[25/01/2014 22:30:53] Monoleo Mastermind: Hey fuckers~ Could all students report to the gym hall~

[25/01/2014 22:32:51] Malory: *Malory swags in. trips over and it's really stylish*

[25/01/2014 22:33:39] Daisy: *Daisy walks in after Malory and looks at her in confusion* Are you alright?

[25/01/2014 22:34:09] Tomoki: Tomoki glanced around, confused, following the two in front of him.

[25/01/2014 22:34:17] Amelia: *amelia shuffled in slowly as she looked around the gym hall*

[25/01/2014 22:34:34] Shinichi: *The albino boy strolls into the gym, a white kitten on his shoulder and a black cat padding beside him*

[25/01/2014 22:34:44] Malory: "Ah, yes, never better... wait what's up???"

[25/01/2014 22:35:07] Miki: *Miki practically skips in* Whats happening? Is it something interesting?!

[25/01/2014 22:35:08] Itami: Itami struts in, her arms crossed and looking quite pissed off.

[25/01/2014 22:35:16] Daisy: "Why don't you ask that monochrome toy?"

[25/01/2014 22:35:21] Daina: Daina looked up and around the room, taking in the gym as she enters before looking around her peers and smiling widely, waving. "Hey everyone!!! Are we all classmates now??"

[25/01/2014 22:35:30] Tomoki: "D- does anyone know what's happening?" asked Tomoki, furrowing his eyebrows.

[25/01/2014 22:35:54] Miki: No idea! Let's just wait and see!

[25/01/2014 22:36:25] Marianne: *Marianne looks around the room and at everyone in it*

[25/01/2014 22:36:29] Shinichi: *he turned to look at his new fellow students with his dark red eyes, a soft smile on his face* ah~ hello everyone

[25/01/2014 22:37:16] Tomoki: Tomoki pushed his glasses up, squinting his eyes. "What the hell?..."

[25/01/2014 22:37:28] Daina: "Hi hi!" She looked around at the white haired male, smiling sweetly. "I'm Daina, what's your name?"

[25/01/2014 22:37:48] Itami: "What th'actual fuck is going on here?"

[25/01/2014 22:37:50] Daisy: "Hello there~ It's very nice to meet you all" Daisy smiled at everyone and bowed respectfully "My name's Daisy Joy~"

[25/01/2014 22:37:53 | Edited 22:38:10] Shinichi: I'm Shinichi, it's nice to meet you~ *he bows*

[25/01/2014 22:38:13] Amelia: *she sighed" my my  what a waste of time. I have better things to do than listen to poor people tell me their name

[25/01/2014 22:38:28] Miki: "Hey everyone!" Miki blurts out enthusiastically. "I'm Miki! Miki Strange!"

[25/01/2014 22:38:28] Daina: "Hi daisy!" She said with a sweet, closed-eyed smile to the other.

[25/01/2014 22:38:37] Malory: *Adjusts bandage to cover new scrape" Yo~! I'm Malory- call me Mal!!!

[25/01/2014 22:38:46] Marianne: *she stands in the corner of the room, two puppets in her hand as she watches everyone*

[25/01/2014 22:39:03] Daina: "Miki, miki, miki!

Mal, Mal, Mal!" She repeats the names to remember, nodding

[25/01/2014 22:39:26] Tomoki: "Ehe..." Tomoki smiled at all his classmates. "M'name's Tomoki Osoji. You've probably heard of me from my acting."

[25/01/2014 22:39:27] Daisy: "So what's everyone's talents?"

[25/01/2014 22:39:29] Malory: *stares at miki with confusion...* "Um... MIKIMIKIMKIK!!!

[25/01/2014 22:39:30] Miki: "Oh! And this is my pet! Kits!" Miki holds up a little robotic kitten

[25/01/2014 22:40:08] Daina: "oooooh god! That's is the cutest ickle kitty cat ever!"

[25/01/2014 22:40:25] Malory: "What's with all these cats? (oh no i might be allergic!!)"

[25/01/2014 22:40:31] Amelia: I'm Amelia.... Some people call me emmy others call me creepy some people say Emmy because its quicker and my mum calls me an unwanted christmas present... use anyone you like I guess..? *she picked at the skin under her nails*

[25/01/2014 22:41:15] Daina: "Emmy! I like Emmy, Emmy's a real pretty name!"

[25/01/2014 22:41:35] Shinichi: *he put his hand on Muse's head, knowing that she would try to greet EVERY person in the room if he let her loose* my my~ there's so many students here

[25/01/2014 22:41:36] Monoleo Mastermind: RIGHT! LISTEN UP YOU BASTARDS

[25/01/2014 22:41:43] Tomoki: Tomoki frowned at the rest of his classmates, feeling bad nobody has acknowledged him yet.

[25/01/2014 22:41:45] Miki: "Hmmm unwanted Christmas present, that sounds like an interesting name!"

[25/01/2014 22:41:58] Daina: "whoa! What was that!?"

[25/01/2014 22:42:12] Daisy: "The hell-?!"

[25/01/2014 22:42:15 | Edited 22:42:45] Shinichi: *he turned his head to the voice* hm?

[25/01/2014 22:42:19] Monoleo Mastermind: STOP SPEAKING! I SAID LISTEN

[25/01/2014 22:42:20] Daina: she looks around a little for the different, scratchy voice

[25/01/2014 22:42:30] Miki: "Ohhhh the robot toy thing talked! How does work?! I'm really interested now!"

[25/01/2014 22:42:32] Amelia: yeah its kind of symbolic cause I was born on christmas like how jesus's second name was christ and he was the son of christ

[25/01/2014 22:42:40] Marianne: *She looks up at the cat, interested by it*

[25/01/2014 22:42:49] Tomoki: "Huh...? Ehe, who would call someone a 'bastard' as a term of endearnment? In a school, too?"

[25/01/2014 22:43:03] Zeo (DR5 - Ralph 'Priscilla' Dessert): *The fashionista click clacks into the hall, looking too fabulous for school and casually listens to the cat without saying a word*

[25/01/2014 22:43:28] Amelia: The cat reminds me of my dad... he was an asshole too...

