[18/11/2013 21:31:49] Chiku: *walks into the cafeteria, hand in hand with Rin* come on. We'll get you something to eat. *she smiles back at him happily*

[18/11/2013 21:32:11] Rin: *still blushing a little* yeah, sure!

[18/11/2013 21:33:05] Mizuki: *She walks in, still grinning at her two friends in front* Oh man... you two~

[18/11/2013 21:33:37] Chiku: *she looks back at Mizuki, laughing happily* whaaaat? *she smiled, leading them to the kitchen*

[18/11/2013 21:35:07] Mizuki: Nothing, this is just quite a sight to behold.

[18/11/2013 21:35:35] Rin: *chuckles a little*

[18/11/2013 21:36:53] Chiku: *she walks into the kitchen, smiling happily and putting the kettle on* what do you feel like eating~?

[18/11/2013 21:37:43] Mizuki: *She grabs a pack of cookies from the cupboard and starts to munch on them*

[18/11/2013 21:38:06] Trevor: Hello everyone. *walks in*

[18/11/2013 21:38:21] Rin: I'll go with noodles! *looks in one of the cuboards and finds a noodle cup*

[18/11/2013 21:38:27] Nobu: *She peers in the door* Cookies are not a healthy dinner

[18/11/2013 21:38:41] Trevor: Fuckin Nobu

[18/11/2013 21:38:46] Rin: *notices trevor and nobu* oh hey guys!

[18/11/2013 21:39:03] Chiku: Ah! Hello Trevor, Nobu! *she smiles at the both of them before turning to look at the noodle cup* sounds good!

[18/11/2013 21:39:30] Mizuki: *She gulps fown a mouthful*

This isn't dinner though, I can assure you Nobu I had something better to eat earlier...

[18/11/2013 21:40:26] Trevor: Yeah Nobu jeez.

[18/11/2013 21:40:42] Mizuki: *She smiles at Nobu*

But... thanks anyway.

[18/11/2013 21:42:06] Nobu: I hope so

[18/11/2013 21:42:09] Nobu: *She smiles*

[18/11/2013 21:43:46] Nobu: I'm not one for cookies myself

[18/11/2013 21:44:36] Mizuki: I just grab them because they're easy.

Although I guess I do kind of love them too.

[18/11/2013 21:44:44] Chiku: Really? But cookies are quite wonderful!

[18/11/2013 21:44:54] Rin: I love em!

[18/11/2013 21:44:59] Nobu: If I might say, I'm not a fan of many sweet things at all

[18/11/2013 21:46:06] Keiko: *Keiko enters the room with her blanket draped over her* ..... *she goes and sits down*

[18/11/2013 21:46:21] Chiku: *smiles up at Rin* so, how do you do the noodle cup? Just add hot water?

[18/11/2013 21:46:56] Mizuki: *She notices Keiko enter out of the corner of her eye*


*She wanders out, cookies in hand*

[18/11/2013 21:47:42] Rin: uh huh, that's what it says *opens the cup and takes out the flavour sachel*

[18/11/2013 21:48:22] Mizuki: *She sits in front of Keiko*

What's up?

[18/11/2013 21:49:18] Chiku: *the kettle clicks and she looks over, nodding* well! Looks like we're in luck! *she jokes, laughing*

[18/11/2013 21:49:21] Nobu: What about you, master Trevor? Do you like cookies *She grins*

[18/11/2013 21:50:25] Keiko: *she looks at Mizuki through her messy hair* I...I don't know....

[18/11/2013 21:50:43] Keiko: but...I've stopped eating again.....

[18/11/2013 21:51:22] Mizuki: *She offers the bag of cookies to Keiko*

Take one...

[18/11/2013 21:52:59] Nobu: Yes, have a cookie

[18/11/2013 21:53:05] Nobu: Everyone seems to love cookies so much

[18/11/2013 21:53:10] Keiko: *she stares down at the bag* ...........

[18/11/2013 21:53:42] Keiko: *her bottom lip trembles* um.....

[18/11/2013 21:54:46] Mizuki: You don't get much of a choice here.

Take one!

If not this then you're going to eat something else, I swear to fuck.

[18/11/2013 21:55:15] Chiku: *she reaches for the kettle, pouring it into the cup and looking over at Keiko, putting the kettle back and pausing a second*

[18/11/2013 21:55:57] Rin: *watching the scene as he opens the sachel*

[18/11/2013 21:56:43] Keiko: *she grabs a handful of cookies and wolfs them down*

[18/11/2013 21:57:05] Nobu: Mistress Keiko, slow down

[18/11/2013 21:57:08] Nobu: You will make yourself sick

[18/11/2013 21:57:12] Trevor:  Cookies are for girls.

