[23/11/2013 13:04:25] Rin: *Rin is sitting in front of chiku's door with his eyes closed filled with tears once again, after a while he gets up, wanders down the hall and sits on the bed in the infirmary, he still has dried blood on his mouth from the last time*

[23/11/2013 13:06:52] Fan: *Fan woke up, she sighed, the pounding headache she'd had due to sleep deprivision was gone, her muscles were relaxed. She soon bolted up, she'd forgotten Yuki, the trial... Surely she couldn't have missed the trial? How long had she even been asleep for..? She made her way out of the room after taming her hair and putting on her usual amount of makeup, she walked through the corridors. It was empty. It was extremely silent, perhaps she'd woken up at an unflattering time of day. Despite this she called out.* Hello..? Is anyone awake?

[23/11/2013 13:12:47] Mizuki: *Mizuki stepped out of her room quietly, slowly shutting the door and sighing happily, a pink tint to her cheeks. Not only had she had a good nights sleep, but she just felt good! Well, as good as a person trapped in a school could expect to feel. Hoping to get some food, she walked along the corridor, hoping that Rin wasn't sitting outside Chiku's door again. However, she heard a familiar voice call out and she replied in turn.* Hey! I'm certainly awake!

[23/11/2013 13:14:57] Fan: *She turned, jumping a little, although giving a small smile.* Good day, Mizuki. I see you're in a good mood.

[23/11/2013 13:17:02] Mizuki: *She flashed a grin at Fan* Good day to you too! Where the fuck have you been? You've mi-... *She paused, frowned a little bit and crossed her arms* You've missed a lot...

[23/11/2013 13:19:51] Fan: Ah.. *she looked down, but then back to Mizuki.* Sorry, I fell asleep and I'm only waking up now. I'd been awake for well over 3 days straight..  I'm guessing I missed the trial..?

[23/11/2013 13:21:56] Mizuki: *She sighs* Yeah, you missed it alright... we've been dealing with the fallout for the past few days. *Her foot begins to tap against the floor* It was pretty emotional for all of us... although some of us got a shittier deal.

[23/11/2013 13:22:53] Fan: Hm..? Care to elaborate..? Also, if i may ask, who was it that was executed?

[23/11/2013 13:25:51] Mizuki: Chiku... she was executed. She and Rin had been getting rather close in the days before the Trial. But now, Rin hasn't been doing too good. Then Gem, Ini and Felix were... really cold at the trial. They all got hit pretty hard by what happened to them.

[23/11/2013 13:27:42] Fan: I see.. I'm guessing she really didn’t want her secret out.

[23/11/2013 13:29:11 | Edited 13:30:49] Mizuki: *She nodded* It was a sticky situation that's for sure.

*She continues to walk down the hall and looks around the corner, sighing as she thankfully didn't see Rin sitting in front of Chiku's door*

[23/11/2013 13:30:29] Fan: Was her secret revealed? Or was the cat so kind as to keep it?

[23/11/2013 13:32:07] Mizuki: We kind of guessed what she did from the execution. Her sister...

Ugh... fuck.

It's not something that I like to think about.

[23/11/2013 13:33:27] Mizuki: Somehow, she ended up doing something that killed her sister.

[23/11/2013 13:39:51] Rin: *he stands up, but stumbles and crashes into the medicine cabinet, creating a large noise*

[23/11/2013 13:40:14] Fan: Ah, I see. *She hears the crash* !! What was that?!

[23/11/2013 13:41:25] Mizuki: ?!*She swivels round, trying to trace the sound*

I think it came from down the corridor!

The Infirmary!

[23/11/2013 13:42:01] Mizuki: *She starts to dash down the hall, toward the Infirmary*

Come on!

[23/11/2013 13:42:08] Mizuki: Rin's in there!

[23/11/2013 13:42:12] Rin: *he pushes himself up, cutting his hand on the glass in the process*

[23/11/2013 13:42:23] Fan: *She follows with great speed, slightly panicked.*

[23/11/2013 13:43:19] Rin: *shards of glass glitter on his shoulders*

[23/11/2013 13:44:06] Mizuki: *The diver flung the doors wide open. She gasped as she saw the mess of chemicals and glass scattered over the floor, Rin smack dab in the middle of it, hands cut and bleeding*

Holy Shit Rin!