[25/01/2014 22:43:54] Monoleo Mastermind: I have a few things to go over with yo- SHUT UP AND LISTEN

[25/01/2014 22:43:55] Malory: "Oh, great, more cats" *Sneezes*

[25/01/2014 22:43:58] PORTIA & JOHN: *He observes, rather surprised by the choice of announcer.*

[25/01/2014 22:43:58] Miki: "You're parents sound so nice Miss unwanted christmas present"

[25/01/2014 22:44:09] Itami: "Oh shit. The kitty's demanding,"

[25/01/2014 22:44:26] Amelia: *starts picking her nose very casually*

[25/01/2014 22:44:51] Monoleo Mastermind: I SAID SHUT UP

[25/01/2014 22:45:00] Portia & John: *Eyes around her, uncomfortably.*

[25/01/2014 22:45:23] Itami: "No. You shut up."

[25/01/2014 22:45:24] Malory: *is surprised by the sudden shouting cat and falls backwards*

[25/01/2014 22:45:35] Monoleo Mastermind: DO YOU WANT TO BE DEAD?

[25/01/2014 22:45:48] Miki: "YES!"

[25/01/2014 22:45:50] Monoleo Mastermind: NO?

[25/01/2014 22:45:51] Tomoki: Tomoki crossed his arms and furrowed his brows at the toy. Something fishy was going on, Tomoki thought. "I- it's just a toy...!"

[25/01/2014 22:45:53] Monoleo Mastermind: THEN SHUT UP

[25/01/2014 22:46:32] Monoleo Mastermind: I have a few things I want to go over with you all~!

[25/01/2014 22:46:47] Tomoki: "Eh...?"

[25/01/2014 22:46:48] Marianne: And what would that be?

[25/01/2014 22:47:16] Amelia: Oh my... I think we all may have accidently joined a cult

[25/01/2014 22:47:17] Miki: "School rules? Aw man, they're always boring"

[25/01/2014 22:47:28] Monoleo Mastermind: The terms and conditions of this big game~!

[25/01/2014 22:47:44] Miki: A game?! I love games!

[25/01/2014 22:47:51] Malory: "Rules? I'm a more <learn as you go> type!"

[25/01/2014 22:47:53] Portia & John: Portia grumbled under her breath, whilst John simply stared in bewilderment.

[25/01/2014 22:48:05] Tomoki: "Does that include having to be bossed around by a stupid toy?" Tomoki commented.

[25/01/2014 22:48:29] Monoleo Mastermind: I suggest you shut up

[25/01/2014 22:48:55] Itami: "Right nack at ya, kitty boy."

[25/01/2014 22:48:57] Amelia: The only game I'm good at playing is scrabble but only because I know how to cheat....

[25/01/2014 22:50:07] Tomoki: "I'm not going to be bossed around by a toy."

[25/01/2014 22:50:22] Monoleo Mastermind: Anyway~ there seems to be a few missing but I'll at least begin~!

[25/01/2014 22:50:45 | Edited 22:50:57] Monoleo Mastermind: I will now explain the school rules!

[25/01/2014 22:51:12] Malory: "Woo! Explainations!"

[25/01/2014 22:51:20] Amelia: Ahh... I hope theres not a test after this... I'm bad at answering things

[25/01/2014 22:52:00] Spencer: *He observes further, not very interested as he assumes this game will be an icebreaker of some sort. *

[25/01/2014 22:52:07 | Edited 22:52:20] Portia & John: "School rules..? Could it be that our principle is a.. plush toy..?" John asked aloud, wanting to laugh at the idea.

[25/01/2014 22:52:21] Monoleo Mastermind: First off! You will be a group here

[25/01/2014 22:52:28] Daisy: "I don't like the sound of this…" Daisy frowned at the bear, not playing with her hair anymore.

[25/01/2014 22:53:00] Monoleo Mastermind: that could last for as long as you make it last.

[25/01/2014 22:53:29] Monoleo Mastermind: Second, the only way to leave here is through a graduation

[25/01/2014 22:53:30] Itami: "I'll make it last all night long."

[25/01/2014 22:53:30] Daina: Daina keeps quiet but nods along occasionally, the idea of a group appealing to her for the sake of friendship and teamwork

[25/01/2014 22:53:42] Monoleo Mastermind: HOW ABOUT YOU ALL SHUT UP

[25/01/2014 22:53:53] Tomoki: The actor looked boredly at the cat toy with a raised eyebrow. Something seemed dodgy about this all. What kind of school would use a plush toy as an announcer?... This was supposed to be Kibougamine, the school for the elite of the elite high schoolers. Just what was going on?

[25/01/2014 22:53:58] Malory: *is already on the floor an cannot fall over further*


[25/01/2014 22:55:17] Monoleo Mastermind: Anyway~! There is only one way to achieve graduation~!

[25/01/2014 22:55:43] Monoleo Mastermind: And that will be...through murder

[25/01/2014 22:56:37] Malory: "Ah, my ears betray me! The allergen is telling us to kill? No!"

[25/01/2014 22:56:40] Tomoki: "What the hell?!"

[25/01/2014 22:56:45] Spencer: *He stutters slightly* You're kidding right? This is some sort of stress test or something right?

[25/01/2014 22:57:00] Portia & John: "M-Murder..?! This has to be a joke, hahah!" He spoke loudly, meanwhile the girl at his side said nothing, keeping a nonchalent expression.

[25/01/2014 22:57:02] Monoleo Mastermind: I didn't say you could speak yet, did I?

[25/01/2014 22:57:04] Amelia: *she sighed* my my it seems I was right... we are in a cult.. and here was me promising myself to not join one again"

[25/01/2014 22:57:09] Tomoki: "This sounds like something from one of my movies... This shouldn't be real! This...!"

[25/01/2014 22:57:30] Itami: "So you're telling me I just have to send someone to the shadow realm and I'm outta here?"

[25/01/2014 22:57:40] Monoleo Mastermind: ANYWAY! AS I WAS SAYING!

