[09/02/2014 19:51:47] Daina: After rising too early, Daina had smiled at her love and her friend before leaving the bedroom to wander alone for a while, keep herself to herself. But there was one thing she knew; she missed Wendy terribly. What was she without her best friend? The one she related to most? She didn't know...

Not even her songs held much hope. She understood that Wendy had done wrong, she got it, but was it really worth being executed for? ... She'd never get it.

And she found herself outside, sat atop a table with her ukulele in hand, and she longed to see Wendy just once more. But more than anything, she wanted her to be in peace...

But the only peace she could think of finding was singing and so, if a little broken and sad along the way, she sang ( and hoped to God that it reached Wendy, wherever the hell she'd ended up after all of this.


[09/02/2014 21:28:09] Monoleo Mastermind: ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS~!

You will find a big funhouse looking building at the other end at the park! I request that you all make your way over and into that building promptly and there you will receive your motive! It will be dark when you enter but preserver!

[09/02/2014 21:29:09] Tomoki: Tomoki hesitantly made his way to said place.

[09/02/2014 21:30:40] Ferris: He makes his way out of his room, skating along to the fun house, standing outside it with a look of utter disgust.

[09/02/2014 21:33:39] Monoleo Mastermind: Come on~! Where are you all~?

[09/02/2014 21:34:07] Tomoki: "How... Despair-inducing."

[09/02/2014 21:36:00] Rhyme: Rhyme headed in to the tent, clutching the hand of Marianne, who was following alongside xyr. "Hello everyone. It's that time again, but stay strong!"

[09/02/2014 21:36:46] Monoleo Mastermind: You can't miss a big building~! It's the only one not a tent~!

[09/02/2014 21:37:04] Marianne: *she nods with a smile* Hello~ Remember to stay positive. We can get through this

[09/02/2014 21:38:15] Tomoki: "My friends are always so hopeful..." Tomoki thought out loud. "Thank you all for being so positive! Eheheh!"

[09/02/2014 21:39:10] Miki: Miki looks down to the strange building, "Hmm... I wonder what Mr.Catbear has for us this time, nyahah~." She puts on a smile and walks towards to it. Putting up a facade of being careless and strong.. when really.. she's dreading it.

[09/02/2014 21:42:08] Monoleo Mastermind: Is everyone(available) here yet? Can I get going yet or what?!

[09/02/2014 21:43:21] Monoleo Mastermind: Answer me!

[09/02/2014 21:43:54] Marianne: Just get on with it. We don't have all night.

[09/02/2014 21:44:15] Monoleo Mastermind: Neither do I, fucker. That's why I'm asking

[09/02/2014 21:44:40] Ferris: "Yeah, I'm ready or whatever..." he hate, hate, HATES the look of this

[09/02/2014 21:44:56 | Edited 21:45:57] Zephora: Zephora made sure that he had his card key once more, his knife on him, and finally a surprise or two stashed in his pocket. He went along his way to the destination of the motive, although he was physically and emotionally drained. Ugh, what the fuck did that cat want /now/? After all the damage it had fucking caused?

[09/02/2014 21:45:59] Rhyme: "I'm not sure if anyone else is coming... so Mari is right. We should just get this done now." Rhyme edged closer to the girl, clutching her hand tighter, still filled with hope, but admittedly, some degree of anxiety lingered.

[09/02/2014 21:46:37] Miki: Miki waves, "Yup~ I'm here Mr.Catbear~" Miki continues her fake positive attitude. Why did there have to be another motive? Why couldn't he be happy with what's already happened? She just wanted to ignore it, really.

[09/02/2014 21:47:10] Tomoki: Tomoki glanced around at friends, sensing the anxiety and despair in the air. "... Hurry up then."

[09/02/2014 21:47:18] Monoleo Mastermind: Okay then~! *once everyone was in, the door slammed behind them and locked tightly, leaving them completely in the dark*

[09/02/2014 21:47:49] Marianne: *she squeezes rhyme's hand, taking a deep breath due to nerves* W-what?

[09/02/2014 21:47:59] Zephora: "?!?!"

[09/02/2014 21:48:10] Zephora: Well, THAT certainly woke him up.

[09/02/2014 21:48:12] Ferris: "oh my god... oh my god..." He reaches his arms out infront of himself to find someone or something to hold onto

[09/02/2014 21:48:23] Zephora: "Ferris?! Dat youse?!" He called out.

[09/02/2014 21:48:24] Tomoki: "Eheh... Don't worry, friends. We'll all be okay."

[09/02/2014 21:48:29] Ferris: "ZEPH!"

[09/02/2014 21:48:51] Zephora: "Hold on, man! Stay right there!" He called out, his voice shifting father away from Ferris, then closer.

[09/02/2014 21:49:04] Zephora: "Say my names again!" Zephora called.

[09/02/2014 21:49:08] Ferris: He starts erratically searching around, throwing his arms around blindly

[09/02/2014 21:49:20] Ferris: "ZEPH, ZEPH!"

[09/02/2014 21:49:23] Miki: "eeeehhh!" Miki crouches down, burying her head away. She hates the thought of being alone in the dark. "W-w-where is everyone?!"

[09/02/2014 21:49:41] Zephora: Ferris felt a strong grip around one of his wrists.

[09/02/2014 21:49:43] Rhyme: "W-what's going on?" Rhyme stayed close to Mari, holding onto her tightly.

[09/02/2014 21:49:46] Zephora: "FOUND YO-"


[09/02/2014 21:49:54] Zephora: Unfortunately the other hand flailed into Zephora's face

[09/02/2014 21:50:03] Zephora: "Yep. Definitely found youse."

[09/02/2014 21:50:18] Ferris: "HAH!" he got a fright and then accidentally smacked Zeph. "OH SHIT MAN"

[09/02/2014 21:50:22] Rhyme: "Zeph! Are you ok over there?!"

[09/02/2014 21:50:42] Zephora: "I'm fines!" Zephora called out. "Rhymes, youse okay there? Need me to find youse too?"

[09/02/2014 21:50:46] Ferris: He reaches a hand out to touch the cheek he smacked only to place his hand directly over his face

[09/02/2014 21:50:58] Ferris: "Yeah, that's you"

[09/02/2014 21:51:07] Rhyme: "No, i'm good, Mari is here so i'll be fine, thank you though!"

[09/02/2014 21:51:12] Marianne: W-what the heck is going on?

[09/02/2014 21:51:20] Monoleo Mastermind: *the lights suddenly switch on to show a huge mirror room, but it was only seconds after that the screaming started. And not from them. The loud screaming was the screams of loved ones, including the late Itami and Wendy. And they seemed to be coming from everywhere*

[09/02/2014 21:51:58] Zephora: The screams were disorientating, sounded like banshees. They sounded god-awful familiar, until Zephora realized that one of them belonged to the shortly departed Wendy..

[09/02/2014 21:52:04] Ferris: He starts shaking. "I want out, I want away from here"

[09/02/2014 21:52:07] Tomoki: "Onii-chan...!!!"

[09/02/2014 21:52:19] Zephora: Zephora held onto Ferris, clung to him even.

[09/02/2014 21:52:30] Zephora: "S'alright, I'm heres! Dis is just a damned cheap shot!"

[09/02/2014 21:52:31] Marianne: *she freezes, her body trembling* this can't be happening..

[09/02/2014 21:52:32] Tomoki: "You fucker!!! You said he wouldn't die if someone murdered last week!"

[09/02/2014 21:52:33] Zephora: That's when he realized.

[09/02/2014 21:52:37] Zephora: "Daina?! Where's Daina?!!"

[09/02/2014 21:52:49] Miki: Miki stood up again in shock, "No no no !!" She cracks, "I want out!!!" She shook her head, covering her ears.

[09/02/2014 21:52:53] Ferris: Oh fuck, fuck. "D....DAINA!" He starts looking around, panic taking over his face

[09/02/2014 21:53:07] Monoleo Mastermind: (We're pretending everyone is there cause I am too impatient to wait~)

[09/02/2014 21:53:19] Rhyme: Rhyme instantly buckled. Loud screeching. This was not good. Not good not good not good. "Notgoodnotgoodnotgoooodott" Rhyme's speech began to muddle up. Xe began to collapse to the floor. "Mairiakme it stoop"

[09/02/2014 21:53:41] Daisy: " way in hell...."

[09/02/2014 21:53:51] Zephora: "DAINA!!" Fuck, she couldn't be left alone for long, especially with this horrid screech of madness. The colors blured, his headache returning.. Fuck all..

"FERRIS, BE MY EYES." He quickly hoisted Ferris up and onto his shoulders. "Do you sees her?!"

[09/02/2014 21:54:20] Ferris: And suddenly he's way up high, holy shit, his head's spinning. "Uh, UH,,"

[09/02/2014 21:54:40] Marianne: R-rhyme! *she crouches down next to rhyme, taking them into her arms* Shhh...s-stay strong..

[09/02/2014 21:55:56] Ferris: "Th!!" He points. "Look there!!!" He points acoss the room to where he sees silver hair

[09/02/2014 21:56:03] Rhyme: "Grrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!!" Rhyme tried to muffle the screeching by burying xyrself into Marianne's shoulder, but it stayed, and punched right through xyr. "AggggggggggggH!!!!!"

[09/02/2014 21:56:16] Daisy: The biologist had tears starting to fall down her cheeks, her hands over her ears. "Please stop..! I'm so fucking sorry!" She screamed at no one

[09/02/2014 21:56:50] Zephora: "On it!!" Fuck, and another screech added to the collection. He looked up to see where Ferris was pointing, then into his direction, he saw Daina. He quickly lifted Ferris off, but still hung onto him as he began to shuffle, even push people out of his way.

[09/02/2014 21:57:30] Tomoki: "Onii-chan!" shrieked Tomoki.

[09/02/2014 21:57:43] Zephora: The moans and cries were cacaphonious, all melting into a rhapsody of horror and grotesque emotions. It was pure hell, the mirrors reflecting everyone's sorrow, hatred, fears.. It was pure, pure hell..