[18/11/2013 21:57:20] Trevor: Give me rich teas.

[18/11/2013 21:57:28] Nobu: *she puts a hand infront of her mouth*

[18/11/2013 21:57:46] Mizuki: *She smiles with relief* There you go...

She'll be fine, just let her eat.

[18/11/2013 21:58:19] Rin: *grins and empties the sachel into the cup*

[18/11/2013 21:58:23] Chiku: *gives a sigh of relief when she ate, smiling*

[18/11/2013 21:58:51] Nobu: Right, right, what tea would you like, master? *She says this after removing her hand*

[18/11/2013 21:59:29] Keiko: *she swallowed the food, trying not to choke* ....thanks Mizuki...

[18/11/2013 21:59:32] Trevor: No I meant the biscuit

[18/11/2013 21:59:44] Nobu: Ah, yes of course

[18/11/2013 21:59:52] Nobu: More.......biscuits..........

[18/11/2013 22:00:17] Keiko: *she began to tear up and pulled the blanket over her face*

[18/11/2013 22:00:42] Mizuki: Now don't forget to eat...

I will be checking up on this from now on!

*She notices the tear and sighs, kneeling in to hug Keiko*

[18/11/2013 22:01:14] Chiku: So you just add the sachet to the water, and that's it?

[18/11/2013 22:02:10] Rin: *gets a fork from the drawer and stirs it* yeah pretty much *starts eating*

[18/11/2013 22:03:10] Chiku: Ah, cool! *she smiles* shall we take a seat?

[18/11/2013 22:03:44] Trevor: Biscuits.

[18/11/2013 22:03:48] Trevor: Not cookies.

[18/11/2013 22:03:52] Trevor: Biscuits

[18/11/2013 22:04:03] Rin: *swallows* sure!

[18/11/2013 22:04:48] Chiku: *she nods  heading out to the tables and taking a seat*

[18/11/2013 22:05:54] Keiko: *Keiko buries her head into Mizuki's shoulder*

[18/11/2013 22:07:56] Rin: *takes a seat beside chiku*

[18/11/2013 22:08:06] Mizuki: *She pulls the larger girl into her, rubbing and patting her back*

[18/11/2013 22:08:18] Nobu: What biscuit would you like?

[18/11/2013 22:09:04] Chiku: *she smiles, leaning her elbows on the table and holding her head up on her hands contently*

[18/11/2013 22:09:38] Rin: *continues eating*

[18/11/2013 22:10:47] Keiko: *she sits back up straight, pulling the hairtie off her wrist and pulling her hair up into a pretty messy ponytail*

[18/11/2013 22:11:17] Gem & Ini: Step. Step. Step. Step.

He came out because his brother had told him to. It was unhealthy, really, to be so bent out of shape like he was. But it was moreso because of fear rather than loathing... Fear that what actually happened did happen. That he made Trevor writhe with pain, that he came so close to being another one of Monoleo's murderers... That.. That Yuki had actually died.

But he had to come out. He needed to, get some fresh air. While Gemalli would focus on piecing together the puzzle, Inirgo would stretch and take over the shift as to who's alive and who isn't.

To be honest.. He was a walking corpse. Pale, without color, whether from not eating properly or because of the sadness or (slight?) remorse as to what he did.

When Inirgo walked in, he didn't make an entrance. He was just a shell of himself, a ghost maybe. The white cape suited him well, after all...

[18/11/2013 22:12:49] Rin: hm? Inirgo! hey!

[18/11/2013 22:13:08] Chiku: *she looked over as Inirgo walked in, her content smile fading somewhat. She didn't want to be rude but how awful he looked was something shocking. She offered a small smile in his direction, a silent way of acknowledging his appearance*

[18/11/2013 22:13:20] Gem & Ini: "Hi." The word slipped out of him rather than actually being said.

[18/11/2013 22:13:59] Mizuki: *She smiles, looking into Keiko's eyes*

There you go... that's a pretty looking face~

*She leans in, planting a kiss on Keiko's lips quickly*

[18/11/2013 22:14:19] Rin: you ok man?

[18/11/2013 22:14:23] Rin: you don't look too good

[18/11/2013 22:15:07] Chiku: *she looks back at Rin, shaking her head gently. It might be too sensitive to mention now, and she'd rather not pry*

[18/11/2013 22:15:56] Gem & Ini: "N-No, I'm fine.. Thank you.." He probably wasn't even aware that he was lying. Numbly, fumbling, he took a seat with the group. That much he remembered how to do. Yeah, talking. Laughing. He can try to do those things again somehow. But for now it was just basic muscle memory.