[25/01/2014 22:57:45] Monoleo Mastermind: HOPEFULLY WITHOUT INTERUPTIONS

[25/01/2014 22:59:07] Monoleo Mastermind: After someone murders, you will all go through a class trial~!

[25/01/2014 23:00:00] Wendy: *walks in and looks around, staying quiet*

[25/01/2014 23:00:15] Monoleo Mastermind: At class trials, you have one thing you must do!

[25/01/2014 23:00:51] Malory: "dance?"

[25/01/2014 23:01:38] Monoleo Mastermind: You must identify the culprit~! If you are right, they will recieve punishment! Get it wrong, and the rest get punished and the culprit walks away free of charge!

[25/01/2014 23:01:42] Malory: "A good, I was worried for a second".

[25/01/2014 23:02:20] Miki: "This sounds... really interesting! Could be amusing!...apart from the murder part.. I guess"

[25/01/2014 23:02:22] Portia & John: "Punished?"

[25/01/2014 23:02:28] Spencer: L-like a game right? Similar to murder mysteries? B-but to test our deduction skills?

[25/01/2014 23:02:31] Tomoki: "Ehe... This has to be a prank, right guys...?"

[25/01/2014 23:02:35] Monoleo Mastermind: And by punished I mean...

[25/01/2014 23:02:37] Monoleo Mastermind: murdered

[25/01/2014 23:02:41] Monoleo Mastermind: executed

[25/01/2014 23:02:46] Monoleo Mastermind: call it what you wish~!

[25/01/2014 23:02:53] Wendy: H-Huh?!

[25/01/2014 23:03:05] Daina: "Hahaha!"

[25/01/2014 23:03:07] Stefan: *He stands in a corner of the room just watching the others with a slight deranged smile creeping up his face, the ends of his smile curling ever so slightly as his non-stop swirling eyes kept a close watch on all the experiments around him, not making a sound as he keeps his eyes on the students, and his ears listening to the strange little cat's explanation*

[25/01/2014 23:03:26] Daina: She laughs lightly, and looks around them all. "This is a joke, right?"

[25/01/2014 23:03:37] Monoleo Mastermind: I will issue a longer list of rules as soon as I have got them together~!

[25/01/2014 23:03:39] Daisy: "You cannot be serious! There's no way in hell I'll kill someone!" Daisy shouted at the monochrome bear, an angry glare sent his way

[25/01/2014 23:03:48] Monoleo Mastermind: DID I SAY YOU COULD ALL SPEAK?

[25/01/2014 23:03:53] Monoleo Mastermind: I STILL HAVE THINGS TO DO

[25/01/2014 23:04:01] Tomoki: "It's almost one like one of my movies... Ehe...!"

[25/01/2014 23:04:02] Marianne: This sounds like a joke...

[25/01/2014 23:04:06] Daina: "-!!"

[25/01/2014 23:04:26] Malory: "Augh, I'm always springing traps! This must be the ultimate trap!!"

*malory makes a distressed cry*

[25/01/2014 23:04:32] Itami: "Did you say traps? "

[25/01/2014 23:04:33] Monoleo Mastermind: You don't know someone until they try to kill you~

[25/01/2014 23:05:08] Malory: "Ah! Are you an AWESOME ADVENTURER yourself?"

[25/01/2014 23:05:17] Monoleo Mastermind: ANYWAY! I do have a despairingly sweet suprise for you all!

[25/01/2014 23:05:22] Amelia: *continues picking her nose* everyone should check if you have taken LSD..... I usually give lsd to cats to see this kind of stuff... I also give them lsd to like dubstep... cats favourite music is dubstep

[25/01/2014 23:05:40] Portia & John: "...Seriously...?" Portia spoke up, giving a small smirk, the very concept of this hilarious to her.

[25/01/2014 23:06:00] Monoleo Mastermind: YOU WONT GET YOUR SUPRISE IF YOU DON'T SHUT THE FUCK UP!

[25/01/2014 23:06:13] Miki: Oooh I love surprises!!

[25/01/2014 23:06:28] Itami: "I don't really want a suprise though."

[25/01/2014 23:06:37] Monoleo Mastermind: YOU'RE STILL GETTING IT

[25/01/2014 23:06:45] Monoleo Mastermind: Anyway~

[25/01/2014 23:07:53] Malory: "An adventurer LIVES on surprise!!"

[25/01/2014 23:08:34] Monoleo Mastermind: We're going on a school trip! Starting now~! *all the doors and windows board up with iron plates and the place shakes*

[25/01/2014 23:09:00] Tomoki: "Huh...?!"

[25/01/2014 23:09:13] Tomoki: "Heh heh... This really is like one of my movies...!"

[25/01/2014 23:09:14] Monoleo Mastermind: I hope you enjoy this place kiddies~! It's secretly one of my favourites~!

[25/01/2014 23:09:21] Amelia: *claps hands and smiles widely*

[25/01/2014 23:09:47] Itami: "How about no."

[25/01/2014 23:09:50] Daina: "Wh-whoa!!" She catches herself on a chair, looking around the group. "Oh, well-! A trip will be fun!"

[25/01/2014 23:10:19] Tomoki: "Needn't worry, friends," said Tomoki with a smile. As he said this, he was worried himself. Yes, this was like a movie. A tragic movie, though.

[25/01/2014 23:10:35 | Edited 23:11:03] Shinichi: !! *he keeps his balance as his black cat jumps into his arms out of fear, the white one soon climbing down to his arms*

[25/01/2014 23:10:46] Spencer: *He looks around the room, the sudden disturbance leaving him rather shaken*

Maybe the bear's trying to play a game with us, probably to break the ice? He's just too in-character

[25/01/2014 23:11:00] Stefan: *without making any sound, he stumbles a little upon the ground moving, but his grin widens upon learning of something even more interesting happening of moving scenery*

[25/01/2014 23:11:15] Malory: "That is not a bear".

[25/01/2014 23:11:19] Tomoki: "Perhaps," Tomoki agreed. "Or... Something fishy is going on..."

[25/01/2014 23:11:26] Tomoki: "But probably not!" he added quickly.

