[14/11/2013 19:06:54] Monoleo Mastermind: A body has been discovered.

[14/11/2013 19:07:42] Chiku: *hears the announcement, stumbling out of her room and looking down the hallway. Please, please be a joke*

[14/11/2013 19:08:03] Monoleo Mastermind: Yuki Mikomi, found murdered by a slit to the throat by a nib pen found lying on the ground. There are four long scratches across her neck and face from fingernails. There is a drawing detailing two boys, one holding a blue eye, the other holding a green eye with incoherent words in the background. She died at approximately ten past midnight

At the beginning of the incision to the neck there is a deep hole, caused by the tip of the nib. Yuki is wearing a cape which has a lot of the blood spilled on it and there's some ripped up clippings in her pokcet.

[14/11/2013 19:08:54] Chiku: What... What is this...? Why...

[14/11/2013 19:08:56] Trevor: Good.

[14/11/2013 19:09:05] Trevor: Good fucking work whoever did this.

[14/11/2013 19:09:14] Trevor: I'll be sure to thank you.

[14/11/2013 19:09:20] Keiko: Trevor...can you fucking not

[14/11/2013 19:09:25] Chiku: Are you fucking joking?

[14/11/2013 19:09:52] Mizuki: *Readies her leg*

Can I please?

[14/11/2013 19:10:01] Trevor: Oh fuck.

[14/11/2013 19:10:06] Nobu: *She wanders into the room, looking around with wide eyes but a composed and seemingly calm expression*

[14/11/2013 19:10:08] Trevor: I can't take that.

[14/11/2013 19:10:09] Nobu: You may not

[14/11/2013 19:10:11] Trevor: Nobu!

[14/11/2013 19:10:19] Keiko: *she holds Mizuki back*

[14/11/2013 19:10:24] Trevor: They're being mean to me Nobu.

[14/11/2013 19:10:45] Keiko: Trevor....*she pulls him into a headlock*

[14/11/2013 19:10:47] Mizuki: *Puffs her cheeks out*


[14/11/2013 19:10:50] Nobu: I'm sure you're not being all to well to them either, master

[14/11/2013 19:10:56] Trevor: Keiko!!

[14/11/2013 19:11:00] Trevor: Nobu help!!!

[14/11/2013 19:11:15] Chiku: ... *she puts a shaken game over her mouth, turning away from the group* I... I promised Raymond it wouldn't happen again...

[14/11/2013 19:11:24] Mizuki: Wooooo!

Go Keiko!

That's my girl! *whistles*

[14/11/2013 19:11:29] Nobu: I see no problem

[14/11/2013 19:11:38] Nobu: *She walks past Keiko and Trevor with a smile*

[14/11/2013 19:11:45] Keiko: *she lets him go, taking his fedora*

[14/11/2013 19:11:48] Trevor: Nobu is this what I get!?!?

[14/11/2013 19:11:53] Nobu: Yes, it is

[14/11/2013 19:11:53] Mizuki: But...

[14/11/2013 19:11:55] Trevor: Keiko no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[14/11/2013 19:11:57] Keiko: that's your first warning for today

[14/11/2013 19:12:02] Mizuki: Ok, being dead serious here.

[14/11/2013 19:12:07] Mizuki: Fuck

[14/11/2013 19:12:10] Trevor: Not my fedora you meme loving fuck!!

[14/11/2013 19:12:29] Mizuki: Poor choice of words *She frowns, rubbing the back of her head*

[14/11/2013 19:12:57] Keiko: *she plops it back down on his head* I'm just kidding you silly goose *she gently punches his arm, chuckling*

[14/11/2013 19:13:32] Trevor: Thank you Keiko.

[14/11/2013 19:13:35] Mizuki: Either way.

We won't let this fucker get away.

We can't be sure they have a good reason, like Raymond.

[14/11/2013 19:13:48] Chiku: ... *she glances at the group, hugging her elbows* did he say where the body is...?

[14/11/2013 19:13:49] Nobu: Doesn't look like

[14/11/2013 19:19:35] Keiko: I'll be back a little later *she grabs Mizuki bridal style and carries her out* later~


[14/11/2013 19:20:13] Chiku: Okay... *she looked back at Yuki, biting down on her tongue at the sight* this is worse than Louise... Far worse...

[14/11/2013 19:29:24] Nobu: Of course it is, this was done with malice

[14/11/2013 19:29:55] Nobu: Mistress Louise died in peace

[14/11/2013 19:30:20] Chiku: It's awful... How could someone... ? *She sighed, shaking her head*

[14/11/2013 19:31:12] Nobu: Perhaps they have something against mistress Yuki? Perhaps it was self defense?

[14/11/2013 19:31:25] Nobu: Or perhaps we have someone who really wants to keep their secret

[14/11/2013 19:31:30] Chiku: Whatever it was, it needs to stop...

