[01/02/2014 16:47:18] Monoleo Mastermind: It's almost a week and no one has even tried to murder! What is wrong with you all? How hard is it for you to kill your friends? Under a week old friends for that someone special? You can do it any way you like! Use the shit hotel hair dryer if you must! I could issue weapons? Would you murder quicker?

Fine! As an incentive more, if you don't kill by tommorow at 7pm, I will carry out the motives as I said I would! Away go family members and friends and pets~!

Better get moving fuckers!

[01/02/2014 22:28:29] Monoleo Mastermind: Okay so the only death I have from you fuckers is the death of a piano.

So yeah whatever,

Shinichi's piano is dead.

Still not good enough but you guys are getting there I suppose~!

[01/02/2014 22:35:01] Daina : "Christ..." She muttered, glancing around the others as she fumbled with her fingers. "It announces when possessions are bust? Serious?" She asked, frowning a little and scratching the back of her head

[01/02/2014 22:35:40] Wendy: Wendy sat there for a second before laughing softly, covering her mouth over to hide the giggles.

[01/02/2014 22:36:21] Zephora: "Holy fuck, really?" Zephora looked up to the announcement speaker.

[01/02/2014 22:36:53] Shinichi: ...

[01/02/2014 22:36:56] Zephora: "That's some crazy shit.. Whoever beat the shit of that thing prolly got out a lot of angers."

[01/02/2014 22:37:12] Daina : "I know, right? Who would beat up a piano?"

[01/02/2014 22:38:39] Wendy: "O-Oh Shinichi, you poor thing." She patted his shoulder but held her lips together, trying to hold back laughs.

[01/02/2014 22:38:45] Priscilla: *Ralph couldn't help but laugh, was it really necessary to say when something like that was broken?*

[01/02/2014 22:38:54] Daina : She glanced back at Zephora, trying to keep a straight face before giggling lightly like Wendy did, smiling at her. "come on though, seriously!"

[01/02/2014 22:39:53] Zephora: "Hey, you should be honored, Shinichi! Better the piano than youse! Ahahahahaa!!" Zephora patted the back of the pianist.

[01/02/2014 22:40:08] Zephora: "So what if youse can't conducts some musics? At least it ain't yo' blood on the walls!"

[01/02/2014 22:41:18] Daina : "?? Are you okay, Shinichi...?"

[01/02/2014 22:41:37] Daisy: Daisy stood there akwardly. "Did he seriously just destroy a piano…?"

[01/02/2014 22:42:12] Daina : She noticed how quiet he'd been, and instead of hilarity she felt worry spread across her chest.

[01/02/2014 22:42:18 | Edited 22:42:25] Itami: "I can't believe they fucking killed the piano."

[01/02/2014 22:42:37] Ferris: He skates on in. "The piano's dead?"

[01/02/2014 22:42:48] Daisy: "Yeah…"

[01/02/2014 22:43:08] Wendy: "I-It seems s-so" Just trying to explain to Ferris made her burst into laughter, covering her face and shaking

[01/02/2014 22:43:15] Ferris: "Ahaha, what'd the person do? Jump on it?"

[01/02/2014 22:43:31] Daina : "I dunno? We... We weren't told?"

[01/02/2014 22:43:31] Shinichi: *that rage that zeph saw on the first night appeared in his eyes again, though it wasn't as intense as when he found out about the scar on his birthmark, his voice became laced with irritatation though he tried to keep it's calm air, he sighed* well that's most of my free time gone

[01/02/2014 22:44:29] Zephora: Again with the darkness..

"Oy, Shinichi! That's the spirit!" The spirit of mirth facaded the shadow that loomed in Zephora's heart. Damn.. The guy was feeling something ominous, and Zephora clicked instantly with the thirst of danger.

[01/02/2014 22:44:33] Ferris: "hey man, I'm sure monobutt'll fix it somehow?"

[01/02/2014 22:44:40] Zephora: "At least you have some free time left, yeh?"

[01/02/2014 22:44:41] Wendy: She tried to say he could spend time with her but ended up laughing more, shaking her head and walking a bit away from him so she couldn't offend him.

[01/02/2014 22:44:52] Zephora: "Socialize, even! Better the piano than youse."

[01/02/2014 22:45:12] Wendy: She then took a few breaths and turned to Shinichi, composing herself.

"You can always spend time with me.!

[01/02/2014 22:45:52] Zephora: "There! Y'see? You get a date wit' a lucky lady outta the death of a piano!" Zephora chuckled.

