Trevor: "Make sure Emmy is proud of her daddy."

[13/12/2013 22:54:04] Louise: Come visit my cottage one okay?

[13/12/2013 22:54:05] Nobu: *She lifts her hands, un buttoning her dress' collar*

[13/12/2013 22:54:26] Rin: ?!

[13/12/2013 22:54:30] Trevor: "Louise, to despair."

[13/12/2013 22:54:40] Louise: To despair~!

[13/12/2013 22:54:48] Louise: *squeals madly*

[13/12/2013 22:55:01] Trevor: He goes to Monoleo's podium to press the execution button.

[13/12/2013 22:55:13] Louise: *giggling madly* let it begin~

[13/12/2013 22:55:15] Nobu: *She puts her hand down the front of her shirt*

[13/12/2013 22:55:23] Nobu: *She pulls out a pistol with one shot*

[13/12/2013 22:55:29] Louise: N-Nobu?

[13/12/2013 22:55:31] Nobu: *Aims and shoots at Trevor's hand*

[13/12/2013 22:55:41 | Edited 22:56:03] Mizuki: Nobu?!

[13/12/2013 22:55:50] Rin: nobu! you have the gun! destroy that button quick!

[13/12/2013 22:56:02] Trevor: Trevor is shot in the hand, he jolts back from the button and falls from the podium.

[13/12/2013 22:56:09 | Edited 22:56:38] Chiku: Nobu what are you doing!?

[13/12/2013 22:56:11] Louise: TREV!

[13/12/2013 22:56:16] Nobu: *She's holding the empty gun, hand still raised, shaking*

[13/12/2013 22:56:25] Trevor: The tv head is cracked in the fall and thus, shuts off,

[13/12/2013 22:56:29] Nobu: You're going to leave me alone?

[13/12/2013 22:56:32] Louise: ...H-huh?

[13/12/2013 22:56:35] Nobu: You pig?

[13/12/2013 22:56:46] Trevor: Slight giggling can be heard. "Oh never my love."

[13/12/2013 22:56:58] Trevor: The giggling turns to manic laughter.

[13/12/2013 22:57:14] Nobu: *She puts the gun under her chin, helplessly pulling the trigger only for there to be a clicking noise of an empty barrel as tears pour down her face*

[13/12/2013 22:57:20] Louise: *laughs* Don't scare me that way bro~

[13/12/2013 22:57:33] Chiku: *she looks around! shaking a little*

[13/12/2013 22:57:41] Keiko: Keiko runs to grab Nobu "NOBU...."

[13/12/2013 22:58:19] Trevor: From behind the curtain, the real, very much alive Trevor appears.  He is wearing a black suit with a white shirt and the red fedora. "Surprise bitches.. bet you thought you'd seen the last of me!"

[13/12/2013 22:58:32] Nobu: *She silently sobs, head turned to face the ceiling as she starts to wail 'click' 'click'*

[13/12/2013 22:58:38] Louise: How rude to scare a lady that way~

[13/12/2013 22:58:42] Trevor: "Oh Keiko broke a rule."

[13/12/2013 22:58:49] Rin: !!

[13/12/2013 22:58:51] Keiko: She backs up

[13/12/2013 22:58:56] Louise: Oooooooooopsie~

[13/12/2013 22:59:03 | Edited 22:59:05] Keiko: "I'm sorry....I'M SORRY"

[13/12/2013 22:59:05] Chiku: K-Keiko??


[13/12/2013 22:59:20] Keiko: She returns to her podium

[13/12/2013 22:59:23] Trevor: "Ohohoho... Louise, shall we deal with her first?"

[13/12/2013 22:59:28] Mizuki: Keiko!

[13/12/2013 22:59:33] Chiku: I-It was one mistake!!!

[13/12/2013 22:59:33] Louise: *nods excitedly* Despair~!

[13/12/2013 22:59:39] Louise: Do it!!

[13/12/2013 22:59:40] Raymond: Louise pleae don't!

[13/12/2013 22:59:44] Rin: NO!

[13/12/2013 22:59:45] Mizuki: *She runs to Keiko's side*

[13/12/2013 22:59:46] Mizuki: NO!

