[25/11/2013 18:04:51] Trevor: *Trevor begins singing "I will always Love you" in the hallway. It is very beautiful and emotionally intense*

[25/11/2013 18:05:26] Nobu: *Shakes her hips out of time to his beautiful rendition of said song*

[25/11/2013 18:05:53] Keiko: *Keiko peeks her head out of the door, she smiles at the sound of Trevor's voice*

[25/11/2013 18:09:08] Trevor: *it better be bringing yall to tears*

[25/11/2013 18:09:44] Rin: *gets up of his bed and tries to open his door, he stands confused for a few seconds before remembering that he locked it to stop himself from wandering out of the room in the first place, he gets the key from his desk drawer and unlocks the door*

[25/11/2013 18:10:22] Rin: *he sticks his head out, shrugs and goes back in*

[25/11/2013 18:12:49] Rin: *he walks into his bathroom, looks in the mirror and sees a large bruise on his cheek from where trevor punched him the previous day*

[25/11/2013 18:13:12] Rin: man, that guy didn't hold back huh? *tries to touch it* ow!

[25/11/2013 18:13:17] Trevor: IM HAPPY YOURE HURT BITCH.

[25/11/2013 18:14:05] Nobu: *Knocks on Rin's door with her booty*

[25/11/2013 18:14:43] Rin: *hears the noise outside and opens his door*

[25/11/2013 18:14:57] Keiko: *Keiko comes out of her room dancing* FLYYYYY ME TO THE MOON

[25/11/2013 18:15:08] Keiko: AND LET ME PLAY AMONG THE STARS

[25/11/2013 18:15:33] Nobu: Merry Christmas.........everyone


[25/11/2013 18:15:46] Mizuki: *Mizuki slams open her door*

[25/11/2013 18:15:55] Rin: um... hi?

[25/11/2013 18:16:19] Nobu: Would you like some girl scout cookies?

[25/11/2013 18:16:20] Mizuki: *She takes a deep breath*

[25/11/2013 18:16:30] Trevor: *Trevor sees Mizuki and gangnam styles away*

[25/11/2013 18:16:53] Mizuki: UNDER THE SEA

[25/11/2013 18:16:58] Nobu: UNDER THE SEA

[25/11/2013 18:16:58] Mizuki: UNDER THE SEA

[25/11/2013 18:17:16 | Edited 18:17:19] Keiko: IN OTHER WORDS, HOLD MY HAND *she holds her hand out to Mizuki*

[25/11/2013 18:17:32] Mizuki: DARLING IT'S BETTER



[25/11/2013 18:17:35] Keiko: IN OTHER WORDS

[25/11/2013 18:17:43] Keiko: DARLING KISS ME

[25/11/2013 18:17:55] Trevor: I JUST HAD SEEEEEEEEX


[25/11/2013 18:18:02] Nobu: No you didn't

[25/11/2013 18:18:12] Trevor: WE FUCKED A WEEK AGO

[25/11/2013 18:18:46] Nobu: That's not "just"


[25/11/2013 18:18:51] Rin: *looks towards mizuki and keiko with one eyebrow raised* i'm gonna guess you two are getting along?

[25/11/2013 18:18:54] Mizuki: UP ON THE SHORE THEY WORK ALL DAY





[25/11/2013 18:19:07] Nobu: That's a week ago

[25/11/2013 18:19:16] Mizuki: *Bows*

[25/11/2013 18:19:16] Keiko: YOU ARE ALL I LONG FOR, ALL I WORSHIP AND ADORE *she spins Mizuki*

[25/11/2013 18:19:27] Mizuki: Wooo! *Is spun*

[25/11/2013 18:19:28] Keiko: IN OTHER WORDS, BE TRUE

[25/11/2013 18:19:32] Keiko: IN OTHER WORDS

[25/11/2013 18:19:39] Keiko: *she pulls Mizuki close*

[25/11/2013 18:19:41] Keiko: I LOVE YOU

 [25/11/2013 18:20:06] Rin: *sweatdrops and backs away slowly before closing his door*

[25/11/2013 18:20:27] Mizuki: *Mizuki grins, surprised, and blushes bright red, before kissing Keiko on the cheek*

[25/11/2013 18:21:14] Trevor: NOBU

*He pulls her towards him*


[25/11/2013 18:21:35] Trevor: FORGET YOUR WIDE EYED FEARS

[25/11/2013 18:21:36] Keiko: *she squeaks* I-In other words....*she puts her face close to Mizuki's* I...loooooove......yoooooooooooooooooooou *she kisses her, letting her go and skips down the hallway*

[25/11/2013 18:21:37] Nobu: *Looks down at him, wow you're tiny*

[25/11/2013 18:21:59] Trevor: *I've heard otherwise dear*

[25/11/2013 18:22:14] Nobu: *Gonna hit you wow*

[25/11/2013 18:22:26] Mizuki: *She sighs and skips off back to her room*

[25/11/2013 18:22:26 | Edited 18:22:45] Rin: *is listening on the otherside and starts snickering at nobu calling trevor 'tiny'*

[25/11/2013 18:23:43] Nobu: *She looks down* you're so far away

[25/11/2013 18:24:26] Rin: *his snickering starts making his cheek hurt again*

[25/11/2013 18:24:34] Trevor: Hey rin.

[25/11/2013 18:24:45] Rin: ?

[25/11/2013 18:24:51] Trevor: Want me to make more bruises *wink wink*

[25/11/2013 18:25:27] Rin: please don't

[25/11/2013 18:25:51] Trevor: Can I suck your dick.

[25/11/2013 18:25:54] Trevor: Please

[25/11/2013 18:26:09] Nobu: He's being polite

[25/11/2013 18:26:29] Rin: *slams the door open* what?! no! what kinda question is that?!

[25/11/2013 18:26:38] Nobu: A polite one

[25/11/2013 18:27:29] Rin: ok i'll admit he was being polite, but still! i'm straight dude!

[25/11/2013 18:38:58] Trevor: I'm not.

[25/11/2013 18:39:38] Rin: weren’t you saving yourself for michael? *has a sarcastic look*

[25/11/2013 18:41:11] Trevor: YOU

[25/11/2013 18:41:16] Trevor: No.

[25/11/2013 18:41:20] Trevor: That's it.

[25/11/2013 18:41:40 | Edited 18:41:52] Rin: *closes the door before trevor can do anything*

[25/11/2013 18:42:04] Trevor: *Kicks the door*

[25/11/2013 18:42:10] Trevor: YOU FUCK.

[25/11/2013 18:42:16] Trevor: You little fuck.

[25/11/2013 18:42:22] Nobu: Oh dear

[25/11/2013 18:42:37 | Edited 18:43:55] Rin: *holds the door while he locks it and stands back*

[25/11/2013 18:43:48] Trevor: Nobu.

[25/11/2013 18:43:52] Trevor: Kill him.

[25/11/2013 18:44:09] Nobu: I only live to serve *She bows and stands directly infront of the door*

[25/11/2013 18:44:22] Nobu: *She knocks gently on the door*

[25/11/2013 18:44:30] Rin: ?

[25/11/2013 18:45:53 | Edited 18:45:55] Keiko: *she charges through the corridor*


[25/11/2013 18:46:00] Keiko: ME

[25/11/2013 18:46:03] Keiko: TO THE MOON

[25/11/2013 18:46:16] Nobu: We can arrange a rocket

[25/11/2013 18:46:20] Rin: ??? *sweatdrops*

[25/11/2013 18:46:33] Keiko: WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS?

[25/11/2013 18:46:48] Keiko: WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS?

