[08/02/2014 20:01:26] Monoleo Mastermind: Please gather at the elevator in the hotel lobby please~? And we can get this trial started!!

[08/02/2014 20:02:33] Amelia: "my my~ right on time~" she done as the cat thing said

[08/02/2014 20:02:36] Daisy: Daisy slowly made her way to the elevator, her hands gripping onto her elbows

[08/02/2014 20:02:40] Zephora: Ghh.. It was time.

Zephora emerged from his room, his jacket fresh and clean, his hair combed through. He had a lot of time on his hands, he didn't sleep as well as he should've. He checked for his card key, and once confirmed that he had it in tow, he closed the door behind him and started walking. His steps were slow, seeing if he could somehow catch up to Daina and walk together, just to ease her a bit.

[08/02/2014 20:02:44] Daina : "Nooooo." She sighed, her fingers tangling together, a mass ball of nerves, and left her room to head down to the lobby, biting her lip roughly

[08/02/2014 20:03:00] Tomoki: "Eheh... Goodness." To tell the truth, Tomoki had been hiding in his room for the whole week in fear that he would be murdered. He would try his best to keep his composure during this trial, though.

[08/02/2014 20:03:04] Wendy: Wendy looked around nervously and kept by Daina when she found her, watching her for what to do.

[08/02/2014 20:03:43] Daina : She reached out for Wendy and wrapped her arm around the girl, holding onto her.

"I might be sick..."

[08/02/2014 20:04:20] Wendy: "T-Tell me about it..." The nerves from day one came back to her as she shuffled towards the elevator with her

[08/02/2014 20:04:51] Zephora: Ah, that's true. Daina had Wendy. Zephora saw the altercation, and thought that it would be best to leave the two to tend to each other. He walked behind them, but not too close. He didn't want to disturb them, not at all.

[08/02/2014 20:05:07] Tomoki: "Don't worry," Tomoki said, entering the elevator with a smile. "With all of our combined talents, we'll be able to solve this."

[08/02/2014 20:05:14] Rhyme: Rhyme sighed, before a stern look overtook xyr face. Xe wandered into the lobby.

[08/02/2014 20:05:42] Daisy: The blonde leaned against a wall in the elevator, looking down at the floor with sad eyes

[08/02/2014 20:05:51] Rhyme: "Is everyone alright? We are all here aren't we?"

[08/02/2014 20:06:00] Amelia: Amelia spoted Zeph, he was like a big brother to her~ it was nice~ "she stuck her thumbs up to him and smirked"

[08/02/2014 20:06:42] Ferris: He scrambles out the room, slamming his door behind him and skating down the hall at high speed "WAAAAAIT!"

[08/02/2014 20:06:48] Daina : "Wendy, I can't do this-" She said suddenly, shaking her head. "Surely it wasn't one of us? I-I can't.."

[08/02/2014 20:06:48] Zephora: He caught Amelia's glance, and he nodded and offered a small smile. It was caught with worry, but he had faith in her. He had to be the big brother, he had to do this.

[08/02/2014 20:06:57] Monoleo Mastermind: Who am I missing? I wanna get this elevator moving.

[08/02/2014 20:07:43] Rhyme: "Woah! Ferris, Slow down! You aren't late!" Rhyme hopped a little in surprise as Ferris burst onto the scene.

[08/02/2014 20:08:05] Ferris: As he aproaches the group he slows up, milimeters from hitting the wall face first. After catching his breath and getting over the almost catastrophy, he turns with a worried look, panting. "I- I'm not?"

[08/02/2014 20:08:39] Rhyme: "Not yet, I think cat robo is making sure we're all here first!"

[08/02/2014 20:09:07] Ferris: He breathes a sigh

[08/02/2014 20:09:13] Wendy: She held the girl tighter, hushing her.

"I'm sure that everything will be fine."

[08/02/2014 20:09:14] Daisy: "What about Miki and Stefan?"

[08/02/2014 20:09:24] Zephora: Zephora stood near the entrance of the elevator, but he made his way towards Amelia.

[08/02/2014 20:09:30] Zephora: "Youse ready for dis, Ems?"

[08/02/2014 20:09:41] Zephora: He spoke softly to her, carefully.

[08/02/2014 20:09:56] Amelia: She tapped her her finger off her other arm, she couldn't say she wasn't nervous... that would be the biggest lie she had ever told... it was going to be a long night "hmm~ we have hardly been standing here for seconds and it feels like hours~" she looked up to Zeph and smirked "ready as ever~"

[08/02/2014 20:10:07] Tomoki: Tomoki looked down, fidgeting with his fingers, trying to stay calm.

[08/02/2014 20:10:24] Daina : she looked over at Ferris with a nervous smile but nodded at Wendy. Suddenly the spacious elevator felt tiny, and she opted to hold her hand rather than just her arm, nervousness ever rising

[08/02/2014 20:11:24] Ferris: He pushes himself against the wall he almost ran into, worry taking over his face as he hugs himself a little.

[08/02/2014 20:11:36] Stefan: "Mmmm~ This is going to be.... interesting..~" he chuckles with a large grin as he starts to approach the elevator with the others, but he stands as far away from the others in a corner of his own, grinning widely at everyone.

[08/02/2014 20:11:50] Rhyme: Rhyme stood strong and tried to look tall. Xe needed to be the light of justice, the faint ray of hope.

"Listen, everyone!"

Xe took a deep breath.

"This situation might seem bleak, and it is unfair, having to do something like this! But we need to do this! Justice must be done and we need to find out the truth!"

[08/02/2014 20:12:15] Daisy: Daisy rubbed her temples. "This is so fucking depressing.."

[08/02/2014 20:12:46] Wendy: "I'm feeling so nervous..." She muttered softly, hugging herself. "What if we get it wrong..."

[08/02/2014 20:12:50] Amelia: Amelia put an arm around daisy and laughed loudly "Cheer up~!"

[08/02/2014 20:12:59] Monoleo Mastermind: Is everyone who is available so far here?

[08/02/2014 20:13:05] Zephora: Zephora nodded. That's what he wanted to hear. He swallowed hard, seeing his girlfriend and his friends in such dissaray. "Truth be tolds, dis is da first time I's ever seen somethin' like dis.."

[08/02/2014 20:13:06] Rhyme: Rhyme looked to the ground "We won't... I'm sure of it..."

[08/02/2014 20:13:16] Daina : "W-We won't..." She muttered, whimpering at monoleo's voice suddenly.

[08/02/2014 20:13:23] Ferris: He pushes a hand though his hair, holding onto it lightly as is other arm remains around his waist

[08/02/2014 20:13:35] Zephora: "I was never caughts by the police, so's trials are a new things for me.."

[08/02/2014 20:13:36] Tomoki: "Eheh... We'll do fine, friends. As long as there's even a gem of hope among us... We can't lose," said Tomoki, forcing a smile.

[08/02/2014 20:14:02] Daisy: " can I cheer up?" Daisy replied, tears starting to form in her eyes

[08/02/2014 20:14:23] Daina : "We should... We should all hold hands..." Daina offered quietly, but looked up around the group

[08/02/2014 20:14:29] Zephora: Damnit, people were even crying..

[08/02/2014 20:14:40] Daina : "I believe in you guys, I trust we'll get through and I just..."

[08/02/2014 20:14:43] Amelia: she noticed the girl crying ".... Now you're just doing the wrong thing completely..."

[08/02/2014 20:14:50] Monoleo Mastermind: Would all of the students please step into the elevator and we'll get going~! *elevator doors open*

[08/02/2014 20:14:56] Zephora: "Guys!" He shouted to the group.

[08/02/2014 20:14:56] Stefan: He chuckles a little at Daina's suggestion and makes sure to keep himself as far away from the others as possible, his eyes swirling as he grins over them all.

[08/02/2014 20:14:57] Rhyme: Rhyme nodded and smiled lightly "Yes! Let's hold hands!"

[08/02/2014 20:14:58] Zephora: "Guh.."

[08/02/2014 20:15:10] Zephora: Zephora made his way to the elevator, and turned to face the group.

[08/02/2014 20:15:12] Stefan: "You won't find me holding hands with little experiments...~"

[08/02/2014 20:15:14] Zephora: "We can do's dis! All of us!"

[08/02/2014 20:15:18] Tomoki: Tomoki put an arm around Daisy protectively. "We won't get it wrong. Don't worry."

[08/02/2014 20:15:28 | Edited 20:15:33] Ferris: He gave a hand out to Daina, quietly

[08/02/2014 20:15:30] Daisy: "....lets just go" she turned away and walked inside the elevator

[08/02/2014 20:15:31] Rhyme: Rhyme headed for the elevator.

[08/02/2014 20:15:41] Zephora: His voice boomed. "Suck up dem tears and get a fucking move on! We gotta keep strong for our fallens!"

[08/02/2014 20:15:58] Zephora: He rested himself in the back of the elevator, leaning on the wall.

[08/02/2014 20:16:11] Amelia: she whispered to daisy "I didn't know someone had fallen over?"

[08/02/2014 20:16:15] Daina : She pulled in a breath, heading into the elevator and reached for Ferris' hand, gripping it tightly. "We're okay." She said, smiling a little at him. "We have each other, right?" She asked, looking back at Zephora with a smile

[08/02/2014 20:16:19] Wendy: Wendy looked over in fear, shaking softly as she follwed behind them, still holding onto Daina.

[08/02/2014 20:16:19] Marianne: *stands in the elevator, to puppets in hand and sighs*

[08/02/2014 20:16:25] Zephora: Truth be told, he felt like collpasing himself. He was so nervous.. He felt like he would combust right then and there.

[08/02/2014 20:16:27] Tomoki: "Don't be so unpleasant..." Tomoki frowned.

[08/02/2014 20:16:30] Wendy: "Right. Each other."

[08/02/2014 20:16:33] Ferris: "Zeph." He looks at him as he walks into the elevator, worry in his eyes

[08/02/2014 20:16:42] Zephora: He looked to Daina and nodded. "We always gots each other, we always will."

[08/02/2014 20:17:07] Daisy: Daisy stayed silent.

[08/02/2014 20:17:08] Rhyme: Rhyme looked to Marianne, shuffling somewhat close to her. "Zeph is right, we just need to stay strong!"

[08/02/2014 20:17:22] Zephora: "Atta girl, Rhyme!" He heard the robot's comment.

[08/02/2014 20:17:37] Stefan: "Hmmmm stay strong and find out the traitor amongst us..~" he chuckles lowly and his grin curls at the edges.

[08/02/2014 20:17:37] Marianne: *she smiles at Rhyme* don't worry, okay?~

[08/02/2014 20:17:39] Amelia: "better now than later~..." she steped into the elevator

[08/02/2014 20:17:42] Zephora: "We needs to pulls together, we can cry when its over! We just gotta stand strongs for Itami's!"

[08/02/2014 20:17:58] Monoleo Mastermind: Is everyone in the damn elevator now? I want to get moving!

[08/02/2014 20:18:03] Daina : She nodded. "Itami was the first to fall, she's the last..."

[08/02/2014 20:18:11] Ferris: Suck it up. Suck it up. Be a man. And he does. Well, as best as he can. He resists the tears forming at his eyes only letting a little run down his cheek before getting himself together

[08/02/2014 20:18:44] Wendy:  She looked over to Ferris and put a hand on his shoulder, sighing softly. "It'll be okay."

[08/02/2014 20:20:44] Zephora: Zeph looked to Ferris. "Youse doin' great." He called out, nodding. He looked around, surveying the faces and sorrow of all the students. Shit, they need to get themselves together somehow..

[08/02/2014 20:21:46] Ferris: He nods, nod nod nod. Yep, of course he's doing great. He looks up to Zeph and gives him the best grin he can along with a cheesey thumbs up.

[08/02/2014 20:22:12] Monoleo Mastermind: *elevator door shuts and it takes them right down under the building to a court room area set in a circle formation*

[08/02/2014 20:22:42] Zephora: He swallowed again. Fuck courtrooms, fuck justice, fuck the law and all it held. Law was what kills, and all set by another impudent man...

[08/02/2014 20:22:50] Rhyme: Rhyme heads over to a podium, gripping the hard wood, an intense look on xyr face.

[08/02/2014 20:22:50] Zephora: Zephora trudged himself to a stand.

[08/02/2014 20:23:15] Daina : She whimpered a little as the lift moved, biting her tongue roughly as she looked out to the court room. "I never thought... I'd be here..."

[08/02/2014 20:23:34] Daisy: Daisy looked around at the new setting whilst slowly making her way to a podium. "Lets just gfet this over with"

[08/02/2014 20:23:36] Monoleo Mastermind: Please find your name and get at your podium!

[08/02/2014 20:23:37] Zephora: "Days, you can take one nexts to mes." Zephora called out.

[08/02/2014 20:23:40] Marianne: What is this...*she tilts her head, looking around the room* a court room..

[08/02/2014 20:23:56] Marianne: *she goes over to her podium*

[08/02/2014 20:24:16] Ferris: He walks out of the elevator, going around all of the podiums until he finds his and stands at it

[08/02/2014 20:24:33] Tomoki: Tomoki's expression remained solemn. He examined the "trial" room, feeling slightly confused. "This doesn't look like a courtroom to me," Tomoki commented to himself. As calmly as possible, he walked round the circle of pods and found his name. He stood at it and crossed his arms, pretending to be impatient.

[08/02/2014 20:24:46] Amelia: "woooow~ it looks fancy in here~" she walked over to her podium

[08/02/2014 20:25:12] Daina : With a shaken breath, she looked down at her feet before releasing their hands and walked over to the podium with her name imprinted, gripping her hands to stop shaking

[08/02/2014 20:25:46] Zephora: "Daina, get it togethers. Everything is going to be okay. We got dis, okay?" Zephora looked over to her shivering, frail songbird.

[08/02/2014 20:25:52] Zephora: Fuck did it hurt him to see her like this..

[08/02/2014 20:26:00] Zephora: "I promise you, everything will be alright."

[08/02/2014 20:26:29] Wendy: Wendy looked round the court room in fear.

"What the hell..." She walked out into the room and went to find hers, realising she was directly across from Daina, rather than being anywhere near her, whimpering softly in fear.

[08/02/2014 20:26:49] Ferris: "Daina!" He looks to her. "We have /nothing/ to fear remember! We're going to do this and get out, just like we said!"

[08/02/2014 20:27:25] Daina : She nodded, but she could barely even smile to reassure him. "Everything will be alright..." She repeated, locking eyes with wendy across from her and then looked to Ferris. And then she managed to nod.

"Together, all of us, right?"

[08/02/2014 20:27:55] Zephora: "We ain't gonna let all of us die! We're gonna solve this, we're gonna.. We're gonna fix dis togethers!" He reaffirmed.

[08/02/2014 20:28:01] Wendy: She went quiet, hugging herself in fear.

"What if we're wrong..."

[08/02/2014 20:28:07] Zephora: He searched the room for Amelia.

[08/02/2014 20:28:13] Monoleo Mastermind: ATTENTION!

[08/02/2014 20:28:19] Daina : "Wendy," She said softly, locking eyes. "Hope."

[08/02/2014 20:28:30] Tomoki: Tomoki frowned up at the stuffed toy.