[18/11/2013 22:15:59] Keiko: *she went red, and became flustered* M-M-MIZUKIIIII!!!!!

[18/11/2013 22:16:23] Trevor: You that beat up over the fuckin psycho?

[18/11/2013 22:16:32] Chiku: *she looked over at Keiko and Mizuki, smiling a little* aw! who's cute now?

[18/11/2013 22:17:25 | Edited 22:17:31] Keiko: CH-CHIKUUUUU!!!! *she becomes even more embarrassed*

[18/11/2013 22:18:30] Gem & Ini: The words bounced off of him just as the noise around him did. He didn't dare to look up, not even to react. He didn't even know how to, what would happen if he'd speak again? Would he end up actually killing him? What a mess, what a bloody mess.

No, just.. Just let it go. Just let it go, Inirgo. Don't let him get to you..

[18/11/2013 22:18:38] Gem & Ini: He gave no response.

[18/11/2013 22:18:43] Nobu: Master Trevor.

[18/11/2013 22:18:50] Chiku: *she giggles softly, shaking her head a little.*dont mind me! It's just sweet!

[18/11/2013 22:19:13] Mizuki: *She grins impishly to Chiku* Hey Hey, cute is an understatement. *She kisses Keiko deeper this time, as she pulls away, she notices Ini*

Oh, Ini, it's been a while.

[18/11/2013 22:20:43] Trevor: Taking that as a yes.

You look dead.

Why have you not died.

[18/11/2013 22:21:01] Keiko: *Keiko puts her hands over her mouth, squealing into her hands. her cheeks were burning now* MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!! *she falls out of her chair*

[18/11/2013 22:21:01] Chiku: Trevor, thats enough.

[18/11/2013 22:21:22] Nobu: *her voice booms* master Trevor.

[18/11/2013 22:21:26] Trevor: Says the fuckin murderous bitch.

[18/11/2013 22:21:26] Chiku: *serious tone, shaking her head a little*

[18/11/2013 22:21:36] Nobu: That's quite enough.

[18/11/2013 22:21:40] Chiku: Excuse me-!?

[18/11/2013 22:21:49 | Edited 22:21:53] Keiko: *she yells from the floor* TREVOR IF YOU DON'T STOP I'M REALLY GOING TO CONSIDER BEATING YOU WITH A CHAIR...

[18/11/2013 22:22:25] Mizuki: *She get's out of her seat and points a finger at Trevor*


Say that again you bitch...

[18/11/2013 22:22:26] Gem & Ini: "..." He didn't respond, but the words hit really hard. He wasn't really sure how to even answer that in his mind, let alone out loud.

[18/11/2013 22:22:54] Gem & Ini: But then something slipped out again, fell to the floor because there wasn't effort. It was quiet, mouse-like.

[18/11/2013 22:23:22] Gem & Ini: "Because I mean something to someone."

[18/11/2013 22:23:24] Gem & Ini: "Unlike you."

[18/11/2013 22:23:53] Keiko: *Keiko got up, running over to check if Ini was ok* Ini...

[18/11/2013 22:23:59] Nobu: *She walks over to Trevor, grabbing the back of his shirt collar and yanking him back*

[18/11/2013 22:24:09] Nobu: We talked.

[18/11/2013 22:24:14] Chiku: *she stalled at Inirgos words, glancing back at him nervously. How was this going to impact, a statement as such*

[18/11/2013 22:24:31] Rin: *sets his cup down, get's up, walks over to Inirgo and places his hand on his shoulder* hey, I don't know what's happened the past couple days since i'v been out cold and all that and I'm getting a feeling you and trevor haven't exactly been on the same page, but making enemies in this kinda place is dangerous, y'know? ;) *looks over to trevor* so how about you two kiss and make up already, 'kay?

[18/11/2013 22:24:39] Keiko: *she looked over at Trevor* dude....what the fuck man?

[18/11/2013 22:24:42] Gem & Ini: "He's not an enemy."

[18/11/2013 22:24:48] Gem & Ini: His voice was automatic, cold.

[18/11/2013 22:24:51] Gem & Ini: "He's nothing."

[18/11/2013 22:24:54] Gem & Ini: "Worthless."

[18/11/2013 22:25:00] Mizuki: *She stands her ground, looking to Ini, wide eyed and sympathetic*

But... Ini!!!

[18/11/2013 22:25:01] Chiku: Inirgo... Stop

[18/11/2013 22:25:07] Rin: h-hey...