[25/11/2013 18:48:36] Trevor: IVE NEVER SEEN A DIAMOND IN THE FLESH

[25/11/2013 18:48:48] Trevor: I CUT MY TEETH ON WEDDING RINGS IN THE MOVIES

[25/11/2013 18:48:56] Trevor: AND IM NOT PROUD OFMY ADDRESS

[25/11/2013 18:49:02 | Edited 18:49:16] Mizuki: [MUFFLED SOMEWHERE BEYOND THE SEA IN THE DISTANCE]

[25/11/2013 18:49:09] Nobu: Airhostess

[25/11/2013 18:49:13] Nobu: I like the way you dress

[25/11/2013 18:49:41] Trevor: IN A TORN UP TOWN

[25/11/2013 18:49:46] Trevor: NO POSTCODE ENVY

[25/11/2013 19:02:12] Nobu: *Knocking on Rin's door*

[25/11/2013 19:03:39] Rin: *he takes the chance to escape, unlocks his door slowly and quietly, thrusts it open, runs out of his room and bolts down the hall*

[25/11/2013 19:04:24] Rin: *and disappears out of sight*

[25/11/2013 19:06:08] Gem & Ini: However, Rin didn't escape for much longer, for after his seemingly perfect escape from Nobu and Trevor went as planned, he came across two more obstacles, one in blue and one in white.

"Rin?" Inirgo piped up, his white cape fluttering behind him. "Is everyone okay?"

"Christ, you look like you're running from a ghost." Gemalli followed up.

[25/11/2013 19:06:38] Nobu: Come back

[25/11/2013 19:06:56 | Edited 19:08:46] Rin: *he wispered* sorry guys i'll explain later! come to my talent room *continues running down the hall*

[25/11/2013 19:07:28] Gem & Ini: "???" Both of the twins quizically looked at each other as the cartoonist darted away.

[25/11/2013 19:08:48] Gem & Ini: "What a way to come back into the world.." Gemalli muttered.

"Oh, don't be like that. It's been a couple of days since we stepped out." Inirgo countered.

"Yeah, yeah..." Gemalli waved his hand in the air. Suddenly, something clicked inside of him. Rin, alone? Yes, that's the oppertune that the brothers needed. Now was the chance to let him know of their theories.

[25/11/2013 19:09:08] Trevor: *Trevor runs up behind Rin and tackles him*

[25/11/2013 19:09:27] Nobu: Master Trevor, please *She slowly towards them*

[25/11/2013 19:09:55] Rin: get off already! *pushes him off and starts running again*

[25/11/2013 19:10:16] Gem & Ini: Another gust of wind flew past the twins, cape flying due to Trevor's gargantuous speed. Before the two even had time to react, Rin was on the floor with Trevor. And again, the scuffle had resorted itself almost immediately.

[25/11/2013 19:11:16] Gem & Ini: "Jesus!! Can't you guys slow the fuck down?!" Gemalli started towards Trevor and Nobu. "Especially you, fedora! Christ, don't you know that Rin has a condition? He's not the one you wanna tackle to the ground like a football player, jeez!!"

[25/11/2013 19:13:26] Rin: *he makes it to his talent room, locks it and leans against the door out of breath*

[25/11/2013 19:14:57] Rin: *pant*... *pant*... what's... wrong with... that guy...

[25/11/2013 19:15:00] Trevor: *Banging on the door*

[25/11/2013 19:15:06] Rin: !!

[25/11/2013 19:15:27] Gem & Ini: "HEY!" Gemalli placed a hand on Trevor's shoulder and pushed him away. "Leave Rin alone, jackass!!"

[25/11/2013 19:15:36] Gem & Ini: "Can't you see he wants to be alone?" Inirgo questioned.

[25/11/2013 19:15:58] Gem & Ini: "What the hell is your deal, man?" Gemalli demanded an answer from Trevor.

[25/11/2013 19:16:07] Nobu: *She watches the twins carefully as she catches up with them*

[25/11/2013 19:17:57] Keiko: *Keiko charges toward Trevor and tackles him*

[25/11/2013 19:19:18] Gem & Ini: The sudden action also caused Gemalli to hit the floor. "ARGH!!"

"Gem!!" Inirgo went to his side almost immediately. "Are you alright?" He knelt down next to his brother, who in turn sat up and rubbed his head.

"Why in the fuck did we leave our rooms again..."

[25/11/2013 19:19:45] Gem & Ini: He sighed, moreso out of being winded already rather than actual anger and spite.

[25/11/2013 19:19:48] Keiko: *she looks over at Gemalli* oh gosh, I'm sorry

[25/11/2013 19:20:31] Gem & Ini: "It's fine, it's fine. Don't worry." It escaped with a hint of aggravation as his brother helped heaved himself up.

[25/11/2013 19:20:50] Gem & Ini: "Okay, so before someone ELSE is sent flying, can someone PLEASE explain just what the hell is happening?" Gem questioned.

[25/11/2013 19:21:30] Nobu: Perhaps we should all just stay in our rooms and lie in our beds staring at the ceiling

[25/11/2013 19:21:30] Keiko: *she sits on Trevor* I'll keep him down for a bit....I just kinda hope I didn't break his ribs...then again, with my fat body I wouldn't be surprised...

[25/11/2013 19:21:49] Nobu: Mistress Keiko, if you would like I can sit on him for you

[25/11/2013 19:22:16] Gem & Ini: "Nobu, can you explain what's going on? Why was Rin on the run? What happened?" Inirgo asked the maid.

[25/11/2013 19:22:29] Keiko: if you want to that is

[25/11/2013 19:22:50] Keiko: anything to keep this little hothead doused

[25/11/2013 19:22:59] Nobu: I shall if you wish

[25/11/2013 19:23:16] Nobu: Well, master Trevor seems to be acting rather strange

[25/11/2013 19:23:21] Nobu: There was an outburst of song and dance

[25/11/2013 19:23:24] Gem & Ini: "Strange?"

[25/11/2013 19:23:48] Nobu: Rin came out of his room at a strange request from Trevor and then Trevor tackled him after I knocked on his door and you were there

[25/11/2013 19:23:57] Mizuki: *Mizuki steps outside, casting an eye over the scene*


[25/11/2013 19:23:59] Gem & Ini: "Do you think he lost it?" Gemalli folded his arms in front of his chest.

[25/11/2013 19:24:01] Trevor: Can I sleep.

[25/11/2013 19:24:09] Gem & Ini: "It could be.."

[25/11/2013 19:24:14] Gem & Ini: Inirgo responded.

[25/11/2013 19:24:29] Gem & Ini: "He's being a threat to the students. I suggest we restrain the lil' fuck." Gemalli suggested.

[25/11/2013 19:24:42] Rin: ?!

[25/11/2013 19:24:42] Nobu: No, you cannot

[25/11/2013 19:24:44] Keiko: then I decided to intervene

[25/11/2013 19:25:01] Keiko: also no Trevor

[25/11/2013 19:25:27] Keiko: you will stay squashed under my fat body...

[25/11/2013 19:25:33] Mizuki: Is Trevor taking a hissy fit again?

*She folds her arm and taps her foot*

[25/11/2013 19:25:44] Nobu: No, just acting rather strange

[25/11/2013 19:25:47] Nobu: For no reason it seems

[25/11/2013 19:25:51] Trevor: Honey I'm sorry but that's not my fetish.

