[24/11/2013 20:17:11] Nobu: *Nobu enters the cafeteria, heading straight for the kitchen. Once she exits the kitchen she sits down with a packet of crackers at a table, takes one out and starts eating it*

[24/11/2013 20:21:29] Trevor: *Trevor finds himself some crisps and sits next to Nobu*

[24/11/2013 20:23:05] Nobu: Ah, hello there, master Trevor

[24/11/2013 20:24:01] Trevor: Hey Nobubu.

[24/11/2013 20:24:12] Trevor: How's it?

[24/11/2013 20:24:40] Nobu: *She looks at her cracker* Salty

[24/11/2013 20:25:17 | Edited 20:26:50] Rin: *sleeping on the table and he suddenly jolts awake* ah!

[24/11/2013 20:25:50] Rin: I know mizuki told me I should try and stay awake but, i'm finding it kinda hard...

[24/11/2013 20:26:10] Trevor: If you fall asleep again I will kill you.

[24/11/2013 20:26:19] Nobu: I have methods for keeping people awake

[24/11/2013 20:26:31] Trevor: It's annoying as shit. Don't do it.

[24/11/2013 20:27:11] Rin: easy for you to say

[24/11/2013 20:28:15] Rin: *his stomach growled, of course it was only natural, he'd practically been in a coma for days, it's not surprising that he would be starving*

[24/11/2013 20:28:27] Rin: *he got out of his seat and made his way to the kitchen*

[24/11/2013 20:29:10] Rin: uh nobu? you were saying about methods for keeping people awake?

[24/11/2013 20:29:33] Nobu: You could tape your eyes open

[24/11/2013 20:29:58] Rin: tried that ^_^'

[24/11/2013 20:30:01] Nobu: More tape

[24/11/2013 20:31:25] Rin: if I do that my eyes'll dry out

[24/11/2013 20:32:38] Rin: any other methods besides tape?

[24/11/2013 20:34:42] Rin: *he looks in the cuboard and finds a packet of crisps*

[24/11/2013 20:34:48] Trevor: I'll smack you.

[24/11/2013 20:35:05] Trevor: Then again, Nobu is better than me at smacking.

[24/11/2013 20:35:46] Nobu: Perhaps dry eyes are better than you sleeping and causing chaos

[24/11/2013 20:36:12] Trevor: I mean seriously man.

Monoleo might kill you.

[24/11/2013 20:37:00] Rin: yeah about that, what exactly WAS I doing? I don't remember anything after sleepwalking *walks back to his table*

[24/11/2013 20:37:15] Nobu: You were crossdressing

[24/11/2013 20:37:38] Trevor: Your tried to kiss me.

[24/11/2013 20:37:47] Nobu: It was shameful

[24/11/2013 20:37:56] Rin: *poker face* guys are kidding with me aren't you?

[24/11/2013 20:38:13] Nobu: No, we're not

[24/11/2013 20:39:13] Trevor: Nope.

[24/11/2013 20:39:31] Trevor: Jeez man I'm keeping these lips for Micheal fuck off.

[24/11/2013 20:39:45] Rin: *opens his crisp packet* uh... huh... I'm just gonna assume that you guys are screwing with me

[24/11/2013 20:39:56] Trevor: Look.

[24/11/2013 20:40:08] Nobu: Why would we do that?

[24/11/2013 20:40:17] Trevor: *He leans across the table and grabs Rin's collar*

[24/11/2013 20:40:31] Trevor: Fall asleep again and I promise you, you will never wake up.

[24/11/2013 20:40:45] Rin: *sits there shocked* aw c'mon this again?!

[24/11/2013 20:40:56] Nobu: Trevor

[24/11/2013 20:41:38] Trevor: I don't think you realise the severity of what you've done.

[24/11/2013 20:41:46] Trevor: And I'm making it clear.

[24/11/2013 20:42:57] Rin: I don't even know the severity of it cause I don't remember any of it!

[24/11/2013 20:43:32] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupupu~

[24/11/2013 20:43:33] Monoleo Mastermind: Rin.

[24/11/2013 20:43:45] Rin: ?!

[24/11/2013 20:43:52] Monoleo Mastermind: You little shit, you are officially BANNED from sleeping.