[25/01/2014 23:11:34] Tomoki: "This is Kibougamine, after all..."

[25/01/2014 23:11:48] Monoleo Mastermind: *the walls drop and the whole area is surronded by a giant carnival. It's empty but everything is in working order, the big tops are up and set up, the sweet shop is full and has one giant gummy worm in the window, and with a little work, the rides could work easily enough*

[25/01/2014 23:11:51] Amelia: Ahh! I can see why he wants you to all die *smiles happily* I would also be extremely happy if you all died~

[25/01/2014 23:12:01] Monoleo Mastermind: You all have a room in the biiiiiiiig hotel~!

[25/01/2014 23:12:10] Malory: "Wow, Emmy... cold."

[25/01/2014 23:12:13] Portia & John: "How morbid.." He said after the girls comment.

[25/01/2014 23:12:26] Daina: "WHOA!"

[25/01/2014 23:12:43] Monoleo Mastermind: ENJOY THE CARNIVAL FEEL~!

[25/01/2014 23:12:48] Marianne: *She looks around, her eyes windening at the new place* W-what just happened?

[25/01/2014 23:12:56] Daisy: "W-what?" Daisy stumbled a little.

[25/01/2014 23:13:01] Amelia: Ahh~! not cold.. I just like people not breathing my air when I need it is all..

[25/01/2014 23:13:07] Daina: "Oh my god, I LOVE carnivals!!" She claps her hands with glee, walking away from the dropped walls and looking around

[25/01/2014 23:13:15] Tomoki: Tomoki cleaned his glasses on his suit jacket, almost as if he was checking if he was seeing correctly. "Th- there's nobody here, guys..."

[25/01/2014 23:13:21] Tomoki: "Isn't this kinda eerie?"

[25/01/2014 23:13:25] Itami: "But if you die, how will I beat you to a bloody mess?"

[25/01/2014 23:13:25] Portia & John: John looked at his surroundings, eyes wide in surprise. "Carnival..?" Portia too examined the place, although remaining silent.

[25/01/2014 23:13:32] Miki: "Woaaah, a Carnival~?! Can we go on any of the rides?!"

[25/01/2014 23:13:44] Malory: "Wow, there, fellow adventurer... that's creepy!!"

[25/01/2014 23:13:47] Ferris: "Fuuuuck,,,,,FUUUUCK,,,,,FUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!"

[25/01/2014 23:13:54] Shinichi: *holding both his terrified and shaken up cats in his arms he looked around at the lights* w-what?

[25/01/2014 23:13:57] Daisy: "Yeah it is…" Daisy agreed with Tomoki. "I don't like the look of this…"

[25/01/2014 23:13:59] Monoleo Mastermind: With a little work you can get the rides working

[25/01/2014 23:14:05] Stefan: *He watches the others reactions with a low toned chuckle as he stands watching them instead of the scenery around him, his eyes never seeming to stop swirling as if in a trance*

[25/01/2014 23:14:06] Monoleo Mastermind: I'm not setting them up though

[25/01/2014 23:14:13] Tomoki: "Don't go on any of the rides."

[25/01/2014 23:14:15] Miki: "Oooh, a nice challenge to get the rides to work..."

[25/01/2014 23:14:15] Itami: "Wow watch your language, young man. "

[25/01/2014 23:14:30] Monoleo Mastermind: Don't touch the gummy worm! That's /MINE/

[25/01/2014 23:14:33] Tomoki: "This all seems too sketchy..."

[25/01/2014 23:14:40] Monoleo Mastermind: Anyone who does gets detention

[25/01/2014 23:14:56] Ferris: In his anger, Ferris performs an interpretive dance of rage to summon the Theme Park gods.

[25/01/2014 23:15:02] Miki: Miki looks down at Kits, as the little metal kitten playfully runs around "Looks like we could maybe get some things to work..."

[25/01/2014 23:15:17] Amelia: (the gods have smiled on Ferris this day)

[25/01/2014 23:15:30] Ferris: "Nooooo, nooooo, I HATE THISS"

[25/01/2014 23:15:39] Wendy: A-A Carnival?

[25/01/2014 23:15:44] Malory: *looks towards the ferris*

*whispers to self* "I'm gonna climb it..."

[25/01/2014 23:15:49] Amelia: I have a qu~es~ti~on~!! where do we pee..?


[25/01/2014 23:16:11] Daina: "??" Daina looks at the interpretive dancer, her head angling a little. "What's so bad about a carnival?" She asked curiously

[25/01/2014 23:16:18] Monoleo Mastermind: The toilet, you idiot

[25/01/2014 23:16:32] Miki: "This looks great, I don't know why everyones so worried about the carnival!"

[25/01/2014 23:16:40] Amelia: what if you don't like toilets?

[25/01/2014 23:16:44] Ferris: Unfortunately, he could not. Haha fuck you Ferris.

[25/01/2014 23:16:45] Malory: *runs towards ferris, giggling"

[25/01/2014 23:16:45] Miki: "Once we get the rides to work, we can have a blast!"

[25/01/2014 23:16:50] Tomoki: "Be careful, friends! Ehe... We don't want anyone to be hurt on this field trip..." He smiled but was still very weary of what was going on around him.

[25/01/2014 23:16:52] Daina: "Someone understands!!!" She smiled over at Miki widely, nodding

[25/01/2014 23:17:06] Monoleo Mastermind: RIGHT OH!

[25/01/2014 23:17:10] Miki: "Daina you get me!"

[25/01/2014 23:17:15] Daina: "This is the best outcome I coulda hoped for, ya know!"

[25/01/2014 23:17:19] Tomoki: "It's totally empty... Isn't that odd? Carnivals are usually buzzing with people."

[25/01/2014 23:17:24] Monoleo Mastermind: ENJOY YOUR LIFE OF MUTUAL MURDER~ I shall give you all your rules veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery soon~!

[25/01/2014 23:17:36] Daisy: The blonde distanced herself from everyone, trying to comprehend the situation. "…This…can't be real…?"

[25/01/2014 23:17:39] Itami: The redhead whispers "The only good carnival is the world duel carnival. .."