[23/11/2013 13:44:50] Rin: *he grips his hand*

[23/11/2013 13:45:06] Fan: R-Rin..!! *She rushes over to him.* Mizuki,  you see to Rin and I'll clean up the glass!

[23/11/2013 13:47:38 | Edited 13:47:47] Mizuki: *She nodded, leading the boy to a cleaner part of the room, sitting him down next to a table* Geez is he still fucking asleep... this is insane. *She grabbed some disinfectant from the cupboards, some cotton and some bangages*

[23/11/2013 13:50:12] Fan: *She picked up the glass carefully, not cutting herself, throwing a majority of it into the bin, sweeping up the rest.* God.. He's sleep walking again?

[23/11/2013 13:54:16] Mizuki: Yeah, fucking... we had to get Gem and Ini to help us wake him up the first time.

But me and Nobu couldn't get him to wake up at all a few days ago. He just kept on sleep walking.

*She placed Rin's hands on the table, shakily applying some disinfectant onto the hands*

I think if he's still asleep after all of this, we pretty much have no hope in waking him up.

We need the Twins!

[23/11/2013 14:02:40] Rin: you... miss her... Fan?....

[23/11/2013 14:04:09] Mizuki: ?!*She turned at the sound of Rin's voice*

Oh no... not this too...

[23/11/2013 14:05:21] Rin: ...i'm sure... Fin shi-ye... misses... you...

[23/11/2013 14:14:42] Rin: *he clenches his teeth to the sting of the disinfectant being applied*

[23/11/2013 14:18:09] Trevor: We could just kill him.

[23/11/2013 14:18:19] Trevor: *A Trevor appears*

[23/11/2013 14:18:55] Mizuki: Now why the fuck would we do that?

[23/11/2013 14:19:35] Trevor: Or...

[23/11/2013 14:19:38] Fan: *She stands, her eyes widening.* Rin.. How..

[23/11/2013 14:19:56] Trevor: *He takes the nearest big thing he can find*

[23/11/2013 14:20:02] Trevor: It'll only hurt a bit.

[23/11/2013 14:20:52] Mizuki: *She stands up, Marching over to Trevor, looking up at him, snarling and bareing her teeth*

[23/11/2013 14:21:32] Nobu: Mistress Mizuki *Nobu is standing in the doorway*

[23/11/2013 14:21:42] Rin: don't... look

[23/11/2013 14:23:16] Mizuki: Nobu. *She doesn't move, from her spot, continuing to stare Trevor down*

[23/11/2013 14:23:50] Trevor: Mizuki if you're going to continue to have a problem with me allow me to shut him up.

[23/11/2013 14:24:08] Nobu: Master Trevor *she tilts her head with a smile*

[23/11/2013 14:24:17] Trevor: It may have been interesting to see at first but now it is plain fucking annoying and I want it to stop

[23/11/2013 14:24:32] Trevor: The excitement as wore off and it is getting old.

[23/11/2013 14:24:51] Trevor: Ah, Nobu, Hello. *He smiles at her*

[23/11/2013 14:25:04] Mizuki: If you fucking move an inch I will hurt you.

I swear to god.

[23/11/2013 14:26:00] Trevor: Mizuki I implore you to calm your fucking tits.

[23/11/2013 14:26:20] Trevor: You're always up for hurting me can I not express an opinion?

[23/11/2013 14:26:47] Mizuki: Your opinions are always shitty, but please go ahead, if you've got something you want to say, then say it.

[23/11/2013 14:27:26] Trevor: That guy went running his mouth about /my/ daughter that he knows fuck all about and I'm not allowed to do anything.

Yet I upset you a little and you're allowed to kick me where it hurts or slap me.

[23/11/2013 14:27:41] Trevor: Oh yes Mizuki that logic makes perfect sense.

[23/11/2013 14:29:54] Mizuki: He's fucking sleep walking!

It's not like he's in control of the shit that comes out of his mouth.

You were threatening to hurt him!

You almost did yesterday you moron!

[23/11/2013 14:31:15] Trevor: HE.

[23/11/2013 14:31:17] Trevor: Ran.

[23/11/2013 14:31:20] Trevor: His.