[24/11/2013 20:44:12] Monoleo Mastermind: You're sleeping is a disturbance and therefore PROHIBITED.

[24/11/2013 20:44:38] Monoleo Mastermind: If you do fall asleep, you refrain from sleepwalking.

[24/11/2013 20:44:54] Monoleo Mastermind: Any sleepwalking and talking will result in IMMEDIATE DEATH.

[24/11/2013 20:45:01] Monoleo Mastermind: That is all.

[24/11/2013 20:45:04] Rin: screw you! It's not like I have any control over it!

[24/11/2013 20:45:13] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh way huehuehuehue

[24/11/2013 20:45:19] Monoleo Mastermind: Motives on Monday.

[24/11/2013 20:45:36] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh you will learn to control it, or you will die.

[24/11/2013 20:45:55] Monoleo Mastermind: It is simply too much of an annoyance for me to deal with.

[24/11/2013 20:48:33] Rin: too much of an annoyance? for you?! how do you think the rest of us feel?! you trapped us in this god damn place! we're a hell of a lot annoyed than you are!

[24/11/2013 20:48:46] Trevor: Monoleo laying down the law.

[24/11/2013 20:49:08] Trevor: Actually he has a point the sleepwalking is fucking shit.

[24/11/2013 20:49:18] Trevor: You were telling us our own secrets

[24/11/2013 20:49:20] Trevor: No.

[24/11/2013 20:49:37] Nobu: It's a rule not to sleep outside of dorms

[24/11/2013 20:49:41] Rin: I was doing what?

[24/11/2013 20:50:24] Nobu: Yes, it seems you know too much *she leans over the table grinning*

[24/11/2013 20:54:47] Rin: *slightly creeped out by her grinning*

[24/11/2013 20:54:49] Rin: *sigh* look, i don't know what I said while I was asleep, but the only secrets I know are the ones that all of us know about already, i swear!

[24/11/2013 20:55:24] Trevor: What's my daughters name?

[24/11/2013 20:56:02] Rin: huh? how am I supposed to know?

[24/11/2013 20:56:16 | Edited 20:59:05] Rin: you haven't mentioned her name even once

[24/11/2013 20:58:38] Nobu: You said things that caused quite the upset, master Rin

[24/11/2013 20:59:18] Rin: like what?

[24/11/2013 21:03:04] Rin: *he looked at his hands to see the bandages and remembered that he still had that bump on the back of his head* by the way, mind explaining why i'v got these bandages and why my head feels like it got piledrived by a train?

[24/11/2013 21:11:13] Mizuki: *Mizuki steps into the cafeteria*

[24/11/2013 21:11:40] Rin: *turns to mizuki, his shirt still in trevor's fist*

[24/11/2013 21:11:46] Rin: hey, sup?

[24/11/2013 21:13:29] Nobu: Hello mistress Mizuki

[24/11/2013 21:14:51] Mizuki: *She walks through to the kitchen*

Hey all.

Good to see you're not asleep Rin...

What's going on?

[24/11/2013 21:16:01] Rin: oh nothing much, apart from the fact that monoleo's just announced that I'm banned from sleeping

[24/11/2013 21:16:28 | Edited 21:16:44] Rin: also, I still have no idea why my hands are covered in bandages and why my head is killing me

[24/11/2013 21:20:09] Mizuki: Good, that means things might get back to normal now... as normal as this place fucking gets at least.

*She grabs a bottle of water from the fridge and a stuffed bread roll from the cupboards, before walking back through to the cafeteria*

And you got those bandages because you knocked over a medicine cabinet while you were sleep walking.

As for your head, I might have dropped you accidentally at some point.

*She lazily chomps at her stuffed roll*

[24/11/2013 21:22:10] Rin: uh... *analyses how small mizuki is* how were you able to?... nevermind, i'm not even gonna ask -_-'

[24/11/2013 21:23:03] Mizuki: *She rolls her eyes*

Nobu was holding onto your legs, I held onto your arms, then I dropped you!

It's a simple as that.

[24/11/2013 21:23:59] Rin: ah

[24/11/2013 21:24:12] Nobu: Mistress Mizuki insisted on holding your head up as we took you along to the infermary

[24/11/2013 21:24:29] Nobu: You see, I was dragging you by your ankles

[24/11/2013 21:26:05] Mizuki: Which I thought was dumb...