[08/02/2014 20:28:37] Monoleo Mastermind: COULD YOU ALL STAY QUIET WHILE I EXPLAIN

[08/02/2014 20:28:46] Zephora: "Brace yerselves.." Zephora gritted his shark-like teeth.

[08/02/2014 20:28:49] Daina : and then she looked at the cat, staying silent.

[08/02/2014 20:28:49] Monoleo Mastermind: NO TYPING FUCKERS

[08/02/2014 20:31:23] Monoleo Mastermind: Now then! This is the trial for Itami Donaru! You have all had time to investigate the crime scene and now you have the chance to find the killer~!

At the end of the trial, you will all vote for who you think the killer is. Get it right, and they will suffer an execution! Get it wrong, and they walk away free and the rest of you will be executed inside!

And now, it is my great pleasure to say that this trial has officially BEGUN!

[08/02/2014 20:31:39] Monoleo Mastermind: Begin discussions!

[08/02/2014 20:31:43] Daina : "..."

[08/02/2014 20:31:49] Rhyme: Rhyme spoke up immediately "Alrighty then!"

[08/02/2014 20:31:57] Wendy: "I-i don't even know where to start..."

[08/02/2014 20:31:57] Marianne: This is it I suppose

[08/02/2014 20:31:58] Rhyme: "Where do we start?"

[08/02/2014 20:31:59] Zephora: Zephora opened his mouth, but the floor was taken by Rhyme.

[08/02/2014 20:32:10] Daisy: "Lets discuss first the state of the body and scene"

[08/02/2014 20:32:14] Zephora: "Wells, we gots to looks at.. Well."

[08/02/2014 20:32:21] Zephora: "Yeahs. Daisy, less do dat." Zephora nodded.

[08/02/2014 20:32:26] Rhyme: "I agree, let's look at the body and the scene"

[08/02/2014 20:32:26] Wendy: "I guess that makes most sense."

[08/02/2014 20:32:32] Zephora: Zephora folded his arms.

[08/02/2014 20:32:35] Amelia: "sounds great~"

[08/02/2014 20:32:37] Tomoki: "She was lying on her back... Right?"

[08/02/2014 20:32:45] Ferris: "She was in her own room. So she trusted the fucker enough to let them in"

[08/02/2014 20:32:49] Daina : She had barely got to see anything, she hadn't done much. But she spoke to people, and that would do.

[08/02/2014 20:33:02] Wendy: "So we're looking for a friend?"

[08/02/2014 20:33:04] Rhyme: "Yes, and she was smothered with a pillow, that was the cause of death"

[08/02/2014 20:33:10] Daisy: "Yes. Her cause of death was suffocation and several blows to her head...” [08/02/2014 20:33:21] Zephora: "Whoever had to do dat had to be strong as a fuckin' bull.." Zephora tossed in.

[08/02/2014 20:33:31] Daina : "Yeah, it must have been a pillow..."

[08/02/2014 20:33:41] Ferris: He nods

[08/02/2014 20:33:42] Amelia: "its safe to say the bottle caused the head damage~"

[08/02/2014 20:33:55] Daisy: "It also looked as if the killer panicked.. Maybe the pillow wasn't enough to kill her"

[08/02/2014 20:33:58] Tomoki: "How could a bottle cause head damage..."

[08/02/2014 20:34:05] Zephora: Zephora nodded at Emmy's statement.

[08/02/2014 20:34:12] Daina : "So you mean she didn't die quick..?"

[08/02/2014 20:34:22] Zephora: "Wells, anythin' could do enough damned damage if you chuck it at da right speeds." Zephora offered.

[08/02/2014 20:34:29] Daisy: "Unfortunately, no..."

[08/02/2014 20:34:31] Rhyme: "Does anyone know if Itami had any close friends?"

[08/02/2014 20:34:31] Zephora: "Gotta get pretty fuckin' pissed fer dat, tho."

[08/02/2014 20:34:41] Tomoki: "Itami distanced herself from most people..."

[08/02/2014 20:34:44] Ferris: "It's most likely that the murderer was fucking strong as shit"

[08/02/2014 20:34:53] Marianne: I don't think I ever spoke to the girl. Maybe once. Maybe first we should see who was friends with her

[08/02/2014 20:35:02] Amelia: "it completely goes on who had the bottle~ it had water in it so it had some weight~ so the murderer was strong~ it does help we found a dent in the bottle~"

[08/02/2014 20:35:03] Zephora: Well, fuck. This was a pickle..

[08/02/2014 20:35:09] Daisy: "But it seemed as though they were playing Yu Gi Oh together"

[08/02/2014 20:35:13] Wendy: "I only saw her a few times..."

[08/02/2014 20:35:16] Rhyme: "I never spoke a word to her... unfortunately"

[08/02/2014 20:35:19] Ferris: "I kind of spoke with her, but.."

[08/02/2014 20:35:23] Zephora: "I spokes to hers one times. Durin' da.. Da candy meet-up." Zeph offered.

[08/02/2014 20:35:34] Daina : "I didn't get the chance to, nah.."

[08/02/2014 20:35:38] Zephora: "She was hella cool, a real bro." He nodded. "We weres on da same wavelength, almosts."

[08/02/2014 20:35:46] Amelia: "saw her for a while in the candy shop before hurting my leg~"

[08/02/2014 20:35:50] Wendy: "So how many spoke to her? Me and who else?"

[08/02/2014 20:35:57] Zephora: "Wends, me, Emms.."

[08/02/2014 20:35:59] Ferris: "I did"

[08/02/2014 20:36:00] Rhyme: "So you admit to being friends with her Zeph?"

[08/02/2014 20:36:02] Zephora: "Ferris too."

[08/02/2014 20:36:04] Wendy: "Zeph, Emmy, Ferris..."

[08/02/2014 20:36:09] Daisy: "I had only seen her a couple of times. I never had the chance to talk to her"

[08/02/2014 20:36:11] Zephora: Zephora nodded at the robot's question. "Yeahs."

[08/02/2014 20:36:12] Tomoki: "I tried to talk to her once. She told me she didn't want to associate with the others. This was like... when we were making coffee?"

[08/02/2014 20:36:14] Zephora: "Fuck, you can ask Ferris."

[08/02/2014 20:36:16] Zephora: "Ferris, bro!"

[08/02/2014 20:36:18] Zephora: Zeph called.

[08/02/2014 20:36:23] Ferris: "Yeah?"

[08/02/2014 20:36:29] Zephora: "How'd I react when Itami was killeds?"

[08/02/2014 20:36:33] Wendy: "She didn't seem to like me much..."

[08/02/2014 20:36:38] Zephora: "When we was wit' dat shit Shinichi."

[08/02/2014 20:36:44] Ferris: "Pretty fuckin bad...”

[08/02/2014 20:36:55] Daina : She looked at her friends, panicking a little. Why was it all her friends that were all suspects?

[08/02/2014 20:37:17] Zephora: Zephora nodded. "We was close for da time bein'. I-I means, not as close as Day an' I!" He corrected himself.

[08/02/2014 20:37:31] Zephora: "But like.. We's could've been pals." He shrugged.

[08/02/2014 20:37:41] Rhyme: "It's fair to say at least that she was an antisocial person... and Daisy, you said it looked like the two had been playing Yu-Gi-Oh?"

[08/02/2014 20:37:49] Ferris: "Zeph and I couldn't have done it, we were walking home when it happened"

[08/02/2014 20:37:56] Amelia: "from the looks of it the murderer went to her room with good intentions~ seems like they just snapped and attacked~"

[08/02/2014 20:37:57] Ferris: "Well...not home, just..back to our rooms!"

[08/02/2014 20:37:58] Zephora: "Hell, I ain't gonna lie about dat. She was a great person for as much as I saws about her. I ain't gonna disrespect her by coverin' up a friendship."

[08/02/2014 20:38:18] Tomoki: Tomoki scratched his head. "The culprit may not have been friends with her though. One of her only interests is Yu-Gi-Oh!, right? She would want to play with anyone, wouldn't she? So it's fair to say that everyone in this room is suspicious..."

[08/02/2014 20:38:31] Zephora: Zephora shook his head.

[08/02/2014 20:38:32] Marianne: Well who else was intrested in it?

[08/02/2014 20:38:34] Wendy: "So they could've done it in rage?"

[08/02/2014 20:38:34] Daina : "So Fer, Zeph, you got alibis..?" She asked cautiously, looking at the two

[08/02/2014 20:38:42] Daisy: "That's right Tomoki."

[08/02/2014 20:38:50] Ferris: "No way, she wasn't desperate"

[08/02/2014 20:38:54] Zephora: "Itami damn near found everyone here irritable 'cept fer those dat actually gots to know her."

[08/02/2014 20:38:57] Rhyme: "Tomoki has a good point acctually, if the person had challenged her... then she wouldn't have rejected that challenge!"

[08/02/2014 20:39:02] Zephora: "She treated YGO like a savin' grace."

[08/02/2014 20:39:05] Amelia: "rage, panic or maybe even fear~"

[08/02/2014 20:39:10] Zephora: "It's like... Tomoki, someone wantin' to like..."

[08/02/2014 20:39:14] Zephora: Shit, how to put it into words..

[08/02/2014 20:39:35] Zephora: "To act, but was shit at it. Or if someone got one a' my blades and danced wit' its."

[08/02/2014 20:39:46] Zephora: "She was... Confident a' her abilities. I fuckin' loved dat about hers."

[08/02/2014 20:39:54] Zephora: "She wouldn't share her cards wit' anyones."

[08/02/2014 20:39:59] Zephora: "Nor her talents."

[08/02/2014 20:40:11] Rhyme: Rhyme pondered for a bit "Then maybe there's something else we need to look at"

[08/02/2014 20:40:29 | Edited 20:40:35] Daina : "perhaps... We should determine alibis?"

[08/02/2014 20:40:33] Amelia: "so we are looking for a strong person with the emotional range of a tea spoon~ my my~ who could that be~"

[08/02/2014 20:40:34] Wendy: "This is going nowhere! We'll be done for if we keep this up..."

[08/02/2014 20:40:43] Rhyme: "For example, those bandaids found in the hall"

[08/02/2014 20:40:53] Zephora: "Calm downs, Wends.." Zeph trailed off.

[08/02/2014 20:40:54] Rhyme: "And that scrap of paper"

[08/02/2014 20:41:03] Zephora: "We need alibi's, like what Daina says."

[08/02/2014 20:41:07] Tomoki: "I was probably asleep," Tomoki said. "It was late night, wasn't it?"

[08/02/2014 20:41:10] Daisy: "Me and Amelia were together the night of the murder."

[08/02/2014 20:41:11] Ferris: "What was on the paper?"

[08/02/2014 20:41:13] Zephora: Zephora nodded.

[08/02/2014 20:41:14] Wendy: She looked over and took a few breaths, trying to steady herself.

[08/02/2014 20:41:25] Amelia: "we were watching shrek 3... that’s the best one~"

[08/02/2014 20:41:29] Rhyme: "Some scribbles at first glance"

[08/02/2014 20:41:41] Wendy: "I was in my room. I still wasn't feeling my best after my fainting spell..."

[08/02/2014 20:41:42] Ferris: "At second?"

[08/02/2014 20:41:45] Rhyme: "But I have a feeling... that there is something more to them"

[08/02/2014 20:41:48] Zephora: "Ferris and I weres walkin' back togethers. I was asleep durin' the whole spiel."

[08/02/2014 20:41:52] Daina : "I was in my room, also..."

[08/02/2014 20:42:00] Zephora: "Fuck, I didn't even know Itami was deads until Ferris and Shitchi told me."

[08/02/2014 20:42:15] Ferris: ((Shitichi))

[08/02/2014 20:42:38] Rhyme: "I'm not sure whether this is correct or not, but the scribbles could be symbols, like a secret code!"

[08/02/2014 20:42:50] Zephora: "Paper?" Zeph questioned.

[08/02/2014 20:42:52] Wendy: "So only a few have alibis we could rue them out on?"

[08/02/2014 20:42:52] Daisy: "So everyone who as alone is a possible suspect..."

[08/02/2014 20:43:05] Daina : "Who was all alone...?"

[08/02/2014 20:43:36] Wendy: "I was. I was still weak after the faint. Quite tired too."

[08/02/2014 20:43:37] Amelia: "well it looks like we are looking for a strong person~ and an obvious strong person would be none other than Zeph~ who is not only strong but~! we is an easy to anger man~"

[08/02/2014 20:43:42] Rhyme: Rhyme projected a picture of the paper onto the floor of the courtroom, the scribbles faintly in evidence.

[08/02/2014 20:43:44] Zephora: "?!?!"

[08/02/2014 20:43:50] Zephora: That alerted Zephora.

[08/02/2014 20:43:51] Zephora: "WHAT?!"

[08/02/2014 20:43:53] Tomoki: "I was alone, too," Tomoki confessed. "You would think most people would be at that time."

[08/02/2014 20:43:56] Ferris: "No way! Zeph's way too fuckin cool!"

[08/02/2014 20:43:58] Daina : "H-Huh?!"

[08/02/2014 20:44:04] Daina : "Don't you fuckin-!!"

[08/02/2014 20:44:05] Ferris: "Also I was walking him home" He nods with a frown

[08/02/2014 20:44:06] Rhyme: "But, Amelia, you forget, Zeph has an alibi!"

[08/02/2014 20:44:07] Marianne: He seems insane to be honest

[08/02/2014 20:44:11] Daina : What the hell was that all about?!

[08/02/2014 20:44:17] Ferris: "I was with him so don't even fuckin try you shit volcano"

[08/02/2014 20:44:30] Tomoki: "Amelia... Don't be so unpleasant. You aren't going to achieve anything by placing the blame on people so early on," Tomoki said with a frown.

[08/02/2014 20:44:34] Marianne: But can we trust you two were together?

[08/02/2014 20:44:37] Amelia: "yes exactly~ because we aren't looking for an obvious strong person~"

[08/02/2014 20:44:45] Ferris: "DID YOU JUST CALL HIM INSANE?"

[08/02/2014 20:44:59] Marianne: He certainly looks it.

[08/02/2014 20:45:13] Zephora: He gripped his stand and looked at Marianne. "Youse wanna fuckin' says dat to my face, you fuckin' princess?!"

[08/02/2014 20:45:16] Ferris: He leans over his podium. "I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU!" He shakes a fist

[08/02/2014 20:45:21] Daina : "Fucking HELL. Are you guys seriously serious!? Those two might be best friends, and could be a force to be reconed with, but my GOD."

[08/02/2014 20:45:22] Tomoki: "We don't even know if they murdered with a damn water bottle. That's stupid," Tomoki said. "They may have hidden the real weapon."

[08/02/2014 20:45:26] Rhyme: Rhyme was suddenly taken a back by the turn of events, not knowing who to side with. "Ah... please... everyone!"

[08/02/2014 20:45:28] Daisy: "CALM DOWN!"

[08/02/2014 20:45:32] Daina : "Would they kill? No they wouldn't!!!!"

[08/02/2014 20:45:44] Daina : But there was no such thing as calming down, her panic had changed to anger

[08/02/2014 20:46:02] Daina : "Don't talk shit without proof!!!"

[08/02/2014 20:46:08] Ferris: "I TOLD YOU ALREADY. ZEPH WAS WITH ME"

[08/02/2014 20:46:10] Rhyme: "We need to come back to the matter at hand! There is no conclusive evidence that points toward Zephora!"