[25/11/2013 19:25:56] Keiko: if it will stop you from accidentally killing someone

[25/11/2013 19:25:58] Gem & Ini: "Well, either way, someone has to be responsible for this shit's antics." Gemalli reaffirmed. "We can't have him slugging Rin for no good reason, especially since the guy's in bandages!"

[25/11/2013 19:26:11] Keiko: *she tugs hard on his ear*

[25/11/2013 19:26:24] Mizuki: He socked him one yesterday.

[25/11/2013 19:26:33] Trevor: Nobu.

[25/11/2013 19:26:39] Keiko: if you like having two ears then I suggest shutting your mouth *smirk*

[25/11/2013 19:26:41] Trevor: Save me

[25/11/2013 19:26:43] Gem & Ini: "Can we keep him in the same pen as Sophia?" Inirgo asked. "She's gentle, but I'm sure a night with the tiger would do him well."

[25/11/2013 19:27:03] Nobu: Mistress Keiko, if you would like to step aside, I will resume the diciplinary actions

[25/11/2013 19:27:17] Mizuki: Woah woah woah.

*She waves her arms*

We have... a tiger in the school?

[25/11/2013 19:27:20] Gem & Ini: "Fuck that noise, I wouldn't let this muck into our talent room if it's the last thing I'd do." He shook his head.

[25/11/2013 19:27:32] Gem & Ini: "Yeah." Both brothers answered.

[25/11/2013 19:27:50] Gem & Ini: "Her name is Sophia! She's one of our stage animals, but we tend to her like a pet. She's beautiful." Inirgo nodded.

[25/11/2013 19:27:52 | Edited 19:27:54] Keiko: *she gets up off Trevor and grabs the back of his shirt, pulling him up*

[25/11/2013 19:27:54] Nobu: I want to pet said tiger

[25/11/2013 19:27:56] Gem & Ini: "Why? Somethin' the matter?"

[25/11/2013 19:28:11] Gem & Ini: Both of the twins spoke like as if the kitty was just a housecat rather than a predator.

[25/11/2013 19:28:47] Mizuki: *Her eyes widened with glee*

That's... so fucking cool!

[25/11/2013 19:28:54] Trevor: I want my Nobu

[25/11/2013 19:28:57] Gem & Ini: Gemalli grinned. "You think so?"

[25/11/2013 19:28:58] Trevor: Nobubu

[25/11/2013 19:29:03] Rin: *through the door* dude that is awesome!

[25/11/2013 19:29:14] Trevor: RIN STOP TALK ING

[25/11/2013 19:29:14] Keiko: *she hands Trevor to Nobu*

[25/11/2013 19:29:28] Keiko: I believe this belongs to you miss

[25/11/2013 19:29:32] Gem & Ini: "Aww, thank you! We obtained her when she was just a baby. She's very gentle and kind, especially around friends." Inirgo smiled. He was very proud of the white tiger.

[25/11/2013 19:29:37] Nobu: Oh! *She takes him*

[25/11/2013 19:30:19] Gem & Ini: "Yeah, but she won't hesitate biting an arm off on command. You should've seen the guys that tried to set the circus on fire once!" Gemalli laughed.

[25/11/2013 19:30:36] Mizuki: Can I see her later? *She resists the urge to bounce around a little*

I love dangerous animals!

*Her grin widens*

[25/11/2013 19:30:38] Gem & Ini: "Gem! That joke is so old!" Inirgo smacked his brother's arm.

[25/11/2013 19:30:50] Rin: *through the door*  ehehehe

[25/11/2013 19:31:02] Nobu: *She puts him on the floor and resumes sitting on his back*

[25/11/2013 19:31:02] Gem & Ini: "Hmm? Really?" Gemalli looked at Mizuki. "Well, I guess it wouldn't be too much harm..."

[25/11/2013 19:31:23] Nobu: I would quite like to see the tiger too

[25/11/2013 19:31:26] Rin: *his cheek starts hurting again from laughing and he puts his hand on his face*

[25/11/2013 19:31:47] Gem & Ini: "Yeah! I'm sure Sophie would love visitors! As much as she loves us, she needs some more company." Inirgo clasped his hands together in happiness.

[25/11/2013 19:32:19] Mizuki: *She squeals a little Beaming at Gem and Ini with delight*

[25/11/2013 19:32:37] Nobu: *She also resumes tugging on Trevors ear, happily smiling and listening into the conversation*

[25/11/2013 19:33:23] Gem & Ini: Gemalli nodded. "Then it's settled! After we take care of this little piece of work," Gemalli stomped right in front ofTrevor's head, "Then we can all pay a visit to Sophia."

[25/11/2013 19:36:35 | Edited 19:43:26] Rin: *he smiled and let go of his cheek, what am I doing? I to pull myself together! Elsie wouldn't want me to be this way, not after she told me to live for her! *he shook his head and sighed*

[25/11/2013 19:36:47] Nobu: I will take care of him

[25/11/2013 19:36:50] Nobu: All is well

[25/11/2013 19:37:08] Trevor: WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT MY MAMA.

[25/11/2013 19:37:20] Nobu: *She pulls his ear a little harder*

[25/11/2013 19:37:25] Gem & Ini: "Oh! I know this one!" Inirgo lit up.

[25/11/2013 19:37:34] Trevor: HOW DOES HE KNOW MAMAS NAME!?

[25/11/2013 19:37:47] Trevor: DO YOU WORK WITH THE GOVERNMENT OR THE MAFIA!?!?!?

[25/11/2013 19:37:47] Gem & Ini: "Your father's a hamster, and your mother smelt of elder berries!! Right?"

[25/11/2013 19:38:02] Trevor: DONT INSULT MY DADDY!!

[25/11/2013 19:38:16] Rin: *through the door* hahaha monty python right?

[25/11/2013 19:38:25] Gem & Ini: "That's how the quote goes? I think?" Inirgo looked to his brother.

"I don't think- Ah, hell, yeah, I think that's what she said." Gemalli laughed.


[25/11/2013 19:39:06] Nobu: *She stands and takes Trevor into her arms*

[25/11/2013 19:39:22] Trevor: HE WAS TALKING SHIT ON MY MAMA!

[25/11/2013 19:39:48] Nobu: Please calm yourself, master Trevor

[25/11/2013 19:39:56] Keiko: TREVOR PLEASE

[25/11/2013 19:41:02] Gem & Ini: "Jesus christ, it's just a movie quote, calm your non-existent dick." Gem held up his hands in defense. "GEM!" Inirgo couldn't hold back his laughter.

[25/11/2013 19:41:16] Trevor: MY MAMA

[25/11/2013 19:41:20] Trevor: ELSIE

[25/11/2013 19:41:32] Trevor: HOW DO YOU KNOW!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?

[25/11/2013 19:41:44] Mizuki: Shouldn't we...?

Sedate him or something?

That would work right?

[25/11/2013 19:42:34] Gem & Ini: "I think at this point, that'd be most beneficial. Inirgo?" Gemalli looked to his brother.

[25/11/2013 19:42:40] Rin: *through the door* what? I was talking about Chiku, Elsie's her real name

[25/11/2013 19:43:03] Gem & Ini: "On it, on it." Inirgo pulled off his hat and reached inside, pulling out his cane. Placing his hat back on, he twirled the cane in his hands.

[25/11/2013 19:43:33] Gem & Ini: "Sleep, sleep, sleep.. Slumber, peace, euphoria.. I know Lavender Moon, but that only works when someone's calmed down.." Inirgo began speaking to himself.

[25/11/2013 19:44:07] Mizuki: What about something more... medicinal?

*She grins impishly*

[25/11/2013 19:44:49] Gem & Ini: "Gem has medicine, I have sleep. Okay, I got this." Inirgo swirled and pointed at Trevor.