[09/02/2014 21:58:06] Miki: Miki crouches down, burying her head into her knees, "I-I-i don't like this a-at all" She covers her ears, "what kind of motive is this?!"

[09/02/2014 21:58:13] Miki: "I want out!"

[09/02/2014 21:58:24] Zephora: But even then, Zephora would have to climb over BODIES if he had to, which he was forcing himself to, to try and secure his beloved, and not even that, but his /friend/. He held onto Ferris for his life, he wasn't going to let anyone fucking go, not to descend to this madness.

[09/02/2014 21:58:52] Marianne: Rhyme! *she holds them close to her chest, her hands covering their ears* will be okay..

[09/02/2014 21:58:56] Zephora: "DAINA!!" One more yell, and he finally found her, admist the mess. He quickly let Ferris down easily and held her in his arms, to keep her safe, to try and shelter her from this mess.

[09/02/2014 21:59:58] Ferris: He breathed an immense sigh of releif

[09/02/2014 22:00:18] Daisy: Daisy was on her knees, her eyes wide as more tears fell. "gomemasai..gomemasai"

[09/02/2014 22:01:06] Miki: Miki looked up, her distraught teary eyes notices Daisy who was in a similar state as herself. She shuffled over reaching her arms out to Daisy

[09/02/2014 22:02:05] Daisy: She looked up to Miki, and wrapped her arms around the girl tightly.

[09/02/2014 22:02:30] Zephora: All during the horror of it, the students found themselves within their allignment, clinging to those who they sought most comfort in. It was a blur of peace in only shards of discord.

[09/02/2014 22:02:41] Zephora: (( might as well add flavor until we ride this out lol ))

[09/02/2014 22:03:01] Rhyme: It was no good, Rhyme could feel xyrself going insane, xe couldn't take much more of this cacophany. This aurall assault was burning through the robot at an incredible rate. The only thing making xyr hold on was Mari. Xe had to hold out, for Mari.

[09/02/2014 22:03:02] Miki: "Daisypoooo~ I-I-I really d-don't like this," She buried her head into Daisy as if trying to hide from the reality of the screams.

[09/02/2014 22:04:06] Daisy: "M-me neither..!" She sobbed.

 [09/02/2014 22:04:07] Tomoki: Tomoki hugged himself. His head was swirling, all his thoughts were drowned out by screams.

[09/02/2014 22:04:49] Monoleo Mastermind: Riddle me this! Riddle me that! *the voice echoed louder than the pained screams and agonising cries from loved ones and the late Itami and Wendy*

Throughout the screams,

You'll learn to see,

They are not that much,

Like you and me,

To leave the room,

And them behind,

Look for the mirror,

That does not shine,

In the way it should,

But rather so,

It seems to show,

A past that you know,

But it's not over, oh no, not yet,

As for this, you can't forget,

Getting by will still include,

A year or two,

Of an unlucky hue.

But just remember, where is your food?

Well you will not find it until room two.

You cannot sleep, or eat unless

You find the perfect way to progress.

So go forth, my brave adventurers and find your way,

But you better be quick!

You have a day

You have until tomorrow at 9pm to pitch the answer to the riddle to the mastermind, or the mirror room will begin to crop up images and will carry out motive one, regardless.

[09/02/2014 22:06:06] Ferris: He clings to Zeph like the little fucking loser he is. "Zeph, this is freaky"

[09/02/2014 22:06:15] Tomoki: "Wh... What does this have to do with anything?! Onii-chan!" Tomoki screeched.

[09/02/2014 22:06:30] Zephora: "I-I know, and it's driving me fucking inSANE." Zephora's hands covered his ears, and then rose to hold his head.

[09/02/2014 22:06:39] Marianne: W-what? What the hell you sick bastard!

[09/02/2014 22:06:40] Monoleo Mastermind: Enjoy your time in the mirror room~! When you have the answer, and pitch it to me, you will progress onto the second room

[09/02/2014 22:07:28] Rhyme: Xe only faintly heard the riddle, but it didn't make much sense to xyr through the white noise that was currently plaguing xyr mind.

[09/02/2014 22:07:59] Monoleo Mastermind: Don't worry~! The whole murdering part will come later! I promise~! This isn't even the worst bit!

[09/02/2014 22:08:07] Marianne: R-Rhyme! *she screamed, holding them closer* We need to get the fuck out of here.

[09/02/2014 22:08:31] Amelia: "w-what kind of hell is this!?"

[09/02/2014 22:08:36] Zephora: "Ferris, tell me youse heard dat! Dat thing talk?! PLEASE tell me youse has an idea on how to fuckin' bust outta here.."

[09/02/2014 22:08:40] Zephora: Zephora pleaded.

[09/02/2014 22:09:16] Zephora: Out of all the fucking things, it had to be a damned riddle. Why not punch something? Why not a test of strength? That would've been nice! He was good at that! Noooo, had to be something beyond private school education...

[09/02/2014 22:10:09] Tomoki: "I don't get it..." Tomoki sighed. "For once," he added.

[09/02/2014 22:10:20] Rhyme: "Bzzzfgtht A mirrorofgofogt... mxetty a...sxcreeen?" Rhyme forced some answers out, still in total pain. But the interference just meant it mostly sounded like gibberish.

[09/02/2014 22:10:26] Ferris: He starts knocking at his head. "Think, think, think, think"

[09/02/2014 22:10:49] Miki: Miki wiped her tears and looked up, trying to put on her strong facade again, it was as if she was a completely different person from the one hiding a second ago, "Lets see..Mr.Catbear's riddle.. ehhhh" She was thankful that her fringe hid her puffy red sad eyes.

[09/02/2014 22:11:13] Marianne: *she tears up, shaking rhyme gently* H-hey now...come on...shit I don't know what to do...

[09/02/2014 22:12:02] Daisy: Daisy sat back up, her tears drying up. "So..we just need to solve this riddle.."

[09/02/2014 22:12:14] Amelia: "I-I only know the towel riddle!!! why couldn't it have just asked what gets wetter while it dries you!"

[09/02/2014 22:12:43] Ferris: "Ughhh, AGHH I SHOULD BE GOOD AT THIS!"

[09/02/2014 22:12:45] Zephora: Zephora sighed heavily as he sat down, cradling Daina.

[09/02/2014 22:12:51] Monoleo Mastermind: I'll give a hint though~ if you are nice enough to me~

[09/02/2014 22:12:55] Zephora: "Don't fuckin' stress yourself out, we'll get through, honest."

[09/02/2014 22:13:09] Zephora: "What the fuck you mean NICE?!" Zephora shouted out of belligerence.

[09/02/2014 22:13:17] Ferris: He bats his pretty little eyelashes at the Monoleo. "Pl~eeeeease"

[09/02/2014 22:13:29] Tomoki: "I've been nice."

[09/02/2014 22:13:30] Ferris: "Oh, uh...YEAH, WHAT DO YOU MEAN NICE?"

[09/02/2014 22:13:30] Zephora: "After you're fuckin'... USING the departed as fucking props for your SICK SHOW?! The fuck should we be nice to youse?!"

[09/02/2014 22:13:31] Amelia: why was the term spitroasting the only word stuck in her head fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!

[09/02/2014 22:14:04] Miki: "Ahhh... I'm usually good at riddles" Miki shakes her head. "A hint would be nice Catbear~" She pauses.

[09/02/2014 22:15:30] Rhyme: "Lolllooook at the migjriirrrors chejdjck them!"

[09/02/2014 22:15:58] Monoleo Mastermind: Ferris at least got the meaning of nice! For a moment.

So I guess that is good enough.

Look at the riddle properly.

Look to memories.

Things you want to forget.

And a mirror that isn't working like it should.

I'll keep the screams but I guess I can quieten them so you can think~!

[09/02/2014 22:16:22] Ferris: "My eyelashes will always win"


[09/02/2014 22:16:57] Zephora: "The first thing I want to forget is YOUR DAMNED EXISTENCE!!" Zephora got back up again, letting go of Daina as he did.

[09/02/2014 22:17:30] Rhyme: Rhyme began to relax slightly, as the screams dimmed. Xyr breathing was heavy and xe shook from shock. "Everyone... look at the mirrors... properly... maybe... one is a screen... or someting...?"

[09/02/2014 22:17:44] Daisy: "Mirror that isn't working.." Daisy pondered, crossing her arms. "Things we want to forget..." Damn straight Daisy wanted to forget it

[09/02/2014 22:17:50] Tomoki: Tomoki thought back. His head was pounding, remembering memories he would've rather left behind, with the soundtrack of screams to go along with these flashbacks.

[09/02/2014 22:18:29] Ferris: He goes back to knocking at his head

[09/02/2014 22:18:31] Marianne: Rhyme! *she looked relieved* You okay?

[09/02/2014 22:19:10] Miki: "Hm... things I want to forget...." She pauses, quietly under her breath murmers, "...theres a number of them..."

[09/02/2014 22:19:24] Miki: "lets see~ So check the mirrors you said Rhyme?"

[09/02/2014 22:19:50] Miki: She begins going around the mirrors, staring into them, tapping at them, trying to block out the screaming soundtrack playing throughout the room.

[09/02/2014 22:19:51] Zephora: "Get the fuck OUTTA here you fucking COWARD!!" His rage seemed to light like a fire as Zephora clenched his right hand into a hard fist.

[09/02/2014 22:19:55] Daisy: Daisy took note of this and started looking at the mirrors nearby her

[09/02/2014 22:20:12] Ferris: "ZEPH." He looks to him sternly. "Not now."

[09/02/2014 22:20:25] Rhyme: Xe looked to Mari, shellshocked look present on xyr face. A look of complete distress. "No... not at all... I'm so ntro ok..."

[09/02/2014 22:20:48] Daisy: She held on ear up to some, tapping it lightly and moved onto the next, repeating the process. She then tryed to see if she could move them.

[09/02/2014 22:21:27] Zephora: He let out a hiss, his eyes screwing shut tightly. Ferris was right, but this damned stupid cat, along with this peircing fucking headache. Out of all the things to fucking happen..