[08/02/2014 20:46:25] Zephora: "Don't you fuckin' start spewin' shit, primmadonna!" He growled. "Ferris an' I weres togethers durin' the damned thing!"

[08/02/2014 20:46:29] Ferris: "Shut your EGOTISICAL SHIT EATING SNOUT before I fucking RAM MY FIST IN IT"

[08/02/2014 20:46:34] Zephora: "FERRIS."

[08/02/2014 20:46:40] Ferris: He straightens

[08/02/2014 20:46:45] Daisy: "You may not think that someone is capable of murder, but that doesn't mean they aren't a possible suspect! So the shut the FUCK up everyone and stop losing your shit!"

[08/02/2014 20:46:51] Tomoki: Tomoki glared at a spot on the ground, annoyed at the sudden turn of events, and that nobody payed attention to what he said.

[08/02/2014 20:46:55] Zephora: He looked to Ferris. "Fuckin' CALM DOWN. Dis is just to fuckin' piss us off, is all. Fuckin'..." He groaned.

[08/02/2014 20:46:58] Marianne: Don't get your panties in a twist little boys.

[08/02/2014 20:47:07] Marianne: What if they both killed her?

[08/02/2014 20:47:11] Zephora: "He slammed a fist onto the podium.

[08/02/2014 20:47:14] Zephora: "YOU FUCK."

[08/02/2014 20:47:15] Ferris: "THEY'RE BOXERS YOU FUCK"

[08/02/2014 20:47:15] Wendy: She felt tears spilling as she tried to calmly answer, shaking like a leaf.

"W-Who else has the strength to swing something heavy to make those damages...?"

[08/02/2014 20:47:17] Zephora: "HOW /DARE/ YOU?!"

[08/02/2014 20:47:18] Marianne: Monoleo, is it possible for two people to kill one person?

[08/02/2014 20:47:21] Rhyme: Rhyme sighed and pressed a button on xyr audio circuits which created a loud screech, which shot through the trial hall.

[08/02/2014 20:47:27] Amelia: she played with her hair "well Alibis are easy enough to make~ no one really has trusted one... Not even me and Daisy~"

[08/02/2014 20:47:36] Monoleo Mastermind: Two could, but only one would live.

[08/02/2014 20:47:37] Rhyme: "Everyone!"

[08/02/2014 20:47:42] Tomoki: "The water bottle wasn't necessarily the weapon," Tomoki repeated. "Don't place the blame on people so early on."

[08/02/2014 20:47:42] Zephora: "....?! W-Wendy, are you...?"

[08/02/2014 20:47:48] Daina : She gripped her head tightly at the screech, wincing at the sound

[08/02/2014 20:47:55] Zephora: "Are you fucking.." He choked out. "W-What are youse tryin' to say here..?"

[08/02/2014 20:48:07] Wendy: "N-No! I'm simply wondering who else could swing something heavy!"

[08/02/2014 20:48:25] Amelia: "well Wendy

[08/02/2014 20:48:25] Rhyme: "It wasn't Zephora! I know it wasn't, I already have an idea!"

[08/02/2014 20:48:25] Ferris: "Wendy" He looks at her with disbeleif

[08/02/2014 20:48:31] Amelia: "the second would be you~"

[08/02/2014 20:48:33] Marianne: What is it Rhyme?

[08/02/2014 20:48:34] Daisy: "Do you guys want to find the scumbag who did this or what?!"

[08/02/2014 20:48:47] Wendy: "H-Huh?!"

[08/02/2014 20:48:49] Rhyme: "The paper everyone, the paper!"

[08/02/2014 20:48:52] Amelia: "the leader of a males basketball team~ its pretty clear you're strong~"

[08/02/2014 20:48:54] Wendy: "Me?!"

[08/02/2014 20:48:56] Zephora: Zephora hissed. Fucking bloody hell, everyone was just throwing everyone at each other.

[08/02/2014 20:48:57] Ferris: Tears spill over. "I told yooou" His worlds pull out as he sobs. "I told you he was with meee.."

[08/02/2014 20:48:59] Wendy: "What the fuck!"

[08/02/2014 20:49:02] Zephora: "A-Amelia?!"

[08/02/2014 20:49:17] Zephora: Fuck... Fuck fuck fuck. No, she couldn't be serious. Surely.. Surely this was another ruse.

[08/02/2014 20:49:19] Ferris: He looks to Wendy

[08/02/2014 20:49:20] Rhyme: "The symbols on the paper...."

[08/02/2014 20:49:24] Marianne: ...Wendy?

[08/02/2014 20:49:24] Zephora: Just like how she did with Zeph just moments ago.

[08/02/2014 20:49:44] Tomoki: Tomoki's eye twitched. He was growing impatient. "Don't place the blame on people right now. We need to work out why everything is placed where they are, and work out what exactly happened on the night. Then we can find a suspect."

[08/02/2014 20:49:52] Amelia: "a very healthy girl~ it makes sense you drink water right~ actually I have seen you drink water a lot~"

[08/02/2014 20:49:57] Zephora: "Emms, please tell me yer fuckin' wit' us. Wendy? Really?" He questioned, holding a hand out to Wendy, as if to display her.

[08/02/2014 20:50:03] Wendy: She felt tears start to spill over.

"Where's your fucking evidence for somethig like that?! That's nothing!"

[08/02/2014 20:50:03] Rhyme: "Maybe they're... hieroglyphics!"

[08/02/2014 20:50:18] Amelia: "is that not right Wendy?"

[08/02/2014 20:50:25] Wendy: "SHUT UP!"

[08/02/2014 20:50:28] Ferris: "W      endy   !!!"

[08/02/2014 20:50:35] Wendy: "YOU HAVE NO PROOF!"

[08/02/2014 20:50:39] Zephora: He glanced over to the basketball player.

[08/02/2014 20:50:39] Amelia: "you also ficed my leg up~"

[08/02/2014 20:50:50] Zephora: "Wendy, holy fuck, calm down! You didn't.. You didn't, surely?" He asked.

[08/02/2014 20:50:52] Wendy: "WHAT THE FUCK HAS THAT TO DO WITH ANYTHUNG?!"

[08/02/2014 20:50:57] Amelia: "you carried a lot of medical stuff in you're bag~

[08/02/2014 20:50:59] Tomoki: Tomoki rubbed his head.

[08/02/2014 20:50:59] Zephora: "Everyone drinks water here! Dere's no way!"

[08/02/2014 20:51:04] Amelia: "I saw with my own eyes~"

[08/02/2014 20:51:10] Zephora: "Dere's..." Zephora's eyes widen at every statement Amelia spat out.

[08/02/2014 20:51:15] Amelia: "didn't. I. Wendy~"

[08/02/2014 20:51:26] Amelia: she smirked widely

[08/02/2014 20:51:29] Zephora: And that's when he remembered what they spoke of for the past couple of nights. They had to... To trust each other.

[08/02/2014 20:51:33] Wendy: "That's not enough to convict someone!"

[08/02/2014 20:51:34] Daisy: "Like I said. You may believe your friend didn't do it.. but just because you believe they aren't capable means they couldn't of done it. We need to face the facts.."

[08/02/2014 20:51:41] Marianne: I don't like where this is going...

[08/02/2014 20:51:46] Zephora: "A-Amelias... Youse ain't.. You'se ain't fuckin' with us dis time..?"

[08/02/2014 20:51:51] Rhyme: "QUIT YOUR BICKERING FOR ONE FUCKING SECOND MEATBAGS!" Rhyme's eyes went red, xyr voice abnormally loud, as if it was amplified.

[08/02/2014 20:51:58] Amelia: "hmm~ not even on you're broken bag you talk about a lot~"

[08/02/2014 20:52:08] Tomoki: "Can everyone shut their damn mouths for a minute?"

[08/02/2014 20:52:09] Wendy: "How does that mean anything?!"

[08/02/2014 20:52:13] Zephora: "J-JESUS! RHYME!"

[08/02/2014 20:52:14] Amelia: "you tell me the zip is broken all the time."

[08/02/2014 20:52:32 | Removed 20:56:48] tomato dream girl ( dr5 - itami ): This message has been removed.

[08/02/2014 20:52:49] Rhyme: Rhyme slowly returned to normal and sighed "Is everyone listening?"

[08/02/2014 20:53:14 | Edited 20:53:24] Tomoki: "We have to work out what those lines mean, as Rhyme mentioned. We need to work out why everything is where it is... And most importantly, what happened that night."

[08/02/2014 20:57:18] Rhyme: "Let's think about this for a second. The paper, pictured here," Projects the image again "Has scribbles on it, which would seem useless to most, but... like I said earlier, what if they're part of a code? A strange language?"

Rhyme closed xyr eyes for a moment

"After some careful analysis, there is a high chance that the symbols might be hieroglyphics? It might not be right, but it's something."

Rhyme opend xyr eyes

"Ancient Egypt is a part of the Yu-Gi-Oh lore. Putting the two together, either the person visiting her also had some link to egypt, or that paper was scribbled on my Itami herself."

[08/02/2014 20:57:52] Marianne: *looks completely confused*

[08/02/2014 20:58:22] Zephora: "... A'ight, so humor us, Rhymes." Zephora spoke.

[08/02/2014 20:58:30] Wendy: She breathed slowly for a bit before looking over. "What could that mean then?"

[08/02/2014 20:58:31] Amelia: she played happily with her hair again "round round it goes~ where it stops nobody knows~!"

[08/02/2014 20:58:32] Zephora: "Does anyone here knows any sorts of heiro-whatevers?"

[08/02/2014 20:58:43] Zephora: "Translator or whatevas?"

[08/02/2014 20:58:55] Zephora: "Like, I know some codes, but damned if I know shit like dat."

[08/02/2014 20:59:11] Rhyme: "After looking at particular backgrounds... there is one person that it could fit... maybe."

[08/02/2014 20:59:21] Tomoki: "Well?"

[08/02/2014 20:59:32] Zephora: "Well? Rhymes, don't holds back! Spit it outs!!"

[08/02/2014 20:59:50] Zephora: Zephora folded his arms over his chest.

[08/02/2014 20:59:54] Rhyme: "You guys know Malory, right?"

[08/02/2014 21:00:03] Zephora: He tilted his head. "Whose now?"

[08/02/2014 21:00:12] Daina : "I... Thought Malory, too..."

[08/02/2014 21:00:12] Ferris: "That's the one who wanted my shorts...."

[08/02/2014 21:00:18] Daisy: "Malory, SHSL bad luck, wasn't it?"

[08/02/2014 21:00:27] Rhyme: "Isn't Malory an explorer?"

[08/02/2014 21:00:28] Zephora: Zephora shook his head. "Doesn't ring any sorts of bells."

[08/02/2014 21:00:33] Rhyme: "An adventurer?"

[08/02/2014 21:00:33] Amelia: "oooh~ the "adventurer~" my my maybe she left her treasure map~"

[08/02/2014 21:00:57] Wendy: "S-So you think...?"

[08/02/2014 21:01:05] Daina : "Something like that, yeah... But she's dead clumsy, so I thought... You know, bandages, stuff??"

[08/02/2014 21:01:10] Rhyme: "Exactly!"

[08/02/2014 21:01:11] Ferris: "Malory did seems....strange"

[08/02/2014 21:01:19] Tomoki: "We might be reading into things too much."

[08/02/2014 21:01:23] Zephora: "Whatevas, it seems possible." He shrugged without a care.

[08/02/2014 21:01:28] Amelia: "my my~"

[08/02/2014 21:01:46] Daina : "But we gotta... Think I mean... We can't be wrong."

[08/02/2014 21:01:53] Rhyme: "Malory is also very clumsy, SHSL bad luck. It's very likely that by now, she would carry bandaids with her"

[08/02/2014 21:01:54] Zephora: "As long as it ain't somethin' as fuckin' dumb as Ferris and I double-tagging. Like, bloody fucknuggets, /really/? At least dis makes more fuckin' sense."

[08/02/2014 21:02:05] Daisy: "There were banages at the crime scene.... And Malory did one time say she kept some with her, right?"

[08/02/2014 21:02:06] Zephora: "Like da bandages, fer example!"

[08/02/2014 21:02:11] Zephora: Zephora stated.

[08/02/2014 21:02:24] Zephora: "We aren't dat fuckin' lame to carry safety kits, right, Ferris?"

[08/02/2014 21:02:30] Amelia: "well~  she would be the type of person who would drop the stuff~"

[08/02/2014 21:02:36] Ferris: Ahah,,,fuck nuggets...

"Is Malory strong though?"

[08/02/2014 21:02:49] Marianne: Is it me or does it smell rather...homo in here?

[08/02/2014 21:02:50] Ferris: "Yeah! No, we heal with out tears!"

[08/02/2014 21:02:51] Zephora: "Wells, if she's an explorer, she's gotta be good enough to fight off bears or some shit."

[08/02/2014 21:03:00] Wendy: "Some people just don't show true strengths but...yeah as Zeph said."

[08/02/2014 21:03:08] Daina : "Well, how much strength do you need for that... Sorta thing...?"

[08/02/2014 21:03:23] Rhyme: "She could be. At the very least she could be resiliant and tough, tough enough for this"

[08/02/2014 21:03:31] Zephora: "You gotta have a lot if yer livin' on da world. I cans vouch fer dats." He nodded, closing one eye and the other looking to Daina.

[08/02/2014 21:03:40] Zephora: "Streets are jus' like dat, y'know?"

[08/02/2014 21:03:55] Tomoki: "Who knows... She could've knocked Itami out then suffocated her with the pillows."

[08/02/2014 21:03:56] Zephora: "Gotta fuckin' get brawned up for whatever da world spits out at cha."

[08/02/2014 21:04:17] Rhyme: "Does everyone understand my reasoning? Are there any objections to this line of reasoning?"

[08/02/2014 21:04:18] Daina : She looked back at him and nodded in agreement. "Ain't they just? Gotta watch your back, never know what's around the corner.."

[08/02/2014 21:04:38] Zephora: He gave a loving grin to Daina.

[08/02/2014 21:04:39] Amelia: "wow wow~ maybe even Ichirou killed her after she rejected spit roasting~"

[08/02/2014 21:04:43] Zephora: "What's around the corner indeed, hahahahaaaa."

[08/02/2014 21:04:47] Ferris: "Did anyone ever...see Malory talking to Itami, at al?"

[08/02/2014 21:04:56] Zephora: "Yo's, Ferris has a point."

[08/02/2014 21:04:59] Ferris: "What the fuck is with you and your spit roasting?"

[08/02/2014 21:05:02] Rhyme: "That's... the only problem, we can't prove they they were friends"

[08/02/2014 21:05:06] Zephora: Zephora pointed out.

[08/02/2014 21:05:12] Ferris: "Jez, barbiques are so much better..."

[08/02/2014 21:05:16] Daina : She smiled widely back at him before looking over at Ferris, pondering before nodding in agreement. "That's true."

[08/02/2014 21:05:19] Zephora: "We can'ts really determines if Mals did it, especially if they ain't heres."

[08/02/2014 21:05:46] Zephora: "Dat'd be fuckin' disrespectfuls. Fuck, I can cast dis shit ontos fuckin' Shinichi becuase of his boner for his pussies, but he ain't here to rebute, so.."