[14/11/2013 19:31:41] Nobu: *She looks to Chiku*

[14/11/2013 19:31:49] Chiku: *She looks over at Nobu, watching her face*

[14/11/2013 19:31:58] Chiku: *you didn't tell your secret either m8*

[14/11/2013 19:32:51] Nobu: *She smiles gently*

[14/11/2013 19:33:20] Chiku: *she looks away, finding the smile unsettling* It could be anything... This isn't as easy as before...

[14/11/2013 19:37:05] Trevor: Chiku was it you

[14/11/2013 19:37:28] Nobu: What makes you think that, master Trevor?

[14/11/2013 19:37:45] Trevor: I'm just asking.

[14/11/2013 19:38:07] Chiku: Me!? *she frowned, looking back at Trevor* dear god, no! I liked Yuki, She was practically a friend...

[14/11/2013 19:39:39] Trevor: Hm.

[14/11/2013 19:40:11] Chiku: *she sighs, looking at Yuki before looking away again with a frown* this is just awful...

[14/11/2013 19:40:16] Nobu: Did /you/ do it Trevor?

[14/11/2013 19:40:56] Chiku: *looks at Trevor,  watching his face*

[14/11/2013 19:42:25] Trevor: No.

[14/11/2013 19:42:38] Trevor: *He doesn't show any signs of anything*

[14/11/2013 19:43:14] Chiku: I don't know that he could... Does that sound bad?

[14/11/2013 19:44:00] Trevor: You're right.

Wouldn't kill.

[14/11/2013 19:44:29] Chiku: Good. It's a comfort to hear.

[14/11/2013 19:45:05] Nobu: Actually, should they be in the correct situation, anyone is capable of killing

[14/11/2013 19:48:49] Chiku: I think that much has been proven...

[14/11/2013 19:48:56] Trevor: Nobu shut up.

[14/11/2013 19:49:11] Trevor: I was with you this whole time remember.

[14/11/2013 19:49:38] Nobu: Huehuehuehue

[14/11/2013 19:50:10] Chiku: ... Ehh... *Obviously uncomfortable at the two* should we start investigating...?

[14/11/2013 19:54:31] Trevor: Right.

[14/11/2013 19:54:58] Chiku: ... Where to start?

[14/11/2013 19:56:21] Nobu: The wound?

[14/11/2013 19:58:08] Chiku: *nods a little* yeah... Lets start there

[14/11/2013 20:09:09] Chiku: *she kneels down on the ground next to the body, checking over the wound*

[14/11/2013 20:09:32] Nobu: It looks like her throat's been slit

[14/11/2013 20:10:10] Chiku: Yeah... *she frowns* but with what...? *she looked around herself*

[14/11/2013 20:12:53] Nobu: Perhaps with that? *She points to the nib pen*

[14/11/2013 20:13:53] Chiku: *she spots the pen and recoils a little, shivering* oh my god, but that's...

[14/11/2013 20:14:24] Trevor: I dont like how this looks.

[14/11/2013 20:14:52] Trevor: Who would use a pen.

[14/11/2013 20:15:00] Trevor: Chiiiiiiiiiiiku.

[14/11/2013 20:15:04] Nobu: Anyone could use a pen

[14/11/2013 20:15:20] Nobu: Surely you use a pen too, Trevor?

[14/11/2013 20:15:30] Trevor: I use a keyboard.

[14/11/2013 20:15:51] Nobu: So you do not know how to write?

[14/11/2013 20:16:17] Chiku: Why on earth would I use a drawing nib? Look around there's like... *she roughly counted* five here!

[14/11/2013 20:17:30] Trevor: Five... Hairy canaries?

[14/11/2013 20:21:18] Chiku: *She shakes her head, looking back at Yuki's body, sighing sadly* you poor soul, who did this to you...?

[14/11/2013 20:23:03] Trevor: BUT WHATS THERE FIVE OF.

[14/11/2013 20:23:14] Trevor: I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE I I DIE.

[14/11/2013 20:46:15] Chiku: Drawing nibs, Trevor. As I stated in the sentence before hand

[14/11/2013 20:46:55] Nobu: It coooould have been Rin?

[14/11/2013 20:47:13] Chiku: /WHAT/

[14/11/2013 20:47:26] Nobu: But of course, Yuki would have used such pen nibs as she's an illustrator

[14/11/2013 20:47:29] Chiku: Have you ever spoken to Rin!? He'd never do this sort of thing!!

[14/11/2013 20:47:56] Nobu: Like I said, given the right situation

[14/11/2013 20:48:05] Nobu: But, I'm sure they belonged to Yuki

[14/11/2013 20:48:31] Chiku: Never Rin, not to this extent...

[14/11/2013 20:48:45] Chiku: I... Think we're done with the wound