[23/11/2013 14:31:22] Trevor: Mouth.

[23/11/2013 14:31:27] Trevor: ABOUT MY DAUGHTER.

[23/11/2013 14:31:40] Trevor: HE SHOULDN'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HER.

[23/11/2013 14:33:15] Nobu: Master Trevor *she walks over, lightly touching his shoulder* please calm yourself

[23/11/2013 14:33:39] Mizuki: HE MENTIONED HER!


He knows important shit about me, and yes it's fucking wierd!

But hurting him isn't going to make things better!

[23/11/2013 14:34:53] Fan: *She stood in silence, how did he..? She didn't say anything. Running her mouth would just make a scene, she stared at Rin, looking shocked with a small frown.* I..

[23/11/2013 14:36:16] Mizuki: He knows important shit about all of us Trevor, we don't know how and we won't be able to get some answers until we wake him up.

[23/11/2013 14:36:37] Nobu: Mistress Mizuki, please realise this is a very personal subject for master Trevor

[23/11/2013 14:38:31] Trevor: IT’LL STOP HIM TALKING.

[23/11/2013 14:38:45] Trevor: Ugh.

[23/11/2013 14:38:59] Trevor: Apologies,  Nobu. I'm trying to keep cool.

[23/11/2013 14:39:34] Trevor: It's just hard when everyone seems to hate you for having an opinion.

[23/11/2013 14:41:25] Mizuki: Just back off Trevor.

*She sighs, turns around and looks to Fan*

He's been doing that since Thursday... talking about stuff he shouldn't know about.

[23/11/2013 14:42:18] Nobu: It's perfectly fine

[23/11/2013 14:46:29] Trevor: .... Maybe he should?

[23/11/2013 14:46:37] Trevor: This is a shot in the dark here.

[23/11/2013 14:47:01] Mizuki: What are you saying?

[23/11/2013 14:47:01] Trevor: But maybe he's behind the whole set up.

[23/11/2013 14:47:19] Nobu: I'll make us all foil hats

[23/11/2013 14:47:28] Trevor: And this sleeping thing...

It isn't meant to happen but he's unknowingly confessing it.

[23/11/2013 14:47:35] Trevor: Thank you Nobu.

[23/11/2013 14:48:20] Mizuki: That's... acctually sort of a reasonable suggestion.

*She folds her arms*

But Rin? Really?

[23/11/2013 14:49:37] Nobu: Honestly, the mastermind behind this could be anyone

[23/11/2013 14:50:04] Rin: *his head is tilted to the side, he still has dried blood on his mouth*

[23/11/2013 14:50:21] Nobu: Not that we'll find out, because the game is going to play though along to their plans and we're either going to die here or rot *she smiles gently*

[23/11/2013 14:51:43] Mizuki: *She continues to tend to Rin's hand wounds, tieing them up with bandages*

Exactly, as surprisingly sound of a suggestion it is, let's leave the finger pointing until later.

[23/11/2013 14:55:39] Rin: *his eyes suddenly snap open and he quickly stands up*

[23/11/2013 14:55:47] Rin: THE DESPAIR GROUP-... huh?

[23/11/2013 14:55:55] Rin: *he stares blankly before holding his head*

[23/11/2013 14:55:58] Rin: oww...

[23/11/2013 14:56:24] Fan: Has he..? Wow.. How did he..

[23/11/2013 14:57:08] Mizuki: *She yelps, hopping back a little*

Woah there!


Are you awake?

[23/11/2013 14:57:37] Rin: *feels a bump on the back of his head and notices the bandages on his hand*

[23/11/2013 14:58:08] Rin: what was I doing? *he has a dazed expression*

[23/11/2013 14:59:22] Mizuki: Sleep walking again! *She taps her foot, looking at Rin, slightly concerned*

[23/11/2013 15:00:11] Trevor: YOU.

[23/11/2013 15:00:23] Trevor: HE'S AWAKE NOW I CAN KILL HIM.

[23/11/2013 15:00:31] Rin: ?

[23/11/2013 15:00:49] Trevor: *He grabs Rin by the collar*

[23/11/2013 15:00:55] Rin: ?!

[23/11/2013 15:01:07] Rin: *his eyes widen*


[23/11/2013 15:01:21] Rin: wha?!