[01/02/2014 22:46:03] Daisy: "And you could always come help me with experiments?" Daisy smiled a little

[01/02/2014 22:46:34] Daina : "And you can always sing with me, Shin!"

[01/02/2014 22:46:48] Wendy: "I never said date." She pointed out with a small laugh, grinning brightly.

[01/02/2014 22:47:23] Zephora: "Well, best for Shins to try and match up to his pianos. Apparently it got more game than him!" That was when Zephora howled in laughter, throwing his head back.

[01/02/2014 22:47:30] Zephora: "Ahhhh, shit! That's fucking HILARIOUS!"

[01/02/2014 22:47:49] Wendy: She giggled madly with him, covering her mouth again.

[01/02/2014 22:47:53] Ferris: He giggles to himself, it's fucking hilarious

[01/02/2014 22:48:10 | Edited 22:48:16] Itami: She snickered, covering her mouth with her hand.

[01/02/2014 22:49:00] Daina : "Oh my god, Zephora!!" She laughed, covering her face entirely with her hands as she laughed.

[01/02/2014 22:49:41] Wendy: "I-I'm sorry Shinichi i-it's just..." She continued laughing, turning away from him, looking for someone she could hide her face into becuase, oh god, she'd insult him otherwise.

[01/02/2014 22:50:17] Ferris: Don't choke on your gum you weenie, don't GAH UHGA ;AKDJFJ Okay, okay, you're fine, play it cool. What were we doing? Oh yeah, laughing. Hilarious, aha

[01/02/2014 22:51:07] Itami: "Shinichi, you'll never get the booty, booty game is too strong for you..... "

[01/02/2014 22:51:23] Ferris: "Yeah, you'll never get the treasure"

[01/02/2014 22:51:31] Ferris: That's what they're talking about right?

[01/02/2014 22:51:46] Ferris: Yeah, don't worry Ferris, it's cool, you got this. Heheh

[01/02/2014 22:51:51] Wendy: She looked over at Ferris when he chocked a bit before continuing to laugh softly, but then laughed more when Itami and Ferris joined in the teasing

[01/02/2014 22:52:02] Shinichi: If you want to laugh go ahead

[01/02/2014 22:52:21] Itami: "I'm already laughing, regardless of if you wan't me to or not."

[01/02/2014 22:53:16] Ferris: "Hey, hey.No one's laughing at your misfortune man. Don't make yourself into a tragic Cinderella, we're laughing at Zeph's joke"

[01/02/2014 22:53:44] Ferris: "Calm your drama titties for a second and think about how that piano will probably be replaced in like two seconds"

[01/02/2014 22:54:19] Zephora: "Awww, don't be like that, bro!" Zephora poked his scar before backing off, in case Shinichi would explode.

[01/02/2014 22:54:31] Wendy: SHe nodded along with Ferris and tried to calm the laughing. "I-I'm sure it will."

[01/02/2014 22:54:41] Zephora: "If an case, it's a cause for celebration! Better someone took out their anger on you rather than, fuckin', on someone else!"

[01/02/2014 22:54:49] Zephora: He shrugged.

[01/02/2014 22:55:00] Zephora: "Best to just get a laugh out an' dis grim times, y'know?"

[01/02/2014 22:55:31] Zephora: "Than bustin' a nut over who fucked your piano or whate'er."

[01/02/2014 22:56:06] Ferris: "It'd be different if it were your piano you had since you were like 2 and you were shittin your pants, but you literally just got here and you've known that piano for a week"

[01/02/2014 22:56:25] Zephora: Zephora nodded. "Sees? Ferris Beuller has a point 'ere."

[01/02/2014 22:56:55] Ferris: "Beuller?"

[01/02/2014 22:58:03] Daisy: "Haven't you heard of the film "Ferris Beullers day off'?"

[01/02/2014 22:59:09] Daina : She smiled, looking back at Wendy. "Who would do that to a piano though? Really?" She asked, shaking her head

[01/02/2014 22:59:13] Ferris: "No? The only films I got to see were old Mickey Mouse cartoons and wildlife documentaries"

[01/02/2014 22:59:24] Itami: "Beuller? Beuller? Beuller? "

[01/02/2014 22:59:27] Wendy: "I haven't either?" She looked over, wondering what it was about.