[25/01/2014 23:17:43] Stefan: Hmmmmmmmmm~ Some are excited... others are cautious..~ Interesting....~ *he murmurs under his breath lowly with a chuckle to follow as his swirling eyes keep watching everyone closely, his grin only growing wider as each minute passes*

[25/01/2014 23:17:44] Monoleo Mastermind: But!

[25/01/2014 23:17:48] Monoleo Mastermind: I must say,

[25/01/2014 23:17:49] Portia & John: "Well I suppose there is a silver lining.. " John spoke, looking at the rides and smiling, "What do you think, Portia?"

She shrugged, giving a small scowl.

[25/01/2014 23:17:50] Daina: "But?"

[25/01/2014 23:18:04] Ferris: "Butts?"

[25/01/2014 23:18:06] Monoleo Mastermind: any students missing at the time will wake up in their hotel rooms about now!

[25/01/2014 23:18:11] Monoleo Mastermind: or maybe tomorrow

[25/01/2014 23:18:14] Monoleo Mastermind: those drugs were strong

[25/01/2014 23:18:20] Daina: "..."

[25/01/2014 23:18:23] Spencer:  *He looks around, the scenery and general atmosphere leaving him rather uncomfortable. Doubting this is a game anymore, but trying to remain calm.*

Do these hotels have locks? And where will we eat? Surely we have other priorities than the rides in this situation..

[25/01/2014 23:18:38] Monoleo Mastermind: Now!

[25/01/2014 23:18:40] Daina: "... Uh... Oh! Drugs!"

[25/01/2014 23:18:57] Malory: *starting to climb ferris wheel*

*shouting* "Hey, did the allergen say something!?"

[25/01/2014 23:19:02] Monoleo Mastermind: How about I make you a little list and you can introduce yourselves

[25/01/2014 23:19:49] Daina: She pulls out a square packet from her jacket, putting a cigarette to her lips and lighting it. "Hell yeah, that would be sound as kitty cat!"

[25/01/2014 23:20:09] Monoleo Mastermind: Give me onnnnnnnnnne little moment!

[25/01/2014 23:20:23] Itami: "Smokings bad for you, ya little shit."

[25/01/2014 23:20:46] Stefan: *His grin fades away upon noticing the packet of cigarettes Daina has in her hand. He watches a little in disgust and shivers a little as he steps back a little, making a mental note to steer clear from that one little experiment*

[25/01/2014 23:20:47] Daina: "Yo, no no!" She protested. "Not this stuff! This stuff opens your lungs 'nd shit!"

[25/01/2014 23:21:04] Tomoki: "... Sure."

[25/01/2014 23:21:07] Daisy: Daisy took some deap breathes to calm herself down and straightened herself up.

[25/01/2014 23:21:14] Malory: *walking back* "I thought you said legs for a moment"

[25/01/2014 23:21:54] Itami: "I'm pretttty sure it does'nt..go ahead and give yerself lung cancer and have fun with that."

[25/01/2014 23:22:04] Tomoki: Tomoki glared at the ground, weary of his surroundings. "I... Is nobody worried that that cat said we had to MURDER each other?!"

[25/01/2014 23:22:09] Amelia: *noticing the girl and what shes smoking before giving a big goofy smile* ahh~hh~....

[25/01/2014 23:22:22] Tomoki: "E... Except it's probably a joke...!" He said, trying not to sound anxious.

[25/01/2014 23:22:44] Portia & John: "Aren't jokes supposed to be funny..? "

[25/01/2014 23:23:04] Monoleo Mastermind: Of those around, here is my order!


















And Ralph

I simply took the order from my little list~

Please don't speak over the others turn and let them speak!

[25/01/2014 23:23:12] Daina: "It's probably just a joke! Why would you go-" She pauses and puts on a stupid, deep, mocking-like voice, continuing "Oh yes kill each other but here's a theme park-!"

[25/01/2014 23:23:15] Daisy: "I'm still struggling to believe that this has all happened…Everything was somewhat normal a few hours ago…"

[25/01/2014 23:23:44] Monoleo Mastermind: Don't mock me, Daina

[25/01/2014 23:23:50] Monoleo Mastermind: I will end you

[25/01/2014 23:23:54] Monoleo Mastermind: and everything you love

[25/01/2014 23:24:28] Daina: "-!! Oh, uh... Well, so long as you steer clear of-" She paused, looking at the cat. "Is my guitar in my room??"

[25/01/2014 23:24:43] Shinichi: *the black cat jumped down, assuming his sitting position beside his master* oh? it seems I'm first

[25/01/2014 23:24:43] Monoleo Mastermind: It won't be if you keep mocking me

[25/01/2014 23:25:09] Monoleo Mastermind: Oh! For the safety of animals, they must stay in the hotel and not be allowed to wander around the carnival

[25/01/2014 23:25:18] Miki: "Even robot animals?"

[25/01/2014 23:25:24] Monoleo Mastermind: Yes

[25/01/2014 23:25:28] Stefan: Ohhhh silly little experiments..~ Worrying over if this is a joke or not~ Just wait, and soon enough you'll see if it's a joke or not~ *he grins yet again, his grin slightly deranged and maddening* All good things come to those who wait...~

[25/01/2014 23:25:28] Daina: "Gotcha, gotcha." She agreed, taking a draw from the cigarette before taking a couple of steps, contemplating whether to go to the room to get her guitar

[25/01/2014 23:25:31] Monoleo Mastermind: Safety first~

[25/01/2014 23:25:35] Miki: "But Kits is fine! He comes everywhere with me!"

[25/01/2014 23:25:44] Amelia: e-eh... Don't you count as an animal...?

[25/01/2014 23:25:47] Monoleo Mastermind: TAKE YOUR ORDER AND GET INTRODUCTION

[25/01/2014 23:25:52] Miki: "Eeeep!"

[25/01/2014 23:26:06] Marianne: *she sighs* This is going to be hell. I can tell

[25/01/2014 23:26:20] Portia & John: Portia scowled at the thought of having to speak infront of everyone, she looked up to John, who was anxiously watching the crowd.