[08/02/2014 21:05:52] Ferris: "Yeah, it's hard to go on anything to do with Malory if she isn't here to ask questions too..."

[08/02/2014 21:05:57] Tomoki: "Ew."

[08/02/2014 21:06:10] Zephora: "Droppin' it like it is, Tomo." Zeph shrugged.

[08/02/2014 21:06:11] Wendy: "So now what?2

[08/02/2014 21:06:25] Ferris: "You reallly hate him, don't you?"

[08/02/2014 21:06:44] Zephora: "Youse has no fuckin' clues. Guy gives me bad vibes." He simply stated.

[08/02/2014 21:06:45] Ferris: "We've hit a brick wall without Malory here..."

[08/02/2014 21:07:13] Zephora: Zephora sighed. "We goes on a limb. Russian roulettes, all or nothin'. Does we really wanna press da trigger on dats, or does we reconsider all of us down here?" Zephora asked.

[08/02/2014 21:07:26] Zephora: "Go wit' the safe choice or risk everythin' here.."

[08/02/2014 21:07:36] Amelia: Well so far we have accused Zeph~ Wendy~ Malory~ why don't we try thinking of who would have killed by going through the whole group~?

[08/02/2014 21:07:55] Zephora: "Tch..." He flinched when he heard his name again.

[08/02/2014 21:07:56] Ferris: He shakes his head. "As good at the Malory theory sounds it would be safe to take a closer look at others too"

[08/02/2014 21:08:05] Zephora: To think he'd be a suspect.. That's fucking horrible..

[08/02/2014 21:08:10] Tomoki: "That sounds... Very unpleasant. But, fine."

[08/02/2014 21:08:13] Amelia: "go through everyone and what would have made them kill~"

[08/02/2014 21:08:27] Wendy: "T-That's brutal!"

[08/02/2014 21:08:29] Daisy: "That sounds like a good idea, Amelia"

[08/02/2014 21:08:34] Amelia: "No one gets missed out~

[08/02/2014 21:08:39] Zephora: "Wells." Zephora cleared his throat.

[08/02/2014 21:08:45] Rhyme: "I... That sounds like a reasonable idea"

[08/02/2014 21:08:53] Zephora: He trusted Amelia. He knew she wouldn't let him die, the whole class die.

[08/02/2014 21:09:11] Zephora: "Since I'm already on da guillotines, I might as well dish out all I knows about Itami, rights? Like I said, we was on same wavelewngths."

[08/02/2014 21:09:17] Ferris: He didn't trust Amelia. He knew she would let him die, the whole class die.

[08/02/2014 21:09:23] Ferris: But there was nothing else to go on.

[08/02/2014 21:09:40] Zephora: "Maybe limits da roster a bit, so we don't eats times dat's valuables."

[08/02/2014 21:09:48] Zephora: "Wanna fancy me a bit wit' day, Emms?"

[08/02/2014 21:10:07] Amelia: "you can start with accusing me to start the ball rolling~"

[08/02/2014 21:10:42] Ferris: "There's nothing that points to you though!" He crosses his arms

[08/02/2014 21:10:45] Tomoki: Tomoki thought about this. He frowned at the ground. He couldn't accuse his friend. "But... Weren't you with someone?"

[08/02/2014 21:10:58] Wendy: "S-So...I can't think of any way you are involved..."

[08/02/2014 21:11:18] Tomoki: "The only thing that's making you stand out right now is how fast you are to accuse other people," Tomoki commented.

[08/02/2014 21:11:39] Ichirou: Ichirou had been silent for a while, casually observing the trial at his podium

[08/02/2014 21:11:46] Amelia: "Well in a game of  kill or be killed anyone is a suspect~ but if you think I'm not guilty then skip~"

[08/02/2014 21:12:05] Wendy: "W-Who next then...?"

[08/02/2014 21:12:43] Rhyme: "To get me out of the way, what about me?"

[08/02/2014 21:13:16] Ferris: "There's nothing pointing to you either!" He whines

[08/02/2014 21:13:18] Zephora: Zeph cleared his throat. "Wells, a'ight. Fer starters, Itami was confident. She knew what she had and what she wanted. When we's spoke, she regarded her high school level to be one of da greatest. On tops of dat, she damn near found people annoyin' to the point of which she just wanted ta trample dem wit' her hell heels."

"Itami ain't stupid. She'd only allow peeps she liked to come in close wit' her. She and I weres da same, in dat respect. Fuck da rest 'cept fer dose dat makes ya happy. She was also one fuckin' hell of a sweet tooth."

"Statin' dat, I dinks da only ones dat we cans accuse would be dose that knew her or at least had da grace of chattin' it up with hers. So of course, dat'd be everyone at da Candy meet. Me, Wends, Shinichis... Ferris, even.. No offense, just tossin' out names."

[08/02/2014 21:13:39] Zephora: "Emms was dere too."

[08/02/2014 21:13:57] Zephora: "It's all by associations, methinks." Zephora shrugged.

[08/02/2014 21:14:04] Ferris: "Wendy was there"

[08/02/2014 21:14:10] Zephora: Zephora nodded. "i was too."

[08/02/2014 21:14:15] Marianne: So it has to be one of them

[08/02/2014 21:14:16] Zephora: "As were youse, Ferris, m'man."

[08/02/2014 21:14:17] Wendy: " do we go about this?!"

[08/02/2014 21:14:24] Ferris: "Yeah! You said!"

[08/02/2014 21:14:32] Zephora: "Well, fuck. Guys, let's be upfront an' honest here."

[08/02/2014 21:14:37] Zephora: "Who here has SPOKEN to Itami?"

[08/02/2014 21:14:44] Ferris: "Me, kind of"

[08/02/2014 21:14:51] Wendy: "Me, at times. Not much."

[08/02/2014 21:14:51] Zephora: "Raise yer damned hands if you did." Zephora then raised his hand to show a visual.

[08/02/2014 21:14:52] Marianne: I dont think I did

[08/02/2014 21:14:52] Daisy: "I never did"

[08/02/2014 21:14:56 | Edited 21:15:01] Tomoki: "I thought we went over this."

[08/02/2014 21:14:57] Amelia: "my my~ seems two innocent people so far~"

[08/02/2014 21:15:07] Rhyme: "Not me, never ever"

[08/02/2014 21:15:13] Ferris: He ducks his head a little raising his hand like a kid who did something wrong in class

[08/02/2014 21:15:15] Wendy: She followed suit and raised her hand.

[08/02/2014 21:15:15] Amelia: "don't recall talking to her but I have been in the same room as her

[08/02/2014 21:15:20] Tomoki: Tomoki hesitantly raised his hand.

[08/02/2014 21:15:32] Zephora: "I cans vouche fer Shitichi." He stated.

[08/02/2014 21:15:46 | Edited 21:16:07] Ichirou: "I never even met Itami formally, just on the first day" Ichirou chimed in "plus I spent a lot of time with Priscilla"

[08/02/2014 21:15:49] Zephora: "So's, Wends, me, Ferris, Tomoki, eh? HAhaha, what was dat about goin' over things too much?"

[08/02/2014 21:15:54] Wendy: "And Malory was in the room with me when Itami was there once."

[08/02/2014 21:15:57] Zephora: "Ichirou raise yer damn hand."

[08/02/2014 21:16:18] Ferris: "Well, we're saying it was someone strong right?"

[08/02/2014 21:16:33] Ferris: "I'm...not that strong, heh..and Zeph was with me, so"

[08/02/2014 21:16:52 | Edited 21:16:54] Wendy: "You put your hand down then"

[08/02/2014 21:17:02] Daina : she kept her hands by her side. Sadly, she never got the chance to talk to her once.

[08/02/2014 21:17:12] Amelia: "well we have ferris~ who is a pretty angry boy who was friends with her~ but~"

[08/02/2014 21:17:13] Ferris: He blinks at her, putting his hand down. "Zeph too then!"

[08/02/2014 21:17:21] Zephora: "So, in order to NOT fuck this damned thing up: Our list of whose we can sees as guilties are again: Ferris, Wendy, myself, Tomoki, Ichirou, Shinichi."

[08/02/2014 21:17:23] Amelia: "he is as strong has a new born kitten so~"

[08/02/2014 21:17:24] Ferris: "Angry?? Boy??"

[08/02/2014 21:17:28] Wendy: "Yeah, Zeph too"

[08/02/2014 21:17:37] Zephora: "We's eliminiating now's?" A'ight, Zephora lowered his hand.

[08/02/2014 21:17:40] Ferris: He makes an angry boy face to prove he's not an angry boy

[08/02/2014 21:17:40] Daina : "Ferris, leave it." She snapped gently, looking around at him.

[08/02/2014 21:17:43] Ichirou: Ichirou raised his hand "errr, like I said, I never spoke to her"

[08/02/2014 21:17:59] Wendy: "So me, Tomoki, Ichirou, and Shinichi."

[08/02/2014 21:18:31] Wendy: "What next? What can we elimiate next."

[08/02/2014 21:18:37] Priscilla: *Ralph nodded at Ichirou and also raised his hand* We did talk once, but that was it.

[08/02/2014 21:19:02] Amelia: "unless you have some hidden strength under that Bad ass mother fucker t-shirt~ but I very much doubt it~"

[08/02/2014 21:19:20] Zephora: Zephora's lips tightened, forming a straight line.

[08/02/2014 21:19:29] Zephora: "One thing dat'd be vital would be evidence.."

[08/02/2014 21:19:31] Tomoki: "Isn't sorting out who's talked to her a sort of dumb way to do it? If they challenged her to a game of Yu-Gi-Oh!, then she might've let them in anyway."

[08/02/2014 21:19:51] Rhyme: "Exactly, we established that before..."

[08/02/2014 21:19:58] Zephora: Zephora shook his head. "She ain't da type of girl fer dat, tho."

[08/02/2014 21:20:17] Zephora: "She told me herself, she kept it refined and hated da fact dat people saw it as a game."

[08/02/2014 21:20:22] Wendy: "Who else can take their hand down then? We have five people left."

[08/02/2014 21:20:26] Zephora: "It was a ~way of life~ for hers."

[08/02/2014 21:20:54] Ferris: He nods. "This is all we have to go on and it's doing pretty well so try not to fucking knock us back to stage one"

[08/02/2014 21:20:55] Daina : She looked around at the group with their hands up, biting her lip. How could they even narrow this down?

[08/02/2014 21:21:02] Tomoki: Tomoki pushed his glasses up and frowned. "Ehehe... It really is hard, isn't it..."

[08/02/2014 21:21:26] Zephora: "Its like if someone came up to youse, Tomoki, and was like hurr durr, less play some fookin charades! It's da same as acting, durr hurr!" Zephora threw his hands up in the air.

[08/02/2014 21:21:29] Wendy: "Well let's continue on strength. Who isn't strong enough? Put their hand down."

[08/02/2014 21:21:46] Priscilla: *Ralph put his hand down*

[08/02/2014 21:22:02] Zephora: "Well, Ichirou fuckin' pissed himself cryin' when I called out his shit. Doubt he could murder someone, as sad as I am ta says it."

[08/02/2014 21:22:34] Ichirou: Ichirou puts his hand down "I'm like piece of goddamn paper"

[08/02/2014 21:22:42] Ferris: "I don't know........" He pauses, finding it hard for the words to leave his mouth. "Wendy's pretty strong"

[08/02/2014 21:23:02] Daisy: Daisy stayed silent, her arms crossed

[08/02/2014 21:23:05] Daina : "You're all pretty strong, though..."

[08/02/2014 21:23:09] Rhyme: "We're getting no where with this..."

[08/02/2014 21:23:10] Wendy: She looked over at him in shock, finding tears well up in her eyes.

[08/02/2014 21:23:11] Tomoki: "I'm average," Tomoki said, "I think."

[08/02/2014 21:23:14] Ferris: "No, she's like, really strong"

[08/02/2014 21:23:22] Ferris: "BUT! It wasn't you!"

[08/02/2014 21:23:39] Daina : She looked at the ones with their hands raised, doubt starting to seep its way into her mind...

[08/02/2014 21:23:42] Ferris: "I'm just, starting off the list of strong people in the group left..."

[08/02/2014 21:24:08] Zephora: "Fuck.." Zephora looked to Wendy. Shit, he couldn't lie. He even said so himself how strong she was.

[08/02/2014 21:24:08] Wendy: "So other than me...?" She looked round, "Who else has hands up?"

[08/02/2014 21:24:18] Zephora: "Tomoki does. Shinichi but he also ain't here."

[08/02/2014 21:24:22] Daina : "So... One of you guys...?" She asked, looking at them with nervous, questioning eyes.

[08/02/2014 21:24:27] Zephora: "I fuckin' doubt he can pull a godamned punch, though."

[08/02/2014 21:24:31] Zephora: Zephora shrugged.

[08/02/2014 21:24:41] Wendy: "M-Me or Tomoki..."

[08/02/2014 21:24:43] Zephora: "But den again, maybe he'd brute it out fer his fuckin' cats."

[08/02/2014 21:24:53] Ferris: "But, does he carry bandages?"

[08/02/2014 21:24:53] Zephora: Again, the clause of someone not being here would negate that.

[08/02/2014 21:24:54] Rhyme: "If it's wendy... the bandaids would make sense... but..."

[08/02/2014 21:24:59] Zephora: So he sighed and shook his head.

[08/02/2014 21:25:14] Marianne: I dont think it would be wendy...

[08/02/2014 21:25:18] Zephora: "Nope, didn't see no bandages when Day and I took his talent room's innocence aways from him."

[08/02/2014 21:25:20] Rhyme: "What about the paper?"

[08/02/2014 21:25:32] Zephora: "An' if he did have 'em, theyd be dere." He shrugged.

[08/02/2014 21:25:34] Ferris: "Drink water a shit ton?!?" He looks worried and shocked. Looking over at Wendy in disbeleif, a face that says please tell me no.

[08/02/2014 21:25:41] Wendy: "S-So...I-I'm the only suspect left...?"

[08/02/2014 21:25:51] Amelia: "hmm~

[08/02/2014 21:25:54] Amelia: "so wendy~

[08/02/2014 21:25:56] Zephora: Zephora bit his lip, looking back at Wendy.

[08/02/2014 21:25:57] Daisy: "I'm afraid so Wendy.."

[08/02/2014 21:26:04] Amelia: "can I reask some things?

[08/02/2014 21:26:06] Rhyme: "Wendy..."

[08/02/2014 21:26:06] Zephora: "I-It looks like it, toots.."

[08/02/2014 21:26:12] Ferris: "Wendy..." His voice becomes desprate. "Wendy, please d-.......dont!"

[08/02/2014 21:26:16] Daina : She looked at Wendy, shaking her head. Surely this was wrong, sure;y this was a lie

[08/02/2014 21:26:20] Wendy: "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!" She slammed her hands on the podium, holding it for support.

[08/02/2014 21:26:24] Rhyme: "No, this isn't right"

[08/02/2014 21:26:31 | Edited 21:26:46] Marianne: I-it cant be...

[08/02/2014 21:26:32] Ferris: He jumps at the slamming and shouting

[08/02/2014 21:26:35] Zephora: Zephora shook his head, looking at Daina to see how she was holding up, but quickly snapped back when she got violent.

[08/02/2014 21:26:37] Daina : And she jumped back in surprise, staring at wendy with wide eyes.

