USMUDR 5 is the fifth installment in the USMUDR roleplay series and the first since USMUDR 2 to take place in a setting completely separate from Hope's Peak, this time taking place in an abandonded theme park resort.

Again, the students living in the resort must murder their classmates in order to escape, but only if they don't get caught.

Running from January 25th 2014 until March 19th 2014, this RP was the largest yet, with a staggering eighteen students in total taking part.


  • Stefan Müller (SHSL Hypnotist)
  • Shinichi Ongaku (SHSL Pianist)
  • Itami Donaru (SHSL Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist)
  • Ferris Goland (SHSL Roller Skater)
  • John Bertolette (SHSL Historian)
  • Portia Agnès (SHSL Historian's Apprentice)
  • Tomoki Osoji (SHSL Actor)
  • Daina Scott (SHSL Busker)
  • Amelia Comte (SHSL Sociologist)
  • Wendy McDonald (SHSL Basketball Player) - Mastermind
  • Rhyme Tezuka (SHSL Robot Defender)
  • Miki Strange (SHSL Robotic Engineer)
  • Daisy Joy (SHSL Biologist)
  • Marianne Reid (SHSL Puppeteer)
  • Spencer Yullie (SHSL Behavioral Analyst)
  • Ralph "Priscilla" Dessert (SHSL Fashionista)
  • Ichirou Aida (SHSL Cassanova)
  • Malory (SHSL Bad Luck)
  • Zephora Inkuchi (SHSL Tattoo Artist)



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