[25/11/2013 19:45:09] Nobu: Stop

[25/11/2013 19:45:26] Gem & Ini: "Calmness!! Tranquilium!!" A burst of soft sky blue jutted out from his cane.

[25/11/2013 19:45:38] Gem & Ini: "Wait, what?!" Inirgo swerved the spell so it wouldn't hit Trevor.

[25/11/2013 19:45:54] Nobu: I said stop

[25/11/2013 19:46:00] Mizuki: Why?

[25/11/2013 19:46:15] Gem & Ini: Unfortunately, it had to have had a target, and it directed itself onto Gem. "Inirgo-"


"... Nevermind~" Gem took a sigh, one of relaxation.

[25/11/2013 19:46:17] Gem & Ini: "... Oops."

[25/11/2013 19:46:54] Mizuki: *She plants her face into her hand*


[25/11/2013 19:47:02] Nobu: I will calm him myself, I don't want master Trevor being hit by anything strange

[25/11/2013 19:47:05] Rin: *through the door* uh... I dunno what that was but it didn't sound good *sweatdrops*

[25/11/2013 19:47:19] Gem & Ini: "Hee, it's been a while since I had this casted on me~ Feels like a smooth winter!" Gem smiled softly to himself.

[25/11/2013 19:47:32] Mizuki: Then do it Nobu!

Why haven't you done it already?

[25/11/2013 19:47:38] Gem & Ini: "Welp, this is a thing. This is a thing that is indeed happening." Inirgo frowned.

[25/11/2013 19:47:46] Nobu: He just needs rest

[25/11/2013 19:47:50] Trevor: I WANNA GO HOME.

[25/11/2013 19:47:55] Nobu: It does not help that everyone is shouting at him

[25/11/2013 19:48:07] Trevor: You all fucking suck.

[25/11/2013 19:48:10] Gem & Ini: "Well, that's what I was going to do once I got the spell working." Inirgo looked back to Nobu.

[25/11/2013 19:48:26] Keiko: no suck

[25/11/2013 19:48:29] Trevor: You're making a joke out of my parents.

[25/11/2013 19:48:40] Gem & Ini: "Trevor, man, lighten up. You keep being angry there, and your blonde hair will turn to gray." Gem cooly said.

[25/11/2013 19:48:41] Trevor: My



[25/11/2013 19:49:19] Gem & Ini: "It was just a quote, calm down." Gem softly defended his brother.

[25/11/2013 19:49:22] Keiko: *she suddenly tugs at her hair in frustration and screeches between clenched teeth* TREVOR PLEASE SHUT UP!!!!!!

[25/11/2013 19:49:33] Nobu: Mistress Keiko, please

[25/11/2013 19:49:39] Nobu: Shouting does not help

[25/11/2013 19:49:40] Gem & Ini: "Owwwww..." Gemalli covered his ears. Inirgo winced at the screech.

[25/11/2013 19:49:47] Trevor: No will not calm down.

You insulted my momma and poppa.

[25/11/2013 19:50:05] Gem & Ini: "Keiko, it's alright! Honestly! He's just delusional, still!" Inirgo placed a hand on Keiko's shoulder.

[25/11/2013 19:50:26] Mizuki: FUCKING WHO CARES CALM DOWN.

*She puffs her cheeks, looking a little red*

[25/11/2013 19:50:37] Trevor: Delusional

[25/11/2013 19:50:39] Keiko: *she turns around and bangs her head on the wall*

[25/11/2013 19:50:50] Trevor: Oh so that's what being upset is now is it

[25/11/2013 19:51:16] Nobu: *She calmly lowers him so his feet are on the floor*

[25/11/2013 19:51:24] Gem & Ini: "Upset? What do you need to be upset about, you glorious piece of sunshine?" Gemalli inquired the fedora man.

[25/11/2013 19:51:44] Keiko: *she quickly turns around* TREVOR WE DIDN'T INSULT YOUR FUCKING PARENTS FOR CHRISTS SAKE

[25/11/2013 19:51:47] Trevor: Fucking delusional that I don't like how my parents who spend years on the run with little old me being insulted?

[25/11/2013 19:52:04] Trevor: Pappy gave me this fedora. It's all I fucking have of him.

[25/11/2013 19:52:10] Trevor: *He leaves*

[25/11/2013 19:52:30] Nobu: *She watches him go*

[25/11/2013 19:52:47] Mizuki: IT WAS A JOKE YOU LITTLE SHIT.


[25/11/2013 19:53:02] Keiko: *she puts her face into her hands, dropping to her knees and then on her side*........

[25/11/2013 19:53:25] Keiko: *she begins to scream very loud into her hands*

[25/11/2013 19:53:27] Keiko: WHY

[25/11/2013 19:53:27] Keiko: DO

[25/11/2013 19:53:28] Keiko: YOU

[25/11/2013 19:53:30] Keiko: HAVE TO BE

[25/11/2013 19:53:31] Keiko: SO

[25/11/2013 19:53:33] Keiko: DI

[25/11/2013 19:53:33 | Edited 19:53:41] Keiko: FFI

[25/11/2013 19:53:43] Keiko: CULT

[25/11/2013 19:54:43] Keiko: *she takes her hands away from her face and curls into a ball*......

[25/11/2013 19:54:50] Rin: *slides down, sits on the floor with his back to the door and sighs*

[25/11/2013 19:55:12] Mizuki: I hate that man...

[25/11/2013 19:56:00] Keiko: *she rolls onto her back and kicks her feet against the wall*

[25/11/2013 19:56:01] Nobu: *She looks over each of them with a gentle smile*

[25/11/2013 19:56:10] Keiko: it's like babysitting.....

[25/11/2013 19:56:19] Nobu: Perhaps so

[25/11/2013 19:56:28] Nobu: But it's my duty

[25/11/2013 19:56:40] Nobu: *She turns and wobbles off in the direction that Trevor went*

[25/11/2013 19:56:48] Mizuki: Better you than me.

*She rolls her eyes*

[25/11/2013 19:57:14] Keiko: please....just find the paranoid baby and give him his fucking bottle....

[25/11/2013 20:01:00] Mizuki: This whole week has been a mess... if it's even been a fucking week.

[25/11/2013 20:01:11] Monoleo Mastermind: EVERYBODY RETURN TO YOUR DORMS.

[25/11/2013 20:01:18] Rin: ?!

[25/11/2013 20:01:23] Monoleo Mastermind: There is a message waiting for each of you there...

[25/11/2013 20:01:45] Keiko: *she gets up, taking her now messed up hair down*

[25/11/2013 20:01:51] Mizuki: *She stretches*

Welp, I was about to head there anyway.

*She wanders off, sighing*

[25/11/2013 20:02:07] Keiko: *wanders off to her dorm*

[25/11/2013 20:02:57] Rin: *he opens the door, looks for any sign of trevor and closes it, he stands there for a second before bolting back to his room*

[25/11/2013 20:03:33] Rin: *he makes it to his room and closes the door*

[25/11/2013 20:03:39] Monoleo Mastermind: You will now be contacted individually.

[25/11/2013 20:03:53] Monoleo Mastermind: Sharing motives is permitted.

[25/11/2013 20:03:57] Monoleo Mastermind: A murder will occur within one week.