[08/02/2014 21:26:40] Amelia: "The paper we found~ you said it reminded you of your game plans~£

[08/02/2014 21:26:46] Daina : "W-Wends!!"

[08/02/2014 21:26:47] Wendy: "SHUT UP"

[08/02/2014 21:26:50] Zephora: "Wends, dis is jus' us talkin', we aint reachin' a conclu-"

[08/02/2014 21:26:50] Amelia: "is that because it was~"

[08/02/2014 21:26:54] Wendy: "THAT MEASN NOTHING"

[08/02/2014 21:27:01] Amelia: "hmm~"

[08/02/2014 21:27:07] Amelia: "are you sure~?

[08/02/2014 21:27:11] Wendy: "IT LOOKED SIMILAR IS ALL!"

[08/02/2014 21:27:17] Daisy: "I'm so sorry Wendy..... But the only suspect here is you.." Daisy looked at her, regret in her eyes

[08/02/2014 21:27:21] Amelia: "also~ you paniced so much over your team dying~"

[08/02/2014 21:27:28] Amelia: "more than anyone I think~

[08/02/2014 21:27:29] Tomoki: Tomoki tapped his foot on the ground. "There still isn't much to go by. Eheh... This really is hard, hmm? Don't forget the people that aren't present. I don't think we should blame her right now."

[08/02/2014 21:27:31] Wendy: "EVERYONE DID FOR THEIR LOVED ONES!"

[08/02/2014 21:27:31] Ferris: "Wendy....please" His voice is quiet but paniced

[08/02/2014 21:27:42] Daina : Oh my god, no... She looked over at Zephora, her heart suddenly becoming weak, weighted with grief.

[08/02/2014 21:27:46] Zephora: Zephora's fist tightened as Wendy continued to spiral.

[08/02/2014 21:27:51] Zephora: He looked to Daina, and saw her fear.

[08/02/2014 21:27:54] Amelia: "So Wedny

[08/02/2014 21:28:03] Wendy: She felt tears falling in waves, shaking madly.

[08/02/2014 21:28:04] Zephora: "Wendy!! Wendy, fucking.. Remember what you told us?!" He called out in desperation.

[08/02/2014 21:28:05] Rhyme: Rhyme could barely speak, xe couldn't understand what was fact or fiction any more.

[08/02/2014 21:28:08] Zephora: "Mistakes.. Mistakes happen!!"

[08/02/2014 21:28:12] Amelia: "it seem the murderer was strong~ Check~"

[08/02/2014 21:28:21] Zephora: "We're fucking here for you! Mistakes FUCKING happen!!"

[08/02/2014 21:28:22] Wendy: "STOP IT EMMY!"

[08/02/2014 21:28:28] Amelia: "drank water~ oh eh~ check~"

[08/02/2014 21:28:32] Zephora: He gripped his podium tight.

[08/02/2014 21:28:34] Wendy: "EMMY SHUT UP!"

[08/02/2014 21:28:44] Daina : She nodded with Zeph, looking at Wendy. But she was scared. She had never seen her like this.

[08/02/2014 21:28:44] Amelia: "Had medical supplies that could be dropped"

[08/02/2014 21:28:50] Wendy: "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE ON ABOUT!"

[08/02/2014 21:28:52] Amelia: "CHECK AGAIN WENDY MCDONALD"

[08/02/2014 21:29:00] Tomoki: "Heh. Can we be quiet for a moment, friends?" Tomoki said.

[08/02/2014 21:29:09] Ferris: Fat tears roll down his cheeks.

[08/02/2014 21:29:12] Wendy: "EMMY I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD!"

[08/02/2014 21:29:32] Amelia: "HMM? HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING?!

[08/02/2014 21:29:43] Daina : "Tell me it's not true..." She whispered, her hands gripping the material of her shirt.

[08/02/2014 21:29:50] Daisy: "..." Daisy looked down at the floor.

[08/02/2014 21:29:56] Amelia: "IT ALL POINTS TO YOU!"

[08/02/2014 21:29:58] Zephora: Damnit, damnit, damnit!! Fucking hell, he didn't want it to BE like this!! Why the FUCK did Amelia..

"Mistakes happen, Wendy, they fucking happen.. Everythin' happens fer.."

[08/02/2014 21:30:02] Zephora: His voice shook.


[08/02/2014 21:30:13] Wendy: sHE FROZE

[08/02/2014 21:30:18] Daina : She shook her head, taking in a shaken breath. "Wendy, no!!" She shouted,

[08/02/2014 21:30:18] Amelia: "hmm?

[08/02/2014 21:30:18] Zephora: ". . ."

[08/02/2014 21:30:24] Daina : "Wendy..."

[08/02/2014 21:30:25] Amelia: "no one said she swung it friend~"

[08/02/2014 21:30:26 | Edited 21:30:30] Wendy: "F-Fuck..."

[08/02/2014 21:30:28] Zephora: "Wendy."

[08/02/2014 21:30:30 | Edited 21:30:38] Tomoki: Tomoki tapped his foot impatiently.

[08/02/2014 21:30:35] Rhyme: "Hey guys... why don't we ask malory about this..."

[08/02/2014 21:30:36] Amelia: she smirked widely~

[08/02/2014 21:30:39] Wendy: "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!"

[08/02/2014 21:30:42] Ferris: "You....hugged me." He looks over to her, shaking. Face covered in disbeleif, voice quiet. "You comforted me with BLOOD STAINED HANDS"

[08/02/2014 21:30:47] Wendy: "I DIDN'T MEAN THAT!"

[08/02/2014 21:30:47] Daina : "Oh god, Wendy, Wendy..."

[08/02/2014 21:30:57] Zephora: "Wendy, no, it's... Wendy it's okay, it's.."

[08/02/2014 21:30:57] Marianne: O-oh my...

[08/02/2014 21:31:00] Wendy: "I-I"

[08/02/2014 21:31:06] Amelia: "you went into your friends room~ and wacked her with a bottle~"

[08/02/2014 21:31:10] Zephora: He shook his head wildly. "Fuck, you had a.. I can't.."

[08/02/2014 21:31:14] Zephora: Fuck, he was so TORN.

[08/02/2014 21:31:16] Amelia: "when that didn't kill her you picked up a pillow

[08/02/2014 21:31:16] Tomoki: "Have we come to a conclusion, friends?"

[08/02/2014 21:31:17] Wendy: She suddenly fell to her knees, sobbing heavily.

"I-I made a mistake..."


[08/02/2014 21:31:33] Amelia: "and put it on her face!"

[08/02/2014 21:31:35] Daina : "Wendy, babe, please, please.." Tears began to fall now, and she felt the grief pulling her under.

[08/02/2014 21:31:38] Ferris: He grits his teeth, tears blurring his vision

[08/02/2014 21:31:38] Wendy: "I made such a horrible...horrible mistake..."

[08/02/2014 21:31:40] Marianne: W-what the hell!?

[08/02/2014 21:31:58] Daina : "It's a mistake!!! It's only a mistake!!"

[08/02/2014 21:31:58] Zephora: He could see where she was coming from, he could FUCKING see it, the same eyes that spilled blood of others as he held the fucking sword, b-but... Itami, god fucking DAMNIT why did it had to be ITAMI..

[08/02/2014 21:31:58] Ferris: He's shaking madly. "WENDY. WHY!?" He screams at her

[08/02/2014 21:32:07] Ichirou: Ichirou stood at the podium, barely being able to speak

[08/02/2014 21:32:08] Wendy: "I'M SORRY!"

[08/02/2014 21:32:13] Zephora: "D-Daina is right.. It was a mistake."

[08/02/2014 21:32:14] Amelia: she played with her hair happily "you killed your friend~ and almost killed your other friends to escape~"

[08/02/2014 21:32:17] Rhyme: "Wendy... no, we must be wrong!"

[08/02/2014 21:32:18] Zephora: He looked up to Wendy.

[08/02/2014 21:32:22] Zephora: "I-It was a mistake."

[08/02/2014 21:32:24] Zephora: "Like you said."

[08/02/2014 21:32:25] Tomoki: "Sorry won't bring back lives," Tomoki said bitterly.

[08/02/2014 21:32:26] Daina : "Wendy!" She shouted, trying to get her attention. "Wendy, look at me!"

[08/02/2014 21:32:28] Zephora: "It was a mistake."

[08/02/2014 21:32:28] Rhyme: "There has to be some other explanation for this!"

[08/02/2014 21:32:32] Monoleo Mastermind: Stay on your podiums

[08/02/2014 21:32:38] Ferris: "WHY!?" His screaming turns into hoarse bitter wails

[08/02/2014 21:32:42] Daisy: Tears started to roll down Daisies face. "Fuck. FUCK."

[08/02/2014 21:32:46] Zephora: Zephora looked to Ferris.

[08/02/2014 21:32:50] Zephora: "Ferris, guy.."

[08/02/2014 21:32:53] Rhyme: "It can't be Wendy, there's no way it is!"

[08/02/2014 21:32:53] Zephora: "Ferris, I.."

[08/02/2014 21:32:54] Zephora: Fuck.

[08/02/2014 21:32:56] Zephora: He had no words.


[08/02/2014 21:33:04] Zephora: He didn't know what to say.

[08/02/2014 21:33:07] Rhyme: Rhyme shivered, gritting xyr teeth.

[08/02/2014 21:33:09] Wendy: She looked up at her friends, pulling herself up slowly and shakily.

"P-Please don't shout..."

[08/02/2014 21:33:11] Zephora: He looked to Daisy.

[08/02/2014 21:33:14] Wendy: "I can't take much more."

[08/02/2014 21:33:17] Ferris: His head drops. Sobbing loudly to himself

[08/02/2014 21:33:22] Marianne: *she looks down, closing her eyes and shakes her head*

[08/02/2014 21:33:25] Monoleo Mastermind: Vote time~

[08/02/2014 21:33:26] Daina : "Wendy, I believe in you." She said calmly, but tears continuously fell down her cheeks.

[08/02/2014 21:33:37] Amelia: "ahh~ we all make mistakes~ sadly~ but its if yours was a mistake~"

[08/02/2014 21:33:38] Zephora: His nails dug into the wood, making small marks. He gritted his godamned teeth.

[08/02/2014 21:33:44] Wendy: She looked over in shock, gripping the bar tightly.

[08/02/2014 21:33:45] Rhyme: "YOU'RE ALL WRONG! THIS IS ALL WRONG!!!"

[08/02/2014 21:33:53] Monoleo Mastermind: I SAID VOTE TIME

[08/02/2014 21:33:54] Daina : "You're my friend! You always will be, and I don't CARE." She shouted, burying her face in her hands

[08/02/2014 21:34:04] Rhyme: Rhyme began to spark in certain places, shaking.

[08/02/2014 21:34:04] Daina : "just tell me it was a mistake!!"

[08/02/2014 21:34:07] Wendy: "I...I vote for me."

[08/02/2014 21:34:18] Rhyme: "I VOTE FOR MALORY! IT WAS MALORY!"

[08/02/2014 21:34:19] Zephora: "Daina's right!" Zephora shouted.

[08/02/2014 21:34:21] Ferris: "Shut the, FUCK UP RYHME." He sobs out, not looking up

[08/02/2014 21:34:25] Zephora: "WENDY, LOOK AT ME."

[08/02/2014 21:34:29] Zephora: "REMEMBER WHAT YOUSE SAID."

[08/02/2014 21:34:29] Amelia: "Hmm~ Well guess I will hve to vote for Wendy~"

[08/02/2014 21:34:37] Zephora: "We're always gonna be fuckin' here for you!"

[08/02/2014 21:34:49] Zephora: "I get what you did, it fuckin' burns me but I get what youse did!"

[08/02/2014 21:34:51] Marianne: Wendy...the evidence is pretty clear now.

[08/02/2014 21:34:52] Wendy: She looked over at them, watching them close.

"And I'm so grateful for that."

[08/02/2014 21:35:03] Priscilla: *Ralph spoke quietly, shocked* I.... vote for Wendy.

[08/02/2014 21:35:06] Zephora: He bit his tongue. Damnit, Amelia, why did you have to be right...

[08/02/2014 21:35:08] Tomoki: Tomoki crossed his arms and glared at the floor. "It's voting time, hmm."

[08/02/2014 21:35:19] Zephora: "At least you will pass on wit' honor.. You didn't try to accuse anyones.."

[08/02/2014 21:35:21] Daina : But now sobs wracked her chest, choked her as she tried to talk. "oh god..." it was strained, weak, but she watched Wendy from through her fingers. "I... I can't vote..."

[08/02/2014 21:35:22] Amelia: "hmm~ I'm always right Zeph~"

[08/02/2014 21:35:26] Rhyme: Rhyme hushed up, having exactly nothing more to say.

[08/02/2014 21:35:28] Zephora: "you recognized yer mistakes, and fer dat.."

[08/02/2014 21:35:29] Ferris: He just stands, holding onto his podium with his head hanging, sobing to himself as his tears hit the floor. "It was Wendy

[08/02/2014 21:35:36] Monoleo Mastermind: VOTE

[08/02/2014 21:35:44] Monoleo Mastermind: EVERYONE MUST~

[08/02/2014 21:35:50] Zephora: He places his elbows on the podium and held his head in his hands.

[08/02/2014 21:35:58] Daisy: "I vote for Wendy." She said while looking at Wendy with a face of sadness and regret. "You don't kill someone by mistake, Wendy... NO ONE DOES"

[08/02/2014 21:36:05] Malory: *shuffles uncomfortably*

"Wendy and Itami seemed friends back then but... only she knew about swinging... so, I guess I'll have to vote for Wendy"

[08/02/2014 21:36:13] Ichirou: Ichirou spoke up eventually "Wendy, I didn't think such a sweet girl like you would be capable of this. You were kind and I wanted to grow to be great friends with you but I'm gonna have to vote for you....I'm so sorry" tears streamed down his cheeks

[08/02/2014 21:36:16] Rhyme: Again and again, Rhyme ran the situation inside of xyr head and it just didn't make sense. What was going on. This couldn't be it.

[08/02/2014 21:36:18] Daina : "-!! Zeph, what do I do-?! I can't vote for her, she's my best friend, she's everything I ever needed in a friend!! I can't, I can't do it-!!!!"

[08/02/2014 21:36:32] Zephora: "Daina, listen to me!!"

[08/02/2014 21:36:39] Wendy: "Daina."

[08/02/2014 21:36:42] Wendy: "Vote for me."

[08/02/2014 21:36:47] Tomoki: "I don't want to watch another one of my friends die... But we have no choice, do we? It's this, or the death of everyone else." Tomoki inhaled and frowned. "I... I vote for Wendy."

[08/02/2014 21:36:47] Daina : She was so torn, her breathing ragged. "Why..?"

[08/02/2014 21:36:55] Zephora: "Wendy did a crime, I'll admit, and fer dat she has to pass on." The words burned from his mouth.

[08/02/2014 21:37:00] Zephora: "She'll go with honor, she didn't accuse anyones."

[08/02/2014 21:37:12] Zephora: "she knows of her mistakes, the l-lest we can do's is honor her wishes.."

[08/02/2014 21:37:23] Ferris: He points to Wendy, looking up from the floor to her with enraged, streaming eyes. "YOU STOP IT."

[08/02/2014 21:37:24] Amelia: She tapped her foot "this is taking pretty long..."