[13/12/2013 22:59:53] Louise: Rules are made to be followed, Raymond!

[13/12/2013 22:59:54] Nobu: TREVOR *She wails out*

[13/12/2013 23:00:00] Mizuki: *She tackles her to the ground*

[13/12/2013 23:00:18] Raymond: *he growls and runs over to Louise and grips her shoulders* Don't please! For the love of god! There's been enough killing! Enough despair! Please!!

[13/12/2013 23:00:30] Nobu: STOP TAKING PEOPLE AWAY FROM ME *She wildly thrusts the gun, pointing it at him*

[13/12/2013 23:00:42] Louise: It still won't make up for how I was treated world wide by every school

[13/12/2013 23:01:27] Louise: Trev! W-What do we do if they all move....?!

[13/12/2013 23:01:44] Raymond: But Louise you're here now! You have friends! Friends are like family! You can't keep killing everyone off! You're killing all your friends. Please for the love of god Louise, don't! -he grips her shoulders a little more-

[13/12/2013 23:02:01] Louise: I started midyear

[13/12/2013 23:02:06] Louise: and everyone ignored me

[13/12/2013 23:02:11] Louise: cause my stupid accent

[13/12/2013 23:05:54] Trevor: "Before I have my hero moment and die, allow me to explain a few things."

[13/12/2013 23:07:28] Trevor: "For one, this trial is pretty much over anyway,  so fine, Keiko I will spare you."

[13/12/2013 23:07:58] Trevor: "Now. For my and Louise's role in the despair."

[13/12/2013 23:08:56] Trevor: "I came to this school in the reserve program. I wasn't a Super High School level anything. Just a dumb kid with rich parents on the run."

[13/12/2013 23:09:26] Trevor: "I wanted to learn a few things, heck, the school might have taught me them."

[13/12/2013 23:10:43] Trevor:  "Both my parents attended here too in their youth, you know. It took half a year for teachers to notice my godmodding, enough to earn me a title snd entry to your programme."

[13/12/2013 23:11:56] Trevor: "From the second I got here, you all hated me. I was the outcast. I was branded an asshole and avoided like the plague. It was home all over again. That is except... Louise and Nobu."

[13/12/2013 23:15:46] Trevor: "My best friends. We were approached by the head of our organisation and agreed. Or, Louise and I did. We wanted to see you all pay for what you did to us. Nobu tried to back out so we stripped her of her memories and put her in with the rest of you fuckers. Giving her a single bullet and instructions on what to do."

[13/12/2013 23:16:30 | Edited 23:16:57] Keiko: She looked down at her feet, feeling shit for judging others when she had the same kind of treatment in high school. she did to them what others did to her, she felt no better than them

[13/12/2013 23:16:48] Trevor: "I was given what I wanted, my answers, control, a friend and of course,  my title."

[13/12/2013 23:17:42] Trevor: "Trevor Grimes remained my alias of course, all the great villains of our time have aliases. I became a man Emmy could be proud of."

[13/12/2013 23:18:04] Trevor: He bows. "And that is my sorry tale of despair."

[13/12/2013 23:18:13] Nobu: *She stares at him, watching with wide eyes, body shaking and gun still raised under her television screen chin*

[13/12/2013 23:18:20] Louise: *claps happily* Bravo~

[13/12/2013 23:18:57] Rin: that's good... that she's proud of you

[13/12/2013 23:19:50] Louise: What now, bro?

 [13/12/2013 23:20:15] Trevor: "Time for us to exit the limelight, and enter despair."

[13/12/2013 23:20:19] Rin: you got to see her too, didn't you?

[13/12/2013 23:20:26] Trevor: "No, never."

[13/12/2013 23:20:49] Rin: then... how does she know what you've done?

[13/12/2013 23:20:52] Louise: As I said, where I was, you can watch over people. How about we do that?

[13/12/2013 23:20:56] Louise: *grins*

[13/12/2013 23:21:03] Nobu: Why are you doing this to me?

[13/12/2013 23:21:19] Trevor: "But I learned my real name." He speaks with a satisfied smile. "She'll know."