[09/02/2014 22:22:03] Amelia: "Daisy......?" she asked as she raised an eyebrow "d-do you know?"

[09/02/2014 22:22:14] Marianne: I-is there anything I can do to help?

[09/02/2014 22:23:06] Daisy: "I don't think so.. Try help me move this mirror!"

[09/02/2014 22:23:28] Tomoki: "Didn't he say something about unluckiness?" Tomoki said. "Perhaps breaking the mirrors, as breaking them is said to cause bad luck."

[09/02/2014 22:23:40] Amelia: "w-will that work?" she walked over to help her

[09/02/2014 22:23:45] Rhyme: "Just... just hlod em plesea, stay strong..." Occasionally, Rhyme would shake just a little harder, causing xyr speech to jumble again.

[09/02/2014 22:23:55] Daina: "Zeph, please..." She mumbled weakly, gripping his arm tightly. "I'm scared.."

[09/02/2014 22:24:07] Zephora: "Tomoki! The fuck did you say?!" Zephora looked onto the actor. "Breaking them?!"

[09/02/2014 22:24:14] Zephora: Fuck, then it looked like it was his moment to shine.

[09/02/2014 22:24:15] Tomoki: "Yeah."

[09/02/2014 22:24:29] Tomoki: "You're strong, right? Try and break one."

[09/02/2014 22:24:32] Marianne: *she holds tightly to rhyme* Okay...

[09/02/2014 22:25:05] Ferris: "WAIT, WAIT"

[09/02/2014 22:25:06] Daina: "No, don't-!" The idea of breaking a mirror sent shivers up her spine. What if they were wrong?

[09/02/2014 22:25:08] Daisy: "..Change of plans.. I'm breaking  it" said Daisy taking note of Tomoki's statement. Lifting her fist, she punched the mirror.

[09/02/2014 22:25:20] Ferris: "Does that come under the breaking property rule?"

[09/02/2014 22:25:35] Tomoki: "Getting by will still include,

A year or two,

Of an unlucky hue," repeated Tomoki.

[09/02/2014 22:25:47] Tomoki: "A broken mirror isn't a mirror that works properly, right?"

[09/02/2014 22:25:50] Daina: She yelped at the sound of the mirror breaking, covering her ears and cowering from the sound.

[09/02/2014 22:26:08] Amelia: "Daisy!! we are gonna get in trouble for breaking it!!"

[09/02/2014 22:26:10] Zephora: "Christ!!"

[09/02/2014 22:26:36] Zephora: Zephora shielded Daina, his arms covering her.

[09/02/2014 22:26:46] Amelia: "We all need to sit down and talk!! we don't know if breaking them will help!"

[09/02/2014 22:27:03] Tomoki: "It was just a suggestion. None of you had anything better."

[09/02/2014 22:27:13] Ferris: "FUCK" He sheilds himself before looking to Daisy and shouting. "WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY?"

[09/02/2014 22:27:22] Monoleo Mastermind: WHO BROKE THAT MIRROR

[09/02/2014 22:27:29] Zephora: "God DAMNIT, Daisy!!"

[09/02/2014 22:27:29] Ferris: Fuck.

[09/02/2014 22:27:30] Zephora: Shit.

[09/02/2014 22:27:35] Tomoki: "Oops."

[09/02/2014 22:27:40] Amelia: "........Uh...."

[09/02/2014 22:27:41] Zephora: "I-I did!!" Zephora lied.

[09/02/2014 22:27:45] Daina: "Oh my god, oh god why, why this.." She said quickly, every sense being overtaken with fear as Zephora covered her,

[09/02/2014 22:27:48] Zephora: "I fuckin' did it!!" He blurted out.

[09/02/2014 22:27:49] Ferris: "ZEPH SHUT UP"

[09/02/2014 22:27:50] Rhyme: "Oh gdos thsi can't be good!" Rhyme tried to stand up, failing to do so "No... someone else is gonn- ZEPH!"

[09/02/2014 22:27:59] Daina: "ZEPH NO!" She shouted, shoving him quickly

[09/02/2014 22:28:06] Daina: "You fucking IDIOT! STOP IT!"

[09/02/2014 22:28:08] Rhyme: "Mari, it's happening again!"

[09/02/2014 22:28:09] Ferris: "Don't be fucking selfish!"

[09/02/2014 22:28:17] Amelia: she sighed and raised his hand "hes lying... it was me." she pouted and looked down

[09/02/2014 22:28:17] Daisy: "NO IT WASN'T IT WAS ME ME"

[09/02/2014 22:28:19] Tomoki: "Eheh... Goodness. It actually fell as we were trying to move it, didn't it?"

[09/02/2014 22:28:31] Monoleo Mastermind: *suddenly a pad hits him and zaps him* WRONG MIRROR~!

[09/02/2014 22:28:34] Marianne: N-no stop...stop it..

[09/02/2014 22:28:45] Tomoki: "Wrong mirror?!"

[09/02/2014 22:28:58 | Edited 22:29:14] Monoleo Mastermind: God, how can you all be so stupid?

[09/02/2014 22:29:00] Zephora: "Fucking SHUT UP, DAISY!" He roared, fuck all, he wasn't going to let another innocent take the fall, fuck everything if he allowed that to happen.

[09/02/2014 22:29:38] Zephora: Suddenly, he felt a strike, and then.. ZAAAAAAP!!

"GYAAAAARGH!!" A blind shout that was tried to be restrained took hold, and Zephora fell to his knees, then fully collapsed.

[09/02/2014 22:29:42] Monoleo Mastermind: Look, let's do this like a trial~! Better your skills~!

I'll give you another hint!

[09/02/2014 22:29:53] Amelia: Sighs "screaming in groups isn't going to get anyone out alive!"

[09/02/2014 22:30:05] Ferris: "ZEPH!" HE dropped to his knees, shaking him "GET UP. PLEASE"

[09/02/2014 22:30:19] Daisy: "ZEPHORA!"

[09/02/2014 22:30:28] Daina: "ZEPH!" She shouted, falling with him. Her hands flew to his face, tears streaming down her own. "Zeph!! Baby, talk to me, please!!!" She begged

[09/02/2014 22:30:39] Tomoki: "What's the hint?" said Tomoki, ignoring all the chaos.

[09/02/2014 22:30:44] Rhyme: "Zephroa!!" Xe buckled again and clenched on to Mari again, hugging her tightly. That did not just happen. That did not just happen.

[09/02/2014 22:30:54] Daina: "Don't die, please!!" She said, trying to breathe. "Help! Someone!!"

[09/02/2014 22:31:30] Monoleo Mastermind: You have to break a mirror to get by. But it doesn't mean a mirror is already broken!

Ugh think of the past! What just happened!

You just lost two people! Surely you wanna forget that?

So think on your answer!

God, you idiots make my job difficult.

[09/02/2014 22:31:30] Daisy: Quickly running over to him, she began CPR

[09/02/2014 22:32:05] Amelia: she wanted to run over and help but remembered what he said last night..... she turned away and  looked away as she listened to the hint"

[09/02/2014 22:32:07] Zephora: "G-Guh.." He wheezed, the pain was immensive.. "I-I can't..", he tried to manage. He wasn't able to even move a muscle, it was as though he was paralyzed. He felt himself flip over, he felt the warmth of those around him. But damn, he felt suffocated at the same time.

[09/02/2014 22:32:43] Zephora: If anything, he was numb. Numb and useless until they got him out of that damned cursed room. No longer was he an asset, he was a token that had been used, to spare another soul.

[09/02/2014 22:32:52] Daisy: "You fucking idiot...Why the hell did you take the fall for me?"

[09/02/2014 22:32:53] Ferris: His face screwed up into anger as the ghibli tears formed in his eyes and he started crying like a lil shit.

[09/02/2014 22:32:55] Marianne: *she looks down, tears falling from her eyes* s-stop...stop this...all we have to do is solve the riddle and we can all make it out of here

[09/02/2014 22:33:00] Daina: She moved out the way to let her help, a couple of sobs escaping her throat. "Not another, not another...." She begged over and over, covering her mouth to try and hold it back

[09/02/2014 22:33:30] Amelia: "so we are looking for wendy and Itami you mean?"

[09/02/2014 22:35:11] Daina: She felt the sadness grow further across his chest as the seconds passed and he seemed unresponsive. "I'm losing you..." She said broken, distraught, dipping her head to her knees

[09/02/2014 22:36:43] Zephora: His hand trembled at Daina's words, and he fought so hard to get his body to respond. His hand manage to plop on top of Daina's. She wasn't losing him, not under a little zap.

[09/02/2014 22:36:56] Amelia: "if someone dies do we get out or?"

[09/02/2014 22:36:57] Ferris: "He is not fucking dying or I swear to sweet baby jesus I will KICK HIS ASS WHEN I DIE"

[09/02/2014 22:37:04] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh finally! Someone caught on!

I thought my riddle was easy enough *the cat seemed to huff*

Yes, that is your answer. Look through the room for the mirror not reflecting, but showing.

And then you break it.

So much for nine tomorrow! I'm gonna make the second room a fuck load easier.

[09/02/2014 22:37:14] Ferris: "DO YOU HEAR THAT? Your ASS will be KICKED in DEATH"

[09/02/2014 22:37:44] Amelia: "A-A TWO WAY MIRROR!!?! IS THAT WHAT YOU MEAN!?"

[09/02/2014 22:38:07] Tomoki: Tomoki tapped his foot impatiently.

[09/02/2014 22:38:13] Daina: "-!!" She looked up immediately when she felt him move, and she felt a small glimmer of hope light in her heart. "Babe? Come on, stay with me, open your eyes!" She said, moving closer and tapping his cheek gently.

[09/02/2014 22:38:38] Monoleo Mastermind: Well fluffball and the yugioh protag are holograms but yeah, I suppose.

Ruin my damn fun~!