[08/02/2014 21:37:31] Daina : "She CAN'T. I need her!!! Wendy!" She looked over at Wendy, shaking her head.

[08/02/2014 21:37:33] Tomoki: "Daina. Don't be so selfish... You can't sacrifice everyone here for the sake of someone who killed someone."

[08/02/2014 21:37:40] Daisy: Salty tears were rolling down Daisy's face, looking away from Wendy. She didn't want to look at the baseball player. She had an innocent girls blood on her hands

[08/02/2014 21:37:51] Wendy: She looked over to him in shock, sobbing heavily when she saw his anger

[08/02/2014 21:37:52] Zephora: "She ain't fucking selfish, you fucking prat!!" Zephora snarled at Tomoki.

[08/02/2014 21:37:53] Daina : "F-Fuck you, Tomoki-!!"

[08/02/2014 21:38:05] Zephora: "She's fuckin' LOSING someone!! WE'RE ALL FUCKING LOSING SOMEONE!!"

[08/02/2014 21:38:15] Ferris: "Your hands were in my hair! Around my waist!" He hiccups. "Your bloodstained motherFUCKING HANDS"

[08/02/2014 21:38:19] Zephora: "Playing'a godamned game of justice and death, and you fucking call her SELFISH?!"

[08/02/2014 21:38:26] Wendy: "I SAID SORRY!"

[08/02/2014 21:38:27] Rhyme: Worst of all, Rhyme couldn't release xyr frustration. Xe had no tears to cry. Xe had nothing. Xe could no longer shout. Xe couldn't do anything.

[08/02/2014 21:38:34] Rhyme: Xe just stood there, shaking.

[08/02/2014 21:38:54] Zephora: "You can just go on ahead and fuckin' take yer pratty fuckin' opinion and SHOVE IT. Wendy doesn't fucking need to hear this, and neither does Daina!!"

[08/02/2014 21:39:14] Daina : "TELL ME IT WAS A MISTAKE." She shouted at her, whimpering lightly. "Tell me, please, I need to hear it. Just once more.."

[08/02/2014 21:39:27] Wendy: "I-It was a mistake..."

[08/02/2014 21:39:31] Daisy: "How can you stand there knowing you have an innocent girls blood on your hands.... and you say its by mistake? How can you kill someone by mistake? hm?"

[08/02/2014 21:39:39] Wendy: "Such a stupid one."

[08/02/2014 21:39:45] Tomoki: Tomoki glared around the circle. "It's despairing, isn't it...? This is the only option, though. We aren't going to let everyone here die for the sake of one person."

[08/02/2014 21:39:46] Daisy: "Tell me right fucking now how"

[08/02/2014 21:39:48] Monoleo Mastermind: Majority vote then~


[08/02/2014 21:39:59] Amelia: "ahh Daisy let it ho~"

[08/02/2014 21:40:22] Wendy: She felt more tears fall when she heard.

"C-Can I have time to explain?"

[08/02/2014 21:40:22] Daina : She took a sharp intake of breath, and nodded. "Nothing's ever stupid. It's not stupid."

[08/02/2014 21:40:24] Ferris: He wails loudly, sobbing as his head drops once more

[08/02/2014 21:40:33] Ichirou: "Wendy and Daina are the closest friends I've seen in the time I've been around them, she's not selfish, she cares because she's losing her best friend"

 [08/02/2014 21:40:53] Monoleo Mastermind: I'll grant the murderer time to explain their despairingly dark crime~

[08/02/2014 21:40:55] Zephora: "Monoleo, please, grant her a fuckin' timestamp."

[08/02/2014 21:41:02] Zephora: "Wendy needs to explain."

[08/02/2014 21:41:05] Wendy: "P-Please...let me speak."

[08/02/2014 21:41:08] Zephora: "Please, give her a last savin' grace!!"

[08/02/2014 21:41:20] Ichirou: "yea, please"

[08/02/2014 21:41:26] Monoleo Mastermind: Let the killer have their last words~

[08/02/2014 21:41:37] Daisy: "Well? Care to tell us?" She asked trembling, her voice also trembling a bit

[08/02/2014 21:41:44] Rhyme: Rhyme clenched the desk as xe heard the deciding vote, causing it to splinter under the vice like grip.

[08/02/2014 21:42:11] Wendy: "Where should I start..." She mumbled softly, hugging herself tightly. "I guess probably with how I got there."

[08/02/2014 21:42:20] Daina : But she was shaking now, violently, and  she could barely even stand without using the barrier to hold her up. She dipped her head, resting it on the back of her hand as she tried to stop her tears, try to breathe, but she didn't want to listen.

[08/02/2014 21:42:26] Daina : She just wanted it to be a mistake

[08/02/2014 21:42:35] Daina : A skip in the record.

[08/02/2014 21:42:45] Tomoki: Tomoki looked up at Wendy despairingly.

[08/02/2014 21:42:54] Monoleo Mastermind: LET THE KILLER SPEAK!

[08/02/2014 21:43:20] Zephora: "D-Daina..!" His eyes widen. Fuck, he wish he could be there for her right now, but fuck Monoleo for not allowing them to leave the podiums. Please, Daina, please don't suffer, god please..

[08/02/2014 21:50:09] Wendy: "I-I was upset. About stupid things. And I was going to go to bed but I saw her light and thought it might make me feel better to go and talk to someone. She so lovely to me." She felt more tears stream as she admitted to herself that she was an asshole. "She was arranging her cards and I was asking silly questions. She explained a few and got me a place to sit and everything. And I started...rambling...quite darkly. And I kept telling myself to get out that room cause otherwise I'd be stupid and do something I'd regret. And before I fucking knew it the bottle wasn't in my hand anymore." She couldn't even look anyone in the eye, looking down in the centre. "And it's mainly a blur but I remember jumping up and grabbing my bag, and I knew she was pissed, obviously, but my instant reaction was to swing my bag at her. But t-then s-s-she started screaming and I....I covered her face to shut her up and I don't know why cause I could've just ran out at that moment and apologised profusely in the morning. But I kept smacking her with that god awful bag and kept her face covered and then she just...stopped. And I was so confused. But then I got my full conscience back and panicked, running out and dropping my plasters and my old piece of paper from an old game I planned out for my was stupid and reckless...and such a stupid mistake..." She broke back into sobs afterwards, trying to catch her breath. "Daina, Zeph, Ferris...please don't hate me for my mistakes. You said you wouldn't. I-I just wanted friends...not this..."

[08/02/2014 21:51:26] Zephora: "W.."

[08/02/2014 21:51:39] Daina : A sob escaped her lips and her knees lowered to the ground, and one after another more and more sobs escaped. She wanted to say something, make it easier, better

[08/02/2014 21:51:42] Zephora: The poor soul, she wasnt built for murder. She wasn't.. She couldn't..

[08/02/2014 21:51:47] Zephora: This fucking stupid game..

[08/02/2014 21:51:51] Daina : But there was nothing to say, nothing she could do...

[08/02/2014 21:51:55] Zephora: "Wends, I'd never, I'd.."

[08/02/2014 21:51:58] Ferris: He just keeps crying. What a loser.

[08/02/2014 21:52:03] Zephora: "You said it was a mistake.."

[08/02/2014 21:52:11] Zephora: "And I trust youse on dat."

[08/02/2014 21:52:15] Zephora: "I... You admitted yer wrongs."

[08/02/2014 21:52:19] Monoleo Mastermind: Execution time~!

[08/02/2014 21:52:23] Ferris: "NO!"

[08/02/2014 21:52:24] Daina : "Wendy, I love you enough. It's a mistake..." She said weakly.

[08/02/2014 21:52:24] Zephora: "And I'll be yer friend, DAMNUT NO!!"

[08/02/2014 21:52:34] Daina : "-!! NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT!"

[08/02/2014 21:52:34] Zephora: "MONOLEO FUCK OFF, NOT NOW!!"

[08/02/2014 21:52:42] Zephora: "LET US..." He struggled with the words.

[08/02/2014 21:52:44] Tomoki: Tomoki kept his mouth shut. He did have some snide remarks to make, but decided that now wasn't the time. He was about to lose another friend.

[08/02/2014 21:52:45] Daina : "YOU CAN'T TAKE HER AWAY"

[08/02/2014 21:52:53] Daina : "YOU CAN'T YOU CAN'T!!"

[08/02/2014 21:52:53] Wendy: She looked over at Monoleo, fear suddenly running through her.

"F-Fuck I thought I'd be ready but I'm clearly not!"

[08/02/2014 21:52:53] Zephora: "LET US SAY GOODBYE, SHE DESERVES LAST WORDS!!"

[08/02/2014 21:53:02] Daina : "WENDY-!"

[08/02/2014 21:53:02] Ichirou: Ichirou stood at his podium, gripping onto the sides, shaking, more tears streaming down his face

[08/02/2014 21:53:10] Ferris: He looks up to Wendy, panic over taking his face. "WENDY!" He cries out

[08/02/2014 21:53:15] Zephora: "WENDY, PLEASE!! FIND PEASE!! WE'LL ALWAYS.."

[08/02/2014 21:53:24] Monoleo Mastermind: *the claw clamped round her neck*

[08/02/2014 21:53:26] Zephora: His roars were animalistic, sorrow mixed with anger, frustration.

[08/02/2014 21:53:29] Amelia: she bit her lip her cocky attitude had gone she was scared... really scared? someone was about to be killed infront of them... it was scary

[08/02/2014 21:53:31] Zephora: "W E N D Y!!!!!"

[08/02/2014 21:53:33] Wendy: "I-I'm so grateful to her you all!"

[08/02/2014 21:53:34] Daina : She stood up, weakly, shakily, but she looks over at her. "I'm fucking... I'm dying with you, you're not doing this alone-!!!"

[08/02/2014 21:53:41] Zephora: "WE'LL ALWAYS BE YOUR FRIEND!!"

[08/02/2014 21:53:41] Marianne: I just don't know what to say...*sighs*

[08/02/2014 21:53:44] Zephora: "AND WE'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!"

[08/02/2014 21:53:55] Ferris: "I'M SORRY I DIDN'T LOVE YOU THE WAY YOU WANTED ME TO"

[08/02/2014 21:54:05] Daina : She didn't care, but she couldn't watch her friend die!

[08/02/2014 21:54:09] Daisy: "Emmy...?" Daisy said, looking over at her best friend

[08/02/2014 21:54:14] Zephora: "Daina?!

[08/02/2014 21:54:18] Zephora: "Daina, no, DAINA!!"

[08/02/2014 21:54:19] Daina : "Wendy, please!"

[08/02/2014 21:54:23] Monoleo Mastermind: *it quickly pulled her back, dragging her to the execution chamber*

[08/02/2014 21:54:29] Zephora: "DAINA, NO, DON'T YOU DARE!!"

[08/02/2014 21:54:33] Tomoki: Tomoki frowned, full of despair. "I can't watch..."

[08/02/2014 21:54:34] Wendy: "I don't even mind! You cared for me and that's what matters!" She screamed loudly as it dragged her away

[08/02/2014 21:54:40] Daina : She struggled against him, screaming.

[08/02/2014 21:54:50] Zephora: He held her as hard as he could.

[08/02/2014 21:54:50] Daina : "LET ME GO!!! I CAN'T-!!"

[08/02/2014 21:54:54] Ferris: "WEN-" He extends an arm, his eyes widing as he watches her being dragged away. Time slows

[08/02/2014 21:54:56] Zephora: "Daina, DAINA!!"

[08/02/2014 21:54:58] Zephora: "DON'T!!"

[08/02/2014 21:55:16] Amelia: She gulped as the girl was dragged away and watched in horror

[08/02/2014 21:55:23] Daina : And she fought, she fought with all her might, but she couldn't keep it up, she didn't have the emotional strength nor physical.

[08/02/2014 21:55:27] Rhyme: "Wendy... Wendy... Wendy... Wendy..." Memory flashes sparked inside of Rhyme's database, jumbling and scattering. There was nothing that xe could do. It was pointless. Xe had experienced death, so many times, failed so many times. But like when xe looked at Itami's corpse before. This, was different.

[08/02/2014 21:55:35] Zephora: "DAINA, PLEASE!!" He held her as tightly as he could, and it fucking pained him, it pained him to be her restraint.

[08/02/2014 21:55:39] Ichirou: "Wendy, I didn't know you for long but I really wanted to be good friends with you, I just missed my friends outside and you were really nice and accepting of having people hanging out with you." he wiped his tears away "Just please....continue to be your sweet self when you cross the other side...I-I know you will"

[08/02/2014 21:55:58] Marianne: *she looks over to rhyme, walking over and holds them close* Shhh...

[08/02/2014 21:56:01] Zephora: Fuck, if he could, he would jump in take, her place, spare Daina this pain, spare WENDY this pain. She didn't have the heart, the soul to kill, and Zephora had so much sin!!

[08/02/2014 21:56:35] Daina : "I can't let her go, I don't know what to... Zeph, Zeph..." She muttered, tears cascading in big, ugly rivers down her face

[08/02/2014 21:56:41] Wendy: Her screams could be heard in ther dark of the execution chamber

[08/02/2014 21:56:55] Zephora: "Shh, shh..." Zephora tried to cover Daina's ears as the screams echoed.

[08/02/2014 21:56:56] Ferris: He wanted hugged. He wanted to be home. He just need someone to...ugh

[08/02/2014 21:57:18] Daina : She'd never have peace, Wendy wouldn't have a sound soul...

[08/02/2014 21:57:22] Zephora: "Please, no.. Daina, Daina.. Songbird, /please/..." He placed his head on top of hers.

[08/02/2014 21:57:26] Daisy: Daisy sank onto her knee's, wide eyed as she heard Wendy's blood curdled screams

[08/02/2014 21:57:27] Rhyme: Feeling the embrace of Marianne, Rhyme slowly returned the embrace, tightly, shielding xyrself from Wendy's fate. "Mari... I failed..."

[08/02/2014 21:58:02] Marianne: Shhh...*she pats their head, holding them close to her chest* It will be okay. I promise.

[08/02/2014 21:58:05] Zephora: "She admitted her sins, she repented, she's going to heaven, please, please gods almighty let her go to heaven, please.." His shaken words escaped him, childish and boylike, his strong facde fading.

[08/02/2014 21:58:09] Ferris: He pushes away from his podium, kicking off his skates and running though at top speed to the execution chamber. "WENDY!"

[08/02/2014 21:58:23] Zephora: "FERRIS!!" Zephora looked to his direction as he nyoomed off.

[08/02/2014 21:58:24] Tomoki: Tomoki hugged himself, looking down, eyes full of despair. "I can't watch. I can't watch another classmate die."

[08/02/2014 21:58:41] Zephora: "Daina, I don't- What do we-?" Watching a friend die?

[08/02/2014 21:58:45] Zephora: What should they do?

[08/02/2014 21:58:45] Malory: "Wendy... we went on an adventure together..!"

[08/02/2014 21:58:48] Daina : She looked up as Ferris rushed past, watching him go

[08/02/2014 21:59:04] Daina : "I don't want to, I don't think I could do this..."

[08/02/2014 21:59:09] Priscilla: *Ralph took off his heels and walked to the execution chamber holding them, not wanting to make a sound as he went*

[08/02/2014 21:59:14] Daisy: Daisy got up. "G-Goddamnit..." She followed after Ferris

[08/02/2014 21:59:16] Rhyme: Rhyme didn't let go of Mari. Xe clung for xyr dear life as they went to the execution chamber.