[13/12/2013 23:21:59] Trevor: "I love you Nobubu, enjoy the despair." He finally presses the execution button.

[13/12/2013 23:22:14] Louise: *jumps up to be by Trev's side*

[13/12/2013 23:22:18] Trevor: "If anyone was interested, my name is Luke."

[13/12/2013 23:22:29] Trevor: "Luke Oliver Kingsley."

[13/12/2013 23:22:30] Rin: optimism.... that's what i like to see... *he smiles softly* goodbye... friends

[13/12/2013 23:22:38] Louise: Time to say bye, Oli~

[13/12/2013 23:22:45] Nobu: *She chokes up a sob and opens her mouth only to scream silently*

[13/12/2013 23:23:12] Louise: Bye, Ray

[13/12/2013 23:23:13] Trevor: "Goodbye friends." Chains wrap around Trevor and Louise, and drag them away.

[13/12/2013 23:23:30] Raymond: *he keeps his head bowed, not wanting to watch, until he looks up at Louise then* B..Bye Louise... my sweet Louise..

[13/12/2013 23:26:43] Trevor: They are dragged to the execution chamber.

[13/12/2013 23:31:08] Trevor: "GAME BRO ADVANCE 2"

The scene is set in an rpg game. Louise and Trevor stand side by side with no armour and only wooden swords for protection. A large number of heavily armed and armoured robots approach and engage in battle. The pair fight valiantly but are easily overcome, as Louise's back is turned Trevor steps forward and takes the hit for her. He is fatally wounded. Louise too is wounded in the fight. The robots sorround them and attack them. The largest of the enemies emerges from the scuffle holding 2 Spears, atop one is the head of Trevor, and the other the head of Louise.

[13/12/2013 23:32:27] Trevor: A robotic voice is heard around the school.  "THE BUILDING WILL COLLAPSE IN TWO MINITES."

[13/12/2013 23:32:42] Rin: !!

[13/12/2013 23:32:54] Rin: QUICK EVERYONE! RUN FOR IT!

[13/12/2013 23:33:06] Nobu: *She wipes her tears turning to action mode*

[13/12/2013 23:33:07] Keiko: "GUYS, WE HAVE TO GO" she grabs Mizuki and concerned, grabs Nobu's hand

[13/12/2013 23:33:13] Nobu: OH!

[13/12/2013 23:33:28] Raymond: *he screams out upon watching their death and holds his head as he cries a little more. He stands watching where they once stood for a while before he slowly begins to move backwards*

[13/12/2013 23:33:51] Keiko: Looking into Nobu's screen with determination "Nobu, let's go to our new life"

[13/12/2013 23:33:51] Nobu: *This is no time for boys Nobu. She looks to Keiko who's taken her hand before running to the elevator with her*

[13/12/2013 23:34:01] Nobu:

[13/12/2013 23:34:24] Keiko: "I said I wanted to look after you and dangit gurl, I will do so"

[13/12/2013 23:34:30] Rin: *he grabs raymond and lifts him over his shoulder* jeez you're slow!

[13/12/2013 23:34:36] Nobu: I'll be faithful to you forever!

[13/12/2013 23:34:36] Chiku: *runs out because I wasn't keeping up whoops hi*

[13/12/2013 23:34:38 | Edited 23:34:44] Keiko: "It's my turn to look after the mistress who was once the maid"

[13/12/2013 23:34:43] Gem & Ini: The elevator came down, and opened with an alarming CLANG.

"Guys!!" The twins looked to the entire class, or who was left.


[13/12/2013 23:34:45] Rin: *he runs for the elevator*

[13/12/2013 23:34:53] Raymond: Rin let me go! I'm going to stay here, you all go on ahead, I'm dead anyway..! *he struggles*

[13/12/2013 23:34:54] Nobu: *She stumbles into the elevator*

[13/12/2013 23:35:04] Gem & Ini: "Nobu's here!" Inirgo shouted to his brother.

[13/12/2013 23:35:12] Yuki: *Runs into the elevator.*

[13/12/2013 23:35:19] Rin: hey! i'm dead too man! don't think i'm letting you go!