[25/01/2014 23:26:42] Monoleo Mastermind: Shinichi start!

[25/01/2014 23:26:59] Monoleo Mastermind: Don't talk over others~ that's rude

[25/01/2014 23:27:01] Shinichi: ah? well if you insist

[25/01/2014 23:27:38] raindrop (tomoki osoji): Tomoki ran his fingers through his silver-green hair, wearing a smile.

[25/01/2014 23:29:30 | Edited 23:30:41] Shinichi: *with the black cat at his side and the white kitten on his shoulder, he bows with a smile, the white kitten digging in it claws slightly to keep her balance* hello everyone~ I'm Shinichi Ongaku, the black cat beside me is Lucifer, and the white kitten perched on my shoulder is Muse, it's truely a pleasure to meet all of you

[25/01/2014 23:30:59] Miki: "Nice to meet you!

What's your talent Shinichi?"

[25/01/2014 23:32:02] Shinichi: *he stands straight up* I'm a pianist, for those of you who don't know it's someone who plays the piano

[25/01/2014 23:32:17] Monoleo Mastermind: I SAID NO SPEAKING! DETENTION!

*throws a dodge ball and hits Miki on the head* That's a warning

[25/01/2014 23:32:52] Miki: "Owwie! *rubs her head and sits back down quietly holding Kits*

[25/01/2014 23:32:57] Monoleo Mastermind: Name and talent and something interesting then next! Daisy next!

[25/01/2014 23:33:53] Monoleo Mastermind: Another word from Miki, other than an intro, and you will be no friends Miki

[25/01/2014 23:34:25] Daisy: The blonde pushed a strand of hair away from her one good eye and smiled at her classmates. "Hello. My name is Daisy Joy, I'm the Super Highschool Level Biologist. It's very nice to meet you all~" She bowed respectfully.

[25/01/2014 23:35:09] Monoleo Mastermind: Wendy! Next!

[25/01/2014 23:37:49] Wendy: She looked around and then panicked madly when she realised she was next but waved slightly to grab people's attention.

"I-I'm Wendy McDonald," she blushed and looked down, pushing her short brown hair back with her hand. "I-I'm the SHSL Baskerball Player, and I-I'm American?"

[25/01/2014 23:38:51] Monoleo Mastermind: Marianne next~

[25/01/2014 23:40:35] Marianne: *She gives a small smile and bows* Hello there. Pleased to meet you all. My name is Marianne Reid. And this is Mary, and this is Harold. *As she introduces her puppets, she raises them as she says their names, making them wave* As you may be able to tell, I am a Super High School level puppeteer.

[25/01/2014 23:41:22] Monoleo Mastermind: Ichirou can join the end of the list~

[25/01/2014 23:41:30] Monoleo Mastermind: Malory next!

[25/01/2014 23:41:40] Ichirou: A young boy, tall and slim with black poofy hair spins into the area and lets out an almost yell "HELLOOOOOOOOOO LADIES....oh...sorry.....I interrupted"

[25/01/2014 23:42:50] Monoleo Mastermind: I will let you off with detention since you just arrived but please don't speak till your turn

[25/01/2014 23:44:11] Malory: "YOOOO!!!"

*Skips up to the front, almost tripping over monoleo in the process*

(shut it, mr. poofy hair!!)

"Like I said: Call me Mal! I'm apparenly SHSL: Bad Luck *snorts wow lame* but REALLY it should be SUPER HIGSCHOOL AWESOME ADVENTUREER!!"

*Winks dramatically*

"Though, my title has... a LITTLE meaning behind it... I get my self in a few scrapes"

*laughs and skipps back*

[25/01/2014 23:44:44] Monoleo Mastermind: Spencer next then!

[25/01/2014 23:46:37] Spencer: *He walks up, the concept of this introduction rather unnerving but also annoying*

Hey, I'm Spencer.

I'm SHSL Behavioural Analyst. I don't have much special about me. But it's nice to meet you all?

[25/01/2014 23:46:53] Monoleo Mastermind: Daina then!

[25/01/2014 23:48:36] Daina: "Ah!" She smiles at the mention of her name, stubbing out the cigarette on the ground. "I'm Daina Scott, and I'm SHSL Busker!! I like to sing like all the time so I hope you don't mind! It's nice to meet you all!" She said, bobbing with a little excitement before nodding at Monoleo to move on.

[25/01/2014 23:49:04] Monoleo Mastermind: Stefan next!

[25/01/2014 23:51:05] Stefan: Upon hearing his name being called, his grin grows wider, showing off his large teeth through his deranged smile, the corners of his mouth curling as his swirling eyes gaze over every student there. "Ahhhh nice to meet all such unique and interesting experiments..~ I'm Stefan Müller... SHSL Hypnotist. I hope to be working closely with you all... very.. closely...~ I'm sure we'll all have a wonderful time...~" he chuckles lowly under his breath after that.

[25/01/2014 23:51:29] Monoleo Mastermind: Creepy fuck...

[25/01/2014 23:51:36] Monoleo Mastermind: Miki next!

[25/01/2014 23:53:41] Miki: Miki jumps up enthusiastically holding her hands up in a peace sign towards everyone, laughing "Nyahahahahhaha~!"

"I'm Miki! Miki Strange! And i'm a SHSL Robotic Engineer! An example of my work is my little trusty, adorable Kits!" She shouts out then points down to her robotic kitten that's playing around. "Nice to meet yous, and I hope I have some fun! Nyahahahahhaha~"!

[25/01/2014 23:54:09] Monoleo Mastermind: Tomaki up next!

[25/01/2014 23:56:15] raindrop (tomoki osoji): Tomoki smiled when his name was called. "Ehe... Hello, friends. You might recognize me from a few movies...! For those who haven't," he said, "my name is Tomoki Osoji. And obviously, I'm a Super High-school Level Actor. Heh heh! I'm sure we'll all be great friends!"

[26/01/2014 00:02:45] Monoleo Mastermind: Amelia then!

