[26/11/2013 19:22:56] Mizuki: *Mizuki marches into the cafeteria, looking around for any signs of life, a somewhat determined look on her face*

[26/11/2013 19:24:38] Nobu: *Nobu is sitting in the cafeteria enjoying a cup of tea*

[26/11/2013 19:25:12] Mizuki: *She taps her foot*

Well, I guess everyone else is staying out of sight for now...


[26/11/2013 19:28:11] Keiko: *Keiko walks into the cafeteria, her face is lifeless. She takes a seat on her own, trying to ignore the life around her as she is obviously still broken from the night before*

[26/11/2013 19:28:59] Mizuki: *She instantly marches into action as she eyes Keiko entering the room, sitting down beside her*


[26/11/2013 19:30:06] Nobu: *She sips at her tea*

[26/11/2013 19:31:35] Mizuki: *She rests a hand onto Keiko's shoulder, trying to look in her eye*



[26/11/2013 19:32:09] Keiko: *she stares blankly at the table*

[26/11/2013 19:33:33] Mizuki: *Her face tenses up, a serious and determined look in her eyes.*

I'm going to fix this.

Whoever... Whoever did this to Rin.

We're going to find them.

*She leans in and hugs Keiko tightly*

[26/11/2013 19:35:06] Keiko: ....still won't change the fact I'm a failure...

[26/11/2013 19:35:24] Keiko: I'm not reliable

[26/11/2013 19:35:30] Keiko: I should never be trusted

[26/11/2013 19:35:41] Keiko: how can I look after somebody

[26/11/2013 19:35:47] Mizuki: You are not a failure!

[26/11/2013 19:35:49] Keiko: ....when I can't even look after myself

[26/11/2013 19:35:57] Mizuki: *She tightens her hug*

[26/11/2013 19:36:11] Keiko: ....I just shut myself away rather than take a stand

[26/11/2013 19:36:36] Keiko: .....and now the one time I get out there, I'm locked away

[26/11/2013 19:36:58] Mizuki: I'll show you, show you you're not a failure!

Show you that you mean something, that you can do something to change this!

We're going to make a difference Keiko!

You and I!

[26/11/2013 19:37:46] Keiko: *she laughs sheepishly, her eyes tear up* h-how.....I'll most likely just die before I get out of here

[26/11/2013 19:38:05] Keiko: god only knows I should have

[26/11/2013 19:38:09] Keiko: ...a long time ago

[26/11/2013 19:38:30] Mizuki: That's simple.

I'm making you my assistant.

You're going to help me avenge Rin.

[26/11/2013 19:39:21] Keiko: ......*she tilts her head back and stares at the ceiling*

[26/11/2013 19:39:37] Nobu: *She sits back in her chair*

[26/11/2013 19:39:48] Keiko: *she smiles, a dead look in her eyes* I'm broken Mizuki...

[26/11/2013 19:40:20] Keiko: I'm broken and I don't think I can be fixed....*she chuckles softly, a little bit of insanity in her voice*

[26/11/2013 19:40:38] Keiko: I am becoming the embodiment of despair

[26/11/2013 19:40:51] Mizuki: *She slams her hands onto the table*


[26/11/2013 19:40:52] Nobu: Broken things can always be fixed, we have super glue somewhere

[26/11/2013 19:41:29] Keiko: *she raises her hands up* IT'S ABSORBING ME

[26/11/2013 19:41:50] Mizuki: *She slaps Keiko across the face*


[26/11/2013 19:42:05] Keiko: ..........

[26/11/2013 19:42:36] Keiko: *she sits up straight, putting her hand to her cheek*....

[26/11/2013 19:42:42] Mizuki: YOU'RE STRONGER THAN THIS.



[26/11/2013 19:43:17] Keiko: *she tears up again, and begins to sob*

[26/11/2013 19:43:47] Mizuki: I know you can help me.

I believe in you.

I trust you.

That's why I want to you be by my side as we solve this.

[26/11/2013 19:44:42] Mizuki: Keiko, I love you and I know that there's a way out of this.

[26/11/2013 19:44:47] Mizuki: I realise now.

[26/11/2013 19:45:19] Mizuki: We just have to work together.

[26/11/2013 19:46:49] Mizuki: *She gasps a little, but soon returns the embrace, a relieved smile on her face*

[26/11/2013 19:48:02] Mizuki: So do you get it...?

