[20/11/2013 20:37:40] Rin:*Rin is lying on a bed in the infirmary, he sits up but his eyes are still closed, he sits there for a while until he eventually gets up and starts sleepwalking down the hallway*

[20/11/2013 20:38:00] Mizuki: *Mizuki closes her door, sighing. She looks a little wrecked, not as bad as she has been somedays, but things do seem to have taken their toll on her. She turns around in surprise as she hears footsteps in the hall, noticing Rin sleepwalkin.*


[20/11/2013 20:38:40] Rin: *his shoulders are slumped and his walking is slow*

[20/11/2013 20:38:57] Nobu: *Poking her head out her bedroom door, before opening it fully and standing watching what is happening with a slight confused yet neutural look*

[20/11/2013 20:42:09] Rin: *completely ignores the two as he passes them*

[20/11/2013 20:43:08] Mizuki: *She begins to follow him, loitering cautiously behind him*

[20/11/2013 20:43:45] Nobu: *Shutting her door behind her, blank faced, she follows along after the two casually*

[20/11/2013 20:45:17] Mizuki: *She speeds up the pace, slowly and hesitantly moving her finger to tap Rin on the shoulder*

[20/11/2013 20:46:31] Rin: *is totally unfazed by mizuki*

[20/11/2013 20:46:54] Nobu: *She catches up to Mizuki and whispers* Doooon't

[20/11/2013 20:47:35] Mizuki: *She yelps a little bit, upon hearing Nobu's whisper* Gah! Nobu...

*She lowers her voice to a whisper* What is it...?

[20/11/2013 20:49:58] Nobu: Dooooon't

[20/11/2013 20:50:17] Nobu: Master Rin's behavior is very interesting, don't you think?

[20/11/2013 20:50:34] Mizuki: In what way? It's just kind of odd...

[20/11/2013 20:50:44] Nobu: *she points* if you wake him we won't see where he's going

[20/11/2013 20:52:19] Rin: *continues walking down the hallway*

[20/11/2013 20:53:23] Mizuki: Ah... true true... *She motions to her to keep moving* Come on then.

[20/11/2013 20:53:55] Nobu: *She walks on after him, smiling soflty with amused eyes*

[20/11/2013 21:05:32] Nobu: *She follows behind Rin with a small smile and eyes gleaming with amusement*

[20/11/2013 21:10:45] Rin: *walks down the hall until he stops in front of chiku's room, he sits cross legged in front of the door and starts crying*

[20/11/2013 21:11:11] Nobu: *She watches him sit* hmm

[20/11/2013 21:11:58] Mizuki: *Mizuki watches sadly* Oh dear...

[20/11/2013 21:12:09] Nobu: Shame

[20/11/2013 21:12:16] Rin: *just sits there silently*

[20/11/2013 21:12:39] Mizuki: Maybe we should wake him up...?

I don't like seeing him like this.

[20/11/2013 21:14:39] Keiko: *Keiko wakes up wrapped in her sheets, surrounded by the collapsed chairs of the fort she tried to make in the cafeteria. she had no idea why she kept sleeping among these chairs but she wanted to be there* mmm?

[20/11/2013 21:19:13] Nobu: *She walks away from Rin, smiling to Mizuki* I was hoping for a surprise

[20/11/2013 21:19:29] Mizuki: And this isn't a surprise?

[20/11/2013 21:19:56] Nobu: Not at all *She walks away down the corridor, out of sight*

[20/11/2013 21:20:03] Keiko: *sitting up, she rubs her eyes and puts her glasses on* I'm guessing nobody is in here yet *she lays back down, hoping the blankets will warm her against the cold hard floor she seemed to love sleeping on during these last few days*

[20/11/2013 21:23:10] Mizuki: *She frowns at Nobu* Well then...

*She quickly turns to Rin*

Should I just leave him be...?

[20/11/2013 21:23:20] Mizuki: Yeah...