[08/02/2014 21:59:22] Zephora: "It's okay. I'm here for you, shh.." He continued to hold her.

[08/02/2014 21:59:32] Amelia: "d-daisy!?" she ran after her

[08/02/2014 21:59:37] Zephora: "I'll stay here with you. I won't leave you, I promise you."

[08/02/2014 21:59:39] Malory: *Malory hangs her head and makes her way after the others*

[08/02/2014 21:59:41] Tomoki: Tomoki stayed behind. He didn't want to watch.

[08/02/2014 21:59:43] Daina : "She needs us, and I can't... I can't go..."

[08/02/2014 21:59:44] Zephora: "If you can't, we won't.."

[08/02/2014 21:59:57] Daina : "I can't see her die..."

[08/02/2014 22:00:11] Zephora: "..." Zephora bit his lip.. "I-I don't.. I don't think she'd want us to see, but.." Daina was right. Wendy needed them there.

[08/02/2014 22:00:16] Monoleo Mastermind: *the execution chamber in set up like a game of knocking the bottles down, except with Wendy on the top. And rather than soft balls, it's basketballs flying at her. Behind her, if she were to fall, lies a big ride motor, fully running and would easily crush her if she fell. The balls come flying fast, but she is quick to dodge, looking like she might make it. But then a Monoleo appears at her side and frightens her, causing her to lose her pace and get him in the jaw, falling back into the motor, a loud scream echoing before the machine caught her, leaving only shreds of clothes and blood to be seen at the end of the motor*

[08/02/2014 22:00:18] Zephora: There was no denying this.

[08/02/2014 22:00:43] Ichirou: Ichirou he grasped the sides of his hair, trying to block out the screams that were already destroying him, he walked with Ralph, choking on his sobs

[08/02/2014 22:00:46] Daina : She shook at the very idea, but then she could hear it.

[08/02/2014 22:01:01] Zephora: With the scream peircing the sound waves, Zephora's grip only tightened.

[08/02/2014 22:01:02] Ferris: His mouth his open. But there's no sound

[08/02/2014 22:01:11] Ferris: He doubles over.

[08/02/2014 22:01:16] Daisy: Daisy held her hand up to her mouth, her eyes wide

[08/02/2014 22:01:18] Zephora: He couldn't imagine what had happened, with the bones and blood sound echoing in the area.

[08/02/2014 22:01:23] Marianne: *she stares at the scene, not believing what she just saw, tightening her grip around rhyme* S-she's gone...

[08/02/2014 22:01:24] Daisy: was this some fucking joke

[08/02/2014 22:01:34] Zephora: He held Daina's head, no sound coming from him.

[08/02/2014 22:01:43] Ferris: He's hugging himself, falling to his knees as he tries to scream but nothing comes out his mouth

[08/02/2014 22:01:43] Daina : And she covered her mouth, sobbing once more. She could only dip her head with grief and sob. There was no strengthfor her, nothing she could do

[08/02/2014 22:01:50] Amelia: Her heart was racing.... w-what just happened.... she just got crushed right in front of them..

[08/02/2014 22:01:52] Priscilla: *Ralph just stared at the floor, muttering no softly under his breath*

[08/02/2014 22:01:55] Zephora: He held her body, and tried to keep her held together.

[08/02/2014 22:01:58] Monoleo Mastermind: Wasn't that exciting~?

[08/02/2014 22:02:01] Zephora: He couldn't even sound, not even..

[08/02/2014 22:02:04] Ichirou: Ichirou screamed "WENDYYYYY!!!!!!!", falling to his knees and sobbing

[08/02/2014 22:02:24] Tomoki: From the other room, Tomoki only heard screams. Chills ran through him and he covered his ears. He covered his ears from the sound of despair.

[08/02/2014 22:02:24] Daina : "-..." Soundless. The songbird had no song, just like a canary in a gas-filled mine.

[08/02/2014 22:02:30] Daina : There was nothing.

[08/02/2014 22:02:30] Malory: *A massive sob escapes malory's thoat. She covers her face with her scarf*

[08/02/2014 22:02:47] Daisy: Daisy couldn't hold it in. She turned away to the others and was sick. She may be a Biologist. But what she just witnessed was enough to make her sick

[08/02/2014 22:02:48] Monoleo Mastermind: Upupupu~! It seems like the athlete is gone~! At least you won't have the threat of that killing you anymore.

[08/02/2014 22:02:57] Zephora: "Daina..." He gritted his teeth in sadness, his head on her shoulder and choking back any sort of tears that would come at him. He never cried, he never fucking would, but the emotion came at him. There were no tears, but his body shook as though he were.

[08/02/2014 22:03:19] Amelia: she turned to see Daisy "h-hmm? a-are you ok?"

[08/02/2014 22:03:39] Rhyme: Rhyme's pupil shrunk as xe saw the madness unfold before xyr, only taking a moment to stop hugging into Mari to watch. As the final blow was dealt. Xe turned away once more, returning the comforting squeeze.

[08/02/2014 22:04:07] Daina : She gripped his arms tighly, holding him as securely as he did her, soundless, there wasn't even any more tears left to cry

[08/02/2014 22:04:10] Ferris: With shaking legs, he stands. Getting up and walking shakily out of the chamber and back to the trail room, keeping his tears for a moment, picking up his skates before he sees Zeph and Daina. He just looks at them for a long minute with the face of a longing child.

[08/02/2014 22:04:26] Tomoki: Tomoki was still hugging himself. At least hope won, thought Tomoki. As long as hope prevailed, it didn't matter who had to be sacrificed.

[08/02/2014 22:04:30] Monoleo Mastermind: Now get out or I'll replay that to you guys each morning

[08/02/2014 22:04:41] Zephora: He felt someone watching him. Slowly, Zephora looked over to Ferris with tired, shaken eyes.

[08/02/2014 22:04:45] Daisy: Daisy was on he knees, her eyes still wide.

[08/02/2014 22:05:02] Zephora: They were as soulles as could be. He felt like he had just lost a part of him, a part of his kin. Laughter.. Joy... What were they?

[08/02/2014 22:05:07] Zephora: Ferris.. But Ferris himself..

[08/02/2014 22:05:18] Zephora: He released an arm and extended it to Ferris.

[08/02/2014 22:05:26] Zephora: If anything, he would.. He would try to console him too.

[08/02/2014 22:05:35] Rhyme: Rhyme tugged at Mari "Can we go now... I can't stay here..."

[08/02/2014 22:05:37] Zephora: Let Zeph hold some of the burden.

[08/02/2014 22:05:52] Daina : She looked up when she felt Zeph move, and waved him closer. "Sweetheart, come here, come here," she said quietly, almost soothing

[08/02/2014 22:05:52] Ferris: He takes a step. Drops his skates once more before running to Zeph, wrapping his arms around him haistily and sobbing into him

[08/02/2014 22:05:56] Zephora: Let the three of them at least.. At least still be together, in one sense..

[08/02/2014 22:06:00] Daina : Nobody could be alone.

[08/02/2014 22:06:03] Zephora: He held the two broken souls in his arms.

[08/02/2014 22:06:07] Monoleo Mastermind: I said get out! Get to the damn elevator!

[08/02/2014 22:06:14] Ichirou: Ichirou shot up to his feet, running towards the exit, he couldn't bear to have a repeat of what he just saw, he had a lump in his throat and wanted to be sick

[08/02/2014 22:06:32] Marianne: *she nods* Yeah...let's go.

[08/02/2014 22:06:33] Daisy: Daisy stood up, still wide eyed and went inside the elevator

[08/02/2014 22:06:34] Zephora: Zephora held the two of them tightly, the both of them sobbing in their own right until Monoleo called them to the elvator.

[08/02/2014 22:06:39] Daina : She held him tightly, held them both, but even at that... "We have to go," her voice croaked a little.

[08/02/2014 22:06:44] Malory: *walks towards the eleveator, in shock at what had just happened*

*whispers into her scraf* "It's not fair"

[08/02/2014 22:06:48] Zephora: He heaved up the both of them as hard as he could.

[08/02/2014 22:06:51] Tomoki: Tomoki, having heard Monoleo from the other room, got into the elevator.

[08/02/2014 22:06:55] Zephora: Each in tow in his arms.

[08/02/2014 22:06:59] Priscilla: *Ralph silently shuffled to the elevator, tears dripping down his face as he stared down at the floor*

[08/02/2014 22:06:59] Zephora: He will carry this burden.

[08/02/2014 22:07:00] Amelia: she followed slowly behind Daisy

[08/02/2014 22:07:03] Ferris: His grasp tightens on Zeph.

[08/02/2014 22:07:03] Zephora: It was the least he could do.

[08/02/2014 22:07:18] Malory: *is now screaming*

"It's not fair! They were people i KNEW them!! They can't be gone!!"

[08/02/2014 22:07:22] Rhyme: Rhyme held onto Marianne's arm and led her over to the elevator, rather shellshocked.

[08/02/2014 22:07:25] Zephora: Slowly, steadily.. He balanced the two saddened and broken souls as he made it to the elevator.

[08/02/2014 22:07:33] Zephora: His face was empty, broken. His eyes show no light nor glint.

[08/02/2014 22:07:51] Malory: *Is now in the elevator*

[08/02/2014 22:07:55] Daina : She looked over at Ferris, reaching out and laying a hand on top of his head. They'd get through this, they'd make it better...

[08/02/2014 22:08:08] Marianne: *she heads back to the elevator, holding on to rhyme* Y-you okay?

[08/02/2014 22:08:13] Zephora: There was no laughter, his jacket didn't flow. But damnit he would give all of his strength and blood, all of his ink and soul... At least let Zephora carry this burden, for them.

[08/02/2014 22:08:20] Ferris: He looks to Zeph and Daina, still sobbing like a child. "Ple- please don't leave me alone."

[08/02/2014 22:08:35] Zephora: He made it to the elevator, and looked to the two in his arms.

[08/02/2014 22:08:42] Daina : "Never, sweetheart, you don't need to be alone.."

[08/02/2014 22:08:54] Daisy: The blonde wiped some last remaining bits of sick from her chin with the back of her hand

[08/02/2014 22:08:54] Amelia: "well..... thaat was an experience....." she looked to the floor

[08/02/2014 22:09:02] Ferris: "I couldn't give her what she wantehehehddd..." He's sniffing and crying and he can't stop even though he wants to so badly

[08/02/2014 22:09:05] Zephora: "We're not going to be alone.." His voice was stone.

[08/02/2014 22:09:08] Zephora: "We're not.."

[08/02/2014 22:09:23] Daina : "Shh, sweetheart, babe, this isn't.."

[08/02/2014 22:09:36] Tomoki: "At least all of us are alive," Tomoki said.

[08/02/2014 22:09:46] Daina : She sighed, and opted to trace soothing circles into his hair gently.

[08/02/2014 22:09:58] Malory: "Maybe... we'll all adventure together... again... one day"

[08/02/2014 22:10:08] Zephora: He closed his eyes, to try and mask his pain. Shit, he didn't want to come off as cold, but it was the only way, the only way he wouldn't break. They needed him both, at least one strong foundation. At least he could try and be that for them.

[08/02/2014 22:10:27] Ichirou: Ichirou stood, facing the wall of the elevator, staring into space, he grasped Ralph's hand and shook uncontrollably

[08/02/2014 22:10:32] Rhyme: "I... it's strange... I don't acctually have an answer for that... I honestly don't know...maybe that means... i'm definitely not ok..." Rhyme pondered, staring off into space.

[08/02/2014 22:11:00] Daina : She leaned forward and rested her head on Zephora's, and wondered when she'd sing again after this without it being filled with despair.

[08/02/2014 22:11:05] Zephora: "We'll live on, and we'll make it out. We'll make it out for her." He lowered his head to the two, as would a mother would her children.

[08/02/2014 22:11:14] Monoleo Mastermind: *the elevator then took them back to the normal hotel, as if nothing had happened*

[08/02/2014 22:12:03] Marianne: Hmnn...How about this, you and me do our best to protect everyone from now on? Hmn? *she smiles* Sure, two people have died but theres more of us still alive. So let's do the best we can to protect them!

[08/02/2014 22:12:09] Priscilla: *Ralph squeezed Ichirous hand tightly, unable to look up from the ground. All he could do was whimper slightly as the tears fell*

[08/02/2014 22:12:36] Daina : She sighed a little, but as soon as they got to the hotel she kissed Zephora's head gently. "Could you let me down, sweetheart..?" She whispered

[08/02/2014 22:12:37] Tomoki: Tomoki frowned at the ground. "I did say we would get the culprit," said Tomoki to Daisy, "didn't I?"

[08/02/2014 22:13:06] Zephora: Zephora nodded and walked the two out of the elevator before letting go of the two, letting them down gently as he could.

[08/02/2014 22:14:24] Rhyme: Xe looked up to Marianne, feeling some of that optimisim wash over xyr. The girl was right.... hopefully. Xe wanted to believe that that was it... something felt wrong inside of xyr circuitry, but maybe it could be fixed. Things could always be fixed. "Maybe... you're right. We just need to try... *Xe drew closer to Mari* We'll do it together...

[08/02/2014 22:14:25] Daina : "Thank you," She said gently, smiling as best as she could, before turning around, glancing around the group

[08/02/2014 22:14:57] Ferris: He looks up to Zeph and then to Wendy, wiping his tears from his eyes. "I kn- know this is annoying but, I really don't want to be alone tonight"

[08/02/2014 22:15:42] Zephora: Zephora shook his head. "It ain't embarrassing, Ferris. We cans stay together, all three of us, if you wanted."

[08/02/2014 22:15:47] Marianne: How you feeling? You want some rest? Are you hungry? Do you even eat?

[08/02/2014 22:15:55] Zephora: His voice was soft, as though he felt he was trampled upon.

[08/02/2014 22:16:46] Ferris: "Yes please" He barely whispers, quieting his sobs

[08/02/2014 22:18:04] Rhyme: "I... I think I just need some time to sort things out." Rhyme chuckled weakly "I can eat, it just get's put through a converter. But I'm not running low on energy... I think I just need to calm down..."

[08/02/2014 22:18:44] Amelia: She walked out and sighed "well after that I am pretty tired.."

[08/02/2014 22:19:02] Monoleo Mastermind: *chucks skates* Pastel fairy, you forgot these.

[08/02/2014 22:19:06] Marianne: Do you want me to take you back to your room then?

[08/02/2014 22:19:23] Daina : She looked around the group...

...And caught sight of Emmy.

And suddenly a fire burned through her, from her heart right up to her head. And suddenly she was uncontrolably angry.

And she knew this was all. Her. Fault.

"Tired? You put my best friend to her grave and YOU'RE TIRED?!"

In a moment of careless, red but blind rage, she closed the gap between the two and, without a thought of consequence or any sort of logic, she swing a punch straight for the girls face.

[08/02/2014 22:19:24] Ferris: He snatches them from the ground

[08/02/2014 22:19:36] Zephora: "?!?!"

[08/02/2014 22:19:39] Zephora: "D-Daina?!"

[08/02/2014 22:20:08] Daina : "BITCH." She screamed, fuelled with rage.