[26/01/2014 00:02:57] Amelia: My name is Amelia... I have lots of talents...I have the 2nd highest record of watching the movie "the room" comming second too tommy I can make like anyone cry with just eye contact,*she tugged at her curly purple hair* I got kicked out of like 9 schools for I know eactly how much lsd to give a cat to enjoy dubstep.. I can cheat at scrabble.. I can catch mice in like 5 minuets...ehh..I can fit like a whole orange in my mouth..I know every word to Boku no Pico....I used to put loose change up my nose..Sometimes notes.. but I guess I am Super High School level Sociologist...

[26/01/2014 00:05:50] Monoleo Mastermind: Next! Portia, and John if they want to do theirs together

[26/01/2014 00:08:27] Portia & John: "...Ugh.." Portia mumbled, blushing from embarrassment, looking away, giving a scowl.

John gave a nervous chuckle, "Haha.. Hi everyone! It's truly a privilage to make your acquaintence! I'm John Bertolette, SHSL Historian!" He said, soon giving Portia a little nudge, much to her dismay.

"...Portia Agnès.. SHSL Apprentice Historian.." She says in a monotone soft voice.

[26/01/2014 00:09:16] Monoleo Mastermind: Ichirou next!

[26/01/2014 00:15:05] Ichirou: Clearing his throat, Ichirou chuckles, throwing his hand out in front of him, pulling it back to brush his fingers through his hair "Heeeelloooo there, I'm Ichirou Aida, the one and only. I'm a Super High School Level Casanova, ladies please, don't swoon or fight among each other, there's plenty of this hot ass to go around" he winks "I like long walks on the beach, pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, especially with a pretty young lady. I'm like a moneyless arcade machine" he points double thumbs toward himself "I'm free to play baby."

[26/01/2014 00:17:34] Monoleo Mastermind: Okay! You will recieve motives to murder by Tuesday!

[26/01/2014 00:19:42] Monoleo Mastermind: Itami next

[26/01/2014 00:19:48] Monoleo Mastermind: last but not least

[26/01/2014 00:19:51] Itami: "You probably know me already but I'm Itami Donaru, feel free to call me god, queen, master or ultimate life form..." She says, a glare forming on her face. "....I'm the SHSL Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist....I hate you all.."

[26/01/2014 00:19:52 | Edited 00:19:53] Monoleo Mastermind: you are all the least

[26/01/2014 00:21:00] Malory: "But... I thought you were an ADVENTURERE? You said you were well versed in traps!!"

[26/01/2014 00:21:09] Monoleo Mastermind: I will write the rules down, I am almost done. Enjoy your carnival for now! Take your time to explore. But you never know who will kill! So make sure you kill first!

Let anyone who appears make an introduction with the same respect!

[26/01/2014 00:21:23] Stefan: "Ohhhh how delightful, some motives~ I wonder how each little experiment will react to some motives, how... exciting...~" he chuckles softly to himself, his eyes growling lazy as he gazes out at everyone with his large grin and swirling eyes.

[26/01/2014 00:21:24] Itami: "That involves going outside...gross, no."

[26/01/2014 00:21:53] Daina: "All this mention of a dumb joke, all the time!" She laughed, waving it away before taking a couple of steps and looking around

[26/01/2014 00:22:16] Wendy: Looks down and shakes slightly.

"It's still scary...."

[26/01/2014 00:22:25] Stefan: "Can you be so sure it's a little joke, hmm~? Wait and see, all things good comes to those who wait~" he grins over to Daina with a low chuckle.

[26/01/2014 00:22:41] Miki: "Lighten up! We're at a CARNIVAL!! You know what that means right?!

[26/01/2014 00:22:45] Miki: "F-U-N!!!"

[26/01/2014 00:22:59] Daina: "ahahaa..." She frowned a little, thinking on it too much before hearing Miki and pointing. "FUN! That's right!"

[26/01/2014 00:23:05] Miki: "Nyahahahah, who wants to explore with me?!"

[26/01/2014 00:23:12] Daisy: "Hey, it's okay," The girl walked over to Wendy "I don't think anyone will really kill eachother"

[26/01/2014 00:23:13] Amelia: *smiles widely* I don't think this is a joke~! you hear about crazy people taking drugs and doing these things all the time~! if it was my bet the bu with the eyes probably does this all the time

[26/01/2014 00:23:38] Malory: "Right! Fun! Well, without any further adeiu"

*runs off to climb rides not intended for climbing*.

[26/01/2014 00:23:44] Daina: "Me, me!!" Daina smiled widely, going over to Miki

[26/01/2014 00:24:05] Itami: "Jokes are meant to be funny, like the most of you guys faces..."

[26/01/2014 00:24:05] Daina: "How about we explore the hotel and shit? Then we can bag the best rooms!"

[26/01/2014 00:24:22] Miki: "I like that idea Daina! "

[26/01/2014 00:24:31] Miki: "Bag the best rooms, then check out the rides!"

[26/01/2014 00:24:38] Ichirou: "well, this stud is hoping to get some fun later tonight if you know what I you catch my drift?"

[26/01/2014 00:24:41] Portia & John: Portia sighed, "This is ridiculous..." She muttered, pacing.

[26/01/2014 00:24:49] Daina: "Hell to the yeaah!" She laughs, holding her hand up for a high five

[26/01/2014 00:25:02] Shinichi: *he chuckles a little* I suppose I should check out this place, i'll start with the hotel, he said there are other students there yes?

[26/01/2014 00:25:04] Miki: Miki jumps up high fiving Daina "Nyahaha~!"

[26/01/2014 00:25:09] Daisy: "That does sound like a good plan…I think we should arrange rooms before wandering off…"

[26/01/2014 00:25:19] Miki: "Pffft we'll work it out!"

[26/01/2014 00:25:33] Stefan: "Hmm....~" he smirks a little and shuffles his feet slightly. He then starts to move his way over towards Daina and Miki, standing right by their side as he looms over them, standing a little too close for comfort. "I suppose I'll come along...~"

[26/01/2014 00:25:34] Daina: "We'll pick out your rooms for ya, don't sweat it!!"