[20/11/2013 21:23:47] Mizuki: *She heads for the cafeteria, stretching as she comes in*

[20/11/2013 21:25:54] Mizuki: *She notices Keiko, smiling softly* Well, hello there~

[20/11/2013 21:27:02] Gem & Ini: Shortly after Mizuki made her way into the cafeteria, a rare sight nowadays was to behold; Both Gemalli and Inirgo stepped in sync with each other. Inirgo was getting some of his color back into him. He still had his white cape, which now he wore as a sign of respect rather than for sorrow.

[20/11/2013 21:27:14] Gem & Ini: Gemalli was just overflowing with energy, whereas Inirgo was barely holding onto his.

[20/11/2013 21:27:24] Gem & Ini: He was the first to notice the ladies in the dining room.

[20/11/2013 21:27:33] Gem & Ini: "Ah. Mizuki, Keiko.. Hello." Inirgo spoke.

[20/11/2013 21:28:15] Mizuki: Oh, hey you two.

[20/11/2013 21:28:26] Keiko: *she opens her eyes, rolling over onto her back, tangled in the bedsheets* morning Mizukiiiii

[20/11/2013 21:28:53] Mizuki: *She grins at Keiko, sticking her tongue out* Looks pretty comfortable over there~

[20/11/2013 21:28:55] Gem & Ini: "Whoa, didn't know there was a sleepover going on in here!" Gemalli chuckled. "Do you need a hand, Keiko?"

[20/11/2013 21:29:20] Keiko: it actually isn't

[20/11/2013 21:29:37] Keiko: the sheets are thin and I'm on a cold hard floor

[20/11/2013 21:29:54] Nobu: *She stands at the cafeteria door* Hello

[20/11/2013 21:30:15] Mizuki: *She wanders over, offering her hand to Keiko*

Come on then.

[20/11/2013 21:30:21] Keiko: but something keeps drawing me back here though

[20/11/2013 21:30:26] Gem & Ini: Gemalli also offered a hand to the artist.

[20/11/2013 21:30:37] Gem & Ini: "Well, come on then. No use rolling around on the cold floor, right?"

[20/11/2013 21:30:43] Nobu: What's happening here?

[20/11/2013 21:30:46] Gem & Ini: "You didn't sleep here, did you?" Inirgo showed a slight of concern.

[20/11/2013 21:30:51] Keiko: it was the fort I tried to build but I broke it down because I was upset like I always am

[20/11/2013 21:31:04] Keiko: I've been here for 2 sleeps actually

[20/11/2013 21:31:49] Nobu: Are we having a party?

[20/11/2013 21:31:59] Mizuki: *She frowns a little* Yeah... I know how that feels.

*She turns to Nobu*

Keiko slept here last night

[20/11/2013 21:32:10] Nobu: Sleeping party

[20/11/2013 21:32:24] Nobu: I will see if there are balloons and party hats anywhere

[20/11/2013 21:32:40] Mizuki: I'm not sure if now is really the time for any sort of party.

[20/11/2013 21:32:46] Mizuki: *She crosses her arms*

[20/11/2013 21:33:05] Nobu: That is a shame, mistress

[20/11/2013 21:33:49] Mizuki: I'm not sure the mood would be...

Too jolly.

[20/11/2013 21:34:02] Nobu: Surely it would be sleepy?

[20/11/2013 21:34:08] Nobu: Since it is infact a sleeping party

[20/11/2013 21:34:08] Keiko: *she sits back up, fixing herself up*

[20/11/2013 21:34:18] Keiko: it's actually uncomfortable

[20/11/2013 21:34:31] Keiko: I'm wrapped in thin sheets on a cold hard floor

[20/11/2013 21:34:38] Nobu: I will bring more sheets

[20/11/2013 21:34:42] Keiko: so it's very uncomfortable

[20/11/2013 21:34:48] Keiko: no no Nobu

[20/11/2013 21:34:52] Nobu: More sheets

[20/11/2013 21:35:11] Mizuki: No sheets.

[20/11/2013 21:35:15] Nobu: I'm sure master Trevor must have some that he can spare for a party

[20/11/2013 21:35:20] Nobu: Oh, okay then

[20/11/2013 21:35:23] Nobu: No party hats?