[08/02/2014 22:20:22] Malory: *catches sight of the violence*


[08/02/2014 22:20:26] Tomoki: Tomoki raised a brow at the girls.

[08/02/2014 22:20:32] Amelia: she held her face "WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! KILLED YOU'RE FRIEND YOU SHOULD BE SINGING MY PRAISES I SAVED YOUR LIFE!! What the fuck is wrong with you!?"

[08/02/2014 22:20:35] Ferris: "DAINA, PLEASE NO!"

[08/02/2014 22:20:38] Zephora: "DAINA!!" Zephora rushed to try and restrain his songbird.

[08/02/2014 22:20:53] Malory: "diana, we can all agree that emmy's outta line but please, hasn't there been enough violence?"

[08/02/2014 22:20:59] Zephora: "AMELIA!!" Zephora yelled.

[08/02/2014 22:21:03] Daina : "DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE."

[08/02/2014 22:21:15] Rhyme: Rhyme nodded to Marianne "Yes please..."

[08/02/2014 22:21:18] Tomoki: Tomoki backed away a bit.

[08/02/2014 22:21:18] Ichirou: Ichirou looked up, snapping out of his misery "GIRLS PLEASE"

[08/02/2014 22:21:31] Daisy: "STOP IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW" Daisy stood in front of Amelia "STOP FIGHTING

[08/02/2014 22:21:34] Zephora: He got in between of the two girls, he couldn't let them duke it out, not fucking /now/.

[08/02/2014 22:21:45] Zephora: He got in front of Daina, trying to hold her off.

[08/02/2014 22:21:51] Marianne: Hey will you two stop it? *she frowns, looking at rhyme slightly worried* Okay..I'll make sure you're all safe~

[08/02/2014 22:21:52] Amelia: "out of line!?!?  GROW UP!! YOU WHERE GONNA GET US ALL KILLED FOR THAT MURDERER!"

[08/02/2014 22:22:03] Zephora: "Daina, Daina, DAY. Day-" He looked over to Amelia.

[08/02/2014 22:22:07] Daina : She shook with rage, and she growled at the fact people were in the way. "Fuck OFF! I'LL FUCKING SHOW YOU MURDER YOU DUMB BITCH-!!!"

[08/02/2014 22:22:08] Zephora: "EMMY. STOP."

[08/02/2014 22:22:19] Zephora: It was a fucking demand, and he wasn't going to have anymore shit from anyone, not now.


[08/02/2014 22:22:26] Ferris: "DAINA, PLEASE"

[08/02/2014 22:22:36] Daina : She tried to duck past Zephora, trying to get near her.

[08/02/2014 22:22:40] Daina : She wasn't done

[08/02/2014 22:22:46] Malory: "Hey, Diana, Emmy, calm down!"

*looks at her punched face*

"do you need a bandadge>"

[08/02/2014 22:22:52] Daina : She was less than done with her.

[08/02/2014 22:22:53] Zephora: "DAINA!!" The damned girl was small, and managed to swift by.

[08/02/2014 22:22:56] Amelia: "MY DEATH!? PLEASE! I WILL SKIN YOU ALIVE IF YOU DON;T SHUT UP!"

[08/02/2014 22:23:01] Rhyme: Rhyme heads off down the hall with Mari.

[08/02/2014 22:23:02] Daisy: "Emmy, please, don't" Daisy looking at her best friend, still guarding her "Is this what Wendy would've wanted?"

[08/02/2014 22:23:02] Tomoki: Tomoki remembered his own promise suddenly. He grabbed Amelia with by the back of her collar and pulled her back a bit. "No."

[08/02/2014 22:23:05] Zephora: He rushed after and tried to grab Daina's arms.

[08/02/2014 22:23:07] Daina : "FUCKING TRY ME YOU STUPID COW"

[08/02/2014 22:23:14] Malory: "THAT WOULD REQUIER MORE THANA BANDAGE"

[08/02/2014 22:23:32] Amelia: she reached out and punched her back

[08/02/2014 22:23:37] Daina : She struggled against Zephora's restraint, fighting with all her might to get free

[08/02/2014 22:23:45] Priscilla: *Ralph silently shuffles away while the others are fighting, never once looking up from the floor*

[08/02/2014 22:23:46] Tomoki: "Amelia! Back down!"


[08/02/2014 22:23:56] Daisy: "EMMY!" Daisy jumped inbetween the two girls

[08/02/2014 22:23:57] Daina : and then was stunned when she was punched, her body jolting back

[08/02/2014 22:24:04] Zephora: "DAINA, YOU FUCKING STOP RIGHT NOW, BOTH OF YOU OR SO HELP ME-" but when that hit connect, oh no.

[08/02/2014 22:24:08] Zephora: Oh /no/.

[08/02/2014 22:24:18] Daina : "Zephora..." She said, calmly, deadly, deadly calm.

[08/02/2014 22:24:26] Daina : "Zephora, don't.."

[08/02/2014 22:24:37] Ferris: "EMMY FUCK OFF!" He turns to Daina. "Are you okay?"

[08/02/2014 22:24:41] Zephora: "/Amelia../" His eyes widen, his pupils dialating. He looked to the sociologist with fueled hatred in his eyes.

[08/02/2014 22:24:46] Zephora: He would fucking snap right here in now.

[08/02/2014 22:24:53] Ferris: And then he notices the building ball of rage beside him

[08/02/2014 22:24:58] Ferris: "ZEPH, NO!"

[08/02/2014 22:25:01] Tomoki: "Eheh... Friends. Let's not have another murder, hmm?"

[08/02/2014 22:25:02] Zephora: Calmly he let go of Daina, and began to take a few steps to Amelia.

[08/02/2014 22:25:11] Zephora: "you fucking /cunt/, did you just do what I THINK YOU JUST DID?!"


[08/02/2014 22:25:21] Ferris: He follows after him. "Zeph, Zeph no!"

[08/02/2014 22:25:22] Malory: *onlooks with terror*


[08/02/2014 22:25:23] Daina : She instantly flew to him, now being the barrier between them. "Zeph!"

[08/02/2014 22:25:28] Daisy: Daisy stood closer to Emmy, trying to protect her

[08/02/2014 22:25:31] Daina : "Fuck-!!"

[08/02/2014 22:25:41] Zephora: "I'LL FUCKING DO IT, YOU LITTLE FUCKING /SHIT STAIN!!/" His roars at Amelia were FULL of hate, FULL of resentment.

[08/02/2014 22:25:42] Amelia: she glared up at the taller boy "go for it! quicker than dying for you idiots"

[08/02/2014 22:25:46] Daina : What has she started, what has she done...

[08/02/2014 22:26:02] Daisy: "If you want to get Emmy you have to go through me"

[08/02/2014 22:26:06] Daina : "Don't rise to it! She's just a dumb bitch, she'll get he come uppance!"

[08/02/2014 22:26:07] Ichirou: Ichirou exploded with anger "GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYS"

[08/02/2014 22:26:10] Tomoki: Tomoki still stood behind Amelia. "I'm not going to let you do that. Sorry, Zephora."

[08/02/2014 22:26:35] Zephora: "I will fucking take down ALL OF YOU in your GODAMNED SLEEP, you WORTHLESS SHITS!! /ALL OF YOU!!/" His fire was fuming.

[08/02/2014 22:26:43] Zephora: "Fucking DEGRADING Wendy, fucking INSULTING Daina!!"

[08/02/2014 22:26:51] Zephora: "You fucking think that you're going to live through this?!"

[08/02/2014 22:26:56] Ferris: He reaches and puts a hand on Zeph's shoulder. "PLEASE, LETS JUST GO"

[08/02/2014 22:26:58] Zephora: "fuck you, FUCK YOU /ALL/!!"

[08/02/2014 22:27:03] Amelia: "I'm. Not. Dying. For. Anyone."

[08/02/2014 22:27:09] Ferris: He retracts his hand at this

[08/02/2014 22:27:15] Malory: "Emmy, no one has to die!"

[08/02/2014 22:27:23] Daina : "Babe, come on, I started this shit." She said calmly, trying to push him back and away from it all, but even she jumped back a little.

[08/02/2014 22:27:26] Daina : "Emmy, walk away!"

[08/02/2014 22:27:28] Daisy: Daisy remained between the two, not saying anything

[08/02/2014 22:27:35] Zephora: "Good, becuase no one is WORTH your fucking LIFE!!" He reared a punch, but he couldn't, fuck, fucking

[08/02/2014 22:27:37] Amelia: "she killed Itami she gets killed ! thats the game! get fucking used to it!"

[08/02/2014 22:27:40] Zephora: WHAM!!!!

[08/02/2014 22:27:46] Zephora: The wall suffered instead.

[08/02/2014 22:27:53] Tomoki: Tomoki glared at Zeph and pushed his glasses up, doing the megane thing. "Don't bother trying."

[08/02/2014 22:28:00] Daina : She glanced around at her and her friends. "Could you take -!!!!" She jumped. yelping with surprise

[08/02/2014 22:28:05] Daisy: Daisy flinched a bit

[08/02/2014 22:28:06] Daina : "Z-Zeph..."

[08/02/2014 22:28:17] Zephora: The wall had cracked, debris and wall apint chipping off.

[08/02/2014 22:28:23] Ferris: He jumped. holding his hands to himself

[08/02/2014 22:28:27] Daisy: "Emmy.. I think we should go..."

[08/02/2014 22:28:31] Amelia: "I-i......" she bit her lip and sucked her breath in trying to hold back tears.. ".....Is that so!?"

[08/02/2014 22:28:34] Zephora: "Don't you ever fucking talk to me again or next time it will be your blood." He growled.

[08/02/2014 22:28:35] Malory: *lets out a whimper as she stares at the wall where his fist connected*

[08/02/2014 22:28:40] Ferris: "Lets..." He looks to Zeph with pleading eyes

[08/02/2014 22:28:51] Ichirou: Ichirou stormed off after Ralph "fuck this shit, I'm outta here"

[08/02/2014 22:28:54] Zephora: His eyes burned with hatred for Daisy, Tomoki.. But most importantly, Amelia..

[08/02/2014 22:29:00] Daina : She backed away a couple of steps, looking from Zephora to Emmy. "I'm sorry, Emmy, please just go."

[08/02/2014 22:29:17] Zephora: He withdrew his hand from the wall, revealing a hole. He began walking away.

[08/02/2014 22:29:22] Amelia: "YOU ACT SO TOUGH! WHAT FOR HMM!? JUST SO I WILL BE SCARED OF YOU!"

[08/02/2014 22:29:42] Tomoki: Tomoki pulled Amelia back by the collar again.

[08/02/2014 22:29:46] Tomoki: "No. Bad Amelia."

[08/02/2014 22:29:48] Daina : "LEAVE IT-! Emmy, please..." She said, following after Zephora quickly.

[08/02/2014 22:29:52] Daisy: "C'mon...let's just go Emmy!! This is all pointless! Wendy wouldn't want this lets just go!"

[08/02/2014 22:30:16] Daina : She put her hand on the back of his shoulder, looking back at Ferris for him to follow, reassure, anything.

[08/02/2014 22:30:23] Ferris: "FUCK OFF AMELIA!" HE waves a hand, carrying his skates with him, standing for a moment not knowing whether to follow or not, he chooses to kind of walk after them quickly

[08/02/2014 22:31:15] Zephora: He stopped when he felt Daina's grace on his shoulder.

[08/02/2014 22:31:29 | Edited 22:31:49] Zephora: "Let's go, Daina. Ferris."

[08/02/2014 22:31:36] Zephora: Once again, he began walking.

[08/02/2014 22:31:57] Amelia: she pushed Daisy and tomoki off her ".......People..... I hate them so much......" she felt a tear run down her cheek "Never happy! no matter what! they always look at me like I'm below them! You're all the same.... only thinking of yourself!" she pushed by her friends and ran to her room

[08/02/2014 22:32:02] Daina : "Come on, Fer," she said, looking up at Zephora. She tried to be strong, and said "We'll be the bigger people and walk away."

[08/02/2014 22:32:06] Ferris: At hearing his name, he speeds up and walks along side them, keeping his head down

[08/02/2014 22:32:09] Daina : But even she wasn't sure...

[08/02/2014 22:32:09] Zephora: There was no emotion in his voice. Last time it was due to sadness but, but this time... It was a void. Poure, utter darkness.

[08/02/2014 22:32:59] Monoleo Mastermind: ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS

[08/02/2014 22:33:03] Tomoki: Tomoki looked at Daisy again. "... I think we should give her some space," he told her.

[08/02/2014 22:33:09] Monoleo Mastermind: SHUT UP FOR A MOMENT

[08/02/2014 22:33:21] Daisy: "..yeah"

[08/02/2014 22:34:49] Tomoki: "Or maybe we could watch Shrek with her..."

[08/02/2014 22:35:39] Monoleo Mastermind: I would like to announce that the next motive will be issued to you all either tomorrow or Monday. Please try and be available as we wouldn't want you missing out~!

It's going to be so strange for you all not having that tiny fluff ball and the card game player...or whatever she calls it but that's how life works~!

[08/02/2014 22:36:19] Tomoki: Tomoki frowned at the announcement. "No time to grieve our losses, huh?"

[08/02/2014 22:37:43] Malory: "D-don't maginilise them!"

*she looks away*

"We didn;t havemuch time toget close by they fellow adv-.... they were our friends.

[08/02/2014 22:40:17] Monoleo Mastermind: Nope! Deal with it!

[08/02/2014 22:40:29] Malory: "you deal with it, Allergen!!"

[08/02/2014 22:42:29] Monoleo Mastermind: Do you want punished?

[08/02/2014 22:43:45] Malory: "Well, no. Is that even a real question?"

[08/02/2014 22:49:23] Daisy: Daisy just stayed silent

[08/02/2014 22:50:13] Malory: *Tries to dramatically stare down monoleo but just sneezes on him because cats*

[08/02/2014 22:53:26] Monoleo Mastermind: ONE LAST THING

[08/02/2014 22:53:58] Malory: *almost sneezes again but catches it".

[08/02/2014 22:54:19] Monoleo Mastermind: Itami's room has been cleaned, bar the cards. Both Itami's room and Wendy's room are unlocked and other students may go in to do...whatever. Go do what people grieving do.

[08/02/2014 22:59:19] Malory: "Um... hey, Daisy. Weren't you there when Wendy taught us how to play basketball?"

[08/02/2014 23:01:17] Malory: "I think Itami was there too..."

*a weak amile grows on her face*

"Maybe... she'd be happy if we played there again..?"

[08/02/2014 23:03:36] Daisy: "..maybe"

[08/02/2014 23:04:51] Malory: *a giggle bubbles up from Malory. She graps Daisy's hand*

"'C'mon, then!"

[08/02/2014 23:05:28] Daisy: "B-but I'm no good at it!"

[08/02/2014 23:05:46] Malory: "I amost broke my nose last time but let's do it!!"

[08/02/2014 23:06:39] Daisy: Daisy gave the girl a weird look. "Are you sure?"

[08/02/2014 23:07:42] Malory: "I... feel like we should.!

[08/02/2014 23:08:07] Daisy: "...sure lets play" she smiled a little

[08/02/2014 23:08:57] Malory: "yey!!"

*they arrived at the door and Malory pushed it tentivly open, as though it was an ancient treasure trove*