[07/02/2014 23:10:40] Ferris: Skating along, doodooo, no one will notice, just go to the kitchen dootdoo. He enters the cafeteria and makes his way into the kitchen, keeping close to the wall before going to the big fridge rummaging though it like crazy.

[07/02/2014 23:13:02] Ferris: He shouts a loud "FUCK YES" as he pulls a jar of mayonaise out of the fridge. he looks out the window of the kitchen to the Ferris wheel only to see his shorts sitting atop them "FUCK."

[07/02/2014 23:14:21] Ferris: Go for the shorts, don't go for the shorts........

[07/02/2014 23:16:43] Rhyme: Rhyme wanders into the kitchen and blinks at Ferris "Is that fucking mayonaise?"

[07/02/2014 23:17:13] Ferris: He decides that the risk of climbing the Ferris wheel alone is a no. If there were people there at least he could pretend that they would catch him, even though they'd most likely be crushed and die. But you know, it's the thought that counts. But....there would be PEOPLE THERE. Eughh, lets just get out of here unseen

[07/02/2014 23:17:45] Malory: "I heard mayonaise!! Is there ADVENTURE afoot?!"

[07/02/2014 23:17:54] Ferris: SHRILL SCREAM

[07/02/2014 23:18:25] Malory: " are in your boxers"

[07/02/2014 23:18:38] Wendy: She walked through, trying to hide her stupid marker makeup and failing.

"Give me the fucking mayonaise Ferris."

[07/02/2014 23:18:47] Ferris: "I" His voice is higher than usual. "AM"

[07/02/2014 23:19:09] Ferris: CAUGHT CAUGHT CAUGHT CAUGHT CAUGHT.

[07/02/2014 23:19:10] Rhyme: "What... is going on in here...?" Rhyme clutched xyr head.

[07/02/2014 23:19:20] Ferris: MORE PEOPLE WHY HOLY JESUS' BALLS

[07/02/2014 23:19:29] Malory: "Ferris likes mayo and doesn't like trousers".

[07/02/2014 23:19:35] Ferris: He holds out the mayonaise for Wendy, face turning red

[07/02/2014 23:19:39] Ferris: "I LOVE TROUSERS"

[07/02/2014 23:20:29] Wendy: "Thank you." She groaned at it, mumbling how if it didn't work, she'd kill Zeph as she took the marker off with the mayonaise. "I need to figure out where the fuck my bra went."

[07/02/2014 23:20:30] Malory: "Then why aren't you WEARING any.* Sighs* "Silly, even I know that people who like trousers do not hang around without them. They are a necessary ADVENTURE tool!!".

[07/02/2014 23:20:53] Ferris: "They're......up......THERE!!!!" He points in rage out the window to the Ferris wheel

[07/02/2014 23:21:09] Rhyme: "I would offer to get them for you but I can't fly that high right now..."

[07/02/2014 23:21:20] Ferris: "OH MY GOD WHYYYyyYYyyy..."

[07/02/2014 23:21:22] Wendy: She looked over and laughed madly.

"Oh my god, how?"

[07/02/2014 23:21:26] Malory: "Oh... I WANNA CLIM IT!!"

[07/02/2014 23:21:32] Ferris: "ASK DAINA"

[07/02/2014 23:22:04] Wendy: "Where do you think she'd put a bra?" She asked casually, cringing at the smell of her fucking face.

[07/02/2014 23:22:27] Ferris: He stands with his head in his hands. "Fuck everything, why does this shit happen to meee...."

[07/02/2014 23:23:04] Rhyme: "Sometimes... you humans are really strange..." Rhyme turns to leave

[07/02/2014 23:23:07] Ferris: "Guhh, um, maybe..." he stands and thinks for a second. "I dunno! Hopefully you got FUCKING LUCKY"

[07/02/2014 23:23:24] Ferris: "I- I'M NOT STRANGE!! I swear this wasn't my doing!!"

[07/02/2014 23:23:52] Malory: *Looks intently at Ferris*

"Ferris, your time has come. In everyone' life come a point in time where them must EMBRACE the ADVENTURE in front of them. Do it. Climb your namesake for the trousers".

[07/02/2014 23:24:06] Wendy: "Lucky?" She raised an eyebrow and rolled her eyes. "Yeah right. I wish." She added sarcastically and pulled her jumper closer.

[07/02/2014 23:24:54] Ferris: "They're shorts, and not in a million years. Not even if I got something good out of it" he frowns.

[07/02/2014 23:25:19] Malory: *She looks downcast*

"you'll get your shorts..."

[07/02/2014 23:25:22] Ferris: "Well, my shorts are something I'd get out of it, but WHATEVER!! Look at the height of that thing, man!"

[07/02/2014 23:25:35 | Edited 23:25:37] Wendy: "I'll climb it if you find my bra."

[07/02/2014 23:25:39] Malory: "Um... EXCERCISE!!"

[07/02/2014 23:25:55] Ferris: "I'm not climbing a fucking Ferris wheel!! No one is!!"

[07/02/2014 23:26:31] Wendy: "Well how do you expect to get them back?" She looked over with a raised eyebrow, questioning him like a mother would.

[07/02/2014 23:26:34] Ferris: He crosses his arms "Maybe monoleo might,,,do something?"

[07/02/2014 23:26:45] Wendy: "I highly doubt that."

[07/02/2014 23:26:54] Malory: "That walking allergen really isn't going to help here".

[07/02/2014 23:27:35] Ferris: He looks like he's going to fucking cry. God damn it.

[07/02/2014 23:27:50] Wendy: "As I said, find my bra and I'll climb it."

[07/02/2014 23:28:56] Ferris: "Noooooo" He whines

[07/02/2014 23:29:52] Wendy: "Oh fuck sake. Fine, I'll climb it either way. Someone stop it at the top with me on it or something."

[07/02/2014 23:30:22] Malory: "I'll come with you!!! I clammed up and couldn't reach the summit l;ast time"


[07/02/2014 23:31:14] Wendy: "Fair enough. Who can operate it then?"

[07/02/2014 23:31:18 | Edited 23:31:21] Ferris: "NO OH MY GOD, THAT'S NOT THE POINT"

[07/02/2014 23:32:03] Wendy: "DO YOU WANT THEM OR NOT FERRIS?!"

[07/02/2014 23:32:21] Ferris: "I DO BUT" He pauses to think "NRGHHHH,"

[07/02/2014 23:32:46] Wendy: "THEN OPERATE THE STUPID MACHINE!"

[07/02/2014 23:32:53] Malory: "I shall reach the summit and OBTAIN THE TREASURES!!"

[07/02/2014 23:32:54] Ferris: "NO."


[07/02/2014 23:34:06] Malory: "Operate it or the treasures are mine"

[07/02/2014 23:34:57] Ferris: "My shorts aren't treasure!!!"

[07/02/2014 23:35:06] Wendy: "JUST DO IT!"

[07/02/2014 23:35:10] Ferris: He sighs deeply. "Fine"

[07/02/2014 23:35:43] Wendy: "Good. Get outside and operate it. I'll get in the cart."

[07/02/2014 23:37:32] Ferris: He skates out of the kitchen and makes his way to the Ferris wheel wherever the fuck that is

[07/02/2014 23:37:53] Wendy: She follows along behind, muttering angrily.