[25/11/2013 20:15:14] Rin: *he leaves his room and closes the door*

[25/11/2013 20:15:43] Rin: might as well kill some time in my talent room I guess *he makes his way to his talent room*

[25/11/2013 20:16:57] Trevor: *Trevors in the talent room*

[25/11/2013 20:19:58] Mizuki: *Mizuki slams her door behind her and goes marching down the corridor*

[25/11/2013 20:20:15] Rin: *is almost at his talent room and his stomach growls* might as well get something to eat *he starts walking to the cafeteria*

[25/11/2013 20:21:14] Nobu: *Nobu is in the cafeteria*

[25/11/2013 20:21:53] Rin: *he walks into the cafeteria and makes his way to the kitchen*

[25/11/2013 20:22:24] Nobu: *Watches him*

[25/11/2013 20:23:25] Trevor: *Trevor runs in performs the entirety of swan lake ballet single handedly in the cafeteria then runs out*

[25/11/2013 20:23:34 | Edited 20:23:50] Rin: *he gets a noodle cup, boils the kettle and pours the water in*

[25/11/2013 20:25:20] Keiko: *Keiko comes into the cafeteria and goes for the kitchen*

[25/11/2013 20:25:31] Keiko: *she spots Rin making ramen*

[25/11/2013 20:25:53] Keiko: OH, I haven't had a Cup Noodle in a long time

[25/11/2013 20:25:59] Keiko: mind if I join?

[25/11/2013 20:26:11] Mizuki: *Stomps into the Cafeteria*

[25/11/2013 20:26:24] Keiko: I didn't even know they had them here?

[25/11/2013 20:26:46] Rin: sure! there's more cups in the cuboard and I accidently put extra water in the kettle, so help yourself!

[25/11/2013 20:27:15] Mizuki: *Stands at the Kitchen entrance*

[25/11/2013 20:27:15] Nobu: *She walks into the kitchen* They have pretty much everything in here*

[25/11/2013 20:27:27] Mizuki: Oh.

[25/11/2013 20:27:50] Keiko: *she looks through the cupboard* they have all the flavours....but do they haaaaave.....YES

[25/11/2013 20:28:01] Keiko: THEY HAVE CRAB FLAVOURED CUP NOODLE

[25/11/2013 20:28:04] Rin: *he gets a fork and starts stirring*

[25/11/2013 20:28:32] Mizuki: Nice to know everything is normal and in no way strange.

[25/11/2013 20:29:18] Keiko: *she pulls the cup out and looks over to Mizuki* you okay sweetcheeks?

[25/11/2013 20:29:31] Nobu: *She smiles* I told you they have everything

[25/11/2013 20:29:32] Keiko: you want some raaaaaaaamen?

[25/11/2013 20:30:03] Rin: *starts eating*

[25/11/2013 20:31:23] Mizuki: Oh no... I'm fine.

In fact, why shouldn't I be...

[25/11/2013 20:32:56] Mizuki: Actually... I think I know why I shouldn't be fine.

*She taps her foot*

Because we're all standing here acting like nothing has happened in the past half hour?!

[25/11/2013 20:33:49] Keiko: *she puts the cup down*....

[25/11/2013 20:34:05] Rin: working on forgeting the whole thing *takes another mouthful*

[25/11/2013 20:34:15] Keiko: I...don't even know what it means

[25/11/2013 20:34:29] Nobu: I thought I'd get a frame for it

[25/11/2013 20:35:06] Mizuki: So shouldn't we be working out what the fuck it is?

Instead we're just standing here making Ramen!

[25/11/2013 20:35:30] Rin: *talking with his mouth full* I was hungry

[25/11/2013 20:35:34] Keiko: well you said Keiko needs to eat more...

[25/11/2013 20:36:19] Mizuki: *She taps her foot impatiently*

Ugh fine...

[25/11/2013 20:37:29] Gem & Ini: Both of them each held a picture in their hand.

[25/11/2013 20:37:32] Keiko: *she flinches*.....

[25/11/2013 20:37:53] Gem & Ini: "Greetings, everyone." It was obvious enough that the calming spell hadn't worn off of Gemalli as of yet.

[25/11/2013 20:38:18] Keiko: *then drops the cup, spilling the raw contents on the floor*..........

[25/11/2013 20:38:24] Gem & Ini: "Yo, guys.." Inirgo was the first to walk in, his brother behind him.

[25/11/2013 20:38:34] Rin: hey *waves* :D

[25/11/2013 20:39:35] Mizuki: You two got your thing two right?

What do you make of it?

[25/11/2013 20:40:12] Gem & Ini: Inirgo's face bore a thin line, his pain and sadness eminent.

[25/11/2013 20:40:22] Keiko: *she just stands at the counter staring down at it*...

[25/11/2013 20:40:23] Gem & Ini: He revealed his photo to show that both he and Yuki were happily hand in hand.

[25/11/2013 20:40:40] Keiko: *then runs off*

[25/11/2013 20:40:49] Gem & Ini: "Gem."

[25/11/2013 20:40:50] Gem & Ini: "Ah, yes."

[25/11/2013 20:40:50] Gem & Ini: Gem showed his photo as well, with Gem and Felix both happily together.

[25/11/2013 20:40:58] Gem & Ini: In sync, the two placed the photos on the table, making a line of both sets of twins; happy, loving, and alive and well. Without a care in the world.

[25/11/2013 20:41:18] Mizuki: *She sighs, frowning* What the fuck does this even mean?

*she notices Keiko run off*...?


[25/11/2013 20:41:52] Rin: that's really similar to mine... *takes the photo out of his hoodie pocket, showing the picture of him and chiku, with her riding on his shoulders*

[25/11/2013 20:45:27] Mizuki: *Mizuki heads out of the cafeteria after Keiko*

[25/11/2013 20:52:15] Rin: I don't know about you guys but, I don't remember this at all...

[25/11/2013 20:57:44] Gem & Ini: "I don't know what this means, but..." Inirgo's voice trailed off, possibly due to the sadness welling in him.

"It means we had a future with the Mikomi twins, I'm afraid. That we all had a future before we were trapped in here." Gemalli's voice rang with clarity.

[25/11/2013 20:58:30 | Edited 20:59:10] Gem & Ini: He looked up to Rin. "I assume that your photos held the same sentiment?" He managed to catch a glimpse of Elsie and Rin. "Ah."

[25/11/2013 20:59:27] Rin: *nods*

[25/11/2013 21:00:54 | Edited 21:01:06] Rin: although, almost straight after i'd looked at it, I had this, I dunno, vision? of me and chiku doing what's in the photo, and my head started pounding like crazy!

[25/11/2013 21:02:58] Gem & Ini: Gemalli nodded. "That's understandable. Fabriciating moments dictated in photography is a common thing. At least, that's what Madame Libra has dictated to us."

"Yeah, but if that was the case, then we'd remember what had happened to us in the first motive, right? This.. This feels real." Inirgo pointed out. He looked back down to the photo of him and Yuki. The two men grinning at each other... His fingertips softly traced the top of the photo, being careful not to leave fignertips, to try and keep the fragility of the photo as pure as it can get.

[25/11/2013 21:03:10] Gem & Ini: "Hmm.." Inirgo looked around. No one else but Rin, he assumed.

[25/11/2013 21:03:20] Gem & Ini: "Hey, Rin.. Can we ask you something?" Inirgo's voice was low.

[25/11/2013 21:03:31] Rin: hm? sure, fire away

[25/11/2013 21:03:53] Gem & Ini: "Hmm?" Gemalli looked to his brother.

"Rin, do you remember the first trial? At least, before you passed out?"

[25/11/2013 21:04:27] Rin: heh, how could I forget?

[25/11/2013 21:04:32] Rin: so, what about it?