[01/02/2014 23:00:04] Ferris: "Mum told me animals are fucking dangerous as shit, she used to beat them up should she deem them so"

[01/02/2014 23:00:05] Zephora: "It's an old school movie, it's hella tight." Zephora nodded. "You shoulds sees it some time, eh?"

[01/02/2014 23:00:07] Shinichi: *he was starting to lose his composure, first the scar on his birthmark, then Lucifer and Muse, the only family he had, and now someone had destroyed one of the few things he had left, if anything, he was close to having nothing, he stands up and walked towards the exit as he smirked* haha, it's funny, no matter where I go I always end up alone

[01/02/2014 23:00:13] Daisy: "It's a really good film!" She smiled

[01/02/2014 23:00:42] Itami: "Yeah, that is really funny."

[01/02/2014 23:01:12] Zephora: "Jesus fuck.." Zephora said. He didn't sound concern but rather.. He felt pity, if anything.

[01/02/2014 23:01:23] Ferris: "Oh my fucking god, you're doing exactly what I told you not to"

[01/02/2014 23:01:35] Wendy: "Now, we weren't laughing at that, Shinichi." She bit her cheek, looking away. "You know that."

[01/02/2014 23:02:01] Ferris: "It'll be replaced, get over yourself. We weren't laughing at you and you're unecicarily making yourself into the victem"

[01/02/2014 23:02:38] Shinichi: *he continues walking* I know that, just leave me alone for a while, it's better that way

[01/02/2014 23:02:55] Zephora: "Can we at leasts inspects the "body"?"

[01/02/2014 23:02:58] Ferris: "Funny how a second ago you were complaining about being alone"

[01/02/2014 23:02:59] Wendy: "We were having a giggle at it because, come on, we're in a horrible situation and something we can relieve stress on happens."

[01/02/2014 23:03:07] Itami: "Pffft, dude. Are you ripping these lines out of some angsty fanfiction or??"

[01/02/2014 23:03:09] Zephora: Zephora air-quoted with his fingers. "It should be a sight to see."

[01/02/2014 23:03:13] Daisy: "Are you sure, Shinichi?"

[01/02/2014 23:03:26] Wendy: "We all need a let go of a lot of stress, that's why we laughed."

[01/02/2014 23:04:06] Ferris: "Okay, so at first you were being rightly sad, but now you're just rolling in self pitty and it has to fucking stop here"

[01/02/2014 23:06:08] Daina : "Are you sure you wanna inspect that crime scene?" She asked with a small smile

[01/02/2014 23:06:29] Ferris: "We're not going to chase after you crying because we "laughed at you" which, by the way, we did not. We are not going to feel bad for you because oh no your piano is gone. It's a piano, it can be replaced, you've not even had it so long. How materialistic and low can you be? There's a ton of perfectly good people surrounding you at the moment, so you better shape your shit up and stop acting like a fucking brat."

[01/02/2014 23:06:34] Zephora: "You damn know it, babe." Zephora cracked a grin. "Ain't it a rule? Gotta inspect shit or whatevers?"

[01/02/2014 23:07:01] Zephora: Whoa, there went Ferris, dealin' it like it was. Zeph raised a brow, and then clapped once or twice for the impeccable speech.

[01/02/2014 23:07:01] Shinichi: where did you think i was going? of course that's the first place i'm going to check

[01/02/2014 23:07:46] Wendy: She looked over to Ferris during his speech and slowly smiled during it, nodding softly towards him.

"It's not like we lost a person."

[01/02/2014 23:07:52] Ferris: He curtsies with his invisiblle skirt with a face like fury. He does not like being ignored

[01/02/2014 23:07:54] Shinichi: and ferris, at which point did i ever say i wanted you to feel bad for me

[01/02/2014 23:08:54] Ferris: "Don't fucking try, asshole. I know exactly the kind of person you are." He points viciously to the rest of the group. "It could have, like Wendy said been one of THESE people rather than a FUCKING PIANO that was made in a FACTORY"

[01/02/2014 23:09:20] Ferris: He straightens up. "Shut your mouth, and get over youself"

[01/02/2014 23:09:49] Shinichi: I'm glad it wasn't a person, I truly am, and whether you decide to believe me is your choice alone

[01/02/2014 23:10:03] Ferris: "We want to help you and perhaps even befriend you so no shit happens, but you're repelling everyone by being a huge CUMWAD"

[01/02/2014 23:10:09] Zephora: "Ooooooo."

[01/02/2014 23:10:14] Daisy: "Please don't start fighting!"