[20/11/2013 21:35:46] Gem & Ini: "So we're not having a party?" Inirgo jumped in.

[20/11/2013 21:35:49] Mizuki: No party hats. *She sighs, shaking her head*

[20/11/2013 21:36:02] Nobu: It seems not, master Inigro

[20/11/2013 21:36:09] Nobu: Mistress Mizuki is not too fond of the idea

[20/11/2013 21:36:32] Keiko: we could have a party at my room

[20/11/2013 21:36:37] Mizuki: No, not now anyway.

We can have one some other time.

I just think it's too soon!

[20/11/2013 21:36:42] Gem & Ini: Gemalli nodded.

[20/11/2013 21:36:58] Gem & Ini: "For once I agree with Sharky over here."

[20/11/2013 21:37:15] Gem & Ini: "After all of this is over, hell. Ini and I'll treat you all to a grand festivale!"

[20/11/2013 21:37:29] Nobu: All of what is over?

[20/11/2013 21:37:39] Nobu: And when will that be?

[20/11/2013 21:37:45] Keiko: I guess we could all cheer Rin up

[20/11/2013 21:37:51] Keiko: and comfort him

[20/11/2013 21:37:56] Gem & Ini: "Whenever the end comes along, Nobu." Gemalli shrugged.

[20/11/2013 21:38:17] Mizuki: Why not sooner?

I didn't mean we had to wait until we all got out of here.

Give it a day or two and we can have a party.

[20/11/2013 21:38:46] Nobu: But what if I am dead, then who will give out the party hats?

[20/11/2013 21:38:50] Gem & Ini: "That's true. We need to keep everyone's spirits up, Gem." Inirgo stated.

[20/11/2013 21:38:56] Mizuki: No one else is going to die!

[20/11/2013 21:39:32] Gem & Ini: "Alright, alright. I gotcha. Two days tops, we'll hold a grand festivale." Gemalli grinned.

[20/11/2013 21:39:45] Mizuki: We've had four people die, all innocent people who were fucking manipulated by that pussycat!

No one is going to be manipulated again.

[20/11/2013 21:40:01] Gem & Ini: "Right!" Both twins exclaimed.

[20/11/2013 21:41:00] Mizuki: All of you idiots got that!

We're all getting out here.


[20/11/2013 21:41:39] Keiko: *she blushes, trying not to tear up at her girlfriends words*

[20/11/2013 21:41:40] Rin: *still sleepwalking, he walks into the cafeteria with tears in his eyes and blood at the corner of his mouth*

[20/11/2013 21:42:11] Mizuki: *She sees Rin out of the corner of her eye*

Oh fuck...

[20/11/2013 21:42:30] Nobu: Hmmmmm

[20/11/2013 21:43:04] Gem & Ini: "Hmm?" Gemalli was confused at Mizuki's curse. "What's up?"

"Brother!" Inirgo turned around to see the sleepwalking cartoonist. Gem followed suit, and gasped at the sight.

[20/11/2013 21:43:14] Gem & Ini: "Jesus christ!!"

[20/11/2013 21:43:41] Gem & Ini: Gemalli walked over to the sleepwalking man, unsure as to what to do.

[20/11/2013 21:43:49] Gem & Ini: "Do we wake him up? Do we leave him? I don't??"

[20/11/2013 21:43:55] Rin: *stands there sleeping with his head tilted to the side*

[20/11/2013 21:44:00] Gem & Ini: "We can't just leave him! He's bleeding." Inirgo shout out.

[20/11/2013 21:44:10] Gem & Ini: "Uhh, uhh.."

[20/11/2013 21:44:15] Keiko: guys

[20/11/2013 21:44:17] Keiko: don't

[20/11/2013 21:44:37] Keiko: I've heard waking up somebody whilst they're sleepwalking can be dangerous

[20/11/2013 21:44:49] Keiko: like they can have a heart attack

[20/11/2013 21:44:50] Nobu: It's not

[20/11/2013 21:44:54] Nobu: No

[20/11/2013 21:45:17] Mizuki: *She taps her foot, unsure as to what to do herself*

[20/11/2013 21:45:51] Gem & Ini: "So, then, what do we do? Just.. What, lead him to a bed??" Gemalli was perplexed.