[25/11/2013 21:04:53] Gem & Ini: "Do you remember back when it first started? When the only one that accused Raymond was Trevor?"

[25/11/2013 21:05:04] Rin: *nods*

[25/11/2013 21:05:27] Gem & Ini: "Rin.. Trevor didn't do any investigating."

[25/11/2013 21:05:38] Gem & Ini: "We don't remember catching word or seeing him even close to the room."

[25/11/2013 21:05:55] Gem & Ini: "And the evidence that Gem picked up, the schedule.. That was incriminating to Raymond, right?"

[25/11/2013 21:06:00] Gem & Ini: "How could Trevor have known?"

[25/11/2013 21:06:35] Gem & Ini: "Ah! I know what you're getting at!" Gem twirled the cane in his hand and looked at Rin.

[25/11/2013 21:06:57] Gem & Ini: "I believe what my brother is trying to get at, dear Rin, is this: Do you have an idea as to who the Mastermind might be?"

[25/11/2013 21:07:08] Rin: the mastermind?

[25/11/2013 21:07:12 | Edited 21:07:55] Gem & Ini: With the two questions that the twins presented, it was obviously enough what they were asking Rin. Or rather, what they were telling him.

[25/11/2013 21:07:31] Gem & Ini: "Yes, yes! The one pulling the strings of the dreaded Monoleo! Surely you know who I'm talking about, yes?"

[25/11/2013 21:08:19 | Edited 21:08:41] Rin: how could I NOT know that monoleo guy, but a mastermind? I'v never thought about it

[25/11/2013 21:09:08] Gem & Ini: "Rin, don't you think it's a big hole in the wall? Trevor immediately assumed Raymond was the killer." Inirgo pressed.

[25/11/2013 21:09:12] Gem & Ini: "It was as if he knew."

[25/11/2013 21:09:27] Rin: hm, that does seem a bit strange

[25/11/2013 21:09:28] Gem & Ini: "Just like how Monoleo does!" Gem chimed in.

[25/11/2013 21:10:16] Gem & Ini: "Gem!"

"Ah, sorry, sorry!" Gem nodded, trying to keep quiet.

Inirgo shook his head, and then looked to Rin. His face was serious, his tone low and unbreaking.

[25/11/2013 21:10:45] Gem & Ini: "Rin... We think that Trevor is behind all of this." He stated. Immediately following, he stated "Please don't yell."

[25/11/2013 21:11:15] Rin: don't worry, I follow

[25/11/2013 21:12:37] Gem & Ini: "Felix, Gem and I were talking about it. It completely slipped our minds, especially with what happened to Chi-.. Elsie." Inirgo hesitated.

[25/11/2013 21:13:04] Gem & Ini: "Regardless, if we're wrong or right, the matter is still there: One of us.. One of us is doing this. And we need to be careful."

[25/11/2013 21:13:14] Rin: I gotcha

[25/11/2013 21:13:43] Gem & Ini: "Reminds me of what Miss Louise said, yes? Use the trials to find the Mastermind?" Gem piped in.

[25/11/2013 21:14:46 | Edited 21:17:22] Rin: I think so :) *his smiling made the large bruise on his cheek start stinging and he held his hand on the wounded area* ow!

[25/11/2013 21:18:38 | Removed 21:24:55] Rin: This message has been removed.

[25/11/2013 21:23:33] Gem & Ini: "Ah! Are you alright?" Inirgo looked at Rin's cheek. "gosh, that looks awfully bruised.."

[25/11/2013 21:24:42] Rin: y-yeah it's fine ^_^' trevor really slugged me on that one

[25/11/2013 21:26:23] Gem & Ini: "Do you wish for me to whip you.. Whip you a..." Gem's words began to falter as he held his head.

"Oh, is the spell wearing off?"

Huff.. Huff... Gem's body began to heave, each sigh releasing a blue enrgy. With a few slow breaths, the energy left him and evaporated into the air.

"... Urrgh.." Gem shook his head, standing straight again. "How long.. How long was I talking funny and shit?"

"For a good while." Inirgo looked to his brother.

[25/11/2013 21:29:10] Rin: oh! I almost forgot! I think my room key fell out my pocket when I was in my talent room earlier

[25/11/2013 21:31:47] Gem & Ini: "Ah, did it now?" Inirgo looked back to Rin.

[25/11/2013 21:31:54] Gem & Ini: "Do you wanna go get it?" Gem asked.

[25/11/2013 21:32:10] Rin: that'd be great, you guys wanna come?

[25/11/2013 21:32:21] Gem & Ini: Both of the twins nodded in unison.

[25/11/2013 21:32:33] Rin: ok then :D

[25/11/2013 21:32:47] Rin: ow! *holds his cheek again*

[25/11/2013 21:32:55] Rin: l-lets go ^_^'

[25/11/2013 21:32:58] Gem & Ini: "Oh, right! Spell, spell.."

[25/11/2013 21:33:08] Gem & Ini: Gemalli pulled his cane out of his sleeve.

[25/11/2013 21:33:11] Rin: ?

[25/11/2013 21:33:20] Gem & Ini: "We can make you feel better!" Inirgo grinned.

[25/11/2013 21:33:38] Gem & Ini: "Yep. Inirgo helps children go to sleep while I heal people of a bad hangover, hahahaha.." Gemalli laughed.

[25/11/2013 21:34:42] Gem & Ini: "Let's patch that baby up. Heal! Sanat!!" With a whirl and a twirl, green, smooth energy flowed out of Gem's cane and revolved around Rin before caressing his cheek.

[25/11/2013 21:36:09] Rin: wow! the pain's totally gone!

[25/11/2013 21:37:06] Trevor: *He walks in* Rin. I need to talk to you in private.

[25/11/2013 21:37:12] Trevor: I want to apologise.

[25/11/2013 21:37:26] Trevor: Can you please come with me?

[25/11/2013 21:37:27] Rin: huh? sure man

[25/11/2013 21:37:31] Gem & Ini: Both of the twins looked to Trevor, and then back to Rin.

[25/11/2013 21:37:47] Trevor: I have explaining to do I don't wamt the others to hear.

[25/11/2013 21:37:53] Gem & Ini: "We'll be here."

"If you need anything."

Both of the twins formed a statement, and then retreated to a seat.

[25/11/2013 21:38:05] Trevor: About moma elsie and poppa Xavier.

[25/11/2013 21:38:11 | Edited 21:39:03] Rin: *turns to the twins* i'll get my key later, i'll be right back, kay'? ;

[25/11/2013 21:39:03] Trevor: Thanks. This way. *He walks  out the room*

[25/11/2013 21:39:14] Rin: *follows after him*


[25/11/2013 22:41:25] Monoleo Mastermind: ANNOUNCEMENT.

[25/11/2013 22:41:59] Gem & Ini: "?" Inirgo looked up to the speakers, with Gemalli walking in.

[25/11/2013 22:42:15] Keiko: *she perks up, sticking her head out of her bedroom door*

[25/11/2013 22:42:20] Gem & Ini: "What took you so long?" Inirgo asked.

"I-It's nothing." Gemalli answered.

[25/11/2013 22:42:45] Nobu: *she looks out her room and across to Keiko*

[25/11/2013 22:43:05] Monoleo Mastermind: READ ALL ABOUT IT READ AL ABOUT IT.

[25/11/2013 22:43:24] Monoleo Mastermind: It seems someone is hanging out in Chiku's talent room...

[25/11/2013 22:43:31] Gem & Ini: "?!"

[25/11/2013 22:43:39] Gem & Ini: Gemalli gritted his teeth. Of course..