[01/02/2014 23:10:35] Ferris: "I wouldn't fight this asshole. His neck would be broken and I'd be on trial in a second."

[01/02/2014 23:10:51] Itami: She smirked and crossed her arms, watching the two of them.

[01/02/2014 23:11:16] Wendy: She watched his anger and walked over to him, putting his hand on his shoulder.

"Just ignore him, Ferris. It's not worth it,"

[01/02/2014 23:11:19] Ferris: He sorts his jacket and scarf

[01/02/2014 23:11:39] Ferris: "Shutting yourself out is what's going to get you killed, Shinichi"

[01/02/2014 23:12:11] Ferris: He turns to the rest of the group. "Right, investigating. Lets go avenge Shinichi's fuckbuddy"

[01/02/2014 23:12:21] Zephora: "Yo, as much as I wants to see a brawl, I wouldn't wanna see my main man Ferris take a fall." Zephora intervened.

[01/02/2014 23:12:42] Zephora: "Let's just all go see what happened to the piano sextoy an' be done with it, a'ight?"

[01/02/2014 23:12:50] Wendy: "Yeah, I'll stick with you." She smiled softly at Ferris, signalling for him to come along with her. "Who else is coming?"

[01/02/2014 23:13:11] Ferris: He winks at Zeph and with that skates out the room backwards, giving the bird to Shinichi with both his arms outstreched and blowing a kiss

[01/02/2014 23:13:40] Itami: She sighs, "I suppose I'll come too, nothing much better to do around here anyway."

[01/02/2014 23:13:53] Wendy: She laughed happily and shook her head, running after Ferris and shouting for him to wait up.

[01/02/2014 23:14:50] Daisy: Daisy quickly followed the others

[01/02/2014 23:15:13] Itami: Itami follows the others, her heels click clacking against the floor.

[01/02/2014 23:15:15] Shinichi: I just need to cool down a bit, I have no intention of shutting any of you out, also, i'm going to the scene too

[01/02/2014 23:15:41] Zephora: Zephora tailed the rest, his jacket flowing behind him.

[01/02/2014 23:19:39] Shinichi: fine then, if that's what you want

[02/02/2014 00:53:37] Ferris: Hella, he twirls on into the room

[02/02/2014 00:53:51] Wendy: She ran after him, slowing when she got into the room.

[02/02/2014 00:55:08] Zephora: Zephora held the door open for Daisy.

[02/02/2014 00:55:15] Zephora: And whoever trailed behind her.

[02/02/2014 00:55:36] Daisy: "Thank you, Zephora" she smiled politely at him as she walked through

[02/02/2014 00:55:36] Wendy: "Okay! We have the answer." She called out, waiting for the cat to appear.

[02/02/2014 00:55:44] Ferris: "BOOP BOOP BODOP DOOP YEAH" He does a shitty little dance

[02/02/2014 00:56:52] Zephora: "Anytime, toots." Zeph grinned. To be honest, he was really glad that Daisy's disposition had changed. Maybe she wasn't so bad as he thought. Not as stuck up.

[02/02/2014 00:57:05] Monoleo Mastermind: What's the answer then~? Spill it~!

[02/02/2014 00:57:38] Ferris: "ZEPH AND DAINA...........FUCKED ON THE PIANOOOOOO~" He sings this

[02/02/2014 00:57:41] Zephora: "Anyways, Monopuss. It was Daina and I. We weres da ones that made sweet, devoting love on that piano." Zephora announced casually, his hands in his pockets.

[02/02/2014 00:57:55] Zephora: "OH YOU /FUCK/!" Zeph slapped Ferris' arm in jest.

[02/02/2014 00:58:03] Zephora: "Don't fuckin' say it like DAT!"

[02/02/2014 00:58:19] Ferris: "GAHAHAHAHAhhahaha"

[02/02/2014 00:58:30] Monoleo Mastermind: Well done~! At least I know you guys can investigate!

Now could you maybe get round to actually killing?

[02/02/2014 00:58:30] Amelia: Ameila walked in at the very moment she heard Zeph speak "......H-Hello..?"

[02/02/2014 00:58:30] Ferris: "Sorry man ahah"

[02/02/2014 00:58:42] Wendy: Wendy froze at the last chilling statement and shivered softly.

[02/02/2014 00:58:47] Zephora: "Look, I might get to slicin' you for dat comment!" He first glared, but then broke the glare and laughed.