[13/12/2013 23:35:23] Gem & Ini: "Yuki!!" Inirgo counted

[13/12/2013 23:35:25] Keiko: They run into the elevator

[13/12/2013 23:35:30] Raymond: Rin put me down please! I don't want to leave her!

[13/12/2013 23:35:46] Gem & Ini: "Keiko!" Gemalli nodded to her.

[13/12/2013 23:35:56] Gem & Ini: "COME ON! THIS PLACE IS GOING TO BLOW!" Gemalli yelled as loud as he could.

[13/12/2013 23:36:06] Rin: *he runs into the elevator with raymond and holds him back* c'mon man! you have to! live for her!

[13/12/2013 23:36:13] Chiku: *runs into the elevator with the rest, catching her breath*

[13/12/2013 23:36:15] Keiko: Keiko screamed to Ray "RAY, IF I CAN LOOK AFTER NOBU, I CAN LOOK AFTER YOU

[13/12/2013 23:36:27] Trevor: Elevators rising

[13/12/2013 23:36:30] Raymond: I'm already dead! I don't need looking after, I just need to be with her!

[13/12/2013 23:36:39 | Edited 23:36:59] Chiku: We can look after each other!! Fate can be decided when we're out of here!!

[13/12/2013 23:36:50] Rin: HALF OF US ARE ALREADY DEAD DUDE!

[13/12/2013 23:36:50] Trevor: Buildings shaking


[13/12/2013 23:37:16] Gem & Ini: "Damnit... Inirgo, cast the protection spell! GO!"

"R-Right!!" Inirgo whipped out his staff and pointed to the ceiling of the elevator.

[13/12/2013 23:37:18 | Edited 23:37:26] Rin: no matter what you say i'm not letting go!

[13/12/2013 23:37:30] Raymond: *he grits his teeth and he groans a little*

[13/12/2013 23:37:47] Trevor: Everybody out one minute

[13/12/2013 23:37:50] Rin: GO! GEM! INI!

[13/12/2013 23:37:51] Gem & Ini: "Please shield us!! CONTEGO!"

A blast of light radiated as the elevator shone with pure bright light, as though like a shield. "This should buy us some time, if anything!"

[13/12/2013 23:38:02] Keiko: "Ray, if we came in here, not knowing each other, then we will get out together"

[13/12/2013 23:38:23] Trevor: HURRY THE FUCK UP

[13/12/2013 23:38:34] Gem & Ini: "IS EVERYONE IN?" Gemalli yelloed.

[13/12/2013 23:38:42] Rin: LOOKS LIKE IT!

[13/12/2013 23:38:49] Gem & Ini: He placed his hands on the buttons and immediately slammed on the first floor button.

[13/12/2013 23:39:14] Trevor: ELEVATOR FUCKING RISING

[13/12/2013 23:39:17] Gem & Ini: Gemalli took out his staff and pointed to the floor.

[13/12/2013 23:39:17] Nobu: *She looks to the Astro twins losing her ability to speak with crazed eyes* SPEED SPELL

[13/12/2013 23:39:23] Trevor: GO GO G O

[13/12/2013 23:39:25] Gem & Ini: "WITH GOD'S SPEED! CELERITATE! GUYS, HOLD ON!!"

[13/12/2013 23:39:28] Nobu: METH THE SHIT OUT OF THIS THING

[13/12/2013 23:39:30] Trevor: LEAVE

[13/12/2013 23:39:30] Rin: *his arms still holding raymond*


[13/12/2013 23:39:44] Gem & Ini: With a vibration, the elevator ascended by an alarming rate.

[13/12/2013 23:39:50] Rin: TO THE HOPE FILLED FUTURE!

[13/12/2013 23:40:00] Keiko: "I think we're here guys"

[13/12/2013 23:40:09] Keiko: "get ready to run"

[13/12/2013 23:40:17] Nobu: *sSHE RUNS OUT THE ELEVATOR, hand in KEIKO'S darting down the hall*

[13/12/2013 23:40:19] Keiko: Keiko holding Nobu and Mizuki's hands started running

[13/12/2013 23:40:27] Rin: *he heaves raymond on his shoulder so he's easier to carry*

[13/12/2013 23:40:30] Gem & Ini: Once the elevator opened, everyone rushed out.