[25/11/2013 22:43:44] Gem & Ini: "Brother?" Inirgo looked to his brother.

[25/11/2013 22:44:34] Nobu: That was quick. *she fully exits her room and stands in the hallway*

[25/11/2013 22:45:31] Keiko: *she comes out of her room too*

[25/11/2013 22:45:44] Monoleo Mastermind: In Chiku's talent room,  a battered Rin is found strung up on the far wall. The cause of death is a stab wound to the back of the head. On the floor in front of Rin's body is various newspapers spelling "READ ALL ABOUT IT".

[25/11/2013 22:46:21] Monoleo Mastermind: Rin's jaw has been completely snapped in half and his face is extremely mutilated.

[25/11/2013 22:46:46] Gem & Ini: "WHAT?!" Gemalli yelled.

[25/11/2013 22:46:46] Gem & Ini: "O-Oh my god... No, no, no!!!" Inirgo's hands flew to his mouth.

[25/11/2013 22:47:11] Gem & Ini: With a fist slamming a table, Gemalli ran out of the cafeteria, making a B-line for Chiku's talent room.

[25/11/2013 22:47:13] Gem & Ini: "Brother!! GEM!!" Inirgo tailed after him as fast as he could.

[25/11/2013 22:47:19] Keiko: *she screams* RIIIIIIIIIIN

[25/11/2013 22:47:19] Trevor: *Trevor arrived at the scene casually.* Oh. It seems he got himself offed on his way back to the cafeteria.

[25/11/2013 22:47:21] Keiko: RIN

[25/11/2013 22:47:32] Keiko: OH MY GOD RIN

[25/11/2013 22:47:51] Nobu: Master Trevor. Please.

[25/11/2013 22:48:23 | Edited 22:48:25] Keiko: *she stood up, swinging around and punching Trevor in the face*

[25/11/2013 22:48:35] Keiko: YOU DID THIS DIDN'T YOU?

[25/11/2013 22:48:55] Trevor: *He falls to the ground* ACK! I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

[25/11/2013 22:49:23] Keiko: *grabbing him by the shirt, she slams him up against the wall* THEN WHAT HAPPENED? TELL ME YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!

[25/11/2013 22:50:02] Gem & Ini: "O-Oh my god..." Gemalli's words choked in his throat upon seeing the body.

[25/11/2013 22:50:23] Gem & Ini: "Gem, GEM!" Inirgo ran after the magician until he bumped into him.

[25/11/2013 22:50:24] Keiko: *she gasped, dropping Trevor and clenched at her shirt*

[25/11/2013 22:50:33] Gem & Ini: "G-Gem...?"

[25/11/2013 22:50:46] Gem & Ini: "I-I..." Gem fell to his knees, in front of the body that was hanging before him.

[25/11/2013 22:50:58] Gem & Ini: He was speechless.

[25/11/2013 22:51:03] Gem & Ini: What had he just done?

[25/11/2013 22:51:06] Trevor: Ask Gem, he seems ro know something.

[25/11/2013 22:51:45] Nobu: Master Gem, are you alright? *she walks to him, placing a hand gently on his shoulder*

[25/11/2013 22:51:52] Keiko: *she struggles her way over to Gem*

[25/11/2013 22:52:42] Keiko: G-Gem....are you o-....*her heart took a really bad toll on her and she collapsed*

[25/11/2013 22:52:49] Gem & Ini: His body began to tremble, slightly. Tears began to fall from his face.

[25/11/2013 22:53:05] Gem & Ini: Gently, subtly, he lifted his hands to his face to look at them.

[25/11/2013 22:53:20] Gem & Ini: "B-Brother..?" Inirgo's voice shook in fear, worry for his brother.

[25/11/2013 22:53:35] Nobu: *she watches him carefully*

[25/11/2013 22:55:39] Gem & Ini: "Aaaaaa...." The wail came out of his body, as if it didn't need to struggle to break free. At first, it was just that, a wail. But then it began to increase in volume. It got louder and louder, until it became animalistic.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" The scream shook his body and his organs, vibrated every sense of him. The despair crashed down to him like a wave, drowned him, suffocated him. His hands curled into fists and at once he pounded on the floor beneath him.

[25/11/2013 22:56:11] Gem & Ini: "GEMALLI!!" Inirgo rushed over and tried to grab his brother, but it was no use. The banging, smashing at the floor, until his hands were bruised.. Gemalli couldn't take it.

[25/11/2013 22:56:26] Gem & Ini: Gemalli couldn't take what he had just done, what he had set in motion.

[25/11/2013 22:56:27] Nobu: Master Gem!!

[25/11/2013 22:56:40] Gem & Ini: First it was Chiku, and Yuki, and the newspaper clippings that he so FOOLISHY didn't check for

[25/11/2013 22:56:49] Gem & Ini: And now this?!  Now... Now Rin was gone, too?!

[25/11/2013 22:57:17] Gem & Ini: His scream didn't wither or die, as he continued to try and pound his way to escape, to give him feeling, anything. He was numb, overcome with anger, with rage.

[25/11/2013 22:57:20] Gem & Ini: With weakness..

[25/11/2013 22:57:25] Gem & Ini: The smashing stopped.

[25/11/2013 22:57:28] Gem & Ini: The scream halted.

[25/11/2013 22:57:33] Gem & Ini: Panting. Ragged breathing.

[25/11/2013 22:57:44] Gem & Ini: "God....." Gemalli's forehead met with the floor.

[25/11/2013 22:57:46] Trevor: Gem.

[25/11/2013 22:57:48] Gem & Ini: What had he just done...

[25/11/2013 22:57:58] Trevor: Why are you so affected?

[25/11/2013 22:58:15] Trevor: Couldn't take that Rin and I became friends?

[25/11/2013 22:58:45] Gem & Ini: "Trevor."

[25/11/2013 22:58:45] Gem & Ini: Inirgo stood up.

[25/11/2013 22:58:48] Gem & Ini: His aura was dark.

[25/11/2013 22:58:54] Gem & Ini: "I ask that you leave my brother alone."

[25/11/2013 23:01:05] Keiko: *Keiko came around, she was pretty weak. She cried on the floor, barely being able to let out any kind of noise, it was more of soft, struggled pants and weeps*

[25/11/2013 23:01:36] Nobu: *she let's go of Gem, turning to Trevor and Inigro* master Trevor. Behave.

[25/11/2013 23:02:24] Keiko: *she weakly tried to clench her fist* I-I'm sorry Rin....I'm sorry....I failed to look after you....I'm a failure....a big, fat, worthless, stupid, whale of a failure and I should die

[25/11/2013 23:04:14] Trevor: No fuck you.

[25/11/2013 23:04:37] Trevor: I can't believe you would kill a man.

[25/11/2013 23:05:00] Gem & Ini: Inirgo's eyes locked onto Trevor. No, he wasn't going to let him get away with this.

[25/11/2013 23:05:04] Gem & Ini: Now it was his time to shine.

[25/11/2013 23:05:18] Gem & Ini: "Really now? This is what you're insinuating, Trevor?"

[25/11/2013 23:05:43] Gem & Ini: "That Gemalli had it in him to kill Rin?"

[25/11/2013 23:05:59] Gem & Ini: "Tell me, Trevor. Tell me what did Rin say in his last moments."

[25/11/2013 23:06:20] Gem & Ini: His stare was unwavering.

[25/11/2013 23:06:20] Gem & Ini: "When you took the knife and dragged it through his skull."