[02/02/2014 00:58:47] Wendy: "Killing isn't my thing"

[02/02/2014 00:59:05] Zephora: His shoulders shook as he chuckled, nothing bringing down his wonderous mood.

[02/02/2014 00:59:28] Ferris: "Aaaaaaaah nooo!!" He skated away and around some tables playfully, laughing to himself

[02/02/2014 00:59:40] Wendy: Wendy tried to ignore the cat and looked to Amelia, smiling softly.

"Hey there, Emmy"

[02/02/2014 00:59:47] Amelia: "....So people had sex on the Piano.... And now we are investigating said Piano?"

[02/02/2014 01:00:45] Wendy: "I don't know why we did, but yeah. It was a good laugh!"

[02/02/2014 01:01:03] Zephora: "I'mma fuckin' cut chu!" Zephora gave playful chase as Ferris eluded him.

[02/02/2014 01:02:54] Daisy: Daisy sat at a table by herself

[02/02/2014 01:03:38] Ferris: He screamed with laughter as he glided around the room, looking behind him once or twice and giving little spins now and then

[02/02/2014 01:03:42] Amelia: Emmy strolled over to Daisy and smiled widely "Hello...Hello~"

[02/02/2014 01:04:10] Wendy: She watched Ferris and laughed softly, trying to watch how exactly you skate.

[02/02/2014 01:05:38] Zephora: Zephora tried to trick Ferris, seeming to go to one table, but then went to the other, double turning and running down the table's rows. Eventually, he gave up pursuit. "Ehhh, you're a fuck! I'll get you some other time, heh heh heh.." Zeph chuckled, pulling out a chair and sitting down, catching his breath.

[02/02/2014 01:06:18] Ferris: He noticed Wendy watching and almost immediatly came to a halt

[02/02/2014 01:06:41] Ferris: He found himself a chair and sat, pulling a smile to Zeph

[02/02/2014 01:07:36] Wendy: She blushed and muttered a soft apology, looking away nervously.

"I didn't mean" She sighed softly. "I won't watch, you can continue."

[02/02/2014 01:09:09] Ferris: "What? Ahah, noo, no! I stopped because, yeah I didn't want to" he crosses his arms over his chest

[02/02/2014 01:09:57] Wendy: She looked back up and nodded lightly, still worried it was her fault.

"R-Right. Sorry."

[02/02/2014 01:10:51] Daisy: "Oh, hello Emmy" she smiled at her

[02/02/2014 01:19:40] Amelia: "you're being quiet today~..."

[02/02/2014 01:36:18] Daisy: "Yeah…just thinking over stuff"

[02/02/2014 03:04:56] Ferris: "Alright dude, think I'm going to head back to my room" he gets up smiling "get a little shut eye and dream about...stuff!" Nailed it

[02/02/2014 03:05:46] Zephora: "Yeah, it's gettin' pretty late.." Zeph stifled a yawn. "Damnit, this shit's contagious as fuck."

[02/02/2014 03:06:10] Zephora: "Let's hope tomorrow's just as great as today was. I'll catch yas later, Ferris? Or does yas wanna walk backs?" Zeph offered.

[02/02/2014 03:06:49] Ferris: He looks to Wendy, then Zeph, backing up a little accidentally bumping into a chair "woah! Eh, aha, yeah, uh whatever!"

[02/02/2014 03:07:12] Zephora: Zephora snorted a laugh. "Smooth."

[02/02/2014 03:07:28] Zephora: He scrunched up a grin. "C'mon, you drunken mess, let's go."

[02/02/2014 03:08:12] Ferris: "Yeah, I know right? Fucking, slick as a greaser's hair" he smiles awkwardly, unsure of his joke, skating to the door "aha dude I'm not drunk"

[02/02/2014 03:08:57] Zephora: "Really? You looks drunk!" Zephora joked, walking to the door to accompanying Ferris. "Oh wait. Dat's yer usual face. Ahahaha!"

[02/02/2014 03:09:05] Zephora: "I'm kiddin', I'm kiddin'. Lessgo."

[02/02/2014 03:11:33] Ferris: "Duuude!" He gives him a light punch on the shoulder as they exit


[02/02/2014 04:35:02] Monoleo Mastermind: May I have your attention please for the morning~!

We finally have a murder! I'm so glad~!

First victim is Itami Donaru!

Murdered in her own room~!

A case file will be realised later tomorrow. Trial date to be decided, but possibly next Saturday at 7pm.

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