Welcome to the USMUDR Wiki[]

This is a Wiki for the UK based DanganRonpa roleplay called Uber Super Mega Ultra Dangan Ronpa, or USMUDR for short.

About USMUDR[]

USMUDR (Uber Super Mega Ultra Dangan Ronpa) first began in on May 6th 2013 with a group of eight roleplayers and is based in the DanganRonpa video game universe. To briefly summarize, each RP begins with a number of students being asked to live together in a confined space. To leave, they must kill one another and get through a Class Trial without getting caught.

Each session is overseen by a 'Mastermind' account who, as well as taking control of their own student, also controls the despicable Monoleo who acts as the admin.

Since starting in May 2013, the amount of members has increased substantially and currently the RP is in the middle of USMUDR 6.

This wiki was created as a point of reference for members, new and old as well as being a sort of Archive.

Latest activity[]

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