[09/02/2014 22:39:42] Zephora: "I.. I a.." He struggled to say, drifting between the limbo of resting and staying the fuck awake.

[09/02/2014 22:40:05] Ferris: His face brightens the moment he sees life, holy shit

[09/02/2014 22:40:21] Daina: He was trying, she could hear him. "Zephora? Squeeze my hand, if you can, okay?"

[09/02/2014 22:40:26] Ferris: Resist the urge to smack him....resist it

[09/02/2014 22:41:38] Monoleo Mastermind: Talk about over dramatic! I didn't zap you that much~!

[09/02/2014 22:41:51] Rhyme: "Everyone... keep looking for that mirror..."

[09/02/2014 22:41:59] Zephora: His hand roughly squeezed hers in response.

[09/02/2014 22:42:32] Daina: She almost screamed in delight, smiling widely.

[09/02/2014 22:42:43] Daina: "Okay babe, open your eyes, you're okay."

[09/02/2014 22:42:52] Ferris: He falls back from kneeling to sitting on the floor with a long sigh of releif

[09/02/2014 22:43:08] Ferris: "Hah...fucking idiot..." He smiles, slapping a hand over his own face

[09/02/2014 22:44:01] Daisy: "Why.. Why did you take the fall for me.."

[09/02/2014 22:44:31] Amelia: "s-so we look for a two way mirror?

[09/02/2014 22:44:33] Tomoki: "Why did any of you take the fall? You could've just said the mirror fell when you were trying to get it off."

[09/02/2014 22:45:04] Amelia: "tomoki is 100% right stop being dramatic."

[09/02/2014 22:45:52] Rhyme: Rhyme continued to cling on to Marianne, still shocked but a little calmer now since Zeph was alive.

[09/02/2014 22:46:00] Tomoki: "... And finding a two way mirror is usually pretty simple. If you touch a mirror, there should be a space between your finger and the reflection of your finger. If it's a two way mirror, there isn't a space. Plus, two way mirrors are usually mounted to walls. If they aren't mounted to a wall, it's pointless."

[09/02/2014 22:46:35] Miki: "Good thing's Nakeyzeph is alive~ I think now we need to concentrate on this mirror shizz~" Miki states, smiling to the others

[09/02/2014 22:46:58] Zephora: Okay, he was starting to breathe normally again. Granted they were wheezes, and a puff of smoke or two would filter out of his mouth, but slowly he was overcoming the status effect of Monoleo's divine blast of douchebaggedness.

[09/02/2014 22:47:00] Ferris: "Nakeyzeph?"

[09/02/2014 22:47:25] Miki: "Ja~ Nakeyzeph"

[09/02/2014 22:47:44] Ferris: "Wwwwhyy?"

[09/02/2014 22:48:03] Amelia: "so.... we just put our finder to the mirror and see if theres no gap between them?"

[09/02/2014 22:48:22] Tomoki: "Try that for all of them."

[09/02/2014 22:48:47] Amelia: "what if something jumps out at us!?"

[09/02/2014 22:49:29] Zephora: "J-Just as long.... As.." He struggled to speak, the electricity jumping in his damn throat. "Youse don't fucks ups..." A cough, and then another.

[09/02/2014 22:49:48] Daisy: "I don't think something will, Emmy" said Daisy as she got up, letting Zeph be with his girlfriend.

[09/02/2014 22:49:54] Zephora: He tried to sit up, but hot diggedy damn he was in pain. Oy vey, he lied himself down once more.

[09/02/2014 22:50:01] Tomoki: "Just expect something to jump out at you. If you do that, you won't be scared if it does."

[09/02/2014 22:50:57] Amelia: she slowly put a finger up to the mirror as she covered her eyes a little before peaking "n-not this one"

[09/02/2014 22:51:00 | Edited 22:51:09] Ferris: He looks straight at Zeph with the best unimpressed angry face he can put together

[09/02/2014 22:51:10] Daina: "Aha!" She smiled widely but slapped his arm lightly. "You could have DIED you DUMB PIECE OF SHIT!" She shouted, more annoyed at the fact he'd scared her so much

[09/02/2014 22:51:19] Zephora: "OW."

[09/02/2014 22:51:36] Daina: "IM NOT SORRY."

[09/02/2014 22:51:40] Zephora: Another cough with a puff of smoke.

[09/02/2014 22:51:49] Ferris: "Who do you think you are? JESUS?" He decides now's the time to lightly slap his other arm.

[09/02/2014 22:51:53] Zephora: "Gonna fu-fuckin' KILL me. Murdererrrrr.."

[09/02/2014 22:51:55] Zephora: "JESUS."

[09/02/2014 22:52:03] Daina: "... Okay so I'm really sorry."

[09/02/2014 22:52:19] Daisy: Daisy went off on her own, searching the mirrors

[09/02/2014 22:52:29] Miki: Miki stood by a mirror, poking at it, looking to see if there was a gap, "hm...... aw, this one has a space.. not this one either!"

[09/02/2014 22:52:31] Zephora: He winced in pain, but a small, tiny laughable grin formed on his face. "Ahahowowoahaha.."

[09/02/2014 22:52:45] Tomoki: Tomoki looked down at the others. "Is it just going to be me, Miki and Amelia trying to get us out this damn room?"

[09/02/2014 22:52:51] Zephora: He sighed, opening his eyes a bit more. "S-Sorries.."

[09/02/2014 22:52:54] Amelia: she shuffled over to the next one and done the same "nope..."

[09/02/2014 22:52:59] Ferris: He huffs. "I'm just glad you're not fucking dead you asswipe"

[09/02/2014 22:53:11] Zephora: "Me? Deads? Oy, I ain't no creampuff.."

[09/02/2014 22:53:16] Monoleo Mastermind: This is a biiiiiiig room~

[09/02/2014 22:53:22] Ferris: "You were zapped!!!"

[09/02/2014 22:53:23] Miki: "The rest are too busy flailing over Nakeyzeph~" Miki sighs to Tomoki

[09/02/2014 22:53:35] Zephora: "I ain't a roasted creampuff."

[09/02/2014 22:53:48] Tomoki: Tomoki went around touching the mirrors. "Try and leave a mark on all the mirrors you've checked so that we don't check them again."

[09/02/2014 22:53:54] Ferris: He sighs, giving in and smiling at him. "Don't pull shit like that again. And yeah, I agree, you're more like a toasted marshmallow"

[09/02/2014 22:54:01] Daisy: "I'm helping too!"

[09/02/2014 22:54:03] Daina: "We need to find the mirror, babe.." She didn't want to be pushy but they needed to help

[09/02/2014 22:54:06] Amelia: "tomoki you had any luck?"

[09/02/2014 22:54:24] Ferris: "Yeah, we have to get a move on with this"

[09/02/2014 22:54:28] Miki: Miki continues checking the mirrors, "Hmph, not these ones either"

[09/02/2014 22:54:35] Zephora: Zepgora nodded. They were right, he was just pulling them down.

[09/02/2014 22:55:05] Tomoki: Tomoki was feeling pretty smug that everyone was going with his plan, however tedious it would be to go around every mirror.

[09/02/2014 22:55:08] Rhyme: Rhyme stood up, shaking, but just regaining xyr composure "Mari... let's... let's help them out... we need to..."

[09/02/2014 22:55:18] Amelia: she shuffled to the next one and quickly checked it "still nothing.."

[09/02/2014 22:55:20] Zephora: "One, two... HYAAH." With a giant grunt, he heaved himself up. He felt as though wires were dragging into his skin, but he had to get up, he had to help them. He got himself up to his legs, and he finally stood, charred and ready.

[09/02/2014 22:55:41] Marianne: *she sighs and stands up* Yeah..lets do out best

[09/02/2014 22:55:52] Daisy: Daisy yawned a little as she searched the mirrors. As tired as she was she couldn't sleep.

[09/02/2014 22:56:09 | Edited 22:56:27] Ferris: He stands and shouts over. "OKAY SO NOW ZEPH'S BACK FROM THE DEAD, can anyone fill me in? I was crying like an insufferable infant so yeah"

[09/02/2014 22:56:18] Rhyme: Rhyme tried to block out the screaming and traipsed slowly over to a wall. "Maybe... this one...  It might be this one?"

[09/02/2014 22:56:22] Daina: She smiled, standing up and checking he was steady before nodding. "Everyone went that way." She said, pointing.

[09/02/2014 22:56:30] Zephora: "Hooooy..." He let out a long breath. Man, who'd have thought that being fucking zapped would drain you of so much energy? "Up an' at 'em, lessgo.." He motivated himself, looking to Daina.

[09/02/2014 22:56:57] Zephora: "Theys checkin' dat walls? I check dis walls." He began to solidly walk in the opposite direction, although every two steps or so he would limp.

[09/02/2014 22:56:57] Monoleo Mastermind: Tell me when you think you have the right mirror~!

[09/02/2014 22:57:02] Miki: "Pfft" Miki looks over to Ferris, "we're looking to see if theres no space when we put out fingers up to the mirrors~" She explains, "cause then that means it's a two sided mirror"

[09/02/2014 22:57:05] Amelia: "how many mirrors are in this place" she checked a few more still with no luck

[09/02/2014 22:57:13] Monoleo Mastermind: And I'll double check for you~!

[09/02/2014 22:57:24] Marianne: What if this is a trick? What if the mirror is hidden?

[09/02/2014 22:57:35] Daina: She tried to think clearly, but the constant screaming was just... She shook her head quickly to try and clear it before walking with Zephora in a different direction from the others, taking his arm

[09/02/2014 22:57:56] Rhyme: "I think it's this one?" Rhyme looks carefully at the gap, finding it difficult to block all interference.

[09/02/2014 22:57:56] Amelia: "guess we just break them all and hope for the best?" she sighed

[09/02/2014 22:57:57] Ferris: "Wait, so the answer is a double sided mirror??"

[09/02/2014 22:58:11] Amelia: "r-really!?"

[09/02/2014 22:58:16] Zephora: He felt her sensation, and looked down to find her support. "Day.." He smiled. "Thank you.."

