Yuna Ueda
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Some attributes
Title SHSL Playwright
Birth Date July 25th
Gender Female
Height 175.26 cm (5'9)
Weight 60.7814 kg (134 lb)
Status Alive (Robot)
Family Oiwa Ueda (Mother)

Tamiya Ueda (Father)

Debut Super Mega Dangan Ronpa (USMUDR 1)

Yuna Ueda (ユナ 上田) is one of the characters featured in Super Mega Dangan Ronpa. She has the title Super High School Level Playwright (超高校 「劇作家」Chō kōkō `gekisakuka') due to the overwhelming success of her scripts both as staged productions and in terms of book sales.

She was executed on May 9th 2013 after murdering Lola Schonis during a bitter dispute over Olivia Finch.

She was later revived along with all of the other students as a robot and helped to unmask Olivia Finch and Ash Triago as the masterminds behind the mutual killing. She now wanders the post-despair earth, looking to make herself useful.


Yuna can be described as having an average and almost curvy physique. She has a very stern looking face with blue, piercing eyes which are framed by her oval rimmed glasses and her straight, shoulder length hair. 

She tends to wear baggy hoodies, including her favorite blue and black hoodie which she tends to wear almost all the time. Commonly, she wears a black skirt to go along with this but isn't opposed to wearing a pair of baggy trousers also. She also wears a pair of knee high socks and usually slips on a pair of blue and white sneakers.