[18/11/2013 22:25:26] Gem & Ini: "He thinks the same of all of us, does he not?"

[18/11/2013 22:25:31] Gem & Ini: "Thinks we should all.. Die."

[18/11/2013 22:25:37] Gem & Ini: "He's said so countless times."

[18/11/2013 22:25:42] Chiku: Perhaps so, but don't let that impact you

[18/11/2013 22:26:03] Trevor: Nobu whatthe fuck!?

[18/11/2013 22:26:22] Keiko: I don't even know anymore....I want to be his friend but it's hard when he just hurts other people...

[18/11/2013 22:27:00] Rin: but doesn't he realise that if all of us die he'll?! *flashbacks to his dream* he'll...

[18/11/2013 22:27:07] Nobu: *she yanks harder* you are endangering yourself and others here by creating needless conflict

[18/11/2013 22:27:11] Gem & Ini: "He doesn't care."

[18/11/2013 22:27:15] Gem & Ini: "he has no heart."

[18/11/2013 22:27:19] Gem & Ini: "Again. He is worthless."

[18/11/2013 22:27:31] Chiku: *she looks over at Rin, placing a hand on his arm* it won't happen, Rin

[18/11/2013 22:27:38] Nobu: *she smiles at him* refrain

[18/11/2013 22:27:43] Chiku: I promised you, we'll be okay.

[18/11/2013 22:27:46] Keiko: isn't that RIGHT Trevor? *she stood up, facing him, now looking even more pissed off*

[18/11/2013 22:27:50] Trevor: Fiiiiine.

[18/11/2013 22:28:03] Mizuki: Let him endager himself.

He won't be able to hurt a single one of us.

*She fold her arms, cockily*

[18/11/2013 22:28:07] Trevor: Fuckin Nobu.

[18/11/2013 22:28:09] Rin: *smiles at chiku* yeah

[18/11/2013 22:28:21] Nobu: Mistress Keiko, please step back

[18/11/2013 22:28:49] Chiku: *she smiles easily at him, giving a nod* you have me. I'm not going anywhere

[18/11/2013 22:29:21] Gem & Ini: He stayed silent. His gaze to the floor.

[18/11/2013 22:29:28] Rin: *nods back and blushes a little*

[18/11/2013 22:29:43] Nobu: *she gives him a long look before letting go of his shirt collar*

[18/11/2013 22:30:02] Mizuki: Oh well... I think i'm done here for now.

Better head to bed...

[18/11/2013 22:30:13] Mizuki: *She heads for the door, waving behind her*

[18/11/2013 22:30:54] Chiku: *she smiles, taking his hand once more* come on, should we go somewhere else?

[18/11/2013 22:31:00] Rin: *turns to see her leave* oh, bye then

[18/11/2013 22:31:00] Nobu: Pardon for master Trevor's behaviour

[18/11/2013 22:31:43] Keiko: you know what Trevor...I think this is overdue...*she walks over, slapping him in the face*

[18/11/2013 22:32:16] Mizuki: *She nods, simling to everyone*

Night all!

I'll talk to you tommorrow Keiko sweetie~

*Winks at Keiko*

[18/11/2013 22:32:16] Chiku: *she hears the slap and cringes a little at how harsh it sounded, looking over*

[18/11/2013 22:32:51] Nobu: Mistress Keiko.

[18/11/2013 22:32:55] Keiko: know....I didn't want to have to do that....but something made me *she tears up angrily*

[18/11/2013 22:33:04] Rin: *sees keiko slapping trevor* whoa...

[18/11/2013 22:33:22] Chiku: Keiko, sweetheart he's not worth it. Just walk away.

[18/11/2013 22:33:43] Trevor: Ow.

[18/11/2013 22:33:48] Trevor: Fuckin Keiko.

[18/11/2013 22:33:49] Keiko: *she turns to walk away*'re right...

[18/11/2013 22:33:56] Trevor: And I haven't even done that yet.

[18/11/2013 22:34:03] Nobu: Your actions endanger yourself just as much as master Trevor's does

[18/11/2013 22:34:14] Nobu: Please. Be careful

[18/11/2013 22:34:37] Chiku: Exactly. Why don't we retreat for the night? Go our separate ways?

[18/11/2013 22:35:15] Chiku: Cool off before morning.

[18/11/2013 22:35:36] Keiko: *she turns back around, grabbing Trevor and hugging him tightly*.......I'm sorry....I don't know what came over me....

[18/11/2013 22:35:48] Rin: that might be best ;)

[18/11/2013 22:35:52] Trevor: Why does everyone do this to me I'm like the dark character with the horrifying past that no one likes.