[26/11/2013 19:48:45] Mizuki: Good... I'm glad.

[26/11/2013 19:49:19] Mizuki: We won't start just yet though.

[26/11/2013 19:50:25] Mizuki: There's one other person I think we'll need for the investigation...

[26/11/2013 19:57:32] Nobu: *She puts her teacup down and smiles to Mizuki* Would you like some tea?

[26/11/2013 19:58:18] Mizuki: *She smiles to Nobu, nodding*

Yeah please... I haven't had any in a while.

[26/11/2013 20:06:18] Nobu: *She stands and walks into the kitchen, making a fresh pot of tea she comes back into the kitchen with the finished pot and a tea cup for Mizuki*

[26/11/2013 20:06:36] Nobu: *She sits the teacup infront of Mizuki, pouring the tea slowly and calmly*

[26/11/2013 20:07:18] Mizuki: *She takes a seat, resting her head on the backs of her hands*

I suppose that moron Trevor has been keeping quiet since last night...

[26/11/2013 20:10:11] Nobu: It seems so *She finishes pouring, sitting down with her own cup of tea*

[26/11/2013 20:10:55] Mizuki: *She sips her tea, leaning back*

[26/11/2013 20:12:29] Mizuki: I guess things went to shit for him once the announcement was made last night?

[26/11/2013 20:15:02] Nobu: I wouldn't know, I saw just about as much as you did

[26/11/2013 20:15:15] Nobu: I am quite worried *she gulps her tea down*

[26/11/2013 20:15:58] Nobu: *She takes the tea pot and drinks a little bit straight from the spout before pouring some into her tea cup*

[26/11/2013 20:17:51] Mizuki: Hmm... Well, whatever.

I already have some ideas as to what's going on... *She takes another sip of tea*

[26/11/2013 20:31:54] Nobu: That will certainly help towards the investiagtion, I'm glad mistress Mizuki

[26/11/2013 20:32:32] Mizuki: What about you...

*She leans forward, eyeing Nobu*

What are your thoughts...?

[26/11/2013 20:34:28] Nobu: I prefer not to accuse my masters and mistresses *She stares at her with a smile*

[26/11/2013 20:34:54] Nobu: Though I'd say it's someone who perhaps did not like Chiku much, or maybe they had something against Rin?

[26/11/2013 20:35:22] Mizuki: Someone who didn't like me?

[26/11/2013 20:40:19] Mizuki: But we all generally liked Rin.


[26/11/2013 20:40:34] Trevor: *Walks in*

[26/11/2013 20:40:44] Trevor: So decided Gem killed Rin yet or?

[26/11/2013 20:41:39] Mizuki: Of course not... *She doesn't turn around*

[26/11/2013 20:42:52] Nobu: Hello, master Trevor

[26/11/2013 20:43:16] Mizuki: I already have someone else suspected... *She sips her tea*

[26/11/2013 20:45:24] Nobu: I have my suspicions, of course it's not really my place to have them in the first place

[26/11/2013 20:45:57] Trevor: Everyone thinks its me.

Not surprised really.

[26/11/2013 20:46:10] Mizuki: I don't.

*she sips her tea again*

[26/11/2013 20:46:23] Trevor: Have you seen the blood stain at my talent room fuck.

[26/11/2013 20:51:27] Nobu: *She nods her head*

[26/11/2013 20:51:52] Mizuki: Which proves nothing...

[26/11/2013 20:54:38] Trevor: Mmmhm. So you say.

[26/11/2013 20:54:53] Trevor: Nobu, darling can I have tea?

[26/11/2013 20:55:20] Nobu: *She goes into the kitchen to get him another cup*

[26/11/2013 20:55:57] Mizuki: I don't think you did it.

But I know you had something to do with it...

But that's all i'm going to say.

[26/11/2013 20:58:13] Nobu: *She comes back though with a cup, smiling and pouring some tea for him*

[26/11/2013 21:03:36] Trevor: Welp looks like you caught me.

[26/11/2013 21:03:47] Trevor: Thanks love.

[26/11/2013 21:04:07] Trevor: Yeah I totally didn't do it.

Wasn't involved either, Rin left me.