[24/11/2013 21:26:47] Nobu: But we can all see where lifting your head got you now

[24/11/2013 21:27:40] Mizuki: Yeah Yeah, whatever.

*She rips another chunk out of her bread, staring off with a annoyed look on her face*

[24/11/2013 21:35:03] Rin: uh trevor? *taps his fist* mind letting go now?

[24/11/2013 21:37:17] Trevor: Wait.

[24/11/2013 21:37:37] Trevor: *He lets go with one hand and punched him full on the cheek*

[24/11/2013 21:37:41] Trevor: Okay.

[24/11/2013 21:37:45] Trevor: Then let’s go

[24/11/2013 21:38:16] Rin: *hits the floor clenching his teeth*

[24/11/2013 21:38:30] Mizuki: *She glared at Trevor, before rolling her eyes and shaking her head*

[24/11/2013 21:38:35] Nobu: *She watches Rin hit the floor with a seemingly neutural expression*

[24/11/2013 21:38:45] Rin: *hold his cheek* ow! what the hell man?!

[24/11/2013 21:39:30] Trevor: Never. Mention. Her. Again.

[24/11/2013 21:39:41] Trevor: *He leaves the room*

[24/11/2013 21:40:18] Rin: *stands up, still holding his cheek*

[24/11/2013 21:40:29] Rin: don't mention who? his daughter?

[24/11/2013 21:41:34] Mizuki: I guess so, I can't think of anyone else.

*She chucks the last bit of bread into her mouth*

[24/11/2013 21:42:24] Rin: *he releases his cheek and sighs, sitting back down and starts eating his crisps*

[24/11/2013 21:42:32] Nobu: *She eats another cracker*

[24/11/2013 21:46:08] Mizuki: *She gulps down some water and heads for the door*

I'm off to do some diving, later all!

[24/11/2013 21:46:43] Rin: ok, bye then! :D

[24/11/2013 21:47:38] Nobu: *She quietly watches Rin, eating her cracker*

[24/11/2013 21:48:40] Rin: *eats his crisps, clearly noticing the awkward atmosphere and starts feeling a little uncomfortable*

[24/11/2013 21:49:58 | Edited 21:50:21] Rin: *his cheek still stinging from trevor's punch, not to mention he'd hit his head on the hard floor again, so his head was pounding even more*

[24/11/2013 21:51:31] Nobu: *She takes out another cracker, standing up*

[24/11/2013 21:55:54] Nobu: *She just stands, watching Rin*

[24/11/2013 22:00:48] Rin: *stops eating* uh, you got something to say?

[24/11/2013 22:01:27] Keiko: *Keiko walks into the cafeteria* HELLOOOOOOOO

[24/11/2013 22:01:42] Rin: oh! keiko! hey!

[24/11/2013 22:04:32] Nobu: Hello, mistress Keiko

[24/11/2013 22:05:00] Keiko: *she grins* hello Rin, hello Nobu

[24/11/2013 22:05:10] Keiko: *she skips over and takes a seat*

[24/11/2013 22:06:06] Rin: *his smiling makes his cheek start hurting and he starts holding it again*

[24/11/2013 22:15:31] Nobu: Would you like ice?

[24/11/2013 22:15:51] Rin: nah, i'm fine, thanks though

[24/11/2013 22:17:37] Nobu: *She takes a bite out of her cracker with a crunch, looking over the two in the room before leaving*

[24/11/2013 22:18:15] Rin: so uh *turns to keiko* how've you been? *attempting to smile*

[24/11/2013 22:18:48] Keiko: I've been ok, just sleeping a lot as of late

[24/11/2013 22:19:14] Rin: likewise, ehehe

[24/11/2013 22:25:07] Rin: things been going well with mizuki?

[24/11/2013 22:25:29] Keiko: *she nods and smiles* yup, it sure has

[24/11/2013 22:26:16] Rin: that's good *smiles widely, forgeting the earlier hit* ow!

[24/11/2013 23:20:30] Rin: *finishes his crisps and stands up* i'm gonna go to my room for a while, i'v been kinda disoriented recently

[24/11/2013 23:26:24] Rin: see ya *waves and exits the cafeteria, making his way to his bedroom*

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