[20/11/2013 21:45:55] Rin: *still sleeping* ... don't lose... hope guys... if we stay in the school.... we'll be the survivors... of the... most despair... inducing... zzzzzz

[20/11/2013 21:47:26] Gem & Ini: "...." Both of the twins remained silent. Good god, after all he's been through, and this was running through his head? Whether he was duped or not by Chiku, the twins still had to appreciate the hope that was within the sleeping boy.

[20/11/2013 21:48:12] Mizuki: Geez... What a guy... *She looks at him sympathetically*

[20/11/2013 21:48:57] Mizuki: Come on, we should probably snap the poor bastard out of it.

[20/11/2013 21:49:21] Gem & Ini: "But, what about heart attacks?" Gem asked.

[20/11/2013 21:49:43] Gem & Ini: "Brother, don't you know any healing spells?"

[20/11/2013 21:50:08] Gem & Ini: "Well, yeah, but I don't know if those would work? Usually when I preform with someone, when they wake up they wake up. It's a mutual thing, not.. This."

[20/11/2013 21:50:25] Gem & Ini: Gemalli shrugged.

[20/11/2013 21:50:27] Rin: ... the other... students... and teachers... and the people.... outside.... are....

[20/11/2013 21:50:51] Rin: ...counting... on

[20/11/2013 21:50:52] Mizuki: What... what's he saying?

[20/11/2013 21:51:17] Gem & Ini: "Others??"

[20/11/2013 21:51:30] Mizuki: There are more students like us???

[20/11/2013 21:51:45] Mizuki: Counting on us to do what?

[20/11/2013 21:51:53] Mizuki: What can we do?!

[20/11/2013 21:52:09] Gem & Ini: "He's probably just dreaming, though." Inirgo piped up.

[20/11/2013 21:52:15] Gem & Ini: Gem grabbed for his staff.

[20/11/2013 21:52:39] Mizuki: Just... leave him for a moment.

He might say something else.

[20/11/2013 21:53:01] Gem & Ini: "You sure?" Gem still held onto his staff, taking a few steps back.

[20/11/2013 21:53:29] Rin: the... highschool level... despair...

[20/11/2013 21:53:41] Rin: doesn't.... stand.... a

[20/11/2013 21:53:47] Gem & Ini: "?!"

[20/11/2013 21:54:00] Gem & Ini: Gemalli then became more alert. Would he know?

[20/11/2013 21:54:16] Mizuki: What?!

[20/11/2013 21:54:23] Gem & Ini: "Come on, say something! Do you know who's doing this?" Gemalli tried to push his dream, to coax it into giving a name.

[20/11/2013 21:54:48] Mizuki: Come onnnnnn!

[20/11/2013 21:55:05] Gem & Ini: "Let your psyche out, let me into your mind.." Gemalli's tone dipped into one of soothing.

[20/11/2013 21:55:25] Gem & Ini: Inirgo placed a hand on Mizuki's shoulder, and used his other hand to put a finger on his lips, signaling for silence.

[20/11/2013 21:56:08] Gem & Ini: "Do you know who's doing this, Rin? It's okay to tell us. If you do, then the game will be over..." Gemalli's words treaded lightly.

[20/11/2013 21:56:20] Gem & Ini: "Who do you think is in charge? Just a guess, anything would do."

[20/11/2013 21:56:43] Mizuki: Ok...

No, we need to wake him up now.

[20/11/2013 21:56:51] Mizuki: Do it.

[20/11/2013 21:57:20] Nobu: *She leans over and pokes his nose*

[20/11/2013 21:57:28] Nobu: Master Rin, please wake up

[20/11/2013 21:57:35] Rin: they... snuck in... without...

[20/11/2013 21:57:52] Gem & Ini: Gemalli bit his lip. Damnit, and he was so close. If he could get someone else onto their side... But what he was doing was wrong, it was immoral. He knew when to call it quits.