[09/02/2014 22:58:24] Monoleo Mastermind: You got it~?

[09/02/2014 22:58:34] Monoleo Mastermind: Gather round it then and I'll check~!

[09/02/2014 22:59:08] Rhyme: "Guys, cmeo over hree!" Rhyme called over to them, leaning on the wall for support.

[09/02/2014 22:59:14] Miki: "oooh~ did you find it?" Miki runs towards Rhyme

[09/02/2014 22:59:25] Daina: She smiled up at him easily, keeping him steady before hearing monoleo. She sighed. "You're welcome, but don't go being the hero again hm?" She smiled gently before turning them around to head back

[09/02/2014 22:59:26] Monoleo Mastermind: I'll double check when you are allllll there~!

[09/02/2014 22:59:29] Marianne: *she walks towards rhyme*

[09/02/2014 22:59:30] Ferris: He skates over to Rhyme. "PLEASE BE RIIIGHT"

[09/02/2014 22:59:34] Amelia: she rushed over too the mirror Rhyme was at

[09/02/2014 22:59:45] Zephora: "Eh? Okay. Onwards dat way." Zephora turned around and began to shuffle towards Rhyme, making sure not to outspeed Daina (as if he fucking could).

[09/02/2014 22:59:47] Tomoki: Tomoki approached Rhyme. He placed his finger on the mirror, to find that there was no gap between his finger and the reflection of his finger.

[09/02/2014 23:00:03] Tomoki: "I think they're right."

[09/02/2014 23:00:14] Monoleo Mastermind: I said I'll check when you're all there!

[09/02/2014 23:00:15] Zephora: "I-I knows.. It was jus'.. I'll talk laters. When I don't feels like I has batteries in my mouth."

[09/02/2014 23:00:28] Rhyme: "It's... I checked as close as I could... considering the stuation... it seemed pretty close..." Xe shuffled toward Mari, clutching onto xyr arm.

[09/02/2014 23:00:30] Amelia: "w-wait! he wants to check the mirror! what if that means there's more than one!?"

[09/02/2014 23:01:07 | Edited 23:01:15] Tomoki: "He probably just forgot which mirror was the two-way one."

[09/02/2014 23:01:16] Miki: Miki pokes at the mirror, "hmmm~ who knows" she grins

[09/02/2014 23:01:31] Monoleo Mastermind: Is everyone there yet~? Anyone missing~?

[09/02/2014 23:01:42] Tomoki: "I don't think so."

[09/02/2014 23:01:46] Rhyme: "I think we're all here..."

[09/02/2014 23:02:18] Zephora: "Day an' I are heres.."

[09/02/2014 23:02:40] Daina: "We've got everyone. Please, continue."

[09/02/2014 23:03:17] Ferris: "Yes, please continue your ass parade"

[09/02/2014 23:04:00 | Edited 23:04:22] Daina: "Fer," she said seriously, but couldn't help smiling at him

[09/02/2014 23:04:19] Daisy: Daisy stood by silently

[09/02/2014 23:04:25] Monoleo Mastermind: Well then~! If you are all there~! I'll make sure it's the right one! The right one is veeeeeey special~! As you see, it can do...

*the mirror suddenly changed to a screen, showing two things on it, splitting the screen. On one side, it shows how Itami was murdered, including all the voices, and then switched to the other side, showing Wendy's execution, also including sound. The two then began to over lap with each other, both showing the same clips again and again*

yep! That's it~!

[09/02/2014 23:04:46] Daina: "O-Oh god..."

[09/02/2014 23:04:52] Ferris: He slaps his hands over his eyes

[09/02/2014 23:05:10] Daisy: "Th-The hell?! Why are you showing us this you heartless cat!!??"

[09/02/2014 23:05:12] Amelia: "w-what is this!?"

[09/02/2014 23:05:17] Rhyme: "Not again!"

[09/02/2014 23:05:23] Ferris: "FUCK YOU, CROTCH TURD"

[09/02/2014 23:05:25] Daina: She took a step away from the screen, covering her mouth as her eyes grew wide, desperate. "No, no!!!"

[09/02/2014 23:05:43 | Edited 23:05:50] Miki: "W-w-what!"

[09/02/2014 23:05:45] Tomoki: Tomoki looked away. "How unpleasant... I wish I hadn't told you how to find a two-way mirror."

[09/02/2014 23:05:51] Daina: "Why-! Oh god, Wendy!!!" She shouted for her like she might hear her, almost begging

[09/02/2014 23:05:56] Zephora: Zephora forced himself to shield Daina, and then also reached for Ferris.

[09/02/2014 23:06:05] Monoleo Mastermind: Well at least you know that's the right one~!

[09/02/2014 23:06:14] Zephora: Tried to hold them close so they wouldn't bear the pain of seeing the atrocirty again.

[09/02/2014 23:06:17] Daisy: Daisy hugged herself, looking down at the floor while biting her lip

[09/02/2014 23:06:21] Zephora: It was sick, the whole plot was sick, down to the core.

[09/02/2014 23:06:26] Marianne: W-what the fuck!? You are sick!

[09/02/2014 23:06:42] Monoleo Mastermind: Well all you have to do now is break it and make it go away~!

[09/02/2014 23:06:52] Daina: But she couldn't even cry anymore, she was just stuck in shock. "-!! NO!!"

[09/02/2014 23:06:52] Amelia: she looked away from the screen finding it too horrific to watch

[09/02/2014 23:07:01] Rhyme: But no, xe would remain strong. Xe tried xyr best to keep xyr composure. "Zeph! You know what to do!"

[09/02/2014 23:07:02] Daina: "HES LYING DONT BREAK IT!!"

[09/02/2014 23:07:03] Miki: "This was... unexpected.." Miki rubs at her eyes, "If we break it we don't get zapped right?"

[09/02/2014 23:07:08] Ferris: "DON'T DON'T"

[09/02/2014 23:07:32] Monoleo Mastermind: You can eitherrrr

[09/02/2014 23:07:33] Daina: "Please-!! Don't, just don't touch it!!!"

[09/02/2014 23:07:45] Monoleo Mastermind: Stay here and watch those again and again~!

[09/02/2014 23:07:49] Zephora: Zephora clenched his teeth. Fucking.. He had to do it, this was something he needed to do. "No, they're right, they're okay. Monoleo says.. Dat it's a'ight."

[09/02/2014 23:07:50] Monoleo Mastermind: Or you can break it!

[09/02/2014 23:07:52] Daisy: Daisy looked over to Amelia. "Emmy..."

[09/02/2014 23:07:58] Zephora: "Gotta.. Fucking... Wipe the PAIN."

[09/02/2014 23:08:04] Zephora: "Destroy the PAST."

[09/02/2014 23:08:09] Zephora: His arms fell.

[09/02/2014 23:08:13] Zephora: "Stand back everyone."

[09/02/2014 23:08:15] Rhyme: "Zeph, I can do it if you want? You're still injured?"

[09/02/2014 23:08:18] Zephora: "Shit's gonna get messy."

[09/02/2014 23:08:21] Amelia: "wait!

[09/02/2014 23:08:22] Ferris: "STOP NO"

[09/02/2014 23:08:27] Miki: "But.. you can't just.. destroy the past, the past will never go away." Miki states

[09/02/2014 23:08:28] Amelia: "WE SHOULD ALL BREAK IT!"

[09/02/2014 23:08:34] Daina: She could feel sobs rise once more but tried to swallow it down. "Noooo." She whimpered, chewing the sleeve of her hoodie

[09/02/2014 23:08:46] Daisy: "Amelia is right.."

[09/02/2014 23:08:48] Amelia: "They can't punish all of us..."

[09/02/2014 23:08:52] Ferris: He pulls away from Zeph, removing one of his skates, he looks up at Amelia, holding it, ready to throw. "Yeah..."

[09/02/2014 23:09:06] Zephora: He shot a glare at Amelia. "Do you REALLY think you could take this?!" He shouted. "Afer you so blindly cursed at Wendy's death?! After you so fucking used ME??!"

[09/02/2014 23:09:11] Monoleo Mastermind: I won't punish! Just break it!

[09/02/2014 23:09:21] Ferris: "PROMISE?"

[09/02/2014 23:09:21] Zephora: "I may be fucking zapped to all fucking oblviion.."

[09/02/2014 23:09:31] Daisy: Daisy got her fist ready once more.

[09/02/2014 23:09:32] Monoleo Mastermind: PROMISE GODDAMNIT

[09/02/2014 23:09:39] Ferris: He throws his skate at the screen

[09/02/2014 23:09:40] Zephora: "But this is something I will NEVER let you TOUCH!! RAAAAAAAH!!" With a swing, once more, with feeling!

[09/02/2014 23:09:51] Daina: She backed away as far as she could, her back against the wall and covered her eyes

[09/02/2014 23:09:55] Daisy: Daisy followed suit, punching it

[09/02/2014 23:09:57] Miki: Miki kicked towards it

[09/02/2014 23:09:59] Zephora: Zephora punched, broke, and shattered Wendy's mirror.

[09/02/2014 23:10:03] Rhyme: "Dammit just get rid of it!" Xe punched it too, with all xyr robotic strength.

[09/02/2014 23:10:29] Marianne: *Mari sighs, punching it as well*

[09/02/2014 23:10:32] Amelia: she glared at Zeph "I'm the reason we lived past the first trial!! don't give me that shit!"

[09/02/2014 23:11:14] Zephora: He felt the glass shatter around him, everyone joining in. So long as it wasn't Amelia, he couldn't care less. He felt his hand gash up with the glass flying by, himself shielding his eyes with his other arm.

[09/02/2014 23:11:17] Ferris: He picked up his skate shaking the glass out of it and putting it back on his foot, jesus.