[26/11/2013 21:04:35] Nobu: You're welcome

[26/11/2013 21:06:07] Mizuki: Whatever...

*She takes a final sip of tea*

You're a moron but you're not that stupid.

You're close... but you're just not that stupid.

[26/11/2013 21:09:42] Trevor: Oh honey you have no idea.

[26/11/2013 21:09:48] Trevor: *takes a sip*

[26/11/2013 21:17:11] Nobu: Would either of you like a biscuit?

[26/11/2013 21:17:38] Mizuki: *She stands up and turns for the door*

No, i'm good.

*She heads for the door*

[26/11/2013 21:18:37] Gem & Ini: While Mizuki went for the door, she almost nearly bumped into a figure. Thankfully, however, he caught himself and side stepped before having the maiden bump and fall.

[26/11/2013 21:19:01] Gem & Ini: "Ah, Mizuki." Inirgo's voice drifted in the air.

[26/11/2013 21:19:14] Mizuki: Ah, Ini.

Just the person I wanted to see.

[26/11/2013 21:19:37] Gem & Ini: "Hmm?" Inirgo looked at the azure woman. "Really now?"

[26/11/2013 21:20:14] Mizuki: Come on, we're going to investigate.*She grins and heads out of the room*

[26/11/2013 21:20:35] Gem & Ini: "...." Inirgo could only nod in agreement as he tailed after the swimmer.

[26/11/2013 21:20:43] Gem & Ini: Thankfully he didn't even have to breathe the same air as Trevor and Nobu.

[26/11/2013 21:25:08] Keiko: *Keiko walks into the cafeteria, spotting Trevor she freezes up*......

[26/11/2013 21:28:11] Trevor: What?

Oh right k

I'm a murderer now ain't I apparently?

[26/11/2013 21:28:44] Keiko: just obviously don't want to be my friend

[26/11/2013 21:29:25] Keiko: so why SHOULDN'T I tense up at your presence?

[26/11/2013 21:29:28] Trevor: Right.

[26/11/2013 21:29:42] Trevor: I don't really want to be anyone's friend.

[26/11/2013 21:29:46] Trevor: I want out.

[26/11/2013 21:29:51] Trevor: And I'm going to get out.

[26/11/2013 21:30:20] Keiko: I don't know why I initiated the conversation

[26/11/2013 21:30:34] Keiko: I thought I told you last night I never want to talk to you again

[26/11/2013 21:31:04] Keiko: ....let me just say this...

[26/11/2013 21:31:12] Trevor: But you do.

[26/11/2013 21:31:17] Trevor: So you're talking to me.

[26/11/2013 21:31:37] Keiko: well...

[26/11/2013 21:31:42] Nobu: Master Trevor, please

[26/11/2013 21:32:07] Trevor: Fuck you Nobu.

[26/11/2013 21:32:12] Keiko: try anything and you'll be CRAWLING your way out of here

[26/11/2013 21:32:27] Keiko: I've choked a nurse before

[26/11/2013 21:32:30] Trevor: I think I'll be getting out sooner rather than later.

[26/11/2013 21:32:41] Trevor: I've killed a man before.

Try. Me.

[26/11/2013 21:32:47] Trevor: *leaves*

[26/11/2013 21:33:04] Nobu: Please, pay no heed to him

[26/11/2013 21:33:11] Keiko: I fucking hate you.....lying piece of shit...

[26/11/2013 21:33:17] Keiko: *she shouts to the door*



[26/11/2013 21:34:29] Keiko: *she sighs, taking a seat near Nobu*

[26/11/2013 21:34:40] Keiko: I won't hesitate to hurt him again

[26/11/2013 21:35:09] Keiko: the first time cost me a week in the psycho house...

[26/11/2013 21:35:20] Mizuki: *Mizuki yoinks Keiko out of the room*

[26/11/2013 21:35:28] Keiko: WHOA

[26/11/2013 21:35:34] Nobu: *she watches her get yoinked and shouts after* Hey, wait!

[26/11/2013 21:35:41] Keiko: MIZUKIIII

[26/11/2013 21:36:27] Nobu: *Resting her hands on her lap, she smiles to herself before getting up and clearing away all the crockery*

[26/11/2013 21:59:38] Nobu: *After washing the dishes, she exits the kitchen with a smile* lets go find the others... *And so she leaves*