[20/11/2013 21:57:52] Gem & Ini: "Stand back, ladies and gent."

[20/11/2013 21:58:06] Mizuki: Come on!

*She begins to grow impatient*

[20/11/2013 21:58:08] Rin: the... headmaster.... knowing...

[20/11/2013 21:58:34] Nobu: *She grabs his nose between her thumb and index finger*

[20/11/2013 21:58:44] Mizuki: Nobu!

[20/11/2013 21:58:48] Nobu: Hmm?

[20/11/2013 21:58:56] Gem & Ini: With another step back, Gemalli raised his staff. With a swirl and a twirl, he called out a spell.

"Cleanse! Emundet!!" Gemalli called, and a swirl of crystal white escaped from his staff and showered Rin.

[20/11/2013 21:59:01] Gem & Ini: "Cleanse yourself from your sleep!"

[20/11/2013 22:00:11] Nobu: *With the crystal white stuff showering over Rin, and by extent her hand, she retracts said hand, slowly, staring at it with a rather blank yet wide eyed expression*

[20/11/2013 22:01:23] Rin: *after the crystals disappeared he slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times*

[20/11/2013 22:01:52] Gem & Ini: "Aha!" Inirgo grinned.

"Huh, what do you know? Guess I don't know my own strength, ahahaha.." Gemalli joked.

[20/11/2013 22:01:53] Mizuki: Rin!

[20/11/2013 22:02:12] Rin: *in a daze with his eyes half open*

[20/11/2013 22:02:15] Mizuki: *She looks at him*

Are you alright?

[20/11/2013 22:02:24] Rin: ...huh?...

[20/11/2013 22:02:24] Gem & Ini: With soft footsteps, Inirgo made his way to Rin's side.

[20/11/2013 22:02:40] Gem & Ini: "You okay there, Rin? You were in an awful deep sleepwalk there." Inirgo explained.

[20/11/2013 22:03:36] Rin: ...I... was?.... I... wasn't thrashing.... was I?

[20/11/2013 22:03:48] Gem & Ini: "No, no. You were just talking in your sleep, is all."

[20/11/2013 22:03:53] Gem & Ini: Gemalli nodded to confirm.

[20/11/2013 22:04:16] Gem & Ini: "At least, that's what you were doing when you walked in." Gem tacked onto what his brother said.

[20/11/2013 22:05:30] Mizuki: Yeah... you sat...

[20/11/2013 22:05:41] Mizuki: You sat infront of Chiku's door earlier.

[20/11/2013 22:10:52] Rin: ? *turns over to mizuki*

[20/11/2013 22:10:56] Rin: I did?

[20/11/2013 22:11:28] Mizuki: Yeah...

Me and Nobu followed you for a bit.

You just, sat there...

Then you came here.

[20/11/2013 22:12:29] Rin: huh...

[20/11/2013 22:12:33] Rin: *notices the tears in his eyes and the blood on his mouth*

[20/11/2013 22:12:59] Mizuki: Are you feeling ok now...?

Or do you need to go back to the infirmary?

[20/11/2013 22:13:00] Nobu: You were quite interesting to watch totter down the halls

[20/11/2013 22:14:06] Rin: *wipes away the tears and blood*

[20/11/2013 22:14:15] Rin: I feel fine

[20/11/2013 22:15:18] Nobu: I'm glad, master Rin

[20/11/2013 22:15:42] Rin: you said I was talking in my sleep right?

[20/11/2013 22:17:00] Rin: what kinda stuff was i saying?

[20/11/2013 22:17:01] Mizuki: Yeah, just a moment ago.

[20/11/2013 22:18:02] Rin: *rubs his eyes and blinks a couple more times*

[20/11/2013 22:28:09] Rin: *yawns and covers his mouth with his free hand*

[20/11/2013 22:29:38] Mizuki: *She wanders to the exit*

Well, I'm gonna go.

Rin, if you need anything just say!

*She exits*

[20/11/2013 22:30:17] Rin: uh, kay'?

[20/11/2013 22:30:43] Keiko: awwwww ok Mizuki *she sighs*

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