[09/02/2014 23:11:47] Marianne: *she starts kicking the shit out of the glass*

[09/02/2014 23:12:32] Amelia: she tighted her fight and looked to the ground "she was willling for you all to die so she got out!.... you're pathetic"

[09/02/2014 23:12:45] Daina: "O-oh god... Is it over..?" She asked quietly, her face still covered with her hands

[09/02/2014 23:12:48] Monoleo Mastermind: *All the screams quickly broke, cutting off the images and all the screens cut off, leaving them with only two shards left, one containing Itami's picture, and the other Wendy's, now much more like a photo frame that was broken, but still held the precious photos*

You can keep those bits, don't need those.

[09/02/2014 23:13:51] Zephora: "Hah.. Hah.." He stepped back, his right arm riddled with cuts, his crimson blood trickling ever so softly down his fist.

"There. Done. Dat wasn't so bad." He gave a small grin, nodding. "Think da adrenaline kicked out the smoke in me. Hahahahaaa."

[09/02/2014 23:14:03] Daina: "-!!" She dove for Wendy's photo immediately

[09/02/2014 23:15:05] Ferris: He watched Daina for a moment with sad eyes. "Hey, you're letting us out of here now RIGHT?" He turns to monoleo

[09/02/2014 23:15:12] Rhyme: Rhyme stood back and heard a beeping inside of xyr brain. Xe was running low on energy... "Oh... no... Energy saving mode activaaateeeeeeeedddd..." Rhyme suddenly fell back, having over exerted xyrself.

[09/02/2014 23:15:26] Daisy: "Emmy please don't get in an arguement.. I don't want to see you get hurt"

[09/02/2014 23:15:29] Zephora: He lifted his hand to his gaze, and grinned. "Hell, even got new scars!" He said to himself. "Certainly a storykeeper, dats fer damned sure."

[09/02/2014 23:15:39] Marianne: Shit- Rhyme! *she goes over to them* Are you okay? What happened?

[09/02/2014 23:15:43] Daina: As soon as she had it in hand, she held it close to her, cradling it almost. And then she looked around the room, suddenly fearful. "What now...?"

[09/02/2014 23:16:05 | Edited 23:16:10] Daina: And then Rhyme fell, and her head quickly looked over at xyr

[09/02/2014 23:16:26] Zephora: "Eh? Daina?" He looked over to see his gal, clutching onto Wendy's beloved, frozen photo.

[09/02/2014 23:16:41] Zephora: "Daina..! Ferris!!" He called out, heading back to rejoin the two.

[09/02/2014 23:16:57] Zephora: "Both of youse okays? I was out of it, I'm sorry, but.. Least you didn't get hurts, right?"

[09/02/2014 23:17:03] Daina: "-?" She didn't even know where to look, but she looked back over at Zephora, nodding.

[09/02/2014 23:17:10] Monoleo Mastermind: In the next room, you will find beds lined up. I decided just to give you a silly little challenge to get you all riled up~!

But now for the good part! Until someone kills, there will be no food. You can go back into the mirror room to commit your murder, that's the best place seeing as it's very difficult to see round corners, and there will be a separate bathroom. You all sleep in the same room like campers~!

So if you wanna kill you have to be sneaky about it~!

I bid you all goodnight for now!

[09/02/2014 23:17:11] Rhyme: Rhyme just lay there, motionless. A light flashing on xyr neck. In an energy slaving sleep mode.

[09/02/2014 23:17:17] Daina: "I stayed back, I'm okay!" She reassured.

[09/02/2014 23:17:43] Daina: And froze

[09/02/2014 23:17:49] Zephora: He sighed a relief, kissing her forehead and made sure not to touch her with his bloodied hand. "Goods. I'm glad."

[09/02/2014 23:17:50] Amelia: "w-what..."

[09/02/2014 23:17:55] Zephora: "...?"

[09/02/2014 23:17:56] Ferris: "We're fine, man. Rhyme on the other hand.."

[09/02/2014 23:17:59] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh! You have until next Sunday at 7pm to kill or motive one shall be carried out

[09/02/2014 23:18:00] Daina: Because once more, this was all about murder

[09/02/2014 23:18:14] Zephora: No..

[09/02/2014 23:18:18] Marianne: What the hell do we do...*she lays them on her lap*

[09/02/2014 23:18:22] Ferris: "WAIT. WE'RE TO STAY HERE WITH NO FOOD UNTIL SUNDAY??"

[09/02/2014 23:18:34] Miki: "Wait what.. we have to stay in here?!" Miki kicks at the wall

[09/02/2014 23:18:39] Ferris: "No....other clothes"

[09/02/2014 23:18:44] Ferris: "We're going to smell like SHIT"

[09/02/2014 23:18:45] Zephora: "What about water?!" Zephora cried out.

[09/02/2014 23:18:50] Daina: "We're gonna die..." She whispered quietly, her eyes scanning the room

[09/02/2014 23:18:55] Monoleo Mastermind: I'll provide that at least

[09/02/2014 23:18:58] Zephora: "You can't let us all die here like dis!!" He fucking screamed.

[09/02/2014 23:19:03] Zephora: "Oh, thank fucking gods."

[09/02/2014 23:19:03] Monoleo Mastermind: Don't want you dying too quickly

[09/02/2014 23:19:04] Daisy: "I don't.. Want to see you hurt.." Daisy turned around "no food??"

[09/02/2014 23:19:05] Zephora: He sighed.

[09/02/2014 23:19:15] Daina: Her classmates, her friends. Who was gonna die next? Her? Them?

[09/02/2014 23:19:18] Ferris: "Thank god..."

[09/02/2014 23:19:21] Marianne: Look their must be another way out. No one will kill...

[09/02/2014 23:19:25] Miki: "Hmph!"

[09/02/2014 23:19:36] Amelia: "m-me..? why would I get hurt Daisy?"

[09/02/2014 23:20:39] Zephora: He looked back down to Daina. "Come ons, we needs to get you guys to lie down some. Rest or something, we needs to.. Fuck, think this through."

[09/02/2014 23:20:46] Daisy: "If you start agreements with others.. They might try to hurt you."

[09/02/2014 23:20:48] Ferris: "Erruhghhh...." He wants to hit something, but that would most likely result in him hurting himself and looking like a twat

[09/02/2014 23:21:04] Zephora: I mean, for fighting ever so hard to just arrive to a shit prize like that, the one thing they should do is sieze it.

[09/02/2014 23:21:22] Zephora: "For all we fucking know Monoleo probably didn't give us enough fucking beds either." He sighed irritably.

[09/02/2014 23:21:27] Zephora: All of that fucking work..

[09/02/2014 23:21:50] Monoleo Mastermind: I did! How rude! I can count!

[09/02/2014 23:22:18] Ferris: "Aha, I'm not sharing" He grins, trying to make a little light of the situation but ending in a sigh as he goes though with them

[09/02/2014 23:22:36] Daina: She was in a different world, her mind almost shut off to the situation. Emotionally, she had no clue how to deal with any of it, and she was so scared... It could be any of them. Any of them could die, or any of them could try and kill her.

[09/02/2014 23:22:47] Zephora: "Daina...?"

[09/02/2014 23:23:02] Amelia: "I think I'm gonna be sick....."

[09/02/2014 23:23:25] Zephora: "Come on, Daina. I can't lose youse. Chin up, we can do dis." He lifted his left arm to her chin.

[09/02/2014 23:23:40] Miki: "This is stupid.." Miki huffs, "None of us are stupid enough to happily skip to our deaths by following someone to that other room."

[09/02/2014 23:24:02] Zephora: "Babe, love, we got this in the bag. We can outlive any of these fucks, if something happens I'll damned be well break it up. I won't... I won't let anyone die. Dis is too small of a place for us to get killed without knowin'.."

[09/02/2014 23:24:13] Ferris: "Yeah, the clear answer is to just stay in the bedroom"

[09/02/2014 23:24:28] Amelia: "The only way someone is gonna die is if they have an agreement...."

[09/02/2014 23:24:48] Ferris: He throws himself onto one of the beds. "ughhh.."

[09/02/2014 23:24:50] Zephora: "Youse can't even surprise someone, they'd yell."

[09/02/2014 23:24:54] Daina: She felt his hand and jumped a little, blinking back to where she was. She looked at his face with wide eyes and nodded, clutching the picture a little tighter. "Can't repeat the past..."

[09/02/2014 23:25:19] Zephora: "C'mon, Day. Atta girl." He placed another small kiss on her forehead as he got up and led her to the newfound second room.

[09/02/2014 23:25:35] Ferris: "Basically, don't go into that other fucking room. Even if someone's like "oh heeey, lets go makeout in there" No. fucking no. No mirror room makeouts they are a sure way to death"

[09/02/2014 23:25:53] Daina: She nodded and followed him into the room

[09/02/2014 23:26:18] Daisy: "C'mon.. Lets go into the room." She said softly to Amelia

[09/02/2014 23:27:14] Daina: Her mind continuously wandered back to the idea that someone would kill, or they'd surely go mad without food... "Zeph.." She said quietly, moving closer to him so the tip of her nose rested on the back of his arm

[09/02/2014 23:27:34] Amelia: she sighed and nodded before walking in

[09/02/2014 23:27:51] Miki: Miki jogged into the room, throwing herself onto the bed. "so if theres no murders.. we never see food again...?" She sighs,

[09/02/2014 23:28:12] Ferris: "If it comes down to it, we'll eat Shinichi"

[09/02/2014 23:28:42] Daisy: Daisy followed her

[09/02/2014 23:28:42] Zephora: "TRUEEEEEE." Zephora laughed.

[09/02/2014 23:28:56] Zephora: He placed his left hand on Daina's head, stroking her softly, gently.

[09/02/2014 23:29:01] Zephora: "Ah, fuck, gives me a sec..."

[09/02/2014 23:29:07] Ferris: "Zeph's only allowed to eat his dick though" he turns over so his face is in the duvets

[09/02/2014 23:29:49] Amelia: "what if no one murders? then we die from lack of food and the games over? I'm sure the mastermind doesn't want that..."

[09/02/2014 23:30:14] Zephora: "Oh, if you want my dick, there'd be plenty enough to feed everyone. Though I can't say the same for youse, Ferris!" Zephora joked, trilling a boyish laugh after his statement.