[23/11/2013 15:01:24] Trevor: DO YOU HEAR ME RIN!?

[23/11/2013 15:01:41] Rin: what are you talking about?!

[23/11/2013 15:01:47] Mizuki: NO!

How about you use your head you fucking idiot and not kill the person we want to talk to?

*She tries to pull Trevor off of Rin*





[23/11/2013 15:01:49] Trevor: SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT EMMY YOU KNOW /NOTHING/.

[23/11/2013 15:02:01] Nobu: Master Trevor! *she grabs his upper arms so she's holding them by his side*

[23/11/2013 15:02:14] Rin: who's Emmy?!

[23/11/2013 15:02:42] Rin: I don't know what your talking about!

[23/11/2013 15:03:19] Trevor: NOBU GET OFF ME LET ME KILL THE SON OF A BASTARD

[23/11/2013 15:03:33] Trevor: *Hoo those are tears in his eyes*

[23/11/2013 15:03:49 | Edited 15:04:01] Mizuki: Thanks Nobu... Geez...

*She turns to Rin*

In your sleep you said things...

Things about us.

Things that you shouldn't know about.

Things that some of us don't even know about!

[23/11/2013 15:04:39] Nobu: *she drags him into a strong embrace*

[23/11/2013 15:04:42] Rin: like what? I don't remember anything

[23/11/2013 15:05:20] Trevor: FUCKIN NOBU HE NEEDS TO DIE!!!!

[23/11/2013 15:05:29] Nobu: *holding him against her she tightens her hold on him*

[23/11/2013 15:05:31] Fan: Rin.. You...

[23/11/2013 15:05:45] Nobu: You're not helping yourself, please

[23/11/2013 15:05:57 | Edited 15:09:03] Rin: *he looks around at everyone confused* what did I say?!

[23/11/2013 15:06:01] Mizuki: Well... the overgrown chimp over there heard you talking about his... daughter I guess?

Someone close to him, Emmy.

[23/11/2013 15:06:03 | Removed 15:08:49] Rin: This message has been removed.

[23/11/2013 15:06:18] Rin: Emmy?

[23/11/2013 15:06:27] Rin: I’ve never heard about her

[23/11/2013 15:06:37] Nobu: Mizuki.

[23/11/2013 15:06:38] Rin: I knew that trevor had a daughter but

[23/11/2013 15:07:06] Nobu: *as she's hugging Trevor she gives Mizuki a long blank look*

[23/11/2013 15:07:10 | Edited 15:07:16] Rin: he never told us what her name was

[23/11/2013 15:07:30] Mizuki: *Looking to Nobu*


[23/11/2013 15:09:27] Nobu: *she slowly let's go of Trevor*

[23/11/2013 15:09:33] Nobu: Be careful

[23/11/2013 15:10:10] Mizuki: Rin, since it seems like you don't remember anything you better head back to your room.

I'll take you there.

[23/11/2013 15:10:25] Rin: uh, sure *nods*

[23/11/2013 15:11:30] Mizuki: *She heads for the exit and towards Rin's room*

[23/11/2013 15:11:57] Rin: *walks alongside her*

[23/11/2013 15:12:53] Rin: *noticing the dried blood on his mouth, he licked his finger and wiped it off*

[23/11/2013 15:13:19] Mizuki: We'll explain more about what happened later.

Just try not to go to sleep...

[23/11/2013 15:13:24] Nobu: *she nods to Trevor before leaving herself

[23/11/2013 15:13:37] Rin: um, kay?

[23/11/2013 15:14:09] Mizuki: It took ages to wake you up before, I don't think we need to go through that again.

[23/11/2013 15:15:16] Rin: really?

[23/11/2013 15:15:18] Rin: ow! did I hit my head or something? *holds his head*

[23/11/2013 15:17:13] Mizuki: Yeah... uh, somehow you fell over yesterday.

*She looked to the side, not wanting to admit that she was partially responsible for that*

Now, don't be an idiot, stay in your room for a bit.

*She walks away, waving behind her*

See ya!

[23/11/2013 15:17:35] Rin: ok, bye then?

[23/11/2013 15:17:43] Rin: *enters his room*

[23/11/2013 15:17:52] Rin: don't fall asleep huh?

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