[18/11/2013 22:35:59] Trevor: I'm Sasuke fucking Uchiha.

[18/11/2013 22:36:20] Nobu: *She quietly watches them both, carefully standing her distance*

[18/11/2013 22:36:41] Trevor: Ma daddy killed ma granpappy and grandmammy and now we're on the run

[18/11/2013 22:36:45] Chiku: *looks at Rin* shall we go, then?

[18/11/2013 22:37:02] Trevor: Yes yes Keiko its okay.

[18/11/2013 22:37:33] Rin: I guess, although*looks at Inirgo* I wanna try cheering up this guy first

[18/11/2013 22:37:52] Chiku: *she nods, smiling* good idea

[18/11/2013 22:38:15] Nobu: *She walks by them both, picking up Trevor's hat from his head as she passes, sitting it on her own and calmly making her way out the cafeteria*

[18/11/2013 22:38:23] Keiko: *she lets him go* I just....I need to maybe control my moods...

[18/11/2013 22:38:39] Trevor: NOT THE FEDORA YOU MEME LOVING FUCK.

[18/11/2013 22:38:57] Trevor: *Runs like the wind*

[18/11/2013 22:39:08] Rin: hahahahahaha! :D

[18/11/2013 22:39:36] Keiko: *she thinks out loud* aaaaaand that went right over his head *HEAVY SIGH*

[18/11/2013 22:39:55] Gem & Ini: Inirgo sighed a small, light breath.

[18/11/2013 22:39:58] Keiko: DAMMIT TREVOR *she kicks a random chair over*

[18/11/2013 22:40:35] Rin: *looks at Inirgo* why don't you come hang out with me and chiku for a while?

[18/11/2013 22:40:39] Gem & Ini: The energy around him was infectious, yes, but it just didn't seem to enter into him like how it usually did.

[18/11/2013 22:43:05] Rin: *turns to chiku* that sound good?

[18/11/2013 22:43:21] Keiko: fuck it *she walks over, grabbing her blanket off the floor and then starts to arrange some chairs and then drape her blanket over them* blanket fort time... *she gets down and crawls into the fort*

[18/11/2013 22:44:18] Chiku: *she nods at Rin happily before looking back at inirgo* of course!

[18/11/2013 22:45:07] Rin: *turns to Inirgo his hand still on his shoulder* whaddya say?

[18/11/2013 22:46:05] Gem & Ini: "Say to what?"

[18/11/2013 22:46:16] Keiko: *she sighs, pulling her head into the fort and dropping the blanket down over the "door"*

[18/11/2013 22:46:46] Rin: hanging out with me and chiku for a while

[18/11/2013 22:47:11] Chiku: Help cheer you up a bit. *she smiles*

[18/11/2013 22:48:05] Keiko: fuck...I'm so awkward without Mizuki...

[18/11/2013 22:52:41] Keiko: *she pokes her head back out*

[18/11/2013 22:52:56] Keiko: *sigh*....

[18/11/2013 22:53:29] Rin: *turns to keiko* having fun there?

[18/11/2013 22:53:48] Keiko: oh, there's still people here?

[18/11/2013 22:54:36] Keiko: yea I guess...*her blanket slips off*..................*she screams, jumping up and kicking all the chairs down*

[18/11/2013 22:56:09] Rin: *lifts his hand from Inirgo's shoulder* sorry, how about tomorrow? ;)

[18/11/2013 22:56:42] Keiko: *she sits, surrounded by collapsed chairs and drapes her blanket back around her*....

[18/11/2013 22:57:23] Rin: i'm gonna head to my room ;)

[18/11/2013 22:57:36] Chiku: Yeah, it's sort of late... But we can meet up tomorrow! *she smiles, looking at rin*

[18/11/2013 22:57:44] Keiko: *then lies down, curling up in the blanket* I-I'm just gonna stay here...

[18/11/2013 22:57:45] Chiku: I'll walk you back?

[18/11/2013 22:58:00] Rin: sure!

[18/11/2013 22:58:21] Chiku: *smiles* night Ini, night Keiko!

[18/11/2013 22:58:29] Keiko: .......night

[18/11/2013 22:58:51] Rin: ok, buh bye you two *puts his empty noodle cup in the bin and the fork in the sink, and heads towards the exit*

[18/11/2013 22:58:51] Chiku: I hope your fort works out okay!

[18/11/2013 22:59:11] Rin: *waves* night! :D

[18/11/2013 22:59:23] Keiko: it won't....but thanks anyway

[18/11/2013 22:59:27] Chiku: * she follows him out, keeping up with his pace easily*

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