[09/02/2014 23:30:20] Daisy: "Then he'll have to let us out..won't he?"

[09/02/2014 23:30:34] Zephora: He sat down on a bed, and using his wounded hand, he took off the fighting bandages off of his left arm.

[09/02/2014 23:30:54] Ferris: "What the fuck??" He turns over to look at him. "I WAS TALKING ABOUT SHIN'S DICK"

[09/02/2014 23:31:16] Ferris: "Don't talk shit about my dick man. You don't even know"

[09/02/2014 23:31:46] Zephora: "Dick game too bomb, mate." He responded while trying to tidy up his wounds. He used his left hand to undo the right ones, and then doubly applied the fighting tape onto his right hand.

[09/02/2014 23:31:48] Daina: She giggled at his comment lightly, sitting on the edge of the bed next to him before going over to him, taking his hand. "Hey, lemme see.." She said calmly, though the thought of him bleeding freaked her out, she felt like she had to fix the wound

[09/02/2014 23:31:51] Zephora: There, nice and tidy. No more blood loss!

[09/02/2014 23:31:54] Zephora: "Good as news."

[09/02/2014 23:32:04] Amelia: "maybe.... Hopefully?! I don't know..."

[09/02/2014 23:32:14] Ferris: "You all patched up?"

[09/02/2014 23:32:20] Ferris: He sits up on the bed

[09/02/2014 23:32:30] Daina: "Looks like it!"

[09/02/2014 23:33:03] Daina: She turned his hand over in hers, looking to see if any blood had seeped through already but, thankfully, it hadn't yet

[09/02/2014 23:33:12 | Edited 23:33:35] Miki: "So~ I guess this is kinda like a sleepover~! Nyahahah~" Miki pauses, "apart from the lack of food, and the murdering heheh..." she grins to the group, uneasily

[09/02/2014 23:33:13] Zephora: He stretched it out, flexed a little. "Yep!" He sighed happily. And no one even dared bother to question him about his blood. Wonderful. Things were looking better already.

[09/02/2014 23:33:26] Zephora: He smiled with the contact, holding Daina's hand in response.

[09/02/2014 23:34:13] Daina: She smiled a little, looking up at him with a nod. "Good as new." She repeated before looking over at Ferris. "How about you? You're not hurt, right?"

[09/02/2014 23:34:38] Ferris: "It's kind of weird to sleep in a room with....everyone" he looks around at everyone in the room. "Uh, yeah, no! I'm fine, I just threw my skate!"

[09/02/2014 23:34:39] Zephora: "Yo, dat's true! You a'ight, Ferris?"

[09/02/2014 23:35:01] Zephora: "Nothin' shattered on yas? You held up good? Good! Proud of yas." Zephora nodded, grateful that his friend made it out as well.

[09/02/2014 23:35:05] Amelia: "Daisy Miki!? wanna put our beds together?!"

[09/02/2014 23:35:31] Daisy: "Um okay" she smiled a little at the sociologist

[09/02/2014 23:35:41] Miki: "Suure~!" Miki smiled at the two

[09/02/2014 23:36:01] Amelia: "we can have a sleep over"

[09/02/2014 23:36:05] Daina: She smiled happily, glad they were okay. Both of them. It's all she could ask for.

[09/02/2014 23:36:09] Miki: "Yup~!"

[09/02/2014 23:36:22] Daisy: She nodded

[09/02/2014 23:37:52] Ferris: He kicks off his skates. "Maaaaaaaan, I hope no one cares about me snoring" He grins

[09/02/2014 23:39:42] Daina: "If I can sleep with your snoring, we're ok." She smiled back, laughing lightly

[09/02/2014 23:41:25] Ferris: "Yeah, I guess you'll be fine" He shrugs

[09/02/2014 23:47:04] Ferris: He lays back on the bed, sighing

[09/02/2014 23:48:19] Zephora: Zephora shook his head. Damn, he thought one of his worst nights was when he woke up and found held hostage.

[09/02/2014 23:48:28] Zephora: Nah, man. Zapped, hostage, and bleeding arm in the same day? Fuuuuuck.

[09/02/2014 23:48:34] Zephora: With a headache to top it all off.

[09/02/2014 23:48:51] Daina: She watches him for a second before looking down at her hands.

[09/02/2014 23:49:22] Daina: What an awful situation, for all of them...

[09/02/2014 23:50:18] Zephora: Zephora's gaze drifted down there as well.

"So, what's that?" He asked, rather softly.

[09/02/2014 23:50:29] Zephora: He was looking at the sharded photo frame of Wendy.

[09/02/2014 23:50:48] Miki: Miki nudges at her bed, slowly but surely moving it over to Amelia & Daisy's

[09/02/2014 23:51:14] Daisy: Daisy done the same, struggling a bit

[09/02/2014 23:51:24] Daina: She glanced up at him before looking back down. "It's like a photo frame, but it's just glass... Just Wendy." She said with a fond little smile

[09/02/2014 23:52:02] Amelia: Emmy smiles widely "I'm in the middle then~!"

[09/02/2014 23:52:38] Daisy: "Lucky you" Daisy giggled a little

[09/02/2014 23:52:39] Zephora: Zephora's lips pressed together to form a thin line. He wasn't sure how he felt about that, but...

"As long as its keepin' you peace, babe." He finally decided, stroking her soft hair once more.

[09/02/2014 23:53:10] Zephora: He kept silent before speaking up again. " 'm sorry for bein' so damned reckless before, earlier todays."

[09/02/2014 23:53:13] Zephora: "Wit' da mirror."

[09/02/2014 23:53:44] Amelia: she smiled proudly

[09/02/2014 23:53:55] Daina: "Don't, you're alive." She pointed out quickly, leaning into his hand comfortably. "That's all I could have asked for, that you're okay."

[09/02/2014 23:54:44] Ferris: He rolls over and lays on his front. Fuck this shiiiit

[09/02/2014 23:54:49] Zephora: "Heh.." Was all he responded with. He still felt like a shit, though. Diving in to save someone, but at the same time..

"Shit, dis is like a fuckin' sword fight. Damned if youse do, damned if youse don't..." He gave a frustrated sigh.

[09/02/2014 23:56:46] Daina: She shook her head, looking up and leaning her forehead against his.

"But you came through the fight." She said softly, trying to ease his frustration.

[09/02/2014 23:56:56] Daina: "You fought, you saved, you survived."

[09/02/2014 23:57:10] Ferris: "We should do something to take our minds of shiiiiit"

[09/02/2014 23:59:37] Zephora: "Aw, babe.." He gave a soft smile. Thank god for Daina, his only angel.

And thank god for Ferris, the almighty angel of trying to perk people up. Zephora nodded softly, planting a kiss on Daina's lips before seperating.

[09/02/2014 23:59:44] Zephora: "Ferris is right, we should do somethin' to get our heads outta where we's at."

[10/02/2014 00:00:00] Zephora: "We can lives without food for a week so long as we gots water. Just gotta keep yer mind off of its."

[10/02/2014 00:00:03] Amelia: "I've never been to a sleep over~"

[10/02/2014 00:00:44] Miki: "Neither have I~" Miki looks to Amelia with a excited face

[10/02/2014 00:01:10] Daina: She smiled softly, watching his face before nodding. "Well... Monoleo compared it to camping, huh?" She said, looking at Ferris, "we should sing campfire songs!"

[10/02/2014 00:01:20] Daina: Always the answer to everything; singing

[10/02/2014 00:01:48] Daisy: "Me three~"

[10/02/2014 00:01:48] Tomoki: Tomoki sat on a bed.

[10/02/2014 00:01:55] Ferris: He turns over. "I suck at singing, Dainaaa" He smiles at her, sitting up. "What's song have you got in mind?"

[10/02/2014 00:02:17] Amelia: Tomoki~ you joining us~

[10/02/2014 00:02:34] Daina: "You don't gotta sing well!!" She laughed, thinking for a second before smiling widely. "Ging gang goolie? Heard of that?"

[10/02/2014 00:02:50] Zephora: "Dere we goes! Dat's da way!" Zephora cheered. "We's can drum up a beat for us ta sing to." He looked to one of the nearby walls, the one that the bed was pushed up against. He got up and sat on that edge, and began to- (( for fuck's sake omg ))

[10/02/2014 00:03:14] Zephora: - softly bam a beat on the wall, a catchy one. "Take it aways, you goofs~"

[10/02/2014 00:03:46 | Edited 00:03:58] Tomoki: He adjusted his glasses. "What's going on?"

[10/02/2014 00:04:22] Daina: She looked over at Zeph, smiling widely. "Alright! Ok, um, let's just improv! Jump in whatever song, hm?" She looked to Ferris, laughing. "You start!" She said, poking his shoulder

[10/02/2014 00:04:43] Amelia: "We are having a sleep over~! we're gonna talk about shrek!"

[10/02/2014 00:04:58] Miki: "It's a shame theres no tv here to have a shrekathon" Miki pouts

[10/02/2014 00:05:19] Ferris: "No way! No way!" He pushes her poking hand away

[10/02/2014 00:05:29] Amelia: "its lucy we know every word to it! we can act it out!"

[10/02/2014 00:05:59] Miki: "Okay!! Can I be Donkeehhhhhh!?" Miki jumps up grinning

[10/02/2014 00:07:04] Daina: She laughed, shaking her head. "Alright, alright, fine!

Oh when I'm gone~ When I'm gone, you're gonna miss me when I'm gone~

You're gonna miss me by my hair

You're gonna miss me everywhere, oh

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone~" she started before glancing around, pointing at Zephora. "You! Go!"

[10/02/2014 00:07:33] Amelia: "I can be shrek and Daisy can be Fiona!"

[10/02/2014 00:08:21] Zephora: "Gah?! Me? Fucking... Grah, uhm..."

[10/02/2014 00:08:36] Zephora: Zephora began to change up the beat to a more military-like style..

[10/02/2014 00:08:48] Zephora: "Have you ever heard of the Orange Range?!"