[26/01/2014 00:25:59] Daina: She smiles widely, bobbing on the spot happily. "Okay, Miki Miki and Stef Stef, let's go go go!!!"

[26/01/2014 00:26:06] Miki: "Yeah!"...Quietly,"after we pick the good ones... nyahah"

[26/01/2014 00:26:23] Amelia: I bet that if anyone is going to die... It will be someone pretending to be their friend! earn their trust then wack their head of a table when she offers them cake *smirks and looks towards Daina and Miki*

[26/01/2014 00:26:25 | Edited 00:26:58] Spencer: *He walks over to Portia, startled to see a familiar face in all this havoc.*

[26/01/2014 00:27:12] Shinichi: *he walks over to the group going to the hotel* well? shall we go?

[26/01/2014 00:27:17] Miki: "Cake is a good way of luring someone in though Amelia.." -nodnod- "But I won't fall for something as silly as that!"

[26/01/2014 00:27:23] Daina: "Uhh... Aren't ya taking the joke a bit too far, Emmy?" She asked, side glancing before shrugging. "If you dwell on murder too much you'll get the worst rooms!!"

[26/01/2014 00:27:26] Monoleo Mastermind: Read the rules before doing anything!

[26/01/2014 00:27:27] Daisy: "Hmm.. I think I'll have a look around the hotel…" trailed off Daisy as she walked away.

[26/01/2014 00:27:29] Portia & John: 'Oh God..' Portia thought to herself, on seeing Spencer approach her. She couldn't quite make out why he would go to her of all people, perhaps he was looking to speak with John.. Regardless, she stood.

[26/01/2014 00:27:29] Monoleo Mastermind: Read them well!

[26/01/2014 00:27:34] Monoleo Mastermind: Or detention

[26/01/2014 00:27:46] Monoleo Mastermind: or execution if I am really angry

[26/01/2014 00:28:13] Itami: "Fuck the rulessss."

[26/01/2014 00:28:29] Monoleo Mastermind: I'll fuck you over. Read them

[26/01/2014 00:28:43] Stefan: "Oooooooo execution~ This place just keeps getting more interesting..~" he giggles in his low tone and sways from side to side a little, letting his long gangly arms swing back and forth with him.

[26/01/2014 00:29:01] Marianne: I wonder how the executions will be done..

[26/01/2014 00:29:17] Miki: "" Miki takes a step away from Stefan, noticing how close he is to her and Daina

[26/01/2014 00:29:57] Spencer: Hey, uh *He swallowed lightly, trying to not come off annoying, noticing her irritated look.* Have I seen you before any any chance. You look really familiar?

[26/01/2014 00:30:00] Amelia: You're all happy now~ but what about after a week?... 2 weeks?... a month... no family. No internet. No facebook... how long before someone kills someone... especially with the mixed characters going on.. I hate you all already and its just started~?

[26/01/2014 00:30:22] Daina: "Uh... so..." she takes a large step away, smiling at Miki. "After you! I mean, before more weird stuff happens!"

[26/01/2014 00:30:47] Stefan: Noticing Miki take a step back from him, he smirks down at her and takes that one step closer to them both yet again. "Shall we move, hmm~? It's a little silly of you experiments to just be standing around when you have a plan...~"

[26/01/2014 00:31:39] Portia & John: She shot a grimace straight at him. She had no idea what he wanted, but she did not see him before, neither did she want to speak. "I doubt it.."

John was surprised by her quick response, and smiled brightly, "Hey there, Spence'!"

[26/01/2014 00:31:52] Miki: "Yeah.. lets go Daina~!...And.. Stefan.."

[26/01/2014 00:32:04] Miki: "Anyone else coming along with us to the hotel to get rooms?!

[26/01/2014 00:32:22] Shinichi: don't forget me miki ^_^

[26/01/2014 00:32:28] Miki: "Oh, soryr Shinichi!"

[26/01/2014 00:32:36] Marianne: I'll go with you

[26/01/2014 00:33:23] Spencer: *He smiled, not suprised by Portia not remembering him* Hey John, suprised to see you here!

[26/01/2014 00:33:30] Amelia: I might as well get a pretty room if I'm gonna die soon.. *she followed along*

[26/01/2014 00:34:47] Portia & John: "Yeah, isn't that super weird? Who knew we'd meet again, and under such strange circumstances!" He chirped.

[26/01/2014 00:36:27] Malory: "Hmm... it seems these rides aren't climber friendly."

*swags on down to hotel rooms*

*sees Itami on the way there*

"Oh, hey... um..? Italy?"

[26/01/2014 00:36:31] Spencer: Yeah, it's nice to see you advanced so much in history!

[26/01/2014 00:37:10] Portia & John: "Haha, thanks! Wanna come to the hotel with us, Portia and I are gonna head off soon."

[26/01/2014 00:37:41] Itami: " name isn't italy you uncultured shit....what do ya want?"

[26/01/2014 00:37:51] Spencer: Sure. *He smiles at Portia*

[26/01/2014 00:38:31] Portia & John: Portia glanced back at him, slightly unsettled.

[26/01/2014 00:38:42] Malory: "Oh ho ho, someone's a little grouch woochy!!"

*winks whist clicking fingers as though she has made anamazing joke*

"I'm off to the hotel! Gonna sleep an stuff. Wana walk with?"

[26/01/2014 00:39:36] Itami: "Please never use that phrase while describing me.....I have nothing better to do..."

[26/01/2014 00:40:10] Monoleo Mastermind: THERE SEEMS TO BE BLIPS

[26/01/2014 00:40:15] Monoleo Mastermind: READ

[26/01/2014 00:40:15] Monoleo Mastermind: RULES

[26/01/2014 00:40:15] Monoleo Mastermind: THE

[26/01/2014 00:40:18] Malory: "Yey!!"

*continues swagging hotelward*

[26/01/2014 00:40:20] Monoleo Mastermind: NOW

[26/01/2014 00:40:27] Monoleo Mastermind: STOP EVERTHING AND MEMORISE THEM

[26/01/2014 00:40:48] Monoleo Mastermind: BECAUSE THEY ARE THERE FOR A REASON


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