[25/11/2013 23:06:45] Gem & Ini: "Isn't it weird, Trevor? That you picked that moment and time? That time when I stated that we had suspicion of you being the Mastermind?"

[25/11/2013 23:06:46] Gem & Ini: "Was that all that it took? Was it really?"

[25/11/2013 23:07:05] Gem & Ini: "Just an insult?"

[25/11/2013 23:07:11] Trevor: "You suspected me? I had no idea."

[25/11/2013 23:07:25] Gem & Ini: Inirgo emitted a laugh. "Don't play dumb, you're not cut out for showbiz."

[25/11/2013 23:07:38] Gem & Ini: "You left a gaping hole in your wake when you accused Raymond of murder when you had no clue whatsoever as to the evidence that incriminated him."

[25/11/2013 23:07:56] Trevor: "I'm a godmod. Built to control. Save it for the trial, I can't wait to see your brother burn."

[25/11/2013 23:08:41] Trevor: "I was right was I not? It was an obvious crime."

[25/11/2013 23:08:42] Gem & Ini: "I assure you, Trevor, he will burn. He will burn the brightest when he will make you see hell."

[25/11/2013 23:08:42] Gem & Ini: "If you're even worthy of the slightest salvation of life after death, you scum."

[25/11/2013 23:09:05] Nobu: She stands towering over them both, watching with humungous unblinking eyes and a quaint smile.

[25/11/2013 23:09:10] Keiko: *she struggled to her feet* Trevor....

[25/11/2013 23:09:35] Gem & Ini: "Obvious indeed! What, did you spoke to Rin about your momma and pappy? Was that the ruse?"

[25/11/2013 23:09:36] Keiko: why don't you just shut your goddamn mouth for once....

[25/11/2013 23:09:43] Keiko: why can't you just die

[25/11/2013 23:09:46] Gem & Ini: "Keiko."

[25/11/2013 23:09:48] Keiko: YOU SHOULD DIE

[25/11/2013 23:09:50] Gem & Ini: "As much as I respect you."

[25/11/2013 23:09:53] Gem & Ini: "this isn't your fight."

[25/11/2013 23:10:02] Gem & Ini: "This is between Trevor and my brother and I."

[25/11/2013 23:10:30] Gem & Ini: "We both know your secret. And you did this to challenge us."

[25/11/2013 23:10:44] Keiko: DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE *she puts her hands around his neck but doesn't choke him*

[25/11/2013 23:11:08] Trevor: "I spoke to Rin about my family. Their secrets- FUCK KEIKO!" He struggles to get her off.

[25/11/2013 23:11:25] Gem & Ini: "KEIKO."

[25/11/2013 23:11:35 | Edited 23:11:44] Keiko: *she stares into his eyes, the same way she stared into the eyes of the nurse she choked, there was anger, insanity and everything else in there*

[25/11/2013 23:11:59] Gem & Ini: Inirgo's voice was firm, mature. Demanding, almost.

[25/11/2013 23:12:05] Gem & Ini: "Keiko, put him down."

[25/11/2013 23:12:18] Gem & Ini: "This isn't something for you to finish. Don't let him win."

[25/11/2013 23:13:09] Nobu: *she walks over to Keiko calmly*

[25/11/2013 23:13:15] Keiko: listen here TREV, you will rue the day you decided to fuck with Keiko Aida or any of her friends....

[25/11/2013 23:13:16] Trevor: "I assure you, I will win."

[25/11/2013 23:13:26] Keiko: you could be my best friend or my worst enemy

[25/11/2013 23:13:27] Keiko: ....

[25/11/2013 23:13:35] Keiko: you seem to prefer the latter

[25/11/2013 23:14:00] Keiko: *she puts him down*

[25/11/2013 23:14:29] Gem & Ini: "Challenge accepted, Mastermind." Inirgo spat out.

[25/11/2013 23:14:33] Keiko: *the look in her eyes is normal again*

[25/11/2013 23:14:58] Nobu: *she takes up a stance for a kick, upon seeing Keiko let him down, she stands straight as a flag pole once more*

[25/11/2013 23:15:19] Trevor: "I am not the mastermind." He looks to Nobu. "Am I, love?"

[25/11/2013 23:15:36] Nobu: I don't know

[25/11/2013 23:16:23] Keiko: let me ask you something....

[25/11/2013 23:16:28] Gem & Ini: "Lie as much as you want. You revealed your secret when you commited this crime." Inirgo stood firm.

[25/11/2013 23:16:34] Keiko: do you even WANT to be my friend anymore?

[25/11/2013 23:16:44] Keiko: are you just like those THINGS?

[25/11/2013 23:16:52] Keiko: those things out there

[25/11/2013 23:17:00] Keiko: who lied

[25/11/2013 23:17:06] Keiko: lied about wanting to be my friend

[25/11/2013 23:17:13] Keiko: they just tested me

[25/11/2013 23:17:43] Keiko: finding the perfect moment to slip in and break me...

[25/11/2013 23:17:56] Trevor: "Except,  Gem did it."

[25/11/2013 23:19:46] Nobu: Whoever did it certainly did not like Chiku *she looks over the body*

[25/11/2013 23:20:53] Keiko: *she walks to the door, pulling her hair down and taking off her glasses* you know what, I'm done....I'm done with everything in this shithole school...this shithole city...this shithole fucking planet

[25/11/2013 23:21:00 | Edited 23:21:02] Keiko: *she looks back over at everyone*

[25/11/2013 23:21:14] Keiko: I'm done with you THINGS

[25/11/2013 23:21:46] Keiko: you might as well just come forward and treat me like everybody else treated me

[25/11/2013 23:21:59] Nobu: Things..

[25/11/2013 23:22:02] Keiko: god only know that's my fate on this stupid fucking floating rock...

[25/11/2013 23:22:55] Keiko: unless you actually even wanna be friend....never fucking talk to me again...*she leaves, slamming the door behind her*

[25/11/2013 23:23:42] Nobu: Things...that's interesting...

[25/11/2013 23:26:55] Nobu: *she looks back to the body* Now that's over

[25/11/2013 23:27:15] Trevor: Nobu is not a thing.

[25/11/2013 23:27:36] Trevor: She is my friend and now all you fucks are accusing me of murder and insulting her.

[25/11/2013 23:27:40] Trevor: No, fuck you.

[25/11/2013 23:28:01] Trevor: I did not kill Rin. Gem obviously knows more than I.

[25/11/2013 23:30:27] Nobu: Master Gem, would you mind telling us what you know? *she smiles gently with wide eyes*

[25/11/2013 23:33:59] Gem & Ini: "My brother is in no state to talk as of right now, as you can see." Inirgo looked down to the crumpled mess of his brother.

[25/11/2013 23:34:22] Gem & Ini: "If you wish to speak to him, please have the respect of leaving him be until he has recollected himself."

[25/11/2013 23:34:50] Trevor: Murderers don't get respect.

[25/11/2013 23:35:37] Gem & Ini: "Then in that case, Trevor, we will disregard your questions or your requests. Come on, Gem." With a heave of his brother's cold body, Inirgo and Gem left the room. Inirgo led while Gem hobbled.

[25/11/2013 23:38:22] Trevor:  I'm innocent too.

[25/11/2013 23:38:41] Gem & Ini: And with that, there was only Trevor and Nobu.

[25/11/2013 23:40:40] Trevor: Nobu.

[25/11/2013 23:40:58] Trevor: Love, let's get some rest okay.

You don't look well.

[25/11/2013 23:42:17] Nobu: I'm perfectly fine *she smiles to him* let's get you some tea *she walks out of the room*

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