[10/02/2014 00:09:08] Daina: "Yeah! You!" She smiled, hearing the beat change and smiled wider

[10/02/2014 00:09:34] Zephora: He followed with a string of japanese, and then transitioned back to english.

[10/02/2014 00:09:43] Zephora: "Don't tell your mama or she'll think you're insane!!"

[10/02/2014 00:09:57] Zephora: Again, another string of japanese to the creaky beat.c

[10/02/2014 00:09:57] Daisy:Daisy sat on her bed, listening to the others

[10/02/2014 00:10:18] Tomoki: Tomoki's eyes lit up. He couldn't let them know, though. He couldn't let them know... That he was a WEABOO!

[10/02/2014 00:10:31] Zephora: "All da pretty gals like to listen and pretend!!" Once more he broke off into japanese, a little bit mundane.

[10/02/2014 00:11:44] Daina: She tapped along to the beat, backing up the beat for him with an easy smile, keeping the mood upbeat

[10/02/2014 00:11:46] Zephora: "Our music plays the highway that has the end!" And after that, that was when he began to really kick it off. The beat became more sturdy, filled with life, and pumped up.

"Throughout the world, hey, people are laughing, lookin' up to the sky!!

Oh yeeeaaaaah!! Oh yeeaaaah!! Oh yeaaaaaaaah!!"

[10/02/2014 00:12:12] Daisy: As much as she wanted to, Daisy couldn't sing. She was too nervous

[10/02/2014 00:12:23] Ferris: He sits on his calves, tapping his thighs to make a rhythm

[10/02/2014 00:12:34] Zephora: "Owaaaaho, owaaaaaho, owaaaaaho, owaaaaaaho~" He continued to sing out the song that stuck with him ever since he was a child.

[10/02/2014 00:12:54] Daina: This was exactly what she wanted, wanted life, wanted people to be together! She looked around at daisy, smiling wide at her still grateful for earlier

[10/02/2014 00:13:26] Daisy: Daisy looked back at Daina, smiling back softly.

[10/02/2014 00:13:55] Daina: 'Join in!' She mouthed to her eagerly, keeping up the beat

[10/02/2014 00:14:25] Zephora: "Hi! Say! Chikyuu wa mawaru kimi no tame ni asa ga kuru

 hada no iro ya me no iro kachikan datte iro-iro

 boku mo kimi mo dosoku de HUG-KISS-I LOVE YOU!!

 saa, ote wo haishaku JAPANESE PEOPLE!!" Zephora's eyes shut as he began to nod his head to his song, his hair flowing with his dumb movements. God, how long had he been since he heard the song from when he was a kid? It must've been ages, decades even. The japanese flowed smoothly from his mouth.

[10/02/2014 00:14:42] Daisy: Daisy shook her head a little. 'I don't think so' she mouthed back

[10/02/2014 00:15:11] Zephora: "Throughout the world, people are laughin', lookin' to the sky, so stand up!! Oh yeeeaaaah! Oh yeaaaaah, oh YEEEAAAAAH!! DAISY, TAKE IT AWAY!" Zephora fired off the song to Daisy after hearing her name crop up. He didn't want to take all of the spotlight, after all!

[10/02/2014 00:15:40] Miki: "Go Daisypoo~" Miki cheers at her

[10/02/2014 00:15:49] Ferris: He grins to Daisy. clapping his hands

[10/02/2014 00:16:24] Daisy: Daisy paused still, her face flushing. She quietly continues the song, her voice gradually becoming louder.

[10/02/2014 00:16:25] Daina: "I'll back you up if you want, don't worry!" She said, keeping the attitude easy, smiling wide

[10/02/2014 00:16:41] Tomoki: Tomoki resisted singing along... He couldn't be an otaku! Anything but that!

[10/02/2014 00:17:25] Daisy: Daisy nodded at Daina whilst singing

[10/02/2014 00:17:34] Zephora: "There we go!! Dat's how youse do it!!" Zephora cheered!

[10/02/2014 00:17:46] Daisy: Her face was red as she sang.

[10/02/2014 00:18:25] Daina: "Atta girl, you got it!!" She smiled, looking at Tomoki. "You lookin like you wanna join!" She commented before joining daisy singing, keeping her own voice more of backing vocals to the girl, giving her her spotlight

[10/02/2014 00:19:54] Zephora: "Owhoaaaaaao, Owhaaaaaao, Owhaaaaaaao, Owhaaaaaao!" Zephora continued, supplying the well-known childhood song with as much fire as he could.

[10/02/2014 00:20:16] Ferris: He's clapping along with them, grinning in joy

[10/02/2014 00:21:15] Tomoki: "I don't...!!! I don't even know Orange Range!"

[10/02/2014 00:21:22] Tomoki: "I mean... Shit!"

[10/02/2014 00:21:40] Daina: "Oh ooo, don't ya!!"

[10/02/2014 00:22:14] Daina: She smiled easily, tapping he beat out on the bed happily

[10/02/2014 00:23:42] Miki: "Caaan I sing next~!?" Miki jumps up grinning

[10/02/2014 00:24:00] Zephora: "There you go! Don't hide dat feelin' Tomoki!" Zeph grinned. "Don't youse dare!"

[10/02/2014 00:24:12] Zephora: "Errybody can sing! Join in!!"

[10/02/2014 00:25:56] Daina: "Anytime anywhere, just sing!!" She laughed happily,

[10/02/2014 00:26:06] Ferris: He's grinning so much, everyone under such shit circumstances was happy and getting along and he's just so sure that despair will never win.

[10/02/2014 00:26:51] Daina: And despair will never, ever win.

[10/02/2014 00:27:19] Daisy: "hito wa toki ni mayoi naki sore demo sora wo miagete~" Daisy continued to sing, smiling shyly

[10/02/2014 00:27:20] Zephora: Not with these three to try and raise spirits. Zephora will protect them, Daina will sing them songs of praise, and Ferris will continue to shine light.

[10/02/2014 00:27:32] Zephora: Just so long as they tried to keep it all together, Monoleo would never win.

[10/02/2014 00:27:34] Ferris: Ahahah, what the fuck are these kids even saying though

[10/02/2014 00:27:40] Zephora: No one fucking knows

[10/02/2014 00:28:00] Daina: We're all gonna die anyway live fast die young 2k14 xo

[10/02/2014 00:28:28] Ferris: Despite his Japanese mother, Ferris honestly is sitting there completely not understanding what the fuck anyone is singing but clapping anyway with a dumb smile

[10/02/2014 00:29:17] Miki: "Since catbear said it's like a camp" Miki pauses, grinning. "I have the perfect song~!"

She jumps up standing on her bed proudly..." Hit it!"

"C A M P F I R E S O N G song~! C A M P F I R E S O N G song~ And if you think that I can't sing it faster then you're wrong~!!!" She laughs

[10/02/2014 00:29:29] Daina: "deigo no hana wa akaku moe hiroki daichi fumishime~" she joined! smiling over at Daisy and sticking her thumbs up; doing good!

[10/02/2014 00:29:49] Ferris: OH. NOW HE KNEW THIS.

[10/02/2014 00:29:52] Daina: And then she doubled over laughing, lying back on the bed at Miki's contribution. "Beautiful!"

[10/02/2014 00:29:55] Zephora: OH NO.

[10/02/2014 00:30:03] Daisy: Daisy nodded at Daina, still smiling

[10/02/2014 00:30:08] Ferris: "C A M P F- FUCK" He fucked up already, life ruined

[10/02/2014 00:30:17] Daina: And from here, it descended into madness

[10/02/2014 00:30:20] Amelia: ".........this is weird..."

[10/02/2014 00:30:28] Miki: "C A M P F I R E S O NG SONG~!" "IT'LL HELP IF YOU JUST SING ALOOOOOOONG~"

[10/02/2014 00:32:03] Daina: "Ferris! Ferris man take the floor!!!"

[10/02/2014 00:33:29] Ferris: "OH, FUCK UH"



[10/02/2014 00:34:47 | Edited 00:34:58] Daina: She changed up the beat of the song, laughing her way through it

[10/02/2014 00:36:15] Ferris: "SOMEONE ELSE"

[10/02/2014 00:38:35] Daisy: "I think I may actually try to get some rest" Daisy said, lying down on her bed

[10/02/2014 00:39:02] Miki: "Awww~ Daisy~ I thought we were gonna act out shrek!"

[10/02/2014 00:39:28] Daisy: "Tomorrow, okay?"

[10/02/2014 00:39:32] Miki: "Yush~!"

[10/02/2014 00:41:09] Amelia: ".....What are we gonna do once we have acted out all the shrek movies"

[10/02/2014 00:43:09] Miki: "Sing all the bonus tracks!"

[10/02/2014 00:44:29] Amelia: ".....Hey now..... you're an All star...Get you game on... Go play.."

[10/02/2014 00:45:08] Daina: "All that glitters is gold~"

[10/02/2014 00:45:11] Miki: "Hey now.. you're a Rock Star.. get the show on~~ get paid~~"

[10/02/2014 00:45:49] Amelia: "Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed~"

[10/02/2014 00:46:37] Miki: "She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb~, in the shape of an "L" on her forehead~" Miki holds up an L to her forehead giggling

[10/02/2014 00:46:54] Daina: She giggled happily, smiling at Emmy and miki and tapping out the beat

[10/02/2014 00:47:21] Amelia: she smiled widely as she sang "Well, the years start coming and they don't stop coming

Fed to the rules and I hit the ground running~"

[10/02/2014 00:49:17] Miki: "Didn't make sense not to live for fun~Your brain gets smart but your head gets ... dumb!!"

[10/02/2014 00:49:42] Amelia: "So much to do so much to see

So what's wrong with taking the back streets?"

[10/02/2014 00:50:36] Miki: "You'll never know if you don't go~! You'll never shine if you don't GLOW!~"

[10/02/2014 00:51:33] Amelia: "Hey now you're an All Star get your game on, go play

Hey now you're a Rock Star get the show on get paid"

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