[29/11/2013 16:53:16] Nobu: *She walks into the cafeteria, smiling* Ah, master Trevor, hello

[29/11/2013 16:55:04] Trevor: "Hello love." He smiles at her. "Tea?"

[29/11/2013 16:55:47] Nobu: Of course, is there a certain type you would like today?

[29/11/2013 16:57:39] Trevor: "No, no Nobubu. Would /you/ like tea?"

[29/11/2013 16:58:36] Nobu: Me?

[29/11/2013 16:58:57] Trevor: "Yes you! Me making you tea for a change."

[29/11/2013 16:59:28] Mizuki: *Mizuki ruffles her hair with a towel, entering the cafeteria, somewhat lost in thought*

[29/11/2013 16:59:57] Nobu: *She stands straight as a board and with her arms pressed by her sides, a slight worried expression*

[29/11/2013 17:01:00] Trevor: "You seem worried. Sit down I'll make you tea don't be afraid love."

[29/11/2013 17:01:13] Trevor: "Mizuki you can fuck right off no tea for you."

[29/11/2013 17:01:25] Nobu: I, yes, tea

[29/11/2013 17:02:00] Nobu: *She sits down in a chair at a table*

[29/11/2013 17:02:14] Mizuki: *She raises her hands*

I don't want any tea, wasn't going to ask for any.

I'm just getting some water... geez...

[29/11/2013 17:04:01] Trevor: Trevor ignores Mizuki and begins making tea for Nobu. It's as simple as you get but it's still tea. He also makes himself a cup, very sweet and milky just how he liked it and sat down. Passing Nobu her cup. "Poppa used to make momma tea all the time. Said it was a gentleman thing to do."

[29/11/2013 17:07:19] Nobu: *She takes the cup, sipping at the tea* Thankyou very much master *She smiles, shutting her eyes as she sits back*

[29/11/2013 17:08:08] Trevor: "Not a problem my love." He also sips at his tea with a smile.

[29/11/2013 17:09:37] Mizuki: *Mizuki, eyes the scene as she went to the kitchen to get her water from the fridge, pulling out a stuffed meat roll from a nearby cupboard too. She didn't like the atmosphere out there. It made her feel uneasy, that's for sure. It wasn't entirely unusual, but she still didn't like it. Heading out of the kitchen she stood for a moment, leaning against the wall and munching her roll*

[29/11/2013 17:14:09] Nobu: *She gulps down her tea, breathing a sigh after finishing it off*

[29/11/2013 17:14:20] Nobu: How have you been doing?

[29/11/2013 17:15:36] Trevor: "Not well. I heard they suspected you... I'm so sorry love I should be doing more for you but I feel defending you would only strengthen their resolve."

[29/11/2013 17:16:49] Mizuki: *And with that, Mizuki's foot started to tap, as she tried desperately to hold her tongue*

[29/11/2013 17:18:21] Nobu: I'm a pretty suspicious person, I have been from the begining. I do not mind should any of my masters or mistresses suspect me

[29/11/2013 17:19:32] Trevor: "Well I fucking mind!" He stopped himself before he got too angry. "They're being so awful to you."

[29/11/2013 17:20:25] Nobu: Not at all! Our lives depend on this

[29/11/2013 17:20:42 | Edited 17:22:27] Mizuki: And like you've never been awful to her before... *She said, taking a mouthful of roll*

[29/11/2013 17:22:17] Nobu: It's perfectly understandable *she nods, smiling*

[29/11/2013 17:22:35] Trevor: "Exactly! Everyone will die and we need to go home!" He turned to Mizuki. "I never called her a murderer."

[29/11/2013 17:23:26] Nobu: I don't beleive mistress Mizuki called me anything of the sort!

[29/11/2013 17:23:44] Mizuki: But you've been quick to point the finger at anyone else... *She glares*

[29/11/2013 17:28:27] Nobu: *She sits her cup on the table* Lets not

[29/11/2013 17:28:56] Trevor: "Raymond was an obvious culprit. After investigation, Chiku was an obvious culprit. It seems /you/ are the one pointing fingers this time Mizuki. I'm interested in the evidence against her, because to my knowledge there isn't a smidgen."

[29/11/2013 17:30:17] Mizuki: *She grins*

How do you know i've been investigating?

This is the first time i've seen you out of your room in the past few days.

[29/11/2013 17:31:27] Trevor: Obvious point to the Nobu.

[29/11/2013 17:31:57] Nobu: Ahh, it came up in conversation, sorry mistress *She bows her head*

[29/11/2013 17:32:01] Trevor: "A 6'6 birdy told me."

[29/11/2013 17:32:43] Mizuki: Then what makes you think i'm the one pointing fingers?

She seems to be pretty convinced that I haven't.

[29/11/2013 17:33:49] Trevor: Point to the Nobu.

[29/11/2013 17:34:15] Trevor: "Seems as if you haven't even given her a chance."

[29/11/2013 17:34:33] Trevor: "Would you like me to point fingers. Would you?"

[29/11/2013 17:35:23] Mizuki: Go ahead, point fingers.

*She folds her arms, looking smug and cocky as she leaned against the wall*

[29/11/2013 17:37:38] Trevor: "Fine." He stands up, walks to Mizuki. Then pokes her hard in the shoulder.  "I'm the fucking godmod in case you forgot. I say what happens. Nobu is innocent. Now lose the cheek and lay off my girl or I swear the next body will be yours." With that he leaves the room.

[29/11/2013 17:38:29] Nobu: *She looks slightly shocked as she sits in her chair for a second, before looking to Mizuki apologetically*

[29/11/2013 17:40:10] Mizuki: *She rolls her eyes*


*She shakes her head before looking to Nobu, smiling pleasantly in response to the look*

No need to apologise for him Nobu.

[29/11/2013 17:41:35] Nobu: Would you like any tea? Or shall I clean this away?

[29/11/2013 17:44:20] Mizuki: Might as well clean it away, sorry I inerrupted your little 'tea party'.

*She headed towards the door, popping the last piece of roll into her mouth*

[29/11/2013 17:45:46] Nobu: Um, it's okay *She watches her leave as she picks up the tea cups, walking into the kitchen and cleaning it away*

[29/11/2013 17:49:30] Nobu: *She finishes washing the dishes, exiting the kitchen and then leaves the cafeteria

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