[13/12/2013 23:40:32] Nobu: *AT THE DOOR* HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT

[13/12/2013 23:40:35] Gem & Ini: "GO! GO! GO!!"

[13/12/2013 23:40:41] Rin: GOOOOOOO!!!!

[13/12/2013 23:40:56] Nobu: *Banging the door with her booty*

[13/12/2013 23:41:01] Gem & Ini: Gemalli and Inirgo both clapsed their hands as they swung their magic at the door.

[13/12/2013 23:41:05] Chiku: Go go!!

[13/12/2013 23:41:09] Gem & Ini: "LIBERATE!! APERIO!!"

[13/12/2013 23:41:14] Raymond: *he gets out of Rin's hold and runs out with everyone*

[13/12/2013 23:41:14] Keiko: Keiko found the button and smashed it with her fist

[13/12/2013 23:41:20] Keiko: "FUCKING OW"


[13/12/2013 23:41:27] Rin: *he smiles at raymond while running*

[13/12/2013 23:41:32] Keiko: "sorry...I panicked"

[13/12/2013 23:41:43] Gem & Ini: A magic blast of both dark and light blue energy casted from their canes and blasted the door, right before Keiko slammed the button.

[13/12/2013 23:41:53] Chiku: *runs after them

[13/12/2013 23:41:58] Gem & Ini: The momentum and force of the magic, coupled with Keiko's strenghth, forced the door wide open.

[13/12/2013 23:42:10] Rin: LETS GO! :D

[13/12/2013 23:42:20] Trevor: The door had been unlocked you could have just turned the handle

[13/12/2013 23:42:32] Keiko: "FUCKING AY TREVOR"

[13/12/2013 23:42:33] Trevor: But okay blowing it up works too

[13/12/2013 23:42:35] Nobu: *She runs out the door*

[13/12/2013 23:42:46] Rin: HAHAHAHA SCREW YOU AND YOUR LOGIC :D *he runs out*


[13/12/2013 23:42:49] Keiko: Keiko runs, hand in hand

[13/12/2013 23:42:52] Trevor: GO ON NOW GO


[13/12/2013 23:43:04] Gem & Ini: Gemalli and Inirgo ran out the door, their capes whipping in the wind.


[13/12/2013 23:43:09] Trevor: JUST TURN AROUND NOW


[13/12/2013 23:43:14] Chiku: *she runs outside and as soon as she feels a safe enough distance, she turns to look back

[13/12/2013 23:43:20] Yuki: *Runs out the door.*

[13/12/2013 23:43:22] Gem & Ini: When they were at a safe and considerable distance, they looked back to the school.

[13/12/2013 23:43:23] Raymond: *he runs out along with everyone else, catching up with Rin*

[13/12/2013 23:43:27] Trevor: Building: collapse

[13/12/2013 23:43:31] Gem & Ini: "Is everyone out...?" Inirgo asked.

[13/12/2013 23:43:42] Rin: I think so?...

[13/12/2013 23:43:47] Chiku: I think so...

[13/12/2013 23:43:50] Nobu: *She turns to see the building collapse after a long while of taking in the outside

[13/12/2013 23:43:53] Gem & Ini: "I think so.. Please god, let it be so." Gemalli looked to all of the students that arrived on the land.

[13/12/2013 23:43:57] Gem & Ini: A quick head count...

[13/12/2013 23:44:00] Nobu: ((Are you guys ready for the "I left my

[13/12/2013 23:44:00] Gem & Ini: Gemalli sighed with relief.

[13/12/2013 23:44:03] Gem & Ini: "Thank the heavens.."

[13/12/2013 23:44:10] Nobu: *She stares at the broken building*

 [13/12/2013 23:44:21] Nobu: *Eyes full of remose and bitter loss*

[13/12/2013 23:44:29] Nobu: ........I left my vibrator in there


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